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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  January 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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and gold in the stands. and the iowa float also idd not dippoint! along with that disney did what they do best putting on a show. overall a great morning for the parade that went off flawlessly. for one iowa fan it's a great part of this rose bowl experience. "atmosphere is just electric here. all the floats are amazing got a great show great atmosphere 85 percent hawkeye fans out here you know representing iowa so go hawks." tonight at 10 look for live reports outside of the rose bowl once again. we'll recap the game and hear from fans and players to get their reaction to the outcome. reporting from pasadena i'm jon schaeffer " deborah: here's a check of the score. kickoff started about an hour ago, and it appears iowa is having a rough time in the game, they are trailing by 28 points to stanford at the start of the second quarter we'll keep you updated on that score later on in the newscast. 3,2,1, yaaaaaaaay! deborah: millions of people packed time
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the new year. the iconic celebration, which has tightened security, went on without incident.. around the world 2016 got a warm-- and safe--welcome. however in dubai--- a massive hotel fire lit up the sky...three hours before firewks were to begin. no mention yet of what sparked that fire. and back in the u- s--ahorities say they stopped a terror plot in rochester new york. emanuel lutchman is accused of planning to attack people at a restaurant in the name of isis. and even though the new years celebratioio are over...a new year tradadion in california is expected to be o hightened alert. sot richard klingbail/pasadena (orange) we've been at 48 consecutive pades? really fun? we enjoy it? it's always something new and refreshing and beautiful the rose parade in pasadena was designated a top- tier security event by federal officials even before the san rnardino teror attack.. an estimated 700- thousand people
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deborah: for some the new year means a new beginning...and for one siouxland family it's the start of a new family chapter. you're looking at little stephen cornish...who was delivered at unity-pointe heth st. luke's hospital. he is the first baby born on new years day... in sioux city. amanda and nicholis cornish welcomed their new baby boy, stephen, into the world at 8:47 this morning. amanda was in labor since wednesday evening...and says she's tired bubu happy that she's able to start t e new year with her bundle of joy.y. "at first around christmas time i didn't want him sharing a birthday with any other date but i like it," said amanda cornish. deborah: baby stephen weighed 6 pounds...8 ounces...and measured 18 inches long. and while he was the first....he wasn't the only new years day baby. mercy medical center delivered their new year's baby at 10:15. vicee olivo and ana anguiano- valeriano of sioux
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alan... weighing 7 pounds....2 ounces...and 20 inches long. congratulations to both families. deborah: today siouxlanders got a chance to kick off the new year on a healthy foot. the norm waitt sr ymca opened their doors today for their annual "day of play." it featured a number of fun activities..includin g a free fitness class sampler. attendees also got the chance to join the -y for just 20 dollars and 16 kick start their new years resolution. "every january the first the y opens our doors to the whole community, everybody. families, individuals just to give a great healthy, active and fun way to ring in the new year. we had two hours of group fitness class sampler, we have face painting, bounce houses, maizes in the gym as well as other games in the youth center both swimming pools were open. " deborah: the "y" had activities for the entire family to enjoy and it gave the community a chance to get a taste of what the facility has to offer.
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another resolution on many people's list is getting their finances in order. abc's rebecca jarvis has some tips for balancing your check book in 20-16. " nats -- new year's countdown this morning, just in time for your new year's resolutions (keyables) five smart money moves to get you started on the path to financial fitness. (gfx) step 1: cut the clutter. from your banking to your bills, set up auto-pay and accounts online to save yourself time and late fees in the year ahead. (keyable) unsubcsribe from emails, and services you're no longer using. (gfx) step 2: order your free credit report at annualcreditreport. com you're entitled to one a year. (keyables) now's the time to check it over and know where you stand. so nothing's standing in the way of you getting a mortgage, credit card or car loan this year. amend any errors, and pay down any overdue debts. (gfx) step 3. turn your phone into a financial advisor. (keyable) no need to pay a broker big bucks nats -- betterment app apps like betterment and wealthfront help you set your goals, recommend, and automatically invest your money in low-fee funds. (gfx) step 4: max out
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(keyable) you've probably heard it a million times,s,ut if your employer offers a 401k match and you're not taking full advantage, you're leaving money on the table. start the year off right by setting up automat contributions. (gfx) and finally, step 5: protect your hard earned money from fraud. with free apps like billguard. (keyables) you can track your spending, manage your credit and debit cards, and protect the accounts from fraud and unauthorized transactions. " deborah: for college students, another way to get ahead financially is to fill out your financial aid form. if you plan to attend college in 20-16 january first -- is the first day you
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nationwide college financial aid form. and the sooner you do, the better. later submissions could miss out on scholarships or grant money. students must submit the fafsa to get any financial aid awards. including federal and state grants, as well as scholarships from your state and school. the form also helps determine how much you can borrow from the government, which is key...because federal loans are likely to come with lower interest rates. deborah: the form is a bit longer than your average paperwork. but here are five things you should know to make the process a little bit easier: - it's online and it's free. - some states run out of grant money, so fill it out early. - watch out for multiple deadlines. - you need to know your parents' income. - and don't assume you're too wealthy to apply. still to come... a funny video with jerry seinfeld... and president obama has surfaced on the internet. why the duo is spreading smiles online...when we return.
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a quiet pattern will be seen for now, and our weather will be quite nice tomorrow. there is one snow chance in the 7-day forecast. find out when after the break.
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fred: jenna: tim: (deborah) fred, what can people expect over (fred) bit of a cooldown on sunday. fred: (fred) here's a time lapse of the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. lots of sunshine today! the low was 18 and the high 33. 30 is our tempeture in sioux city. local
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winds are west to northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills are in the teens and 20s except estherville, which has a wind chill of 9. there were a few snow showers over the great lakes today, but the rest of the midwest is very quiet. the stormcast hd shows a clear night tonight, and a sunny, nice day tomorrow. cooler weather will arrive for sunday and monday, along with a few clouds...but no snow. your forecasas for tonight is for clear skies and a low of 9. tomorrow, expect sunshine and
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shows a oldown to the 20s sunday and monday, then back to the 30s. cloud cover will gradually increase next week, leading to a slight chance of snow next friday. stay tuned! fred: tim: jenna:
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(fred) you bet. deborah: jerry seinfeld had a very special guest on the most recent episode of his web series, "comedians in cars with coffee" ... but this guest wasn't a was the commander in chief. "obama and seinfeild banter in
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president barack obama joined seinfeld for a taping of the show at the white house. they chatted over coffee and took laps around the south lawn driveway in seinfeld's 19-63 corvette stingray infeld, whose childhood dream was to be an astronaut....said taping a show with the president "felt like going into space." still to come speaking of prt obama a controversy that keeps arising in america. gun control. how he's pushing to end gun violence.
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deborah:president obama is vowing thaha2016 will be a year o o protect americans from gun violence. in a new year's day address, the president suggested the possibility of issuing executive orders....aimed at making it harder for criminals to get guns. abc's bazi kanani is in washington with more. " somber memories as the new year begins. the president refers back to the horrifying mass shooting of kindergarteners in newtown, cocoecticut-- as he nounced his new year's resolution toto act on gun control. (sot obama address) we know that we can't stop every act of violence. but what if we tried to stop even one? what if congress did something-- anything-- to protect our kids from gun violence. in his weekly address, president obama called it the unfinished business
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more than a dozen condelence speeches to communities like roseburg, oregon this fall.... grieving yet another mass shooting. (sot file roseburg) somehow this has become rtine. the reporting is routine. my response here at his podium ends up being routine. the conversation and the aftermath of it. we've become numb to this." frustrated by congress's inability to pass a bill expanding background checks, the president says he will meet monday with attorney general loretta lynch to discuss his options... including bypassing congress with an executive order. in the meantime... calling for public support. (sotbama address) the gun lobby is loud and well organized in its defense of effortlessly available guns for everyone. the rest of us are going to have to be just as passionate and well organized in our defense of kids. the national rifle association... already fighting back. (nats music) presidential clinton-- is the first in a new series of n- r-a videos going
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on the campaign trail...vermont senator and democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders spent part of his new years eve in iowa. sanders hosted an early new year's eve party at the renaissance des moines savery hotel. ringing in the new year along side voters and campaign supporters.s at the event...sanders talked about his new years resolution...and his goals with the upcoming iowa cacuses....which are now just 30 days away. deborah: hillary clinton will be starting off the new year in iowa...and she' planning a stop right here in sioux city clinton will be bringing her "river-to-river in iowa tour" to sioux city tuesday january 5th. clinton has stops scheduled in council bluffs and osage. but she wont be the only democratic candidate in sioux city that week. former maryland governor martin o'malley will be
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treglia house on january third. that's o ojennings streetet..the event begins at t :45 a-m. o'malley's campaign has struggled to gain momemtum in the race....he continues to poll in the single digits. after the break... the iowa national gaurd has been deployed on an important mission to missouri. details when we return.
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missouri residents...who lost frere water suppppes due to massive flooding...will get some welcomed aid from iowa soldiers today. more than 10 inches of rain last week caused rivers to swell...and knocked out a water treatment plant in high ridge, missouri. it left thousands without safe drinking water... dave franzman shows us how a specialized group of iowa soliders are helping out. " while many iowans slept in after new year's eve celebrations, iowa national guard soldiers gotp well before dawn on a mission of mercy.
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around trucks their job.b. prepare and dever this convoy of 20 water treatment and transport vehicles to missouri communities where clean water is in short supply. " we d't get to do missions like this very often... it's very exciting for us do our mos and help "> " the military occupation specialty... or m-o-s... for soldiers in the 334th brigade support battalion includes delivering clean water wherever needed. yesterday, iowa governor terry branstad told the guard help missouri. the "water dogs" as they call themselves prepared the tankers and a tactical portable treatment system that can produce 15-hundred gallons of drinking ter per hour. on new year's morning, there was time for a quick breakfast and some last minute instructions. sot/nat briefing the plan was to split the convoy to avoid congestion on highways during the nearly 500 mile trip. some soldiers have done flood duty before... distributing water and cleaning supplies. for others, this was all a "first."
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training... and i'm really excited... it will be a good experience for me">12:05 soldiers in this specialized unit say people take clean water for granted... until it's not there. their job, for the next 10 days, is to make sure it is there for missouri residents until the water plant is back on line. dave franzman, and things are getting back to normal in missouri after hundreds of homes and business were damaged. all interstate highways in missouri are now back open....and residents around st. louis are assessing the damage. dwight davis lives just southwest st. louis in sunset hills. he was able to save his house: (sot- dwight davis) "we started building a wall about, what was it, two days ago, right when it started coming up, about 6 a.m. we started going, we had about 70 volunteers they were great, sunset hills came out and really came throug thehehad sandbags coming for us, sand and evything."
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floods are blamed for at least 22 deaths in missouri and illinois... and at least 4 people are still missing. the danger is not over. all that water now is heading south to arkansas and louisiana. tim: up next...fred is back with a final check of our forecast.
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here's another check of the score in pasadena. and it's looking like an uphill battle for the hawkeyes, they are losing to stanford 35 - just at the end of the second quarter we'll keep you score tonight in the six o'clock show. . (fred)
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tonight is for clear skies and a low of 9. tomorrow, expect sunshine and a nice day. the high will be 33. the 7-day shows a cooldown to the 20s sunday and monday, then back to the 30s. cloud cover will gradually increase next week, leading to a slight chance of snow next friday. stay tuned!
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breaking news tonight. the deadly cafe shooting and the massive manhunt.
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