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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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i need you in my stupid life! gah! she wants to know if you mean it. you're not just saying it because you're in prison. sure, there's that. but you're my mom. of course i mean it. there's no way i'm going to the concert now, right? she says, "god, no." right. barry: hey. mm. can we talk? look, i'm no longer gonna demand you be my sidekick. i know i'm not the alpha or the beta. i'm whatever comes last in the greek letters. i think it's zorbo. see, ever since i was a littleleoy, wanted a dog like yoyo not 'cause you could jet-ski or break-dance or deflect grenades with your paws. i just wanted a friend. and i didn't have many growing up. but i do now. and a hot girlfriend.
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but my dad, he could use a cool friend like you. dude's a pretty cool guy once you get to know him. so, we cool? right. you can't talk. you can't talk, right? the dog can't talk, barry. hey, that was a private conference between me and traitor. look, i'm not the alpha. but the dog always sits right next to you. that's because of the scraps. there's all sorts of tasty shrapnel flying around here. here. give her a try. whoa! she likes me! of course she does. you're a likeable kid. so, does this mean we can share the dog? [ sighs ] i-i don't care. come on. say it. say you love her. she's fine. say it! she's fine. you love the dog. i love the dog! me too. that day, we opened our hearts to a new family member. and erica opened her heart to my mom.
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just felt like cookie time. cut my feelings to the bone what's all this? it's hard to say. [ chuckles ] [ voice breaking ] even though i'm grown up and i don't need you... i still do. i always will. after everything i did, you still bailed me out. so, i thought i'd finally give you the pajama party that you deserve. oh, honey. so, what do you say? troop beverly? troop beverly. and in the end it was all worth it. not only did my mom and sister start a new tradition, but my dad, barry, and their new sidekick did, too. because that's what makes a family great. yes! yes!
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it's not just the big moments. it's the simple things. like cheering on your favorite team, roasting marshmallows, or finding out the people you've been keeping at a distance are actually the people you're closest to. so, tell me the truth. was it heather g. or heather s.? heather t.
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fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) good evening! temperatures are cold, in the single digits and teens. wind chills are as cold as -14 in estherville, and -12 in spencer, but the rest of us have single digits above and below zero. the planner shows generally cloudy skies at 2 am and 16, mostly cloudy skies at 6 am and 18, and sunny skies and 23 at 10 am. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at a warmup coming tomorrow!it's time for local news that matters! "he should not have been able to show up at the school with the gun" enraged and confused...parent s speak out afte enraged and confused...parent s speak out after a sioux city student bringing gun to school "think we stand a very good chance to win the iowa caucuses" is hillary clinton in trouble in n wa?
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and the president isn't the only one sizing up 2016 ... "it's a budget that will keep iowa stable." tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom. sioux city parents are reacting today to new that a middle school student brought an unloaded gun to school. tim: that happened yesterday at north middle... and district administrators say the situation was handled immediately before anyone was as risk. jenna: but, that's not calming the worry of at least one parent tonight. deborah souverain talked to one mom. she brings us more. tim and jenna we've learned it was a 12-year-old boy who showed up with a pistol at north middle. a tip was called into the school about the situation... and superintendent dr. paul gausman says this all unfoed about 15 minutes before school started.
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believed to be the reat immediately detained andnd neutralized and d lt that the best step was to begin the school day. a day after a north middle school 6th grader...brought an unloaded gun to school.... superintedent dr paul gausman insists students were never at risk. we don't believe that in the initial conversaions that we had that there was the intent to bring a weapon into school to do harm to any other student or any other staff member." said dr. paul gausman, superintendent of sioux city community schools however angegeca alfredson...a parent of north middle schooler isn't convinced. are you kikiing me, are you kidding me?!," said angelica alfredson. an automated message sent out at 6:30 p-m notifed parents of the incident..which school officials say happened before school started monday morning.. some kid comes with a weapon and you knew about this and you just let him come and my kid is there, that's crazy there's no excuse sioux city police say a parent notified the school..after the student...showed
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school officals found the unloaded gun in n the child's possession....and he i inow charged with carryg a concealed weapon. angelica says the school waited too long to notify parents ,while others commend the school. "it's concerning but i think it was just an unfortunate situation that happend, and the school staff and administration acted quickly and responsibly to keep anything from happening," said "it's not okay, none of this is okay," said alfredson. deborah: police tell us the student was able to get the gun out of a locked safe at home. the student is now suspended... untitithe school district completes an instigation on the issue. live in studio, deborah souverain abc 9 news. tim: renovations are already underway at sneaky's chicken where a fire broke out at sneaky's chicken where a fire broke out yesterday morning the back side of the sioux city restaurant was
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investigators now say the fire started after the improper disposal of a cigartette. owner dave ferris says he wants customers to know that the restra not going anywhere. for the time being the business will operate through its cateringng service beginning as early as this weekend. jenn president obama gave his eighth and final state of the union address tonight. the president tackled the tougher issues faced by the nation, making a big push for congress to fund health related issues such as cancer, aids and malaria. the president called the u-s the strongest nation in the world, saying accomplishing our goals is easily in our grasp. he echoed a past president, urging lawmakers to help him deliver what he promised on the campaign trail eight years ago: change. we did not in the words of lincoln, adhere to the dogma's of the quiet past, insteaeawe fought anew, we acted anew. we made change work for us always extending america's promis outward to the next frontier"
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also outlined his plan to push for a stronger front against isis, as well as what's in the works for transitioning american energy consumption closer to 100 per-cent clean energy. jenna: after a poll released today, the presidential race is heating up in iowa. tim: especially on the democratic side, with a candidate overtaking hillary clinton in the polls. new quinnipiac poll numbers were released today and bernie sanders is taking the lead in iowa. sanders leads in economy and climate change while iowans seem to trust hillarys foreign policy and terrorism plans. bernie sanders leads the poll at 49 per-cent, his highest total in any iowa poll so far. while hillary clinton trails with 44 per-cent support in the state. martin o'malley still at 4 per-cent. voters in iowa still have time to
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"i think its intersesting. its at least a race now you know you dont i spose until the day after" with the caucuses only three weeks away, the race may come down to the wire for sanders and clinton. tim: republican presidential candidate, donald trump, made a campaign stop in cedar falls earlier today. in front of a a crowd of about 2,000 on the campus of the university of northern iowa trump said he wants to win the state and then the nomination. he toughted the fact that polls again show him ahead of ted cfruz in iowa... butr added "it's too close. i don't like it, so we have to change it." trump will be back in iowa a week from today... joining carly fiina and rick santorum, at the 10-th annual renewable fuels summit. jenna: the longest serving governor in u-s history gave his condition of the state address for the 22nd second time today. governor terry branstad coverer issues facing the state from the budget, to
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like many of the lawmakers said on the first day of the session, governor branstad reenforced that education funding needs to be a top priority. " it is my sincere hope that the general assembly will move quickly to approve supplemental state aid early this session." branstad received bipartisan support on a number of ises he talked about, receiving a long standing ovation for his efforts to improve fairness and equlaity in iowa's criminal justice system. tim: lawmakers in south dakota are expected to pass a half-cent sales tax increase to improve teacher pay. the rushmore state has the lowest-in-the nation teacher pay and the increase in sales tax would help the state become competitive with iowa and nebraska. the increase would raise more than 100-million in the upcoming budget year. if the proposal is approved, it would be the first permanent increase to south dakota's sales tax rate of four cents per dollar, in nearly half a century.
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school principal is president of the school administrators of in a statement he said "this is a critical time for education, and we are going to go after it hard." our hope is to no longer have the ranked 51st in the nation on teacher pay and that the additional funding will help keep dakota." jenna: ill to alex will be in with highlights of 13 games from all stay tuned for the highlights from the hardwood. (fred) tonight's ask fred question is "how long does el nino ususally last?". the answer and your forecast is after the break! " " (jenna) fred, please tell us
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fred hexom
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the port neal welding company skycam hd shows the scene from the ho chunk centre. the high today was 13 and the low -1. 12 is our temperature in sioux city. while the dew point is low (5) showing dry air, we are actually going to warm slowly through the night as a warm front lifts through! local temperatures are 2 in estherville and single digits and teens elsewhere. winds are south at 5 to 15 miles per hour, producing wind chills of -14 in estherville, -12 in spencer, and single digits above and below zero elsewhere. if welook at midwest temperatures, we can see warm air parked not far to our southwest. rapid city has 34! the warm front separating our cold air and those mild conditions will move through siouxland tonight, resulting in a much warmer day tomorrow. there is a band of clouds along this warm front, and the clouds will remain overnight for the most part, but no snow is expected. the stormcast hd shows the warm front moving through tonight.
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much warmer, and thursday also looks nice, but a cold front will begin to move in friday, kicking off an arctic blast cooldown that will last through the weekend and into early next week. your forecast for tonight is for an early low of 10, then rising temperatures under mostly cloudy skies. tomorrow, look for partly cloudy skies and a much warmer high of 35. the 7-day forecast shows 37 on thursday, then breezy and 28 friday. highs over the weekend and early next week are in the single digits and teens, with lows below zero. on this day in 1912, the coldest temperature ever recorded in sioux city was seen---35! tonight's ask fred question is "how long does el nino usually last?" the answer is 6 to 18 months. the current el nino will remain
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spring. el nino is usually associated with warm winters in siouxland. you may be thinking about the cold weather lately as unexpected with that pattern, but periods of cold weather are expected in an el nino pattern, and sure enough, january has actually been 1.2 degrees above normal so far. erica dunn from merrill, ia is the winner via email tonight. tonight's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to kininof the cage at winnavegas! to enter, email fhexom@kcautv.c om or enter on our abc9 news facebook page. (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. jenna/tim/chris:
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good evening everybody and welcome in to this twinning tuesday edition of the abc9 sportszone...alon gside alex walker, who obviously asked what i was wearing tonight, jenna/tim/chris: chris: good evening everybody and welcome in to thistwinning tuesd edition of the abc9 sportszone...alon gside alex walker, who obviously asked what i was wearing tonight, i'm chris palmquist alex i'm just trying to fit in... we have a full slate of action for you, including 10 ranked teams in action across 11 games, and we'll kick things off here in town. chris:
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east went on the road to number 8 a-l and the lynx took it to them, winning by 21. chris tonight, the raiders looking for some revenge on their home court, where they're 55-5 the last 6 years. we pick things up in the second quarter...tyler danke, out on the break, he can't finish but van rees can...the tip puts the raiders up a pair. then time winding down in the half...connor murrell out on the run...he beats the buzzer and we head to half all knotted up at 26. in the third...danke gets redemption...he splashes he the corner triple to give the raiders the lead. then danke picks gets it ahead to three point play stretch the advantage to six. but t ny bonner was too much to handle tonight...the lynx storm back to win it, 74-60. chris side...the stars game losing teejay. down three early,
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billings was en fuego...he knocks it down from range to knot it up. then shortly's that man again...billings gives the stars the early lead. but he wasn't the only offense...tavian williams...with the nasty step back for three more...the stars out of this world from deep early. then check out the defense...trent wilson, not one, but two blocks and that leads to a break...williams eventually gets the tip in chris out to snuck past west on a buzzer ater before christmas. we pick it up in the fourth quarter...keegan savary...with the pump fake and thth gets the shooters roll...warriors up 41-34. then checkckut this feed from jacob shultz to ckson wright...the big man with the easy deuce to go up double-digits. west answers immediately...marq uise bolden...bouncing off bodies for the
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back to single digits. then it's james king...hitting the mid range jumper and drawing the foul. but sb-l...too much schultz gets the easy layup...they win it 61-46. chris and earlier in the wolverine den...the same two squaring off in girls action. in the third...west, nice ball movement down low, eventually rachel knutson- kobold ends up with it for the pair, they lead it 39-24. then sky silvas, picks the pocket...she goes coast to coast for the lay-in...the lead up to 17. but sbl had a run in them...lexi sneller, crashing the paint on the inbounds play...the hoop and the hack cuts it to 13. then abby wisecup...always have to guard the inbounder...she steps out and hits the three. but west would pull away in thefourth...they win n it 64-45. chris: the kikisley pierson girls have been fourth in the rankings all year and have won all of their games by at least a dozen points. alex
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biggest challenge of the year as 11th ranked lawton-bronson came to town. the eagles, coming off a loss to sbl on saturday...the panthers, undefeated. third quarter......k-p up three.....addison hirschman finds a hole in the defense and makes it count....panthers now up five..... on the other end....ali verzani responds with a corner........eagles 21-19.... but addison hirschman wants that cushion transition the six and connects from three point land...panthers by five... later in the quarter....lexi binder flexes her muscle on the low block and how about lawton- bronson...the eagles storm back to win it 45- 39. alex mmc, quietly undefeated on the season, looking for win number ten against gehlen. late first quarter.....sarah dreckman drives around her defender and hits the open jumper...eagles up 14-4.... then mcc gets it done from deep....rachel meehan from distance.....the senior makes it 18-6 eagles.... . gehlen answers on the o oer end....jolee linden off the inbounds play....bang! jays cut into the lead.....
10:26 pm
stay undefeated....meeh an calls for the ba and finishes strong....they get the road win 66-39 chris we have to step aside for a seco, but when we come back, we'll check out a top-ten battle in orange city.
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record of 16-2, tonight's game between western christian and moc-oyd valley was a big one. chris: the wolfpack come in as the top ranked team in class 2a, while the dutch are 9th in class 3a. chris so who's earning the big non- conference win tonight? on the tip off, western wastes no time to attack.ben gesink, goes in for the lay in and the wolfpack strike first. next wc possession...josh van lingen...with the board and the put of the best big men in the area as the
10:28 pm
but the dutch answer...christian korver...three of his 22 points right here to cut into that lead. momofloyd valley had no answer for van lingen...he gets his own board and putback, two of his game high-24 and western chriian gets a statement win, 62- 53. alex across town, unity christian looking for an upset of fourth- ranked boyden hull. in the third, the comets up 4...chandler brunsting, with the thievery...drives it and passes it out to jamison te slaa...he'll get to the rack for the pair. unity responds...logan schiebout, connects from the top of the arc for the triple. later, the knight take it down and cole vande vegte left open in the corner, and he makes them pay, another triple for unity. but some nice hustle for the comets...dalton moser...gets the
10:29 pm
69-60. alex another big matchup in holstein...mvao receiving votes in 1a, ridge view, tenth in 2a. late first quarter....colby sent-jens finds a little wiggle room in the corner andknocks down the three......13-3 rams..... but the raptors would settle in.....ryan currie the acrobatic scoop shot brings ridge view back within eight..... on the other end......conor collinwith a little bounce in his step and down goes the trey.....16-5 mvao...... the second quarter was all ridge view......jackson graff right in front of me......the senior hits the three.....raptors close the half on an 8-0 run....they win it 58-45. chris: the unity christian girls are on a 38 game winning streak, dating back to the state championship game in 2014. alex tonight they put that on the line in a non conference matchup. alex the top ranked knights hosting 3 and 6 boyden hull. and unity christian, already up 8 in the first quarter...they add to it...anna kiel, hits the turn
10:30 pm
that stretches the lead to double-digits. the lady comets answer...abbie kleinwolterink, drives past three defenders for the bucket. but more from the knights...deidra noteboom drives baseline and dishes it off to kiel for the lay-in. thenrooke zevenbergen, steals it awaw and chanda zomermaand is there for the two on the fast eak...the knights cruise to a big win, 71-22. chris the western christian girls, winners of 7 straight taking on the lady dutch. in the second...they lead it by four...but check out this triple from breana schuiteman...that' s steph curry range as they cut it to one. but the pack defense stiffens...karsyn winterfeld steals it and goes coast to coast for the lay in. then it's getting it done on the outside too...she
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triple as western christian
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