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dollars to the estate of his victim. the wife of the read a letter she who killed her husband. souverain tells her story. deborah souverain troy and liz ford pulled over to help suppi when they noticed he was slumped over the truck. was under the and wanted to get him help. what happened next with her thoughts, liz ford wife of victim "i can't even say your name right now, because i can't bring myself to do it." liz ford faced the man who killed her husband for the first time since august eighth. that day she and husbanan troy, stopped totoee why a strangng, who turned out to be dustin suppipiwas slumped over the wheel of his running vehicle. dustin turned out to be high on k-2 and speed off, despite the couple's pleas... running troy over. liz ford wife of victim "you had made your choice. you chose to start the truck and as i was calling for help you looked straight at me and at him as he told you to turn off the truck. and you gunned the truck full force." dustin suppi sentenced for vehicular manslaughter "what happened that day has forever
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changed my life and i st want to say i'msorry." "i have e addiction probobm, and a man has lost his life because of it." suppi told the crowd he regrets the choices he made that day... and knows his family, including a one-year-old son, will also pay for his actions. dustin suppi sentenced for manslaughter "i just hope that someday that i could have the foregivness for what i have done. liz ford wife of victim "i do not have it in my heart to forgive you for your choices, but you wil have plenty of time to ink about them. and you need to remember my face, because i will be at every parole hearing that you have." jenna: three people are
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explosion at a business in lytton this evening. lytton is in sac county and the explosion happened at proliant, a processing plant, which is on main street.. three people were welding in a storeage tank when the explosion happened. names aren't being released, but t o pepele were taken to the hohoital in sac city. and then moved to an omaha hospital. the third person is being treated at the hospital in lake city. the state fire marshall is expected to start investigating tomorrow. tim: no one was seriously injured in an apartment fire in south sioux this afternoon. that happened on west 27th street after a grease fire broke out in one of the unit's kitchens. the person at home put water on the firir which only made it worse. the man did escapewith just minor burns. "unfortunately he was cooking with grease, so he tried to throw water on it which is not good cause it just turns into a column of fire at that point." says ssc fire chief toby english, tim: the apartment unit suffered minor smoke
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damage. jenna: a first of its kind fueling station is opening in sioux center. shell sioux-per center held a ribbon cutting for the opening of the first compressed natural gas (cng) ) pump in n e area. some of the benefits of c-n-g is that the cost rarely change dramatically like diesel or gasoline and that the fuel mileage is relitively the same. vehicles that use c-n-g also produce lower emissions than conventional vehicles. "the 870 compressed natural gas retail sites across the united states, there are a total of 8 now in iowa. so this being in northwest iowa really puts sioux center on the map not just for this s region but nationally for trucks that are driving through and for area fleets that wanna take advantage of it." says iowa clean cities program coordinator stephanie weisenbach. meerdink trucking incorporated converted some of their trucks over to natural gas about a year and a half ago. now having a outlet closer means that they will be able to use those trucks more often. "it mean that we'll be able to expand anytime we need to in the natural gas side of our trucking and everytime that we need fuel it'll be
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here, it's a starting point for us. so we need the station andwe're glad it's here." says meerdink incorperated vp scott meerdink. before this station the closet c-n-g station for meerdink was in council bluffs or fairmont, minnesota tim: thousands of people across iowa will soon need to renew their carry and conceal permits. over 2000 people obtained permits in 2011 after a law went into effect that made ititasier to get carry permits. they were valid for five years and are renewal. sheriff's departments have voiced concern over how to handle the surge of people wanting updated permits but there concern. " "iowa doesn't make you shoot for your permit when you first get it and i should. i think in a way it's more dangerous to have your permit and just think you can pick up a firearm and use it. smith says it might cost a few extra bucks to take a class but its learn to shoot
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before you get your permit, or even a refresher when getting one renewed. tim on cam two air france flights from the u-s to france were diverted tonight after bomb threats were called in from the ground, that's according to a u.s. government official. both planes landed safely, and passengers were being bussed to a terminal. one flight originated in los angles and the other from washington dulles. sources are not saying if the threats came from the same person or not. jenna: and a bomb threat forces an evacuation of a stadium in germany. according to german media -- the french alerted german federal police to an iraqi sleeper -- who french intelligence says had concrete plans to attack. no bombs were found. but it's adding to the fear surrounding the ris attacks -- as peopop around the world search for the those responsiblbl erin mclaughlin brings us more from paris. " "the hunt is on for 26-year-old salah abdeslam, one of the suspected terrorists in friday's attack in paris. his brother, ibrahim, blew himself up during the attacks that left 129 dead. their family tells cnn, they had no idea the two had become radicalized. (mohamed abdeslam,
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brother of salah and ibrahim abdeslam) but my brother, who has participated in this terrorist attack was probably psychologically ready to commit such an act. the worldwide search for salah abdeslam continues as coalition fighters intensify airstrikes against isis in syria and iraq. french president francois hollande tells the world, france won't back down. (pres. francois hollande, france) they thought of weakening the french passion for receiving the whole world...they have already lost that fight. russia is also increasing its military response -- doubling the number of airstrikes in syria. it's part of the stern message putin has for isis after confirming it was a bomb that brought down a russian jetliner over egypt october 31st. isis has taken credit in the u-s, a political battle is brewing over presidentobama's plan to increase the number of refugees allowed in america. a majority of governors across the country say they don't want syrian refugees in their states. they're concerned what happened in paris, could happen closer to home. jenna on cam. america is a land of immigrants. but now a debate over syrian immigrants has state and local agency's planning
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of immigrants. but now a debate over syrian immigrants has state and local agency's planning for the future. because of security concerns, iowa is one of several states looking to keep those immigrants from entering. sioux city's mary j. treglia community house offers assistance to newly arriving immigrants and workers we talked with say not allowing immigrants across state boarders goes against everything we stand for. "it's counter "it's counter productive to what we are trying to do to our community. we are trying to help immigrants esepcially refugee immigrants get away from violent war torn areas like syria to become better people. people are coming from syria to better themselves to get out of a violent area and
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nescassarily to bring harm to us." jenna on cam now ... bell stated that they are very well equipped to handle new that they are very refugees coming to the are working on help them settle here in siouxland. tim: today lousiana bobby jindal has offically withdrawn from the race for president. he made the announcement today on his facebook page, thanking everyone who has campaign. "realizes that our country is off on the wrong track right now." jindal joins, scott walker, and rick perry who also withdrew from the race. jenna: jenna: one of the most listened to women on radio is bringing her advice to siouxland. delilah will be the speaker at next year's women's power lunch. the united way of siouxland made the big announcement today about its popular annual event. often called the "oprah of radio," delilah is also the author of three books, thefounder of the non-profit "point hope" and a single
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mother of 13 kids, 10 of whom are adopted. "she's always come "she's always come up as a person of interest, and so this year we said she's come up to the top. we are excite to have her and i think alot of people recognize who she is on the radio, they don't know alot more about her personal story so i think she'll have some great messeges to share that really tie in with our cause." says event chair christie finnegan. the 16th annual women's power lunch is april 27th at the mina women's power lunch is april 27th at the marina centre in south sioux city. tickets are on sale now and proceeds help fundscholarships and grants for single parents in siouxland. jenna: and coming up after the break well see how a match made on tinder, ended up being a lifesaving blind date. (fred) tonight's ask fred question is "what is the latest date we have ever had our first measurable snow?" the answer, and a look at our first measurable snow, is coming up after the break.
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surgeries that will change their lives. one is donating a kidney to the other, after learning about her plight during a blind date. their story went viral after we first shared it weeks ago, but now the day these women have been waiting for is finally here. " "well, we met on tinder, and we went on one date," jennifer thomas said. swiping right now has a whole different meaning for jennifer thomas and rich o'dea. "i think we met for a purpose, and a life is going to be saved because of it," o'dea said. that life is erika bragan's, who suffers from a genetic disorder called polycystic kidney disease (pkd). wednesday morning, jennifer will be donating her own kidney to rich's friend erika, who was a complete stranger a few weeks ago. "you feel like you're giving something up for someone else, but in the giving, you receive so much more. i feel just like a better person, i feel like i've discovered why i'm here," jennifer said. tuesday, bragan prepped for surgery, but said
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she was in shock that someone like thomas is real - and here. "i never thought that it would actually happen, that i would get a live donor, and that someone would be willing to part with a kidney just to help me and my family," she said. for years, o'dea ran marathons and held fundraisers for his friend with pkd, but she never imagined a blind date would lead her to a donor just in time. "erika's kidneys are literally failing and they weren't going to make it until the end of this year so the timing even is just incredible," said o'dea. jennifer said the opportunity to save a life is one she won't soon forget. "being able to do this for someone has changed my life," she said. (jenna) fred, quite an active forecast!
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rain, wind, and snow in the 7-day! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows light showers around most parts of the area. sioux city has seen 0.60" of rain so far today. that puts our 2-day total at 0.94". the port neal welding company skycam hd shows cloudy skies from the ho chunk centre in sioux city. 57 was the high today and 44 the low. here's the scene in storm lake from the king's pointe skycam hd, where visibility has been significantly reduced this evening. 45 is the current sioux city temperature. local temperatures range from the 30s west to 50s east. wind are strong and about to get stronger, from the northwest at 10 to 25 miles per hour across the west. winds are still temporarily lighter in the east. dew points are close to the air temperatures, and relative humidity values are 80 to 100 percent. visibiliy is reduced around the area due to rain and fog, especially in the east. estherville has dense fog. we will see more fog overnight. you can see the front sliding
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through siouxland on the midwest temperature map--60 in des moines ahead of the boundary. this system brought rain to us, but snow in the west. denver, co had around a foot of snow, and today kansas had the heavy snow. blizzard warnings and winter weather advisories remain in effect in the shaded areas. here's a picture from goodland, ks of the low visibility. the stormcast shows rain tonight and tomorrow, windy conditions thursday, and snow moving in friday. expect a half inch to an inch of additional rain. that will put some 3-day totals as high as 2" of rain! tonight's low will be 38 with rain and fog. tomorrow, look for a high of 45 with showers likely and breezy winds. the 7- day forecast shows windy weather thursday, then 1-2" of snow friday, followed by cold temperatures for the weekend. tonight's ask fred question is "what is the latest date sioux city has seen measurable snow?" the answer is later than you might think--christmas day, december 25, 1933. our winner is diane wemhoff from coleridge, ne! tonight's ask fred prize is 4 muskies tickets for this saturday vs. green bay! to enter, send a weather question to fhexom@kcautv.c om or post on our abc9
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winning question on abc9 news at 10! (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet.
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coming up in sports...the g-pac released its yearly football awards today. nd out who claimed player of the year honors up ahead. tim plus m-m-c has one more game in the season and ever. we'll hear from the eagles on what it would mean to win a state championship after the break.
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win a state championship. mmc will be the first to take the turf at the uni- dome, and the eagles arguably have more to play for than any other finalist. win or lose, this will be the final game in mmc history. the school will consolidate with remsen union next season and will move up to 11 man
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that coach kyle known all season and now that they're one win away from going out on top, they're leaving it all on the line. sam hueser--"that would be incredible. for our last year state champions, we've dreamed of ever since--you know because our senior freshmen in 2012 and that's something we've been working for four years." kyle oswald--"the final chapter's going to be written in this gotta find out how we're definitely excited about the future of going together, but at the same time we want to make this a storybook ending and that comes with a lot of hard work. so we can't take any time off and say well, 'we beat em in 2012, we're gonna beat them again.' they're here for a reason too." kick off between the eagles and don bosco, a rematch of the 2012 championship, is at 10 am on thursday. akron-westfield will also be in action thursday at the unidome. the westerners will be considered underdogs in their game against gladbrook reinbeck, but
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they're a confident bunch. unranked a-dub has already knocked off the numbers 3, 4, and 9 teams in the state in the last three rounds and thursday they'll look to keep that run alive against number seven g-r. eric walkingstick--"very quality team. both them and denver, you know, very quality teams. they wouldn't be here if they weren't. we do have our work cut out for us but we're willing to take that chance and come back next week and do it all again." cal eskra--"i'm pretty sure nobody had us picked for it. it's a great feeling, i don't even know what to say about it, i'm just excited to go." kickoff is at 1:30 on thursday. i'll be in cedar falls and have all the action for you right here on abc9. chris: with the season coming to an end for gpac football teams, besides morningside and doane who qualified for the playoffs, the league announced its all conference teams earlier today. the mustangs and northwestern claimed all the major awards today. morningside quarterback ryan kasdorf was the offensive player of the year kasdorf led the nation in passing efficiency for a third straight season en route to the award. his teammate, linebacker zach schleuger was co-defensive player of the year.
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he shared the award with northwestern defensive end sam van ginkel, a rock valley native. mustang head coach steve ryan was the coach of the year for the fifth time in his career. van ginkel was 7th in the naia in sacks with 9.5 and the junior is the third raider to earn the defensive award in three years. schleuger led the mustangs in tackles for the third ar in a row and had two pick sixes this season. here's a look at the rest of the first team honorees from the area...tyler kavan, connor niles, blake frank and joe brummer from morningside all made the first team while northwesterns cody buskirk me the cut as well. xavier caffee from dordt is the first defender to ever be first team all-gpac. on defense, sean fitzgerald, ethan stoffen, christian walker and spencer wyant join schlueger as mustangs on the list. northwestern's andrew powell and hms alum justin wohlert round out the area defensive selections. some more news out of the gpac this afternoon...dordt head football coach greg youngblood has
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announced his resignation after four years in sioux center. he led the defenders to an 8-36 record in his tenure, after dordt had amassed a 4-39 season the four previous years. a search for his replacement is immediately underway according to athletic director glenn bouma. how about some hoops? huskers taking on #11 villanova. andrew white, takes it baseline for nebraska and they have a 7 point lead. but then nova gets going...josh hart, knocks down the three to get within one. and they go on a run...hart gets the floater to fall...nova pulls away and wins big, 87-63.
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dear future, sailed through that diaper stage, learned to walk, and i'm reading like a third-grader. but now it's time to go out into the world. and from what i hear, it's not all toys and games out there.
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will you look out for me, future?
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guillermo: >> jimmy: >> dicky:.dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- josh hutcherson, "science bob" pflugfelder, "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. and music from walk the moon, with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, everybody. thank you very much. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us at the end of this very important day. today, in case you didn't already know, is national unfriend day, also known as nud, november 17th. right? came up with the idea of nud five years ago 2010 as a way to encourage those who use facebook to eliminate those friends who aren't in any way your friends. thousands of people participated over the past half decade, purging all those annoying people with friend requests that they made the mistake of accepting. it's not too late for you if you want to be part of it, go on facebook right now. cut 10% of your friends loose.
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