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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 23, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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and schools. this is an elementary school during lunchtime. normally, it would be te rks ming with kids. overnight, authorities arrest 16 pepeople. none of them was salah abdeslam. the sole paris attacker still on the run. the most wanted man in the world. his brotheraying he thought salah was goi on a ski trip. and now would rather see him in jail than killed. the search now focus topg molenbeek neighborhood of brussels where three of t the a attataers camee from. very tense here in molenbeek.
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ski masks. >> we're under siege. >> reporter: undersiege. >> we're at war, my friend. >> reporter: the houses of the terrorists blockcks apart. >> they live right there. [ gunfnfe ] >> reporter: killed in the shooto near paris last week. right ououtside our hotel, police acti. jumpy officers herding pedestrians and journalists back. >> i we start shooting, you're in the crossfire. >> reporter: later, it turned out to be one of dozens of false alarms. police deployed at train stations and other soft targets. so far, no trace of a a terror cellll or abdelam. also this morning, we hear from the eagles of death mettle for the first time. >> the reason so many were killed is because so many people wouldn't leave their friend. so many people put themselves in front of people. >> reporter: now the government
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hotline got 12,000 calls overnight of falsealarms. a sense of the fear here. i was based in jerusalem in the peak of the suicide bombings there. i never saw a city so paralyzed by fear. robin? george? >> that's saying something. didn't martha say she just returned from the war front in iraq. and it was the same. >> that's right. authorities insist there is no imminent threa here in the u.s. but surity has been ramped . pierre thomas has theatest om the washington. pierre? >> reporter: on sunday, security in atlta stepped up for the falcons football game. and overnight, expanded police presence at macy's great tree lighting andnd the wwe wrestling match at phillips arena. that match, a reported possible target of an isis attack, uncovered online by the hacker grouou anonymous.
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despite the fact that the fbi found no concrete evidence of a threat to the wrestingle event. >> i feel sa. >> reporter: across the doesn't sunday, an abundance of caution. a southwest flight diverted after three men were supposedly ting suspiciously. no threat found. no one wasas arrested. police raining in new york city for an active shooting in t the subway. an exercise planned for weeks. word this is mning of islamic radicals posting a hit list of officis. it's viewed as propaganda meant to sow fear and inspire isis sympathizers. amererans s will see increased security on mass transit. while brussels, beium, braces for a possible imminent attack, u.s. officials say the threat
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>> we know of n no scific credible threat of a paris-like attack dres directioned against the u.s. homeland. we are, we continue to be, we have been concerned about copy cocat-like attacks. >> reporter: who might conduct copycatt takes? th u.s. has several isis sympathizers under surillance. robin? >> pierre, you're hearing there is word of a new threat from isis overnight? >> reporter: that's right. a new video posted ernight of a fighthter vowing retaliation for air strikes in raqqah. u.s. officialsre likely to see this as more propaganda. >>a seriouses of videos about new york.
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paying tribute to the victims in paris. hollande prepares to visit the white house tomorrow. good morning,. >> reporter: good morning,g, george.. this visitit comes justt as the frch are stepping up their part o of the bombing campaign against isis. in fact, this morning, the french aircraft carrier charles de gaulle arrived in the area. the military action with isis will be the top topic. >> president obama ordering an investigation into whether top military officials may have manipulated the numbers about the crisis. >> reporter: good intelligence is essential t to good military strategy. the presidentas ordered his -- pentagon secretary and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff to get to the bottom of these allegations that senior military officials were
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manipulating routine intellllence reports to showw that more progress was being made against isis than really was. >> this came from a whistle-blower? >> reporter: it did. an analyst at military central command. >> okay, jon, thank you very much. the war against isis and the takes in paris hav made terrorisism a top concern of campaign trail. polls show w at is helping donald trump. tom ya hasllamas is here with more. >> reporter: you look at new polls natiwnwide an key battleground state and trump is clearly otop. senators rubio and cruz mufing up in iowa and new hampshire. a significant portion of republican voters are loyal to trump. this morning, with terrorism fears at the forefront of the campaign, republan votots are icng with donald trump. the candate calling out those
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who doubted him. >> you know thent lecture elite of washington. there's no -- they're not even smart people, most of them. they're not eve smart people. >> reporter: our poll showing trump's message on national serity issutting him ahead of the pack. trump telling george how far he wod go the keep america safe. >> you would bring back water boarding? >> yes. i think it's peanuts compared to what they do to us. >> reporter: trump's critics say he's makg up facts i in his fight for the nomination. >> i watched when the world trade center came tumbling down. and i watchched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was -- coming down. >> reporter:rump insooising he saw it with h hwn eyes. >> the police sayay that didn't happen. those rumors have been on the internet for some time. >> i saw it.
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>> you saw it with your own eyes? >> reporter: jersey city's rrent mayor sayining it never happened. >> he's wil pli making up lies or he has memory issues. if you have either one of those, you have to question, his ability to be president. >> r rorter: and the r rublican front runner showing no sympathy for a protester at his rallies. the secret service saying a black lives matter protester was physically assaulted by trump supporters. trump saying this about the alleged beatdown. >> maybe he should have been roughed up because it was disgusting what he was doing. >> reporter: following the incident with the black lives matter protesterers trump beingng called out after his twitter post soeg this stat. various accurate crime stats suggesting m more murder rates are drich by blalack americans. >> many ople saw that tweet.
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>> reporter: the real stats are astonishing. the fbs report from 2014 shows trump was really wrong. 82% of whites were murdered by other whites. blacks were responsible for % of white murders. >> this tough talk by him is really -- hping him in the polls. >> reporter: his support keeps growing. now to the powerful winter blast in the midwest. millions of americans prepare to hit the road for thanks givingng. phillip mena has the story. >> reporter: this morning, across the northern plains and mimidwest, icy roads and wintry gusts causing ovever 100 accides. >> i would stay offhe roads. they're really bad. >> reporter: more than 1,000 flights cancelled this weekekend at chicago airports. hare setetting up cots for stranded travelers. a major cold weather clean up in
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>> we've got eight inches. >> reporter: the first snow of the season dutchinin over a foot of snow in parts of south dakota,,iowa, and illinois. >> hard to believe, last week, it was 60. this week, ten inches of snow. >> reporter: over 11 inches piling up in chicago. making this the snowiest november storm in 10 years. sfli was bad snow i got a w whole layer of ice underneath all of this. it's a rude awakening. >> reporter: a rude awakening indeed. the record-breaking storm taking down trees and power looins. jolting some residents out of bed. >> hado call 911. it was crazy. >> reporter: travelers hoping they've receive the last of the major weather delays. >> thank you very much. what does this mean for thanksgiving travel? >> that storm is long gone. now we're watching a new one. on the biggest traveday of the
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the s srra we'e'll be watching. all that snow in the middle of the nation, you add rabe to it, you could see fooding on some of the roadways. i'll leave you with a look at the thursday forecast itse. look how mild, atlanta t boston. this morng, new york city and boston, warmer than atlanta and charlotte. i'll he that coming up. >> oh, hat's a little different. amy is here wit the other top stories. new teteails in the miss lgg malaysian airliner. >> there's a new direction for the search. shifting the focus of the search to a remote part of the indian ocean where a british pilot using a flight simulator believes the plane made a controlled ditching last year. > the rerd deal in the pharmaceutical industry. there's word that pfizers buying the irish drugmaker allewgan for $1 billion. new details about the fire that
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broke out on the 150th floor of chicago's hancock tower. investigators say aandle started this fire and five people were injured there. well, new safety questions in football after the quarterback for the st. louis rams case keen, took a hard hit to the head while falling to the tutu. hehe strugglele to get up. was not check frd a concussion until after the game. jeff gordon complet the final race o his 23-year career on sunday. he enters requirement canwith 797 races in his rearview mirror. his next career? a racing analyst. he says his time in the booth gives him an adrenaline rush. >> he'll bgreat. he's funny and smart. >> iagree. thank you, thank you both. did you watch last night? werere you watching last night? the american music awards.
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what a night in l.a. jennifer lopez hosting and peorming. nick watt was there for it all. you know >> reporter: alanis morse setd markinin 200 years since "jagagd little pill"ith demi lovato. and i'm here to remind you of e mess you left when you went away tl the dawn let's marvin gagaye and get it on >> reporter: then megan trainer and charlie puth did just that. we heardhe "star wars" theme reworked. >> in y you have never heard before. >> reporter: by pentatonix. >> reporter: no one puts bieber in thecorner.
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those mistakes maybe once or twice >> reporter: singing and dancing. is it too late to say i'm soy now >> reporter: in the e in. tonight this is that ice cold michelle pfeiffer that white gold this one's for them good girls got to kiss myself i'm so etty >> reporter: j. lo was, hard to believe, a firstime host. you kille it. >> oh, thank you.u. you're the first person i talked to since i f fished. >> reporter: one direction on the eve of taking a break from the business made history. baby you're perfect >> reporter: artists of the year second year in a row. best band for the third. >> can we just not do the eyehiatus?
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celinene dion did an o o number, a tribute to those killed in the paris attacks. >> we're celebrating life here. but you know, it's the things in the world that need love, that need so much. >> reporter: and jared leto gav a moving speech honorg the victims. earlier this year, he and his band played that stage where hoste takers too so many lives. more on the cold weather. >> i promised you the frost a and freeze advisories fromtexas. austin at 31. to north carolina. and yes, slightly warmerere by the water in new york city.
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weather forecast.morning into the early afternoooo tonight, the s sw will ter off andwe'l'll have g graraally clearing skieses. expect a cold weekend with high temperatures getting into the 20s on saturday. sunday, we'll tap intoto a more southerly flow and we'll expect a warming trend to occur into next week. today's high is 34 with periods of heavy snowfall. tonight's low is 12 withth clearinskies and snow tapering off. the high tomorrow is 26 with mostly sunny skies. . : >> i waned to bring back that chill just so we could cl do after seeing j. lo. can i just be a little bit of her when i grow up? >> you are aittle bit like
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her. >> i can't move like that. >> you will in about month? >> and all the different change >> not two, but ten. >> ten? >> each one better than the last. we'll get into that later in the show. >> there are just fiv of them. pick your favorite. they're all hot. >> five more to go. so much more ahead. the search fors gunman caught on cram, shooting a medical student attulane, after he came to the aid o a young woman in new orleans. >> we will pursue this person with everything that we have. we'll catch him, arrest him, and bring himo stice. >> t t latest on thatt brave student's coition. winter is ming. but is your home ready? have you ever thought... you just didn't have anything left in the tank?
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tour this weekend... in an effort to help the big brothers big sisters of siouxland. it was all about the 20-15 holiday tour of homes! herereas the route fothis year's tour... participants started at the dakota dunes country club... and visited five different homes over a three hour period. the holiday tour of homes is the biggest fund raiser of the year for the big brothers big sisters program. " the snow kinda threw things off a bit so some of those later tours that got canceled, we're bumping them to today so we're trying to everybody here, the buses are going to be full and everybody is going to have a great time." jessica rae: the organization hopes to raise 65- thousand dollars for the program. abc9 is a proud sponsor of the event. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: we have a quiet and coololattern in placacfor today and
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sunshine and high temperatures to get into the lower to middle 40s! once we get into wednesday, we'll have thickening cloud cover and possibly some drizzle. then a storm system will affect the area on thanksgivingng thursday with the potential for a mix of precipitation. the forecast for today
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welcome back to "gma."
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brussels thismorning. the capital practically a ghost townwn now. the country on the highest terrororalert. sub waist and schools shut down. we just learned five more pop were arrestein raids overnight. that brings t tote toll 21. >> so muc of europe on edge. donald trump surging in t latest polls. a double-difficult lead again even as he faces claims he's makingbout 9/11 on thehe campaign traiail. first it was blackck friday, starting on thursday, then cybermonday. walmart says it will begin online specials saturday night. >> supersunday. >> you might as well keep going. >> terrific tuesday. shop away, america. also this morning, adele saying, hello. to record-baking numbers. and to some very creative trtrutes. jesse issoing to have more
7:26 am
y, jesse. >> hey, robin. you know you've made it when the muppets pay tribute. and to the "snl" parody. we begin with the hero medical student shot in new orleanshen confronting a man dragging a young won woman down the street. you see the incident there on camera. lice have identified the gunman. ryan owens is in new orleans with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, eorge. the medical sunt who took a bullet to save a strange sir recovering in the hospital behindme. police say they know who shot him. andhis morning, they are desperate to find him. watch as cameras appear the capture an intoxicated young woman stumbling down a nons street at 4:00 iff the morning iday.. moments later,r, she's on thee ground.. from another angle, the suspect isseen luggiging her near-limp body towards his suv. appearing to abduct her.
7:27 am
go, a fourth-year tulane medical student from florida passes in his car. spots the pair. and throws his car in reverse. >> hee steppedut of his vehicle to intervene. at which point the indivividual attacking this o oer woman pulled a gun o o him. >> reporter: staring down the barrel of the gun, gold is shot in the abdomen. the gunman tries to finish him off. attempting to shoot him in the head when his gun jams. police say after the shooter fired, he spoel stole the woman's purse and made his getaway. cameras getting a good look at his face before he drove off. >> me shot in the stomach. >> rorter: this morning, police areerging for t t gunman who they identify as 21-year-old euric cain. >> we will pursue thiserson with everything we have. >> reporte as f the victim, aspiring dr. peter gold, his friendsell us h he'someone who always h your back. he's recovering this morning.
7:28 am
his family says he's in guarded condition. ththe woman he stoed to hp escaped with only minor injuries, thanks to a med student who has already earned the title dr. gold. mishere in new orleans have combined with tulane university. they've come together for a now more than $12,000 reward for information l leading tohe ooter. >> hopefully, that will help. such a heroic act. >> instinctive. he just went right for it. >> we wish him all the best for a full, full recoveryry. now jaymeis winston. he's having a big day on and off the field. he's threatening to sue cnn. ra schiavocampo is here with the story. >> rorter: now, winston had great night. the heisman winnerr having a career high.
7:29 am
his attorneys saying that cnn documentary manipulates, misstates, and omits faks presenting a quote false narrative. >> caught for the toucuchdown! >> reporter: overnight, tampa bayuccaneers' jameis winston making nfl history. tying the record for most touchdown pass in a single game by a a rookie. off the f fld, he's playing defense. the1-year-old threatened possible legal action against cnn before it aired a documentary this past weend, revising long-standing rape allegations against the quarterback. thee attorne accusing the network of making a reckless decision, by choosg to air "the hunting ground." a filmm featuri former florida state university stuntnt erica kinsman who claims winston
7:30 am
>> i want to know, why me? > referee: he's denied assaulting her. saying the pair had consensual sex. thettorney saying that the film manipulates, misstates, or omits facts to present a false narrative. but the network aired the documentary. overnight, telling abc news, it's standing by its decision to do so. >> i think what is so powerful about t the hunting ground is we t to see her as a dlee-dimensional person. >> reporter: as for the legal threat t tcnn, the accuser's attorney is f firing baba, telling abc news, mr. winston should get used to the rape allegations against him because film oro film, they aren't going aw. kinsman has filed a civil suit against florida state and winston. winston has fed a countersoout. the documentary ard last night
7:31 am
as scheduled. no doubt on whether winston will move forward on the suit w wh cnn. n says they'y're hoping to open the dialogue about sexual assault on campus. >> someone else, wnteren't thehere others objecting to it? >> reporter: yes, the fm was not just about him. it tell us his accuser's story. >> a group of harvava law professors a a crititizing one ofofhe other segments in the piece as well. >> reporter: there are aot of questions about this. this premiered earlier this yr at sundance. cnn has aired it. we'll see if winston moves ahead with the suit. >> you can read and see much more at this story on coming up, "gma" is on the money. gio benitez hasasays to save hundreds on heating this winter.
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>> back now with "gma on the money." how to save big o heating your home. families using heating oil are expected to spend nearly $1400. that's down $500. natch wall gas costs are downwn, too. there are hidden ways to cut your bill even more. gio benitez is in chilly arsdale, new york, this morning to show us how. >> r reporter:ood morning to you, robin. we don't wan to talk about winter coming. it's 34 already here right now.
7:37 am
you see this house behind me? looks cozy. but take a look at what happens when we use this thermal camera. see the yellow? that's heat escaping the house. and money escaping your wallet. so right now, "gma" is on the money. meet the vaughnamily of rhode island. parents brian and amanda love their new home. but say the frigid new england wint rers putting a freeze on theirr savings. >> the heating last year was quite a surpse. >> reporter: a surprise indeed. their yearly gas and electric bills totalling more than $3700. >> is that a lot of money? wow. >> reporter: to dial d down some of the costs, we bught in ben bixby. >> are you ready to save mone >> absolutely. >>eporter: he says hunt for hidden cracks and holes. that's where 25% to 40% of the average home's warmth leaks out. >> some are harder to find.
7:38 am
like when you have a hole in the floor. ben saysay spshl attenenon to the windows in the laundryroom. >> you're key ating negative pressure, pullinging moreold air in the house. >> reporter: the fix? seal it up with a seant. >> during the winter, the hot air can escape just right up there. >> reporter: plugging the hoels, saving them $160 each year.. dodot overlook the hidden weak spots. the ars you might not see. bee hind radiateorsradiators. you can see the dark area where valuable heat is gettiting out. we install reflective backing to direct se of the heat back into the room. >> this will probably save you $48 each and every year. >> reporter: finall buy a smart thermostat. in addition toontrolling it with you smartphone, it
7:39 am
habits and turns off when not needed. >> just this wint, we expect you'll see over $80 in savings. now we're in winter mode. >> reporter: the up front cost? about 275 buck over five years, ben says e vaughn family could snuggle up to more than $1400 in savings. all right, right now, we're here by this window. i want you to look at the thermal camera agai check this out. see the edges of the window there, that's where the heat is actually getting t. but you know what? there's something called a winter drap that you c put on inside your house. you can get them. guess what? they're 20 bucks. a lot thick person they won't let the heat out. >> and guess what? you're not t t only one that has a thermal camera. you can put one on your one. >> what do you see? >> it's aboutut $200. >> very hot right here. very hot.
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le this song. we're back now withh "the speeded feed." adele being the subject. she's had quite a week. her album, "25" out friday, selling more than 900,000 copyies on itunes i the first day alone. naturally, everybody wanting in on the act, right?t? >> naturay. the first song sold 1 million downloads in a week. so everyone channeling their inner adele these days. take a look. hello it's me
7:44 am
i was wondering if after all these years you'd like to meet >> ah, yes. miss pig taking on the ballad. shee and kermit are not the only ones. "snl" showing us how only "hello"an settle a family feud. hello from the other side i mustt have called a thousand times >> matthew mcconaughey was part of the skit. they got the coat. the nails. a lot of face-touching. >> it is true. evevery time that song comes on, it's le a communal thing. sold almost 2 1/2 million copies in the first week.
7:45 am
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back here on "gma," this is so cool. yoyou can s the sfoe that fell from parts of iowa all the way through michigan right here on
7:49 am
angry with the sioux city community school district's superindentent for failing to release schools early during friday's snow storm. sioux city received around 6 inches of snow, which resulted in numerous car accidents and minor injuries. some parents are furious with dr. gausman's decision to carry on with the full school day "i was really happy, because had my child been riding the bus, i would have been att he bus stop waiting
7:50 am
for her like where's my kid, what's going on? why are these high schoolers getting off and everyting? so i was really thankful that she called and did the automessage and everything because at least i knew what was going on," said hall. jessica rae: for the school districts responsevisit our website.e. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: we have a quiet and cool pattern in place for today and tomorrow. expect some periods of sunshine and high temperatures to get into the lower to middle 40s! once we get into wednesday, we'll have thickening cloud cover and possibly some drizzle. then a storm system will affect the area on thanksgiving thursday with the potential for a mix of precipitation. the forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 42 degrees under mostly sunny skies.
7:51 am
tonight's low is 23 and it'll be chilly with patchy fog. tomorrow's high is 43 with sunshine. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service,
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and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight. a suspect arrested in the murder of the pastor's pregnant wife. killed in her own home while her husbandas out. an 18-year-o-o in custody. the head of facacebook revealing his next b move. mark zuckerberg saying he'll
7:54 am
leave when his daughters born. i think i want to marry you and sofia verra says i do. tying the kno with joe manganiello overnight. all the information. right here. > d it was a show-stoppingg night a a the amas. j. lo turning up the heat in a big way before talking to us ckstage. >> how many outfits. i lost count. >> it might have been ten. >> reporter: >> from arianna to demi. your all-access pass to the amas, as we say -- >> good moing, america. we're talking about two kissing like that. >>re they dating? please let us nou know. >> i hope so. >> a "pop news" investigation. special morning here. before i go further, you signed
7:55 am
>> it is your birthday. >> i know that. thank you. >> happy birthday. >> on everythining at's about to happen right now. we have our audience routeter here. special message. take it away, guys. >> obin? oh. ii wasot aware of that. thats very nice. thank you, thank you, thank you. >> i thing we have a new nickname.>> obin. >> only t beginning. one more big surprise. >> that's okay. really. >> i asd. >> but i do know about another big surpris in theorks this momoing. a very special coach whohoas helped turn aroundd a high hool football team and a community, everyone rallying with a huge thank you thisorning now, he thinks h he's there for a pep rally. >> so much more, right? >> so much more is going to happen. you want to stick around for that. >> reay beautiful story. it is, of course, the holiday season, as you might have thought since, like,
7:56 am
chris mas music in stores. we have supershopping secrets. how you can get more with gift cards. becky worley brings it. zblood morning, everyone. itit's's robin's birthday. she can do whatever she would like. break news. word that usa military helicopter has crashed i i south korea. an apache helicopter crashed onn a roadway, exploding i into fame. the pentagon has not updated the fates of the crew. to the worldwide terro alert. the capital op belgm, brussels, under lockdownor the third day. subways and schools all closed. the u.s. embassy telling americans inin that cntry to shelter in place, as belgian authorities fear a series of ris-style copy cat attacks.
7:57 am
continues for the eighth attacker. two dozen suspects were arrested in raids today and yesterday. no sign yet of salah abdeslam. domd trump is standing by his statement that new jersey people cheered when 9/11 ppened. our new pl shows trump opening up a big lead with voters who view terrorism as the top issue. teenanager is now under arst in the murder of an indiana pastor's pregnant wife. kendis gib sobson has thehe latest. r overnight, after a two-wewe-long investigation, police have made an arrest in the murder of amanda black burn. 18-year-old larry taylor taken into custody. the young pregnant mother, shot
7:58 am
on novemr 10th, her bodice covered by her husband, a local pastor. >> it'sard to sort throw thehe emototns. >> reporter: he e nt to the m. when he turned, he found his wife with a gunshot wound to the head and no signs of forced entry. the community searching for answers. it's unclear if taylor is this man, seen on neighborhrhood surveillance videoho authoritieies belie to be involved. >> do you have any idea why anyone wouou want to hurt amanda amanda? >> she didn't have an enemy in the world. >> reporter: overnight telling abc news, we'relad this part of the process has concluded. our detectives have worked several days whout sleep, putting all the pies of this puzzle together. for "good morning america," kendis gibs, abc news, new york. the price of g keeps falling.
7:59 am
moing is $2.07 a gallon. that is 15 cents cheaper than last month and 75 cents cheaper than this time last year. >> ifif youoke up grumpy, chance are you really did wake on the wrong side of the bed. experts surveyed 1,000 adults in britain. those who sleep on the right side of the bed tend to wake up more pessimistic and are less likely to enjoy their jobs than those who sleep on the left side of the bed. i'm laughing because -- >> right side if you're l@oking out. >> i sleep on the left. >> there you have it. >> as for singles. if you sleep on the left side, you have more friends than if you sleep on the rig side. >> it's totally- you blow this out of whatter. >> and you love yourjob. you're joyfullvery day.
8:00 am
you're doing than president interesting. lara lara? >> i'm a right-cider, too. i don't buy it. weave other things coming up besides what side of the bed you sleep on. here's the "gma morning menu." mark zuckerberg's big move. what it means for working parents everywhere. and then ladies' night at the amas. j. lo. so many more heatingp the stage. the red carpet. we have your all-access pass. a super shopping secrets. how to get the mosttrom your gift cards. and, as thanksgiving approach, some secrets to chilg your wine fast. that, and so much more with this great crowd here in times square.
8:01 am
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> you're going to wt to stick around f th. it's almost thanksgiving. we're giving thanks to one high school coach this morning. a huge surprise for him and his entire team. all coming up. st with us. that's a first-te queso dip hen't beenthis lost in years (gps) recalculating shortest route do i really look like this? never seen this one before chicken parm you taste so gd i like it. mmm mmm mmm mm mmm mm mmmmmm just press clean and let roomba from irobot hehelp with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire ho cleaning up pehair and debris for up to 2 hours.s.
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8:06 am
he'll step aside from his day-to-day responsibilities aftete the birth of his first child. posting this message on facebook say, this is a ver personal decision. and i've decided to take two months of p paternity leave when our daughter arrives. studies show that when working papers take time to be with their newborns, outcomes with better for the children and families. adding every y, things are gettin a little more real for us. and we'rexcited to sta this next stage in our lives. the c erk o's decision to take an extended leave is coming at a time when others are increasing the amountof time new parents can take off from work. >> let's talk about this me th rebecca and tory johnson, ourr workplace contributor. think this will have a big impact? >> thinkhis will have an impact the ceo sets the tone. when the policies existings
8:07 am
people freakily don't take them. you can take tf things. mark zuckerberg is 31 years old. one of the w wealthiest people i the world, wth $46 billion at this very moment in time. he can do what he wants. the important thing is he can do what he wants. 's choosingthis. more p pple might make the same call. >> and playing off of that, even if they have the option, there's still a stigma to men taking paternalty leave. daniel murphy took just two games off and he got ripped. >> there are states that have paid paternity policies. californiaia is onef them. dads eligiblfor six weeks of paid leave, they took less than a week. thatat because there is thth stigma that exists. would you take two month ifs ali had baby? >> i didn't. i would. it's a long time. but good for him for being able to do it.
8:08 am
other tech giant, wh two weeks and mark saying, four -- two months. um, big, big differences there. >> it's not just the stigma. you were talkiki about mark zuckerberg canan afford .. he leads by example. his company has a good paid leave policy. noall companies do. just 12% of companies have any kind of paid leave policy. more and more companies have to step up to the plate. they have to offer this if they want people to be able to take it. >> it's part of the presidential campaign now too. people calli for paid leave foforevevyone. >> this is the first time we've haha a conversation about someone doing it, not just a policy. it's a good sign. >> let's go t robin.n. now to the "gma" at the amas. an a amazing night. jennifer lopez, she brought it. some raemly big performances. it was clear that women were front and center.
8:09 am
>> reporter: j. load bieber doing theobot and rebel wilson let it fly. >> i thought to myself, i kept seeing i love to dance. i'll sing a little something. but i'll just dance to a all the great music that came out this year. > reporte then came ariana grande. sell lean in gomemez. carrie underwood. the women have been killing it tonight. >> i think so. we kind of are awesome. >> reporter: we kind of are awesome. >> pretty sure. the ladies rule the night. sorry, boys. >> reporter: gwen stefani looked like this. used to love you >> reporter: then sang like this. but i think it's because i remembered for the first time >> reporter: earlier, outside, and carrie underwood in a cape. >> feel like country, like, superhero. >> think all the girlsls are rocking. all the ladies are ruling tonight. >> reporter: plenty of guys won awards.
8:10 am
>> sam hunt. >> reporter: but even sam was still talking about j. lo. >> jennifer lopez. i feel like she's great. she's done such a good job. >> reporter: she knows what she's doing. >> she's a pro. >> reporter: she's a pro. how many outfits. i lost count. >> it might have been ten. i doan know. maybe nine, maybebe ten? >> repepter: was thiss the tenth? >> mm-hmm. we were saying phenomenal job. and to break downhe glitz and gam mour, june ambrose, whose new collection is available on hsn pip like what y you got going on. >> thank you. >> what were the trends? hihigh necklines. there was no decolletage. it was allll about theback. almost like a turtleneck some of them. >> i lovov it. >> and you thought gwen stephfani really brought it? >> she remided me of, from the '70s, when -- barbra streisand
8:11 am
and the '70s from the oscars. it was a about, all about the legs. wasn't that gorgeous? >> that's gwen stefani? wow. she didn't do a high chignon. high necks, high-top knots. she did something very retro. >> and you also, carrie underwood. she's a m mo, you know. >> she's a rock mom. >> she is. she is fantastic. >> she did this cape. e did it short. she playedd with scale. >> she doesn't normally do that. >> this was very racy for her. very over r the top. i thght she looked stuping. rock mom ready. look att those legs. right? all about the legs. it made t cape that much more amatic. >> do we have enough time for all the j. lo? >> ten changes. incredible.
8:12 am
does she not rock the opening was outrageous. she knocked it out if park, look after look after look. it's j. lo. what did we expect? i was so excited every time she came back on stage. it was more and more racy and -- >> that was m favorite. >> that was my favorite. was that oscar? mamaybe it was ellie saab. the d square opening. the tribal drama. >> it was a great night. >> it was. >> all the best to you. >> happy birthday. >> thankyou, thank you. lar? you won't get any of those looks at a discount. we'll show you now save big this holiday season. gi cards. brand-new series called super shopping secrets, holiday edition. becky is here. there's a lot to know. >> we have little bit of morning math. if you spend $80 for a gift card that buys $100 worth of stuffing
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8:15 am
if youou're a gt card lover, you say proceed with caution. >> only buy if you're know you're going to use it. you know who loves that we buy gift cards. retailers. sie $2008 this is how much of gift cards we haven't used. there are 44 billion unused sitting in our drawers or whatever. so, okay, if we are going to proceed and give gift card this is holiday season. advice? >> take an inventory of what you have. ask the teenn inchers. the drawer where gift cards go to die. gett them collected. take a whole punch, clip right through and then put them on to a key chain anytime you want to spend mad money, it's right here. next up, if you he a gif card that you're not using, go to one of these sites and sell it. just go right awayn they'll give you maybe 80 bucks for your there are 100 gift
8:16 am
some moneyey is better than none money. if rowyou have one for itunes or amazon. all those online stores, it will be a credit. you can use it. not when you remember. >> this is a great idea. more to come, too. thiseries continues. we want to get outside to ginger with a look at the weather. >> it's that time of year. i have the hand warmers back out. i'm giving them away. here's a hand warmer. very exciting. we celebrate 90 years of the rockettes. we're celebrating inches of snow in keystone resort in the last week. and then t t warmup. west ofchicico, 56 by thursday. 60smorning into the early afternoon. tonight, the snow will ter off and we'l'll have g gradually clearing skieses. expect a cold weekend with high temperatures getting into the 20s on saturday. sunday, we'll tap intoto a more southerly flow and we'll expect a warming trend to occur into next week. today's high is 34 with periods of heavy snowfall. tonight's low is 1 1
8:17 am
withth clearinskies and snow tapering off. the high tomorrow is 26 with mostly sunny skies. . : >> and hey, dad, in tennessee, happy th birthday. let get in for pop. >> happy birthday, ginger's dad. and robin. popnews,, a gift too you all. a star-studded affair as sofia vergara married fellow actor and "gma" friend joe mangnganiello. sofia posting these pictures from the ceremony held at the breakers resort in palm beach. such a gorgeous spot. her son walking her down the aisle. there they are. e guest list was triple xl. including vergara's modern family. reese witherspoon. channing tatum. he starred are manganiello in
8:18 am
joe serenaded his bride with a guns' n roses song, sweet child of my mine. the couple changed t line to i will, instead of i do. >> i loved seeing the pictures. i wawas ol flowing like i was at the wedding. >> she had lots of costume changes, too. >> she did. >> hey, also in "pop news" we're all about saving money, as you just heard with becky worry. a georgia c cple already knows that. they've taken living within their means the a new level. they decided to buy a bus when their rent was raised. they converted a bluebird vintage school bus into a tiny but terrific home. they spent another $1,000 in renovations and decor.
8:19 am
thbus has a working bathroom, a shower, kililr view. it's parked inin a p pk just outside atlanta, where they live. they get all the perks of a big backyard out any of the hassles of yard work. >> very smart. property taxes down. home insurance, car insuranc bundled into one. >> exactly. >> brilliant moveve. >> they started -- this couple lived in a five bedroom house. thenn apartment. now a bus. what's next? we d don't kn. we'll let you know. > finally, hall sween over. today is robin's birthday. the pop news team brings y you this video gift. possibly the mostreative canine cosme we have seen. >> that is priceless. >> let it roll. >> thank you. that's great. >> we alsoelieve that there's a metaphor on a movie monday, just remember, robin, you're lever alone.
8:20 am
thank you. >> happen byy birthday.sioux cicity community school district's superindentent for failing to release schools early during friday's sno storm. sioux city received around 6 inches of snow, which resulted in numeus car accidedents and minor injuries. some parents are furious with dr. gausman's decion to carry on with the full school day "i was really happy, because had my child been riding the bus, iwould have been att he bus stop waiting for her like where's my kid, what's going on? why are these high schoolers getting off and
8:21 am
everyting? so i was really thankful that she called and did the automessage and everything because at least i knew what was going on," said hall. jessica rae: for the schoho district's reonse. vivisit our website. jessica let's check in with or the weather. matt: we have a quiet and cool pattern in place for today y and tomorrow. expect some periods of sunshinene and hig temperatures to get into theheower to mimile 40s! once we get into wednesday, wewel have thickening cloud cover and possibly some drizzle. then a storm system will affect the area on thanksgiving thursday with the potentiafor a mix of precipitation. the forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 42 degrees under mostly sunny skies. tonight's low is 23 and it'll be chilly with patchy fog. tomomorrow's high is 4343 with suhine. jessica rae: good morning we've got a quick news update for you now... jessica a rae: and the city of sisioux city got into the christmamas irit withthhe holiday lights parade on
8:22 am
beginning on fourth street... parade goers saw a number of fun christmas themed decorationand floats. the parade ended
8:23 am
i want to see you smile welcome back to "gma." and check out this cake right here. in the middle ofur table. >> very nice. of course this i for you, robin. happy birthday. that's your favorite. >> red velvet. >> my favorite, too. so thank you. >> c ce for my friends.
8:24 am
what did you say? i should take my birthday off next year. >> you get shy of the accolades and video presents. you can't have a cake without sing happy birthday. we might need help. >> okay. >> help? help? help anyone? >> oh, there he is. >> oh, my gosh. happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear robin >> oh, josh. happy birthday to you >> tnknkyou, sweetie. now that -- okay. >> look at that cake. >> josh groban. th's a first. >> serenaded. >> i picked them myself from my garden. >> they just happened to be back there. >> yeah.
8:25 am
>> do we have to pay for the song? >> i think my record label owns it. >> i think you're worth it. >> wow would think i was 5 instead of 5555 wititit all that. bubu that is very, very special. >> we love you. >> i'm glad you're here. this next piece you have got to stay at home for this. sit the season of giving and we're kick off thank you, america, our special s series saluting people who is gone the extra mile to make a difference today. like josh just did for me. we have a football coach who came out of retirement, turning around a high school team and e lives of students in one michigan t town that this woman knows all too well. t.j. holmes is at benton harbor hi. >> that's where my mom went to highschool. >> t.j.? ror good morning, happy birthday, as well. i want two special young men here. percy anand jeremy will help me pull off this surprise today
8:26 am
look who is helping us. the entire football tm at benton harbor and the entire student body is helping us out. we radioed down to have coach. u. make his way to the gym. i have to get him. he has no idea this is going on, robin. he has no idea, so comen out. and theree is. coach uzelac. did you say oh, my gosh? this is t.j. lmes. you're live. you knew something was up, didn't you? >> i did. >> reporter: they told me you're a smart ma >> i'm not that smart. believe me. i'm a very blessed man. >> reporter: you know there's an assembly going on. >> i doint know that. >> reporter: is for you. >> well, it shouldn't be. oh, my go. oh,y gosh. >> repororr: they havav something thth want to say to you. >> all: thank you, coach! >> reporter: now -- come on, come on, coach.
8:27 am
u. >> i can't believe this. >> reporter: i't this something? >> unbelievable. >> reporter: now, coach, this -- this isnly the beginning. all right? this iss onlyy the beginning. so -- want your entir team, fellas, come on down. >> come on out here. come on out here. >> reporter: i want your entire team to come down. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: now -- >> you betr r ok good. >> reporter: now, coac i w want you to turn around here. everybody stayith me. stay with me. turned around. coach, i want you to look, look at the screen here. we got something we want you to see. take a look. >> they went out every year expecting a miracle.
8:28 am
the season, you could see them starting to -- lose hope. >> we tried to get win. but -- it wasn't happening. >> he had been retired for a couple of years. said, elliott, i think you're bored. and he said, well, yeah, kind of. i said, go to benton harbor. they don't have anybody. they need somebobody. >> rehad not had a winning football season since 89. but that all changed when coach uzelac came to benton harbor. >> let's do it right today. do itright. >> we needed him and heeeded us. it was a perfect fit. made in heaven. >> one, two, three. >> he said, we got a lot of work to do. we're gng to work hard, work hard as team. we're going to get it done. >> you gotta attack it now. >> next game, he said, y'all going towin. we won.n. we just kept winning. >> my main goal was to make it to the playoffs. we made to it the plplayoffs >> a lot of o young men in the
8:29 am
community are from single homes. a loft them have to -- help with eir parents. and you know, they take on a different type of role. >> step with the front side foot, here, boom. >> he motivateded me too better and he said he's going to get me to college no matter what i takes. >> he'e's like a grandfather. iould probably do anything for that man. because of the things he did f for me. and my team. >> i is unconditionally love. that's wt separates him. with the passion. >> hey, i need -- >> with the team. and how treats them. >> team is atete, man. we gotot respect. he respects us. we respect him. he's just openingoors for us. >> one, two, three. >> tiger pride! >>oach u., tha you for coming to bepten harbor high school and teaching usnd being
8:30 am
and sticking with us. >> reporter: a a right. coach, nowow -- now, we wanted to say thank you. we have something special here for you. i want to bring it in here now. martpartnered with the deals app, retail me not. they've made a $10,000 donation for a scholarship in your name at benton harbor high school. >> oh, man, oh, man. thank you very much. >> reporter: no, thank you. >> in iss overwhelming. it really is. and i -- i thank you for this. this will be great for our student athletes. and i hope this encourage lg all the students at benton harbor. this is a great p place with a lot of great people. we are the harbor. no doubt about it. and proud of it. >> reporter: the winning was a by-product manyin what you d did here. you madad them work hard. you can'tust- you c't just work hard. you gotta play a little bit.
8:31 am
so, the -- t the kids right here, , the football team, you a were in on this. butomething you wer't in on. every one of you is headed to florida all expenses paid, going to disney world. every single one of you. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey, hey. >> reporter: coach, coach. he's back there somewherer >> t.j. where'd coach go? >> we all got -- >> reporter: coach, a part of a thank you for what you have ne, yes, you turned around a football team. but a cmunity as well.
8:32 am
you, america series. we wt to sawy thank you. >> thank you very much. it means so much to these young men and -- we'll never forget this.. apprecia it veve much. >> reporter: robin, george, i don't know if y'all can still hear me. i can't hear y'all. but, the ks are clearly excite this is the way, we loved this story. to be able to say thank you. >> enjoy, t.j. enjoy with the team. give them our absolute best. ththe harbor. number 61 was r really -- >> scholarship's good, disney world, whoa. >> how humbled i tha coach? it's all about the kids the community. paefrt fit for both of them. he needed them and vice versa. >> and you can hear the difference hs making. >> it's all part of the thank youamerica series.
8:33 am
leading up to thanksgiving. all week long, similar stories like that. outside to ginger. >> ohoh, robin, that was so special. i have a football tea right here with me, too, because we're counting down the "gma's" football countdown. i'm with the pilots. th team, the chaerleaders from cardinal spellman high school in the bronx. i don't have a disney trip for you. i have a forecast. the buffalo bills face the new england patriots. let's c check in with mike and mike for their take. >> we're mike & mike. we're in foxboro. we think the patriots win. when willex ryan slam down the headset. >> i'm going the say mid fourth quarter if headset meets the ground violently. > it will be when they're on offense because he doesn't pay attention to thaha any way. th's whaha we think. back to you. >> you're going to be cold tonight. let's loc at the forecast. the kickoff, 28. wind chill in the teenens. brr. dry y and breezy.
8:34 am
>> and mr. josh grobe season back with me. very excited to have you. your latest album, tages." it's sold over half a million copies since we last saw you. >> gentlemen. we announced, ewe know, w came out with i it the morning we were here. and, nowook at me. i travel with pom-poms hind me everywhere i go. it's on my rider now. thank you to you. it's done quite well. >> the best of musical theater. how do you pick the best of all of those great songs? >> i came from that world. so many of those songs are so classic. especially when you're spending time in a city like this one, so world. it was tough. but eventualally, theest songs
8:35 am
rose to the p. >> we're seeing video of you a kelly clarkson. you broke the internet with chills and thrills. how did you get her to get into "phantom othe opera "? >> we knew we wanted s special duet partners. audra mcdond iss also on the record. she's the best. can truly sing anything. >> we know you'll sell millions and millions more the next time we see you. >> yeah, sure, ye, yeah, i will. >> "stages" is available in stores and online. comlging g , one on one witit the star of "creed."
8:36 am
working with sylvester stallone.tt2watz'@>4 bt@qv?x tt2watz'@>4 "a@qf3< tt2watz'@>4 bm@qm80 tt4watz'@>4 " dztq g[< tt4watz'@>4 " entq 7_\ tt4wat@>4 " gzt& .x$ tt4watz'@>4 " hnt& h tt4watz'@>4 " iztq t?0 tt4watz'@>4 " jnjntq fop tt4watz'@>@>4 " lzt&^", rocky balboa iss back, this time, outside the ring, as a trainer in "creed." i sat down with the joung star, michael b. jordan. nearly 40 years after rocky balboa first burst on to the motion picture scene, there's a new kid on the block. adonis creed, the son of apollllo creed.
8:37 am
>> put it right on his chin. >> reporter: playing the title role, michael b. jordan. so, michael, you're playing the role o o creed. of course, apollo creed's son. stuff of movie legend. what did you do to prepare? tid you feel the pressure? >> a little bit. not so much. i had sylvest stallone in my corn person literally took the pressure off of me to n compete and compare to 40 years ago. have your own legaga physicallyly i felt the pressure they did such a great job back then. carl weathers and sly, they were cut to a t. >> reporter: >> reporter:were you fan of the original movies? way before you were born? >> i didn't get chance to fall in love with rocky like everybody elel. >> reporter: you've never wonrun up the sts.
8:38 am
>> i actually saved that moment. i'm not going to spoil anything. i saved that moment for the first time the character saw it. >> reporter: helping michael, sylvester stallone. >> he knows movie boking more than anybody else. if you have to sell a punch, telegraph this, telegraph that. he cononcted the dots.s. >> reporter: all of the boxing resulted in a slpted physique. there's a reason you're on the cover of "men's aps's fitness." >> i am on the over. did you see that? >> reporter: what did itd take to wet to that point? >> complete diet change. brown rice, chicken, broccoli, a lot of water. i worked out two times a day six days a week. if you do tha consistently for ten months, tt can happen.
8:39 am
like you if we do that? >> yes. >> his social media campaign is urging people to use words and pictures about what they fhtht for. creed opensns nationwide. you gottaee it. it's a a awesome movie. coming up, as the year winds
8:40 am
ques money. as the year wines down, now is thtime t take stock of your finances. plan for the c coming year. rebecca jarvis back. the first question is from jo on facebook. how do you clean up your credit report? and what does a bank look for
8:41 am
when apply farg home loan? >> you look at the credit report. now is a great time to do it. go the annual credit and get your free one for the year. you'rexciteleled to one for free every 12 months. banks will be looking for is a score oft least 580. that's the low end. you should shoot for something like 700. when you look at e credit report, go through it, look for discscrepancieie if something doeoesn't mak sense, flag it. go back to the agenc and say, this doesn't make sense. this isn't part of m my histy. 1 in 4 credit reports has an error on it. >> 1 in 4? >> a huge number. >> second one from christine. what can i do now to make sure my finances are more organized next year? >> you can start automating get rid of the paper work.
8:42 am
which will put all of your finances in onene pla to see everything single acacunt. and unsubsbsibe. so manyy servicece that we get subscribed to, e-mails we get subscribed to. it's part of financial clutter. it can cost you money and time. >> here's the hardest question of all. how to save when there doe't seseem there's anything to save. >> yes, sthat a difficult one for anyone.. a lot of people feel like day can barely set money aside. one of the most impmptant thingng to do is make slur, if you're it. but there's a number off ways now that people can start saving without thinking about pip there's an app called acorns. it will round up all of your purchases so that all the change, if you put in, for exexample,ay $1.50 for a up cough cough ksh cup of coffee.
8:43 am
they'll round up. that amounts to about $1,000 overhe course of a year. >> that's a great idea. any others? >> the mosost imptant thing is to get yourself organized. the it's the end of the year. a great time to do that.
8:44 am
we'll be right back. what a great moment this morning. the football players of benton coach. so deserving. thank you, america. and thank you all. anothehe birthday wishes too eryone herero the audience >> thank you, robin. >> happy birthday.with the holiday
8:45 am
lights parade on sunday! beginning on fourth street... parade goers saw a number of fun chstmas themed decorations and floats. the parade ended with an appearance from santa, who offically welcomed the holiday season to sioux city. jessica rae: and some siouxland kids we able to visit with santa almost exactly a month before christmas. unitpoint health saint luke's brought santa's house right here to sioux city! the howard johnson hotel atrium doubled as santa's house... kids were able to create their own holiday craft projects... and enjoy treats made by mrs. clause... proceeds f from santa's house will support st. luke's children's miracle network. r the list of dates when you can visit santa's house... just head over to siouxland matters dot com. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: we have a quiet and cool pattern i place for today and
8:46 am
some periods of sunshine and high temperatureso get into the lower to o middle 40s! oncecee get into wednesday, we'll have thickening cloud cover and possibly some e drizzle. then a storm system will affect the e area on thanksgiving thursday with the potential for a mix of precipitationonthe forecast f f today calls for a high temperature of 42 degrees under mostly sunny skies. tonight's low is 23
8:47 am
>> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, recordi artist and coach, phaell williams. and from "the hunger games" films, jena malone. plus, ufc wen's champion, holly holm. all l xt on "live." [captioning made pososble by sney-abc domestic tetevision] now, here are yourmmy award-winning co-hosts, kelly
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