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expect, plus a big cooldown for the weekend. it's time for local news that matters! a boarder war over speed cameras has city leaders surveying the damages. "basically we've lost one tool in our tool bag " a siouxland man on the run since threatening an officer with his own gun yestrday, is hospitalized tonight in critical condition. doctors express concern over a move in some states to make birth control available without a prescription. "birth control isn't the best option for everyone." tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight
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im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom south dakota has one of the strongest bans on speed cameras in the nation and now they're taking things a step further. tim:today south dakota moved to ban the sioux city police department from accessing south dakota driver registration information captured on speed cameras. jenna: deborah souverain joins us now with more. tim and jenna the company that operates those speed camera's have already been barred from accessing the personal information of south dakota drivers...who caught on camera in sioux city... and as of today...the sioux city police department is also getting cut off. this letter addressed to sioux city police chief doug young.... is the latest move by the state of south dakota to put the breaks on speed camera fines...levied against south dakota drivers. "this would be the first instance since the inception of the program where a state has tried to limit other states access or other municipality's access to their records to ascertain who
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vondrak, assist. city attorney, sioux city. speed camera's were banned in south dakota in 2014....and since makers have worked to protect drivers from speed traps in neighboring areas...including those on eye-29 in sioux city. took it a step blocking the sioux department from accessing soh dakota's voter registration data. to close a loop hole so that they don't continue to use the information in a way that the legislation has prohibited the state from sharing it for," said matt konenkamp, policy advisor to governor daugaard. "basically we've lost one tool in our tool bag to ascin who the driver of the vehicle is," said vondrak. a south dakota sheriff i spoke to says...he's not a fan of speed cameras...but he importance of sharing information "people driving other people's cited, the owner agree on how that want to make sure that we continue the relationship that we have and we will work as closely as we can," said dan limoges, union county sheriff. sioux city police can still obtain south dakota driver information...but now they'll have to call a dispatch office instead. it may slow operations down a bit..but sioux city assitant attorney justin vondrak says it won't stop violators from being fined. "as long as our cameras keep capturing south dakota drivers citations wiill continue to go
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border battle between the two entities...the electronic blockade will only affect speed camera infractions. matt konenkamp...a policy advisor to governor dennis daugaard says....south dakota officials are hoping to reach a solution on the issue. reporting live in studio deborah souverain abc 9 news. jenna: the subject of a man hunt in northeast nebraska has been caught.. and is in
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hospital. according to the abc station in omaha, federal and tribal authorities were trying to take david hoffman into custody on the santee reservation when he shot himself. the 25-year-old was wanted for disarming a police officer, pointing the gun at the officer and then fleeing. hoffman was previously facing charges for burglary and theft. no law enforcement officers were injured in the incident tonight. jenna: over the weekend, a suspect crashed his car into a downtown business... after he fled from authorities and took them on a high speed chase. tim: iowa state patrol was involved in that chase... but different law enforcement agencies handle those situations differently. iowa state patorl procedure states, that, "officers will, whenever possible, seek alternative methods of apprehending suspects when it is likely a vehicle pursuit will occur." trooper john farley says he knows these types of situations are dangerous, but he
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well equipped. "not only is every trooper trained at the academy level in pursuit driving and the techniques that go along with it, but then we do every other year...every trooper goes through pursuit driving protocols," said farley. sioux city police department's policy takes another approach by stating , " another approach by stating , " officers will, whenever possible, seek alternative methods of apprehending suspects when it is likely a vehicle pursuit will occur." if you happen to witness a pursuit involving law officials, you are advised to stay clear of the area until deemed clear. tim: an 18 year old is being charged with 2nd degree arson in spencer, iowa. around 3-30 yesterday spencer fire- rescue was called to a house fire at 612 3rd ave west. officals discovered fire coming from both the south and east side of the home causing it to suffered major fire damage to the kitchen and dining area.. the rest of the house was effected mostly by smoke damage. 18 year old bianca watkins has been
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class c felony for setting the fire and 2 counts of animal abuse. jenna: janet huckabee was in sioux city jenna: janet huckabee was in sioux city earlier today. the former governor's wife held a meet and greet at yards indoor shooting range and says that she and her husband make efforts to reach voters in person, not just through campaign ads and social media. janet huckabee also expressed her opinions on president obama's executive plan for gun control. "i just really don't see anything that he did with those executive orders really has a baring on the existing gun owners, it made them mad. i think all he really did was increase gun sales and ammo sales...we already have background check. everytime i buy a gun, they check," huckabee. janet huckabee says mental health should be a main focus, not making gun laws harder for law abiding citizens. tim: a well known, former congressman from iowa said
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(wednesday)that he is batteling cancer. republican tom latham shared that he has lymphoma. he represented iowa in the u-s house for 20 years, retiring this past year. latham's son-in- law forwarded a message to friends and supporters saying... "i have never lost an election and im not going to lose this battle either, thanks for the positive thoughts and prayers tim: does the 6th largest lottery prize ever in the united states belong to you ? jenna tonight's half a billion dollar powerball is official... and the numbers are... 47....02...63...62...11..17 strong ticket sales made tonight's jackpot the biggest lottery prize in about a year, lottery officials say the cash value will be about $300 million after taxes. the largest all- time jackpot is a $656 million dollar mega millions, won in march of
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if there's no winner tonight, that record could be broken when next set of numbers is drawn. jenna: for over 30 years the dakota farm show in vermillion, sd has year showcasing hundreds of representing thousands of agriculture products. products being shown on the called the pivot guard. the device helps pivots from tipping over during a storm in which high winds occur. designer james frager says that the feedback he is hearing is great. "the feedback we got here at the show today has been fantastic. people say i want that, you knoe i've lost three pivots last year, the year before that and we need to get th. it messes up their whole operation and they have loss that they can't recover." says designer james frager. the device costs around $20,000 to $25,000 for installation and is only being made at big john manufacturing in osmond, nebraska. the product will
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with the latest prices for corn and soybean some farmers might not be able to purchase such lucrative equipment. "i think it'll effect growers even more in 2016 than it did in 2015. i think as far as some of the changes, maybe not doing the upgrades on equipment like guys that are used to back in the higher commodity prices and doing some more fixing and updating and stuff like that." says elk pnt farmer joey hanson. the dakota farm show will run from 9am to 4 pm tomorrow. jenna: it's one of the most popular methods of birth control for women. and now, "the pill," will be available over the counter for women in two states in the u.s. while, many medical professionals think the intent is good... one local doctor worries the trend could have unintended consequences for young women. more, in tonight's your health matters. "the pill" is now available over the counter for women in oregon, and come march, the same will be true for those in california.
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contraceptives available without a doctor's prescription. "certainly, we know that a lot of pregnancies in this country are unplanned, so having accessibily to something than can prevent pregnancy is good for some women." while dr. danielle hay has praise for the intent behind the increased accessibily, she's concerned about what some women may give up if they don't have to go to their doctor for a prescription. in her practice at siouxland women's health care, dr. hay says she counsels patients for about 20 minutes before prescribing contraceptives. that helps her find the best option for each woman, something th may be overlooked if birth control is available over the counter. but, the biggest concern is the look at overall wellness assessment that might be missed if women forgo their yearly check-up. dr. hay says, "we look at blood pressure, vital signs, weight, we address other issues. i always ask who their primary care doctor is, who their dentist is, making sure they're doing preventative measures like wearing their seatbelt, wearing sunscreen, so we talk about a lot of things, so it's a lot more thajust preventing pregnancies in these young women." jenna: you still need a prescription to
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siouxland states and that doesn't look to change in the near future at least. but, this national trend just highlights the importance of regular visits with your doctor to keep tabs on your overall health... not just when you need a prescription re- filled. and, of course for young women, we still need to have regular cervical cancer screenings, so that's a good reason to keep up on those yearly check-ups. tim: still to come... well take a look still to come... well take a look at some of the severe weather that is devestating the west coast (fred) we have more rain and snow in the forecast, and this time, it will be accumulating snow. the weekend arctic
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details after the break! " " jenna:
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back to back storms have are flooding highways -- leaving behind a lot of damage in their wake. the back to back elino storms -- delivering so much rain... water broke through the walls of buildings and saturated the ground ... the concern now -- mudslides -- at recent wildfire burn areas. sliding mud... is threatening homes. .and this region isn't out of the woods yet as more rain is is slated for this week (fred) to understand what el nino is, we first have to see what normal conditions are like. under normal conditions, winds blow from east to west along the equator. these winds are called the trade winds. the warm water fuels showers and thunderstorms in the western pacific. under an el nino pattern, we have these trade winds weaken, so the warm water is not carried west. the warm waters move to the eastern pacific. this causes drought in the western pacific
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often have a seafood shortage during an el nino pattern. this is because the warm water in the eastern pacific prevents nutrient-rich deep water from coming to the surface that fish thrive upon. so in addition to the changes in our weather, we also have changes to our seafood prices! a historically strong el nino occurred in 1997, which is shown here where red indicates warm water in the eastern pacific. you may remember comedian chris farley doing his impersonation of el nino from 1997 on saturday night live. the image on the other side of the screen is the warming in the eastern pacific from 2015. while it may not be quite as strong as 1997, it's very close. but what does all is mean for our weather? well, when an el nino pattern is in place along the equator, it causes the polar jet stream to go keeps the cold air cked away in canada, and the northern us stays dry, with pockets of and west of pushes the pacific jet stream through california and the southern u.s. storms tend to follow along the jet stream, so that's lot about the recent west coast. the entire southern us tends to be wet and
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wet pattern, the southeastern us also tends to be cooler than normal during el nino. our weather in siouxland recently has been very typical of el nino. sioux city's december average temperature was 31 degrees. the normal for december is 22.6, so we were 8.4 degrees above normal. precipitation in siouxland is harder to predict in el nino, as it can go either way. but from december 1 to january 6, sioux city received 11.8" of snow, compared to the normal of 9.0". (tim) fred, what's headed our way? (fred) more snow, then a big cooldown for the weekend! 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows scattered light snow showers. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows the scene from downtown sioux city. 36 has been the high today and 30 the low. we are are seeing fog again. visibility is especially bad in eastern nebraska, at
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are in the 30s. the stormcast hd shows that while we could see some light rain, snow, or sleet tonight and early tomorrow, the main threat of measurable rain and snow will be tomorrow afternoon and evening. while southern and eastern siouxland could see rain, most of us will see snow. snow will linger into friday, but will be moving away by saturday, when northwest winds will usher in an arctic blast of cold air. the snow forecast shows that by saturday morning, many of us will see 1-2" of snow. there could be isolated totals around 3". sioux city is in line to get about 1.2". tonight, expect scattered rain, southern and
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of us will see snow. snow will linger coming up in sports...iowa state returned to the friendly sports...iowa state returned to the friendly confines of hilton coliseum in search of their first conference win. find out if they got it up ahead. tim plus morningside hosted cross town rival briar cliff tonight. find out if the mustangs could keep long winning streaks over the
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has been more of a mild dispute. morningside has dominated the rivalry with briar cliff on the hardwood lately, with the mustang women winning 9 straight and the men winning 8 in a
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would that change tonight? a top 11 battle in the women's game. we pick things up out of the half...kaylee blake...doing work on the low block...but the chargers trail by a dozen early in the third. morningside, adding to their lead...taylor bahensky...finds a soft spot inhe zone...the stangs go up 46-29 and the fans love it. then they work it inside...jessica tietz, scorelss in the first half...she'd finish with a double- double, 15 points and 11 boards. morgan hansen...had herself a night...the south sioux alum hits the triple in front of the lady cards...hi carissa. but right away...lauren lehmkuhl gives it up and gets it right back as the stangs go up 27. hansen...trying to make it more respectable...she had a game high 17 to go with 6 rebounds. but bahensky and the stangs...just too much. morningside wins it big, 80-60. and in the men's game...chargers looking to protect their number 6 ranking. bcu with the early lead until blake
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the lane and gets the tough finish to fall...we're all knotted up. charger defense, tough early...bryan forbes pokes it away and leads the runout...he drops it off to ay harreld on the secondary break...bcu up 3. more tough defense...forbes, again pokes it away and then check out this move from shane graves...the finish with some english off the glass...heelan loves it. back come the stangs...brody egger wide open in the corner...splash...h e had a game-high 23 and the mustangs down just four. but out of the timeout...jay wolfe...alone in front of the mustang bench...he hits...the a tight one...78-73. more gpac action tonight...northwe stern looking for a couple of upsets over ranked dakota wesleyan squads. the women came close...kassidy de jong went for 21 but the red raiders fell 73-70. in the men's game...colton kooima...34 points tonight and 21 from nathan wedel...raiders get the upset there, 102-96.
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center, the dordt women ran out of gas in tir second overtime with mount marty...dropping an 80-73 decision to the lancers. in the mens game...dordt had four players in double figures as they cruise to a 78-57 win. chris: iowa state opened up big twelve play on the wrong foot, with a road loss to oklahoma over the weekend. tonight, they returned to hilton for their conference home opener against texas tech. steve prohm and tubby smith...great coaching matchup in this one. prohm...enjoys the start more than tubby...abdel nader rises and slams it home through the contact...clones up two early. then it's jameel mckay...the big man, gets it to go off the glass as the cyclones open up a 6 point lead. matt thomas...he had a hot hand tonight for isu...clones up 20- 11. and they can run...monte morris ahead to mckay for the emphatic flush...isu doubling up tech. morris...not only dished out 6 assists tonight, but he scored 11 as well...3 of those right here.
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the man of the night...he scored 22 for isu and they take it, 76-69. last night was a big one for the iowa hawkeyes and south sioux native mike gesell. the senior and four year starter for the hawkeyes earned his first career double- double, scoring 22 points and dishing out ten assists. half of his points came from the charity stripe, where gesell shot 11 of 13. add in the fact that it came against his home state school, and the night was gesell. remember, i wasn't around when he decided to go to
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