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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  December 2, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom 14 people are confirmed dead and over a dozen injuries after two confirmed shooters open fired at a buliding in san burnardino california today. tim: tonight two suspects, a man and a women with assault-style rifles and handguns are dead following a gun battle with police hours after the initial incident. brani hitt joins us live with the latest
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jenna: police were able to arrest the 25- year-old they say
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sioux city gas station at gunpoint. north sioux city police say 25- year-old mykel booth from atlanta, georgia was arrested in sioux falls today after authorities located the vehicle e lieved to be involved in ththrobbery. booth is accused of firing a gun inside the north sioux casey's before making off wi cash. video surveillance shows booth leaving in a black suv. booth faces first degree robbery charges and is being heldn sioux falls. tim: six months after a sioux city woman was found dead in a recreational area near vermillion.... authorities are still searching for answers. jenna: alicia hummel was found dead near the boat dock at myron grove in clay county... and so far, the only lead investigators have... is that a dark colored sedan was in the area around the time her body was discovered. tim: abc 9's deborah souverain joins us now with more.
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that dark colored sedan is the only tip investigators have surrounding alicia hummel's death. the clay county sheriff's office is hoping a 5- thousand dollar reward will encourage others to come forward with any information that could help solve this case. 6 months after 29 year-old alicia hummel's body was found near the b bt dock at myron grove in south dakota. there remains more estions than ananers. mymyn grove boat rara also known as highghines boat landing...and "i'm confident that there are people that know more about this case than has been told to us." said andy howe, clay county sheriff. clay county sheriff andy howe is hoping a 5-thousand dollar reward will bring forth more information on what happened the afternoon alicia told friends she was going fishing. including the whereabouts of a dark sedan with a loud muffler that was spotted in the area. "we would like to know more about that car whether it's involved or not, maybe it's somebody that is a witness and they don't even realize it," said andy howe, clay county sheriff. an autopsy revealed that hummel died from blunt force trauma to the head..and an incision wound to her neck. her best friend jody hanson....still struggles with the fact that they don't have closure.
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still on the loose. they could do this to another person if it was so easily done to alicia" said jody hanson, huhmel's bestfriend. hanson hopes...someone who saw something will come forward and solve this case before it goes cold. "you may not realize that if you were in the area that you drove past that person. just think about it and if you recall it call in. in honor of alicia's work with young children....a fundraiser is being held to raise money for christmas gifts for underprivileged youth. if you would like to donate to the toy drive...or if you have any information about alicia's case visit our website...siouxlan d matters dot com..for ways that you can help. reporting live in
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souverain abc 9 news tim: a roadside siouxland landmark dating back to 1955 is coming down landmark dating back to 1955 is coming down piece by piece. construction nats the missouri river bridge toll booth, located at decatur nebraska has been out of comission since 20-13.... and today, demolition crews began work bringing the building down. workers at the toll booth dividing nebrask and iowa used to collect a dollar per vehicle. metal suppppt beams werepulled from the roro on wednesday. demolition began is expected to be finished by the end of the week. jenna: a hotly contested topic is gaining some traction with one nebraska senator who's touring nebraska today in order to represent patients using medical cannabis oil. republican senator tommy garrrett of nebraska's 3rd district made stops around the state today, including dakota city. on the tour, he's talking to constituants
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during a recent garrett says he saw how patients treated with medical cannabis oil are benefitting from the substance. "when you're getting $34,000 worth of medications and you're not working and your choice is brain surgery when cannabis has shown medical advocacy, what parent in their right mind wouldn't do this? and the studies are there, the research is there," said garret. minnesota's program is a good nebraskan's could benefit from the cannabis oil. tim on cam by januaryryirst, medicaid services of more than a half million iowansnss scheduled totoe turned over to 4 private managed care companies. today (wednesday) several siouxland medicaid recipients said that's way too soon people like sherry flansburg of sioux city expressed concerns during a "listening post" event at western iowa tech..... hosted by local state reps. david dawson and chris hall as well as cedar rapids state senator rob hogg (how-gg). iowa governor terry branstad still needs federal approval
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program from state run to privately managed, but he says the new system will be in place in january. medicaid recipients like flansburg say they're not getting the informatatn they need to make educated decisions concerning future care. she wants the ange put on hold. "increase it by atleast 6 months so these mco's will be able to put together a list so that we know where our doctors are or who we have to choose from. i would rather it was dropped all together, " said sherry flansburg of sioux city. flansburg says she hasn't found the type of specialty care she requirir in any of the managed care organizations being offered under the hall says families providers alike blindsided. session in january what's possible and i he started his denison iowa at a campagin stop.
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afternoon while he was in onawa iowa at monona county veterans memorial museum at an event honoring our veterans one thing he spoke about was how he feels iowa reacts when they meet presidential candidates as well as what he thinks it takes to win. huckabee will be continuing his campaign traveling back to virginia. jenna: still to come... is it the more the merrier in the delivery room? why more local moms are hiring doulas to help them through child birth. (fred) a cold night is ahead, then 30s and 40s will be seen for highs over the next week...but will there be any more snow? your forecast is coming up next!
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ancient concept of women helping other women labor during child birth. and, this old idea is seeing a surge in popularity locally. one woman shareses her experience in tonight's your health matters. jenna rehnstrom kalyn heetland knows every birth is as different as every baby. kalyn heetland says, "this was the best birth."
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levi was maybe the most empowering of her three. kalyn says, "all- natural, no drugs." for that, she credits the help she had from these women. kalyn says, "the support i got this time with him was just phenominal." stephanie and cacie are certified birth doulas. that's different than a midwife - doulas don't deliver babies, they help mom labor, often, using natural pain management techniques. kalyn says, "stephanie was kind of the one to tell me what was going on to kind of keep me in the moment. and then cacie, just having her slow-dance or hug me during a contraction and rub my back and just kind of be there for me, hands-on, just helped me so much." more young siouxland moms are chosing to have a doula present for their delivery - whether at a hospital, like kalyn, or at home. just a few years ago, there was only one certified birth doula in sioux city. now, there are seven, a few of which office out of this space, "enlightened beginnings," on morningside avenue. doululstephanie winegardner attributes the t tnd to more educated moms-to-be. stephahae says, "research ows having a doulas can decrease your chance of having a
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induced, of having all those other interventions that people don't want. and it shows that outcomes in mom's mental status are a birth, because they've had a good experience." and if you're wondering where the equation, these women say often dad, too, appreciates the delivery room. cacie kramper, doula at enlightened beginnings says, "i always make sure my role is exactly what they want, so if that dad wants to be the main support person, and the mom really wants that, too, then i try to things to help dad be person." her baby in her arms, like she has two sisters... who guided her through one of the most meaningful experiences of her life. kalyn says, "they've been through it, too, so they know what to expect and how to help you." kalyn says, "i just feel so empowered as a woman." jenna: kayln also wanted
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second birth section, commonly referred to as "v-bac." her doulas with well. if you want to local doulas. event coming up jitters. it's free from 10am to noon and you can meet women and talk about your options if you're planning a pregnancy. (jenna) re snow in the forecaca? (fred) none! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a wintry scene from the ho chunk centre in sioux city. the high today was 35 and the low has been 14 so far. the king's pointe
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scene. highs over western iowa today were in the 30s. eastern nebraska and sosoheastern south h kota were in the 30s for hihis today, too, , t omaha saw 40. in sioux city, we have 1616 degrees. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. wind chills range from the single digits to the teens due to northwest winds of arond 5 miles per hour. e satellite and radar shows yesterday's weather system moving away from us. the stormcast hd shows clear skies and cool temperatures tonight. tomorrow, expect sunshine and a nice day. not much change in our weather will be seen through friday, but clouds will increase saturday, when we could see drizzle. your forecast for tonight is for clear skies and a low of 9 degrees. tomorrow, expect sunny skies and a high of 35. the 7-day shows 39 friday, 40 and drizzle saturday, and 40s s next week...with no snow!
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coming up in sports...iowa was trying to rebound after a rough showing in florida last week. find out if they could bounceback up ahead. tim plus dordt and briar cliff were looking for better results at day two of the naia volleyball tournament. find out if the defenders and chargers could notch big wins up
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volleyball tournament. both briar cliff and dordt were swept to open pool play, meaning both all-but needed wins tonight to keep their dreams of advancing alive. the chargers, taking on anothehe ranked team, this time number 11 eastern oregon. in the first...toni beck, goes cross court and to the floor...bcu up one early. after e-o-u took the lead...katelin langel, comes up through the middle and knots things up. the bcu defense, strong too...breanna nogelmeier...she's fired up and the chargers up a pair. then nogelmeier, on the swing no, but nicolette lavulo is there on the
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rs lead it 8-6. later on...tracietaylor turner...great name, great placement...this one would go five, but the chargers, come up just short,t,5- 11 the final in the fifth. dordt took down viterbo earlier in the season when the v-hawks were ranked number one. in the first...brooke granstra...pure power from the back row...defenders with the early lead. then ema altena, rises and smashes it home from the left side...she had 9 kills tonight but dordt dropped the first 2 sets. into the horstman...onenef her team high 16 kills as dordt grooveve then it's hot to handle...the defenders storm fifth set. point for viterbo in the fifth...haley moss comes up block for dordt. but on the next rally...the tip ends
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chad hanson--"it's a tough pill to swallow in the sense of the outcome being what it was. but the growth that we demonstrated in this fifth set and in the match overall was really encouraging. nothing is final yet, because crazier things have happenededere in this exaxa national toururment. for us to stay hungry and focused d d emotionally be stable and prepared for what ever may happen here tonight." dordt closes pool play tomorrow at 5:45 against olivet nazarene. to hoops action...the battle of the nagys...wayne state taking on sdsu. jacks with the early lead, but vance janssen, frees up some space at the topof the key and ains the three, cats up p e. then joel hehech, drives and kicks to jordan cornelius...he buries it and wsc has the lead, but sdsu would turn it on. cats trail by 17 late in the half but heesch strips it away to
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break...sdsu cruises in this one...80-53. mike gesell and the hawkeyes mmc wrapped up a story book season with a 57-52 win over don bosco in the 8-man state championship game two weeks ago. but since the school will consolidate with remsen union next year, it was an incrededly special momeme for the
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the win capped four year run in 8 man football for mmc, that saw the eagles win two state titles and rack up an overall record of 47-5. earlier tonight, mmc head coach kyle oswald as well as seniors jacob simonsen and joe peters were in the abc9 studioiofor a live interview during our six o clock news and i asked coach oswald what this championship meant for the school. kyle oswald--"i don't know if words can really describe it. it's something that is a storybook ending, you know? it's something that people can only dream of and i don't't know a whole lototf scscols that are able to have that claim of fame. i'm just very thankful to be blessed to be a part of it and as mmc heads off into the sunset, we'll always be able to have that to look at 20, 30, 40 years down the road. i've got a lot of great assistant coaches that have helped me out along the way, had a lot of great players come through there. you can't do that just with coaching, you've gotta have the talent there and the coachability of the kids, so very thankful to be
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community support that we do." for the full interview with coach oswald, jacob simonsen and joe peters, head to our website, siouxland matters dot com. (fred) your f fecast for toninit is for clear
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