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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm CST

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breaking news tonight. the stunning new video. for the first time, we take you inside the intetee shootout. the dramatic effort to capture el chapo. the gunfire, the grenades. about tonight, sean penn breaking his lence. how he explains his meeting with el chapo. tonight, we remember david bowie. and the secret he kept in the end. his 18-month battle with cancer, and his final message. the battle for iowa. and this evening, the revealing new numbers. hillary clinton suddenly in a fight to win. and what another new poll reveals about donald trump tonight. the deep freeze. the system sweeping across america, from the dakotas, all
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the female bandit, accused of stealing millions in jewelry across several states. and 28 people missed the powerball this weekend by one number. so, where does it stand tonight? and something else on the line, right here behind me. "world news tonight" starts now. good evening tonight from again glendale, arizona. the college football national championship is here. and we'll get to that in just a moment. bu we begin tonight with the new and dramatic pictures of the takedown of el chapo. the intense raid, the firefight to capture the drug lord. assault teams goioi room byy room, hununng for the ininmous drug lord respopoible for a quarter of the drugs coming to the u.s. and tonight, sean penn is now breaking his silence. what he's now saying about his secret meeting with el chapo,
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authorities were on the hunt for him. abc's matt gutman takes us inside the drainage pipe el chapo crawled through, just as those special forces came in. >> reporter: it's almost 5:00 a.m. mexican marines c csing in on el chapo. the safe house door busts open, and that gunfire. inside, a squad of body guards. one marine hit in the arm. another pulling the pin on a grenade, tossing it inside. the explosion shakes the house. the marines move in through the smoke, climb the stairs, search the top floors. the shootout killing five of el narco. it was a hollywood hand shake that helped lead to the raid. that image documents sean penn's interview with the drug lord for "rolling stone" magazine. mexican soap opera star kate introduction. authorities tracking their every move as they arrived together in
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obtained by a mexican paper. the two stars apparently taking this plane to el chapo's jungle hideout. the kingpin hoping she would make a bio-pic about her life. el chapo telling penn he's unrepentant about being a drug lord. he says there's no other way to survive. penn telling reporters today he has nothing to hide. that safehouse this afternoon showing battle scars. the mares ransacking it, seararing for the narco. ght through heres this trap door. this is the secret passageway and doorway that leads to the tunnel down there. you have to come through here, down this step, into this muck. now, there are all sorts of snakes in here and they had to crawl under that to get over there. and just beyond there is that door, looks like a door on a submarine that leads right into the drainage system. for hundreds of yards, el chapo
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can't even crouch. it's about three feet high. authorities finally tracking him down in a stolen car, then taking this picture as proof. el chapo is now in a super max, that's been fortified, so, he doesn't escap again as he awaits extradition to the u.s. but we'll told that could take over a year. david? >> matt gutman in mexico tonight. matt, thank you. headline around the world tonight. the death of a music legend and his secret in the end. david bowie had been quietly battling cancer. his final album released just days ago, and the message he left behind. abc's david wright tonight on bowie's battle these last 18 months. >> reporter: having styled another planet, today, david bowie went back to the mother ship. diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago, he'd kept it private. today, in l.a., new york and london, , ns are in shock.
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>> i just loved his music. i loved him. >> reporter: he was born david jones, and tookthe stage name bowie because the davy jones of the monkees got there first. his first big hit "space oddy." this is ground control to major tom >> reporter: insnsred by the apollo spa program. influenced by andy warhol, bowie came up with the concept f f ziggy stardudu, a rock band from outer space. that othfr worldly, androgynous look, positioning him as the outsider. now ziggy played guitar >> i felt really comfortable going on stage as somebody else. and it seemed a rational decision to keep on doing that. changes >> reporter: like his anthem "changes," bowie was famously hard to pin down. his image and his mic constantly changing. that chameleon persona in turn
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performers from kiss to kanye to lady gaga. today madonna posted, "david bowie the course of my life forever." fame bowie co-wrote "fame" with john lennon and "under pressure" with freddie mercury of queen. pressure >> reporter: today, mick jagger tweeted this cture, calling bowie "an inspiration and a true iginal." his final album, number 26, released just last week. the songs and videos recorded while bowie was fighting his mysterious illness. look up here i'm in heaven >> reporter: this song, "lazarus," in retrospect sounds like good-bye. the song now rising up the charts a aer bowie is gone. david wright, abc news, new york. >> david wright on the loss of a music legend tonight. david, thank you. we turn now to the race for 2016, and just three weeks until iowa now, and major developments
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first, the new numbers out from iowa. donald trump in the lead, ted cruz right behind him. trump blasting cruz. and which democrat would trump rather face? abc's tom llamas from new hampshire. >> reporter: today, for the first time, donald trump marching into new territory, a local diner in new hampshire. >> sorry, folks, to bother you. >> reporter: the anti-politician admitting this textbook campaign move is not his style. >> the reason the other people do the small diners and everything is because they can't get anybody to show up. >> reporter: the new hampshire front-runner posing for photos and ordering in true trump fashio earlier, in his element on a big stage. trump, who has been ripping into hillary clinton, now realing he'd much rather run against her opponent. >> oh, would i love to run against bernie. i would love -- oh. i mean, can you imagine? fbi, please, go after hillary. i want to run against bernie!
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get by a surging senator ted cruz first. so, trump is now hammering the birther issue that cruz was born in canada. and david, this birther issue is not going away for senator ted cruz. iowa's republican governor now weighing in, saying the question is fair and ultimately voters will decide. david? >> tom llamas in new hampshire tonight. tom, thank you. and on the democratic side this evening, hillary clinton suddenly in a fight to hold onto iowa. clinton and bernie sanders in a tie there now, and in new hampshire, sanders l lng clinton bill four points. which might explain the sudden war of words tonight. abc's cecilia vega in iowa. >> reporter: in freezing iowa -- >> thank you so much. >> reporter: tonight, a dead heat. hillary clinton, who just last month had a significant lead over bernie sanders here, now taking the gloves off. >> there's no way, if you do the
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he has proposed without raisingng taxes on the middle class. >> reporter: sanders today saying he expected the attack. >> that is not surprising, when you have a clinton campaign that is now in trouble and now understands that they can't lose. >> reporter: clinton's team confessing in this recent e-mail to supporrs, they are nervous. but from the candidate herself, a different message. are you nervous? >> i'm feeling great. >> reporter: not nervous at all? >> well, youou always have to work hard, you have to be earning hard. >> reporter: hillary clinton trying to make the case that she is the electable candidate to beat republicans, but she has to get through iowa first. i have been talking to voters all day out here, david, one man at hillary clinton's own rally even telling me that he is undecided in this race. david? >> cecilia vega in iowa tonight. thank you, cecilia. and this evening, hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be at the iowa brown and black forum, airing on our sister network, fusion, that's tonight at 8:00 p.m.. we turn overseas this evening, and the new warning
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at least 18 people killed during a suicide attack at a mall in baghdad today. the battle starting with car bomb, a gun fight erupting with iraqi troops lasting almost two hours. isis claiming responsibility tonight, vowing worse attacks are on the way. back here at home this evening, the storm in the middle of the country, and marching east now, along with a blast of bobo-chilling air behind it. the images c cing in at this hour. whiteout conditions stranding cars on the i-90 corridor in upstate new york. south of buffalo, a car encased in ice. meteorologist rob marciano here in arizona with us, with the forecast for us. rob? >> reporter: good evening, david. it's cool, but comfortable, inside and outside the stadium here in glendale, but where they played that nfl game yesterday in minnesota, more cold is coming. check out the numbers in the morning. still minus 27 for a wind chill in minneapolis. minus 8. a front coming through, mostly dry, but a couple of inches possible from chicago to detroit and across the great lakes. as it comes through the i-95 corridor, mostly dry, but away
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the bigger story is going to be the cold air. 11 in new york city and still my minus 9 in chicago. david? >> rob marciano here in arizona tonight. rob, thank you. we turn now to powerball. no one won yet again. and now the biggest jackpot in history tonight. $1.4 billion and counting. the jackpot so big, the lottery signs can't keep up this evening. and incredibly, the number tonight. 28 people came one number from winning it l. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: the latest powerball jackpot of 19$1.4 billion, the cash value just shy of $868 million. in the latest drawing -- >> all comes down to this. >> repororr: 28 tickets matched the five white balls for $1 million each. only one person has hit the jackpot since october, when the rules changed and it became much harder to win. in lincoln, nebraska, a group of
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winning the jackpot, they walked away with $1 million prize, which they'll have to split 32 ways. they aren't the only ones cashing in. state lotteries generate about $688 billion in sales each year.. and a cut goes back to state budgets. >> a portion of the sale goes to new york state school children, just like them. >> reporter: lottery officials say about 75% of all potential combinations were purchased before saturday's drawing and the expectation is that about 80% will be covered by wednesday. david? >> linsey, thank you. we're all still hoping. and now to something else on the line right here in arizona tonight. the battle for the college football national championship, right here behind us. alabama's crimson tide taking on the clemson tigers. history in the making tonight, two incredible teams. alabama is the favorite, even though clemson is undefeated. abc's jesse palmer on the field tonight with the coaches, one of whom grew up in alabama, played
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jesse? >> reporter: that's right, david. on one side, you have clemson's dabo swiney, who actually grew up loving the team that he's coaching against here toninit. he walked onto the alababa team as a wide receiver and was actually part of the 1992 national championship team there. he's had nional championship teams for his tigers since the beginning of the season, telling them they were going to go 15 for 15. >> i can't give you guts and i can't give you heart. and tonight, it was bring your own guts. >> that was just, popped into my head at that moment. they have shown heart and they have displayed guts all year long. they've beeee the epitome of that. >> reporter:r:he tigers the underdogs tonight, though they are ranked number one. they are hoping for that historic 15th victory. and to cap off their undefeated season with a national title. meanwhile, on the other side, you have alabama's nick saban. in a class all of his own. he's all business, and it's hard to sometimes get a smile out of him, but saban has been on this
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he's won three titles already with alabama. if the crimson tide win here tonight, that's going to be nick saban's fourth national championship in the last seven years.s. so, there's going to be history what. david? >> jesse palmer right here in the stadium with us. jesse, thank u. and of course, the college football national championship kicks off on our partner nedtwork espn at 8:30 eastern tonight. ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the female bandit hitting several states. today, authorities say her secret life now revealed. accused of breaking into stores and going on the run. tonight, news of the big break that led to her arrest. who o rned her in? then, the scare in one american city. 71 stories ave the ground, the window washers left hanging when their scaffolding gives way. and made in america is back tonight, just in time for gameday. the american workers getting ready tonight. we'll take you to the american famous sauce.
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next tonight here, the alleged jewel thief breaking down in court today, accused of robbing stores in five states. stealing up to $4 million in jewelry. abc's steve osunsami on the suspect hiding in plain sight. >> reporter: tonight, her friends and family in the atlanta suburbs are trying to wrap their heads around this picture. 24-year-old abby kemp being hauled into court, where she cried her eyes out as she was charged with a federal crime. >> i need you to respond to an armed robbery. >> reporter: police say she's the young woman with a gun seen in these videos, ranning jewelry stores across five states. sometimes even staring directly into security cameras. accused of stealing millions in jewels. >> hello,insomnia..
5:48 pm
was out and proud on social media. pictures of her modeling and living the life. >> she was the life of the party. you were going to have a good time. >> reporter: after the fbi started posting photos from the robberies, they say the calls came pouring in. friends claiming they saw her wearing jewelry that she in no way could avoid. late today, police named this man as he alleged acome police, 35-year-old louis jouns iii. kemp has a bond hearing on thursday. she's not entered a plea. if she's convicted of these charges, the maximum punishment is 20 years. david? >> steve, thank you. when we come back tonight, the young american woman found dead in florence. did she send a warning? also, the scaffolding scare among an american city. workers left hanging. the rush to get them back on solid ground. and, the major change coming to the ringling brothers circus tonight. a staple, soon gone. we'll be right so when my asthma symptoms kept comingngack on my long-term control medicine,
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and new clues in a murder mystery. a young american woman found dead in her apartment in florence, italy. tonight, ashley olses friends telling police they had been out at a nightclub together, but olsen stayed behind alone. authorities are warning if olsen hinted on social media that she had a stalker. an aututsy is nownder way. and a white knuckle moment forrhese window washers in houston today. the scaffolding dangling from houston's tallest sky scraper. the two workers stuck 71 floors up, radioing in for help, pulled through an open window to safety. and, those iconic ringling brothers elephants, retiring now in may. a year and a half ahead of schedule, we've learned. the 11 elephants still touring with the circus, will be sent to a conservation center in florida. ringling brothers has faced growing questions over animal cruelty. when we come back from arizona tonight, made in america is back. and a quiz for you this evening. just in time for the game. something very like little in your kitchen right now that's
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finally tonight here, the college football national championship is here. and last year, it was the wilson football, and the american workers at that factory we profiled. tonight, the made in america team is back, finding something else. the orange says it all. at's where the clemson tigers will b bcoming out of the locker room tonightht gameday is here. and come on our to the stadium. university of phoenix stadium here. you can see around me, more than 60,000 fans will be gathered here tonight. the clear other end of the field, that's where alabama will be coming out for the big game. and just like we did last year, we're on the hunt for something made in america. and this year, something many
5:56 pm
from blue smoke restaurant in new york city all the way to louisiana, something you know. so, i heard you like it hot here. >> we like it hot, yeah. >> reporter: and made in america. >> and made in ameriri. executive chef jean-paul. he grew up on tabasco hot sauce. his fourth grade field trip? to the factory. i want to go to school where you went to school. a tabasco field trip. >> that's the size we use. >> that's the size i use. they go through five of these a week. for 150 years on averysland in louisiana, five generations now making up to 700,000 bottles of tabasco a day. more than 200 employees grinding the peppers, adding salt, aging the mash in barrels for three years. then aiding vinegar, stirring for 28 days before being shipped all over the world. including this kitchen.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: their recipe here? champagne vinegar, honey, pepper, and, of course, tababao. >> you're basically r rdy for the line. these wings, cold beer, perfect for football. >> reporter: but before the game, the taste test. what do you think? >> perfect. >> reporter: while back in that factory tonight, gameday with three words in mind -- >> made in america! >> and we salute the american workers who make tabasco. thank you for watching on a monday night. a loud monday night here. i'm david muir. the national college football championship on espn tonight, and i hope to see you tomorrow
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until then, good nigig.have cloudy skies around siouxland, and a few light snow showers in response e to a disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere. . local temperatures range from about 10 northeast to 30 southwest. wind chills range from -5 northeast to 25 southwest. your planner shows a chance of snow this evening and a 10 pm temperature of 22. at 2 am, the temperature will be 13 with fewer clouds, and at 6 am, the temperature will be 3 with mostly clear skies. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at a cold day tomorrow, but a warmup later in the week. it's time for local news that matters! " " jenna: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight
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