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tv   ABC9 News Midday  ABC  November 23, 2015 11:30am-12:00pm CST

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in the 20s and 30s. range from the 30s to the 50s in northeast nebraska! the wind is light from the west and 5 and 10 miles per hour. the satellite and radar shows clear skies in place and sunshine should be dominant in the area today. the dayplanner reveals a high temperature in the mid 40s this afternoon. your complete forecast is coming up - your news starts now. "announcer: "now live from kcau-tv in sioux city, iowa... this is abc9 news this
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good morning and thanks for joining us this midday. i'm jessica rae. heightened security across has the u-s on before the thanksgiving holiday. over the weekend police said they information about a threat against a event nothing came of but americans have been more cautious since attacks... one southwest airlines flight was diverted because of suspicions about several passengers. city, n-y-p-d officers swarmed a but this situation drill simulating an active shooter situation under- ground.. they aren't taking any chances. william bratton, commissioner: "these exercises are vitally necessary officials have terror threat in brussels, police remain vigilant as the manhunt for another paris attacker
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continues. jessica rae: the war against isis and the attacks in paris have made terrorism a top concern on the campaign trail but the latest polls show this is actually helping donald trump. as he continues to make controversial statements about the matter abc's lana zak has more. nats donald trump is riding a new high in the polls following the terrorist attacks in europe. but his critics say he's manipulating voters and distorting the truth-- sot/trump i watched when the in the chaos after 9-11, there were some false reports and internet rumours. but despite being widely debunked, it. stephanopoulos: saw it. you saw that... trump: it was on television. i saw it. stephanopoulos: -- with your own eyes. trump: george, it did happen. stephanopoulos: police say it didn't happen. according to today's abc
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news/washington post poll, terrorism has surged as an election issue since the paris attacks, and donald trump leads with a wide margin as the most trusted to deal with the issue among republican voters. but jersey city's current mayor says trump is perpetuating a falsehood-- steven fulop, jersey city mayor- "either he's willfully making up lies or he has memory issues and if you have either one of those, you have to question his ability to be president" but trump's not backing down on this or some other claims he has made.. including retweeting this false statistic whose source appears to be a white supremicist group. tag: that graphic claimed were responsible murders of white americans but according to the fbi--the number is actually 14%. trump's by nearly 9-thousand people. lana zak abc n, washington democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders issued a statement following donald trump's call for
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the creation of a database system muslims saying quote: outrageous and bigoted ( ) statement. be ashamed of we will not destroy isis by undermining the our religious freedoms." no response has trump campaign. jessica rae: another senator running also for president, marco rubio, was in iowa today. the republican presidential candidate held a at greasewood carroll, ia. it was there he spoke on several key issues including the syrian refugee crisis. rubio will make stops later today in council bluffs and grinnell. jessica rae: democratic candidate hillary clinton was in clinton iowa yesterday it was there at a town hall meeting she addressed a packed housetalking about several economic issues faced by america today including minimum wage making public colleges more affordable... and making community colleges free. she also spoke about her plan to improve the affordable care act... her plan for a new tax edit... saying it will help
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to help families get care for aging or disabled family members. hillary clinton, (d) presidential candidate: "i believe we need to start investing in the caring economy we need to recognize the value of the work that caregivers give to all of us, both those who are paid and the great number who are unpaid. " jessica rae: under this plan, caregivers would also see added social security benefits. jessica rae: the sioux city police department has arrested a in the armed "n" automotive. police arrested in connection a man belived to be maryland... to have his car but when they went to look at he pulled a gun on the employee and took his wallet. police found that the robbery on and maryland was taken in for questioning. he has now been charged with degree. jessica rae: lawmakers are next session... tighter budget... here's paul hughes with the details. thanksgiving
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holiday, the lower elkhorn natural resources district board of directors will meet tomorrow night instead of the usual thursday meeting. nrd general manager mike sousek says the board is scheduled to once again discuss district-wide flow meters on irrigation systems, action tabled at last month's meeting. nebraska lawmakers are preparing for a tight budget in next year's session, with a projected $110 million revenue shortfall that could force them to cut services or tap the state's rainy-day fund. sen. heath mello of omaha, whose committee oversees the budget, says he's confident lawmakers will find a way to balance the books but acknowledges it could be more difficult if the shortfall widens. businesses in downtown norfolk are celebrating black tuesday with the annual downtown festival. coordinator jessica gordon says stores evening with great deals for your holiday shopping. campfires, s'mores, a carriage, hayrack be at gobs and gobbs culminates with the tree-lighting ceremony on the norfolk avenue at 7:30. those and more stories can be heard on news talk wjag, kix. " jessica rae: after friday's big
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angry with the community school superindentent for failing to early. sioux city received around 6 inches of snow, which resulted in numerous car accidents and minor injuries. some parents are furious with dr. gausman's decision to carry on with the full school day but one parent says she is some communication... "i was really happy, been riding the bus, i would have been att he bus stop waiting for her like where's my kid, what's going on? why are these high schoolers getting off and everyting? so i was really thankful that she called and did the automessage and everything because at least i knew what was going on," said hall. jessica rae: though some parents beleive the superindent did not handle the situation well they say they are hopeful ... he will learn from his mistake. for the school
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district's official response to this controversy... head over to siouxland matters dot com and find this story. jessica rae: still to come... arthritis is a common diagnosis here in the u-s... find out how you can combat the condition... details after the break! scott:
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scott: scott:
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a look outside on the port neal skycam hd in sioux pointe skycam hd in storm lake, iowa. we have a cool morning outdoors with 20s and 30s currently. from the west and 5 and 10 miles per hour. the satellite and radar shows clear skies in place be dominant in the pace through the stormcast hd where
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cool pattern in place for today and tomorrow. expect some periods of sunshine and high into the lower to get into wednesday, cloud cover and drizzle. then a storm system will affect the area on thanksgiving thursday with the potential for a mix of precipitation. the
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forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 42 degrees under mostly sunny skies. tonight's low is 23 and it'll be chilly with patchy fog. tomorrow's high is 43 with sunshine. here's the 7 day forecast where 30s and 40s are going to be the norm as we go
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through this week. jessica rae scott: jessica rae: according to the centers for disease control... one in five adults living in the u-s were given a doctor's diagnosis of some form of arthritis...betwee n 20-10 and 20-12... that's almost 23 per-cent of adults living in the u-s... and that number
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has likely risen. in an effort to help those adults living with the pain of arthritis... the norm waitt senior y-m-c-a and the siouxland center for active generations have partnered together to create "enhance fitness"... a class just for those with arthritis... "nats class instructor" kathy schroer: "it has made a tremendous amount of difference to me!" rae: kathy schroer suffers from arthrits... she's been attending a class called enhance fitness for about three months now... nat sounds instructor enhance fitness is a joint effort by the norm waitt senior y-m-c-a and the siouxland center for active generations... to increase strength, balance, and flexibility in those suffering with arthritis. hilary overby: "this class allows individuals with
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arthritis to break up inflamation in their joints by doing their range of motion which helps them being able to do things throughout their day that you don't normally think of involves range of motion." kathy schroer: "turning your head, when you're driving and you need to see on either side. we do excercises for our necks, going up and down, our eyes...those don't sound like much but they make a huge difference in the management of your body in life." nats instructor rae: the class is one hour long. it starts at the top of your body, and works all the way down to your toes... nat sounds feet tapping something kathy says, is worth waking up for every morning! kathy: "you feel really good when you get done that is so important i don't like getting up and being here at 8:30am but let me tell you it kathy: "you feel really good when you get done that is ymca and the siouxland center for active generations, but the two are looking to expand to other
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locations. for more information visit this story on our website. siouxland matters dot com. and next week on get going... i'll introduce you to wendy blum... she had her leg amputated,but after two years of therapy, is back on her feet! be sure to tune in next monday at 5 and 6 a-m for wendy's inspirational story. jessica rae: after the break... a staple for your thanksgiving spread. the quick and simple recipe for some spectacular spuds when we return.
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we are now four days away from thanksgiving... and it's time to prepare your table for the big day. howard is here to help you with that... starting the week with a recipe that'll definitely make your turkey day line-up. "if i asked you what your favorite part of the thanksgiving day meal is, what would it be? is it the turkey, the stuffing or the potatoes? for me, it's have to be the mashed potatoes. so let me show you a way to make them extra special. we start by peeling a good amount of potatoes and cutting them into chunks. we put them in a pot and cover them with
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the stove they go. and as for how much you need, the basic rule of thumb is per person. once drain them really well and put them back on the stove for maybe a minute or so, until all the waters' gone. now we put them in a some softened butter, sour cream and a bit of salt and pepper. at this point, you can either mash fashioned masher, or beat them with an electric mixer. if you go the beater route, just don't over mix them or they'll get starchy. when these get passed around make sure you're bowl before you sit they're that good. i online and get the "classic mashed potatoes," so you can make sure your mashed potatoes are on the top of everyone's "best of the best" list. i'm howard, with kelly in the mr. food test kitchen, where today we found a "classic way" for you to say . "ooh it's so good!!" "
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coming up after the break... a big retail store, is starting cyber monday... a little bit earlier this year, find out who, and when you can get
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one another, walmart has announced they'll be starting their cyber monday deals, a day early. the retail giant says it will launch its online holiday shopping sales on sunday, november 29th. walmart typically started its cyber sales on the monday after thanksgiving. wal-mart says it will quadruple its number of cyber monday specials this year. about 90 percent of those deals will come with free shipping. jessica rae: christmas brings out the sheer joy and excitement of kids,
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but among the tattered gift wrap and holiday cheer, there could be potential danger according to one consumer group's report. "reporter "they look like the real deal and james swartz of the consumer watch dog group watch says that's what makes these replica guns so dangerous" (james a. swartz, director of w.a.t.c.h.) "very difficult to distinguish them from the real thing especially consider when police officers have to make split second decisions, is it real is it not" reporter "the group released its list of ten worst toys it includes toys that swartz says include a potential choking or strangulation hazard and several that he feels could cause eye facial and other injuries like dinosaur claws inspired by the movie jurrasic park and mini-trampolines" (james a. swartz, director of w.a.t.c.h.) "a product like that shouldn't be out there for children the hazards are too significant as the manufacturer recognizes itself on the package insert" reporter "he added a play-dough like substance called goo-dough because it has an allergy warning that it contains wheat" (james a. swartz, director of w.a.t.c.h.) even when you don't expect to see an allergen you might see that so read the packaging carefully" ( rebecca mond ?senior director, federal government affairs at toy industry association) "we find that they're filled with misleading inaccurate information and they unnecessarily frighten parents." reporter "rebecca mond is with the toy association she points out that the consumer product safety commission found all these toys safe"
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(rebecca mond ?senior director, federal government affairs at toy industry association) "all toys sold in the united states need to comply with very strict us product safety requirements and they need to be tested and certified compliant with these requirements" reporter "mond like watch recommends you read warnings on the packaging and in inserts and make sure you buy toys for recommended age groups. watch's presidents also says you should be extra careful about buying toys online because you may not be able to see or read all the safety warnings. (joan e. siff, president of w.a.t.c.h) "don't compromise safety for convenience this holiday season" " jessica rae: scott's up next with a final check of our forecast.
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jessica rae:what's coming up on the show today.
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look at thingso you can be happier and healthier in life, and the body you're in. first up, we're showing you how you can change the way you look at your finances in my credit clinic. we're going to reduce your money stress by showing you why you should stop worrying about that darn credit score. then, the woman that's called the ugliest woman in the world, by online bullies. you're going to see how she's learned to be happy just the way she is, and now she's conquered her haters. plus, we're getting health advice in one of the most unlikely places... your hairbrush! " jessica rae: again that's coming up today on dr. oz at 4 o'clock right here on abc9. jessica rae scott:a storm system will affect the area on thanksgiving thursday with the potential for a mix of precipitation. the forecast for today calls for a high temperature of 42 degrees under mostly sunny skies. tonight's low is 23 and it'll be chilly with patchy fog. tomorrow's high is 43 with sunshine. here's the 7 day forecast where 30s and 40s are going to be the norm as we go
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