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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 4, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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good night, bachelor nation.and some blowing snow. at least no dense fog is seen at the moment. ease drive carefully, as we may see slick roads too from freezing fog. local temperatures are in the teens and lower 20s., wind chills are in the single digits and teens. the planner shows cloudy skies tonight and fog. temperatures will be mainly in the lower 20s. i'll be back with a look at a warmup, plus rain and snow chances later this just a few minutes. it's time for your news! "there is a uniqueness about the iowa caucus that people really enjoy. " will you caucus next month? if you're not sure how it works... stay tuned. "this is actually going to be the first on site removal of anything or changing of the
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for cone park," sioux city leaders plans for a winter recreation area. "dan, what would be the year? rhonda that's a great question! members take the mic... to tell you their plans for 2016. jenna: thank you for joining us tonight im jenna rehnstrom, tim has the night off. after months of campaign visits and one-on-one meetings with the candidates... it's iowa turn to be in the national spotlight. but, the iowa caucuses can be a bit confusing... even for iowans. lucas voss explains how the process works. in: thank's jenna ... the definition of "caucus" is easily found ... a meeting of suppters or members of a specific political party or movement. but, it's a more interesting process
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clinton ... "if you have nev caucused before, it's an unbelievable experience" sands ... "i hope that you will participate in the caucus process.." trump ... "get out to the caucus and do your thing." vo: to all of them ... the iowa caucus is important ... but what exactly is a caucus? it's not an election ... both political parties independtly organize the events. there is no state ovsight and they are run by volunteers sot: "it's just getting together and forming little groups and helping choose who is going be the next president of the united states. it's so totally different from having a ballot where you show up any old time and just vote." vo: if you caucus in one of the state's 1,681 delegates to iowa's congressional convention. eventually choose the presidential conventions. choose the candidates?" and mark their paper ballot. little more active. they'll phyically move about the room in groups, according to which candidate they like. if one candidate doesn't have enough supporters... those join a different sot: "there is a lot of horse trading people trying to convince their friends and neighbors to join their group and thus get more delegates to the state and convention." iowa is a small state scale it can have a big impact ... of its caucus system. t:
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not a registered voter but still want to caucus ... you can simply go to your respective caucus precinct location and sign up ... by the way if you are 17 and though you couldn't caucus ... you are in luck ... as long as you are 18 by the date of the election it's possible ... reporting in studio ... lukas voss abc9 news. jenna: campaign visits ramp back up tomorrow with two-big name stops in siouxland. texas senator ted cruz was in boone today. tomorrow, he has stops planned in onawa, cherokee and sioux center. today, he talked about the president's
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that he plans to announce new executive action to tighten the nation's gun laws. while president obama says he's within his legal authority... cruz says he's abusing his power. president obama is committed to continuing to abuse his executive power in every way shape and form. and, especially in going after our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. we'll be covering cruz's stops in siouxland tomorrow and will bring you more in our newscasts. jenna: hillary clinton is town. back to iowa campaigning in clinton was the president and build on his accomishments. i am absolutely are going to make succeed president obama so that we don't let the republicans rip away we have made together." clinton's sioux city visit will take place at 2:45
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at the orpheum theatre in downtown sioux city. jenna: the only person on board a single engine plane that crashed overnight was found in the wreckage early this morning near pender, nebraska. the cessna 172 out of missouri was suppose to land at sioux gateway airport, but because of the fog in the area, it was diverted to the wayne airport. that was about 8 o'clock last night... and the pilot wasn't heard from again. search teams found the plane around 1:30 this highway 16 and road 851. limited information circumstances of the flight and the accident. we have dispatched an investigator to the of the areas that he'll be looking at," said knudson. the plane was columbia, missouri. there were no passengers board. passengers board. jenna: was arrested after leading
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downtown yesterday morning when he crashed into the chesterfield. authorities say 32 year old jesse brubaker of sioux city led police on a pursuit that began near 28th street and highway 75. while pursuing the suspect's vehicle, iowa state patrol used a pit maneuver to stop the car. the car spun out, hit a light pole and then the front of the business. brubaker was tased before he was apprehended. no word yet on the damages sustained to the building. jenna: the names of the two women who jumped from a burning building to safety in sloan last week have been released according to the woodbury county sheriff's office, 19 year old alanna gotto of sloan, was the first man to jump to safety during the blaze. the second was 19 year old alyssa boggs of anthon. both of those women spent new year's eve in the hospital and were released new year's day. released new year's day. jenna plans to develop a multi-purpose recreational park in sioux city are
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council voted uanimously to allow preparations to begin at the site of the proposed "cone park" deborah souverain has the details. yes votes across the board...isoving along plans to turn this city owned lot...near the sioux ty explorers ball park... into a year-round recreational facility. "this is actually going to be the first on site removal of anything or changing of the facade to get ready for cone park," said virginia anderson co-chair cone park committee. monday city council approved plans to begin preparing the land for the proposed "cone park" "with city council's vote today the preparation phase in the cone park project begins. the next step is to secure a contract with a company that will remove and dispose of all standing trees in clearing areas. bringing cone park one step closer to becoming a reality," said deborah souverain, abc9 news. parks and recreation director matt salvatore says clearing the trees is estimated to cost 150-thousand dollars. it's expected to be completed by march 31st...keeping the city on track for an end of the year grand opening....for the 4 million dollar project.
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december 2016 as our target date," said matt salvatore, sioux city parks & recreation director. "a lot of things have toall into place for that to happen." including making up a more than 300- thousand dollar budget short fall. "we are right now in negotiations with the state of iowa on the last 318 thousand, and [we're] doing some fundraising locally to get us to our goal," said anderson. cone park will feature winter sledding....out-door ice skating... and tubing.. and a splash pad for the warmer seasons. this is a very unique attraction not only for sioux city, and for the ate," said anderson. "there is no park like this in the area that is a city owned park that can create a 365 day experience like cone park is going to create for the city." jenna another big topic of discussion at today's city council meeting today's city council meeting was the future of sioux city's public
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parks and recreation's director matt salvatore told the council that the city's five pools will remain open in 20-16. however, their future after that remains uncertain. as of now, the city plans to eventually shut down leeds a cook pools. this evening the council moved to wait for the compleon of a before voting on recommendations by the pool committee to replace the pools. splash pad is an option... but at the moment... the city in their budget to pad. being that today was the first city council meeting of the new year... we asked a few council members to share their new year's resolutions... and we got a little help with these interviews from councilwoman rhonda capron. "dan, what would be your resolution for the year? said rhonda capron," "i want to make sioux city the best place ever and i really mean that," said dan moore "so that people will want to move to sioux city instead of move out of sioux city." "my resolution is for my wife and i to spend more time with my grandchildren in 2016," said pete groetken "my resolution for the
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that we continue to move forward with issues that we've identified as really being important to the community. economic development, the ver front, the swimming pool issue." "you know, i think my resolution is to keep doing what i'm doing." said rhonda capron. "i'd like to know what your resolution is," said capron. "well i just want to be more proactive and just enjoy every minute of the new year, be positive," said deborah souverain. "you know every moment is a good moment and that's whate have to make it" said capron. "council member signing off. reporting from channel 9" jenna: the next time you see terry hersom at a sports event he won't be keeping stats or interviewing a coach for postgame commets. after guiding the sioux city journal sports department for 38 award winning years, hersom retired on january 1st and today (monday) family, fellow
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and area coaches gathered to give the cedar rapids, iowa native a special sendoff. over the years, terry was a major proponent of high school athletics and battled to make sure siouxland athletes were included on state-wide all- state teams. terry started working at the paper in november of 1977 and had his own special writing style. terry hersom, retiring sioux city journal sports editor says, "it wasn't necessarily being ernest hemingway or whatever, i like to think that my craft as a writer improved at the same time the get some interesting things that people feel like when they finish the story that they learned somethingand it was worth their while to read it." plans to take a "off".... but will still be attending area sporting events and may eventually write in his spare time. the very best in retirement. jenna: a woman lost her
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in virginia. . later a surprise showed up. that story... still to come. (fred) we have a gradual warmup, plus rain and snow chances in the 7-day forecast. next week will be cold again! details after the break. stay with us! " " jenna :
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norfolk, virginia fire saturday night still has one reason to smile. she's overjoyed that her beloved pet turned up...more than 12 hours after the fire started. joe fisher reports on the happy reunion. " " daylight shows the damage on this herwise grim sunday morning. (no font provided for witness) "i saw the flames and said oh my god. i know people who live in that place." eleven people now without a home after this norfolk apartment building caught fire saturday night. it was just befo 9:30. (no font provided for witness) "you just seen them tossing stuff from the second story to the first story." but just hours after the tragedy -- a small miracle. (zoey chandler/ fire victim)
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a bright spot at a dark time fozoey chandler -- whose apartment went up in flames. (zoey chandler/ fire victim) "i lost everything but i got my baby." chandler didn't know if her dog was trapped inside or not -- but she says she never lost hope. (zoey chandler/ fire victim) "i've been looking for my dog since this morning and i thought that she got caught up in the fire, but i didn't give up. i walked high and low for my dog." 10 on your side was there sunday morning when her chihuahua taffy turned up -- and came running for her mom. (zoey chandler/ fire victim) "thank you god for finding my dog and she's safe." so much lost, she says. but so much to be thankful for. (zoey chandler/ fire victim) "i might not have everything but i do have my life. so i guess this is a new beginning for me." (jenna) fred, will it ever warm up? (fred)
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the way. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a cold downtown sioux city from the ho chunk centre. our high today has been 25 and the low 18. highs over western iowa were in the teens and 20s. eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota were in the teens and s for most, but 30s in the west. in sioux city, we have 23 degrees with a dew point of 19. that means the relative humidity is a high 85 percent, one part of the recipe for fog. local humidity ranges from 80 to 100 percent.. so, we have fog, but at the moment no dense fog to report. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. winds are southeast
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in the single digits to lower teens. could you use some good news? i sure could. and we have it! look to the west! warmer temperatures! these will start moving our way tomorrow, and continue through the rest of the workweek. the satellite and radar shows mostly cloudy skies that will likely remain overnight. the stormcast hd shows clouds tonight, and tomorrow too. there could be some freezing drizzle for the evening commute tomorrow. there could be drizzle and flurries wednesday, then a chance of rain and snow later thursday. tonight, look for fog. otherwise skies are mostly cloudy and the low will be 17. tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies and freezing drizzle in the evening. the 7-day forecast is busy. we have flurries and drizzle on wednesday. we have a chance of rain and snow thursday, then a good chance of snow friday. cold air will arrive for the weekend and last into monday. the ask fred prize for tomorrow night is 4 muskies tickets for the chicago game on friday, february 5. email your weather questions to fhexom@kcautv.c or post on our abc9 news facebook page. (fred) visibility is low
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fog. otherwise skies are mostly cloudy and the low will be 17. tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies and freezing drizzle in the evening. the 7- day forecast is busy. we have flurries and drizzle on wednesday. we have a chance of rain and snow thursday, then a good chance of snow friday. cold air willllrrive for the weekend and last into monday. the ask fred prize for tomorrow night is 4 muskies tickets for the chicago game on friday, february 5. email your weather questions to fhexom@kcautv.c om or post on our abc9 news facebook page. jenna:& coming up in sports...prep basketball in iowa om or post on our abc9 news facebook page. jenna: coming up in
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returned tonight after the holiday break. we'll check out a double-header in sergeant bluff after the break. tim plus top plays is back with the best of the best from the past week. stay tuned for a countdown you have to see to believe.
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2 line nameverybody's mind and "new year, new me" is all over your timeline and news feed. my only resolution for e first batch of abc9 top plays of the week for 2016? continue to find the best of the best from all over siouxland. let's dive right in with a first...we're giving away 5000 dollars...well not me personally...but winnavegas did just that on last week. this is ann spulock from plainview
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scared of ice but i have a feeling she might like it a little more after this. from 90 feet away she sticks the puck into the cut out and into the net for 5- thousand big ones...that's a pretty great way to start 2016. we stay on the ice for play number .and actually plays number four. on saturday night, lkkinen of the musketeers...he works the give and go beautifully and goes top shelf ere grandpappy keeps the good stuff. take another look at how small that window is for pulkkinen, incredible accuracy. and on new year's s eve...evan wisocky...he's good at hockey. looking for the backdoor pass, but instead gets an assist off the blueliner and that's an impressive way to score your first goal with the team. to the hardwfor play number three...briar cliff runs so much, i get winded just hothe camera, but it also lets guys like bryan forbes and austin homan run the break. and homan has some hops... off the great no look feed from
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slams it home....more hoops coming up in a bit. eeli tolvanen of the musketeers isn't eligibthe nhl draft until 2017... but he's already considered a top ten prospect...and that's because he can do things like this. he rips a one-timer that has a jet stream behind it and makes a clark-cup winning goalie just look silly. and if the goal wasn't impressive enough...he's just 16 years old. apparently though, youth is a posie countdown this week. david wingett of winnebago--he's just a junior--you've seen him in this top spot before and i'd be willing to bet you'll see him here again. not many high school kids can pull off the monster alley oop off the backboard...but wingett makes it look easy. this kid is the real deal folks, and that's why david wingett locks up the top spot in the abc9 top plays of the week. chris: there wasn't a lot of high school basketball on the
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as teams get back in the swing of things after the holidays. but sb-l did host woodbury central in a non- conference battle. a couple of iowa hawkeyes in attendance tonight, and cole croston is gonna like what he sees out of his alma mater. in the first...connor prescott, behind all those bodies, he hits the triple and it's 11-0 warriors. then a couple of possessions later, jacob shultz kicks it out to chris opens up a0 advantage. late in the quarter, prescott rips a rocket to adam back door...20-0 sb-l after the first. was held woodbury field goal in the first half...they win it big...74-25. halle gray and the wildcats looking for a road win tonight...we pick it up in the fourth quarter. vanvelzen...gets the feed in the paint...warriors up 49-42. the cats though, trying to chip away...bailey even
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release for a pairto cut it to six. on the other endthough, vanvelzen dishes it off to josie clay for the up 9. woodbury central had one more run in them...keely steffen money on the three, but it wasn't hits their free throws and wins it 61-56. chris: in their final game chris: in their final game visibility is low
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siouxland. tonight, look for freezing fog. otherwise skies are mostly cloudy and the low will be 17. tomorrow, expect mostly cloudy skies and freezing drizzle in the evening. the 7- day forecast is busy. we have flurries and drizzle on wednesday. we have a chance of rain and snow thursday, then a good chance of snow friday. cold air will arrive for the weekend and last into monday. the ask fred prize for tomorrow night is 4 muskies tickets for the chicago game o o friday, februaua 5. email your weather questions to fhexom@kcautv.c om or post on our abc9
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