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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  December 6, 2015 7:00am-8:00am CST

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as more survivors describe the horror this morning. good evening. >> message to the nation. >> we're also learning more about the kills. >> president obama's rare oval office address tonight, what we learned about his plans to keep america safe. and america in arms. >> we have sold out about every 9 millimeter pistol we sale. >> guns sales surging. as the government goes to the videotape to show americans how to survive an attack. we got full-team coverage right here on "good morning america." good morning on a day when the president will address the nation from the oval office on his plans to keep americans safe. in the wake of that attack in san bernardino. >> here he is, in the situation room, overnight, tonight's primetime speech, only the third time in his presidency that the president has addressed the nation from the oval office. the white house says that he'll discuss the threat of terrorism as well as give an update on the investigation into the attack
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>> that investigation is moving fast now, and focusing on a one-time neighbor of syed farook and sold him those guns. used in that massacre and abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it's fast moving and moving from the scenes of the crime to the people who inadvertently helped the couple in the attack. investigators are trying to figure out why this neighbor did that and when. the fbi had descended, smashing in that garage door, breaking windows as they searched the home of the man who believed to provide syed farook those two high-profiled rifles. >> residents of 3838, please come out. that's when i heard windows crashing. the garage door being pulled. doors being broken down. all that damage that you see at that house was
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>> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team search was purely precautionary and no information suggests that enrique marquez, former neighbor of farook, had any information about the attack. >> a couple of guys sharing a common hobby. >> reporter: they saw no signs of the guns that would kill so many. >> i never heard them say anything suspicious. or else, this whole thing probably wouldn't have happened. >> reporter: the suv the fbi towed to a lot this weekend. meantime, an fbi crime scene reconstruction team is using lasers to retrace every bullet fired in what investigators call "the kill room." >> it was scary. it was really, really scary. i saw two bodies laying on the floor, in a puddle of blood. >> reporter: combing through boxes of evidence removed from
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hundreds took cover. >> we blocked the door. we peeked outside from the window. we see all this s.w.a.t. coming to the building and i was terrified, really terrified at that point. >> reporter: and in the room, close to a holiday party, where farook's co-workers said he left his jacket and his bag when he left. 20 minutes before returning to attack. do you remember seeing the jacket. >> i said syed left some belongings. i thought it's the jacket was on the table. >> reporter: this entire area has been rattled by the shootings. apparently the man that live behind me, he's reportedly checked himself into a mental health institution. >> so many questions need to be answered about that gun
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as we mentioned a moment ago, president obama is set to speak to a shaken nation tonight. all of this as the fbi casts a larger net as they investigation this massacre and abc's pierre thomas has the very latest for us from washington this morning. hi, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, paula. the president's speech comes as hundreds of fbi agents fan out across the nation and around the globe in an urgent hunt of clues. tonight, the president will give a rare oval office address in the aftermath of the massacre in san bernardino, his third ever such address. the subject, keeping americans safe. on saturday, president obama, seen here meeting with his top national security advisers. saying in his weekly address -- >> it's possible that these two attackers were radicalized to commit this act of terror. >> reporter: concern high. >> we're also learning more about the killers and we're
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their motives. >> reporter: the fbi is trying to exploit computers and phones that the attackers damaged. the hunt for any clues they were reaching out to isis and other radicals in the days and weeks before the attacks. >> we're trying to understand the electronic record around these two killers. >> reporter: their travels including to saudi arabia and pakistan being dissected, who were their associates? who did they meet there? here in the u.s., family and friends all being interviewed, even as authorities continue to investigate whether the attack was somehow work place related as well. >> the most important part of this investigation right now is, are they lone players, the two of them, or are they connected to other people who are about to do the same thing? >> reporter: the deep concern, there was little to no warning that this couple was about to explode in violence, we
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phase that homegrown terror is a clear and present danger. paula. >> such a big fear, pierre. thank you, and the president's address to the nation begins at 8:00 eastern tonight. you can watch it right here on abc. dan. the man who will be at the helm of our coverage tonight is abc's chief anchor george stephanopoulos, who's in washington, d.c., this morning. george, good morning. republicans and others have criticized the president for really not being tough enough on isis. do you think tonight's speech is designed to change that perception? >> no question. as you said, he's been criticized for not being doing enough. facing many calls for a change in strategy. one of the big questions tonight is what new we'll hear from the president on that strategy. the president will also be trying to reassure the public, and try to tamp down some of the fears that are out there.
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whatever we do is keeping with our values. >> as you know the attack in california is reverberating on the campaign trail. i want to play you some comments from donald trump where he criticized the sister of syed farook who said she had no idea what her brother was up to. >> i thought she was lying so much. i'm good at this. i thought she was a total liar. i watched her being interviewed last night. right? she lied about him. oh, no, she didn't know he felt this way. she knew, and a lot of other people knew, too. and i watched her, as she had the veil and the whole thing. >> trump went on to say that the worse things in america the better he does in the polls. it's hard to argue that he's right about that. >> so far it is true. the latest polls showing he has a 20-point lead, his largest lead yet in the campaign. he continues to climb after the paris attacks. we'll see if he continues to climb after the attacks in san bernardino. there seems to be a bidding war
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who can be tougher against isis. so far, it's definitely been working for donald trump. >> george, i want to remind, everyone, coming up later this morning, you'll have much more on the attack in san bernardino and he'll also be speaking to hillary clinton and jeb bush. right here on abc. gun sales are on the rise since that rampage, people are worried and looking to protect themselves, as there are calls for stricter control laws here in new york and abc's kanya whitworth has that part of the story. >> reporter: look bemind me. this memorial grows every day, it's actually really powerful to be out here and like you mentioned, in stark contrast, local gun store owners say they're busier than ever. and it's not just happening
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country. this morning, gun shop owners reporting a massive spike in sales. >> we have sold out of about 9 millimeter pistol we sale. >> you have sold out of almost every nine millimeter pistol. >> yes. we had to do special orders because we don't have them in stock. >> reporter: far beyond california state lines, firearm retailers say high-profile shootings increasingly lead to higher demand. uptick recorded the summer's violent attack on a south carolina church. >> we can tell there's a headline about a mass shooting by the influx of the people that come in. >> reporter: and according to the report, a week following the sandy hook massacre in 2012 was its busiest week ever.
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they're like, you know what, now now's the time. >> reporter: it's not just buying guns. in pittsburgh, new gun owners waiting hours in line to obtain a permit. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: here in san bernardino, this shooting range we visited had a line out the door. for many, it's the first time they have been handled a weapon. >> after what's been happening, we need to reconsider what we're doing about protection in the our home. >> reporter: i spoke to some families here in san bernardino say they find it's unnerving. that people are rushing out to buy guns. for some, guns aren't the answer. >> this is a bitter debate in america. as kanya's report made clear, the recent terror attacks have created persuasive fear in america. but, how serious is this threat really? and what, if anything, can we do about it? they hit us at a holiday work holiday, on the streets in paris and at a marine recruiting center. but terror attacks are quite
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since 9/11 islamic extremists have killed 45 americans on u.s. soil. five a year on average. not even close to the 11,000 americans killed every year by gun violence. >> if you look at the odds of being attacked and being killed in a terrorist attack are about 1 in 20 million. >> reporter: the attacks are rare, but real. so what can we as individuals do about it? some companies are including active shooter in their training. herbalife created this tutorial. for workers. >> requires you quickly determine the most reasonable way to protect your own life. >> reporter: government officials also creating a lesson on how to survive an attack. >> find a place to hide where the shooter is less likely to find you. >> reporter: and reminding us see something say something is not just an empty slogan. neighbors in san bernardino shooters chose not to report
7:12 am
profiling. >> it will get to the right people. we investigate in secret so we don't smear innocent people. >> i'm going to answer a question that sara actually asked yesterday, who exactly should you call if you see suspicious. you can call your local police or sheriff department or the fbi. >> that's good to know. lot of people, they feel like they are see something, they don't know who to call. they're not sure about calling. >> people are nervous to call 911. >> they really are. >> is it an emergency or not? i appreciate the answer, dan. >> i'm on the case for you, sara. i want to add that there a lot of other stories making news. three people were stabbed at a subway station in east london on saturday. police are calling this a terrorist attack. officer used a stun gun before taking him into custody. here at home, the mayor of
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there was a cover-up in an incident last year where a young man named laquan mcdonald was shot 16 times by a white officer. this after documents showed a contradiction between the dark cam video and an officer's account. the video appears to show him walking away. a standoff at a motorcycle shop in wisconsin, an armed man started shooting at police after a confrontation inside the shop. the police then shot and killed the suspect. one of the responding officers likely to be alive this morning after his helmet deflected one of the gunman's bullets. we don't know yet what set this incident off. and a scare for the actor morgan freeman, his private plane made an emergency landing in mississippi after one of the tires blew out. he credits his pilot for landing that plane safely. freeman says he got out without a scratch. the plane, however, was seriously damaged. we're very glad he's okay.
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>> that's right, dan. today is a really big day in college football, pandemonium is building this morning for the big announcement on espn. four teams who are going to play for the national championship. this guy jesse pmer joins us now. you have been waiting the entire season for this moment. not to be in studio with us but to actually -- >> to see it here in studio with you. >> oh, thank you. okay, some big conference championships yesterday. the first one s.e.c. what did you like from alabama and florida? >> alabama showed one of the most dominant defenses in the entire country. it's an offense that lives on explosive plays from coker there. outstanding catch at the end of the day, derrick henry, heisman tailback, doing a great job as well. it was a dominant win for the crimson tied. >> you talked about grinding it out, michigan state, in the big ten championship game against iowa,
7:15 am
win. >> unbelievable. a classic defensive matchup, it was physical, both teams trying to run the football and establish the line of scrimmage. i gained a lot of respect watching iowa in this football game. lot of questions surrounding them how good of a team they were. but at the end of the day, congratulations to mark dantonio and sparty. >> so, the selection committee, what are they doing right now, they're trying to pick those four teams. >> they'll be working -- i expect they'll be working all of the way through noon tonight. their job is to rank the top 2 teams. they got to go back and look at the entire body of work all season long, they have to look at strength of schedule, they also help to select the four teams. lot of work heading into noon today. >> it sounds like they have a lot of agonizing decisions. a long night. who do you think the four teams are going to be to play in the
7:16 am
only undefeated team left in the football -- let me get to the panel here. this is great. this is interactive. clemson is undefeated. acc champion. number two, alabama. number three, i have oklahoma. since their loss to texas, i think they have been the most dominant team. they have been on fire since that time. finally, michigan state. >> i'm the same as you, but i have michigan state and oklahoma flipped. i have michigan state as number three and oklahoma number four. okay, looking at the picks, who do you think is going to win it all? >> i just love the clemson tigers. america, i think they're the most complete team in all of college football. on defense, they're athletic, they're deep on the d-line and the secondary. they're getting have a heisman-trophy play from their
7:17 am
pretty impressive. >> i'm going with a michigan state. i'm a big blue fan but i got to go with the home state. and jesse, thank you so much for being here. i know you have a busy day. make sure you catch college football selection day at noon eastern with this guy on espn. >> sara and i are going to continue the analysis of today's sports news. >> right into the commercial break. no, we're going to talk about this amazing discovery under the sea, what could be the world's largest sunken treasure, reportedly found on a warship that went down 300 years ago and sara has that story. >> and if you're anything like me, i know what you're thinking, "goonies" with a little "titanic" mixed in there. sorry. what i wouldn't do to go through all of that loot. take a look.
7:18 am
billions of dollars in sunken treasure. experts speculate these images to be gold, silver and jewels, researchers have been combing the sea floor to discover. it's been called the holy grail of shipwrecks, the san jose sunken in battle more than 300 years ago. in a battle that we would imagine looked like this one in "pirates of the caribbean." it sank during heavy fighting with the british, sparkingly coins captured in this image surrounding the ship, buried fall below the surface. the treasure thought to be worth anywhere from $4 billion to $17 billion making it the most valuable shipwreck in the western hemisphere. researchers using solar imaging to identify the ship, described
7:19 am
the history of humanity. sorry, how exciting is that, i'm thinking every time i go snorkeling, i always look to see -- not scuba diving -- just snorkeling -- i look for shining coins at the bottom of the ocean. >> you ignore the fish. >> i'm not going to get very far, i'm snorkeling. >> sara will have part two and who actually gets the money next week. >> that's a depressing story, because there's a legal battle. everybody wants the money. you know how that goes. >> it sounds like an expedition right up your alley. want to show you, if you're hunting for some snow, certainly a treasure that skiers
7:20 am
washington. i-90 shot down for a period of time because it was coming down fast and furiously. snow levels will remain low for now. several systems will roll into the pacific northwest. they're riding a powerful jet stream. about 189 knots. they'll come right after the other. look at these numbers, though, a good swath of eight-inches plus from portland up to seattle. the mountains could see 15 to 20 inches of just rainfall. it's mild south and east of there. look at these numbers. near 80 degrees in burbank. it will 54 degrees in denver, colorado, and these numbers kind of persist along the lower
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50s from d.c. to boston. >> thanks, rob. coming up on "good morning america" -- dramatic video capturing a bank robbery suspect being shot and killed by a miami beach police officer in the middle of the street. plus, simon cowell's mansion robbed while he was sleeping inside. and the newest member of the kardashian clan. kim and kanye welcome a baby boy. but what about a name? ahead in "pop news." "good morning america" is brought to you by the hotel search. hotel, trivago.
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all right, time for hometown trivia, paula already trying to let me help her cheat. this is out of st. louis, missouri, kdnl, news channel 30. here we go -- this st. louis native is a film, stage and tv actor who won a golden globe. for his starring role opposite rose roseanne barr. >> one for the cheater, john goodman, you got it. >> he won a golden globe? >> they do tv. >> they do tv. >> dan, this lemon lime soda drink was create bid a st. louis-based -- >> sprite. >> paula is incorrigible. she wrote it down and showed it to me. >> paula, your cheating didn't end at uno when you were a kid.
7:26 am
but i'm fessing up to it. welcome back to "good morning america." right now, president obama gearing up for a rare primetime oval office address to the nation tonight, where he'll discuss the threat of terrorism here at home following the attacks in san bernardino. also right now, a riverside, california, neighborhood is on edge after the fbi stormed a home where syed farook's former neighbor lived.
7:27 am
have sold farook weapons used in the attack. the man not considered a suspect in the deadly assault. right now, the rock group eagles of death metal getting ready to return to the stage just three weeks after the paris attacks. they playing of course when terrorists opened fire. a source telling "billboard" magazine the band may join u2 for its final song during the show possibly tonight. >> they really suffered after the shootings. coming up in the show the heist at simon cowell's house as he and his family were sleeping. what the burglars got away with. but first here, the shootout in the heart of miami's trendy south beach neighbor. >> police engaged in a deadly confrontation with a bank robbery suspect and the drama, it was all caught on camera, and abc's marci gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: this happened in the heart of miami tourist, on a busy weekend.
7:28 am
watching and recording, as the disturbing scene unfolded. this cell phone video shot by a bystander captures the moment miami beach police open fire. killing an attempted bank robbery suspect, armed with a barber's razor. >> he's challenged by the officers in the street, and at some point, during that confrontation, he did raise his hand with a straight-edge razor in it and he was shot. >> reporter: you can see here, just before the first shot, the shirtless suspect placed one hand on the police cruiser, the other raising up that razor. in a different image, you see the filament of a officer's stun gun razor fire at the exact moment as the deadly gunshot. this morning, the miami-dade county police are ating. the robber handed this note to the teller. reading, give me your 50s, 100s, please, i have a bomb.
7:29 am
without any money. heading into this barbershop a block ago. >> he came through this door, without a shirt or anything like that, screaming. >> reporter: employees rushed into a back room and hid. as the man rummaged through supplies and investigators say grabbed the straight-edge razor and went back outside to confront police. >> i heard two gunshots. >> reporter: in the video it's unclear what was said between the officers and suspect before those shots were fired. >> so, this is a very difficult decision and a police officer on the street literally has a fraction of a second to make determination whether deadly force is warranted. >> we're told at least one officer was wearing a body cam. police are going over that video, as well as those cell phone images. >> all right, marci, thank you very much. we should send things over to rob. i feel like i should you warn you, there's a large spider web behind you.
7:30 am
morning needlepoint. this is a spider web. >> watch out, rob, i will yarn bomb you. >> wilmington, ohio, freezing fog -- we saw a lot of these pictures. more in the way of fog. low visibilities. some of these areas are seeing temperatures below freezing. so, freezing fog advisories. some of that will coat the railings. meanwhile, three storms coming in powered by a very powerful jetstream. another one storm coming through tuesday and wednesday. each one of those will bring winds that could top 50, 60 miles an hour. south of this jet stream is very, very warm. temperatures above average in denver and las vegas. denver getting to 60 degrees on wednesday. the east coast, same deal.
7:31 am
above average. >> this weather report is brought to you by fitbit. get out there and work out. >> i wear my fitbit when i'm needlepointing. >> i wear my fitbit right now. >> nice. >> the pregnant woman wearing the fitbit. putting us all to shame. >> she's very fit. no question about it. you should see her kick box. coming up here on "good morning america," while they were sleeping. the real scare for simon cowell and his family. when burglars came call. and holiday budget tips, keep it right
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a real scare this morning for simon cowell, the guy who made a name for himself launching shows like "american idol" and "the x factor." and has been serving as a brash and blunt judge. >> the one that people do love to hate. some people love him as well. burglars broke into his london home while he and his family were all sleeping. this morning, those suspects are still on the loose. jennifer eccleston has more from london.
7:36 am
>> reporter: overnight, simon cowell shook off the drama. of a brazen home invasion. thieves broke into his london mansion early friday morning, stealing jewelry and cash reportedly worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. the millionaire media mogul and his girlfriend lauren silverman were asleep, and so was their baby boy, eric, seen here in a sweet tweet from the dad last month. happier still if you're safe in your own home. abc news has learned that a guard has been removed from the cowell residence and the neighborhood watchman who gave chase to the suspect and fought with him, retrieving some of the loot, can expect a very nice christmas present. cowell is no stranger to the good life. on his youtube channel, a sneak peek at his luxurious multimillion-dollar home. but that inside look may have provided a road map for the criminals who managed a clean getaway.
7:37 am
information for someone who might want to burglar it. it's not wise. >> reporter: it's one of the most beautiful and exclusive neighborhoods in all of london. plenty of celebrities with ample private security. it's not yet known how the criminals entered cowell's house and how long they stayed. or if he was deliberately targeted. if so, it's not the first time. a female stalker armed with a brick smashed a window and made her way into the mansion in 2012. simon cowell is said to be rattled but hugely relieved that his family is safe. especially his young son. for "good morning america," jennifer eccleston, abc news, london. >> really scary. coming up, we'll switch gears a little bit, talk about how to entertain on a shoestring by keeping guests entertained. paula is an expert. she has the plan coming up. >> don't let me cook for you. >> does it involve origami? >> no, but it involves scissors.
7:38 am
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welcome back, everybody. when you're entertaining friends and family this time of year the challenge is to create a little holiday magic. well, i learned some secrets that are going to impress your guests without breaking the bank. it's that very special time of year to spread some love, spread some cheer. so, get some scissors and glue and watch what "gma" has in store for you. i invited designer francesco bilotto over to help me create
7:41 am
household items. >> ready to get some christmas gifting going. >> reporter: let's go. number one, shop your home. >> candles, grab them. and the star of the show, printer paper. >> reporter: tip number two, recycle. >> these will end up being something fabulous. >> repepter: watch as these paper towel tubes become napkin ribbons. >> we want to takeome ribbon. >> reporter: wrap it around? >> wrap it around and before you know it. >> reporter: genius. staple. time to use that printer paper to create a winter wonderland. >> we create a whole center stage for this table. >> reporter: okay, and finally, tip number three, it doesn't matter what you have but what you do with it. like this three-tier dessert plate. >> we're going to make some magic with it.
7:42 am
this, layer and build up. >> reporter: this is so cool. >> isn't this cool? >> reporter: or these candlestands. >> easy -- one, two, three. >> reporter: cheers. >> cheers! >> my table's never looked better. dan, you made some snowflakes for us. >> rob challenged me to a yarn bombing contest earlier. >> what are you guys doing? >> this is like the football game. >> you didn't watch francesco's tips at all. you're not decorating my house. >> exactly. keep them out. but yo can come over andenjoy my festive table. thank you. still ahead on "good morning america" -- maks picking his dance partner for life ahead in "pop news." sara, you're going to shed some light on this. he's getting married, i think. >> well, don't worry "pop news." that's tease. >> i need some details. i got some details about periscope right now. we have a fan request to watch dan meditate, paula sing and rob
7:43 am
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7:47 am
speculation now running rampant on what they're going to name their new addition. of course, they have already have a daughter named north west. kim floated the name easton wasn't totally onboard with that. totally new direction. that was kind of a pun. thank you. hollywood reports said the middle name is picked, and it's robert x after her father. kim has been honest about how pregnancy isn't fun. i'm not a crazy, happy pregnant person. and she's always like, this is rough. i'm pretty happy, period. the pregnancy report is like -- ananbig "dancing with th stars" news. lovebirds maks and peta are engaged. the romantic maks popping the question on stage after a performance of stage in miami. then uploading it to instagram
7:48 am
peta sharing a photo of the happy couple a month ago. they dated ten months a few years ago before calling it quits and then rekindling their relationship. congratulations to them. lots of happy news. >> lots of hot news right there. >> yeah. >> they're both so attractive. and the buildup is just getting bigger for "the force awakens" -- and this is for you, dan. less than two weeks before the debut of the newest "star wars" movie, another sneak peek. with some amazing behind the scenes video. director j.j. abrams and crew seemed just as excited to be a part of the legacy just as fans arar check it out. >> action! >> what happens to these characters that we know and love it's a world i want to get back to literally. >> "star wars" magic, it does take your breath away. and that's something that george lucas were definitely --
7:49 am
"the force awakens" premieres on december 18th. we're all superexcited. b has a lightsaber umbrella. >> come on. >> he's been walking around -- i do dare you to walk around new york city with that explanation. it's a combination of star wars geek and weather geek. at sundown tonight begins the jewish holiday of hannukah, so a happy, happy holiday to everyone. festival of lights. to mark the e casion, this group did a hilarious parody. look at them flicking that wrist that wrist look at them flicking that wrist that wrist spinning that dreidel like that >> i love this. to celebrate hannukah a little early, i brought snacks. we are feasting on some jelly doughnuts. >> look at that wrist.
7:50 am
watch me whip nae nae. spin your dre dre. >> we have potato -- >> you take it because i want to eat. >> this traditional on hannukah -- this is my grandmother spoke yiddish, it's yiddish for gold. >> apple sauce. apple sauce and jelly douguguts. it's the full mix. a low-fat hannukah on "gma." thank you for joining us. watch "this week" later.
7:51 am
kevin connors, chris hassel. championship saturday in college football. there was no shuffling, but we had a bunch of drama. >> thrilling finish to the acc championship game presented by dr. pepper. >> and controversial, too. >> controversial, indeed. clemson and d rth carolina. chris, 1:13 to go. tar heels scored a touchdown. they went for the onside kick. this never works, but it works! except there's a flag on the play. offsides on north carolina. as you take another look, there's no one near offsides. >> that's where the officials got to say, hey, my bad. >> you can't review it. >> you can't review it. they kick it again. wait a minute, carolina has had like four chances to get it. except they don't. clemson recovers. carolina's going to be stewing a about that one. but the clemson tigers are the
7:52 am
and iowa hawkeyes have been stewing about this one, a play-in game for the college football playoff game. the winner is in. 22-play drive from the michigan state and that effort from l.j. scott to h hd iowa its first loss of the season. before that, the latest iowa had trailed in a game all season was with over 10:00 left in third quarter. back in week two. >> it hurts. but great season. the warriors win their 21st in a row.
7:53 am
enjoy your nfl sunday. >> announcer: starting right now now, a special edition of "this week," act of terrorism in the homeland. brand-new details about the killer couple who may have inspired by isis as stunning details emerge as the couple. the new indications she could have master minded the massacre with the country shocked by the
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