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year for the pow wow and grand entry is set for seven o'clock. there will be lots of dancing, music and good food. the event serves way to have fun without the use of alcohol. "everyone's welcomed, this will father time will be will be here. there's and fun all night long. the neat thing is that it's a family said meier. tribes from different states have come to sioux city to participate in the pow wow, crafts will be sold, and prizes will be given at the end of the night. bria everyone is so excited to bring in the new year with friends and family and it looks like it will be a fun time. for now im going to toss it back to you in studio reporting live in sioux city i'm bria bell abc9 news deborah thank you bria,
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from bria tonight at 10 deborah damage sustained missouri, the iowa national gaurd has announced they'll be helping out in relief efforts 45 service members and 20 iowa army will be deployed to high ridge, miissouri to provide different relief efforts....such as water purification...and water transportation services. the soldiers will report for duty in missouri starting deborah south dakota man is using his love for cycling to encourage others to get active. he's taking old abandoned bikes...and revamping give out to those who may need a set of wheels. and it all started by an email he received that was meant for someone in a different state. " " around vermillion, south dakota...kevin the bike guy. "i probably put more miles on my bike than own," said kevin brady, recycle 605 co-founder. an avid cyclist for over 20 kevin behind the handlebars is a common
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so when the vermillion police captain mistakenly received an email meant for a bicycle co-op in vermillion..ohio... he knew just the guy to contact. "anything that has to do with cycling seems to always come back to me somehow. so he got a hold of me so we just kind of went from there," said kevin. the end result was recycle 605. an organization that collects abandoned bikes...fixes them up...and redistributes them at a very low cost...or free of charge. "these are the bikes that we recently received from the police department, and there's 39 bicycles in here along with a couple of other ones that have been donated to us," said kin and monday...he recieved another batch. "this is the first time i've seen the one's from the university so we'll be picking these up in short order, as soon as we have a place to store them all," said kevin. recycle 605 has only been around for a month..but with this addition....the group now has over 80 bikes... "it's been an amazing response, more than we expected," said kevin deborah souverain abc 9 news.
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bikes and volunteers. if you're helping... visit our website siouxland matters dot com... for more information. deborah a local non-profit is getting a huge boost to start the new year. today, woodhouse chrysler in sioux city donated more than $78,000 to the food bank of siouxland. that money was raised over the past couple of months....through a big push woodhouse makes for local food banks. the money will support the backpack program, which sends home food sacks with local kids...who rely on the free and reduced lunch program. this is the third year woodhouse has done the local food bank challenge. last year they raised 40- thousand dollars. deborah the stage is set at the "anthem" over at hard rock hotel and casino
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year's eve thousand dollars. deborah the stage is set at the "anthem" over at hard rock hotel and casino for tonight's new year's eve celebration. organizers say the second annual new year's party will have a number of activities.. such as casino give aways....special cuisine, and live lcuding a dueling piano concert. entertainment manager brad streeter says, th time of year everyone at the their a-game to throw a special new years bash " as it being new year's we want to do a little special extra inside, so we brought in a little bit more hands we morning cause the setting up something that people are going to have fun the best part of our people have a good
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is one of those best says entertainment streeter. deborah the event tonight is free and all of already will go on into the new year. also, set to be there tonight to help ring in the new year, a gene simmons the replica kiss the floor meeting people and taking guests deborah passengers on their way to cedar rapids... a bit of a scare on morning when the pilot had to make an emergency chattanooga, tennessee. we get more tonight from forrest saunders. " " tired travelers on the tarmac. in these viewer photos after allegiant air 760 was about an hour and a passengers report they had to leave the plane with all wait it out, stuck in chattanooga, tennessee. for some, it's been frustrating. "very. we've been gone for a week and i kept thinking, 'we're almost home, we're almost home'." passengers tami foubert (foe-bert) and her daughter mya were headed home to the montezuma area after a dance event in florida.
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airport, tami said she up a little over a flight. "we heard a crazy sound underneath sounded like when your tires come out weren't anywhere would be landing." that sound might have had something to do with the engine. allegiant reports the md-83 twin jet experienced trouble with its right engine the 150 passengers are now playing the waiting game until final destination. bringing another plane in for us. they've just announced our plane will not fly again. we're looking at maybe three to four hours here." as of 10 this morning, allegiant estimated passengers will be departing chattanooga at around 12:40 eastern time. deborah coming up after the break... well take a look at a condition that coming up after the break... well take a look at a condition that effects around 10% of pregnant women
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forecast is coming up, and we'll tell you about the return of 30s to our forecast, plus there isn't any snow! details next! " " (fred) this cold weather won't last much
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welding company skycam from the ho chunk centre. the low today was -3 and the high 25. it was a cold start--the lows this morning were below zero in many places. highs today were in the teens and 20s. current temps are in the teens and 20s. winds are we at to 20 mph. wind chills are single digits and teens. finally, we can see a warmup north and west of us, and tomorrow will be warmer. the satellite and radar shows no major systems across the midwest. the stormcast hd shows quiet weather throughout, with a warmup coming and generally clear skies. happy new year! your forecast for tonight is for
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tomorrow, we'll see sunshine and a high of 34. the 7-day shows highs in the 30s each day. while cloud cover will increase next week after a stretch of sunny days, no precipiation is expected. looking back at the month of december, it was snowy! we had 11.8" of snow, while the normal is 7.8". jenna/tim/fred (deborah) thanks, fred.
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deborah coming up after the break well take a look the
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role gestational diabetes plays in pregnancy. deborah
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big day for thdiabetes is one of conditions in pregnancy - affecting almost 10-percent of women. it's just like regular diabetes. kelly bowman health minute. " " diabetes is a your body does not respond to the sugar that you're absorbing, whether that comes from carbohydrates, or sugars directly dr.sloane says experts don't know exactly what causes the disease, but there are some known risk factors. we know that it has a lot to do with
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which essentially means the patient's race and background. some of those risk factors can't be avoided, he says - like race - but others, like a mother's weight going into pregnancy, can be controlled. i hear often in my practice say "oh i'm eating for two" or i have to gain a certain amount of weight for the baby - but that's actually a common misconception. the average caloric intake we recommend additionally a day is only 300 calories. in general, patients should gain approximately 30-45 pounds of they're of normal weight the biggest risk factor actually happens after delivery. once the baby is born, the baby who is used to being exposed to lots and lots of sugar now isn't getting any sugar in the maternal breastmilk, but it's still releasing the sugar absorbing hormone, so what ends up happening is that the baby's sugar actually drops which puts the baby at risk for seizure and coma. your diabetes will likely go away once the baby is born, but could return later in life. for health minute, i'm kelly bowman. deborah tomorrow is the big day for the iowa hawkeyes. they're playing in big day for the iowa hawkeyes. they're playing in the rose bowl for the first time in 25 years. and there's no denying that the team is excited....but the
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alex giaiamo is live in l-a to bring us more. alex giaimo im here... i'm outside the battleship uss iowa in sunny california. its official hawkeye nation has taken over southern california as thousands upon thousands of iowa fans ascended upon the battleship today for the rose bowl pep rally. " " fans speak about how excitied they are to be apart of the rose bowl expierence alex giaimo it's been 25 years since the last
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since the last rose bowl for iowa and it looks like missing the chance to see this one wasn't something fans were willing to risk deborah thank you alex, and make sure to tune in tonight
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highlighting the hawkeyes season leading up to their big trip to the rose bowl. that's tonight, right after this newscast. coming up in sports... iowa and nebraska opened up their big ten seasons today. find out if the hawkeyes could continue their recent success over the huskers. plus...i owa plays its biggest game of the season tomorrow at the rose bowl, but they don't see it that way. we'll explain
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com chris: a wait of 25 years, is officially down to less than 22 hours. tomorrow at 4, the iowa hawkeyes will
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the rose bowl for the first time since 1991. just like the school's five previous trips to pasadena, the hawkeyes will take on the champion from the now pac 12 conference. the stanford cardinal come into the game 11-2 and boast heisman trophy runner-up christian mccaffrey, who broke barry sanders' record for all-purpose yardage in a season. hawkeye head coach kirk ferentz says his team will need its best game, but they see it as just another game. kirk ferentz--"whether you're playing at augusta or the british open or you're playing in the rose bowl, at some point you have to block out all the other stuff and you have to concentrate on what the task is. for our guys it doesn't change. you know, we've played 13 ball games this year. i think we've prepared well for 13, we've competed hard in all 13 and now the challenge for us is to do it for 14 times. we're gonna have to do it to the best of our ability because that's what it's going to take to beat this team. they're a championship football team, just an outstanding team. there's no weaknesses that we can find." kickoff in the 102nd rose bowl game...tomorrow at 4 pm on espn. chris: before last
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at 4 pm on espn. chris: before last season, the iowa- in women's belonged huskers. the scarlet and cream had won 8 series, but last hawkeyes got three from their border rivals. today the hawks and the huskers opened up conference play arena in lincoln. the huskers get a nice start...rachel jessica shepard for the old- fashioned 3 point play...shepard had 28 points and 8 boards. then in the second quarter...alexa kastanek...a lincoln native...hits the triple in front of her hometown crowd. then with time winding down in the half, ally disterhoft, beats the buzzer...iowa led it 42-28 at the break. early in the's kastanek with space at the top of the key...she had 13 in her homecoming. but nebraska would make a the fourth, natalie romeo...that cuts the hawkeye lead to 3. but it wouldn't be enough...christina buttenham...her only bucket of the game puts the
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straight over nebraska, 74-68. some more afternoon basketball, creighton in queens to take on st. john's. less than a minute into the game, cole huff connects on the wing three, jays get on the board and take the lead. a couple of minutes later, it's huff, he gets freed up off the rotation...he'd finish with a double-double, 14 points and 11 boards. we head to the second john's gets the lead down to 2, until maurice watson junior, money on the three ball, the lead back up to five... next time down though, yankuba sima answers with the emphatic dunk...but he'd get called for a technical, and that summed up the day for st. john's. isaiah zierden, stretches the lead to double- digits after the three pointer and the jays wrap 2015 with an 80-70 win. chris: the sioux city musketeers returned from their christmas break with a 3-1 win at fargo on sunday. tonight, they return to action in their annual new year's eve game against omaha. playing on new year's eve, hasn't
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in the last 12 seasons, the guys and 11 when they play before the included in that skid are three year's eve losses puck drop is set the tyson, and we'll have all the action for you tonight at 10 right
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" " it's time for our facebook fan photo of the day. today's picture comes from... orange city area health systems. a fundraiser organized by iowa state bank raised 800 dollars for the local e-m-s. if you'd like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our abc-9 news facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) happy new year! your forecast for tonight is for
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