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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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of this one, good night.(fred) good evening! we have cloudy skies around siouxland, and a few light snow showers in response to a disturbance in the upper levels of the atmosphere. local temperatures range from about 7 northeast to 34 southwest. wind chills range from -16 northeast to 27 southwest. your planner shows cloudy and 17 at 2 am, mostly clear and 6 at 6 am, and partly cloudy and 3 at 10 am. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at a cold day tomorrow, but a warmup later in the week. it's time for local news that matters! "we'll be doing some serious clean up and rebuilding" the owner says a "we'll be doing some serious clean up and rebuilding" the owner says a fire at this sioux city favorite restaurant... won't keep them down. "iowans have always treated me well"
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two g-o-p candidates continue to campaign hard ahead of the caucuses. and, strong words from iowa's governor about how the legislator should tackle school funding this year. "and not spend the whole session fighting over it." tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and i'm jenna rhenstrom a sioux city, north middle school student brought a gun to school today (monday) forcing school authorities to notify parents. tim: according to district director of communications alison benson, the weapon was not loaded and the district doesn't believe at this time.... that this student intended to harm any students or staff members. tim: the incident happened before school started on the north middle school campus, when the school received information that a student could potentially bring a weapon to the school. benson says when that student arrived on campus, school staff members immediately detained and
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located the weapon. benson added, quote "we are very thankful that in this case someone who saw something or heard something, said something, allowing us to quickly take action. the safety of students and staff members is the highest priority of our district." tim: the district says it will follow board policies and the district's student code of conduct regarding this incident. jenna the owner of a popular sioux city restaurant says a morning fire won't keep them down for long. a fire started at sneaky's chicken on gordon drive morning. coming from a attachment behind the the fire never got but there was inside. and a few inside at the time safely. he says he's already overwhelmed by the support he's getting. "it has been the facebook to the text messages to would say literally phone calls and text messages from businesses" says dave ferris, owner, sneaky's restaurant
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sneaky's is closed for the time being, but ferris says he's working on arrangement to make sure they can fufill their catering committment through other venues and their catering trucks. tim: omaha fire officials are sifting through four floors of debris looking for the cause of a weekend explosion and fire at a famous pub. m's pub in the old market went up in flames saturday afternoon, and crews didn't stop pumping water onto the property until this morning. owners say they hope to reopen at the same location in the old market, but at a press conference today officials said it's too early to determine the future of the building. " " jenna: ben carson and carly fiorina say they still have high hopes for their presidential campaigns. tim: that's despite lagging poll numbers. the g-o-p candidates were in town tonight. jenna: bria bell talked with both. she joins us now in studio. bria: tim and jenna, rebulican presidential candidates ben carson and carly
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people of iowa will support them. caucus is more than a couple weeks away and both parties are using their last efforts to express why they hould earn the right to hold office. "well i've been coming to iowa for a ling time and voters win elections, not polls," said fiorina. a recent poll released by quin-e- pee-ac university today shows donald trump and ted cruz as the two top candidates for the state of iowa. ben carson is currently ranked fourth with 7 percent of voters, while carly fiorina has only one percent. today, both carson and fiorina visited northwest iowa today to try to gain more support as the weeks away. says he's had to make adjustments to his campaign in order to gather more people with hands on experience. "we've made some organiztional improvements that were necessary as i had an opportunity to really take a deep dive and recognize that we needed some operational experience, people who know how to execute and get things done," said carson. he also says, he believes he has a connection with iowans and during these next couple of weeks, he'll use his exposure to his advantage. "so i don't have to change any strategies, i just have to get in front
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carson. carly fiorina has a similar idea when it comes to the public eye here in the haweye state... "i'm trying to talk with as many iowans as i can about my plan to take our country back. we have to take our country back and that means we have to elect someone with different experience and not the same ol' same o'l politician who says whatever they need to say and then does they they please," said fiorina. fiorina says she has the opportunity to gain iowa's support because she knows what iowans care about. "well iowans care about the fact that a dollar is going as far as it used to, they care about the fact that government doesn't respond...iowans worry that our country is on the wrong track," said fiorina. bria:
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that the problems that american faces can be only be handled by someone who has common sense, while carly fiorina beleives iowans have always treated her well and that a candidate does not have to yell the loudest to win over voters. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: the 2016 iowa state legislative session began today and education is the hottest topic this year in des moines after a long, drawn-out battle over funding for iowa schools last year, the governor, to the house, to the senate say they all want to see the budget resolved quickly this year. " koester 14:30 i believe iowans were displeased with the amount of funding of public schools. peterson - 26:12 we can't continue to as schools to do more and more with less and less so that will be the top issue for me and i think many legislators. branstad 13:19 i hope the legislature will make an early and not spend the whole session fighting over it.
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busy day for iowa governor terry to give his state tim: and to hear more from the sunday morning at nine for this week governor me for a one on talk about what the 2016 session achieve as well as how he sees his legecy as the nations longest serving governor. sunday morning at nine, here on abc9. president obama is making a speech of his own. the president's final state of the union address poses a different challenge this time as opposed to other speeches he's made in past years, tackling different goals and challenges faced by the nation. karin caifa has more from washinton. "since i took office seven years ago, in the midst of crisis, i don't think i've ever been as optimistic about a year ahead as i am right now. just 12 days into the new year, president his state of the union address to congress, and the as i'm writing, i keep road we've traveled
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the final state of the union address, poses unique challenges for a second-term, lame- duck president. despite enthusiasm -- great goals are reached step-by- step. my message to you tonight is, put on your work shoes; we're still on the job time is running short for legislative items, and with a president's legacy on the horizon, there's the danger of overpromising and underdelivering. matthew dallek is assistant professor at the george washington university graduate management. obama will likely list tuesday, and go talking about where the kind of policies that he haschampioned, and what has been the result, and then want to get done in his final year. president -- i think hillary would be worse than obama. a lot of the republicans are kind of fact-adverse. this is why hillary clinton can't win in 2016. cutting through campaign noise, especially with a boisterous crop of candidates jockeying to succeed him. the goal-in-chief -- to set the table for a
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hasn't happened for either of the last two, two-term presidents. while technology has quickly changed how americans consume and react to the address, the president's delivery has remained the same. there's something important about the ceremony of it, as well, that even republicans and democrats can come together and listen - in most cases, politely - to a president, lay out his or her agenda. whether it's the first time -- one year ago, i took office... -- or the final time. in washington, i'm karin caifa " jenna: and for those of you who may find jenna: and for those of you who may find yourself missing out on the state of the union, amazon is giving you the chance to catch it online . amazon won't stream the address live... but the white house and the online retailer have struck a deal to put it on amazon's online video site. it'll be available to all customers starting on
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the week. the state of the union will not be connected to amazon prime. instead, the speech will be available through amazon video for free. jenna on cam on wedneday, the president will be in omaha making a speech on gun control. if you were thinking about attending .... you are out of luck. all 8,000 tickets to the event at baxter arena on the university of neb-omaha campus are spoken for. tim: imagine being asked to end life support for a loved one.... that's the difficult decision a dakota dunes couple had to face ... michael bacon was on life support for nearly a month....after suffering from a bacterial infection in his heart that spread to his brain. his wife bonnie, was given the tough decision to pull him off of life support but she chose not too. and when everyone thought it was the end of the line for him...a cardiac surgeon at mercy medical center refused to give-up... and performed open heart surgery on him. now michael is
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get back to farming like i know, and i'm getting there you know. from wehre we started to where are now it's really a miracle. when you think about it," said dr. tim: mike is still under going rehab and is currently on dialysis. he says he owes everything to his wife, bonnie..their three children...his church family... and his loving doctor and the nurses....who helped him get back on his feet. still to come... a big jackpot has people all over under 'powerball fever' details on how large of a payout you can expect on wednesday. after the break. (fred) wind chills will be below zero tonight, then another cold day is ahead tomorrow. but, a weekend warmup will follow! your forecast is next!
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plenty of broken hearts over the weekend, after none of the there was a lucky winner here in iowa, but he only took home one million dollars.
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sioux city picked up his lucky ticket after work at a local hyvee grocery store. he said he's planning to pay off student loans, help his family and invest the money. and he's still having a hard time believing it's all real " read me the numbers, she did and they were it. i jumepd around and screaming, i called over my family screaming and said we won! we won one million dollars!" with the recent drawing not bringing in a with the recent drawing not bringing in a jackpot winner, plenty of folks will be looking to cash in this wednesday night tim: remember, the odds of winning the powerball are about 1 in 292 point 2 million. and the odds of winning the powerball are the same for each play you purchase. the odds do not change with the number of tickets you buy or the types of plays made. in iowa, you can buy up to 10 plays
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that estimated powerball jackpot is right now at one- point-four billion and could continue to rise before this wednesday's drawing. tickets are available until the drawing at 9pm on wednesday night. jenna: stores like bacon creek general store are seeing an increase in customer numbers with folks coming in to purchase what would hopefully be the winning ticket. we spoke to one staff member at the store and they are surprised at the jackpot amount and hopes for another big sioux city winner. the store will be doubling up on staff during the next few days to accommodate the influx of customers that will be coming in to purchase powerball tickets. (tim) fred, what can we expect? (fred) light snow this evening.
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fred hexom om (fred) the hd radar shows a few scattered light snow showers. this snow is getting weaker and little if expected. however, produce lower roads across siouxland, so a winter weather advisory is in effect for emmet and palo alto counties until 4 am. visibility is reduced across many parts of blowing snow. the company skycam hd shows downtown sioux city from the ho chunk centre. 35 was the high today temperatures range from about 7 northeast to 34 southwest. winds are blasting in from the northwest at 20 to 30 miles per hour.
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to 17 southwest. a wind chill advisory will be in effect for most of northeast siouxland, including spencer, until 10 am tomorrow, and for emmet and palo alto counties until 12 pm. wind chills wille as cold as -20 in these areas, so don't venture out without a hat and gloves. the satellite and radar shows the upper level disturbance, with scattered light snow showers over the upper midwest, including siouxland. the stormcast hd shows the snow showers moving away this evening, then a cold night and cold day tomorrow. a southerly wind will start to warm things up starting wednesday. the snow forecast shows a dusting of snow for many of us. a few of us could see a few tenths of an inch. the wind chill forecast shows below zero wind chills tonight and a cold day tomorrow. tomorrow night won't be as bad...a sign of warmer things to come. your forecast for tonight is for decreasing clouds, and breezy conditions and a cold low of -2 tonight. tomorrow, expect a cold high of 15 with a mix of sun and clouds. the
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35 wednesday and thursday, but a cold front will start moving in friday, with breezy winds. we'll be on the cold side of that front by the weekend, with highs only in the teens. monday will be stuck in the single digits. tomorrow night's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to king of the cage at winnavegas! here's a car parked in buffalo, ny that serves as a good reminder of why not to park near a lake when it's windy and cold! (jenna) thanks, fred! (fred) you bet. still to come after the break - heelan hosted south sioux looking for its eighth win of the season. stay tuned for
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after the break - heelan hosted south sioux looking for its eighth win of the season. stay tuned for highlights from "the pit." tim plus....we take a look at the abc9 top plays of the week. alex joins us next to break down the best of the best from the
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already seen plenty of big-time highlights. this week is no exception....witho ut further ado, let's take a look at the abc9 top plays of the week. as always, these plays are made by local athletes for local viewers..... play number five takes us to morningside for the battle for the saddle..... briar cliff's bryan forbes starts this play off with the poke check steal....shane graves...on the other end with the acrobatic finish......lets watch that again....... the junior guard from sioux city uses his body to create some space and executes with a little kiss of the glass.....his chargers have won 13 straight games. play number four takes us to the tyson eventscenter for the cnos classic......bishop heelan battling unity christian,,,, heelan doesn't have a lot osize, but they make up for it with plays like this..... ryan moore to jack boever for the alley-oop! i give this effort a nine out of 10......the only thing missing? throw it down next time mr. beaver..... considered, it was finish through kudos to coach
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to play number three we go.....staying on the hardwood.....the go.....staying on the hardwood.....the sb-l ladies hosting dakota valley in a fun interstate matchup. at the end of the third quarter....abby nissen sets up behind the arc and buries the buzzer beater! ice water in her veins! look at her reaction....she knew that triple was pure! and how about the coaches....that fist pump desevres its own spot on the countdown.... the warriors went on to win this game to get back to .500. play number two takes us to the mats.......north facing off with east in a metro wrestling dual....... this highlight showcases the resilience of ethan sorenson...... at 120.......he is getting manhandled, but he keeps his balance shifts his weight and completely reverses momentum in the match.... after all that, he gets the pin........worth another watch....... sorenson about to get thrown on his back......not in his house!... one of the best falls i have seen.....well done. for play number one....we head out to nebraska to highlight some high-fliers from
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this season..... kobe smith is a big reason why......the coast and he down.....hoop and crowd goes later in the game......smith puts on a highlight reel clinic! off the glass and a monster flush! this dude belongs in space jam... get up young man! kobe smith......putting people on posters for our top play of the week. alex the heelan boys are on the rise. after winning games, the crusaders nearly close loss to powerhouse skutt catholic. tonight, heelan returned to action against south sioux city. the cardinals 2-8 this season....but they picked up a nice win over west on saturday at the cnos classic... opening quarter....thats lance denney with the bucket off the inbounds pass...south sioux takes the 6-5 lead.... a few nutes later....kalvin warner bodies his way inside for the deuce and the cards maintain that one point edge.... heelan would settle in.....elijah hazecamp sets up on the wing and bangs home the triple......he led his guys with 16
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moore from distance.....crusad ers start to heat up from behind the still knotted up at 15.... and check out this feed...bryce reynolds to a wide open jack boever and he hits it......heelan goes on to win it 52-41. big news for iowa senior mike gesell. the guard from south sioux city recorded his first career double- double against nebraska, earning him big ten player of the week honors. gesell went for 22 against the huskers, adding 10 assists. this honor is gesell's first big ten player of the week award.....iowa visits michigan state on thursday night. the spartans are ranked fourth in this week's ap top 25 poll.... the hawkeyes check in at 16....thanks to a 3-0 start to conference play. one spot below iowa is iowa state.....the cyclones travel to texas tomorrow night. some football news out of vermillion.....sout freshman andrew van ginkel is iowa western. alum led the conference in sacks and tackles for loss, earning freshman of the year honors. iowa western is a national
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routinely sends its players to the f-b-s level. (fred) your forecast for tonight is for
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decreasing clouds, and breezy conditions and a cold low of -2 tonight. tomorrow, expect a cold high of 15 with a mix of sun and clouds. the 7-day forecast shows a warmup to 35 wednesday and thursday, but a cold front will start moving in friday, with breezy winds. we'll be on the cold side of that front by the weekend, with highs only in the teens. monday will be stuck in the single digits. tomorrow night's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to king of the cage at winnavegas! here's a
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serves as a good reminder of why not to park near a lake when it's windy and
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