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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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leads alot quicker." says sioux city mayor bob scott. scott says outlook for the occupation of this new building is good. in the past, the city partnered with other busieneses to develolothree similar r ec buildings ininhe bridgeport w wt industrial park location. each of those buidlings were occupied by companiewithin 2 years of their comletion jenna: the keynote speaker for the next women's leadership conference has been announced. winona laduke will be speaking at the conference on february sixteenth at the marina inn in south sioux city. laduke is a leader of native american environmental and cultural issues. la-duke ran for office as ralph nader'r'vice president in the 19-96 and 2000 elections. tim: today, november 19th is the great american smoke out and folks here in sioux city were spreading awareness organizers decorated this fence, with the acronym g-a-s-o to encourage people to kick the habit of smoking. members of the siouxland district health
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the mayor's youth commission took part in the health initiative. jenna: the f-d-a made a big announcement today, saying they've approved the first genetically modified animal for human consumption. salmon. the company behind the engineered salmon "aqua- bounty " calls the move a "game changer" in the market. the company takes d-n-a from a chinook salmon... and from a sea eel... to produce a aew salmon. the idea is help the fishrow quickly the salmon will be grown in panama and canada and will be sold i. the u-s. and although the process to grow the fish is improved there are still some opposed to g-m-o based foods. it's something doctor richard besser says is not a real cause for concern. "in order to get approval from the food and drug administration, they evaluauad the fish for safety, they evaluated ititor nutritional content, and they evaluated whether the process was safe for the salmon themselves. and on all three counts the product passed, and so that's why the fda approved it."
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dr besser says when scientists compared it with conventionally farmed salmon they couldn't find any differences between thtwo test groups. from a medical standpoint therers been no evidence that there are health risks from genetically modified food. qn fact it's something that's been in the food industry for years. "we have always genetically modified our food. we've selected for tomatoes that tasted sweeter and lasted longer during shipping. we've crossbred different varieties of apples to get new varieties of apples. and so genetic modification is something that's always been there. thisiss using a different techniququ to accomplish that, and i think we'll continue to see new techniques that lead to a food supply that has qualities that people are looking for." health experts say if you have concerns look for the label "wild caught" when you go to your local grocery store. tim: thanksgiving is just a week away.
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and if you haven't done so already, now's a good time to get your turkey. the usda is porting lower turkey costs. store prices for frozen turkey drdrs 18 cents per pound since last week. and costs sren't up too much over years past. a typical spread for 10 people will cost about 49 dollars 41 cents - that's only a 37 cent increase from last year, and a bit lower than the cost in 20-12. that's all offset by the rising price of butter... which is up p most thirty pepeent this year. jenna:tonight, a big event focused on men's heth awareness. it's called movember and it's being held at unitypoint health saint luke's atrium right now tim: and we have a special correspondant out at unity point taking part in the festivites there, and even getting himself checked out fred hexom joins us now, fred? fred: i'm here with michael kafka, a
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point health saint luke's to talk about a challenge for men. as a leading cause in cancer death among men, unitypoint health - st. luke's challenges men to "man-upupand get screened for prostate cancer r with a simple psa blood test, avaidable for only $33 at the movember event on thursday, november 19th from 4 to 7 p.m. in the st. luke's atrium. in addition, attendees get to enjoy free wings, pizza, beer samples, and some friendly competition.
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casual event gets competitive as local celebrities along with brave siouxlanders compete in the buffalo wild wings blazin' challenge and the "strut your scruff" best facial hair competition. the media is invited to this event fofo inteteiew opportunitits with st. luke's providers and attendees. movember celebrity challenge night: man up against prostate cancer thursday, november 19 4 - 7 p.m. still to come... football playoff action from under the uni dome abc9's chris palmquist has a iowa playoff update when we return. fred: details on storm next,
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inches sioux city... more closer to des moines. fastest snow fall rates in the afternoon, so you want to be careful as y y're headed homemerom work and school. after a snowy friday, sunshine saturday but cold! and cold stays through the week! fred: tim: jenna: winter storm warning friday.. 5-7 inches sioux city... more closer to des moines. fastest snow fall rates in the afternoon, so you want to be careful as you're headed home from work and school. after a snowy friday, sunshine saturday y but cold! and coco stays through the week! fred: tim: jenna: don't forget to send
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winter storm warning friday.. 5-7 inches sioux city... more closer to d d moines. fastest snow fall rates in the afternoon, so you want to be careful as you're headed home from work and school. after a snowy friday, sunshine saturday but cold! and cold stays through the week! fred: tim: jenna:
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us snow pictures! tim:
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m-m-c and akron westfield played for m-m-c and akron westfield played for iowa football state championships today, abc9's chris palmquist has more from cedar falls. " thursday, november 19, 2015 4:28 pm super chris palmquist cedar falls, ia back in 2012mc bottled some magic here at the uni-dome, winning a state championship in their first year of 8-man football, throttling don bosco 51-16. today, in their last game of 8-man football, the eagles looked for a repeat performance against the dons. super #2 don bosco vs. #3 mmc 8-man state championship mmc of course will merge with remsen union next season and move up to 11 man football. don bosco up 14-0 after 1, but here come the eagles...on fourth and goal ben specht throws it up to his go-to guy, jacob spieler, mmc would take a 22-14 lead into the loloer room. it was the specht
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and spieler show all day...they connect again in the third, specht threw a state record 7 touchdowns and spieler caught a record 5 as mmc wins a shootout, 57- 52. super 8-man championship #2 don bosco-52 #3 mmc-57 (final) in the class a championship, akron-westfield battling a fourth straight top ten opponent. super akron-westfield vs. #7 g-r class a state championship 14-0 g-r..jake schuman, running the bootleg from 45 yards out...he goes was 28-0 rebels after the first quarter. in the third eskra connects with austin allard for six, but it wouldn't be enough, akron- the state championship. super class a championship akron-westfield- #7 gladbrook- reinbeck- (final) both of these games at 6, but for now in cedar falls, chris palmquist, abc9 sports . " jenna: and, just announced this afternoon, the iowa championship p games are being postponed.they were supppped to be played tomorrow, but due to the expeceted snow, moved to monday. alan beste decision but we to postponed so our best option
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was to move it to monday instead of friday the abc9 sports team will keep you up to date on those games next week. jenna: a big development in the search for answers behind the paris attacks last week. did they locate the man responsible for the attacks?
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counter terrorism units have confirmed the man behind last week's terror attacks on paris france. the perpatrator of the attacksksas been cononrmed dead afterer raid yesterday. abc's marci gonzalez has the latest from paris. "his body - so riddled with bullets and shrapnel?investigat ors could only identify him by his fingerprints. the so-called mastermind of the attack here that killed 129 people- abdelhamid abaaoud?.killed during this dramatic seige in the suburbs of paris yesterday. nat raid abaaoud - was a petty criminal, police say was also behind other isis s plots s including the attempted attack on a paris-bound train earlier this year.. french authorities - thought the 27- year-old was in syria - they're now looking into how he was able to sneak across borders into france - to lead this terror cell?that
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another attack. presser: it is urgent for europe to should come together organized to defend itself from terrorist threat? this polili still searchininfor two suspects indluding salah abdeslam - believed to be the gunman shown in this disturbing video from the dailymaicom - in the surveillance images from inside this caf?- you see diners ducking for cover?the killer- shooting his ak-47 from the hip? tang aim at one woman - when his assault rifle then seems to jam? everyone in the cafe surviving. ?as the killer?runs out. tag- the state of emergency here has now been officially extended for three months- as france's prime minister warned lawmakers today- of the popoibility here a chemical attack. mg abc news paris " tim:
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holiday tradititn is almost rerey for the viewing. the details, up next.
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siouxland holiday events are coming soon and none are more beautiful than this one. today i'm here with... dr. tom molstad and julie case with the festival of trees. an annual event beginning the monday before thanksgiving and ending the thursday following t- giving. it is held in the atrium of ho- chchk centre,
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holidadatrees, wreaths s items up for charity auction to benefit a local non- ofit. this year's beneficiary is the siouxland autism support group. opening night will be nov 23rd beginning at 615. the live auction will be on dec 3rd beginning g 630.
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fred's back next with a final check ofofur forecast. stst with us.
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more closer to des moines. fastest snow fall rates in the afternoon, so you want to be careful as you're headed home from work and school. after a snowy friday, sunshine saturday but cold! and cold
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week! tonight, breaking news, now three separate threats to america from isis. washington, d.c., the white house, even new york's times square pictures in the babaground. and tonight here, t t rare move late today. the fbi, the attorney general, the nypd all responding. and the three people with suspected terrorists ties who flew into the u.s. where did they land and are u.s. authorities tracking them? also tonight, our interview. inside the moment of terror. the gunman opening fire on a cafe, people diving for cover. some running to the basement, others frozen on the floor. tonight,t,ou willl hear what it's like to have to decide what to do in that moment. tonight, authorities say the ringleader of the paris attacks was, in fact, killed by s.w.a.t. teams. and now, the woman who blew herself up. we know who she was and what she said right before she detonated the vest. and the refugee backlash back home. the new war of words tonight,
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who compared some refugees to rabid dodo. good evening from paris tonight. and we begin with the new threat. the new message from isis aimed at the united states. three messages now in a matter of days. the newest one, promising an attack on the white house. isis fighters saying, quote,he white house will turn black with our fire. it comes after the threat against new york, the video shows images of times square in the background. and the third message, right after the paris attacks, praising the attacks here and threatening washington, d.c. would be next. and late today, a meeting, the fbi, the attorney general and our reporter was in the room. the nypd also responding tonight. so, how prepared is the u.s. to protott against any potential plots bk home? abc's tom llamas, leading us off tonight.
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>> reporter: tonight, the isis
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