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tv   ABC9 News at 530pm  ABC  November 29, 2015 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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" " lukas: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm lukas voss there is a winter storm warning in siouxland as heavy snow is forecasted to move into the area. many siouxlanders were out today making last minute preparations before the storm hits. abc 9's bria bell is in studio with more... bria: lukas, snow is forecasted to start late tonight and last 24 to 36 hours with heavy snow possible in the afternoon. many siouxlanders were out trying to prepare for the predicted winter storm. bomgaars and hy- vee had dozens of people enter its
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stores today in preparation for the snow. there were clear priorties for many customers and store managers. "we've been pretty busy this morning with people coming in picking up snow shovels and ice e lt, just getting ready for the snow that's s supposed to becoming," said boyle."well i came down and got gas and usus my fuel saver and came in to hy vee and i've got stuff like chili and goulash, some wine and some apple pie and cat food. i guess i'm ready for the storm," said walish. you can follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and as download our constant updates storm.m. of course, ourmeteorologist elisa raffa will detail your full forecast in just a few minutes. live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. lukas: icy roads could be the cause for a rollover accident this afternoon on talbot road in sioux city. according to police, the vehicle flipped after skidding on the icy road there was only
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one person in the vehicle at the time of the accident and they were not injured. the sioux city police are taking the opportunity to rememd drivers to drive slowly especially in icy conditions. lukas: millions of americans are headed back home after the thanksgiving holiday. airports are prepared for the busiest r-travel day of the year but some travelers may be in for a long wait until winter storms pass over the midwest. abc's tai hernandez has more. " utility poles - snapped in half. nats - "?power lines sparking?" power lines ripped down. nats - "?power lines sparking?" trees cracking under the ice. nats - "?tree falalng?" tens of thousands of people in the central plains - without power - as a nasty winter storm moves through. emergency crews working overtime in oklahomand texas - trying to clear roads as americans head home after the long holiday weekend. sot - " ?." central oklahoma took a real beating. three days of rain and cold temperatures added up to more than an inch of ice. and all across the country rain, snow and ice will make the drive difficult. sot - john gleason / utah dept. of transportation
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"we haven't had to drive again in these types of c cditions in quiui a while." in utah - cameras captured crash after crash. in this video - an accident in the right-hand lanes gets worse when a passing driver loses control - and skids into the already disabled vehicles! in texas - this semi- truck careened off the road and slammed into an outback steak house! so far, this dangerous weather blamam for 14 deaths over three days. sot - "?." in other parts of texas - areas asured as much as eight inches of rain - forcing people to evacuate - including this rancher and her horses. nats - the holiday weekend - a washout or a whiteout for so many americans. and the next round takes aim at millions more to start the workweek. tai hernananz, abc news, new york.
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suggested anchor tag: areas in the upper midwest and western great lakes could see up to 10 inches of snow tomorrow . " lukas: protesters took to the streets in new york city, protesting over climate change several people took the podium, including a familiar face from the 90's, "bill nye the science guy" the group has an ambitious goals when it comes to renewable energy, but if everyoyo gets involved ... they say ... it's pososile we'll become more energy efficientand reduce climate crisis issues. what we wanna do is make it one hundred percent powered ,one hundred percent renewable by 20-30 which is just 15 years which is not very long but if you don't think you can do it .you won lukas: the protestors unveiled a list of ideas which would help the city of new york to create jobs and take on climate change. lukas: hhding over to paris now armed lice patrolled the grounds of the united nations climate conference venue
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world leaders will meet tomorrow to push for a globa dealhat will he reduce man made emissions. france still remains undea state of emergency after the november 13th terror attacks killed 130 people. . lukas: hundreds of activists continued their demonstrations in paris today ... despite a ban on protests imposed by the state of emergency. the activists were blocked by police, that dispensed tear gas on crowds in aneffort to didierse the protesrs. authorities had cancelled the march on climate change after the paris attacks. and coming up the shopping continues on cyber monday . some tips on getting the best deals ... right after this. elisa flurries tonight, heavy snow tomorrow, and snow lasts through tuesdada.. warning in fect.. forecast isnext.
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elisa raffa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m winter storm warning for all siouland counties mon and tues except yankton... an adviso there. clouds on sky cams. temperatures didn't move much today, warm low of 30.. only up 4 degrees since then. temperatures won't move much through our snow storm. temperatures
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winds are calm. clouds stay tonight, freezing drizzle i i possible beforor snow comes in through the overnight. not much accumulation by morning, but want to watch for slick roads. clouds and some flurries locally on satellite and radar, moisture to the south... that's not our storm but it will help fuel it. widening our view.. our storm is still coming together in the southwest, will bring snow to colorado tonight. stormcast hd..thick clouds overnight tonight with flurries more likely
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before snow. is when we'll start to see more moderate snow, getting going through mid commute may not accumulation, but with at least a dusting could beslicic snow gets heavier through the afternoon, lasting through the evening commute which will be messy. continuing snow through the overnight, although not at heavy... and into tuesday afternoon as well. tuesday will be more blustery than monday, so blowing around our fresh
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snowfall could decrease visibility. clouds with fluries possible tuesday night before we finally clear wednesday, sunshine finally on wednesday. snow forecast..... 8-12 ne of sioux city... exeme northern iowa into minnesota.... and our northwest counties including the cities of spencer and cherokee. 6-9 for sioux city metro.. ne nebraska and south towards tekamah. 4-8 for central nebraska and south dakota. need to know: timing for 24 to 36 hours of snowfall... late tonight through tuesday evening.
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heavy snow likely mon afternoon and evening... breezy monday but blustery tue... up at a foot ne. tonight, freezing drizzle early? flurries after midnight, low 29. tomorrow, heavy snow, drive carefully, high 31. 7-day... breezy and utill snowy tuesday, cold sunshine wed. deborah/elisa stay updated on social media tomorrow. lukas: and if you don't want to get stuck
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with the winter wheather arriving ... tomorrow is cyber monday. people looking to avoid the big crowds and lines at checkout can shop big discounts from the comfort of their home. to make sure you have a safe shopping experience ... experts recommend you stick with familiar websites like amazon, best buy, and walmart. another tip-- compare prices with other websites to make sure you're getting the best deal possible. last year's cyber monday finished with over two billion dollars in sales. and an average of 800 dollars spent ... per household still to come an update after that tragic shooting in a colorado planned parenthood clinic. dteails when we return.
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parenthood clinic. the suspect is scheduled to have his first court appearance tomorrow afternoon. abc's brandi hitt has more on the shooter's motive " police have not announc3ed an official motive yet - for what happened inside this colorado springs planned parenthood? but we are learning more about the accused gunman - under arrest for the siege that killed three people - and injured nine others. natsot - (broadcastify) "we're pinned down. we're getting active gunfire." authorities will say that after 57-year- old robert dear surrendered - he allegedly made rambling, hostile comments about planned parenthood. a law enforcement source tells abc news that during interviews - dear sometimes rambles, but other times they are trying to mental state. u-s attorney general loretta lynch called the shooting - quote - "a crime against health care at planned parenthood." the group itself says this crime was opposition to legal
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president & ceo of planned parentntod roroy mountains "the tirades against planned parenthood in the last few months have really been over the top." planned parenthood has been a big topic on the campaign trail this year - now, republican candidates for president, who have often used strong language against the group, are condemning friday's attack. cnn state of the union sot - mike huckabee / (r) presidential candidate "there's no excuse for killing other happening inside the planned parenthood headquarters, inside their clinics where many millions of whether it's p pple attacking planned parenthood." abc this week sot - ben carson / (r) presidential candidate "any hate crime is a horrible thing, no matter from where it comes, and should be condemned very strongly." sot- sen. ted cruz / (r) presidential candidate "it's unacceptable and it's horrific and wrong." as investigators search for answers? families and communities are mourning? nats "(singing) amazing grace?" holding vigils and prayers for the victims - including police officer garrett swasey. sot - kurt aichele / pastor, hope chapel "everything he did, he either did 100 percent or he didn't do it at all." brandi hitt, abc news, colorado springs. suggested anchor tag: so far, the other two victims killed in the attack have not been identified. the nine people injured are expected to recover. robert dear is expected to appear in court tomorrow. " two victims killed in the attack have not been identified. sports...iowa state hosted iowa on the mats as part of the cy- hawk series. stay tuned for highlights from hilton coliseum. plus..iowa state has hired its new head football coach. f fd out
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com alex the iowa state football program sure didn't waste any time finding their new head football coach. just one week removed from the firing of paul rhoads, the cyclones have hired toledo's matt campbell to lead the way. news broke late last night that a deal had been made and iowa state made the hire official just after 2pm this afternoon. in four plus seasons at toledo, campbell compiled a 35-15 record, includudg a double-overtime win over iowa state th season. the deal with isu is a six-year deal, with a first year salary of two millions dollars.
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this to say about campbell in a statment today: "matt's coaching and playing achievements are extraordinary, but we were even more impressed by his character, leadership and commitment to his family... pollard went on to say..."we are truly blessed to have one of the industryry rising stars lead our football program.m. campbell also rereased a statement....saying "i couldn't be more excited to receive the opportunity to coach at iowa state. their fans, the game-day environment and falites are all incredible." former cyclone running back jeff woody had this to say about the hire. "i really like the hire. hes a guy that likes to run the football. toledo's been in the top 25 in rushing the past two seasons. another think i really like about campbel is that he's not a conventional recruiter, where he does have a system that he wants to recruit guys to, but he's also not opposed to takakg transfers, he's not opposed to taking co guys, and at iowa ste you can't play the same game that ou and texas and those guys are playing, you gotta do it a little differently. so i think the writing's on the wall that this is a good hire, but we're not 100% sure yet." " campbell will be
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in ames tomorrow at noon. alex outside of undefeated new england and carolina.....kansas city is the hottest team in the national football league. the chiefs have wowofour straight games with the cnce to push that reak to five agnst buffalo. sammy watkins and the bills 5-5 this season...jockeying for playoff positioning in the afc. 2nd quarter...10-7 bills tyrod taylor throws a dart to watkings for his second touchdown of the day.....158 receiving yards for the clemson product. second half now...the chiefs take the lead...alex smith to travis kelce...15 yards...21-16 kansas city.... but here comes buffalo...lesean mccoy...10 yard touchdown through the air.r.shady brings ththbills within two...late in the fourth...30-22 chiefs....last chance for tyrod taylor and the bills....he fumbles the football....someho w manages to nearly pick up the first down but he is stopped short...kc wins its fifth straight...30-22 the final.
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down south......the vikings visiting the falcons at the georgia dome... first quarter of a scorless game...adrian peterson rumbles in for the touchdown......m.m nesoa takes the early 7-0 lead.... for was a rough day for matt ryan...goes over the middle but he is picked off by captian munerlyn. one of two ryan picks today... then later ithis 13-3 vikings....peterson just starts making people look silly....shoots up the sideline...he's gone..35-yard house call...minnesota wins it 20-10.....the vikings are in first place in the nfc north. alex to the mats...iowa head wrestling coach tom brands is 10-0 all-time against iowa state. dudung that stretch, thehe hawkeyes have won by aaverage of 13 points, including a 20- point win in iowa city last season. lets head to ames for this top-20 matchup. starting at 133..., 2nd ranked cory clark. gets the 4 point near fall to take down #7 earl hall in a 9-2 decision. up to 141, dante rodriguez evens the match at 3 with the 6-2 decision. 149 pounds, #3 brandon
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gabe moreno. sorenson gets the 11-3 major decision. hawks go up 7-3. cyclones answer at 165 pounds. 11th ranked tanner weatherman, the ballard-huxley grad gets the two point take down and the 10-9 win to make it 10-6. but from there, iowa would score 26 unanswered points. for the 11th year in a row, iowa beats iowa state, 33-6. out on the east coast, the fifth- ranked nebraska wrestling team won a pair of matches earlier todday at madison square garden. the huskers opened the day with a 21-14 win over seventh- ranked cornell and followed that with an impressisi showing against princeton. nebraska opens its big ten dual season in two weeks at maryland and rutgers. and in college hoops.....iowa finally records a win at the advocare invitational with an 84-61 win over wichita state. a big congrats to head coach fran mccaffery. this win was his 100th victory at iowa. mike gesell dished out nine assists, to go along with 14 points and five boards. adam woodbury scored 15, one shy of his career- high. the hawkeyes host florida state on wednesday as part of the big- ten acc challenge.
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elisa raffa 2 line cg:
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flurries after midnight, low 29. tomorrow, heavy snow, drive carefully, high 31. 7-day... breezy and still snowy tuesday, cold sunshine wed.
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ribeiro: here's a sneak peek at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. [ man laughs ] oh! [ laughs ] woman: you aren't gonna hurt yourself?
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