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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 30, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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the campaign trail. as he canceled a highly publicized press conference with african-american religious leaders this morning. and it's "star wars" week on "gma." >> you might need this. >> "the force awakens" with the big stars, right here. >> chewie, we're home. >> secrets of the movie revealed. old friends and new heroes taking ovever times uare. >> it's true. all of it. >> the man behind the movie here live. it all starts this morning, only on "gma." and good morning, america. hope you had a good holiday weekend. 18 days away until the force awakens. cannot wait for that. this week, all the being names will be right here. people are not waiting. they already have theirir tickets. sales already through the roof. theaters all over the country
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many projecting it cou break "avatar's" box office record. >> going to be a big one. >> sure is. take a look at this. this is not "star wars." this is amazon's new delivery drone. being tested. today, in case you haven't heard, it's cybermonday. we're going begin with the threat at the university of chicago. school i canceceled all classes and activities today after fbi counterterror officials warned the urt about an online message about an attack on the main quad this morning. alex perez son the scene. >> reporter: that's right. the university of chicago says that decision came this weekend after they got the call from the fbi saying there was an online threat about gun violence right herere on the main quad at 10:00 a.m. today. the faculty and staff and students were notified in an e-mail late last night. just how credible this threat
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may be and the specifics off this threat still not clear. but here's what officials are saying in a statement about extra security. thee univeity will have an increased police and security presence on and around campus including police personnel with visible weapons and other additional measures. so everyone on alert here right now. george? >> any sense of how long this lockdown will remain in effect? >> reporter: you kn, for now, wenow the university will be shut down until's least midnight. officials will re-evaluate the situation. students in campus housing are being asked to stay in their dorms. finals begin next week. everyone eager to get back to normal. >> can't be too careful. tohe deadlshooting at a planned d parentho in colorado. this morning, we're learning more about the gunman and the three people he killed. hearing from the brothther of the iraq war veteran who was doned down. clayton sandell has the latest. good morning. reporter: good morning, robin.
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later today, the gunman who allegedly launched that deadly attack at the planned parenthood build willinmake the fir court appearan. as investigars try to understand his motive. the gunfire shattered a quiet friday morning into panic and chaos. >> we're pinned down. we're getting active gunfire. >> reporter: a shooter firing a semi-automatic rifle. taking terrifying aim at police and civilians. >> we're taking fire. got two hit. >> reporter: nine people are wounded. three died. 29-year-old ke'arre stewewart, a father of two girls, served in iraq. his brother says he just walked outside the office when he was hot. >> he tried to get back k inside to warn the others. take cover. military instinct. you know. get down. take cover.
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and -- then he called 911. and those -- those are some of his last moments. >> reporter: wha does that tell you about him? >> tt's the big brother i know. >> reporter: jennifer markovsky was helping a friend that day. she was married with two kids. 44-year-old police officer garrett sway was killed. once an olympic ice cater. >> it's horrific and sad. >> reporter: at his chunch sunday, they said a prayer for his alleged killer, 57-year-old robert dear. >> god, we forgive him. >> reporter: he appearso be a recluse. once living in this shack in north carolina before moving to colorado into this mile home police searched on saturday. >> he's not saying, i'm going to do this. i'm going to do that. very hard to, you know, identify that type of person as a threat. > reporte more than five hours after the shooting begins, dear surrenders. his motive is still unclear.
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law enforcement sources say he made rambling, hostile comments toward planned parentho. the u.s. attorney general says this is a crime against women seeking health ca. and dear has gotten the attention of the u.s. secret service for stapts he allegedly made about the president after the atta. >> let's talk about the families. you have spent time with them. they're remarkable. what are they telling you? >> reporr: it is remarkable, robin. not all, but many off them tell me they havee already forgiven the bun. gunman. if they came face to face with him, they all have the same question. why? now to president obama. speaking moments ago at the opening of global climate talks in paris. the war againinst isis still top of mind. jon karl is traveling with the president.
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>> reporter: good morning, george. for h first stop here in paris, the president visited the bataclan theater. the site of the deadlie attacks here two weeks ago. joined by the french president and the mayor of pari president obama stopped before the growing memorial outside the bataclan theater. laying a rose. pausing forren enan extended moment of silence. climate change is on the agenda this weekek. they're visiting a city still raw from the terrorist attacks that killed 130 peoeople on november 13th. this morning, the president expressed unity with the people of paris. >> and we salute the p people of paris for insisting this crucial conference go on. >> reporter: with so many world leaders visiting so soon after those attacks, streets in central pararis are closed off. police guarding empty intersections. the only vehicles, motor ceses
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for all the dignitaries. and the the governmnment has banned all public proteststs. on sundnday, som tried to defy that ban. a clash that grew violent. objectshrown at police answered with tear gas.s. otrs formed a human chain. a long-planned protest march is now no longer per mimted. tonight, the president will have a one-on-one dinner with president hollande in pas. they'll talk climate chan. but topic number one will be terrorism and the fight against isis. the race for presint now. donald trump feeling the heat, denying claims he mocked a reporter with a physical disability and forced to make a rare reversal. canceling a press conference with a group of black religious leaders. tom llamas has more. >> reporter: for months, we have been talking about the teflon don.
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nothing seems to stop donald trump. his words and actions may be catcng up with him. in a rare move, donald trump canceling a highly publize news conference. the ornl nal trump press release announcing this event today ininclududing 100 african-american evangelical pastors and rereligious leaders who will endoehe front-runner. on sunday, the trump campaign reversed course, after a majority of the clergy members resed to endorse him. a number of attendees are expected to endorse mr. trump's campaign for president. trump digging infter a rough week. first, refusing t accept there is no proof that muslims in nm nj were celebrating on 9/11 on television. >> i have had hundreds of people call in and tweet in and say they saw it, i was 100% right. >> reporter: and denying he was
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mocking a reporter. >> oh, i don't know what i saidid. i don't remember. >> reporter: that reporter, the new york sometimetimeseporter that has a condition in his joints. trump claimse didn't remember meeting him. >> iould never mock a person that has difficulty. i would never do that. >> reporter: one of kobaleski's former colleagues says she was introduced to donald trump by him. >> iave no doubte w mocking him on that stage. henows him by name. that he's been lying the whole time. >> reporter: when it comes to watchi muslims cebrating on 9/11, he says he kno he's rightt becauseeas an incredible mery. dhen it comes to the report, he says he can't be expected to
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>> he's not backing off at all. >> reporter: at all. move on to a new storm moving in after the deadly holiday weather. eight states on alert following dangerous flash floods a ice. oklahoma's only goer declared a state of emergency. phillip mena is there in edmond. >> reporter: good morning, george. the oklahoma city areaa is thawing out. look at the damage the ice did to this msive tree. the weight completely splitting this tree open. this morning, residents across the region are left picking up the pieces. weather mayhem hitting millions. >> oh, it's coming down. >> no way you should have survived that. >> i know. >> reporter: in utah, this 32-year-old lucky to be alive this morninin trapped in treezing water after falling through thin ice after trying to reach one of her dogs.
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>> reporter: the incredle rescue on body camera. >> we have the dog. >> i can't stand. thank you so much. reporter: in arkansas, flood waters running rampant. >> female stuck in a vehicle with water pouring in. >> reportete the driver of this white sedan hydro planing into a creek. three passers by helping her escape in a nick of time. in all, 14 deaths resultingrom the intense storms hitting thehe plains and midwest. across oklahoma, all 77 counties in a state of emergency. a combination of icy conditio, and toppling trees knocking out power for at least 80,000. >> it's been quite devastating. >> reporter: dozens of power poles shattered into pieces. these power lines caughght on camera catching fire. >> oh, wow. that thing just blew. >> reporter: residents in oklalahoma are getting help with this massive cleanup effort. the governor stepping in and
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declaring a state of emergency. george? >> thank you. more rough weather on the way. ginger tracking it all. >> george, a new week. a new storm. it is snowing. on i-35 in minneapolis. close to more than two inches. oklahoma to lacrosse, wisconsin. it happens today. through tomorrow. now you know the timing. the next 48 hours that we have toto watch for snow. snow and ice. a littl bit of sleet mixed in. then how much. some of the heaviest snow totals near sioux falls, jest west of minneaeapolis. we'll track this. i'll have your nation's weather coming up. to amy. the state of emergency in oklahoma. nay have an earthquake. >> that's right. 4.5 magnitude quake. shook people awake just before 4:00. septemberered near nash, lahoma. four have vuk in recent days with more than two dozen in the
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experts blaming itt o oil and gas drilling. pope pran sis is making history. visiting a mosque in one of the world's most danrous neighborhoods. the pop tol worshippers in the war-torn central african republic that christians and muslims are brothers and sisters. >> aew deal to address the refugee crisis. the europeann uni has heldagreed to give turkey money. turkey has promised to crack wnn smugglers. a wild finish in snowy denver overnight where tom brady and the patriots suffered the first loss of the season. 30-4. they may have lost something more valuable. rob gronkski left with a knee injury. espn reporting the injury may not be as serious as it looked. we'll find out in the days to come. finally, a closed captioning mystery.
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look at what popped up on the screen during the giants game. quarterback eli manning referred to as a penguin boy. as if the announcer said this is not a good decision by eli man penguin boy. the internet is having a blast with this. take a look at this one. so far, no explanation for the error. >> do we know what he said?? >> we think he saiddmanning. the clos caponing person thought he said penin boy. >> sometimes you have that. >> you to do that. you read it in the gymnd go, what? >> penguin boy? now to the other big news in the world of sports. basketball superstar kobe bryant announci his retirement last night. saying this season, his 20th inn the nba, will be his last. jesse is here with that good morning, jesse. >> good morning. kobe's numbers on the court are staggering. one of the greatest players of all time. leading the lakers to five nba
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titles. as we know in sports, all good thin come to an end. >> three on its way. got it! finish. and the end on a era. >> he has to smile on that one. >> reporter: n n legend kobe bryantntannouncing hours before tip-f sunday night, ts season will be his last. posting this poetic fare well to the game. dear basketball, he writes. this season is all i have left to give. my heart can take the pounding. my mind can handle thegrd. but my body knows it's time to say good-bye. >> i honestly feel good about it. i feel at peace with it. and, you ow, excited for what's to come. >> reporter: the pladelphia native dominating the sport for two decades. >> though he's 18. he'll b a key guy for the lakers. >> reporter: entering the nba fr high school. and playing for the lakers for a record 20 years. his entire career. >> overfor two.
7:16 am
>> reporter: his list of superlatives, unmatched. a 17-time all-star. two olympic gold medals. scoring more points than the great michael jordan himself. fans in attendanceunday nht each receiving a letter from the basketball great. reading, my love for this sfi, this team, and for each of you, will never fade. though hisame is not what it used to be. >> way short. >> reporter: he'll forever beenn known -- >> kobe bryant has hit a shot at the buzzer! >> reporter: assne of the greatest players of all time. a lot of celebs aknowledging the great. justin timberlake. one of the true kicks of the game. you are one of the greatest to ever do it, my friend. guys? >> to stayn one place. >> amazg. >> that just doesn't happen. 20 years. that's what he wanted to be. a laker. >> and he sure was. the numbers he put up. the passion. the poem he wrote. it was beautifulul and he's not even 40.
7:17 am
>> no, 37. 37. he's got -- you're not old, kobe. maybe basketball terms. >> you're going to see him tomorrow. >> i am. i'm going to philadelphia tomorrow. sit down with him before his game. that's where he played high school ball. first bame a legend. left right from high school to e l.a. kers. >> we'll get to see it wednesday morning. let's get more on the icece ststm in oklahoma. nene freezee wararngs also. ginger? >> i had to show you some of the photos. as terribl as seeing the destruction. imagine walking out and seeing this. i don't know what type of pick you can use to get into there. i wand to share this. the speed limit, you canthis will be a very long duration snow event. the heaviest snow will be seen late this morning into the early afternoon. then it'll begin to taper off toght and tomorrow, but strong winds wl take over which will blow the snow
7:18 am
difficult travel. be high tperatures the overnight low is 26 with ow continuing. tomorrow's high is 32 with light snow and low visibi >> s the frost and freeze warnings this morning, fm southern california to arizona. numbers. 43 burbank. 39, san francisco. it's a big deal out there. much more this monday morning. a big security breach at buckingham palace. the place used for so many celebrations. how didwo men get past security and c climb o to the roof? andnd it's cybermonday. the best deals online. where you can find them. and a new way they could be coming right to your home. that's right. it's a drone. >> amy, lara, get off the computer. and it's "star wars" week.
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the force awakening here in times square. big secrets.
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33 with heavy snow. the overnight low is 26 with snow continuing. tomorrow's high is 32 with light snow and low visibility due to strong winds. jessica rae: good morning we've got a quick news update for you now... jessica rae: snow is forecasted for the next 20 or so hours... with heaea snow coming later in the afternoon. many siouxlanders were out trying to prepare for the predicted winter storm. bomgaars and hy- vee had dozens of people enter its
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking a an amazon fulfillment center in new jersey.
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that's fancy name. >> they're fulfilling a lot of things for me right now. >> fulfill away, amazon. fulfill away. >> more than 120 million americans expected to shop online toy. we'll tell you some of the best cyberdeals available just ahead. >> it looked mello there. also right now, the university of chicago on lockdown this morning. classes, all activities canceled afr fbi counterterror officials warnhe school on an online threat of a violent atatck in the middle of caus. two other chicago schools will be closed today. and the shooting at the planned pairt hoond inparenthood under scrutiny. cue the music. >> there iis. adele. can you believe the record she broke o or this holiday weekekend? all of them. smashe with her new album.
7:27 am
about it. britney spears right there. doing a little interpretive dance. >> a up in the speed feed. >> show of hands. who has that?t? >> i downloaded all ofit. the stunning securityreach at buckingham papace. the center of so many j js moments for the royal family. two protesters climbing on to the roof of the building and staying up there for hours. lama hasan is outside the palace with the latest. good morning. >> reporte that's rigts, robin. goodorning t to you. the question this rning, with europe on high alert and the the terror threat level in the country at one of its highest, howould two menen break i io the grounds here at buckingham palace, the the queen's residence, and stay here for more than six hours?
7:28 am
a ladder, casually walking up to buckingham palace's gates. they enter the queen's sprawling estate. scaling the wall and accessing the queen's public art gallery. unfurling their banner, protesting fathers' rights to see their kids. they sit there for more than s hours. >> the authorities in london have to ask how on et this could happen when we're at the height of security that we are. >> reporter: it's not the first time buckingham palace has a security breach. several unwanted guests over the yearars. in 2004, this father from the same protest group, fathers for justice, dressed ass tman, make making it to the palace's front balcony. and this incident, when a man ndcuffed himself to the pillar, right underthe noses of the palace guards. >> if they had been terrorists and had explosives and/or bombs, the consequence would have been
7:29 am
>> repeporter: tse men said they bypassed security because they looked like workmen. theen giving themselvesup.. police officers escorting them off the pmises and straight into a jail cell. the two men are still in police custy. they're being questioned. this could he been a veryy close call. raising serious qstions about security here at buckingham palace and about protecting the royal family. robin? george? >> unsettling. >> surprised it could happen. especially now. turn t the trial of the six baltimore police officers chard in the death of freddie gray. jury selection gets started this morning. mary bruce is tracking the the case from baltimore. good morning, mary.. >> reporter: hi, george. this is a city bracing itself this morning. th memory of those violent riots here just seven months ago are still fresh. as is the anguish for the family of freddie gray, who, this morning, is hoping that this first trial for one of the officers allegegedly invved will
7:30 am
who is responsible for his death? >> hands up. >> reporter: calls for justice this morning, as the first of six police officers chargeded in the death of fred deedie gray heads to trial. ry selection begins today for william porter. 25-year-old gray suffered a severe spinal ang in police custody in ril. dying a weeklater. after his arrest, prosecutors say gray repeatedly askfd f for medical care but w denied. transported in the b back of in van. handcuffed without a seat belt. >> the manner of death i believed to be the result of a fatal injury that occurred while mr. gray was unrestraed by a seat belt. >> reporter: porter, expected to take the stand, is accused of failing to put on the seat belt and ig knowing gray's requests for care.
7:31 am
prison. >> we just want justice. >> repeporter: gray's death igniting outrage and destruction. hi family pleading for calm. >> please, please stop the violence. freddie gray would not want this. >> reporter: since then, battle nor crime rates spiking. the deadliest year here in moree than a decade. now with class of allegeged police brutality in chicago and other places, all eyes will be on this trial to see how jusce plays out. >> if the united states don't fix the problem with poverty, with murder in the black community, it will be the fall of ts great nation. >> reporter: this is just the beginning of a long process to find an impartial jury. the judge says he expected to question bean 75 and 80 potential jurors just today. porter's attorneys say it's impossible to have an impartial jury here and the trial should be moved. prosecutors say the residents of this city derve a voice in
7:32 am
this trial. now to a bus crash jefr night that injured dozens of college students, sending them to the hospal. the charter bus flipping on its side. raingafety questions. david kerley has that story. >> reporter: thesetudent went home for the holiday. jumped on the bus for a ride back to campus before it went terribly wrong. it comes at a time when bus cocompananiesre being told to prove safety. >> we got an overturned bus. southbound. we've gott multiple injuries. need multipleems. >> r rorter: police say t t driver lost control on a ramp. the bus tipping and flipping over. >> bumps and bruces. lacerations. consistent with a vehicle accident. >> reporter: nearly 50 students had loaded the bus in ruch mond for a ride to their college, the univiversity o is a have a, virginia tech, and radford. all of them heading back to campus after the thanks giving holiday.
7:33 am
nervous parents raced to thehe scene. >> i wasn the way home. myaughter called. said the bus flipped over. >> reporter:ne student injuries. the 58-year-old driver ofhe bus has been charged with reckckless drivin every year, 750,000 americans ride a bus.s. at least six people died two weeks oofr after a charter bus hit a brie abutment in arkansas. in september, fivetutudents died when a duck boat slammed into a arter bus in seattle. authority this is morning grateful. >> we're very fortunate there we not more injured seriously than what there were >> reporter: safety regulalators have suggested more emergrgency exits and data recorders be
7:34 am
accident overnight is under investigatio investigation. abbott saps working with police to determine what happened. one student in the hospital with serious injuries. >> as the gentltleman said, thank goodness more weren't serely injured. coming up, it's cybermonday. doou know where to find the best deals? also ahead, a winter warning about kor bonn monoxide poisoning. the signs to look out for to help keep your family safe this hoday season. when you need something utterly unique to wear, go to your wardrobe. your jewelry wardrobe... jarered the gaeria of jewelry... for the ultimate selection of levian. only levian, masters of jelry design for centuries... makes jewelry with chocolate diamonds. gogoeous, trend- settingnglooks like this limited edition piece you can only find at jared. making levian the essential part of her jewelry wardrob
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gh@ back now with the holid shopping season in full swing. today, it's all about cybermonday deals. 121 million people expected to shop online today. becky worley is at a walmart in california with detatas. >> reporter:r: goodmorning, lara. that right. in-store, sales down $1 billion on black fray. why?
7:38 am
because of what yoeu're seeing behind me. online sales are surging. 103 million people going online to make purchases over the last 72 hours. black friday madness has changed. in-store r renue falling. >> for several years now, almost every dr buster has been available onlines well. and that really benefitits shoppers. >> reporter: almost there are 4.5 billion spent at tail websites. a new high. wi sur chass from mobile devices surging, too. >> custors turning to the website or store. >> reporter: while deals started well in advance of thanksgiving, today still offers low prices inin manycybermonday is a a a a greatay for toy shopping. >> reporter: clothing, shoes, beauty tales also topping the savings chart right now. site-wide discounts continue.
7:39 am
target offers 15% off everything with a code. macy's 20% of electronics, toto walmart hasashis ipad mini2 for $75 off. finally, amazon is in it to win it. almost all kindle readers and tablets are discounted. teing shoppers with a look into black friday's futu. the prime air drone delivery service. air-dropping orders in 30 minutes or less. holiday season. budrones flying off the shelelves. 1 million expected to be sold before christmas. other popular items. star wars toys. thqs yoda is a $t 9 today. normally $179. talks to you. may the force be with you as you shop for your deals. a staggering fact. walmart with a a deal on the ipad $70 off. they expect to sell so many that
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ey wouldld reach 32,000 feet in the air. as high as m everest. many people at home and work will be logging on the take advantage of the deals. >> all right, becky. i asked, if you're going to buy one thing today, what should it be? it should be called shoe monday. the most amazing dealsls on shoes. not a commo gift. >> it's a gift foryourself, though. a gift for yourself. >> whileou're shopping for others. >> back to you guys. >> harper was convinced black fridayay they were giving bh and body products away. the advertising. coming upphere, adele says hello to record-breaking numbers. and we have great tributes from some of our favorite stars.
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we've got the speed feed. say hello to your place in history, adele. huge record. a whopping 3.38 million copopies sold in the u.s. alone. king that the number one selling am bum every in its day bu weeee on the mark. the nine time grammy winner crushed the
7:45 am
broken, sling more than a million more than nsync. e boy band posted this tweet saying, bye bye bye to their place on top. another huge fan, britney spears, who posted this video on instagram. saying they could dance to thihis song a million times. how often did you listen to it >> it's like an ear worm. >> i don't want it to go away. when we come back, "star wars" week kicks off. huge secrets and guests. hat's a first-rate quo dip haven't been this lost in years (g) recalculating shortest route do i rereally look like this?
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7:49 am
back here on "gma." straight to minnesota. this is burnsville, minnesota. already snowing this morning.
7:50 am
onfofocasted for the next 20 or so hours... with heavy snow coming later in n the afternoon.many siouxlanders were out trying to prepare for the predicted winter storm. bomgaars and hy- vee had dozens of people enter its stores in preparation for the snow. there were clear priorties for many customers and store managers. from snow shovels to ice melt... stores were busy yesterday. speaking of the coming snow storm, let's check in with scott larson now for an update jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: a slowly c crning system moving through the upper plains and upper midwest here. this will be a very long duration snow event. the heaviest snow wl be seen latehis morning into the early
7:51 am
afternoon. then it'll begin to taper off tonight and strong winds will blow the snow around. 'll have drifting snow and prepared! today's 33 with heavy snow. 26 with snow continuing. tomorrow's high is 32 with light snow and low visibility due
7:52 am
[ [ playing the from "star wars" good morning, america. it's "star wars" week on "gma." the force awakesen right here. >> chewie, we're home. and on this mork, the man with all the s secrets rhtht here times square. no sleep nation. millions of americans suffer from too lite shut-eye. what does not getting enough
7:53 am
this guy stayed up for 50 hours in our no-sleep expement. this morning, dr. besser reveals the sults. baby love, my baby love and, baby, oh, baby. the brand-new pictures of princess charlotte, taken by her mother, kate. how the young royals are rewriting the rules when it comes to their kids. get this party srted and pink getting the party started this morning. the superstar is with us live. what s's revealing only here on "gma," as we say -- >> gd morning, amemeca. morning, america. a force is awakening right here on "gma." it's "starr wars" week. we have the man behind it all. right here. director j.j. abramse this
7:54 am
a lot of light sabers too. fans outside. kids haven fun with that. >> chewbacca is out there. >> this is the hot one. this is bb 8. a brand-new toy. >> how does it work? >> you doload this app. on the iphone, you control these guys. >> that must be you'rers ririt there. >> people are controlling yours. >> this is one of the hot toys you can probably get, today, cybermonday. >> oh, oh, oh! >> that's gotta be yours. that would so be lara. so manyy superfans showing excitement in so many ways. a group dressing up outside the high cheese theet person some people remade the movie's trailer shot f shot. >> that's commitment. >> wow.
7:55 am
cybermonday. we have mega"deals & steals" for you. first r responders are here with us. >> we're here with great group from new york and new jersey. first dea a t-fal indoor grill. it's got a built-in sensor. you can create a big, gorgeous feast. but for incredible savings. normally, this particular grill is $180. today only, with our deal, slashehed in half, $90 and free shipping! [ cheers andpplause ] george, we're gting ready for you up here. >> thank you, tory. for the record, lara, youid not kill bb >> no, bb 8 is alive and well this morning. let's go the amy. >> the big story this morning. prident obamaelping to open the historic climate talks in paris. more than 150 fwloebl leaders are looking for ways to lower
7:56 am
green house gas emissions. be the official opening today, president obama wetmet with china's president. just below the surface,, common concern, terrorism and the fight with isis. president obama stopped at the bataclan concert hall to pay his respects. the man accused of the shooting att the planned parenthood clinic faces the judge today. the three people killein the take have been identified as police officerer garrett swasey, iriraq war veteran, ke'arre stewart, who ran into the building to save others, and jennifer markovsky. both leave behind two ildren.
7:57 am
specific details are unclearr of the university of chicago threat. a silent danr that can creep into your home w with deadly consequences.% as t temperatures fall outside, more of us are at risk of carbon m monoxide poisoning. mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: this mornining, neighbors in this texas apartment built rg recoveng, as one person was found unconscious. 12 patients transported to the hospital. >> reporter: oicials say the leak ce from a boiler room attached to the building. exposure to the colorless, odorless gas can be an extreremely dangerous zard as one oregon couple tlernd past week. kendra and steven were enjoying a quiet night at home, when platt says shehe wasas feeling sick. the next morning, she was still woozy. >> i kind of braced myself when i fell. i landed like this.
7:58 am
>> reporter: then roberts passed ou >> i knew something sererious haened. i didn't know what. >> if i had passe out as well, we would both be dead. >> reporter: the couple treated in a hyperbaricchamber. symptomsnclude headaches, dizziness, and vomiting. experts add, make sure your home as a working carbon monoxide >> thank you, mara. fijly, how quickly they grow up. britain's pririncess charlotte turned 7 months old tomoow. veryappy about it. r parents are releasing two new photos. the one where she's sharing a big laugh with the stuffed animal. the other, just a hint of a smil the photographer, you may ask?
7:59 am
duchessate herself. >> she looks so cute. of. >> both of them. coming up on thehe "gma morning menu." there's the music. "the force awakens" right here in times square. stars, "star wars" stars kicking off this moing. this guy. j.j. abrams. with us live. please, excuse me. we're talking about this. millions of americans don't get enough sleep. how does it reallaffect you? we'll reveal the research. and then, cyber mondmonday i is here. and i'm wearing pink for a
8:00 am
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we have so much more ahead on "good morning america." we have megamonday "deals & steals." tory is here with another flash de. >> feel how soft these are. greggings i'm fivingou a massage here. angelica with the bright one there. there with 17 different colors. normally $84. efg for both men and women, three sizes. clashed in half. $4and free shipping. o on yahoo! hoo!.
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8:04 am
there's been an awakening. welcome back to "gma." d "star wars" week. all the big stars going to be here all week long.
8:05 am
making it all happen, dector j. skrchlt abrams. first, jesse palmer looks at how "t force awakens" is excxcite something many people all oveve the world. >> i cannot it. to say fan a a exciteds an understatement. we're all counting down to the days. of been transported back to the galaxy far far away. >> there are stories about what happened. >> reporter: for millions ofof fans. >> it's true. all of it. >> reporter: the wait is almost ovover. "star wawa: the force awakens" is beingngalled the film of a generation. >> give it everything you've got. >> reporter: promise never before seen specicial effects. mind-blowing babattles. and a whole new bandf heroes. >> finn. >> amra >> reporter: plus, the characters we all know and love. >> y you're sure you're up for this?
8:06 am
before the movieieremiers. >> and j.j. abrams here right now. welcome. sit fun to watch that? >> it's always amazing to see the footage exists. >> none of us have seen it. this is under such wrwraps. 18 days to go. anything left to do? >> are you sure 18 days. >> pretty sure. 18, 17? >> it's been aa long gestation period. i'm very much looking forrd to the movie being out in the world. >> it's completely done. >> yeah yeah, we're done. >> no changes. >> no. do you know something i don't know? >> i got a couple of notes. bob iger is over here. any new nugget you can share for all the fans? >> here's the thing pip don't want to -- obviously ruin the movie for people. it's so important to ushat we noefr not oversell it.
8:07 am
give too many details. >> hard to oversell. >> it's true. >> take us back. i love the story of you, 11 years old, waing in line, back rs." what happened that day? >> it was a mind-blowing thing. this movie, it was the first time that a film t ttas a fafaasy movie lookedo real. and so authentic. as funny and romantic andnd exciting and adventurous. aming characters. as a kid, it was literally a mind-blowing, mind-altering experience. >> that apco theater. that was the code name of the project? >> yes. >> you didid thehe "star trek" movies as well. is it true you actually said no when they first came to you? >> i did. it was something i loved so much and thought maybe would be just better to sort of just see it. go to the theater and see it
8:08 am
like everyone else. the tru is, kathy kenennedy came to meet with me. the producer of the movie. we started talking about it. it was t le dishes and exciting to pass up. >> she asked you a question, who is luke skywalker? >> the idea that luke skywalker now, nearly 40ears after the movie came out, i started thinking he would be as good of old. the idea of a new group of young people not knowing who he is or any of the characters were is the beginning of what became the story of the film. i wrote w wh larry kasdan who wrote "empire strikes back" and "jedi." >> who are you most excited to hear from after they see it? chlt it was always a boy's thing. a movie that dads could take their sons to. it's still very much the case.
8:09 am
i wouz hoping this would be a movie that mothers could take their daughters to, as well. i'm plook b looking forward to kids seeing this movie and seeing themselves in it. they're capable of doing things they nevever thoug possible. >> such an amazing cast led by harrison ford. you and he go way back. he starred in your second movie? >> i wrote regarding henry. the great mike nichols directed it. to work with him again. to have him playing this krkt. it wasurreal and wonderful. >> you have new characters and stars coming out. as well. >> daisy ridley. ththe young lead in the movie along wh john boyega. they're traordinary. oscar isaac. ad driver. an amazing, amassingcast. >> what are you hoping for that 11-year-old boy or girl that walks and sees it for the first time?
8:10 am
tes them that life i fulll of unlimited ssibility. there's a sense of incredible to use a george lucas term, "hope" in the world. and they feel better when they leave than when they got in there. >> i cannot wait to take my 11-year-old daughter. j.j. abrams. thank yo "star wawars: the force awakens" opens on the 18th. we m me on to snooze solutitis. at happens when you don't get enough sleep or you don't sleep at all. during our epi live stream evt earlier this month, our medical editor staid up 50 hours to see what kind of eect that would have on his mind and body. we are a nalgs running on pty. up to 70 million americans are not getting enough sleep every night. just one night of bad sleep c c lead to problems concentrating and accidentsike car crashes. so, we wanted to put the human
8:11 am
dydy to an extreme sleep test to find out how it would react. >> it's quite likely i'll start to lose it a little bit. >>eporter: under the pervisision of doctors at mt. nai, dan childs stayed awake for 50 hours. we wanted to see the effects on concentration, coordination, and the ability to complete basic tatasks. dadan was n alloweded a wink of sleep or a sip of caffeine. >> when you sleep-deprive humans, they eat more. >> reporter: dan craved carbs like cereal and pie. >> this lego is for ages 6 to 12. i've gotten lost in the instructns. >> reporter: h he worked out and found his body was much more awake after exercising. but his low points came in the morning hours. >> i'm doing anything i can to stay awake. >> reporter: after being awake for 50 hours. dadan was disoriented and unable to complete simple tasks.
8:12 am
not to mention utterly exhausted. >> p probablyave a couple of hours left in me and we'll see what happens. >> hmm. dr. richard besser is here w with momo. thth was t t extrere case. let's put thaha out there. that's not the kind of chronic sleep pblem most americans are dealing with. >> h went throu acute sleep deprivation. there are 70 million americans who suffer from chronic sleep deprivation. getting only five hours of sleep a night. or having sleep's ne ya. so the quality of your sleep every night is not enough for your body. >> what kind of health problems can thaha lead to getting fiveve hours orr less a night? >> as you expect. it's not good. there are a number of health conditions linked to that. obesity. heart disease. kidney disease. high blood pressure. diabetes, stroke. your able to fight off infections goes down. we're entering the cold and flu season. not good at all.
8:13 am
>> something dan said and resonated with a lot of us who get not auzuz mch sleepep as we should. we crave carbs. the's a reason? >> i remember as a resident in the middle of the night, searching the nurse's station for doughnuts. there's been a lot of rearch. when they do these special mri ksi scans ofhe brain, the front part involvingill power is not getting enough flow. and the area with desire does up. two hormones, o one that makes you hungry, goes up. one that makes you feel full, goes down. >> it's not just a weak ps. it's's our brain. >> exactly. >> doesn't help. a little bit. getting thproper amount of sleep. i know what you'll go through. you have t to hit this home. let people know what we need to do. >> comes down the routine. going to bed at the same time help to slp.
8:14 am
don't go f from full activity to getting into bed the. >> these are the things you're sang on thescreen. over and over again. we need to do it. repetition is the mother o skill. thank you, rich. outside to ginger and the weather. >> we wanted to do some "star wars" themed weathther forecasts. i got my light saber. it's a little e iet. i'll make the noises for you. thth"star wars" forecast. we picked luke, alabama, rainy today. temperatures just under 80 degrees. and trooper, pennsylvania. fromom east t west, look ate cross the nation. a new storm. snowing already in minnesota this morning.this will be a very long duration snow event. the heaviest snow will be seen late this morning into the early afternoon. then itl begin to taper off tonight and tomorrow, but
8:15 am
blow the snow around. we'll have drifting snow and difficult travel. be prepared! today's high tperatures 33 with heavy snow. the overnight low is 26 with snow continuing. tomorrow's high is 32 with light snow and low visibili >> and jude is 10today. and wants to be a meteorologist. i'm giving you this. that's the first step in meteorology. at least now. let's get some "pop." chris hemsworth. the almighty thor surprised their parents. chris called his dad out of the blue a a said c cck his bank account. because, chris had given him enough money to pay off all of the family's's debt. >> oh, wow. >> his dad say he figured he would work the rest off his life to d do just tt.
8:16 am
able to spend more time with their kids. liam says h would like to do something like his big bro did. his movie, "hunger games: mockingjay part 2" well on the y at the box office. >> two good sons. >> mom and dad, don't get any ideas. >> jesse. >> jesse! >> you just ruined the moment. >> you didn't get enough sleep th weekend. >> that's every week. >> and the bed is only f for sleeping. >> that's right. >> oh, no, robin. >> that's one of the rules. >> debbie downer time. >> i'm going to ask for a musical cue. robin. one of our favorites. ain't no mountain high enough
8:17 am
keep tracee ellis ross affray from her mom's final concert. boy, t t apple don't fall far from the tree. >> i thinknk the mus is is messing me up. she feels so bad want the world to know just what a blues is all about >> the video is fantastic. >> tracee posted i i yesterday along with the sweetest note about her mom. what terrific job her mom has done straddling being a superstar and a supermom. how she gets so nervous on stage, let alone when diana ross is standing next to you. can you imagine? her stomach must be going -- up side downour turning
8:18 am
time to put your yarmulke on. here comes nukkah. adam sandler in on it with a an updated version of his legendary hanukkah song. joseph gordon levitt enjoys eating kugel so does stanley, jake gyllenhaal and the t two guys who founded google >> he still has it. he performed the new edition of his famous song in san diego. it has over 500,000 views. i'm sure now, counting. >> it's a classic. >> and that is "pop news" i'm being told to save the last little ditttty. we have a megamonday "deals & steals."
8:19 am
>> i'm happy.hours... with heavy snow coming later in the ternoon. many siouxlanders were out trying to prepare foror the predicte winter storm. bomgaars and hy- vee had dozens of people enter its stores in prpraration for e snow. there e re clear priortrts for mama customers and d ore managers. from snow shovels to ice melt... stores were busy yesterday. speaking of the coming snow storm,m, les check in with scott larson now for an update jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: a slowlylyhurning system moving
8:20 am
through the upper plains and upper midwest here. this will be a very long duration snow event. the heaviest snow will be seen late this morning into the early afternoon. then nt'll begin to taper off tonight and tomorrow, but strong winds will take over which will blow the snow around. we'll have drifting snow and difficult travel. be prepared! today's 33 with heavy snow. the overnight low is 26 with snow continuing. tomorrow's high is and low visility due to strong winds. jessica rae: good morning news update for you now... jessica rae:
8:21 am
as cyber mondada becomes more blblk friday seseems to be fadi. although it's still an important sales day . a variety of faors are
8:22 am
no one quite like you you push all my buttons down i know welcome back to "gma." a lot ahead this morning. superstar singer pink is here. she has an announcement. some work that she's doing with kids in mind. but, we were just talking about. she's on my itune i have to download. >> every single song. >> so good. >> that's great. tory johnso
8:23 am
monday. lara has it upstairs. >> we're back. all these wompl first responders with us from new york and new jersey. they're helping us celebrate megamonday. sangs for everybody on your list.. tory, let's go. first up the. from jbl. the speaker that has what i would say is a teeny speaker, bright color, really big sound. e if it can play it i really really reall pret impressive, right? very impressive. that worked. i was so worried about me and technology. this will save you. >> that shows how ease zu it is. >> normally $40. slashed in lf. plus free shipping. >> great stockink suffer.r. amazing. these are little brace lets that make a big statement. zimds in sterling. you can get it with rose golold or
8:24 am
from. single or muiples. whatever your choice. big deal on these. >> go with the multities. >> $184 normally. slashed eded 70%. free shipping. these are as pretty in person if not prettier. >> this is going to be myy to-to gift. a istlet. withthr without the strap. you can emboss it with one to four letters. so a word, initialsls. whatever it is. your choice. normally $98. these are slashed by 67%. $32 and free shipping. free shipping. is the this selection is outstanding. >> fun. right? from opi. first time everr in "deals & steals." there's a beautiful book. they say color is the universal language. we lovove color. this is a big assortmentnt
8:25 am
you gege all 26 off the i iconic shades or do trios in the full sizes. nice assort m to choose from. normally$22. stararting. today, slshd in half. $11 to $28. free shippining.g. >> awesome. >> these are brand-new. leopard print calf skin. two pieces. sile and double wrap. noally, the combo set, $154. today only,lashed by 75%. $38 and free shipping. and our last one, we have angelica here. look atthis. three colors. >> sorry to pet you. >> black, crm, and brown. unbelievable deal. normally, these wraps go for $82. today, on,, slashed by 56%.
8:26 am
>> and free shipping. cybermonday, baby. wewe have a gt bag for theirst responders. with an amazing assortment to each of you. way to say thank you for your service. go to our website for the codod and the nks. ouide to amy. this morning, we're exclusively helping reveal the "sports illustrated" sports kid of the the year. the olympic hopopeful making a big splash in the pool. linsey davis has the story. >> reporter: goodmorning, amy. only 1 15 years old. he's already 6'8". he's still growing. reece whitley is being walalcalled the next big thing in breaststroke. everything about this k is big. his statur his heart, his winning smile. no wonder he's making waves in the world of swimming and beyond.
8:27 am
he's a 6'8" swimmin sensation. >> no one's going the catch lane number five, reece whitley. >> reporter: at just5 years old, reece whitley is being called the next michael phelps. he attributed success now to a failure at summer camp when he was 7. >> i failed the water test the first time i did it. i told my mom that night. she enrolled me in lesessonshe next ek. and this is what happened. >> reporter: today, whitley holds five national age group records. has fast enough times to h have alreadyualified for the 2016 olympic trials. he's breakining bareriersbarriers, o. 70% of black people don't know >> ye. >> reporter: what is your reaction? >> ineed to play a key rolen integrating swimming. >> reporter: people compare you with the best. the most ete of swswimmers, how do you take that? >> at the end of the day, you
8:28 am
stuff. it throws your mind off. >> reporter: he's as humble as hehes a hulking figure and kind enough to give an olymc hopeless like menough of a head start to experience the thrl of victory that's now old hat for him. >> who won? >> i think linsey got it. >> reporte not quite sur i can get b bragging rights on that one. after 16 hours of practice, he maintains his spot on the the honor r rl. written on the bedroom kreel rg the two times he wants to beat. >> pretty impresve. let's welcome ports illustrated" sports kid of the year, reece whitley and the man anger of sports illustrated kids, mark bebechtel. where are your jackets? reece says it's cold in the pool.
8:29 am
>> this migight war you up. you have not seen the coverer yet? >> i have not. i have not. >> look what we have here. your cover shot.. let's get your reaction right now. >> hey! >> loo that. congratulations. how does that feel? it's amazing. the whole process is fun to be a part of. seeing this is cool. >> how abo increasing the cool level just a bit? we just received a tweet, or just saw a tweet from the first lady, michelle obamama who just wrote kron grats @reece whitley.y. we're so proud ofyou. the y just got bebeer. >> finitely. that's awesome. >>ll the hard work. all l rth it at this moment. >> yeah, definitely. yeah. >> mark, i want to ask you..
8:30 am
kid of the year. what te of athlete are y looking for? why did reece fit the bill? >> we look for kids to excel o e field and off of it. or in reec rks's case, in the pool or out of it. he's 15 years old. an elite world class athlete. you wouldn't know it by the way he acts. everything he does, he just does with this -- this sort of youthful exuberance and joy. >> and so much humility. >> and so much hility. he's 6'8". he's gigantic. >> a lot of kids look up to you. more will now. who do you look up to? who hads been your mentor? >> my parents are my largest mentors.
8:31 am
>> reece, mark, thank you both. let's go to ginger. >> we're all inspired over here. congrats, reece. time for " "a's" football countdown. i'm surrounded by the bronx warrio the warriors. as we count down to the baltimore ravens taking on the cleveland browns. we checked in with mike and mike. both think the browns will win. let's look at the forecast. that's kind of a win, too. temperature at kickoff. will be there in the mid 40s. cloudy.breezy. showers trying to hold o o uil
8:32 am
the game happens tonight at 8 clp8:15 p.m. onthis will be a very long duration snow event. the heaviest snow will be seen late this morning into the early afternoon. then it'll begin to taper off tonight and tomorrow, but > love this little one. she was not going miss som camera time. she got right up there in. all right. amy. >> i'll take it, ginger. coming up, pink is here live. an exclusive announcement you'll see onlyy here on "gma."
8:33 am
all right. we're having a good time welcome back. our next guest, grammy award winner. ng writer. know for her high-flyin performances. a brand-nenew project. she's here to tell us exclusivy. please welcome pink bacack here. do you feel the love? >> i do. >> do you feel the love? >> eveveone is like, when are you going back too work?>> you're busy. you're a mom right now. tells about the announcement. >> i'm the new ambassador for unicef. >> wonderful, wonderful. was this start because -- you
8:34 am
did work with them this sum person you went to haiti. >> i did. >> did that spark this to do more? >> it't's the o one organization that has been in my mind over the last5 years. for all the amamang thing t ttt they do. timing is everything. it worked out. i got to go to haiti. you can seee dancing with those beautiful kids. babies. it was an amazing trip. it's one thing to see something on pape to see it in real life. >> right. what about your baby, willow. she's4 years old. >> my teen ager. my baby. >> i love the pictures from lloween. >> "e.t." did you dohe costume? >> i'm good. i'm not that good. >> does she inspire you to help with kids? >> yeah. absolutely. you have a child of your own and try the imagine looking at them and not being able to feed them. >>right.
8:35 am
something to you. >> and knowing that when you -- where are here in t t tscountry, eree are people in the country who have a hard time. you think about when it comes to children -- >> hunger is different than malnourishment there' quite a difference. there are a lot of hungry people in this country. i'm doing my part to help that as well. 1 in 4 kids globally are malnourished. that's a severe thing. >> there's a huge dififrence with that.. you've been working, also, kid power. tell us about that. >> it's amazing. get it ate rget. it's there are 39.99. i already have 1400 -- 1397. hold on. >> work some more. it's aboutut getting kids moving. it's get active.. save lives. co on, 1313.
8:36 am
that was five steps. 1 in 4 kids in america are inactive. 1 in 4 kids in the world are malnourished. unicef has combined the two. you unlock therapeutic food pacts. i have seen these with my own eyes bring children back to life. for every certain amount of steps you make. as actctive as you want to be, you unlock a pact and you -- >> you'll be feeding children. >> yeah, you're creating fwloebl citizens in america these kids, it's so eowering to be able to be in charge of helping. >> let's h help se kids. your train sir here. >> she is. >> she's part of kid power, too. are you going to have new music? >> i should. after the bake sasa. >> hi, how are you? >> good. >> how are you involvedith k kid power?
8:37 am
you gotta have a coach, right, guys? >> yeah. >> it's an amazing w to get kids moving and save lives. >> what are some moves? >> jog on the spot. and give m m a speed b. jumping jacks, right. and heels. jacks heels. give me your defensive stance. fast feet. fast feet. y'all going, yeah, guys! >> and when you're wearing this band -- >> i need a dance break. >> all right. all right. okay i got a bad shoulder here. >> did youou want to ask us someththg? >> h does the band work? >> we're building up points by moving. the points are unlocking therapeutic food for malnourished children. the kids get to learn how to help people. >> it's all about kid power.
8:38 am
this, is that right? >> >> great christmas present.t. >> where is your power skater face. >> thehe kids from p.s. 41. thank you for joiping us. we have the cast of "creed." and the behind the scenes secrets.
8:39 am
>> jump > "creed" was a knockout at the box office. the latest in the "rocky" series scor big. got rave revis. we got a chance to talk to michael b. jordan, s sylvester stallone, and the stellar cast. >> reporter: audnces met the down on luck big-arted boxer from phillyearly 400 years ago. now, after six film, rocky's back. as a trainer in "creed." >> right on his chin.
8:40 am
mentor and father figure to adonis, played by michael b. jordan, the ill leegititate son o apollo creed. >> what are you, a cousin? he's >> he's my faer. >> reporter: how does it feel beingg back for the seventh time? >> it's my favorite character. i would love the play it every day f for the rest of my life. >> reporter: were you fans of rocky growing up? >> for sure. i had a chns to fall in love with rocky all over again when n u had the chchce to watch them baba to back to back to back.. see him age in front of my eyes. it's cool. >> he's talking about rky and bullwinkle. he's got me confused. >> reporter: m michael, describe your character. what drove him? >> finding out who he is. does he have what it takes? >> reporter: tessa thompson plays adonis' love interest.
8:41 am
i think s has her nen inner determination, which is what she finds attractive about adonis. she doesn't find any of his exteriri attractive. >> reporter: no,no, no. >> just because of who he is, not how he los. >> reporter: while "creed" is certain to draw new fans, "rocky"uffs will have a lot to cheer about. is there any competition about the the new guard and the old guard? >> oh, yes sit. if we put gloves and a bag, it will be a competition. >> a little bit. i will say this. trained much harder than i thought humanly possible. he'sn wit a real pro that can break bonesn every punch. i saw it. it was no joke. >> reporter: tell us about what the scene was like bween the three of you working together. >> i mean, sly has a wealt of incredible stories. there was a lot of him telling us ababout, like, andasking. when you made the first one?
8:42 am
when you did this, what did you -- >> it was fun. >> it was reallyfun. >> reporter: so much chemistry on and off the screen, it look
8:43 am
to go the distance. it's getting closer. "star wars" explodes on "good morning amica." harrison ford takes over times
8:44 am
square live. as the stars of "the force awakens" wakep america. only on "gma." i got the eye of the tiger han sosolo. here tomorrow. "star wars" weekcontinues. harrison ford here live. >> see you then, guys. popular ...
8:45 am
seems to be fading. although it's ill an important sales day .. a variriety of factors are cutting into the day's reputation according to retail researcher shopper-trak... black friday sales fell from eleven- point-six billion dollars last year to ten-point-four billion in 20-15. the tional retail federation released a survey sunday that said more people are shopping online than in stores. jessica let's check in with for the weather. mama: a slowly churning sysyem moving ththrough thupper plains and upper midwest here. this will be a very long duratition snow event. the heaviest snow will be seen late this morning into the early afternoon. then it'll begin to taper off tonight and tomorrow, but strong winds will take over which will blow the sno around. we'll ha drifting snow and difficult travel. be epared! today's high temperature is 33 with heavy snow. the overnight low is 26 with snow
8:46 am
continuing. tomorrow's high is d low visibility due to strong winds. jessica a rae: we've got a quick news update for you now... jessica e:snow is forecasted for the next 20 or so hours... with heavy snow
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