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tonight we hear from the mother of a siouxland hero who sacrificed it all. "somebody has toin it might as well be me " powerball frenzy continues with a billion dollars up for grabs and there is a winning ticket out there in siouxland " " the campaign trail is heating up in iowa..find out who'll be stumping in the hawkeye state this week. deborah: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm deborah souverain. just a ce of days before christmas of 2015 ... six american soldiers were killed by a suicide bomber in bagram, afghanistan. among them ... 45- year old joseph lemm of beemer, nebraska. those who knew him..say he exemplifies what it means to be an american hero. lukas voss has his story. in: thank you deborah ... indeededoeseph lemm
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everybody called him was in many ways larger than life ... he served as a detective with the nypd ... was part of the rescue efforts on 9/11 ... he also served three tours with the air national guard. but above all that .... he was a father, a husband and a son ... nats: music sot: "family was everything to him his son and his daughter are everything to him ... his wife" vo: a 15 year veteran of the nypd ... an accomplished soldier with multiple tours of duty ... it's easy to see the accomplishments that joseph lemm carried ... but he was so much more than that ... sot: "a giant with a big heart ... he would do anything for anybody. he always strived and he always took the extra step d he enjoyed every step that he made."
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changed the world and many of us ... also changed lemm sot: "when 9/11 hit that just really hit him to the core and i think that's what drove him to be the best that he can be." nats: "talking about picture." vo: his life was in new york ... but he truly stayed a siouxlander ... a passionate hunter, a cornhusker ... he might not have been layed to rest here ... but beemer will honor their hero as best ty can ... and if you ask shirley ... he never left. sot: "he touched a lot of lifes ... he came from a little town of 700 back at the time. he soared and he is back home in spirirt. not just in beemer but all the communities around ... all over the united states." t: a memorial service in beemers planed for
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and in the words of one of the members of the american legion in beemer ... if one stence could describe joe ... it would be this ... all gave some ... and some gave all .... reporting in studio ... lukas voss ... abc9 news ... a true hero for all of us...thanks lukas. deborah former president bill clinton will be returning to iowa this week to campaign on behalf of his wife. he will be attending organizing events in sioux city, marshalltown, coralville, friday january 15th. the folling day he will make appearances in council bluffs, ft. dodge and des moines. clinton is revving up support for his wife...and democratic presidental frontrunner hillary clinton. while in sioux city, he will be speaking at the olson student nter on the morningside campus. the event starts at 11-15. deborah also stumping in iowa... republican presidential candidate chris christie. christie is set to be in sioux city on sunday, january 17th for a town hall at buffalo alice's. the town hall
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doors open at 3- 30. again that's on january 17th. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is pushing back against democratic rival hillary clinton. in an interview with n-b-c's chuck todd, trump said he's willing to usus former president bill clinton's past against hillary - if she casts him as a sexist. trump added that heoesn't mind if his two divorcesare hauled out for scrutiny. " you know what? i wasn't the presint of the united states. and i wasn't dealing in the oval office, all right? a big difference. i wasn't the president. and, my first wife thinks i'm great. and my second wife, and i have a great marriagei mean i have a areat marriage. so, uh, i mean it's fine." when asked about trump's criticism on another national morning talk show, hillary clinton said -- quote -- "if he wants to engage in personal attacks from the past, that's his prerogative." no one won the powerball last now you have a shot at becoming a billionaire.
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jackpot is now up to an estimated 1.3 billion dollars. no one matched all six numbers in saturday's nearly 950-million dollar powerball jackpot. however, there were several match five winners...includin g one right here in sioux city. the ticket was purchased at the hy-vee on gordon drive. it matched the first five numbers...and although it missed the powerball...the ticket is still good for a one million dollar prize. a lottery hopeful we ran into at hy- vee is hoping the luck continues at the store. "somebody's winning so that's great so who knows. it could still go off on this next wednesday so who knows i got my tickets," said shelley erwin. there were a few other big winners in iowa. three other iowa tickets matched four of the first five numbers...and the each winner gets a $50,000 prize. the tickets were purchased at a casey's in coralville....a hy- vee gas station in fairfield...and a kum & go in west des moines. if you play in may have noticed the billion dollar
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on your ticket... all tickets say one-thousand - three hundred million...because e the jackpot has never reacacd a billion dollars before. deborah students at briar cliff university are giving back to their community as the so-called "j-term" approaches. j-term is referred to as time when students serve without boundaries. hundreds of students are going to be collecting donations for good will. the students will also collectively gain over 2 thousand volunteer hours. this gives students an oppopounity to combine their volunteer experirices with their classroom activities. " what we'vre done is we've gone to about 17 hundred to 2 thousand homes in the siouxland community. we've given out flyers and good will bags to let the owners of the homes know that we are collecting donations for good will. so we have about 200 of our students that will be going out to the homes today to collect those goods and bringing them to the good will trailer." in addition to volunteering, students also participate in
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it was a packed house at the central baptist church today for the 12th night handbell festival. we stopped by to take in some of the sounds and sights of the event...take a listen. "music" the grace united methodist church hosted the event. several churches came together to make up the hand bell choir you just heard. this was the 35th 12th night handbell festival...a truly beautifu performance. deborah amazing video from the big island of hawaii... a rockfall at kilauea (kill-ao- way-uh) volcano plunged into the lava lake at halemaumau (haw-lay-mao-mao) crater... causing an impressive explosion. it happened early friday mning. volcano tchers say explosions like this occur more frequently when the lava lake level is relatively high.
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about 100 feet below the vent's rim. when the lava lake is high.... rocks in the vent wall heat up, expand, and become unstable. that can cse big sections of rock to collapse. this explosion does not threaten any nearby communities. a little history: kilauea's (kill-ao- way-uh's) ongoing eruption began in january of 19-83. deborah with the recent capture of el chapo.. mexican officials are now focusing on a 'secret meeting' between the drug kingpin and a famous hollywood actor. reid binion brings us more. " " nat pop days after drug kingpin joaquin "el chapo" guzman was captured by mexican officials -- following his 2nd escape from prison in july-- mexican authorities are now turning their interest to actor sean penn. mexican officials want to question penn over a reported secret meeting with the drug lord. on saturday, published an article written by penn.. featuring an terview done via
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el chapo. q: how did you get involved in the drug business? a: well from the age of 15 and on, where i'm from which is the municipality of badiraguato, i was raised on a ranch called la tuna. in that area, and up until today, there are no job opportunities. according to the article, penn met guzman in person back in october .. and during the sit- down the drug lord agreed to o interview at a later time. q: do you think it's true you are responsible for the high level of drug addiction, for the fact that there are so many drugs in the world? a: no, that's false, bebeuse the day i don't exist, it's not going to decrease in any way at all. drug false. guzman was recaptured early forces raided a home in the coastal city of los mochis. five of el chapo's people were killed in a shootout.. six others arrested. el chapo was later motel. out of a high security prison in july through this prison officials re fired -- and charged. i'm reid binion reporting. deborah
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said extradition proceedings are set to begin-- but did not specify when. the drug lord is connected to at least seven drug-related indictments in various u-s jurisdictions. deborah the internional red cross says an aid convoy should reach the syrian city of madaya within days. this week, the united nations said it's received credible reports of people dying of starvation in the city. officials say the aid convoy could feed 40-thousand people for a month -- but they caution regular access is needed. the besieged city has been cut off since july...and hahabeen surrounded by syrian government forces and hezbollah. officials also want to deliver aid to two towns loyal to the syrian regime, however guaranteeingsafe passage io all areas is expected to be a complex and difficult process. deborah how low will
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go this year? motor club triple-a says the national average for a gallon of regular gas is at a dollar-96. people in ten southern states are paying a dollar-75 or less. usa-today dot com reports in some states, a gallon of regular has dropped to a dollar-42! tumbling oil prices combined with strong refinery capacity could sh the price of gas to just one dollar a gallon in some areas. that hasn't happened since 19-99. deborah the new star wars movie is dominating in the box office for a fourth straight weekend. "the force awakens" held the top spot this weekend, banking another 41-million dollars. it just became the third best-selling movie of all time. the number-two spot this weekend went to "the revenant"... the historic drama with leonardo di caprio raked in 38-million dollars. it's followed by will ferrell's comedy "daddy's home" wi5-
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forest" with 13- million. tina fey and amy poehler's comedy "sisters" was fifth, bringing inin more than seven- million n llars. deborah: when we come back... an 18 foot octopus made of snow has made for fun neighborhood decor...we'll have more when we come back elisa frigid again tonight, brief warm up monday with flurry chances and then more arctic air, forecast is next. " "
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and build snowmen. well, one family in minnesota wanted to mix it up a bit. they crafted this giant 18-foot octopus! three brothers eated the unique snow sculpture to raise money for charity. it took them 5- hundred hours to mplete the massive squid. their goal is to raise 10-thousand dollars to help bring clean water to haiti. deborah/elisa cold out there! elisa elisa raffa m look at these lows from this morning!!! everyone below 0, 11 below in sioux city
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air temps! there's our arctic high spilling into the plains, it will shift a bit east tonight, warming us tomorrow, and then bring another shot for tuesday. closer to home, still below 0 in nw ia. winds calmer than yesterday, but we still have wind chills well below 0. don't forget the pets, layer up, and wear gloves! temperatures tonight will stay above 0 and even increase a bit with increasing cloud cover. our low will occur early after midnight, wind chills still below 0. snowy and clear on sky cam. high of 8. high pressure clearing clouds but you can see clouds pushing in from north. cold tonight, increasing clouds. tomorrow still cold, but not as cold as today, up to 20 degrees with clouds. then a front pushes south through the afternoon bringing light flurries overnight and kicking that nw flow back in gear. . re arctic air overnight tomorrow into tutuday with a few of those flurries. blustery tuesday, temps back to single digits. then back to 20s wed. tonight, 0 degrees with increasing clouds. bitter cold with wind chills below 0. tomorrow, better but still frigid 19 degrees. clouds and single digit wind chills. 7-day has our warmer day
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overnight flurries. blustery and arctic again tues before warming up again wed. eyes on another arctic punch possible for next weekend. deborah/elisa stay warm! deborah:
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bay packers visited the redskins in the n- f-c wild card round,. alex has the highlights from maryland next in
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the green bay packers began their playoff run on the road for the first time since 2010. seeded fifth in the n-f-c....the cheeseheads visited the redskins in the wild card round. green bay came into this one losers of two straight....while the redskins have won four straight...... second quarter....nearing halftime.....aaron rodgers finds a wide open davante adams in the back of the endzone...packers up 17-11 at halftime....
10:18 pm bay down one....james starks the bounce to the outside and he is in for the score! cheeseheads reclaim the 24-18 lead.... and here is the dagger.....big, bad eddy ly! up the gut for the two yard score.....packers win... 35-18 the final. green bay will visit arizona saturday night in the divisional round. negative six grees at kickoff for seahawks-vikings as minnesoso looked for its first playoff win since 2009. we pick things up third quarter...hawks going for it on fourth and three....wilson scrambles.....look s for his target but the pass is tipped and picked by trae waynes! vings turn it into points 6-0 minnesota.... but here comes seattle....wilson to baldwin...touchd wn......the seahawks score 10 unanswered to take a 10-9 lead... and it all comes down to this...blair walsh for the game- winner.....3-3 on the day but his fourth attempt is e.r.. 10-9 theheinal. the seahawks visit carolina next weekend. to the mats we go......unbeaten iowa on the road at northwestern...... starting at 125......second- ranked tmas
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hawkeyes.....he pins garrison white in 56 seconds....iowa out to a 6-0 lead... at 133....second- ranked cory clark hops on the pin train as well....down goes dominick malone in a hard-fought match....hawks rolling early... up to 157...edwin cooper, junior impressive.......he records the fall over anthony petrone....iowa routs northwestern 54-0....the largest margin of victory in a big ten dual in school history. alex the iowa ladies have won 25 consecutive home games at carver- hawkeye arena. their last loss in iowa city? 23 months ago. could the streak continue today against eighth- ranked maryland? these teams have only met twice....most recently last season.....a five point maryland win in college park. terps up ten at halftime, now up 12. alexa kastanek knocks down the three. hawks eventually pull within 7. but maryland went with a heavy dose of brianna jones. the center down low with the bucket and the foul! more from jones down low for another two. she had 13 of her 15 points in the 2nd half! then it's jones this time coming up with the steal
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a row for the first time all season. the terps take down the hawks 76-56. down to lincoln we go.....nebraska gunning for its first big ten win against illinois. 3rd quarter... nebraska in front natalie romeo all alone she sinks the open 3 huskers up 44-33 == later 3rd... chatrice white nifty move to the hoop that helps close the gap... part of a 7-0 illinois run == jessica shepard controlled the game today gets the feed from rachel theriot.. part of a stretch where she scored 6 straight for nebraska huskers led 55-44 after 3 quarters == shepard again in the 4th she had am high 29 points. 19 boards! . huskers pick up their 1st b1g win 73-57 alex for the second straight season, baylor upset a ranked iowa state team at hilton coliseum. here's what the cyclones had to say about their disappointing loss. "we sorta got punched in the mouth and we need to do better at respondingl coach has been preaching to us, building on ourfoundation and
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learning experience as it is as a season. we have to learn to come together and get stops and get rebounds and punch them back. i think this is a learning experience and we can move forward." "you can go through a million scenarios kansas city chiefs were 1-5 and they havent lost in ten weeks. y dont panic, you stay the course we have been in a lot worse situations than this before and we came out great and we will figure it out." iowa state visits texas on tuesday. alex/ allison: elisa tonight, 0 degrees
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>> the following is a production of learfield sports. music >> hi, everybody, and welcome to the steve prohm show. two games for the cyclones at home this week and ends up being a split. victory over texas tech early in the week and then on the weekend a loss to baylor so, coach, protecting the home court is important in the big twelve conference, but it's far from a given as we've seen already
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