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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  November 16, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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forward. "to me this is an untapped giant economic resource that the elected officials can see as a potential and it serves the needs of the people who built our state, the farmer, the rancher," said dennis gann, ag expo learning center board of directors. "it celebrates their lifestyle and provides them with forms of entertainment and learning." monday city council unanimously approved a invest 2 million dollars...and donate 12 a new ag expo and learning center. dennis gann...a boardmember on the project...says the facility will stregthen the local economy. "we anticipate a 4 to 5 million dollar economic impact every year," said gann. the 180-thousand square foot facility.. will be built on the site of the old stalk-yards. and is projected to cost between 11 and 14 million dollars to construct. "putting an ag expo here we would increase the number of venues we have in sioux city. we already have a lot of people coming to sioux city for all kinds of things," said marty dougherty, economic development director. the ag expo will equestrian center...indoor arena...retail spaces....and classes led by wit community college. it's part of a larger....three part
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project in downtown sioux city....that was chosen to receive part of an 8 million grant from the iowa economic development board. next, the project must secure a 2 million dollar pledge from woodbury county in order to become a reality. the 2 million dollar pledge from the city...will be distributed over a so point-five million committed to the project from the if all goes as planned..the ag open for business beginning of 2017. deborah souverain abc 9 news tim on cam a close call for in a single vehicle accident in downtown sioux city (monday) tonight.
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they were headed north on nebraska street when the pickup they were in went out of control careening through a parking lot fence and over a retaining wall before running head-on into a concreate wall. two men believed to be in thier twenties had to be pulled from the wreckage by firefighters. both were taken to mercy medical with non life threatening injuries. it could have been much worse... a post from the chain link fence speared the trucks windshield but missed both men... coming two rest between them in the front seat. police are still investigating but it appears the truck was traveling at a high rate of speed when it hit the wall. police say there were no skid marks visible at the scene. jenna: an arrest has been made in connection with last thursday's robbery at the kum and go on pierce street. 21-year old leander tyndall is charged with robbery, possession of drug paraphrenalia and possession with intent to deliver marijuana. early last thursday morning, a man came into the gas stationarmed with a handgun and demanded money from the clerk before running on foot. tyndall is being held in the woodbury county
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tim: iowa's governor is ordering state agengies to halt any work on bringing syrian refugees to the state. he says that's to ensure the safety of iowans... after word that one of that terrorists reponstible for friday's attacks in paris may have snuck into the country as a refugee. in a statement from the governor's office this afternoon, branstad says resettlement of syrian refugees in iowa should stop until a thorough review of the process can be done by the federal government. i want to do all i can to protect the safety and well being of iowans. i coming here without vetting. make sure that there's no likelihood that they could have been radicalized or part of an isis operation. the governor issue during his morning press conference in des moines. jenna: president obama has a different perspective. while speaking at
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turkey, president shutting access refugees is not the right response. who we are as americans, and it's not the basis on what our country was founded upon. (president obama) "we do not close our hearts to these victims of such violence. and somehow we start equating the issue of refugees with the issue of terrorism." jenna: the president's towards the syrian refugee issue isn't exactly how some potential president's are seeing the issue. tim: airstrikes, arrests, and a declaration of airstrikes, arrests, and a declaration of war follow the deadly terrorist attacks in paris. the french president vows to eradicate terrorism as president obama defends the united state's strategy for fighting isis. erin mclaughlin is in paris with the latest. " " (pres. francois hollande, france) "la
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passionate and precise, french president francois hollande promises to extinguish terrorism in france and abroad. he proposes extending france's state of emergency for three months, and to make it easier to detain and deport suspected terrorists. he vows the soul of his nation will survive this bloodshed. (pres. francois hollande, france) "i want france to remain itself. barbarians attacking it, wanting to will not succeed." people in paris have raids, arrests, and and belgium. in the u.s., the c-i-a and f-b-i are on heightened alert as isis has released a video threatening more attacks. in raqqa, syria, the french continue a against isis. (president barack obama) "they are simply a network of killers who are populations." one of those brutal killers is now the intense international manhunt. 26-year old salah abdeslam is believed to be connected to the paris attacks. a reminder that danger persists, even in the midst of mourning. tim on cam: emily wright, an
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iowa state student, is staying in a town about 40 minutes outside of paris, studying aborad but on firday night, she says she was in the
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soccer stadium that was targeted. she says it was an experience that shook her and her family to the core. "i know they were especially my parents and sister. obviously, i kind of knew what was going on before the rest of my family did, so i just texted them while the soccer game was still going just to let them know i love them all...i'm okay..we were jsut trying to figure out where to go next and i would update them as i go. but, my parents said their stomaches were in knots. the didn't know what to expect or what would happen." tim back on cam: and of course we will bring you updates as this story developes. jenna: today an influential iowa lawmaker says he's backing senator ted cruz for president. republican congressman steve king made his announcement this morning in des moines. he says cruz is the one candidate who will fight unapologetically
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" i believe ted cruz is the candidate who is the answer to my prayers. a candidate whom god will use to restore the soul of america." jenna: cruz praised the decision in a statement, calling king a "courageous conservative" and one of the "few truly principled men and women" in washington. tim: expect to see all 5 of sioux city's swimming pools open again next summer but after that big changes could be in the works. a pools committee that has been meeting for months is making the recomendation after a unanimous vote today (monday). after next summer, the committee is recomending that cook and leeds pools both be closer and replaced with splash pads. the pools committee will hear public comment on the plan the first week of december but a date has not been set. park and rec director matt salvatore says the plan still could be adjusted after that meeting. the plan will be presented for council approval at a later date. to see a complete breakout of what the committee has planned for all 5 pools just check this story on our web site, kcau-tv
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dot com. jenna: it's that time of the year to shop till you drop... whether it be to take advantage of great deals or cross people off your christmas list. siouxland stores have been prepping for black friday for months. some preparing to see customers as early as thanksgiving, while others will be closed. target will be open from 6 pm on thanksgiving, through the night and into normal business hours on black friday. target's best black friday seller tvs. store managers say those go like hot cakes, but this year they're antcipating the apple watch to fly off the shelves too. while shoppers make their way for electronics and toys at target, those waiting for deals at pier one can thursday, and head into the stores friday. pier one will be closed on thanksgiving, but open at 8 am on friday. "we're always people in the store. people decorate gift giving and entertaining, even just giving them that touch to make their holiday a little brighter" says andrea mann, store manager, pier 1 imports. pier one says their holiday merchandise is always a
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favorite, but items like hand painted ornaments sell fast as customers cross people off their christmas list. kohls, old navy, and best buy are some of the other store that will be starting black friday on thanksgiving. and don't forget... you don't even have to get up from the couch! great deals expected on cyber monday as well. jenna: still to come... finding out your expecting is blissful, but finding out your expecting triplets is incrediable, coming up we have one iowa woman's story about her 3 new miricales (fred) rain is coming to siouxland, but it will at least be mild tomorrow before a cooldown comes later in the week. your forecast is next! stay with us! " " tim:
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that times three. says she could when she found having not one baby, but three rare. brea love has the story. [take pkg] pkg - iowa city (00:00 - 00:00 the macruairi family just gained 30 more toes. the identical triplets, tadhg, sean, and cathal were born on november between four and mom bridget hogan says she was shocked when three babies appeared on her sonogram.
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"i went by myself after work and thought it was just routine, their dad wasn't there. i couldn't believe it." "it is crazy. we have a two year old. we were happy with one, and then two was exciting, but we didn't picture a family of six." along with the adjustment in size, the family is adjusting to three times the care. "it's been around the clock 24 hour care, bottles every two hours. just eating, changing, dressing, and doing it all over again." hogan's doctor at the university of iowa hospitals and clinics says she was fantastic during her pregnancy. - dr. stephen hunter director of maternal fetal medicine "i knew she was miserable and yet she never complained. she was grateful when 35 and a half weeks got here." dr. hunter says he the occurrence of triplets without the drugs is so rare, he on it. rare event i've seen 70,000 to 1 in a million." "they're very high risk pregnancies, a wrong and a lot of those things are out of anybody hands. you can't do anything to prevent some of the complications. we pregnancies extremely closely were blessed." mom and the triplets went home after only three days in the hospital, and now the babies happy at home. (jenna) fred, how long until the sun shines again? (fred)
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around an inch of rain! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows showers moving into siouxland. rain totals so far today around most of siouxland were a quarter to a third of an inch. here's a look at the dreary picture on the port neal welding company skycam hd in sioux city from the ho chunk centre. clouds, mist, and fog are seen. the high was 55 and the low 51. the king's pointe skycam hd shows wet weather and fog in storm lake. in sioux city, 54 is the temperature. the wind is southeast at 18 mph. local
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temperatures are in the 50s for the most part. dew points are in the 50s, too, so relative humidity values are 90-100 percent. visibility is reduced by fog and rain, and we have dense fog in storm lake, with visibiliy of only a quarter mile. look at the front separting warm air in kansas and nebraska from cold air around denver. that front is bringing rain and snow to a broad area west of us. in fact, a blizzard warning is in effect for the denver area. over a foot of snow could fall with strong winds. winter weather advisories are in place for central nebraska, too, so heads up if you have travel plans west. meanwhile, in texas today, this storm spun up tornadoes. here's a picture of a tornado near miami, tx today, and here's a picture of tornado damage at a texas oil refinery. the stormcast hd shows scattered showers this evening, then more widespread rain and some thunderstorms late tonight and tomorrow. wednesday, there may be some lingering showers. we'll dry out by thursday as winds pick up. most parts of siouxland will see around 1" of rain by the time the rain
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wednesday. some spots could be closer to 2"! tonight, expect an early low of 54 with steady or slowly rising temperatures, rain, thunderstorms, and fog. tomorrow, look for a high of 58 with rain and thunderstorms. the 7-day shows showers on wednesday, then plenty of sunshine and high winds thursday. temperatures will be cooling later in the week. (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. coming up in sports...two class d schools in
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coming up in sports...two class d schools in nebraska played for spots in the state championship game today. we'll have highlights from wynot and creighton up ahead. tim plus we'll head to the court, the ice, and the gridiron for the best action from the past week. stay tuned for the abc9 top plays after the break.
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has qualified for
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the state playoffs 13 times. but the blue devils have never played for a state championship. with a win tonight, they would do just that. the blue devils, taking on the only team to beat them this year, humphrey st francis. in the first, flyers at the one, but cael sudbeck...comes up big with the hit to stonewall hsf on fourth down...we were scoreless after the first quarter. but then in the second, hsf took over...damien baumgart takes it in from two yards out...they get on the board first. later on, baumgart hits jon korth...50 yards untouched to the promised land...16-0 st. francis opening up a lead. and they wouldn't let up...kyle wemhoff, 30 yard house call...the flyers would score 40 points in the 2nd and they end wynot's
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in d1, creighton on the road taking on bds. in d1, creighton on the road taking on bds. first quarter. 6-0 bds already. riley tegtmeier to samuel christensen. 7 yard touchdown pass. 12-0 bds. === later first. tegtmeier dives into the endzone from a yard out. 18-0 eagles. === creighton mounted a furious rally in the second half, getting within 4, but bds ends the bulldogs' season, 46-28 the final. chris: this week's abc9 top plays is a little bit like neopolitan ice cream. just like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, if football volleyball or hockey is your favorite sport--you'll find what you're looking for in the count down. let's dive right in with play number head to the uni-dome and check out akron-westfield. coach eric walkingstick is my kind of coach folks. after scoring to get within one with a minute to
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go big or go home. they roll the dice going for two and cal eskra connects with dylan irizarry for the win. fortune favors the bold...the westerners will play for a state title on thursday. for play number four we head to the ice...musketeers hosting des moines last friday night. and the power play was clicking...cj dodero has a great one on one but he's unselfish, he passes it up and lays it right on the tape for josh wilkins--he doesn't miss from there. in fact, that's such a nice set up on the man advantage, that i might have been able to score and i can't skate! alright, probably not, but what a play anyway. let's head back to the gridiron forber three...morningsid e hosting doane for the gpac championshipand this play, perfectly summed up the afternoon. just when the tigers think they have something going, chad berg and logan rozeboom say not up in here!--what a big hit out of the stang defense. i was standing next to the mustang
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offensive line when this happened and they asked if this would be on the news...not only did it make the cut, but it's your number 3 play of the week. let's head to cedar rapids for play number two...erika feenstra and karsyn winterfeld of western christian just released four years of pent up frustration. first feenstra...just absolutely unloads on one from the middle to get the wolfpack to match point. and then winterfeld gets it to fall just inside the line--what a great finish on championship point. after 4 straight runner up finishes, western christian, your 2015 state champions. for our top play we stay with theck...we've known western christian as a volleyball and basketball, they're staking claim to football too. taylor miedema...silky smooth on the basketball court...but no slouch on the turf either. in the first he fields the punt and 7 guys from van meter have a chance to tackle him, and seven guys from van meter fail. 80 yards of devin hester esque return later, he's in the endzone...that's why taylor miedema locks up
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the top spot in the abc9 top plays of the week. (fred) tonight, expect a low of 51 with rain, thunderstorms, and fog. temperatures will be rising.
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- liam hemsworth. from "black-ish" tracee ellis ross. and "james bond." plus, it's mash-up monday with music from jewel & the gang.
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with cleto and the cletones. and now, in person, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome, welcome. i'm jimmy kimmel, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. blustery night here in l.a. it was windy today. the power went out at my house this morning. of course it was while i was in the shower. so the water -- the power went out and then like, i don't know, 12 seconds later the water was not -- all of a sudden not just cold but it was very cold. and i was all lathered up. soap all over my body. i don't like to miss a spot. you know that moment when you
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realize, the water's cold and
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