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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 2, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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good morning, america. new terror raids underway right now. at least four men arrested outside london as the u.s.. pledges to put mor boots on the ground. special forces inside iraq and syria carrying out secret missions to capture and kill isis leaders.. a massive food recall linked to ann e. coli outbreak this morning. more than 150,000 products sold at some of the biggest grocery chains like costco, target and walmart potentially contamated. that astounding $45 billion promise from facacook founder mama ckerberg. thth letter to his newborn daughter the world is reading. new dails onn why he's giving away 99% of his fortune to charity. why this could be the mos imimportant donation ever. over my head and one on on one with kobe bryant opening up for the first time since announcing his retirement are you really ready to let her
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>> are you ready to l let go? >> amany. i am. >> why kobe is hanging it now. what he did not accomplish on theourt and who would really win in a matchup with michael jordan. the exclusive only on "gma" this morning. and good morning, amica. welcome back to robin. court time with kobe. i didn't know baskskball was a girlrl >> it's his first love and only love to this point and to give it up like he has, 17 times he's been an all-star. he's been in the league for 20 years, five nba championships and he's going to tell us why five is not enough. >> five is not enough. >> there is a r reasonwhy. >> he's at peace. >> he is certainly at peace. he's ready to move on. >> he looks soyoung. you look at him and can't believe he's retiring. >> that's theing. when you're an athlete you're told you're old, you're old. >> there's a whole other chapter or 12 for you. breaking news, teor raids
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against isis enters a new p phase with the u.s. pledging to put more special forces on the ground inside iraq and syria. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran is in london with the latest. go morning, terry. >> reporter:r: g gd morning, geor. the police operation still under way. four men arrested. sevenddresses searched as europeans brace for more attacks after paris and now know the s. boots on the ground fighting isis on the battlefields of iraq and syria. intensifying the pressure on isis, backing up the air strikes that have pound their positions for months,efense secretary cartete announcing new deployment of u. special forces to theregion. >> we're at war. we're usi the might have the finest fighting force the world has ever known. >> reporter: the pentagon says 100 to 150 special forces troops will be based in iraq a
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against isis in both iraq and syria. their missionongather intellllence, free isis hostages, kill orapture i isis leaders. it's all part of the effort to carry t fight to isis. carter was grilled about how successful the american effort really is. >>re we winging, mr. secretary? >> we will win. >> are we winning now?w? >> we're going to win. >> reporter: but victory is still a long way off. secretary of state kerry tod pleaded with nato allieso step up the efforts in theight ainst isis and here in londnd, whilehose terror rai are still under way parliament will vote in afternoon on whether britain should join the bombing campaign against isis in s after months of sting on the sidelines but paris, it seems, has changed everything and the house of commons will likely voteo have britain join the fight today. george and robin. >> terry moran, thanks very much. >> see what that vote says. new headlines in the race for president now and more good nenews foronald trumpp as his opponents step up their attacks, a new poll out this morning
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front-runner solidifying his lead with marco rubibio, ben carson and ted cruz now nk and neck for second place. abc's tom llamas has the latest. good morning. >> good morning. this is not good news for dr. ben carson. he's down seven points in about a month. why the droppy those polls feel he doesn't have the right experience oreadership qualities. as for trump, slightltly higher than he wasast time around when this poll was condued and headed ithe right direion. this morning, a new national poll s shows dond trump not only on top but growing. >> they say that i have the most loyal people. you know, others, if you sneeze they drop you. me, i can sneeeeze, i can say things that i thinknk are right. >> reporter: overnight those loyal troops in hisis campaign fueling the front-runner's claims thatuslims celebrated on 9/11 in new jersey. tweeting this video from a local new york city station after the attack reptingng on rumors o
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>> we're celebrating the destruction that the saw fro the roof. >> reporter: despite the claims the video does not show any must lips celebrating o on rorotops attributededo sourc peppered with inaccurate information. trump's allegations fueling friction with new jersey governor chris christie. christie, who received key endorsements in new hampshire willing to take on trump or his words. >> if donald statarts yelling and screaming in the middle of a spee you'll be sure i'll say, sit down and shut up. >> reporter: candidates like christie and also senator ted cruz hoping to winver voters at like a tough-talking candidate like trump. cruz detecting most criminals to a political party on tuesday. >> w, listen, here's the simple and undeniable fact. the overwhelming majority of violt criminals are democrats. >> reporter: but we couldn't find any research or statistic that shows that. the cruz campaign telling abc news, the senator bas his statement on a study conducted in only thrhr statas that showed
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states registered as democrats. >> when e elected democrats push to give felons the rht to vote, it is aerfectly rationale and reasonable inference to say those democrats understand that the overwhelming jority of violent criminals vote democratic. >> reporter: now, back to trump, a moment of reflection, rare moment of reflection from the billnaire last night. he talked about not serving in vietnam because of several reasons including draft number and as well as problems with his foot but last night he said h felt guilty about not rving. george. >> a different tone from trump last night. joined by new jersey governor chris christie. we saw ted cruz, the overwhelming majority of violent criminals are democrats. you're a former prosecutor. what did you think of that. >> i i neveroticed that in my experience but doesn't matter in the end somome of this stuff that gets said. americans are worried about
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after paris nothing else is portant. >> you've been talking about th a lot but coming in for some criticism by one of your predessors, former governor thomas kaine and the rhettic he says is helping isis. >> i think he's wrong with all due respect to the governor. my point is this, why doesn't the president listen to the fbi director. he said we can't vet these people and not vet them nearly at the speed the president wants toto bring them in. my poi is simple, they can't be vetted, the surity and safety of t t american people have to be placed first a it's no me, it't's -- >> he says it can't be 100%. even women and children. >> we have seen women and children play roles in terrorist attacks before. you and i both know this. and so the fact is that we can all play to the u.n. crowd a and say w we want to get applausee from those folks around the world. i'm worried about the homeland here and the american people are worried about their safety and
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make sure folks are vetteded that is not -- that is not a unreasonable request. >> you and donald trump have been going at it a little bit more but a gre story in "the new york times," comprehensive story that talks about some concern in the republican ranks about donald trump as the potential nominee and quote a prominent republican northth saying if dald trump is the nominee we're going to get wiped out. is that ue? >> i don know but he's not going to be the nominee because i am. i'm n worried about that. i'm not going to spelate about anybody else the nominee because i'm in this thing to win. we're gaining momentum in new hampshire. and we're talking about the issues that people care about and we have been talking about those issue for months and that's why they'rere beginning to resonate. >> you did a big endorsement over the weekend that spurred headlines for you. you're still stuck in seveventh place in the polls in new hampshire. don't you have e to win there to have a chance? >> i don't know if i have to win there but i have t to do well and i think we'll figure that out once wee get to nuary, see just
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but as you know, there have been folks that have gone second place there and declared victory as second place. >> second place a victory for you in new hampshire to donald trump. >> it depends. we'll se we don't know that donald d trump will w new hampshire either. we don't know who will win. new hampshir votererssotorious mama their digs late. in the last election nearly 70% made their decision in thehe last two weeks so we'll be focused on continuing to work real hard up there. get our message out, do our tow hall meetings and win vote, bumps at a time. >> you've also suggested voters don't want an amateur hour. don't want to re-elect senats like ted cruz and marco rubio but so far they seem to be recting idea that experienen is what matatrs in this election. >> that'snly according to polls at the moment. people haven't voted yet and i think the seriousness of whas happening in pis and around the world tell people new is nice, it's wonderful, it's shiny and exciting but we had new for the last seven years and ion't think people are all that
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you need experience. peop want someone there that's made these decisions. as a prosececutor and govnor i'i' made these decisions and willlle makingg that case in new hampshire and around the country. >> governor christie, thanks very much. >> good to have the govnor here in the studio with us. now to that massive recall. an e. coli outbreak at major chai across the country. abc's david kerley is in washington with more on that. good morning, david. >> reporter:ood morning, robin. this started with that recall of costco chicken salad. the problem is with the celely thth was inside that salad so now this big expananon of products that need to be recalled. the celery wasroduduced by taylor farms in california and in 150,000 different products from salad kits to diced celery and onion and vegetable trarays shipped to more than a dozen states mostly in the west but a couple of other s states in the middle part of the count and ththis did no longer just costco 7-eleven, albertsons, starbucks carries some of these products and the food and drug
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people were sickened ein the chicken salad. this expansion to all the other products,he agency says, is out of an abundance of caution. robin, 150,00 products, a lot. >> we move on to chicago now and more fallout from that deadly police shooting. the top c fired as his administration faces tough questions about why the video was kept under wps for a year of the shootingng. abc's alex perez has the latest. >> reporter: the mant the helm of the chicago p police dartment gone. mayorr rahm emanuel bowing to public pressur firing garry mccarthy. >> now is the time for fresh eyes and new leadership. >> reporter: mccarthy apparently blindsided by his dismissal just hours beforee he was fed appearing onocal morning tv talking a aut his intentions to stay on the job. >> i'm not going to regn. >> reporter: the major shake-up coming just o week after the release of dash cam vid
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shooting laquan mcdonald 16 times in 15 secos. van dyke, who argues he fired bebecause h feared for his life, poposted bon thehe was released momoay. a second dash cam video shows police pursuing mcdonald as he runs through a br king parking lot moments before he was shwt. abc news has obtained these images of an officer inside the restaurant shortly after the shooting. the burger king district manager alleges officers deleted video from cameras athe restaurant but investigators say a forensic review of the system found the video was not tamped with. and this investigation is widening. the illinois attorney general asking the u.s. department of justice to fully review the entire chicago police department. robin. >> all riright, alex, thank you. now to a brand-new report from the secret service profiling the type of people most likely toure a mass shooting, especially those targeting the federal government. pierre thomas has this abc news
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>> repororr: the pentagon on lodown from an active shooter. in this never before scene video of a 2010 attack obtained emotionally by abc news, watch how a routine evening suddenly becomes anything but. john patrick walks calmly toward the entrance and pulling out a 9 millimeter handgun and startrts to fire. despite being grazed by b bullets the officer return fire. fatally wounding him. according to investigators he was paranoid, convinced the government was spying on him. >> we ctinue to see these instances happen. >> reporter: it is 1 of 43 attacks on u.s. government facilities since 2001 studied by the secret service and this morning the service is calling on law enforcement and the public to watch f signs that could mean vience is coming. >> we really want to work with the public and encourage t tm to developinterventions. someone can intervene and make a difference. >> reporter: revealing more than half the aacks on the vernment involve so-called lolone wolves with guns.
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en more creative from detonating bombs to crashing a plane into an irs building. and this deadly poison ricin was sent to the department of transportation. ha the attkers showed signs of hencealllness but warning gns can comee in many forms from radadical change in appearance to one suddenly becoming withdrawn.n. the key is getting troubled people help before their lives unravel. >> now to amy with the morning's other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. we beg with a $300 billion compromise on capitol hill to make your morning commute a little smoother. republicans and democrats have agreed on a five-year highway spending bill that will improve the country's aging roadwaysys a new survey finds 24% of bridges are structurally deficient. well, a traffic nightmare in california after this tanker truck exploded. nearly 9,000 gallons of gas going up in flames. remarkably theriver is okay. > more frirightening moments for
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blinding lasers pointed at them from the ground below. in phoenix three planessere hit with laserer over a two-hourur period. in washington a cst guard chopper was grounded because of a laser threat. the price is rigight for a record deal in the major leagues. david price, you get what i did there has reportedly agreed to a seven-yearar, $217 million deal with the red sox. that makes him the highest paid pitcher in history. no pressure, price. all right, finally take a look at this. itit couldld be the best christmas card photo ever. a politician in australia got his family together for this photo. you see his wife and threenn so, sons number one and numr two beaming for the camera hugging mom there. the little guy, not so much. yeah, he chose to pout on the side. probably really waiting for that photo shoot to be over. >> we've all been there, pal. >> i feel you, buddy. >> i love they used that photo.
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>> that was great, amy. all right, guys, want to turn to that $ billion baby announcement. facebook founder mark zuckerberg promising to give away 99% of his shares of the company to charity in a letter to his newborn daughter. abc's cecilia vega is he with more. >> reporter: billion with a "b." little max was born early last weekeighghg 7 pounds, 8 ounces but that other numbernnounced along with h her birth with those private parents that is makes big headlines this morning. her name is max chan-zuckerberg. and the proud parents beaming announcing her to the world in a letter posted where else but on facebook. max,x, we love you and feel a great responsibility to leave the world a better place for y you and allll children. and with that, promise not just to their daught, but to the world. cebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife priscilla chan
7:17 am
their facebook shares, the value, a mind-blowing $45 billion. >> having this child has mad us think about all of the things that should be improved inhe world for her whole generation. >> we need to m me sure that there are investments in programs that ensure that the future i't going too be like today. the future is going to be better than today. >> reporter: the investments they're promising, in education, medical research, intnet access, community building and theotential impact? life-changing. >> whenever this kind of a gift is made oth philanthropists take note. they say, if he did it, why can't i? >> reporter: the new parents peful for the future of their little girl and the world she'll grow up in writing, we wish you a l life filled with the same love, hope and joy you give us. we can't wait to see what you bring to this world. love, mom and dad. zuckerberg also announcing that he's taking a two-month
7:18 am
when that $45 billion donation is complete, it will be larger than t t bill and melinda gates foundation. little max will love reading that letterne day. >> absolutely. so nice he's giving away this money while he's still young and watch it. >> be put to good for a long time. incredible video. >> i've got to get to writing. i got aetter to write. let's talk about queensland, australia. this video of that lightning striking the huge explosion on the side of t t street. fortunately everybody o oy and ththisning north georgia to southwest virginia und flash or just regular flood watch. i wish i could write that letter and promise my baby a good forecast but i can't. not in chicago this morning. i'll have that coming up in you nation's weather. how about thatone. >> we promise you'll be a great mom. >> oh, thankyou. >> that's for sure. so much more ead. new details in the death of a newly elected mayor found inis own home. the investigation right now.
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to moderate nausea and vomiting. anti-flu? go antiviral with tamiflu. cloud cover this morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon. then we'll have some warming temperaturures as we move forward through the week cracking the 40 degree mark by friday with melting snow! today's high temperature is 34 wi gradual clearing. the overnight low is 10 and it'll be clear, calm, and cold. tomorrow's high is
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sunny and seas. . . . . construction project is finally wrapping up... more than three months behind its original completion date. according to city engineers, glenn avenue will re- open today at noon. many parents of nearby morningside elementary school expresesd concern at the start ofofhe school y yr, when the construction
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avenue will be open again, the street may be closed briefly later on in the week for a d-o-t inspection. jessica rae: here in sioux city, crews continue to remove snow.... vehicle owners have until this morning to get vehicles moved so plows can clear the street. any snowbound vehicle not moved by 10 a.m. could be towed at the ownere's expense. you can check out the city's snow removal policy at sioux city dot org. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: we're on track for a much quieter weather day as our snow system spins eastward. we'll have cloud cover this morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon. then we'll have some warming temperatures as we moveveward through ththweek cracking t t 40 gree mark by friday with melting snow! today's high temperature is 34 with gradual clearing. the overnight low is 10 and it'll be clear, calm, and cold.
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37 and it'll be mostly sunny and seasonal jessica rae: good morning we've got a quick news update for you now... jessica rae: a monday house fire on market street is serving as a safety
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> it must be a decision that comes from the heartrt so once i knew this was it might as well say it. >> kobe bryant explaining his retirement dececision to robin righ there. one of the best players of all time of the big question, is he the greatest? i guess you got into that with him. >> #greatestofalltime. g.o.a.t. is a good thing.
7:27 am
war on isis, defense secretary ash carteter pledging to put more boots on the ground u up to 150 special forces will be conducting secret missions inside iraq and syria gathering intelligence and capturing te leaders. >> a very happy upda on a story we've been following. nfl player devontill says his daughter leah is cancer-fe. leah is cancer-free. her latest scans showing no evidence of the disease. i had a chance to spend time with him at the espys. the way he talks about his little gl, i know he's ecstatic. >> what a happy story. we're so excited to have the brand-new stars of "star wars," daisy ridley, john boyega are here just ahead. their fit live tv appearance er. no pressure. no pressure and the stormtroopers, oh, they're ready to stand guard. r2-d2. >> very chay this morning.
7:28 am
a special "star wars" segment coming up. we begin with a diffent story. mysterious death, the mayor of juneau, alaska, found dead in his home greg fisk had injuries on his body b they revealed little else about the investigation. abc's neal karlinsky here with the late. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george, good morning. this rlly is a mystery in the heart o alaska. they're not sure if they're dealing with a crime here and just reay want to know what lled juneau's mayor. this morning alaska's capital is reeling, the question many asking, was it murder or just an accident? newl elected mayayor greg fisk discovered dead in his own home just five weeks after being sworn intoo office here in juneau. monday, the 70-year-old's body was found by his dealt son. lice say he did have injururs but the cause of death is ununrtain? speculation what caused those injuries.
7:29 am
cause of death determinedo we kn. >> reporr: this was fisk in a recent debate. >> but u ultimately we can't cut our way into prosperity but grow the economy. >> reporter: he beat the incumbent for themayos office with two-thirds of the vote. well liked, full of ideas and seemingly healthy. >> this was very shocking. this was a tragic event and very devastatingg for o o assembly and r city and the entire community. >> reporr: at this point police don't know if fisk's death was an depth or a crime. police say they're exploring all possible scenarios. an autopsyill be conducted this week to try t to figure out what killed the mayor. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. there don't appear to be any gunsho and police say it'll be up to the autopsy to determine whether this is a crimil investigation or t. they hope to have those results sometime over the next couple of days. >> so strange. just elected a couple weeks ago. >> yeah.
7:30 am
that playeye out, the desperate 911 call, a family washed away in their suv and trapped by deadly floodwaters. abc's ryan owens has that story for us. >> we're in the water. thecar's u uer the water. we need help. >> reporter: 911 is nothing short of a life line for a family whose suv is swept off the road by floodwaters. >> whe are the babies? >> i've got two of them in my arms and my other son is sitting in a tree. >> reporter: that's e voice of britta frank holding her 1-year-old and 3-year-old sons but her 6-year-old miguel is just outut o o reach clinging to the same tree that snagged his mother's suv in the middle of an oklahomareek friday. her 72-year-old grandmother is holding on to the vehicle too. >> honey, i've got fire, medical, all headed your way, okay? >> please stay on the phone,e, i'm scared. >> reporter: even the kids seemed to grasp how close they
7:31 am
>> mom, i love y y so much. >> i love you, baba. >> that'ssot the way it's supposed to happepen especially for my babies. >> reporter: this morning frank and her family are safe and tell abc news in this i interview it's i miracle they got out of that suv at all. >> i hadhe childocks on the back windows and i knew there was no way that i was going to be able to get that window down and it just went down. >> reporter: the family spent about 45 minutes in that frigid wateter. >> you see the officerersoming to you? >> they're coming rightht behind us. >> reporter: befor rescuers showed up withropes. >> i was thinking we can't let any of these people die. >> reporter: and they didn't. three generations of one family saved just in time. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> that one ges y chills. >> you hear that call, yes. glad they'y're okay. coming up a hollywood producer vanishes without a trace. the urgent search right now. >> and next we go one-on-one with ke bryant. the lakers star leaving the
7:32 am
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we're back now with our exclusive interview with number 24, kobe bryant, one of t greatest basketball players of all time callinit quits at the end of the season ending an incredible 20-year caer with the l.a. lakers. i went one-on-one with kobe about his big decision. >> kobe bryant. >> reporter: it is the end of an era. >> whoa. >> reporter: r rordshattered. respect earned. and now after 200 yrs and 5 nba championships, kobe bryant will say good-bye to his first love, basketball. everybody wts to know why now? >> it's the right time. there's no point i really belaboring it or dragging it out or saying, well, leave the door
7:37 am
something may change. i don't think this is something, a decision you can allow have to outsidid influenens to dictate whether or not you continue t t play. it must come from you. so once i knew this was it, might as well say it. >> how did you know this was it? >> i try to havet least 15 minutes of still time and just kind of sit in my thoughts in the morning and meditate. normally what happens with me my mind would always drift to the ga, always. and then i found myself sitting there my mind wouldn't drift to the game all the time anymore and tt'shen i realized it's getting close. >> not just 20 years but 20 years with the same team, the l.a. lakers. ho important is that to you? >> extremely. it means everything to me. i was such a huge laker fan growing up. a die-rd laker n, magic posters, magic t-shirts and was my dream and to be herer for 2 2
7:38 am
mentors it's b bn a drere come true. >> the fans, the letter that you wrote, you wanted to speak to your fans first. why? >> well, because i think it was important for them to know how ch they meant to me. the letter still doesn't do it justice and how important they've been. how vital they've been in my career and i mean we grew up together andnd that's such a beautiful thing. >> was it a slow process to get here or was it justst one of tse light switch went off and you id no. >> it's a whole process and something that evolved over the last t threeears with the achilles injury that really frightened me because my career could be over now. it scared me. what am i going to do next trained hard and came back the next season and fractured my knee and traed harder and tore my shoulder and then it was juice like, oh -- this is one thing after the next so it was kind of a slow she-year processss of kind of evolving to get where i am. . >> the 17-time all-star calls himselfis biggest critic and
7:39 am
his best. do you feel you're being treatly fairly this season being your last and all that you have done for the sport? >> yeah, i mean i wouldn't have it any other way. you can't just sit around and expect everyone to give praise all the time. you got to beble to take the goododith the bad. one of the most important things i can share with the younger genetion is to accept it al don't have any expectations or lean on or rely on positive reporting on your career or negative. >> have you accomplished everything that you've wanted to on the court? >> no. no. i wanted eight championships as a dreamy kid growing up, i wanted eight. >> w eight?t? >> because magic had five and michael had six and, okay, i'll win eight and hadnn opportunity to have seven andidn't work out. >> you have talked about wanting to have your place in the history o this game. top five players of all time. who would those five plalars b and would you cra the startining five. >> no, i would never put myself
7:40 am
i put the peoplehat i learned the most from being jordan, magic, bird, hakeem olajuwon and jerry rice. >> when you see that hashtag go by your name. >> it's fantastic too be mentioned in the same breath as those p playersonestly to me, that's everything. we'll sit and debate endlessly who would win on a one-on-one matchup between me and m.j. >> who would win. >> he would win some and i will win some. that will go on forever. >> reporter: althoughe said his good-byeyes,ad to ask. go? >> i am. i am. i am but i'm carrying this with me no matte what. internal internalally my love, my passion evything i learned from it will be with me. >> he's at peace. >> his thinking is so clear on all those issues. >> he talks about the fact that he grew up for a time in italy. his dad played pro ball.
7:41 am
he has other interests and tomorrow we'll get into what is his next. what he's going to do next but it's hard. can you imagine if you're told something that you love, that you've thought about since you were yea high and told you can't do that anymore but that's at -- >> excited about what's ahd. >> he isnd we will discuss that and, of course, i had t ask him michael jordan or -- >> yeah. >> he could be a politician. >> no correct answer. >> but he really appppciates -- he's g gting dumumd on a lot by the press. he's havin a horrible season. the e word that he used, crap, that's how he describes how he's playing right now. they played in iladelphia's hometown, the sixers won it -- won their first game of the season. kobe had 20 but you could just tell that he's ready to move on. >> at peace is the perfect way to say it. >> you're going to see what happens when we play a littlee word associaiaon game with kobe bryant. go to on
7:42 am
part two tomoow. coming up, the new "star wars" stars, john boyega and daisy ridley are here live. their stunned reactions to seeing themselves in the movie for the first time.] the whipped cream sea be extra whippy! [ laughing ] together: ahhhhhhhhhhh! yarrrr, it be ththtwizzler. run! crew member:what does he want? happy holidays! free shipping all season long at and free rurns too! i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder... ...whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni. a revolutionary treatment for the most common type of chronic hepatitis c. harvoni is pven to cure
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7:45 am
i can't believe it. >> "star wars" film star daisy ridley watching herself in thehe trailer for the new film for the first time. 's her fir movie role. here's john -- >> it's amazing. watching hihimsf show this. there's j johnatatching the trailer first time. >> yep, yep. >> you say yep i think 25 times. >> yep, yep. yep. >> over the sofa. out of your minds with excitement so give me what's running through your mind as you're watching that, your first movie role in "star wars." >> it was in the middle of the night so i was really tired which i think is funnbut it took many, many years of work and to see it come together was very moving. >> and for you, the couch jumping moment. >> i mean i just saw myself going up against kylo ren and o the set i didn't see myself like that so i had to jump over the sofa. >> i love it.
7:46 am
we'll talk more with both of you coming up on "gma" and we will be right back. so g great to have you here. coming up, "baby oh! baby," brought to you b baby ddrops, e sunshine vitaminn just one drop. some cash back cards love overcomplicate things. like liting where you earn bonus cash back. why put up with that? but the quicksilver card from capital one likes to keep it simple. real simple. i'm talkg easy like-a- walk-in-the-park, nothing-to-worry-about, man-that-feels-good simple. quicksilver earns you unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchasas everywhere. it's a simple question.
7:47 am
was out in the dining room, you know, meeting the residents and i had a gentman stop me and ask me if i made his dinner. he had lost his wife recently, but i didn't know that. he m me a remark to me abobo not sure he nted to be there anymore, but he said d something to me that has stuck with me to this day. after having your nner, i think i want tstick around a while and that really meant something to me.
7:48 am
to the couple who set aside the whole day to sell their old car and buy a new one... oops na's got the kids til 9... but it's's'snly 2. guess you'll just haveo see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. back here on "gma" the pictures tell the w weather story. this is a legit snowman in fargo, north dakota. that storm hasow moved to the east but look at this pipiure. also in oregon, big-time icece and winds waking up this morning. all that weather brought to you bycloud cover this morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon. then we'll have some warming
7:49 am
through the week cracking the 40
7:50 am
>> "goododorning america" is s out to you byy cosuiui joint health supupplements availab ax
7:51 am
veterinarians. as a safety reminder for others. just after 4 a-m monday morning... two adults and 9 children were forcedo evacuate their home ater an extension chord in their sement was covered in a pile of clothes, overheated and ighited. sioux city fire and rescue extinguished the fire and the building hasince been red tagged. the family is being helped by the red cross, "i can't say enough 'thank you's' to everybody. it's overwhelming and i think that's what makes me cry more, because i'm just grateful that everybody thinks of us, and is willling to help us, no questions asked" says marguerere cortez. jessica rara there are four locations to drop off donations for the family. if you would like to help head to our website siouxland matters dot com
7:52 am
let's check in with for the weather. matt: we're on track for a much quieter weather day as our snow system spins eastward. we'll have cloud cover this morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon. then we'll have some warming tempmpatures as we move forward through the week cracking the 40 degree mark by friday with melting snow! today's high temperature is 34 with gradual clearing. the overnight low is 10 and it'll be clear, calm, and cold. tomorrow's high is 37 and it'll be mostly
7:53 am
good morning, america. it's 8.m. and vished without a trace. a high-powered hollywood producer who worked on blblockbuster films from "the avengers" to "x-men" disappppears. m m ryan speakss about aging revealing she's body proud. the actress and mom getting candbout beauty and hollllywood. and is picking the perfect holiday? >> i love my wife but she sucks at giving gifts. >> the science tt finally reveals how toive gifts right. you'll meet the husband who can't seem to pull it off. is he the worst gift giver ever? we'll helelp him le rigig here. and t t h htest newar wars" stars about to take over the gaxy. daisy ridley. >> i'm right. >> a remember how we firirst met
7:54 am
now they're bothere in times square for their first live interview ever. >> both: good morning, amica. >> the force is strong with you. >> they're already pros. >> they are. ready to go. a whole bunch of stormtroopers also this momorning taking over times square. >> uh-oh. i see someone else a villain. it is "ar wars" week right here on " "gma." >> i love being here in times square. >> people don't even bat an eye. >> of course, of course, but there they are, the two newest superstars, daisy ridley and john boyega. and they're wit an oldie but a goody. >> shhh. >>elling him to be ququiet. >> theirdventure is just beginning. >>t really is and we'll talk to the straight ahead. looking forward toh that. also this morning, this medical alert, right. >> big medical alert for millions of americans struggling to get some sleep. how do sleeping pills really
7:55 am
dr. jen i here withh pototential risks you may not know about. an some new techniques so you cannfinally get some rest. >> one time can we just havav the camera on amy, howhe gets up here and how she ducks behind the camera and it's just so graceful how you jaunt over ere. >> graceful because no one is watching, right. >> high intensity exercise. >> that lasast little burst but she'sthere. >> all in four-inch heels. good morning to you. e big story we have a serious story, new protests in chicago overnight following that shooting death of laquan mcdonald. mayor rahm emanuel f fing the head of the ty's policee department, but protesters say, you know, that is not enough. some are demanding the mayor himself resign.. meanwhile, illinois' a attorney department to investigate whether the chicago police department's practices violate federal law. well, at lst four m have been arrted near london this morning picked up on terror charges in a series of raids. authorities say the arrests are
7:56 am
todaday brititi lawmakers are debating whethther to join the bombingg campaign against isis in syria. it comes as the pentagon prepares to send more special forces into iraq. but this morning some troubling news. a u.n. report warns isis fighters are building a new stronghold in libya with 3,000 of them now in that country. and a new poll in t the race for president showing donald d trump's lead growing. senator marco rubio hasow taken over second place in a national poll with ben carson slipping seven points into third place. titi with ted cruz. and now to the frantic search for a hollywood producer who worked on a string of blockbuster films has not been seen since last week. abc's matt gutman has more from l.a. >> reporter: eric kohler with credits in action flicks like "the avengers," "x-men" and "world. what z"z"s now at the center of a mystery vanishing in southern california >> i'm a devastated dad. i want my son back.
7:57 am
i can f findhim. >> reporter: police say they only havee these surveillance images to go on so far. his brand-new range rover pulling o of the shopping centert 4 p.m. tuesday then his cell phone stops pinging and the trail goes cold. >> he has no history in the past that he's been missing for tss length of time. >> reporter:r: kohler's family suspects foul play saying it's not like the friendly ofnall on his social media account to just disappear. >> he would never just throw it away. like -- >> he loves his job. >> he works so hard. he loves what he does. he i ambitious. >> reporter: his family shattered. >> it's a living nightmare. it's really --- it's the hardest thing i can ever tell you to go thugh. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. we hope they get some answers soonon, matt, thank you. finally an unlely lottery
7:58 am
rodney meadows of modesto, california, bought one of these $30 scratch t ticketsnd cashed in. he won a thousand dollars. that's amazing and mos of us would just run home to celebrate but not rodney. he took that money and bought three more tickets and take a look at the result. there he is holding if you can't see the number there, a $10 million check. that is wha he won on theext round of tickets. he was in such disbelief he asked the clerk to check the ticket twe. yep, he won $10 million. he hasn't decided what t do with the money yet butave an idea he could buy me a lottery ticket. >> third time i i the charm. > exactly. wowo thanks,amy. let's go to lara. >> an unbelievable story. thank you so much, george. here's what's coming up on our "gmaorning menu." meg ryan is in the headlines saying that age shouldn't be a headline. the rom-com queen opening up about hollywood and beauty. and aededical alert about sleeping pills and the risks you may not know about. you will want to hear dr. jen
7:59 am
then you may have heard it's "star wars" week. r2-d2 iss here. wheree are daisis where is john? what? i figured. stormtroopers, darth vader, daisy and john, the newest stars with the force all coming up on
8:00 am
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8:02 am
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can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1#1elling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent hetburn. that's nexium level protection. we welcome you back to "gma." meg ryan is sparking a new conversation about women and aging in hollywood. she tells us she loveser age, but she doesn't want it to become a headline. abc's linzie janis has more. >> hello. >> reporter: she's the r rom-com queen. >> i'd like it heated and vanilla. if not no ice cream whipped cream but only if it's real. >> reporter: startg in an endless string of classicic but
8:05 am
speang out tell ingin "porter" magazine "there are more important conversations tha how women look and how they are aging." >> she probably has bee hurt about . i i think intelligently shehe's looked to find out how she can deal with it. i think she's also like all wome very sensitive about her changing face. >> reporter: thehe american sweetheart makakg headlines in th past few years facin criticismver her changing looks. ryan alluding to the media attention saying in the interview, i don't pay a lot of attention frankly. there's a lot of hatred in the world today. it's soo easy to judge. imagine being a hater, how stupid. >> when i think a woman has not been in the public eye for a very long time those images that the paparazzi capture become in the public csciousness how she looks. >> reporter: it's been a busy year for the mother and actress. >> it's meg ryan.
8:06 am
>> reporter: appeaearing on t the pop culture pop show "billy on the street." >> meg ryan invented the scrunched nose >> reporter: and recently make her directorial debut in "ithaca" starring alongside tom hanks. saying i l le my age, i love myy life right now. i love the person've become, the one i've evolved into. >> pleased to meet you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> oh, i love that movie. >> i love all her movies. >> so happy that she's -- a career behind the camera. >> the latest issue of "porter" available globallyy on friday. over the counter and prescription medicatitions. one in eightht america use them. are they always the best alternative? becky worley takes a look.. >> reporter: insomnia, toining, turning, desperate to get a
8:07 am
>> i'm not getting restful sleep and haven't for many years and on t average it's 4 to 4 1/2 hours a night. >> reporter: brenda suffered with it for 25 years an tried prescription m mication but rarely t tes it fofofear of becoming addicted. >> i've tried almost everything i'm aware of to try. i have changed my bedding, i have blackout shades, i've changed my eating habits. >> reporter: but lots of americans do take prescription medication. in 2013, 9 million americans had prescriptions for sedatives. recently though sometudies suest sleepingills may increase the risk of psychiatric issues and even cancer for some people. though a definitive cause and effect link has not been established. >> i think sleep aids should be used for an acute need but they're not the best use for long-term care of your insomnia. >> reporter: so this past fall brenda underwent a sleep test at the university of chicago medical center. the results she had 32 brief awakengs every hour so now she's trying something alternative.
8:08 am
program. >> i really need to limit my computer work because of the blue light they were sharing with me eating earlr, no alcohol. >> r rorter: it's also recommended for sleep restriction. only get in bed when you're sleepy. notv, no devices. if after 30 minutes you can't sleep, get up and go somewhere else. >> cognitive behavioral therapy allows the patient to approach the bed and restruure their thought process so that the bed is for sleeping and it't's not a stressful experience. >> reporter: eloying new behavioral changes brenda is now tracking her sleep. the first night netteddix hours and a month into the program she's a araging f fe hours, an improvement she says. >> anything could h help me i'm willing to do becau i'm goal driven to get this taken care of. >> reporter: for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, oakland, california. >> let's talk to dr. jen ashton about is. we heard a little about the consequences of prescription medications. >> right. >> what more d do we know. >> not a lot.
8:09 am
hardly anything in the medical liteture past 12 months of use. how the big classes of sleep aids work. basically the valium or xanax class, the ambien class of medication both work similarly in thehe brain, sedating. the problem is associated risks of long-ter use, what is in the literature, not great. you can see issues with brain,n, memory function, heart, in terms of high bleep. g.i. system, nausea, vomiting, ab nall pain, weight gain, memetrual irregularities, you have to balancece those risks against the r rks of being sleep deprived. >> it's not the kind of thing yo want to be doing every night. >> i agree. >> what about over the counter. >> two main classes, you have the sedating antihistamines like benadryl, andthen the sleep hormone melatonin. the thing with these antistamines, t they will increase the time you spend asleep but they make that sleepep
8:10 am
day you will be more sleep depriviv. melatonin good for something like jet lag but it's a hormone not regulated by the fda. >> not regulated at all. >> only if they find a problem after it's on the shelf. >> what other tips do you have. >> the onus of responsibility has to be on the medical community of we cannot write a prescription for a sleep aid and send someone on their way for life and take i forever. if you need tout or taper down some cannot be stopped abruptly. you can cut it in half, alternate one day on, one day off, i recomnd trying it on a weekend because you don't want to be sleep deprived when you go to work. >> makes a lot of sense, jen ashton, thanks very much. over to amy. >> we were taking n notes over here. now to something many of us struggle with this time of year. finds the perfect gift for someone special. >> it is hard. >> a story trending bi in "the e wall street jojonal"hohows how science canruly help us all.
8:11 am
>> i love my wife but she sucks at giving gifts. >> reporter: many off us are garbage at gift giving. we are claire on "modern family." >> i got nothing. i'm so screwed. >> reporter: you don't have to be that person. seasonal science is here to help. psychologists and retail researchers actually spend time on this. nuer one, give somhing of yoyoself. a book you love. a 2wi69 card to a restaurant you love. that is love. meaning. they'll think w well of you. number two, less is more. don't throw a little giftt i with a big one. subconsciously the receiver will value late the avege cost and be underwhelmed. number three, just give. you'll enjoy it and experiments toddlers show greater pleasure in giving than receiving. someone who could use these tips, kayla moncur's husband. >> what did he get me? it's a paper shredder.
8:12 am
>> he also got me a a wind up flashlig. entire stocking full of hand warmers then there was this ridiculous hat that wee live in mesa, arizona, like the need for this kind of hat is just really limited. >> ah. >> nick, thank you for that of we're joined by kla and aaron moncur from their home in warm, mesa, arizona. here with us is lori bergamotto from "good housekeeping" magazine. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> lori, i want to start off with aaron and kaa, i understand, aaron, sorry, a lot of hate heaped on you there. you have kept one of the least successful gifts, let's call it that. >> w wt was the least s scessful gift? >> yes, i underand you kept it? >> oh, it's the hat. well, that depends who you ask. i guess kayla thinks so. >> why did you choose the hat?
8:13 am
i'm going to defend you the. ththere was a reason. >> she's always cold and she's into fashion and you look at this hat and it's just -- it's beautiful. how could someone not like that. >> extreme fashion. >> beaeay in theye of the beholder, perhaps. lori, what about the studies? do you think they can help us be better gift givers? >> i love the idea ty studied the gift giving aspect from a scientific aspect and anything that helelps you give better gifts i am in favor of. >> why is it so difficult. >> when you love someone and trying to give a gift the stakes are so high. you rlly want to show them i love you. here's the reflection of how much i love you. but i think what matters more to someone is notot spending $500 on a gift, but spending more than ve minutes thinking about what to get. >> that rule you're not supposed to add the kicker gift to the big gi.
8:14 am
from a personal perspective i don't agree with that so much but i think that all that matters is that the person feels like they're gettingng an intangible memory of from this tangibible gift. >> all right, so not to set up aaron here because now we've just told everyone how to fe the perfect gift. >> howid you doeyey. >> i understand you have a christmas gift that you're going to give it a little early right now. >> that's right. are we ready right now. >> go for it. >> good luck. >> here, bring it out. >> crossg her fingers. >> o on quickly. >> let's do a close-up. >> oh. it'sike lots of like body stuff. and it smells nice. oo. ochlto oo. >> i like a candle. >> why did you pick that? what was your thinking? >> well, she's been burning candles in the house lately and
8:15 am
know she likes them so we walk past a bath & body works and i thought let's just get her a big gift basket of allhings scenty and nice. >> think thas thoughtful. >> yay. good job, aaron. >> nice effort. >> yeah. and it is different how you buy for men and women. >> it really is and yourwife. >> it is and the things don't start looking just the week before the holiday, you know, you wantt to not look f a date the week beforore valentins day. >> presents are nice. being present is even better. >> momma always knows best >> there you go. >> want to thank our couple for putting that out there. >> they're so cute. >> they're adorable. thank you. merry christmas. now outside to ginger. >> we are beingresent out here. look at all my folks. you know, saying this looksks very hardy. it could withstand you said -- go it has thstood a blizzard. >>hat's not happening this
8:16 am
still enough to me the roads slick. that's i-90 in chicago. that storm will be pulling outut that heavy band of snow moved already through a lot of folks this morning. ststill, col heintzt for only a short cover this morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon. then we'll have some warming temperaturures as we move forward through the week cracking the 40 0 degree mark by friday with melting snow! today's high temperature is 34 wi gradual clearing. the overnight low is 10 and it'll be clear, calm, and cold. tomorrow's high is 37 and it'll be mostly sunny and season >> oh, lara, all i want to do is push these buttons but he says that's not a good ea, right? >> don't touch the butts. touchy the buttons. thank you, ginger.. "pop news," everybody. so break out your best puffyfy
8:17 am
jersey seinfeld taking up residencyt one of new york's most historic theaters, the veteran comedian announcing he ll perform at the beacon once a month through je and maybe beyond, we hope. if he enjoys himself he'll stay he b blatantly stole the idea from billy joe who's been performing monthly soldld outhows at madison squarar rden. tickets for seinfeld's s sw go on sale monday just in time for yone celebrating festivus >> that's a perfect size. >> a great gift idea. the gift of laughter. >> i like that. >> festivus for the rest ofus. >> speakingg of billy joel, everybody, the piano man is moving out. before he ever moved in apparently. selling two side-bside properties in the palm beach area for $29 million. which is not bad considering he bought them less than two years ago for less than $12 million. he has a great idea for real estate.
8:18 am
property includes a seven bed-ro mansion that you're seeing pictures of and a large undeveloped parcel of land. no word on whether joel is heading to lentown, we do know he is always i a new york state of nd. i had a little extra time while writing that one. baby has leased its st of the mostt popular names and this year the most popular include jackson for boy, listen up there, ginger, and sofia for girls. that's the top name. >> ah, look how cute she is. >> little baby girl. >> a surprising new trend that some might find disturbing. parents naming their kids after instagram filters. >> what? >> this is not a joke. >> on the list, lux, a boy's name or i guess a girl too, an effect thatdds contntst. that wasas the most popular stagram inspired name and ludwig. enhahances lig in a picture and valencia, okay, which is a pretty name but it's an
8:19 am
>> what about amaro. >> that could be a prett fame for a girl. >> we have not seen any big jumps in names like selfier snapchat. >> but you could in just a few weeks. >> oh, little sfi zee. >> you're so cute. >> selfie e. >> that would be great. >> go ahea >> tricked me. i thought i had time. george, i don't have time.. this is the fourth time i've tried to do the story. i'm saving it for tomorrow. the "star wars," the newest stars coming up, johboyega, daisy ridley are here live,
8:20 am
reminderor others. just after 4 a-m monday mning... two adults and 9 children were rced to evacuate their home ater an extension chord in their basement was covered inin a pile of clothes, overheated and ignited. sioux city fire and rescue extinguished thefire and the building has since been red tagged. the family is being helped by the red cross, "i can't say enough 'thank you's' ' to everybody. it's erwhelming and i think that's what makes cry more, bebeuse i'm just grateful that everybody thinks of us, and is willlg to help us, no questions asked" says marguerite cortez. jessica rae: there four locations to drop off donations for the family. if you would like to help head to our website siouxland matters dot com jessica let's check in with for the weather.
8:21 am
we're on track for a much quieter weather day as our snow system spins eastward. we'll have cloud cover this mornrning followed by sunshihi in the afternoon. then we'll have some warming temperatures as we move forward through the week cracking the 40 degree mark by friday with melting snow! today's high temperature is 34 with gradual clring. the overnight low is 10 and it'll be clear, calmand cold. tomorrow's high is 37 and it'll be mostly sunny and seasonal jessica rae: good morning we've got a quick news u update for you now... jessica rae: a major construction project is finally wrapping up... more than three months behind its original
8:22 am
welcome back tostar wars" week. you just saw there john boyega one of the think stars of the film along with d daisy ridley, and they are both here live. so want to get straight to robin who is with them. >> in the social square, these two 23-year-olds right here taking the galaxy by storm. they were launched to statardom only two years ago when cast in "the force awakens" and the rest is history i themaking. welcome, daisy ridley and john boyega. >> how are you doing? nice to have you here wh us. >> good morning. in goomorning. is it tough to be up this early? the sitede of the pond like that. you saw the movi what did you think, john?
8:23 am
it is so good. thisis is a great reminder that "star wars" is back after so long and this is just a great balance between the new genetion and the old full of action, full of passion and it's quite emotional. ii enjoyed it. >> how about for you, isy. >> the first time i've seen myself do something so i was quite overwhelmed so looking forward to seeing it again so i can be like, okay. >> ts is your first movie ever. i heard you cried on the way to the airport after watchingg it a it seteted in. >> i did. no, because i came out and i was like, yeah, i'm cool and in the car i was like -- the whole way and the whole way home the ten-hour journey. >> you are fnt and center and it's wonderful to see a fale character i in "star wars" being one of the major story lines. what do you think that says for young girls. >> it's really exciting. the way i think about it if i had a little sister i would be so pleased for her to see thehe
8:24 am
were just talking a aut jennifer lawrence, the katniss everdeen thing has been so progressive for the female audience. >> way cooler. >> nice to continue that thing. >> is it true you all dn't even have the s scripts that they were secretive about the scripts inin the begiing. >> yeah, i it was sort of messed up. during auditioning they would have you com t pinewood studios to learn your lines then you'dd he to go he and try to trace back what youou leaeaed and most of the timee it just w wt out of my heaea and bottled it got. >> i like your confidence. i just bottled it. it was a gait expernce b but had you to be so secretive. >> i didn't even wantt to take it. i think if the option was there it would be like,no, because it's just terrifying. what if you lost it. >> someone did lose it. >> someone did. >> yeah, someone did. >> we're part of the disney family. >> yes. >> normally wee g to see flipsps
8:25 am
speaking to actors. we didn't --e have been seen it yet. that's how secretive and under wraps it is. i know robert downey jr. has been somebody that you -- has been a mentor to you. this must mea the world to you to have someone like that give you vice. know you don't wanant to share the advice he's given you but just to have him. >> it's great. the only issue i have with robert is that sometimes when he's doing these interviews for big shows i have too wait for him. no but it's been great having someone that's had so o ch experirice to trynd like talk me through thihiwhole thing that's going down right now. did you see yourself in times square? >> i did. >> i saw myself in times square. >> did you see itt on the big screen. >> yeah, so weird. so strange. >> just for peoeople at home, help them understand what it must be like for you two to be on the cusp of this greatness that the people that -- it's going to be soon, unfortunately, you won't be able to walk in times square without being mobbed.
8:26 am
couple of years i've been living in the twilight zone and think, oh, like the first few months of filming i cannot remember, i was just like overwhelmed and so emotional. so i think i a few years to look back will be -- right now it just seemsxciting but also unreal. it doesn't feel like it's going on. >> let us learn a little bit more about eh other here. i hear, da this man -- is a great -- imper nations. >> yeah, yes. >> what? >> from shrek -- >> come on, h hit it. >> i cannot say that shrek was here at this present time so i won't say in terms of the time difference he might be he en 15 minutes. >>right? >> he n nailed it. >> that was a morning gingerbread man. >> that like made me exhausted. >> i t thought o seeing him all over again and for daisy, is it about the singing. >> yes. >> oh, my god.
8:27 am
voice to the point where we challenge daisy on setet n not to sing for 24 hours. she couldn't do . we were an houour out of wrap and she sang one note, la and everybody just gave her a round of applause. shecouldn't make it through the whole day. >> broaay, perhaps in the future? >> oh, i mean i saw "the color purple" last night and it was so unbelievable and you think, i wish i can be that >> you can be. >> "the color purple." i love that. >> have you seen it. >> yes, yes, and they were here. >> yeah, yeah, ah. >> jennifer hudson, whoo. so, if you were not doing this,, what wou youe doing? >> if wasn't acting >> uh-huh. >> you know, probably a cartoonist, i like to sketch, i like to dr. probably something along those lines. >> aren't you already working on a plan b? >> plan b, i'm just off of the education side of things so i tart a degree in january.
8:28 am
>> yeah, i'm going to be on set. i'll be on the set. >> notice the difference between the two. >> okay. >> johnnd daisy, remember this moment. bottle it. treasure it. >> thank yo >> thank you. >> we wish you all the very, very best. >> thankyou. >> and very excited for everybody and "star wars: the force awakens"lying into ththeaters decembe 18th and you are part of a big surprise, don't go anywhere. just ahead, stick around, that will be in a few minutes. first outside to ginger. >> we will stick around for that surprise. can't wait. we can't wait to say good morning, abby and riley from delaware sayy hi, everybody. >> yeah, good morning, america. let'ss go ahead and talk about sk zee" because we got one that's brought too you by belfor. it cops from 10-year-old judy from illinois. listen up. >> hey, ginger, it's judy from illinois. my weather question is, how are weather and waves connected? >> it's a great question. l about wind, when the wind forces over and i think youere
8:29 am
didn't look like this but this was last month, that wind piles up the water at the shorele along those piers and the waves grow. thetronger the wind, the stronger of waves. parents, i want you to send us your video question.. use the cloud cover this morning followed by nshine in the afternoon. then we'll have some warming temperatures as we move forward through the week cracking the 40 degree mark by friday with melting >> all that weather brought to you by belr property rest restoration restoration, resesring more than propty. celebrating "star wars" all week. this morningisney and bloomingdale's are teaming up with top designers in force 4 fashion.
8:30 am
die e an von furstenberg's rey look andag and bones rey look and nice pants and chewbacca's look all from snyder's. all starting tomorrow. fans, though, can bid on these looks at proceeds ben hit bloomingdale's mind institute. get into the spirit and make money for a charity, amy. >> i likee that chewbacca coat. guess what, we have more "st wars" aroun here very big fans with us. we have bryan, roque, brandon an kiy and re-created one of the trai. kia and brandon s star in the remake and all four of them built the ops. shot foror s st recreation and posted a split scree compaparison to prove how precise they were. very incredible. roque and bryan, you created it. what motivated you. >> huge "star wars" fans and
8:31 am
trailers for fun, you know, and we post them on our youtube chapel and have a film festival back in fresno where we're from for homemade remakes. this was a labor of love and it took a lot ofhours. how long did you all take making this? >> it took about three weeksr so time wororking o o weekendssnd rightt after worko we justt put a lot of time and effort into it and a lot of creativity. >> i know you thought you were here to talk about your tribute video but what you didn't know is you are going to be meeting some two very qualified criticscs on just how welll you did it. i would like to introduce, com on, john anddaisy, come on out. [ cheers and applause ] look at this. did you guys watch the trailer. >> yes. >> what did you think of the perfmance here? >> very creative. you guys weren a very expensive budget. so creative. it's so fun, and dude, you sweat just like me. dude, i've been working on it all day, man. > daisy, what did you think of
8:32 am
amazing. >> all right, so you all can mingle here and meet the real de a and enjoy yourselves. coming up, the real guy's guide to grooming and what does a banana peel have to do with it? all coming up. ay here.
8:33 am
tt2w`t+o mt: bt@q)"( tt2w`t+o mt: "a@q9.l tt2w`t+o mt: bm@q2%@ tt4w4w+o mt:" dztq \-l 4w`t+o mt:" entq ,), tt4w`t+o mt:" gzt& 5.t tt4w`t+o mt:" hnt& % 8 8 tt4w`t+o mt:" iztqtq oi@ tt4w`t+o mt:" jntq ]9 tt4w`t+o mt:" lzt& et\ here on "gma" we're always helping women with style and makeup and beauty but what about the guys? guys are so impmptant too so this morning we're talking to
8:34 am
men's grooming. chris salgardo, president of kiehl's, one of my forite brands. >> thank you. here to chatbout "manmade." i love the title of the book. did you feel left out? >> well, actually a little bit but what's great now is that men really have permission to tak care of their skin. and as i traveled all around the country, meeting menen at kiehl's events and being at the gym i noticed everybody wasas asking me questions about skin care tips d groroing needs. i thought now i the perfect time to come out with a resource like in that every man can benefit from. >> not jt about being vain but taking care of yourself. we are living longer so why not takeare of the skin you're in.. you say there are five types of guys. archetypes. >> the first one is the modern gentleman. this is somebody that is very refined, very meticulous about his appearance and cares about his skin. the second, the hands-onuy that loves to pull it apart and put it back together but isn't
8:35 am
>> are you g ging tips for each of these guys. >> eve single one. >> different rules for different types of guys is there it depends about your environment, what you do for a living. the extreme dude shooting down a mountain or up the west side highway on his motorcycle and you have to think about your skin and the rebel artist who has big ideas but has to te care of his face or renaissance man that needs to put his best face forward. >> we have some stuff. your must have kit. >> definitete. in . >> every kit should have a couple things, a body fuel because this is a three in one wash, shave with it, wash your hair, your body a good to go. >> and is that a great tip for guysys, kp it simple. won have a lot of products. >> yes. >> that's not -- that dsn't seem the kiehl's bag. keep it simple. >> absolutely, you want to have products that perform well and that's why i like aacial one. you can put it on day or night
8:36 am
>> spf is 15. yo can go as high as 50 depending on your choice. >> multitier cleanser and moisturizer and anything else. >> yeah, you shoululd always have blotting paper, i say, because men, we haveatier skin so blot that away quickly. >> if we don't have that we'll get to thahat coming up. >> we do. >> you have an unusual tip. >> there's a lot of times about to go to a meeting and your skews are scuffed. bananas, potassium which is found in shoe polish is in bananas, enjoyoy your banana first and rub it over your shoe and voila. look at the difference >> you will look sleek and dogs will love you. >> exactly. >> i me, all about multitasking. >> there you go. >> you also if you don't have otters which most women do.
8:37 am
>> you're about to go on thaha date, grab a tissue, blot it over your face and good to go. >> it's not a wipe, it's a b. guys, you need to know put a little pressure. >> dab it on. >> doesn't mean you have to wear powder >> it does actually make -- >> takes it right down. . >> a smoother face and fononzie our stage manager was nice enough to volunteer for your final tip because guys don't often havave a lot of the grooming tools but sometim the eyebrows can get a little unruly and, chris, you say just -- >> lip balm. >> break out the lip baumein. >> multiple choices. just take it like th. i'll dot for you. pat itt rightver the brow. >> oh, fonzie. >> like a makeover for you. ;> voila. >> you're ready too go. looking your best. >> thank you so much. >> fonzie, you are man-made. and that is t name of the book. chris, we thank you. thank you for all those great products from kiehl's. we all love those and "manmad available now. coming up, the hottest new gadgets for new many mos out there. strollers, heart monitors,
8:38 am
baby love we are back now on "gma"a" with "baby oh! baby," the hottest tech gifts this time of year, they're notot just for under the trtree. parenting in the digitatal age definitely has its advantages. take a look. strolls, to baby monitor, as a mom-to-be i've been gaga over baby gadgets so i went to the bump, headquarters in new york city to check out the coolest new pregnancy paraphernalia. i think this is a foot. i don't know forsure. >> a smartphonepp t that monitors your baby's heartbea >> my baby beats is an app that lets you lisxen to your baby's heartbeatn the womb. >> reporter: it works best at 30 to 40 weeks pregnant and all you need is your phone's microphone. >> put it up against your belllly. once you detec a heartbeat sound youan press record.
8:39 am
>> the baby's heartrate. >> reporter: next. >> these are belly ps. >> you canan record them and listen to them. >> i put the buds o on and recorded a message. >> hi, baby boy, it's your mo you will be the next harry yles. it's very exciting. i don't know that that worked. i think i bored m. well. strollers. the origamistroller. this is a whole part back here. >> this stroller charges yourr cell phone, knows the temperature, logs your mileage, has lcd lights but the best part part -- there it goes. >> we'llet you try it. >> does it go up itself? i lovehis thing. oh, those were so cool. that is not all. joining us jeica, t the enrtainment editor of "parents" magazine.
8:40 am
this is almost liken espresso opinion for bottle makiking. you hit button and, kathlhln, if youant to demonstrate. >> with b by ryan. >akes a perfect bottle for baby ryan. filters thehe wat no matter who does it, your grandmother, it makes the se bottle every time. you buy a three-month size, six-month size. buy the formula in stages. >> we hit a button and what happens. >> almost out of wipes. i got to remember to go online. you get the amazon dash button and that goes -- jumps on your wi-fi and orders the wipes are to you and they'll show up at yo door two days later. one for diapers, paper towels and put them all over your house and hit it and know that you're going to be getting your refill. >> i know baby brain hits hard so no list necessary. >> ght. this is perfect for mom brain. >> finally, leo. >> leo. >> is in here. >> a bassinet and changing table.
8:41 am
>> this is by graco. so some people are reluctant to buy a bastionen intert but l laea willnly sleep in here three months so you have the bassinet and changing table both. >> leo, are you comfortable? he's all set. we like to thank our sponsor ddrop. go to on yahoo! to follow my adventure. thank you, leo, tha you, baby ryan ryan. 're all set. "bababy oh! ba" is broughto
8:42 am
vitamin in just one drop. princess leia heherself i taking over times square tomorrow on -- they will them, han solo. >> good morning, america. plus, the "countdown to christmas" "deals & eals" is on. you can get up t 71% off and all you have to do watch "gma" tomorrow. how much fun is i to have all these "star wars" people here. >> it's been great.t. >> more tomomrow as weeust saw but wehank you for joining us. huhump day, halfway home.
8:43 am
>> see update for you now... jejeica rae: a major construction project is finally wrapping up... more than three months behinits original completion date. according to city engineers, glenn avenue will re- open today at noon. many parents of nearby morningside
8:44 am
expressed concern at the start of the school year, when the construction began. although glenn avenue will be open again, the reet may be closed briefly later on ithe week for a d-o-t-t inspection. jessica rae: and here in sioux city, crews continue t to remove snow.... vehicle owners have until this rning to get vehicles moved so plows can clear the street. ansnowbound vehicle not moved by 10 a.m. could be towed at the ownere's expense. you can chcheck out the city's snow removal policy at sioux city dot org. jessica let's check with for the weather.r. matt: we're on track for a much quieter weather day as our snow system spins eastward. we'll have cloud cover this morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon. then we'll have some waing temperatures as we move forward through the week acking the 40 degree mark by friday with meltining snow! today's high temperature is 34 with gdual clearing. the overnight low is 10 and it'll be clear, calm, and cold. tomorrow's high is 37 and it'll be mostly sunny and seasonal jessica rae: good morning we've got a quick news update for you now... jessica rae: a monday house fire on rket street is serving as a safety reminder for
8:45 am
just after 4 a-m monday morning.. two adults and 9 children were forced to evacuate their home ater an extension chord in their basement w w covered in a p pile of clothes, overheated andnd ignited. sioux city fire and rescue extinguished the fire and the building has since been red tagged. the family is being helped by the red cross, "i can't say enough 'thank you's' to everybody. it's overwhelming and i think that's what makes me cry more, because i'm just grateful that everody thinks of us, and is willling to help us, no questions asked" says marguerite
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