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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 9, 2015 7:00am-9:00am CST

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fore good morning, america. donald trump defends his plan to ban muslims from coming to america speaking directly to barbara walters about the global outcry. >> areou a bigot? >> not at all. probably the least of anybody you've ever met. >> new calls to ban trump in american cities and s some countries and claims that his plplan is causing threats and attacks against muslims. the chdhood friend of that terror couple under suspicion this morning. why he bought those guns for the killers and what his friends say he told them weeks before the attack and the new alert this morning. the search right now for two afghan soldiers missing from an american military base in georgia. chipotle's major new outbreak is growing. 80 college students sickened. that school warns its athletes not to eat there. th fast food chain is searching for answers. the new nationa warning this morning about the hottest gift of the holid season. this hoverboard going u up in flamesesight in the m mdle of a a
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>> holy cow. >> what you need to know before you put one u under youtree. and good morning, amera. boy, that was a scary mont, a ma in suburban seattle. you see the hovboard go up in flames right there. not the first time this hasas happened. >> meanwhile, these are selling on ebay every 12 seconds one hoverboard sells. a big alert coming up. >> we'll have that ead. we begin with donald trump. many continuing to lash out against him. an avalanche of criticism from hiss own party. want to take a look at some of the republican leaders who have denounced the pl. the gop front-runner sitng down with barbara walters for an exclusive on camera interview and abc's tom llamas starts us off, good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. donald trump says to make america great again he has to make america safe again.
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outrage to hisis plpl. leaders here andnd abroad saying trump has gone too far. this morning, donald trump pushing forward witis call to ban muslims from coming to america. >> are you a bigot? >> not at all. probably the least of anybody you've ever met. >> reporter: in an exclusive on camera interview with barbara walters, trump expxplains the idea for the ban is a direct result from the attacks on the world trade sinr and last week's shooting in san bernardino. >> there are peopl that have tremendously bad intentions. we have to be tough. we have to be smart and we have to be vigilant. >> reporter: but does that mea being un-american? that's the way the plan is being described by the white use. >> what donald trump said yesterday disqualifies him from serving as president. >> reporter: republican leadersrs on capitol hill. >> what was proposed yesterday is not what this party stands forr and more imporntly it's not what this country statands for. repororter: democrac front-nner hillary clinton
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all the gop candidates under the trump tent. >> they are all driving the exact narrativiv thatihadists want to advance. that we are at war, not with barbarists, violent murders but with an entire religion. this is a grave miste. >> reporter: but trump's fellow candidates are blasting him, as well. >> what he proposed was not well thought out, it was impulsive. he didn't think it through. it violates the constitution and places a r religious test and isn't the best way to do itit. >> you know how to make america greaeatagain, tell donald trump to go to hell. >> reporter: the chairman of the national republican committee saying we need to aggressively take on radical islamic terrorism but not at the expense of our american values. trump says he's the front-runner for a reason. his supporters know exactly what he stands for. >> i like what he had to say about the muslims. we got to get control. >> it's a short-term problem
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going to be good for the safety of the usa. >> and the worst thing that't's ever happened to isis, the people in my party fully understand that. they're running against . for the most part they have n poll numbers. i'm leading by a lot. they get it trying to get publicity for themselves. >> reporter: now leaders from all over the world condemning trump including france and the uk. we want to show you. it is graphic. one of donald trump's hometown newspapers "the new york daily news" and showsrump with a large sword, his victim, the statue ofliberty. the message, trump has declared his own personal jihad on american values. george and rorobi >> he is stirring up so much emotion right now. want to bring in matthewowd our political analyst served as senior adviser to president george w. bush and weigh heard josh earnest s this disqualifies dald trump from the presidency. the question on the table right now does it increase his chances
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>> i don't -- obviously his voters don't think if you look at the polls in the last few days he's expding his lead in places like new hampshirere and nationally in the course of this. i think donald trump has a better read on the republican electote and what connects with them emomoonally and wt they wan to hear than any of the other 17 candidates running in the gop field and i think especially in the short term this only solidifies his support in the course of this primary. the question is can he expand beyond about a third of the vote? that's an open question but right nowonald trump is the guy to beat in the republican primary. >> you alsoaw that chorus from the republican sustainment taking him on yesterday but trump is holding a real threat over that establishment. the polls show that if he runs as an independent, about 68% of his followers w would vote for him as an independndt. >> yeah, absolutely. i think what this benefits donald trump for two reasons, george, is first of alll when the mainstream media and republican establishment attack him, he gains in the polls among his
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voters in the primary but i think the idea that he can keep an option out there open and to run as an independent i think empowers him in the course of this. the interesting thing, george, is the guy most likely to not run as an independent in the cose of this race is donald trump because right now donald trump is the favorite to win the gop nomination. the question actuallyy goes to will other candidatessun in the course of this as ann indepeent? >> that's one of the questions but what does the republican establishment do in the meantime? you saw hilry clinton try to tar every candate with the trtrump brhh soow do they sort of immunize themselves against getting that infection? >> i think that's a rl -- i mean i tnk that's a real problem. anybody in the course of this, any gopominee in the course of this will affected by this heateded rtoric and the problems that it's creatingg of the i ink that's a big problem for the republicans but right now donald trump is the big dog in the race. >> matthew dodo, thanks very much. >ll right, george, we move on now to tha breaking news, two
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states for training missing this morning. this comes, of course, with tensions running hig and abc's pierre thomas i in washihington with the latest. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. mitary and law enforcement officials are seahing for an afghan air force lieutenant and master sergeant who have been missing from an air force base in georgia for two days. the t two were part of a u.s. military training program and were scheduled to graduate next week. th military tells us t tre is no evidence that t ty are a threatat a some think they may be seeking asylum which was the case last year. at the time three afghan military personnel disappeared from massachusetts and were later found trying to get into canada and sent back home. we don't know why these two trainees in georgia went missing. it's a bit of a mystery but authoritie do want to find them. robin. >> all right, pierre, thank you. again, no evidence of them being a threat but do want to find them. >> everyone so scared right now. the latest on the investigation into the san bernardino massacre. focus on enrique marquez, the
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who bout the rifles the killers usus and made some o onous coents to friends weeks before the attacks. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross is tracking the case. brian, the hunt for p possible accomplices is pretty intense right now >> that's true. this morning the fbi, that's a big issue particularly because authorities say syed farook as long as four years ago was tryiying to hidide t fact that he had that friend buy him two high-powered assault rifles. it's one of the many pieces of evidence of how long and well this terror attack was planned. authorities have now put the mother of syed farook, rafia, on the u.s. terror watch list.. days after the father, ziedsigh syed sr. was put on the list. she was put on the list to make sure she does not try to leave th country. all this as officials continue to investigate who may have helped the terror couple in their attack. one week ago today. butt a a new photo emerged from
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moments before the attack, the presentation of the employee of the year award, authoriries say syed farook and tashfeen malikk had plenty of help getting their ney and their guns all lined up. authorities say 24-year-old enrique marquez, a punk rock fan, convert to islam and clo friend of farook has admitted he bought the guns for farook and did so officials say because farook did not want his name to be on file in connection with such serious weapons. that was almost four years ago. >> mrs. marquez -- >> reporter: marqz's mother would not talk about the investigation but on a facebook post the night of the attack marque wrote i'm very sorry, guys. it was a apleasure. the next day he checked himself into a mental facility. friends believe he may have knownomething about the plot in advance. >> he says something along the linesf there's a l lot of muslims in our own backyard just ready to go heyaywire and attack
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it. >> reporter: law enforcement officials t tell abc news this morning that even thougharook and his wife tried to destroy their cell phones and computers, authorities have now recovered some informatition including imagag of othering its the couple might have bebeen planng to attack. robin. >> brian, thank you. for more l let's bring in former fbi special agent brad garrett and pick up on what brian was saying about other p possible atta points. where do invnvestigato go from there. >> the real key are therether plays and are they about to launch an attack? if you think about it, if he's had these weapons for three to four year, that means he's been thinking about this for a period of timeme. the big concern, is there an attack they can't stop yet. >> having those guns for that amount of f time and apparently goingo grere lengthso hide the ownership. >> actly. goes to mind-set. goes to he was thinking about doingomomething years ago but for whatever rean it culminated last week. >> marquez, people want to know, are there others out there that
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>> i think it's likely only because to pull off an attack like this, it's maybe even planned for maybe a long time you have to get help. somebody had to teach you to shoot, build p pipe bomb, et cetera. >> investigators really want to get at the root of what inspipid them or who insnsred them. >> exactly because that may leaea you to other people. is there an anwar awlaki type person that inspired them out there. >> we'll move on to the proroblem of anti-muslim attacks on the rise since last week's massacre and there are concerns donald trump's trumps could incite more violence. matt gutman is in san bernardino with that part of the story. good moing, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. a week after the attacks in that confence building behind me, muslim groups are saying they are now the targets of increasing intimidation and threats saying it's even changingnghe way some people go out, the way they dress. even the way they pray. it's being called the biggest
7:12 am
since 9/11 andot just rhetoricic. in philadelphia surveillance video of a pig's head thrown at a mosque. the fbi now investigating. threatenin voice mails lt at a mosque in st. louis. >> come may way and i'll [ bleep ] you all. cut your [ bleep ] off. >> reporter: in dallas, i hope you get sprayed witit pig's blood, okay. you are just [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this palm beach floridaosque vandalized, windows smashed all triggering fear. >> you feel scared as an american about what's happening in our coury but then at the very same time you're afraid for your own life because of, you know, wt people are doing in retaliation. >> reporter: the council on american-islamic relations saying the spike follows both the san bernardinino rampage and donald trump's calls for a ban on muslim immigration. and here in san bernardino, intimidation. the mosque syed farook attended threatened the night afterhe rampmpe and mosquee attendada is down. one of its members confronted at a mememorial.
7:13 am
>> i mean he was really passionate. he was really angry. >> reporr: some are changing their behavavior. >> i a group i wouldn't go alone. i would take two or threeuys with me. >> reporter: and even c changing their dress. >> amongst the women don't wear hijajab anymore. take it off. >> reporter: and the detective who said he would take a bullet before the ecuees is speaking ououtbout that moment. admitting he was also scared but ew people were counting on hihim. >> i meant what i said. i said it for them just to kind of calm down and rerelax, that we were going to do everything we can to get them out of that building safely. >> reporter: of course, among the people that hero officers ferried out of that building were muslim-americans. give you a sense of how enmeshed the community is when we arrived at thatosque we saw a sheriff's deputy coming out. he had actually been praying there. robin. >> something to kee inn mind, matt. thank you.
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ateast 80 college sdents in boston f fl sick after eating a at one of the restauraras. thisis comes after that e. coli outbreak that sickened dozens across the country and abc's linsey davis is there outside of chipotle in boston. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this chipotle location remains osed this morning. e boston heah departmen has said that this is not another outbre o of e. coli but likely norovirus. now, this all started with an e-mail that went out to boston college athlet, do not eat at chipotle. this morning, another blow to the popular fast food chain chipotle. boston college saying 80 of its students sickened after eating at this restaurant in boston this weweekend. including half of the basketball team. >> some of them like couldn't get out of bed. >> reporter: health officials in boston say the cause is likely nororovirus, a highly contagius virus with symptoms including stomach pain, nauseand fevers. >> one of our friends said when
7:15 am
ten people on the waiting room all bucks just throwing up. >> reporter: this isn't the first concern like this for the gloved burrito hot spot. earlier this year 52 peoeople fell ill to a e. coli outbreak and the restaurt closed several stores to discacard ingredients before re-opening. chipotle telling abc news we do no have any evidence to suggest this incident is related to the previous e. coli incident. but the chain's latest problems mean more bad news for investor chipotle's stock, once among the hottest around, plummeting more than 20% since last year. so here's the thing, a chipotle employee was sick while working a shift here late last weekut ththe bososton health department says that it's still working definitively to determine the source of the norovirus and, robi good news here the bosto college basketball team is expected to play as usual tonight. >> tt is good news, linsey, all right, thank you. amy with the morning's other top stories starting with the
7:16 am
attack. >> that's right. in fact, a paige development in that attack investigation, french officials have identified a third gunman who blew himself up at the batlan theatre as a 23-year-old d ench citizen who reportedly traraled to syria in 2013 with his brother. breaking news from afghanistan. at least 37 peoe have been killedfter taliban fighters attackcked the airport in kabd har in the southern part of that country. dozensns of others have been injured and there are reports that hostages have been taken. more details as we get them. back here in this country growing concern about a possible heal risk in southern california. experts claim this infred video shows a cloud of metne lingering over t neighborhood of porter ranch, gas showing up as a purple color leaking from a natural gas plant for weeks forcing hundreds from their home and the city is suing the gas company. a hostage standoff unfolded
7:17 am
caught on pice camera. officers's body camera. shots were fired in a home where two people were being held. police say as officers moved in, one suspect in the basement then took his own life,nother suect fled. butas later arrested. the hostages thankfully were not injured. and the man who helped start a company famous f its rugged jacks and outdoor gear has died of hythermia. north face co-founder douglas tompkins' death followed a kayaking accident in patagonia, he was 72. a high-tech face peel may have uncovered a sret hidden by the "mona lisa's" famous grin. a french scientist said he used multispectctral lig technology to look through every layer of paint app by leonanardo da vinci and claims he has uncovered three paintings beneath "mona lisa" each showing a different woman. critics are doubtful but onene
7:18 am
jaw dropping. the critics are saying thosese other paintings were earlier drafts but the m who s spent a decade onn this said they are different women with different expressions looking in different directions. >> they look kin of the same there. >> well, this guy says it. >> i know. really all of a sudden you're expert. >> according to my untrained eye. >> ging, pineapple express. >> like the original photoshop for 230e9 tophotos. that pipeleline of moisture that originates around the waters of hawaii and ansports it right to the pacific northwe has been pouring on them and look at whathe result has been. landslides over highway 30, covering the highway. some fololks out of moisture -- are going to have plenty of moisture. the flood watch down into northern california.
7:19 am
ridges of the syria.going to lififinto the upper 50s today and totorrow. the biggest change going from our wednesday to thursday will be the development of a very strtrong wind from the west gusting near 30 miles per hour. then as we go forward into the weend, it'll start to get cooler and a rain/snow mix is possible on saturday into sunday. today's high is 59 degrees with sunshine and warm air. the low tonight is 39 under mostly clear skies. tomorrow, we'll make it up to 58 and it'll be mostly sunny and breezy. here's a look at our 7 day forecast where we'll have a steady decline in temperatures with highs in the 40s and 30s going into next
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city... has police and folks who live in the neighborhood asking for help from the public. on december 7th around 2-40 am... 2 masked males kicked in the ont door and enenred a home on the 2600 block of f south alice street. the two suspects held the owner and mother of two, at gun point and tied up her special needs 18 to 19 year old son and beat him with a crow bar. the two suspects remain at large. police say they made off with top dollar electronics the individuals they're looking for have been described as masked men, one being around 6 foot, thin/slinder build. the other is being described as 5'8 to 5'11 thin build. jessica leeck in with for the weather. mama: good morningng siouxland. the satellite and rarar picture is pretty quiet with just a few
7:24 am
temperatures are currently in the 30s across most of the map and it's another fairly warm start to our day. the wind is light and variable
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likee us baby we were born to run >> our stage maner angie is very happy right now. welcome back. the boss, bruce springsteen in concert. tickets for his concert next year already on sale on some websites for thousands of dollars. we'll hook you up, angie, don't worry but now the new york attorney gener is saying, beware, some of those tickets ma not even exist yet. the new investigation. >> you got to be careful how we hook angie up. >> a lot more coming up. donald trump is defending his plan to ban musli froro coming to america even as reblican leaders and his presidential rivals denounce it this morning, some american cities and some countries want to b him. pnned parenthood shooter robert dear in court this afternoon facingg first degree murder charges for killing three at t that clinic two weeks ago. also this morning, something called s scree deafafness. does it seem sometimes people
7:26 am
we'll talk about that coming up. right now ginger, i was trying to throw to you. ginger. >> oh. hi. this iwhat i do over here. >> just an example o of screen deafness. we'll get into this very real phenomenon coming up >> it's when i get home every day. >> hello, i'm here.. >> ginger took one for the team. we don't have to do that on the couch in "the speed feed." >> i'm on the radar. >> thank you, ging. we begin with the latest on the murder of a prominent florida ctor known for her appearances on local television. newly released documents show police believe her husband may have been involved in a plot to have her killed. abc's linzie janis is here with the story. good morning, linzie. reporter: right now mark sievers is living in the home where his wife was murdered and a judge just ruled that he'll keep custody of their two children, all this despite these
7:27 am
to kill her. this morning, mark sievers is a free manith cususdy of his two young daughters, even though police believe he was behind the murder of their mother, dr. teresa sievers. in court this week the department of children and families arguing the girls are in impending danger. but the judge disagreeing and rejecting a motion to remove them. the victimim's sister telling a abc news in a statement that she has been cut off from her two nieces and that the girls were coached their fathe to turn against her. this comes just days after the release of police documents including an affidavit alleging sievers orchestrated a plot to kill his wife, a popular florida physician. >> this is not new age. >> reporter: neighbors say they hadeen living in fear ever since the 46-year-old was found bludgeoned to death inside the family home in june. >> there's still a killer on the loose. i live right beside him.
7:28 am
>> reporter: within weeks of the murder police arresting curtis wainwright and jimmy ray roger of missosoi accusing them of driving to floridao carry out thee murder. but accordidi to t tse newly released documents police allege mark sievers and his old friend wright were involved in the initial planning of the murder saying they communicated in code words and on burner cell phones and that sievers was going to pay wright o outf the $4.4 milln in life insurance policies he had on his wife. police also alleging the sievers' marriage was on the rocks with evidence of aairs on both sides. the sheriff's office tells abc news they know more than what is in those documents and are still working the case. legal experts say they're likely taking their time in charging sievers to make sure they have enough evidence. george. >> i'll bet they will. thanks very much. trouble for a former miss kansas, the beaut queen and outdoor channel host theresa
7:29 am
jail for illegally killing a bear. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: theresa vail is no stranger to controversy. the former miss kansas was the first miss america contestant to openly display tatttts. and she had to choose a new skilllfor thehe talent competition when they wouldn't let her shoot a bow. but this morning it's a bear hunt in alaska t that has vail in hot water. the starf the joao door channel show "limitless with theresa vail" faces charges for cident accidentally killing a bear and allegedly trying to cover it up. during a legal hunt, pole say vail had permission to shoot one bear but dentally killed a secondone, then tried to falsify what's called a locking tag t t make it appear the second bear kill was legal. >> when a guider assistant guide is involved it's important they operate well within the boundaries of the law. if they operate outside the law itundermines theorganization. >> michael renfro was one of the
7:30 am
> if i could do it over i wou do it differently. there was no personal gain to myself or my business. the only gain was hopefully she wouldn't lose her career. >> reporter: the outdr chapel says the hunt in question never aired and they are commimittedto ethical huntntg. vail sayshe followed poor advice and allowed the second bear to be improperly tagged adding that she reported the incident and has f fully coopered with authorities. i am deeply sorry for my mistakes. arraignment is set for next week. for "goodorning america," neal karlinsky, a abc news, seattle. >> our thanks to neal. to you to the duggar family speaking out since being rocked by a series of scandals. including anna whose husband josh is at the center of itll all part of a new c specici and ababc's marachiavocampo has the exclusive look. >> over the past four months has been pretty crazy for my family. >> reporter: this morning new
7:31 am
family is coping in the we of josh duggar's scandals over sexual molestation and infidelity. >> i cried a lot of ars. >> reporter: early this year 27-year-old josh, the oldest of jim bob andmichchele's 1 kids acacknowledging allegations he molested fiviveirls when he was a teenager iluding four of hi sists. in the wake of the shocking news, tlcanceled their popular show. for months the fily presented a unitedfront, sisters jessa and jl two of those who had been molested defending their brother on fox news. >> i do want to speak up in his defense, against people who are calling him a child molester or a pedophile.. >> reporter: but then another bombshell. josh duggar admitting to cheating on his wife after his ashley madison membership was revealed during the adultery website's hacking. now for t firirst time several
7:32 am
and tlc's new three-part special "jill and jea: counting on." >> you're angry and hurt and like all of thosemotionons all mixed together. >> reporter: the sisters saying they wished they had known the ll story before defding josh publicly. >> it wasn't right for him to let us speak our words without haveing the full knowledge of what he was hiding. >> reporter: the special also features candid interviews with josh duggar's wife anna speaking out for the first time since her husband admitted cheatating on her. >> i'm going to wake upp and everything is going to be okay and t this really -- this can't be true. >> repepter:he show f follows jill and jessa on the next chapters in their lives, jill moving to central america. >> are you prepared for the birth? >> jessa starting a family of her own. >> there's still a lot of
7:33 am
>> reporter: one family determined to move forward from a painful past. >> we will come outfhis fire, so to speak, stronger. as a family unit. >> reporter: the first episode ofof the three-part special "jill and jessa: counting on" airs sunday on tlc. now josh duggar is reportedly in treatment for sex addiction. we did reach out to josh for the story but he did not have any comment. the family has been through so much but they're tressing this speciaial is about them moving forward in a positive way. ne babies. new chatters this their lives. >> they continue to want to share it. >> because they had such auge fan base. theyant people to know they're moving on in positivity in thank you, mara. comingp next on "gma," they're the season's hottest gift but now thehe new natioiol warning about h hboards after this onene went up in flames at a a mall. and breakthrough technoly for your pain. whyy it may time to stop popping pills and use a patch.
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questions about one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season. you see people zipping aund on them all the te riding down stre, sidewalk, but now there are new fears about what can happen and t. holmes is here to tell us about that. we saw you on it earlier. >> hoverboard holmes you can call me. of coursese now,look, that's the popular nameme the hoverboard, the technical name is the self-balancing electric scooter but some are earning the nickname of hot whees, numerous reports of these things catching on fire and once you see thihis latest video it's going to have a lot of peopl thinking twice about putting one of these things under the tree. overnight crews responding to a fire at a washington statemall. >> hol cow. >> a battery powered hoverboard overheating going up in flames not once but twice. stunning the other shoppers. >> they were just staring like what j jt happened and whyid that happen? you know, for no apparent reason it just exploded. >> reporter: this just the latest in a string of incidents
7:39 am
this holiday season are ending up enlfed in smoke. this one caught fire while someone was riding it. >> ma, it's catching on fire. >> reporter: tamara bought one of them for herson. she said they were charging it whwhen they heard two explosions. >> if someone was in the room they would have been hurt. >> reporter: jessica horn says thth one she bouought was charging before it destroyed part of her louisiana home. >> both wheels it was like a firework. i seen sparks just flying and before i could yell, the house is on fire, it just the middle part ofhe board that wou go in betweenour feetjustpoof. >> reporter: authorities are investigating the cause but now the national association of state fire m marshalss issuing an advisory saying these incidentss are not unique occurrences and that consumers need to do their homework. >> if you buyuy these devices make susu that they've been tested about i a reputable testing firir so b bcautious about maybe purchasing them over the inteternet, puhasing them directly from overseas. >> repter: all right, a lot of ople have concerns so i have
7:40 am
this is a swag way. one of the reputable manufacturers. that is key. get one from a reputable manufacturer out here. they should cost from $400 to 1700 bucks. a lot on the interne -- >> that's how you know reputable by price. >> you know by price but there are u.s. manufacturers based here that give warranties of one and two years, many you find online don't have a name brand at all coming from overse. he costou 100 bucks, 150 bucks, you should know something is up. >> that bargain is a big red flag. >> a lot are turning to that because it's the holiday season. out. >> it's not a bargain if your christmas these goes on fire. >> therein lies the issue. >> thanks, t.j. >> kate middleton's big tribute torincess diana coming up. next on "gma," something called screendeafness, does it really exist? i say yes. we havav the science behind why youuay have troubleearing when you're onyour phone lookingt text
7:41 am
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i have a resident namejoyce, and she kept complaining about all her aches and ins. and i said "come to class, let's start walking together" and i said "and i bet you money you'll be able to do that senior walk"k". that day i said "ok it's me and you girl, me and you!" i said "if you need to stop, there's s bench we'll just ng out in the shade." she said "absosotely not! we are going to finish this rac" and we were the last ones in, but you know what?
7:44 am
o we talked about screen deafness whe you literally cannot hear when you're looking at it. does that happen to you guys. >> yes. >> there is a medical reason for this. we want you to look at a brain scan doing a computer puzzle. they're not hearing a sound despite having tones pumpedn
7:45 am
the red wave you see there shows how high it registers sound when not engaged and then this green line shows what we hear when -- how it drops considerably whenn we're concentrating on something more complilicated. the reason is, guy, that a person's sense of visision and hearing are lated in a shared and limited region of the brain called the association cortex. your brainas to choose, it can' multitask. doing both things or getting stimulated both ways i i hasas to pickck which one i i m me luable. >> can women do it better than men, though. i think they can. >> of course, they can. >> there you go. here's another great improve this! tip from lowe's. from everybody you're smelling in your garbage disposal, feed it lon slices to eliminate unwanted odors.
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never needs a battery. at kay, the number-one memory-maker in america. every kiss begins with kay. back on "gma" with the storms slamming the west coast the big wavavesre starting to form and ty are going to get even bigger. we're talking 30 plus foot waves that will be blasting the coast in the coming days. all right. allaight sesent tomorrow. the biggest change going from our wednesday to thursday will be the development of a very strong wind from the west gusting near 30 miles per hour. then as we go forward into the weekend, it'll start
7:50 am
have a better idea if a plan to expand the local jail is feasable. officer unlocking door to recreational center. jessica rae: a study by raker rhodes engineering shows that converting the roof-top rereeational area into cell blocks is a possiblity. there were previous concerns that the building could not withstand the weight of another floor. county officials say additional space is needed relieve overcrowding. "for the past couple of years we've only had 4 or 5 inmates out there that qualify and it's hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep that place open every year," said major greg stallman woodbury county sheriff deparment. jessica rae: the board of supervisors agreed to move forward with plans to add cell blocks to the l- e-c's third floor. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt:
7:51 am
satellite and rar picture is pretty quiet with just a few clouds moving through. temperatures are currently in the 30s across most of the map and it's another fairly warm start to ououday. the wind is light and variablebetween 5 and 10 miles per hour for most locions. here's the planner where temperatures will top out in near-record
7:52 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and we have the latest on kim kardashian's heal crisis during her pregnancy pregnancy complicating the birth of little saint. so many other women could suffer from it and dr. ashton explas thee risk factors live. breakthrough technology that could end popping pills for pain. the simple patch that could be the relief for headaches and back pains. kate weang princess diana's tiara. the latest picture and how kate isis followi in diana's footsteps right now. only here live we've got the cold weather tricks to warm up your winter. from a frfrost-free windshield to making sure your hands are never cold again.
7:53 am
>> good morning, america. can't wait to see those cold weathertricks. our audience could use some of those hand warmers. today. because it is december "time" magazine announced their person of the year. it is angela merkel r right there. she beat out the leader of isis and donald trump, and right here this morning, we're revealing "people's" most reintriguing list. improve this. we're counting down to chrisistmas with a deck the halls challenge. our diy elves sara haines and rob marciano going head-to-head. rob building a candy cane out of pipes and sara wl try to make mini christmas tree out of traffic cones. >> yes. >> three, two, one.
7:54 am
>> oh, my gosh. >> oh, we're starting. >> they'll have a little time to get that done. we're get the news, amy with the moing rundown. >> good morning, everyone.. the big story this morning donald trump standing his ground despite new fallout from his proposal to ban muslims from entering the u.s. trump telling barbara walters, he does not regret his proposal and he says he is not a bigot. despite the firestorm a new poll from new hampshire showing trump enjoying his biggest lead to date. but the controverersy is starting to hit him in the wallet. a retailer in the united arab emirates is pullingng trump brded products from its stores and in london more than 100,000 people have already signed a petition to stop trump from entering the uk which means parliament may actually have to debite the issue. the investigation into the san bernardino massacre is now focusing on the childhood friend who bought the rifles used by the killers. auauorities say enrique marque a convert to islam, has admitted buying the guns for syed farook nearly fourears ago,
7:55 am
trail suggegesting f farook may have been planning this massacre for years. and friends believe marquez may have known something about the plot in advance, as well. in medical news the painkiller u but prfin may be available in a patch. researchers say the patchould provide a safer teddy dose of relief for up to 12 houours and they say it would be ideal for localized pain lik a pulled musc and could take t two years however toit the market. and now to a consumer alert for music fans, questions are being raised about tickets being soldor bruce springsteen's upcoming tour and abc's reena ninan has the detatailils. can't start a fire >> r whether it's the allure of dancing in the dark with the boss or recapturing those glory . in a young girl's eye > reporter: millions are willg to journey to thunder road and beyond for tickets to his just announced 2 26 concert tour.
7:56 am
ch as $6,000 on sites like stubhub stubhub, ticket network and vivid seats. evenen for those willing to take the plunge the new york attorney general says this morning be warned warned. if you try to buy them you might find yourself -- oing dowown down down >> reporter: they don't exist yet and tempt them to pay a premium. turns out even scalpers can't buy tickets until they g on sale decemberr 1h. the attorney general alleges they take those regularly priced tickets then try to pass them off asremium tickets to the early buyers pocketing the difference in cost. >> rter: adedele lent her star power to the fig saying on her website theresale of tickets will not be tolerated. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. all right, reena, thank you forr that warning. > as we heard george say "time" magazine named angela merkel its person of the year.
7:57 am
tested this year like few other leaders addressing evething from the economy to europe's refugee crisis. and finally, how about a lesson in text message etiquette? turns out endin your text with a period i a real no-no. a new study confirms most think that the period at the end of a text makes you look insincere and possibly even rude. leave it off, they say,r better yet, end it with a exclamation point. >> ooh. >> here's the study t that shows, you have fine, so someone asks you to do something if you havave a period it would be like fine. if you had an exclamation that's fine. >> fine is always bad. >> fine on a text you know -- >> it's not fine. >> it's not fine. it's never fine. >> i u exclamation points all the time. do i know you? >> i thought we were down on that. now i guess -- who knows. just wait around. everythingomes back around. >> fine, amy. >> fine, george. fine. >> let's go to lara.
7:58 am
i'll do the "morning menu." here what's coming upn "good mornininamerica." kim kaashian's pregnancy health crisis, the condition so many could be suffering from. dr. jennifer ashton is with us live to talk about th. a new headline about adhd and your kids. what's behd the spike in diagnosis and kate following in princess diana's footsteps weing her favorite tiara for theirst timever and have a brand-new picture. all that and sa haines trying to deck rob's halls. >> help me, lara >> our chrisistmas challenge. can you say it with me, improve this! >> improve this! >> coming up on "good morning america" in times square. hey, girl, i got you. i g you. >> you're good at this stuff. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for overyears, our clients have ried on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you cacan feel confident...
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8:04 am
world. during this pregnancy kim reportedly suffered from placenta accreta, the same condion she had when her daughter north was born. >> she did have somessues and it was incredibly painful but had her family by her side and definitely was a comfort to the reality star. >> it occurs when the placenta and its blolood vessels grow too deep lie into the uterine wall and rememn a. that for her first pregnancy the ppcticelacenta had to be removov by thee doctor's hands writing in her blog in november it was the most painful experience of my life. >> hopefully this is something the doctor can fix and we can just move on from this kind of complicated chapter. >> reporter: before the birth kim expressed her fea of reliving the samame experience writing, there's not a whole lot i can do to prevent it so my anxiety is a little higheading up to the delivery. >> kim knew this was going to be an extremely difficult and painful delivery process a and she expressed those fears accepted
8:05 am
because as a source tells us she is now overwhelmeded but incrededibly excited to bring home that babyy boy. >> kim now hoping her experience will help others saying, all you can do is be hopeful, get the best information out there and just be prepared. soso her with me now is abc's chief women's health correspondent dr. jennifer ashton so what do we know about placenta accret >> so let's start with the normal practicelacentaa which is a fetal organ that provides the nutrients and normally sits inside the uterine cavity and comes out without too much difficulty. when you have accreta or increta or percreta these are major normalities with how they attach and accreta, it can get deeper into the wall. increta into the muscle and
8:06 am
attaches to the bowel or bladder and potentially catastrophic. >> how common is it. >> 1 in 2500 pregnancies but when there are 4 million births every year you're talking ex-numbers -- >> it's potentially life-teatening. when we detach it it's not painful if you have an epidural but i itan be very dramatic so we have a situauation here w where we a all hands on deck. this is not a homeirth scenario. this is not a midwife delivery scenario. this is an in the opeting room with units of blood available, anesthesiologists there potentially surgical equipment in trays that aren't there for a normal birth because we want to have e everythin in a row so that if the worst case scenario happens we can remove the placenta. >> i'm thinking if you hear you have thi you need to ben a setting that is safe. >> oh, absolutely. you need to a couple of themes, trust your obstetrician, your most important thing, ask estions. you're never going to ask a
8:07 am
again, you have to consider the risks versus the benefits because there are two lives at stake. >> so true. so true two lives at stake. dr. jen ashton will answer your questions so post them please on her twitter account or o our fafacebook page, george. >> lara, thanks. another headline about health for a lot of families, pretty startliling new study for parents with slightly older kids. the number of childre diagnosed with adhd is soaring up % in less tan a decade. dr. rich besser is here with more on this. soo more kids h he adhd or more getting diagnosed >> that's the big questionon when they looked across every group young children, tweens, teens, boys,, girls they saw the numbers going up. study wasn't designed to figur out why it is going up but a number of thouts. first girls recognizing they may not be hyperactive but they may stil have adhd. also teens can have this. wesed to think it was only something in veryoung children. more children with healtlth insurance so they're getting seen which is a good thing and
8:08 am
services sometimeseshey need to have this label. >> what's the tip-off for parents between just regular unrulyly rtless behavior and adhd. >> it's normal to not focus and to be out of control. the question is, is it t the point where it's affecting your life in school your life at home, your ability to make frnds? and so there three behaviors we lookat, the first is inattention, a child constantly daydreaming. they can't focus. the second is hyperactivity jumping out of the care and then impulsivity, they can'ttop to think. they'll jump out in the streeeet and interrupt every other child. if those things are really a problem you relly need to take care of that. >> what do you do. >> see your doctor and they'll do an evaluation. it doesn't mean they haveadhd. they'll give the kid's teacher a questionnaire and give a full evaluation to see if there's need for therapy. in the right child getting this it helps self-esteem and can do a lot. >> y'll take questions onon twitter and facebook this morning, as well. >> i will. >> to amy.
8:09 am
paying tribute to her late mother-in-law, princess diana. kateearing her favorite tiara at the oils' biggest bash of the year and abc's llamaama hasan has the story. >> reporter: overnit kate turning ads in princess diana's favorite diamondnd pearl tiara named the cambridge lover's knot tiara, the duchess wearing it for the first time ever at the queen's diplomatic reception. >> i'm sure she was very y proud to be wearing a gt that the queen gave what would have been her mother-in-law on her wedding day. >> a nob nod to the mother-ilaw she never got to meet and suddenly showing how she is following in diana's footsteps. not only is kate wearing diana's engement ring. >> it was my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on todaynd the excitement and the fact that we're gng to spend the rest of our lives rth the fashion style cut from the same cloth. the hats, the coats, the elegant gowns bearing a striking
8:10 am
generation in similar outfits. >> it's difficult for kate to be compar to diana but it's also ve flattering and she does have that same empathy, especially with chilen. >> reporter: on the charitable front william a kate taking on the mantel an supporting charities that were close t diana's heart. and harry is in on it too maintaining his mother's legacy with his charity center and working with her land mine charity. >> she paid a hugee pt in my life and harry's growing up in how we saw things and how we experienced things. >> reporter: in aouching tribute to his mother choosing diana as one of princess charlotte's middle n names and on e home front, just as diana tried to do, t this couple are raising their children with little fuss and keeping them out of the public eye as much as possible. and ve got breaking news for you. kate has a new much shorter hairdo chopping off four inches and, yeah, if you're guessing, she l looks good, amy. >> always.
8:11 am
it doesn't really matter, lama. thank you so much. over to you, robin. >> that time of year, "people" magazine out withts best of 2015 issue, the magazine is celebrating the year's 25 most intriguing people and "people's" cute stiff ed doreitor kate coyne with a previewer. >> the editors discuss it as a group but the list is almost self-selecting because these are the people that -- it would be a glaring omissn for any of them to not be on the list, the kind of year that amy schumer has had, for instance, i mean it kind of makes it a no-brarainer. >> i love to read the letters you all get how you put that in and that can tell you who is really -- >> absolutely. >> what put amy schumer on the cover? >> what a tremendous year. i mean, to write and star in a hit movie that has made billionss of dollars worldwide, an hbo special, emmy win a then on
8:12 am
she's now embracing in terms of ending gun violence just shows that she's just so iredibly talented. so multifaceted as a performer. there's really nothing not to love there. >> multifaceteded. that is the word for her. taraji p. henson, finally, cookie, she's gettiting her due. >> she is getting her due. the thing about taraji, people don't seem to recognize -- she's an oscar nominee. a woman working very harard for a very long time. she is not an overnight success story and so the sort of success she's having now is s deserved. so due to her and, you know, she's just the most fun thing to watchh on television. it doesn't get better. >> she was fun to dress up as cookie for halloween. >> exactly. >> no pictures -- >> best halloween costume. >> leah reminin the studio and has been labeled as a rebel. >> you know, i think the other
8:13 am
which is what she herself calls her book. incredib moxie really to stand up to scientology and not just scientology but to name the names she did in her book. to go ahead and discuss tom cruise, to dcuss david miscavige and get into the nuts and bolts of scientology and her owown shortcomings. one of the names she napes the most is her own and discussed what she did, what she did to other people in the name of scientology. >> right. >> incredibly nervy move. >> very bold. >> very bold. >> someone that is an international phenomenon and we're just finding out about her here, star of "quantico" on abc, miss chopra. >> prixyanka opra. >> we are s so le to the party. old school movie star she is in the sense ofer glamour and her beauty and her talent.
8:14 am
famous for quite some time now so it's great to see her translating over here now. >> right and also great to see misty copeland. she is getting a lot of love this year and rightfullyso. >> that under armour ad so great it was not just a gimmick or a quick little blip but the beginning of thentire world sitting up and taking notice at misty. >> amy was excited and got tickets to "hamilton." i've seen it twice. the man behind it is just incredible. >> he's an incredible, incredible talent and i think all y into he had to know about "hamilton" people are obseed with a broadway soundtrack. i can't remember the last time that happened. people are listening to the soundtrack even if they vance seen the show and there is a decent chance many of them haven't because you can't get a ticket. >> lin-manuel miranda. so deserved and one of the composers for "star wars." >> he's not going anywhere. before we go, the heroes, the
8:15 am
>> alek skarlatos a spenc christianer -- >> yeah. >> things can sometimes seem so troubling. you look to the and it's hope and courage in the face of darkness. >> wonderful to have you here and youe wearing melissa mccarthy. >> i am wearing melissa mccarthy pants. can everyone, please, from the melissa mccarthy collection and l sizes. >> way to go, kate. all right. "people's" best of 2015 issue hits newsstands on friday. outside now to ginger. >> i want to introduce everybody on this beaiful wednesday morning to ginger j., she said ginger z. i'm ginger j. you don't meet many gingershat aren't horses or dogs. very nice t meet you. how about we look at the forecast. wisconsin, lakeuperior last year, lake superior this year, mild and it's staying that way.going to lift into the upper 50s today and tomorrow. the biggest change going from our wednesday to thursday will be the development of a
8:16 am
from the west gusting near 30 miles per hour. then as we go forward into the weekend, it'll start to get cooler and a rain/snow mix is possible on saturday into sunday. today's high is 59 degrees with sunshine and warm air. the low tonight is 39 under mostly clear skies. tomorrow, we'll make it up to 58 and it'll be mostly sunny and breezy. here's a look at our 7 day forecast where we'll have a steady decline in temperatures with highs in the 40s and 30s going into next >> and one more introduction. this is jenna fm georgia. she's help us toss it in to lara for -- >>"pop". >> thanks, jenna from georg and other ginger. we begin with apop news" investigation. it's a grueling workout leaves you thirsty for more than water you're not alone. a study from pennsylvania state university, thank you vermuch. >> alma mater. >> found people who exercise a lot consume more alcohol than their less active peers. they ao drink more on days that they do tougher workouts. apparently because exercise and
8:17 am
brain's reward system. it also explains why this video has gone so viral. and i just want to say to the scientists, you really didn't needo spend money on this study. you could have just studied my tennis team. >> really, do tell. >> a little glass of vino after a winning matchch nev hurt anybody. also in "pop news" this morning. >> theyove this video apparently. >> wait. you cant cut -- you're cutting part two. okay. i'moing toinish with this video. it's actually quite appropriate. go ahead, roll it. it's -yeah. >> ah. >> you guys, that's exactly how i feel today. >> he's back. >> no, it's really -- >> he needs to go on that treadmill. >> it's n not- it's not his
8:18 am
>> it's not his or r fault. >> they might be overfeeding h a litite bi >> after a tough workout, a cococktailever hurt. >> it's true, robin. just a the brain trust for my alma mater penn state iversity. i don't knoww howuch time we have left. do we have time for another pun? now i understand that we have time to give you aanot hchlther bit of news. george, will you p please -- >> ge her a round of applause. >> after this. >> what a day. >> lara is being punked today.
8:19 am
cong up here on "gma." >> ah.well if you did... you are among the lucky ones,. by 2pm yesterday... there were already 39- thousand 500 fan ticket requests made to the university ticket office.... that's for the 22- thousand tickets alloted to the hawkeyes. meanwhile tickets on stub hub are already up to 600 dollars. perhaps due i part to a large pre- sale of tickets by the rose bowl even before the teams were announced. but there is still hope additional tickets will surface..... if iowa's opponent helpout. "in seeing if we can ususe some othier tickets because traditionally standford has not used it's tital allotment, " said mark jennings, u of i assoc a- jessica rae: jennings has been at the university for more than 30 years..... and he says he's's never seen anything like this year's demand. jessica let's check in with for the weather.
8:20 am
good morning siouxland. the satellite and radar picture is pretty quiet with just a few clouds moving through.h. temperures are currently in the 30s across most of the map and it's another fairly warm start to our day. the wind is light and variable between 5 anand 10 miles per hour for most locatioions. here's the planner where temperatures will top out in near-recorord territory as we make it to 59 in sioux city. jessica rae: good morning
8:21 am
welcome back to "gma." gettin a little chilly here in times square. robin, you got sim i ways to stay warm and a nice ride over there. >> yeah, but some of the car is miing, i just noticed that. but winter is coming and there's a hack for that. simple shortcutss for things to make life easier, sara, you'll help us out with this. >> today we're going to give you some tips and tricks to deal with winter weather which is sadly right around the corner and it's already hitting some of the country but first we've got wayne johnson, now, you cover everything from food to crafts on wayne's weekend blog. >> i do. >> today you've got help with our windshield. >> absolutely. i hate in the morning when you go downstairs and it's iced over and you can't get it open. can't find the tool you used to use and use your credit card. got a really simplesolution. >> can i help you with that.
8:22 am
things, squeegee, vinegar, water and a squeeze bottle. three parts vinegar, one part water and squeeze it on there and squish it on there and take your squeegee up and down, back and forth just likehat in the morning there's n ice on your windshield. >> do you do it like the morning morning, the night before. >>f you don't, in the mor youan do it as well -- you're doing a good job. in the morning you can do it to get the ice that's on there. >> apparently i do windows. i doo windows. >> a little streak? >> this is really good. >> now we're here with one of our favorite, you and todd have been united before on an apple ck. >> i know. todd -- like manly man. >> we wanted to give you the guy with the ax. >> oh, great. >> rancher and orchard owner and today you'll show us sometng with chopping wood about the manliest thing i can think of. >> it's a really great idea. you explain why you have a
8:23 am
there's nothing like a roaring fire. splitting wood is a hassle and not so much the splitting the wood but it goes flyingg everywhere when you're s splitting it. old-timer hack a lot of folks don't know about, wrap a cord of chain and bungee strap around it to hold everything in place. you want to put your chain and bungeeee strap snugnd low -- >> remember that, low. >> i'll swing away. >> back up. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> first split on the far side. >> oh, boy. >> oh, my. >> look at that. >> it's like going to 7-eleven and buying a bundle of wood. >> this is what happens. >> now that you're all done pick up the whole pack of wood. >> then done. >> pull the chain off and -- >> can you do that with any wood not that i want to encourage pele to cut trees down. yeah. >> because otherwise if you didn't have that it would fly everywhere.
8:24 am
goes that way, you spend morore time chasing than splitting. >> it speeds it up. >> 12 pieces o wood in 12 seconds. >> you got some more wood to cut. >> i'll get busy. we'll get a a fire going. >> how are you. >> now we are here with marisa nch. you are an author of new dress a day. >> i'll show youow to make the easiest hand warmers. >> which ginger can use. >> i'm freezg all the time. so easy to keep you warm. you use oven bags which you might have left over from thanksgiving and take uncooked rice or beans and fill your oven bag with either/or, not both. whatever you have in your pantry or do a little mix, up to you. >> you can mix them. >> tally mix. >> you put them in your bag then you'll pkage up your bag just kind of fold it over like so. > oh, way shgs wait. toss them into a sock. >> fun ofit. >> you throw it into th tip of
8:25 am
like so. you've got your hand warmer. ss in the microwave, 45 seconds and stays warm for 15 minutes. >> you can reuse them? that's beauty of it. cheaper than just -- >> you don't want to use dirty socks. >> you put it on your body. >> put them anywhere. > yeah. >> friendly. >> you go through these like -- >> you can reu them, throw them in the microwave. 45 seconds. th you keep it with you in your pocket. >> thank you so much. >> all right, guys. >> thank you. >> hack reporter. >> let's get back inside to george who is keeping piece a and warm. >> best way to storm warm is stay inside counting dow to "star wars" right now. "the force awakens" opens all over the world in just nine days. and abc's chris connelly sat down with one of the new stars, oscar isaac and what hfrd told him about flying in space. >> it happened a long time ago
8:26 am
that didn't keep oscar isaac from studying on set foror director j.j. abrams "starars: the force awakens," as poe dameron, ace x-wing pilot for the resistance >> i saw a blueprint on my desk on the table. it listed everything that had been used, every button that had been used in the previous six flips in an x-wing so i knew what did what and which ones were free for me to imagine anything with. so it's an incredible amount of detail that goes into this universe. >> you might need this. >> reporter: asked harrison ford to sre with him any fly guy insights. >> offered to even t take me up with him but he didsay, i was just making it up and it's in space so the rules don't really apply to piloting so, you know, you've got some room to make it uput i think i'll mak it up thet a blueprint of exactly what i have to touch. which one is it here. reporter: even though sill prepared him for the shake and rattle that the role required. >> they take just the cocockpit
8:27 am
they move that thing around all over the place. so the first time i was on there i was yelling and doing my thing and i got so sick because i was so hot and it was moving around, hi to stop and say, hole on, guy, i need to swallow my lunch for a second. >> reporter: acclaimed for his work as an spiring folk singer in "inside lew win davis" he served up a swinging duet on twitter with h his "the force awakens" co-star dsy ridley to "baby it's cold outside thisvening has been so -- >> she has an amazing voice and sings opera a little bit. she has a beautiful voice. >> reporter: daisy and the rest of the pduction even got to know oscar' uncle guillermo a "star wars" obsessive if well, just w was saying, you know, this is my uncle. he was the one that indoctrinated us in "star wars."" so then when it came to set i introduced him to j.j. and j.j. said you're the uncle. want to be in the movie? he hence told .
8:28 am
oh, my god, yes, yes, they put him in the back i the scene between adam and i and when the trailer first came out i got a little picture whe he had kind of circled this blur in the back andd he's like, that's me! >> reporter: now oscar is looking forward to bringing his uncle and the rest of his relatives to the p premiere of "star wars: the force awakens." >> i'm thrilled that i'm going to get to see it with that kind of energy in the room. reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> and we are getting close. "star wars: the force awaken opens nationwide on friday, december 18th. let's go back sought jied to ginger. >> i'm standing in a line of texa they're all from the dallas area. we be talking about a storm affecting the plains here eventually but the storm this morning unfortunate news out of portland, oregon, i learned it tree into thatt home killed a woman so we will be having updates on that and that consistent storm coming in again tonight into tomorrow. so watch it move and it drops
8:29 am
may rung into some of those storms. heavy rainn the gulf andore know on the back side of that that would make it into the northern plai, northern great lakes. that's a look at the big picture.aight sesent tomorrow. the biggest change going from our wednesday to thursday will be the development of a very strong wind from the west gusting near 30 miles per hour. then as we go forward into the weekend, it'll start to get cooler and a rain/snow mix is >> all that weather brought to you by sprint. our friends, though, a abc faly maybe you've seen this have been celebrating the 25 days of christmas with the ultimate holiday movie festival. now ty're giving the ultimate gift to four one direction fanatics. not these folks behind me but with the help of the boys themselves take a look. better watch out n. >> abc family pop-up santa we're about to give four one direction fans the surprise of their life.
8:30 am
r secret "gma" concert. >> we have the perfect way. >> they surprised us with makeovers. >> first time getting my makeup professionally done. >> that is going to beepic. you'll see one d'super surprise tonight on abc family throughout the showing of "elf" at 8:45, 7:45 central. my button is about to pop. >> you warned them. coming up next our holiday edition of i can't say it without lara's help. >> one, two, thre >> "improve this!." >> now your first look at the new trailer for the "bfg" based on the rowald dahl book. take a look. >> it was the witchching hour whe
8:31 am
the girls say the wishing hour arrives at midnight. i think it comes when i'm the only one left awak like always, like now. and that is where our story
8:32 am
tt2w`t+o m$: bt@qe"x tt2w`t+o m$: "a@qu.< < tt2w`t+o m$: bm@q^%0 tt4w`t m$:" dztq +uh tt4w`t+o m$:" entq [q( tt4w`t+o m$:" gzt& bvp tt4w`t+o m$:" hnt& rx< tt4w`t+o+o m$:" iztq 81d tt4w`t+o m$:" jntq *a$ tt4w`t+o m$:" lzt& 2,x h@c
8:33 am
hurry up, rob. they just have a few secon left to wrap up their amazing creations. but while they're wrapping that up we're going to give you a new edition of "improve this!" sponsored by lowe's decking the hall and i spy diy jenni radosevichch is here with popular projects to help you spruce up yourome in time for the holidays. talk about this fireplace. >> i love the idea of putting a fireplace in the house. insped of spending all that money to actually put in a chimney you can create this faux fireplace all over pinterest and a bunch of different ways to create it. this one we got the surround mantel from the hardware store. >> actually sell these premad or you can usese vintage one. >> i seem them awe the time at flea markets and pull them out of old houses and you can buy them for next to nothing. great way to recycle. >> adds character to a home. >> just because you don't have the actual hole in the wall, the f lchlt
8:34 am
flue doesn't mean you can't create the look. >> we customized this, refinished wood in the front or brick or air stone is so light and you just adhere it. even if you don't like your current fireplace you could do in. >> faux stone. >> i don't know if it's me out of. >> air. >> that's one great look. what you've done is taken that and painted it white. but this i thought was a great idea so she took logs and cut th to two inches and glued them on a piece of plywood to create storage. if you did put it in frontf a fireplace,ou can use that to store or -- i love that. i think it's a verery cool idea. >> or candles this there or chalk and look really good. >> you have some other projects here. i really like the send irblock as a present. >> looks great. >> look at that i don't know if you have any of these hanging around your garage or on -- >> so good for outside. it won't move s you can spray it with glitter paintnt and then
8:35 am
it or a bow and -- >> a cute project to do with kids. >> how it looks whe it's done. there you go. just wanted to make sure we were seeing it i mean it could not be easier, just happens to be a great shape to use indoor. >> tell us about the wreath. >> along the lines of what sara and rob were doioingho we should check on pretty soon. this is simply -- sara, comee on in. yours is done. >> i feel like i brought a piece of art home to my mom and put it next to the picasso. >> beautiful, sara. nice job. >> how did these guys ? sara had to take her ornaments and pylon -- >> cones you can get at the hardware store and spray painted it and hot glued on all these orments and same thing for the wreath up here. >> how did sara do? a plus. >> "a" plus. >> was it easy? >> i'm really not crafty at all and although i could probably do better than this, it was super
8:36 am
>> zone out and glue on ornaments. >> so, sara, did you deck rob's halls? that's what we want to know. did she beat rob marciano? >> rob rocked my christmas world. he put lights in these. >> i got the drill out. it wasn't that easy and much better with power which we don't have out here. >> chevy chahase moment. >>ll taking stuff you can find watt your local hardware store. pvc piping and spray printed it which creates the turn is is ribbon t then rob went the distance and actually drilled holes in it to create lights. >> got to use per tools. >> hh-five to both of you. love you guys. jenni, always great ideas. we love your blog, check out more on our website on yahoo! coming up next on "gma," babyface performing live.
8:37 am
"c babyfac has set a musician's goal to make peoe feel good. 'about to do that for us right now. they don't trust me to be over there by you. they have me over here. the 11-time gmmy winner is back and, boy, is he with "return of t the tender lover." first album in seven years. here he is singing the first
8:38 am
whoo we done pain and sorrow we done beethrough change we done h way better days yes sir but i seen torrow i ain't see no rain and our sus gonna shine again yes it is i been thinking about it ain't no way around it girl we've got something that the world just can't explain what's the one thing makes it always work o it's 'cause we got love love love love love if we got nhing else we got love yeah it's 'cause we got love love love love love at least that's sothing yes we got love >> come on, sing.
8:39 am
and the world g goes round and round and the e world goes round and round around in circles and the world goes round and round round and und and the world goes round and round and the world goes round and round around in circles >> come on, michael, play. whoo! >> go. >> comon, sing. i've been thinking about it ain't no way around it girl we got something that the wor just can't explain oh yeah what's the one thing that makes it always work out what's that the one thing that
8:40 am
it's 'cause we got love love love love love if we got nothing else we got love hey it's 'cause we got love love love love love t least that's sometng yes we got love come on da dum d dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum dum hey baby love dum dum dum dum dum dum hey
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:41 am
here we ghey [ cheers and a applause >> whoo!
8:42 am
whoo that was be this doctor posted a video on how to stop a baby from crying and, boy, oh, boy, did it go viral. tomorrow he'll show you his magic on "gma."
8:43 am
71% off. now santa can't even touch that. tomorrow on c's "good morning america." >> hit it, hit it. >> oh. >> ooh. >> yeah. >> do the stanky face. thank you, thank you, one and all. >> take update e for you now... jessica rae: a home invasion early monday morning in sioux city... has police and folks who live in the neighborhood asking for help from the public. onon december 7th around 2-40 am... 2 maskedales kicked in the front door and entered a home on the 2600 block of south alice
8:44 am
the two suspects held the owner and mother of two, at gun point and tied up her special needs 18 to 19 year old son and beat him with a crow bar. the two suspects remain at large. police say they madeff with top dollar electronics the indivials they're looking for have been descbed as masked m, one being around 6 foot, thin/slinder build. the other is being described as 5'8 to 5'11 thin build. jessica let's check in with for the weather. matt: good morning siouxland. the satellite and radar picture is pretty quiet withust a few clouds moving through. temperatures are currently in the 30s across most of the map and it's another fairly warm start to our day. the wind is light and variable between 5 and 10 miles per hour for most locations. here's the planner where temperatures
8:45 am
near-record territory as we make
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