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forecast is just moments away - your news starts now. 2 line cg: elisa raffa m a sledding accident at grandview park today has us looking at the safety of the winter past-time "i'm not sure if i uld even want to leave my house." a program kicking off this year....aims to help victims of domestic violence. "we don't have anything like this in omaha " and a siouxland attraction is drawing big crowds this weekend deborah good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm deborah souverain. a child was rushed to the hospital after sledding accident
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details are still scarce...however according to a witness... it happened at the grandview park around 2:45 this afternoon. the child was reportedly taken to the hospital by an ambulance. tonynyunnick was at the park...and witnessed what happened. " they pulled the sled away and my son said the child wasn't moving and the police, ambulance and fire department they attendet to the person laying done and pulled them out on a stretcher." deborah: we will bring you more on this developing story... as information it becomes available. now this isn't the first sledding accident here in sioux x ty. back in 2008... david rosalez wawa paralyzed fromom the waist downafter injuring his spinal cord after he slid into a parking sign at sertoma park. the rosalez family sued the city...and was later paid two-point- seventy-five million dollars from the city. since's leader's voted to
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accidents. the bill was signed into law during the 2015 legislative session. deborah: following that suit...sioux city implemented designated sledding areas at grandview and sertoma park. signs are posted at both areas where sledding is permitted. here are a few tips to keep your children safe on the hills. remember that there should be adult supervision at the park. you should also make sure the hill is safe...make sure the hill isn't near a street, parking lot...or a pond. avoid collisions at all cost.... and finally, if you go sledding at night...make sure the area is well lit. deborah a new program in iowa is protecting survivors of keeping their homeaddresses concealed from public documents. reporter sarah greene shows us how the 'safe at home' program is protecting victims from their abusers. ' as of january first, abuse survivors living in iowa can keep their home address confidential. that means things
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bills, and even voter registration can use a substitute address. the shelter manager from winnie's place, ananmergency shelter for homeless and abused women, says the program makes it more difficult for an abuser to find a victim. (kit miller/shelter manager) "they have a little more step of protection, that will take, um, somebody a little more work to find where they're at." mail sent to the substitute address gets forwarded by the secretary of state's office to the confidential address of the survivor. (nats of mail box) ( sarah) "the safe at home program helps survivors of abuse not live in fear of everyday tasks like taking a walk in their neighborhood or simply checking the mail. " ( abuse survivor) "you would always be looking over your shoulder,you'd be afraid to do anything in public. i'm not sure if i would even want to leave my house." (kit miller/shelter manager) "somebody's sister
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and knows or sees that id can very easily let the abuser know." one domestic and sexual abusese survivor says the program will m me a big difference forothers like her. (abuse survivor) "a lot of things are public record these days, and even though you try and hide whe you're at and your identity you do what you can, if they really want to they can find where you're at. and this law stops that." not only does 'safe at home' keep survivors safe, it helps them feel at ho too. (kit miller/shelter manager) "home is supposed to be your refuge, and so you need to feel like you have a safety net there and you have some comfort, and you have the ability to relax after all feeling safe, comfortable and relaxed is what being home is all about. sarah greene local 4 news.' deborah iowa is one of 33 states with an address confidentiality program. deborah: hillary clinton has hit a majojo milestone in h h campaiai... the democratic presidential candidate has raised 55-million dollars in the fourth quarter--topping her 100-million- dollar goal. in all... the clinton campai collected 112 million dollars since launching her campaign in april. the democratic front-runner made a strong push to raise funds....she has headlined around 174 fundraisers.
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fellow democrat presidential hopeful martin o'malley made the first of three stops he has planned in iowa a today o'malley met with a crowd of supporters at the weut des moines public library. the former maryland governor...didn't play his guitar as he's known to do...but he did urge the crowd to sign up to cauc for him on february first. o'malley also took questions about gun control...isis...and his hopes of claiming the presidential nomination. " now that christmas has pass ihink people are entering that decision envelope and making up their minds we are seeing in our r n organization a lot more people commiting to cacus for o'malley i'm excited i'm encouraged " o'malley will be back in des moines tomorrow, following stops in sioux city and council bluffs. o'malley still trails far behind the other democratic candidates in iowa. recent polls put hillary clinton at nearly 50-percent support, and sanders with 37, while o'malley...only
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vermont senator r bernie sanders spoke in front of a large crowd earlier today at the university of massachusetts. speaking out about the republicans running for the white house.....the demorcratic candidate said that they are all suffering from amnesia. " but we have not forgotten. we remember 800,000 jobs a month being lost. we remember a $1.4 trillion deficit being created" deborah but not everyone in the crowd was feeling the bern. sanders was heckled by a man wearing a donald trump t-shirt.t. take a listen. "(bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate "here's a trump suorter worried about mr. trump's money..." (nats -- crowd) "crowd boos, then starts chanting 'bernie, bernie'." (pause for man being escoed out of room) (bernie sanders/ (d) presidential candidate) "i say to mr. trump and his supporters that the billionaires of this country will not continue to own this nation." supporter worried about mr. trump's money..." (nats -- crowd) "crowd boos, then starts chanting 'bernie, bernie'." (pause for man being escorted out of room) (bernie sanders/ (d)
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candidate) say to mr. trump and his supporters that the billionaires of this country will not continue to own this nation." (nats - crowd cheers.) deborah: the trump supporter yelled, "shame on you bernie" before getting escorted out of the room. and speaking of the gop front runner. trump doesn't seem to be fazed by reports that a terrorist group is featuring him in a recruiting video. during a rally i i mississippi... trump blamed both president obama and hillary clinton, for the rise of isis. "(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "you watch, i've predicted a lot of things, you have to say, including, get the oil, take the oil, keep the oil right? i've been saying that for three years, and everybody said, 'oh, i can't do that. i mean, this is a sovereign country. there is no country. they have a bunch of dishonest people they've created isis. hillary deborah:
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for the republican nomination...with 39 percent support in the latest c-n-n o-r-c poll. ted cruz is in second place with 18 percent support. deborah: and the negative headlines continue to follow the billionaire businessman. during the rose parade in pasadena, california yesterday... a skywriting message bashing trump could be seen for mileses it read..."america is great....trump is disgusting.....anyb ody but trump." six planes were used to write the message..which reportedly could be seen from a ten mile radius. aerial advertising company 'air sign' took credit for the message. it began tweeting before the event...promising a surprise for parade-grs. deborah: when we come back... i'll take you to one of siouxlands premiere outdoor destinations during the winter season. stay tuned.
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" " deborah
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some it's making a snowman ... while others like the rush of taking skis down a slope.. but here in sioux city...tubing is what brings out the crowds. lukas voss shows us a spot...where you can join in on the wier fun.
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thankseborah ... hillview recreation area ... just a mile from hinton, iowa ... offers a wide variety of outdoor activities ... fishing, hiking ... cross country skiing and tubing down a hill ... nats: tubing fun ... it's fast and furious ... but not really dangerous. the perfect thrill for kids and adults alike ... that is if you dare to sit down in a tube and slide down the icey hill at the hillllew recreation area ... which according to eight yeararubing veterans is at it's best condition ever. sot: "it seems like yesterday everybody packed it down and then it froze overght and now it'sust a little bit slicker and you can go a little bit farther almost into the next hill." the hill is part of the plymouth county park system and located on the 275 acre property called the hillview recreation area. it's one of siouxland's premiere outdoor destinations with fishg, hunting and hiking opportunities . but the winter time tubing draws people from everywhere. "we saw this tubing
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what fun it would be because we don't have anything like this in omaha. just hold on and have fun that's all i have been doing." and for some ... it's justlike feeling a little younger again "it's like being a kid ain, i am almost fifty so this is great." "it's a great thing it's a good activity for young people and i asked the ranger if there was an age limit ananhe said no ... so i guess i am not too old. i also consulted with several experts on snow tubing to find out what the perfect technique is and also how they rank this hill.
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technique for going down hill ... i think you should go with a group because you can hold hands and it's really fun. on a scale 1 to 10 what;s the most fun part ... 10 and it's going down the hill it's a lot of fun once you hit the mps just fly in air. you have to actually walk back now ... how much fun is that on a scale one to 10? 0 ... it sucks ..." out: if you want to still try to get out on the hill ... the tubing station is open until the end of february ... every saturday and sunday and only cost five dollars for unlimited downhill fun ... those five dollars by the way go rigig back into supporting the park ... reporting in studio ... lukas voss abc9 news. deborah/elisa elisa welcome back. high tememratures in the region stretched from the upper 20s into the middle 30s. here's a look at the almanac where our temperature in sioux city made it to 35. let's check out our current conditions now on the port neal welding company skycam hd. temperatures are currently in the 20s and 30s. we have a light wind from the
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at 10 to 15 miles per hour. the satellite and radar picture is iet, however you can see some clouds descending f fm nortrn minnesota. this is associated with a weak cold front that will move through overnight. let's go to the stormcast hd where you can watch that frontal passage occur. this will set us up for some cooler weather on sunday and m mday with highs near 30. it's going to be a quiet 7 day forecast without too much activity. tonight's low is 10 under mostly clear skies. the high temperature
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under partly cloudy skies. it'll be seasonal and slightly cooler. here's your 7 day forecast. 2 line cg: elisa raffa unlimited downhill fun ... those five dollars by the way where our temperature in sioux city made it to 35. let's check out our current conditions now on the port neal welding company skycam hd. temperatures are currtly in the 20s and 30s. we haha a light wind from the west and northwest at 10 to 15 miles pe hour. the satellite and radar picture is quiet, however you can see some clouds descending from
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this is associated with a weak cold front that will move through overnight. let's go to the stormcast hd where you can watch that frontal passage occur. this will set us up for some cooler weather on sunday and monday with highs near 30. it's going to be a quiet 7 day forecast without too much activity. tonight's low is 10 under mostly clear skies. the high temperature tomorrow will be 29 under partly cloudy skies. it'll be seasonal and slightly cooler. here's your 7 day
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elisa raffa m deborah/elisa deborah: coming up in sports...the muskies hosted their i-29 rivals from sioux falls tonight. we'll have all the action from the rink after the
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from the chrimas break,k, the sioux city musketeers have found a groove. jay varady's squ have won both of ththr games this week, heading into tonight's game with the defending clark
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sioux falls. the stampede have won four of the five games between these two this season. in the first...muskies on the power play and check out this one timer from eeli absolute rocket lights the lamp and it's 1-0. then the other half of the finnish connection, teemu pulkkinen works the give and go and goes top shelf where e grandpappy keeps the good stuff...2-0 muskies after one. cam gornet...can't handle it cleanly, but recovers nicely to freeze the puck and keep sioux falls off the board. then check out this sequence from the hah- vaahd man...he makes the kick save and then pokes it away to keep that goose egg. on the other end...phillip knies working it down low he finds c.j. dodero out front...he won't miss from there. muskies win again...4-1 the final. chris: the briar cliff men and women
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this week at the bcu holiday classic, but today, the chargers returned to gpac play out in nebraska. brian forbes of the chargers...definit ely on the all- man-bun team. and he works some hair magic to get bcu on the board first. but the dawgs came to play...jamie pearson hits t corner three to put concordia up a pair. but erich erdman got hot...trifecta? you betcha. chargers win their 11th straight, 90-82 the final. could the fourth ranked charger women make it a sweep? 3rd quarter briar cliff's alex fuller with of her 8 points on the night chargers led 67-64 after 3 quarters == later 4th devin edwards to quinn wragge, the former crofton star. bulldogs down 4 == shelby quinn camam up with the big shot this 3 with just more than 2 minutes left gave the bulldogs the lead bulldogs pull the upset and beat no. 4 briar cliff 77-75 chris:
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hawkeyes, the iowa state cyclones got no vors from the schedule makers to open up conference play. the cyclones had to travel to norman to take on third ranked and undefeated oklahoma. two of the best players in the country squaring off, georges niang and buddy hield. in the first...niang, with the nifty move up and in for a pair...isu up by as many as 11. but here comes ou...hield on the drive slams it home with authority...4 point cyclone lead at the half. in the second...deonte burton, filling in nicely for naz mitrou-long...he had a season high 19. but isaiah cousins...a goose egg in the first half...back to back threes as the sooners take the lead. the sooner defense clamps down too...they get the steal and the layup for ryan spanger...they stay unbeaten, 87- 83 toppling the cyclones. iowa taking on another ranked team, this time number 14 purdue on the road. it was the jarrod uthoff show early...he gets the
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and then look at the spin move out on the break...hawks with the early lead. but purdue caught fire...ey went on a 16-0 run and shot 50% from deep in the first to open up a 17 point halftime lead. in the second...everybod y thinks they hear a whwhtle, except mike gesell...he rattles homemehe triple, iowawaithin five. and they keep clawing back...dom uhl knocks down the three...and the hawkeyes have the lead. then late in the game gesell gets the easy assist ahead to uthoff...huge win for the hawkeyes, 70-63 on the road. elsewhere in the big ten...huskers and hoosiers in lincoln. midway through the first...andrew from downtown, nebraska trails it by 1 though. a couple of minutes later, check out the ferocious slam from thomas bryant...indy goes up by 3. but the very next time down the court, glynn watson junior with the circus shot...take
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off the glass. late in the half now...jack mcveigh.he stole it earlier in the possession, he cashes in the triple...huskers up 3 at the half. but indiana outscored the hosts 43-30 in the second half...h.hsiers take it,t,9-69. chchs: yesterday's rose bowl was the last game for 21 iowa seniors. while the game didn't go how they'd hoped, it wrapped up careers they're proud of. jordan lomax--"it was a very great year for us. the togetherness and ththmaturity in this group and the camaraderie and to be able to play under coach ferentz and the rest of this coaching staff has just been a huge honor." austin blythe--"it's been an unbelievable year especially with the group of guys we got everybody working to a common goal, working together. nobody standing off on the side doing their owowstuff. just playing for these fans and this university and for a coach likekeoach ferentz isisecond to none." the seniors led the hawkes to their best season in program history.
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about a new born set of twins. the two siblings won't have to share the same birthday party. you might be asking yourself... how is that possible? well they were born on different days and different years in san diego. a baby girl was born one minute before midnight on new year's eve. her twin brother was born two minutes after midnight...on new year's day. both babies are happy and healthy. elisa
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ergs) i can't be anything without you don't you know? 'cause we go together just like jam and bread or maybe birds of a feather feather i don't know anything about you
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