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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  January 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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the hawkeyes, they are losing to stanford 35 - nothing. just at the end of the second quarter. we'll continue to keep you updated on that score. . deborah: for some the new year means a new beginning...and for one siouxland family it's the start of a new family chapter. you're looking a a little stephen cornish...who was delivered at unity-pointe health st. luke's hospital. he is the first baby born on new years day... in sioux city. amanda and nicholis cornish welcomed their new baby boy, stepn, into the world at 8:47 this morning. amanda was in labor since wednesday evening...and says she's tired but happy that she's able to start the new year with her bundle of joy. "at first around christmas time i didn't want him sharing a birthday th any other date but i like it," said amanda cornish. deborah:baby stephen weighed 6 pounds...8 ounces...and measured 18 inches long. and while he was the first....he wasn't the only new years day
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mercy medical center delivered their new year's baby at 10:15. vicente olivo and ana anguiano- valeriano of sioux city...welcomed a baby boy named alan... weighing 7 pounds....2 ounces...and 20 inches long. congratulations to both families. deborah: today siouxlanders got a chance to kick off the new w ar on a h hlthy foot. the norm waitt sr ymca opened their doors today for their annual "day of play." it featured a number of fun activities..includin g a free fitness class sampler. attendees also got the chance to join the -y for just 20 dollars and 16 kick start their new years resolution. " swimming is a great opportunity for families to get active and spend time together over this holiday break. with this being our busiest day of the year we want to make it a fun and a safe experience for the kids, their families and our staff." deborah: the "y" had activities for the entire family to enjoy and it gave the community a chance to get a taste of what the facility has to offer. deborah
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country....people gathered to ring in the new year.. here's a look at some of the biggest celebrations around the u-s-a. " "reporter pkg-as follows-- (nats of fireworks, cheering, music) deborah new york city...had one of
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celebrations... and as soon as it ended.d..sanitation crews got right to work cleaning-up times square. party hats, confetti, and noisemakers were all part of the tons of debris swept away. new york's department of sanitation says more than 170 workers hit the streets. they got the cleanup done with several dozen sweepers and collection trucks. after last year's times square
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48-tons of debris was hauled-away. deborah now to that historic flooding in the midwest... things are finally starting to get back to normal after hundreds of homes and business were damaged. in missouri, all interstate highways are now back open and residents around st. louis are assessing the damage. dwight davis lives just southwest of st. louis in sunset hills. he was able to save his house: " we started building a wall about, what was it, two days ago, right when it started coming up, about 6 a.m. we started going, we had about 70 volunteers they were great, sunset hills came out and really came through, they had sandbags coming for us, sand and everything." the record floods are blamed for at least 22 deaths in missouri and illinois... and at least 4 people are still missing. the danger is not over. all that water now is heading south to arkansas and louisiana deborah the new year's day holiday can't stop politics in an election year. spotted at today's rose parade in pasadena,
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skywriting message bashing presidential candidate and gop frontrunner donald trump. it reads - "america is great, trump is disgusting, anybody but trump." six planes were used to write the e message, which reportedly could be seefrom a ten mile radius. aerial advertising company 'air sign' took credit for the message. it began tweeting before the event, promising a surprise for parade-goers. deborah has been ordered to give a deposition in a defamation suit against her husband. a massachusetts court rejected a motion by camille cosby to cancel the deposition order. she is scheduled to testify next week. the defamation se involves seven women who have accused bill cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. they say the 78- year-o comic portrayed them as liars after they went public with their allegations. bill cosby is also facing felony sexual assault charges in pennsylvania over an alleged
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the comedian has denied any wrongdoing. deborah iconic r&b star natalie coco has died at the age of 65. the grammy winner and daughter of the legendary nat king cole reportedly died in a los angeles hospital late thursday night. cole underwent a successful kidney transplant in 2009...her kidney troubles date back to 2008, when she was diagnosed with hepatitis c and underwent aggressive chemotherapy to fight the virus. cole attributed the illness to her struggles with cocaine and heroin. she had beensober for some time following stints in a rehabilitation clinic. her hits include "this will be," "unforgettable" and "inseparable." deborah coming up after the break... well take a look at some of the most viral vieos of 2015 (fred) a quiet pattern will be seen for now, and our weather will be quite nice tomorrow. there is one snow chance in the 7-day forecast. find out when after the break.
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people expect over the weekend? (fred) nice weather, with a bit of a cooldown on sunday. fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) here's a time lapse of the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. lots of sunshine today! the low was 18 and the high 33. highs over western iowa were in the 20s and 30s over western iowa. eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota saw highs mainly in the 30s with the exception of sioux falls. 25 is our temperature in sioux city. local temperatures range from the upper teens to the lower 30s. winds are west to northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills are in the single digits
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and 20s elsewhere. there were a few snow showers over the great lakes today, but the rest of the midwest is very quiet. the stormcast hd shows a clear night tonight, and a sunny, nice day tomorrow. cooler weather will arrive for sunday and monday, along with a few clouds...but no snow. your forecast for tonight is for clear skies and a low of 9. tomorrow, expect sunshine and a nice day. the high will be 33. the 7-day shows a cooldown to the 20s sunday and monday, then back to the 30s. cloud cover will gradually increase next week, leading to a slight chance of snow next friday. stay tuned! jenna/tim/fred deborah and when we come back well take a look at some of the most popular videos circulated
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look at some of
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in 2015 deborah from the famous
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the the heartwrenching... and the adorable to the infuriating -- seriously, what color is that dress? -- this year was chock-full of viral moments. jeremy roth takes his delorean on a trip back... to revisit 2015's most viral stories. " " (nats) "cause the players gonna play play play play play and the hate gonna hate hate hate hate hate baby im just gonna shake skahe shake shake shake -- shake it off, shake it off." 7-year-old dylan barnes shook it off this year... dancing his way onto 'ellen' -- and into the presence of taylor herself. barnes got to meet the superstar backstage at her tour stop in kansas city -- and they had this epic dance-off. (nats - claps at end) (nats) "october 21st 2015." "you mean we're in the future?" the future arrived in
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terms. on october 21st, the world paused to geek out over the day the 1989 movie named "the future"-- a world of flying cars, hoverboards and holograms. the whole thing culminated with the actors showing up on prime time in -- what else? -- the delorean. (nats) "great scott!" there was perhaps no viral video in 2015 as horrifying as this... a vehicle dash camera captured a transasia flight as it careened out of the sky... clipped a vehicle on a bridge... and plunged into a river. officials say pilot error was to blame... 43 people were killed. pharmaceutical c-e-o martin shkreli made headlines when he raised the price of a life-saving aids medication. i'm not talking a couple bucks -- daraprim skyrocketed from thirteen-fifty to seven hundred fift dollars per pill overnight. the daily beast declared shkreli "the most-hated man in america," surpassing even the dentist who killed cecil the lion. speaking of... zimbabwe's prized "cecil the lion" was illegally hunted in
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firestorm against walter palmer. and while palmer didn't face charges, he did face abject humiliation -- the controversy inspired ridiculous halloween costumes. (nats - singing) a patti labelle fan's ode to the singer's frozen dessert pies sent sales through the roof when his musical review went viral and captured the attention of the singer herself. labelle made sure the fan got his just desserts... hosting him for thanksgiving dinner... from one diva to another... johanna colon channeled the essence of aretha during a summer dance recital. (nats) "ooh your kisses, sweeter than honey. but guess what? so is my money." the sassy 6-year-old tapped her way to total stage dominance. (nats) "take care, t- c-b." and the story that had everyone talking this year... the dress! is it blue and black... or white and gold? a question that sparked countless buzzfeed articles and threatened to tear families apart. for the record -- it's totally blue and black. i'm jeremy roth reporting. deborah coming up in sports...the south
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summit league play today. we'll head to the dome for all the action. deborah plus...the hawkeyes got off to a horrendous start in the rose bowl...were they able to find any momentum in the second? we'll have an update from pasadena after
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iowa's return to the se bowl, it took all of 11 seconds for stanford to set the tone in pasadena, and leave the hawkeyes shell- shocked.
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mccaffrey, 75 yard td to open the game. he had 248 all- purpose yards in the first half and two td' on a punt return. cardinal also had a pick six. two passing touchdowns from kevin hogan, and a rushing td. stanford outgaining iowa 250-123 at the half. how about some more college football...notre dame and ohio state in the fiesta bowl. already 21-7 buckeyes in the 2nd...and zeke elliott, straight power up the gut of the irish defense...t-osu goes up 21, but the irish would score before the break to make it 28-14. then in the third...deshone kizer throwing up the fade and chris
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comes down with it...notre dame gets back within a score. but they had no answer for elliott...he goes 47 yards untouched...he finished with 149 rushing yards and 4 scores today and just like a decade ago, ohio state beats the irish in the desert, 44-28. chris: with the calendar turning to from december to january, that means conference basketball season is upon us. today, south dakota hosted a mens and women's double header as the yotes opened up summit league play. we'll kick things off with coach amy williams' coyote women, 9-4 on the season, taking on denver. in the third quarter...yotes in a dog fight...kelly stewart gets the steal and she goes coast to coast with it...usd clinging to a 40-35 lead. after denver got it within one, caitlin duffy, freed up on the nice ball movement...she hits the triple and the lead back to two possessions. next time down, check out this play from tia hemiller...fights for the loose ball and then decides to take it her self for the lay up. then usd starts to pull away...stewart...g
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rebound...gets the hoop and the hack, she had 15 today. later in the quarter...nicole seekamp hits the triple...she had a team high 17 and 9 assists...usd opened up a 15 point lead heading to the fourth... in the final frame...former crofton standout allison arens gets the bucket underneath and allison arens gets the bucket underneath and the coyotes cruise, 85-60. the coyote men, looking to open summit play with a win too...taking on iupui. early on...darell combs...has some space and hits from range...jaguars up 5-2 in the early minutes. usd, trying to get back into it...dan jech, with the pretty up and under...they still trail by 3 though. early on jech was their only offense too...he gets the baby hook here, but the lead up to five. then it's d.j. davis, with the shake and bake, he gets into the paint to finish, but it wasn't the coyotes' day...iupui gets out of the dome
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and taking a look at tomorrow, what a great day of basketball. iowa, fresh off their upset of number 1 michigan state face another challenge at number 14 purdue...that game at 5 on big ten network. then an hour later, 11th ranked iowa state heads to number 3 oklahoma to open big twelve play...that game on espn2. also on the schedule at 5 on big ten network. then an hour later, 11th ranked iowa state heads to number 3 oklahoma to open big twelve play...that game on espn2. also on the schedule tomorrow...nebra ska welcomes indiana to pinnacle bank arena...tip off at 3 on btn right before iowa plays.then late tomorrow night, creighton hosts jay wright and number 16
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karaoke in your car, it's the newest sensation from the selfie generation, singing
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