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tv   ABC9 News at 530pm  ABC  January 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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us... i'm deborah souverain just before christmas of last year ... six nato service members were killed in a suicide attack in bagram, afghanistan ... among them ... was siouxland native joseph lemm. the 45-year old beemer, nebraska, nativeve..was a detective with the n-y-p-d and served with the air- national guard. he was laid to rest in new york ... but his family is organizing a memorial next saturday in beemer .. and a great helping hand in that effort is the local american legion post 159 . "it's like bringing everything full circle, t t gentleman lived here, he moved and lived somewhere else, he was killed somewhere else, he was buried somewhere else. this way it's full circle for everybody it's giving everybody a chance to be involved."
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such an important figure in the beemer community...befor e he moved on to new york. "he is a hero to this town, he graduated from beemer high school played football up there, played basketball up there and we just want to bring him home." coming up tonight at 10 ... abc9's lukas voss sits down with joseph lemm's mother to learn more about down with joseph lemm's mother to learn more about who that local hero truly was. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is pushing back against democratic rival hillary clinton. he told n-b-c's chuck todd he's willing to use former president bill clinton's past against her - if she casts him as a sexist. trump added that he doesn't mind d his two divorces are hauled outut for scrutiny. " you know what? i wasn't the president of the united states. and i wasn't dealing in the oval office, all right? a big difference. i wasn't the president. and, my first wife thinks i'm great. and my second wife, and i have a great marriage. i mean i have a great
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when asked about trump's criticism on another national morning talk show, hillary clinton said -- quote -- "if he wants to engage in personal attacks from the past, that's his prerogative. deborah republican presidential candidate chirs christie is going to be in the hawkeye state sunday january 17th...christie will be hosting a town hall meeting at buffalo alice's right here in sioux city. the town hall starts at 4-30...and doors open at 3- 30. again that's on january 17th. deborah students at briar cliff university arargiving back to their community as the so-called "j-term" approaches. j-term is referred to as time when students serve without boundaries. hundreds of students are going to be collecting donations for good will. the students will also collectively gain over 2 thousand volunteer hours. this gives students an opoprtunity to
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experiences with their classroom activities. " what we'vre done is we've gone to about 17 hundred to 2 thousand homes in the siouxland community. we've given out flyers and good will bags to let the owners of the homes know that we are collecting donations for good will. so we have about 200 of our students that will be going out to the mes today to collect those goods and bringing theheto the good will trailer." in addition to volunteering, students also participate in learning trips. no one won the powerball last now you have a shot at becoming a billionaire. the powerball jackpot is now up to an estimated 1.3 billlln dollars. no one matched all six numbers in saturday's nearly 950-million dollar powerball jackpot. however, there were several match five winners...includin g one right here in sioux city. the ticket was purchased at the hy-vee on gordon drive. it matched the first five numbers...and although it missed the powerball...the ticketets still good f f a one million dollar
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a lottery hopeful we ran into at hy- vee is hoping the luck continues at the store. "somebody's winning so that's great so who knows. it could still go off on this next wednesday so who knows i got my tickets," said shelley erwin. there were a few other big winners in iowa. three other iowa tickets matched four of the first five numbers...and the each winner gets a $50,000 prize. the tiets were purchased at casey's in coralville....a hy- vee gas station in fairfield...and a kum & go in west des moines. if you play in may have noticed the billion dollar prize is not listed on your ticket... all tickets say one-thousand - three hundred million...because the jackpot has never reached a billion dollars before. dozens of members from an armed group called "the pacific patriot network" showed up saturday at the malheur national wildlife refuge oregon. that's where an anti-government militia group took over a building in a federal wildlife rege more than a week ago.
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the showdown-- captured on mera by a katu news lasted for just (nats) "no, no, no, back up." dozens of them, carrying high caliber weapons, stepped out of cars and trucks.. and reporters and the public road. (nats) "this is public land, back up, back up." it all took place just entrance of the malhuer national wildlife refuge-- where, for the last week, ammon bundy havealled home. said they were members of the three percenters of idaho, part of the pacific patriot network. we spoke to "brandi hawkins"- a three- percenter member based in oregon. (voice of brandi hawkins/ three percenters) "i can't speak to that particular incident, i don't know what transpired and who caused it, but i would say generally speaking, that is not something you're going to see." the three percenter movement started after the attack on the world trade centers in 2001 -- and formed unofficially in 2011. according to their website, the 3- percenters is a structured group of united patriots who protect american's civil
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tyrranical government. (nats) "we are lovers of our country... we are lovers of our constitution. that is what we fight for." a liaison for the bundy crew says the three-percenters showed up on their own to provide security for ammon bundy and the occupiers. the three percenters say - they're in harney county to create open dialogue and to maintain peace. (n(ns) "this is not about the hammonds, this is not about the bundys, this is about a government who is walking outside the law." --tag--- by 2:30 p-m on saturday, the convoy of 3- percenters had left the refuge. a spokesperson for ammon bundy and his occupiers said they are inching closer to passing the baton to the citizens of harney county. a harney county committee said it's working on a plan to transfer land management power from the federal government to the county. deborah rolling stone magazine reports drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman met with actor sean penn...for a secret interview in the months prior to his
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written n penn, is entitled "el chapo speaks: a secret visit with the most wanted man in the world." penn reveals he went to mexico to see "el chapo" in october--and that the interview lasted seven hours. penn said he and guzman discussed various topics, including republican presidential candidate donald trump, whom guzman referred to as "mi amigo." guzman also fended his drug business, saying the e or mexican economy gives him no choice. penn says the interview was planned by kate del castillo, a mexican actress who supported guzman. the drug lord wanted the actress' help in spearheading a movie project about his life. guzman was re- captured in a shoot-out early friday in mexico, more than six months after he escaped from prison, deborah the international red cross says an aid convoy should reach the syrian city of madaya within days. this week, the united nations said it's received credible reports of people dying of starvation in the city.
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aid convoy could feed 40-thousand people for a month -- but they caution regular access is needed. e besieged city has been cut off since july...and has been surrounded by syrian government forces and hezbollah. officials also want to deliver aid to two towns loyal to the syrian regime, however guaranteeing safe passage into all areas is expected to be a complex and difficult process. deborah how low will gasoline prices go this yearar motor club triple-a puts today's national average price for a gallon of regular gasoline at a dollar-96. people in ten southern states are paying a dollar-75 or less. usa today dot com reports in some states, a gallon of regular has dropped to a dollar-42! tumbling oil prices combined with strong refinery capacity could push the prpre of gas to a dollar a gallon in some areas. that hasn't happened since 19-99. deborah coming up after the break
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causes a massive explosion...more to come elisa frigid again tonight, brief warm up monday with flurry chances and then more arctic air, forecast is next. " " deborah/elisa so cold!!! elisa raffa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m look at these lows from this morning!!! everyone below0, 11 below in sioux city
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air temps! there's our arctic high spilling into the plains, it will shift a bit east tonight, warming us tomorrow, and then bring another shot for tuesday. closer to home, still below 0 in nw ia. winds calmer than yesterday, but we still have wind chills well below 0. don't forget the pets, layer up, and wear gloves! temperatures tonight will stay above 0 and even increase a bit with increasing cloud cover. our low will occur early afafr midnight, wind chills still below 0. snowy and clear on sky cam. high of 8. high
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see clouds pushing in from north. cold tonight, increasing clouds. tomorrow still cold, but not ascold as today, up to 20 degrees with clouds. then a front pushes south through the afternoon bringing light flurries overnight and kicking that nw flow back in gear. more arctic air overnight tomorrow into tuesday with a few of those flurries. blustery tuesday, temps back to single digits. then back to 20s wed. tonight, 0 degrees withincreasing clouds.s. bitter cold with wind chills below 0. tomorrow, better, but still frigid 19 degrees. clouds and single digit wind chills. 7-day has our warmer day tomorrow and overnight flurries. blustery and arctic again tues before warming up again wed. eyes on another arctic punch possible for next weekend. deborah/elisa stay warm and safe! deborah up next...
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video of a rock fall in hawaii...stay with us. deborah
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kilauea (kill-ao- way-uh) volcano
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halemaumau (haw-lay-mao-mao) crater... causing an impressive explosion. it happened d rly friday morning. volcano watchers say explosions like thth occur more frequently when the lava lake level is relatively high. it has been high this past week -- about 100 feet below the vent's rim. when the lava lake is high, rocks in the vent wall heat up, expand, and become unstable. that can cause big sections of rock to collapse. this explosion does not threaten any nearby a little history: kilauea's (kill-ao- january of 19-83. coming up in sports....iowa hosted eighth- ranked maryland in a pivotal big ten matchup. find out ahead if the hawkeyes pulled the upset. plus..the vikings hosted the seahawks in one of the coldest playoff games in nfl history. alex has the highlights when we come back.
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minnesota was the third coldest playoff game in nfl history. negative six degrees at kickoff. that sounds awful, but its perfect weather for an old-school gridiron battle. lets head to t-c-f bank stadium for thaction.....the vikings looking for their first playoff win since 2009. we pick things up third quarter 3-0 minnesota....russe l wilson throws a strike to doug baldwin and how about that catch! one handed for 17 yards....take a second pretty as the first time around....well done.! later in the quarter....hawks goininfor it on fourth and three....wilson scrambles.....look s for his target but the pass is tied and picked by trae waynes!
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minnesota.... but here comes seattle....wilson to baldwin...touchdo wn......the seahawks score 10 unanswered to take a 10-9 lead... and it all comes down to this...blair walsh for the game- winner.....3-3 on the day but his fourth attempt is ove.r.. 10-9 the final. seattle becomes just the third team in nfl history to win a playoff game after being g ld scorless through three quarters....the seahawks visit carolina next weekend. on the east coast......the packers visiting the the other nfc tune in at 10 for highlights from fedex field. alex have won 25 consecutive home games at carver- hawkeye arena. iowa city came back on february 1st of 2014. could the streak continue today against eighth- ranked maryland? these teams have only met twice....most recently last season.....a five point maryland win in college park. terps up ten at
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alexa kastanek knocks down the three. hawks eventually pull within 7. but maryland went with a heavy dose of brianna jones. the center down low with the bucket and the foul! more from jones down low for another two. she had 13 of her 15 points in the 2nd half! then it's jones this time coming up with h e steal and put back. iowa loses two in n a row for the first time all season. the terps take down the hawks 76-56. down to lincoln we go.....nebraska gunning for its first big ten win against illinois. 3rd quarter... nebraska in front natalie romeo all alone she sinks the open 3 huskers up 44-33 == later 3rd... chatrice white nifty move to the hoop that helps close the gap... part of a 7-0 illinois run == jessica shepard controlled the game today gets the feed from rachel theriot.. part of a stretch where she scored 6 straight for nebraska huskers led 55-44 after 3 quarters == shepard again in the 4th she had team high 29 points. 19 boards! . huskers pick up their 1st b1g win 73-57
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for the second straight season, baylor upset a ranked iowa state team at hilton coliseum. here's what the cyclones had to say about their disappointing loss. "we sorta got punched in the mouth and we need to do better at respondingl coach has been preaching to us, building on ourfoundation and this is much as a learning experience as it is as a season. we have to learn to come together and get stops and get rebounds and punch them back. i think this is a learning experience and we can move forward." "you can go through a million scenarios kansas city chiefs were 1-5 and they havent lost in ten weeks. you dont panic, you stay the course we have been in a lot worse situations than this before and we came out great and we will figure it out." iowa state visits texas on tuesday.
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facebook fan photo of the day. today's picture comes from... if you're like to submit a facebook fan photo, just post it on our c-9 facebook page. elisa raffa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m tonight, 0 degrees with increasing clouds. bitter cold with wind chills below 0. tomorrow, better, but still frigid 19 degrees. clouds and single digit wind chills. 7- day has our warmer day tomorrow and overnight flurries. blustery and arctic again tues before warming up again wed. eyes on another arctic punch possible for next weekend.
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