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souverain. helping people by using social media abc 9's bria bell is in studio to explain. bria bria: yes deborah, steve harrington describes himself as an average joe who wants to help the world become a better place. he says he created a facebook page about two months ago that connects those in need and those who are willing to assist them. "i have royalty fromaround the wowod...the queen of the netherlands, the princess of sweden, prince williams jump aboard my site one time so...," said harrington. steve harrington is out trying better the world we live in, by assisting those who are homeless, hungry, or experiencing other unfortunate events. he says his background in service is what lead
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ree) rotary facebook page. "so a couple of months ago i know what? of course, i've never done facebook before so i'm going to ahead and put a fecbook page together show the activites of people helping people all around the world. and what is has done is it has brought peoplefrom around the world...different cultures, religions, and political sides together," said harrington. people from various backgrounds and ages have saught out the facebook page to either reach out for help or to volunteer a lending hand. harrington says some of the misfortunes that are posted on the page sometimes are not broadcasted through mainstream media. "we don't see many of them that occur in the united states just because the media doesn't pick it up, but i pick it up so i see all these things going on around the world and people needing help and so what i do is i just tell all my friends around the world, 'hey, this country is suffering right now in this particular community...this area and and they need help," said harrington. harrington says the main idea is to connect people to communicate, no matter where you come from and what you believe. "it's for helping people out. in this world, we are really one...[if] someone's suffering in a
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just as bad as someone locally," said harrington. bria: to see steve harrington's facebook page and what activities are being posted visit our website at siouxland matters dot com. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. deborah iowa governor terry set to make history tomorrow. monday.... december 14th will mark branstad's 7- thousand 6- hundred and 40th day in office. to celebrate the achievement...the governor is encouraing the public to take part in two different events
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is the iowcapitol open the governrn's formal office in des moines, later in the evening....a milestone dinner will be held at the iowa state fair grounds in des moines.. doors open at 6 p-m...and the program follows at 7. tickets are 50 dollars a person. on the campaign trail... democrict presidential candidate bernie sanders is wrapping up a two day swing through iowa. today...sanders held a series of events in waterloo. he began his a town hall meeting.... he later held a meet and geeet at mount carmel baptist church...w.wre he spoke to the congregation about income inequality. deborah we're seven weeks away from the iowa caucuses...and there appears to be a shake up in the g-o-p race. a new des moines register - bloomberg poll....shows ted cruz has soared past donald trump... taking the lead by 10 percent. dr ben now trailing those two men...after falling
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mean for the race? and what is trump saying about it all? abc's mary bruce is at the white house with more. " " nat cruz in iowa (gfx: cruz: 31, trump: 21, carson: 13, rubio:10, bush: 6) ted cruz plolong past trump i ithe new des moines register poll, now with a ten point lead in iowa (gfx: cruz today at 31 percent vs cruz in october 19 dmr poll at 10 percent). it's a jaw-dropping, record-breaking rise for the texas senator. a 21 percent leap since october. cruz tweeting overnight thank you to his supporters. asking them for help to keep the momentum going! (gfx: cruz tweet thank you #cruzcrew! help us build the momentum). meanwhile trump was quick to blast the new numbers. (gfx tweet) also tweeting overnight "don't trust des moines register poll." saying it's biased. trump's been clear -- he's not a fan of the paper. sot trump, friday night "the des moines register is the worst. they are the worst. the worst. no they're very dishonest ." (gfx: trump today 21 percent vs trump in october 19 dmr poll at 19 percent). despite falling to second, trump maintains strong support in the key state nat: trump taking stage in ia on friday cruz and trump have been friendly rivals, but their bromance is on shaky ground. trump publicly taking aim at cruz this week. sot trump on fox and friends:
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of temperament and i would give myself the advantage in temperament and you know putting people together. this after cruz was caught on tape questioning if trump has what it takes to be commander in chief. sot nyt t t o: "that's a question of strength, but it's also a question of judgment." meanwhile hillary clinton getting a big boost from the president? nat scandal ?president fitzgerald grant. scandal actor tony gogowyn campaigning for the democratic frontrunner in iowa. deborah h here's your firsrs look at the stage...for here's your first look at the stage...for tuesday's final republican presidential primary debate of 2015. there are nine podiums for the prime-time debate -- donald trump is front and center, flanked by his newest...closest rival ted cruz...and also ben carson. also on the main stage....marco rubio and jeb bush....john
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fiorina and rand paul. for the first round of debates...we'll see mike huckabee...rick santorum...lindsay graham...and george pataki face off. that starts at six p-m tuesday c- n-n. deborah: diners at minerva's in sioux city got a special visit from santa claus today...all for a good cause today, from 10 am to 2 pm.....0 perent of all brunch sales were donated to the "ronald mcdonald house charities of siouxld". the money is used to help purchase toiletry items for families during their stay. into the ronald while a loved one is receiving medicahelp in siouxland. "it's kind of a fun the kids come in and minerva's is so do this and they give proceeds from today's brunch to go back to the house, it's a great amount of money that we can't say thank you enough for," said batien. minervas and the ronald mcdonald house charities of siouxland has
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several years now. attendees could also purchase ornaments for one dollar to contribute to the cause... which will be hung on a christmas in the house and posted on the ronald mcdonald house's facebook page. deborah when it's cold outside...nothing quite beats a cup of hot cocoa... and today is a perfect day to indulge is national cocoa day! according to the national day is believed the first chocolate beverage was created by the mayas. cocoa is made from the dried, fermented seeds of the cacao tree. pour yourself a cup today and enjoy! deborah still to come we'll take a look at one man who wont let anything get in his way of celebrating the holidays elisa rain continues tonight but could turn into a monday mix, and then no break! more wintry weather behind this system... your forecast is next! " "
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sioux gateway airport has only gotten about 2 tenths of an inch.. because look at the radar... steady rain has stayed in central and northern iowa all day. the bigger picture... look at how much rain this system is holding, and the air temperatures have stayed above freezing so snow hasn'tbeen a big threat. tonight, rain will continue, ice could mix inovernight and into tomorrow. temperatures still holding in the upper 30s.stormcast hd has that rain still pushing north and east into nw iowa. overnight, some mixing with ice and snow,west in nebraska and making it's way to sioux city. more rain than snow in the morning, although i think we could see a mix of
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linger a bit longer than stormcast is indicating into the mid morning, but nonetheless dry in the afternoon with just cloudy skies and blustery winds.clouds are here to stay monday night and tuesday as we get ready for our next system already.this one has colder air with it than the one we're dealing with now, we could start as a mix late on tuesday, but change to snow faster by wednesday. the bulk of this system loooo to be tracking more nonoh west than our siouxland area. damp port neal welding company sky cam hd. our high and low only 2 degrees apar temperatures still haven't moved, in the upper 30 with breezy winds..15 to 25 mph out of the north.tonight, rain continues, with snow mixing in late. breezy and slick, gusts to 30mph. low 36. tomorrow, more rain than snow... but i think we could see a mix early. then clouds linger with blustery winds gusting to 40.. high 40. 7-day.. windy tomorrow with this system ending. tuesday another system starts as a mix and turns to snow by wednesday. temperatures much colder after that! deborah/elisa wintry weather all
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deborah still to come ter the break...
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deborah still to come
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at a man who wont let anything stand between him
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giving...after a homeless man's christmas tree was thrown out by city sanitation. a city spokesperson said the tree was a code violation. however, that didn'tit right with some residents... so they decided to do something about it. " " a perfect christma picture... in an imperfect
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saving christmas, for a man who spends every night under the ponchartrain expressway. and maybe even for the people who pass him by, every day (john/received christmas trees) my purpose was to bring hope and stir hope and smiles john had a tree, here, outside of his tent until it was thrown away friday morning, cleared out by city sanitation. (john/received christmas trees) it's pretty much what they took from me, i want to get back. one by one, ordinary people dropped by saturday, wanting to give back too. bringing trees, decorations, even pinning a stockingo his tent (john/received christmas trees) as a human being, even though i'm homeless, see, that meant something to me. and what meant the most, he says, is what happened next. (john/received christmas trees) he says, well i want to stop and help decorate. well that really touched my heart. (nats) let's use what we got guys. (kellycaruso/donated tree) i don't care what code violation it is. it's the holidays. and these people need everything that can uplift them. as much as they can. john ended up with more trees than he could handle. so he decided to share. giving some to homeless women, living nearby. (john/received
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haven't had a tree in a couple years. in return, another gift, (john/n/ceived christmas trees) this may not look like the bayou. but to me, it's the reward that i wanted. payback, from one of those women, who like him, is bound by the kindness of strangers. (john/received christmas trees) see that's what we can do by helping others. you don't have to have thousands of millions to help somebody. you can have a penny in your pocket, not even a penny and reach out and touch somebody. deborah john's
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gave away, are now out on display under nearby highway. coming up in sports...the sioux city stampede held open tryouts earlier today. hear from head coach jason garnand after the break. plus..nebraska faced a late deficit against rhode island this afternoon.....find out... if the
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at 6-4. starting with an upstart rhode island team, the huskers hope to finish strong before big ten play begins. nebraska back home for this one after wednesday's blowout loss to creighton. 1st half breakaway... shavon shields to tai webster... and 1 huskers lead 18-17 after the ft == then the rams got red hot kuran iverson back to back threes part of a 12-0 run rhode island with their biggest lead of 11 == still 1st michael jacobson to nick fuller... nice find... fuller
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jacobson: 2 assists.. tied career high 1111 points.... == final seconds of the 1st half jarvis garrett hits a magic three at the buzzer rhode island up 37-32 at the break == 2nd half shavon shields game high 19 points gets the takeaway... and the monster jam huskers only down by 2! glynn watson had a career high 17 off the bench huskers rally from behind and beat rhode island 70-67 after beating iowa in wednesday's cy- hawk thriller, fourth-ranked iowa state back in action against arkansas pine- bluff. late in the first half, the cyclones lead it x------x has x-----x state. tune in at 10 from hilton coliseum. same matchup on earlier today......isu also comeback win first quarter......bridge up and hits from deep...she finished with a game high 22 points6.... two minutes later.....its carleton again from distance....she this afternoon.... third quarter rolling along....meredith burkhall gets one to fallll...iowa state up 17..... lead up to 19 now....make that
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paint...isu dealing dimes all over the court..... seanna johnson would get in on the action as well....uses the glass to perfeection....she finished with 11 ints...... this one never in doubt....bryanna fernstrom a long two.....count it! iowa state routs arkansas pine- bluf...70-41 the final. three days removed from winning the jim thorpe award, desmond king has been named afirst-team all american. the junior has eight interceptions this season, good for second in the nation. also of note, iowa senior center austin blythe has been named a third-team all american. alex the sioux city stampede have compiled a 16-7 record in their first two seasons as a program. the one thing missing? a league championship. the e ampede held open tryouts this afternoon with hopes ofofdding some talent to ththr experienced roster. sioux city returns 10 all-league players from last year's team that fell in the mfa semifinals. head coach jason garnand has his guys focused on a championship and he is excited to kick off his 2016 campaign.
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the stampede will play their home games in south sioux city this season. the 2016 schedule will be finalized in the next few weeks. to the pros....the chiefs have won six straight......hostin g the chargers at arrowhead... second quarter....scorles s game....alex smith rears back and fires a strike to albert wilson.....he takes it 44 yards to the house....kc goes up 7-0..... this one was close in the fourth....charger s down seven.....philip rivers to vincent brown on fourth down.... giving san diego ononlast chance to tie it up......riveve to danny falls incomplete......kan sas city holds on 10-3....they have now won seven straight games!!!
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and coming up at 10 ... we'll sit down with the family who lost one of their own in a drunk driving accident ... why they think this should never happen again. " " it's time for our facebook fan
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k pe pepepepeak at tonight's "afv." we know you're gonna love it. what the heck? [ laughs ] woman: ooh. [ gasps ] woman: gay apparel la-la-la-la-la-la-la. [ cheers and applause ]
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