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"i was somewhat suprised to be very honest. " is a morningside professor and trump staffer in hot water after supporting the gop frontrunner's stance on immigration ? "nats ups truck drives off " preparing for package patrol.... do's and dont's so your christmas gifts dont end up in the hands fo thieves. "it really does work really well." a doctor's advice gives new parents a new tooth to calm a crying baby. " i am saying that until we figure this out, we should have a ban. " tim: good evening and
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a ban. " tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman. jenna rehnstrom has the night off. on monday when donald trump called for a "total and complete" shutdown of our nations borders to muslims... many reacted with disbelief. now morningside college professor and trump advisor sam clovis is getting some of the same attention. abc9 reporter the morningsie campus today and shares how one administrator is viewing clovis's stance. first hand look at reactions to in sioux city ... a place that prides itself on diversity and religious was there today ... lukas? thanks tim ... clovis indeed made clear that the ban on muslims is an important part of trumps campaign and that he supports the measure to ensure a safe immigration system ...the 2014 republican nominee for iowa state treasurer's comments come in stark contrast ...
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professor at morningside college. nat sot: "let's find out where these people are, who they are, where they are coming. and let's find a way to enforce the laws." vo: sam clovis ... tenured professor at morningside college ... former director of the colonel "bud" day center for civic engagement ... and ... now national co- chair and senior policy adviser for the trump campaign. currently on leave of absence from morningside because of his role with donald trump ... his strong support for a ban on muslim's enterting the country leaves some wondering ... "t hat's a different perspective that i have heard him aspouse before. he has always been very much a stounche supporter of the constitution and very much in favor of religious freedom so i was a little suprised and a little disappointed to be quite honest with you." with several dedicated organiozation's on campus ... equality and religious freedome are extremely important ... which is why they also apply to
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"we value academic freedome very highly at morningside college. as a tenured proffeosr who's field is public administration he is entitled to his views on a number of issues. having said that ... the views that are being expressed are entirely inconsistent with the views of morningside college." nats: " i am excited about the opportunity and change the status quo in america and i think he is the man that can do it." clovis is firmly alligned with trump and while some might disagree with his recent comments ... morningside college would welcome him back ... and as of right now this is a very fresh situation ... most students on campus that i talked to today didn't know or had just heard about clovis's remarks ... and as we just mentioned the university does not plan to change his status in light of the recent developments. we'll certainly keep you updated on that story. reporting in studio ... lukas voss ... abc9 news. tim: now, as offensive as trumps comments may have been, this is not the first time that the idea of a ban has been entertained,=.
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fleeing germany from nazi germany. july 1938, a poll by fortune magazine fewer than 5 percent of americans supported raising the quotas for political refugees mostly jews. 67% said "we should try to keep them out." in 1942. japanese internment president roosevelt ordered the incarceration of japanese americans during world war ii executive order 9066. feb 19, 1942. 1954. president eisenhower issued a ban deporting mexicans trump's stunt is just the most recent act of attempting to ban a group of pepople from entering our country. tim: the park board today unanimously approved the pool commitee's recommendations to move forward with their plan to improve sioux city's public pools. the changes involve closing down leeds and cook pool after the 2016 season.
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by splash pads that are planed to be opened by the summer of 2017. lewis pool will close as soon as the new aquatic center in morningside is built and leif erikson pool will remain open until it is no longer able to operate. both the pool committe and members of the parks and recreation advisory board were excited that the plan will be presented to city council ... after over a year of consideration. " the park board has really been engaged in this issue for a long time. they have been participated along the way. we have been talking about this issue for over a year now. the park board was prepared to make that decision." a meeting for city council to vote on the issue has been tentatively set for january 4th of next year. tim: christmas is right around the corner and that could mean an increase of theft the woodbury county sherrif's office says take some extra precaution when you order online... not because of theft on the internet... but on your
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"we would just ask that the general public be vigilant in watching for any perpetrators that may be out there stealing packages and if they do see anybody that's involved in that to call 911 or just the regular number at 279-6510," said armstrong. sgt. armstrong also states that if no one else is availble to pick your packages up for you, then you availble to pick your packages up for you, then you need to request that your package be hidden like behind a bush or patio of some sort. tim:: a local college student is being honored for his efforts to make farming safer... and a little easier. and now he's also a few thousand dollars richer. josh doering, a junior at morningside, participated in future founders u.pitch, a competition similar to abc's shark tank. students from across the nation came to chicago compete for a chance to win
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the "seed slide" is a remote box opener that farmers can use to load seeds into planters without climbing ladders. it was inspired by his father's work as a farmer. "i got first place, there were other great competitors who had great ideas and stuff so it was very humbling to be selected among all of them," said doering. josh says the whole idea was created and implemented within an 8 month time span. he says his future plans include graduating in may of 2017 and to continue with the business. students are putting grant money to work in sioux city as part of the iowa stem program. this morning, students across the globe and in sioux city partiicipated in an international initiative called the hour of code. to teach 100 million students around the world of computer coding. within the next week more than 800 schools and will take part in the hour of code.
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hills elementary spent part of thier morning teaching community members about coding, including tim! principal john beeck says this is a big piece of the curriculum. "since we're a programming specialty school, we do programming all the time. we do it every week. but when the week comes around where the whole world does it at the same time, that's even more special to us. so we want to do the hour of code because that's what loess hills is all about. today loess hills elementary received a 4 thousand dollar technology award from the state of iowa...coinciding with the hour of code program tim: students in des moines got the opportunity to learn more about the weather today. the science club group at callanan middle school has been busy getting cameras, trackers and computers ready for the launch. the f-a-a even gave them the clearance to go up in the air so they can study our weather patterns. "we had to fill the balloon with helium,
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standing with our hands up in the air for about 30 minutes. we're gonna get pressure, temperature, and altitude data." students will use the data the weather balloon collects for projects to be presented at an upcoming science fair. tim: presidential candidate hillary hawkeye state today, pushing closer toward tim: clinton made including a town hall style event at the five convention center there. while speaking to voters, clinton highlighted recent comments made by her presidential competetors, saying republicans criticizing donald trump have made outrageous statements themselves. but instead of showing leadership, some of the candidates in this presidential campaign are resorting to really ugly, hateful rhetoric. donald know, he does traffic in prejudice and paranoia. it's not only shameful, it's dangerous. clinton also made
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today at living history farms. tim: have you watched the latest viral video taking over your facebook news feed? it's giving parents everywhere a new idea to calm their crying baby. jenna has more in tonight's your health matters. jenna: a california doctor is becoming a household name name thanks to his time-tested approach to soothing a newborn he calls it "the hold" and millions of youtube views later, it's being used all over the world and in siouxland. if you've had a baby, you know you'll try almost anything to calm them down when they're upset. betsy flowers is already getting the hang of it, but whena friend shared this video for a new method of child soothing, she and her husband gave it a try. "she doesn't cry very often, but when she does it can be pretty overwhelming," says betsy flowers, a new mom. dr. hamilton says (in
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a crying baby." it's called "the hold", the creation of santa monica doctor robert hamilton. over his 30 years as a pediatrician, the technique evolved as he looked for gentle ways to quiet baby after their check-up and shots. dr. hamilton says, "frequently after i would examine a child, i would gently try to comfort them and quiet them, so i could finish my conversation with the family and tell them about the immunizations and all the things that pediatricians do." jenna rehnstrom, in an interview with dr. hamilton says, "since you've been around so many babies, what do you think it is about that position that so comforting to an infant. dr. hamilton says, "i think there are a couple things. one, when you wrap the arms across the chest, you're really essentially swaddling them. when you wrap their arms, they recognize dr. hamilton says the reminds babies of the movements they experience inside the still, this father of six never imagined this video, which he made for his own become so popular. but, as moms and dads all over the betsy and i did, too, who's only 2 weeks betsy says, "they like this and held hand."
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hungry or not feeling well, dr. hamilton says "the hold" might not work. but, if you're a sleep-deprived parent looking for a few seconds of peace, it just might be worth a try. jenna: if you want to see dr. hamilton's full video demonstrating "the hold", you can find that on my facebook page, just search jenna rehnstrom - abc9 news. and, if it works, let me know - i wish this video would've been around a few years ago, when i was a new mom. tim:
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morning america tomorrow. that starts at 7 am here on abc9. still to come... well take a look at one of siouxland's traditions of giving back (fred) it will remain warm for now, but the weekend will bring a cooldown that will result in a chance of rain and snow. your forecast is coming up next!
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siouxland to join us in giving back this holiday season as well with the operation toys drive. operation toys is a program intended to spread chrismas joy to thousands of needy children around siouxland. if you want to take part all you have to do is bring a new toy to any bomgaars location or right here to our ab9 studio located on
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all the toys donated will douglas street. all the toys donated will remain here in souixland and donated to the salvation army to be distributed to less fortunate families. (tim) fred, what a day! (fred) what a day indeed! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city shows the live scene. 56 was the high today--an incredible 23 degrees above normal, but not warm enough for the record. that is 63 from 1957. last night's low was 30, well above normal too. 47 is our sioux city temperature. note the dew point in
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holding plenty of moisture, and that moisture will hold overnight lows to very mild levels tonight. local temperatures range from the 30s northeast to the the 50s southwest! local winds are from the south at around 10-15 miles per hour. these winds will be picking up tomorrow and will become breezy. the satellite and radar shows that there is a weather system to our west, but this is not the system that will affect us over the weekend. that one is still waiting for takeoff behind this one. the stormcast hd shows quiet weather tonight, a few early sprinkles tomorrow north of us highway 18, breezy winds tomorrow, and then a nice day friday before cooler air pushes in saturday. your forecast for tonight is for a low of 39 and mostly clear skies. tomorrow, look for a high of 57 and breezy winds. the 7- day forecast is a busy one. it shows 54 on friday, then a chance of rain and snow saturday followed by a chance of snow sunday. another system may affect us with more rain and snow tuesday and wednesday.
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thanks, fred. (fred)
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coming up in sports...nebraska state supremacy was on the line tonight in omaha.
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huskers and the blue jays up ahead. tim plus the wayne state volleyball team is in tampa for the elite eight. we'll check in with the wildcats on their historic postseason run after the break.
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dear future, please help. the present is kind of a scary place. i have no money, no job, no clothes. i feel completely helpless. but i hear good things about you, future. like i'll have hair, and friends, and books and music.
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strangers to success on the volleyball court, but this year, the wildcats are in the midst of the best postseason run in school history. abc9 sports reporter alex walker caught up with the wildcats before they left for tampa and the elite eight. natl you excited for this? me too! wayne state's postseason run has been nothing short of magical... kneifl: "it's a really exciting time for our program."
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ended before it began. scott kneifl: "obviously, losing first round of the conference tournament was not part of the plan, and then we to sit around and wait for the selection showto see if we were still in and fortunately enough, the selection committee decided that we were worthy and obviously, we were." wayne state received a bid to the n-c- double a tournament as a seven seed in the central regional, nat: "hey lets go cats! let's keep it clean!" but they approached postseason play with the confidence of a one seed. elizabeth gebhardt: "doesn't matter that number is in front of your name" "leisa mcclintock: "we made it in for a reason, so lets show them that we can take it the whole way." in the opening round...the wildcats faced second-seeded central missouri.... scott kneifl: "the attitude up there was to just go for it." and thats when the fun began.... nat: "lots of talk!" wayne state took care of business 3- 1......advancing to the second round against conference rival southwest minnesota state. liz: we knew we had to bring it all again...just the next day to beat them as well." the wildcats had to fight, but they held on....punching their ticket to the regional final for the first time ever! we thought we were
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we fought back and showed a lot of character i think and that win was really big for us." up next was a date with the seven-time defending champs....concordia st. paul..... liz: why not just win that one more to get to the next step? unfazed by the moment....the wildcats swept the golden bears.....a statement win for the wayne state program. scott: "yeah it felt great. i am just really happy for our players. they deserve this." liz: "it's amazing. it's indescribable. you can't put it into can try all you want." leisa: people ask me what i felt after the game and yeah that was a great feeling....but definitely not satisfied." alex walker: with regionals in the rear view mirror.....the wildcats are set to play in the elite eight for the first time in school history. just three wins away from a national championship, wayne state is locked and loaded for a title run in tampa florida." scott: "it's not going to be easy. everyone is still really good that's left in this tournament so we are going to have to take it one game at a time but our goal is to win the national championship." liz: we have been working for this since august when we rolled in unpacked our bags and first put our shoes on weve been waiting for the chance to go to tampa and to bring home national championship for this school and this program." with the wayne state wildcats.....(nat of clapping) alex walker......abc9 sports.
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newman out of tennessee in the elite 8. first serve is morrow at 4 pm central time. chris: all-time, nebraska has a 25-23 edge over their instate rivals from creighton on the hardwood. but each of the last four years, and 13 of the last sixteen, it's been the jays downing the huskers. and how about this, tim miles, winless all time, 0-11 against greg mcdermott. jays out to a 7-0 lead...but andrew white the third skies through three blue jays and draws the foul to get big red on the board. but creighton, dominant early...isaiah zierden gets the steal, lays it in, draws the foul, and connects on the 3 point play to go up 14. then check out this alley oop... maurice watson to khyri thomas...from half court...lob city would be impressed with that. the huskers end the half strong though, white, connects from just inside the arc to make it a 6 point game at the half.
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was all creighton tonight...toby hegner hits the three and the jays win their fifth straight over the huskers, 83-6 speaking of rivalry games, the kyle achterhoff resigned today as the red raider head football coh. achterhoff led northwestern to a 56-19 record, three appearances in the naia playoffs, and a share of the gpac title in 2014. the raiders, not without a head coach long though. northwestern has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 11 am to introduce their new head man.
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