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she ended up in moville ... what we do know is that ... that she is a live is nothing short of a miracle. temperatures were at at 1 with -13 degree windchill on sunday night and into monday and we had a -17 windchill on tuesday morning when she was found. according to thesheriff's office she must have been outside of her car for most of that time. when they did finaly find her just around 50 yards from her vehicle .. officials re themselves surpised to find her alive. " i saw her eye move and i told him right away we got an ambulance started. you are right. first time you glance at it you are like argh, dang it because its been so cold and everything but yeah ... we got lucky." lukas when they did find shaniqwa she was wearing winter clothes including a hat, coat and winter boots. the sheriff's office also confirmed that there was in fact a small winter survival kit in the car, including a blanket, but that kit was not taken out.
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talk to the family about how they're dealing with what happened. reporting live in studio lukas voss abc9 news. tim: a day after making his final state of the union address.....preside barack obama made a stop in omaha today. after arriving at offett air force base, the president took part in a small living room discussion at a private residence in the omaha area. from there he gathered with 8,000 people on the campus of univ of neb-omaha where he again made getting an affordable college education a high point. the president is now way to baton rouge. jenna: coming off the president's state of the union address, iowa senator joni ernst spoke critically of the president's plans for the future. during her weekly conference call, ernst also talked about her resolution of disaproval for the expanded
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waters of the u-s ruling that was passed through the house today. our farmers and ranchers know how to care fofoand conserve thier ownland without the harmful interference of washington beaurocrats from the epa telling them what's best. the re-definition of the waters of the u-s would grant the e-p-a extended jurisdiction to protect waters under the clean water act. ernst say's the joint dissaproval of the ruling would help iowans in rural communities calling the passing of the wotus rule a "blatent power grab" by the epa. tim: projojts for a power line and a pipeline are in the hands of the iowa utilities board. iowa lmakers are keeping a close eye on the process for the bakken pipeline and the rock island clean line. amanda krenz from our des moines affiliate has more. "bobby 20:26 i think certainly the legislature could impact both decisions. representative bobby kaufmann is the chair of the government oversight committee. he says they are closely monitoring two very big
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yet to be made by the iowa utilities board. one project is the proposed bakken crude oil pipeline that would run diagonally across the state... the other is the rock island clean line - a high voltage overhead line that would harness wind energy from northwest iowa and send it into illinois and beyond. bobby it affects 1500 farmers in iowa and it's a decision th affects 10,000 acres of iowa farmland. it's a huge decision that has bipartisan support. legislators will be making sure that the companies involved don't try to abuse their power to take private property for public use... known as emminent domain. kauffman says the rock island clean line has tried, but i- u-b didn't allow it. and lawamkers were paying attention. 21:32 at they're attempting to do not only skirts our laws but it skirst the u.s. constitution. it's just ridiculous." " tim: the spokes person for the iowa utilities board said until specific legislation comes out regarding the pipeline, or emminent domain, there's no comment. there is also no
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will be made about either of these projects. according to iowa code, the iowa utilities board isn't under any sort of deadline to make a decision... they are still looking through all of has been filed. jenna: also at the statehouse this by the top judge in iowa. iowa supreme court's chief justice, and he has some concerns about racial disparities in thejudicial system. during the condndion of the judiciary he receiviv numerous standing ovations when we spoke about the need for racial equality in the justice system. but the most applause came when he talked about human trafficking. we can no longer view human trafficking as a problem reserved to the major cities in america. it exists as a dark underworld in many communities acrossowa and is associated with some of iowa's most iconic places and events. chief justice cady also got bipartisanan support when he e emphasized the
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juvenile offenders. he said often times they're locked up before they have a chance to work on their problems. tim: another traffic jam greeted drivers trying to cross the i-74 bridge into iowa this morning. crews came out to fix the buckle in the bridge, connecting moline to davenport, that damaged some cars during last night's rush hour. that broken bolt caused 3 cars to get flat tires. . traffic towards iowa was also down to one lane. (clyde tobey/ iowa dot matience supervisor) "a bolt broke allowing in the wield track, it just beat enough that a piece of it broke off from it's neighboring section." iowa d-o-t crews were finished replacing the bolt around noon.... they completely replaced tt bolt to make sure it won't pop agian. tim : a senior at morningside college is asking for a special gift for graduation jenna: the international student's request is something many of sometimes take
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abc 9's bria bell has more details... bria while some college seniors ask for extravaggant gifts for graduation. paul johnson, a double major in mass communications and internal affairs at morningside college, is asking for something unique . johnson just wants his parents to be able to fly in from nigera to see him graduate from college in may. "it's a sacrife they're willing to make because they know the importance of education," said johnson. paul johnson is a senior from morningside college and from nigera. he says his family has always held education in the highest regard and has sacrificed a lot for him all so he could pursue a college degree. johnson, a double major in internal affairs and mass communications, says he hasn't been home since he was a sophomore, because international flights don't come cheap. "it's been tough. there've been some times, where it's been like 'man i just want to go home,' especially when everyone ipacking up and talking about going home, tweeting about it on social media," said johnson. paul who is also the
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government, will be graduating in may and while many students ask for extravaggant gifts for commencement, he says all he would like is for his parents to be able to fly to the states to see the outcome of their sacrifices. "i think what makes it special for me is, it goes all the way back to the beginning, like seeing the sacrifices my parents have made and i just feel like they dederve to see it getting paid off. it's not for me, it's mostly for them. i feel like they deserve to see the fruits of their labor," saididohnson. a close friend of paul has helped to crcrte a go fund me page in order to come up with enough money to purchase paul's parents' airfare. so far they've only reached lf of their goal. "i created the go fund me page for him. my mom was actually the one who said, 'hey paul i really want your parents to come here, but i don't know how you feel about it' and he said that he obviously wanted him here," said potter. bria
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morningside his ultimate goal is to work for the united nations. if you are interested in donating to paul's go fund me page. a link to that can be found on our website at siouxland matters dot com. reporting live in studio, bria belel abc 9 news. jenna: everyone should have the chancnc to get better as fast as possible when they get sick. the same goes for wounds that just won't heal. michael garrett says, "no problems at all?" jeffrey says, "no." jeffrey, from salix, had a large open would after a m jor surgery. it got infected and just didn't seem to heal. but, he found hope at mercy medical center's advanced wound center with physican michael garrett. "micicel garrett says, "and here is the scar today, and the wound he had was this big." coming up at ten, i'll tell you about the tool that got michael healed in just 11 weeks. that's tonight on your health matters.
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by now, if you're going to play... you've probably bought your powerball ticket. tim: but, did you really crunch the numbers to get your best chance of winning? briar cliff professor chuck shaffer explains the statistics behind your chances. chuck shaffer, briar ciff mathamatics professor says, "you have five white balls to pick out of currently 69, so you have to figure out how many ways there are to select 5 out of 69 - that gets you the white balls. then, in addition, you have one ball out of 26 for the red ball that you have to get right. so, you figure all those out together and it comes out like 292 million, roughly, to 1. so, you have one chance in that many." jenna: the powerball drawing is tonight just before 10. we'll havevehe numbers in our late nscast. tim: coming up after the break... caucuses are in
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the break... caucuses are in less than a month and the races are tightening for both the democrats and the republicans, we'll have the latest from the campaign trail. it will be warm again tomorrow, but a major arctic blast awaits for the weekend. meanwhile, it looks like we could see snow tuesday. your forecast is after the break! " " tim/jenna/fred
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tiwelding company skycam hd shows a nice scene from the ho chunk centre in downtown sioux city. e high today was 38 and the low 12. highs over western iowa were in the 30s for mt. estherville only managed 28. looking to the west, a pleasant january thaw was experienced in nebraska and south dakota, where we saw a mix of 30s and 40s. 33 is our current temperature in sioux city. local temperatures are in the 20s and 30s. winds are southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chis range from the teens to the 30s. over the upper midwest, we see warm temperatures south and west, so you can be assured of another super day tomorrow. the satellite and radar
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the upper midwest. these will thin out again later tonight. the stormcast hd shows warm weather tongiht and tomorrow, then an arctic cold front drops in friday. that means falling temperatures and breezy winds. the weekend will be very cold. your forecast for tonight is for decreasing clouds and a low of 18. tomorrow, expect a high of 37 and mostly sunny skies.he 7- day shows a drop to 21 friday with breezy winds, then only 14 saturday. single digit highs will be seen sunday and monday, with lows as cold as -10! gradual warming will be seen toward midweek, with a chance of snow tuesday. stay tunene jenna/tim/fred (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. tim: still to come... with the iowas cauces inching closer, races are coming down to the wire for both the republicans and democratics. we'll bring you the latest from the campaign
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(fred) you bet. tim:
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with the iowas cauces inching closer, races are coming down to the wire for both the republicans and democrcrics. we'll bring you the latest from the campaign
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races are both the the republicans. has the latest trail. "hillary clinton... no longer holding back. less than three weeks until the first votes are cast she told gma it's time to go harder after (sot clinton) we have spent the beginning of this campaign -- for months now -- where i've been layingngut my policies, where i've been meeting with people, listening to them about what they want the next president to do. and now we're in the sprint, and it is time to draw a contrast.
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specifics on his health care plan. even enlistitg her daugher, chelsea, in the fight. (sot chelsea) senator sanders wants to dismantle obamacare. wants to dismantle the chip program. dismantle medicare (gfx) sanders... with a stunning new lead in iowa. 49 po clinton's 44. (vo) and closing the gap nationally... according to another new poll. (sot sanders 16:30:12) i'm not going to underereimate sec. clintos organization. she has more m mey in the bank than we do. it's going to be a hard-fought contest. the shifting iowa polls numbers... also putting pressure on donald trump. with ted cruz taking the lead there... trump is hammering his canadian-born opponent over whether he can legally serve as u-s president. tweeting today: (full screen) "there is no way that ted cruz can continue running in the repuican primary unless he can erase doubt on eligibility. dems will sue!" cruz... now firing back. (sot cruz 14:46:34) the past couple of elections we saw the democrats thrilled that they got the nominee they wanted to run against in the general electionand seems the hillary folks are very eager to support donald trump and the attack that is are being totoed my direction. ==bazi on camera tag== as the republicans prepare for their next debate tomorrow night in south carolina, trump is warning his opponents, if he's attaed, he'll hit back much harder. " coming up in
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shields led the huskers to a dominant win last night over minnesota. we'll hear from the senior and coach miles up ahead. plus...former nebraska star lawrence phillips was found dead in his prison cell early this morning. we'll take a look back at his troubled life up ahead.
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lawrence phillips, who was facing murder charges in california, was found unresponsive in his prison cell early this morning and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. his death is being investigated as a suspected suicide. phillips was one of the best running backs in nebraska history,
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naonal championships in 1994 and 95. he was a first round draft pick by the st. louis rams, but only played three seasons in the nfl due to off the field and legal issues. phillips was facing a possible death penalty in the alleged murder of his former cell mate earlier this year. he had been in prison since october of 2008, serving a 31 year sentence for various charges including driving his car into three teenagers and assaulting an ex- girlfriend. phillips was 40 years old. for the first time nebraska men won two o raight conferenen than 20 points, after last night's dominant 84-59 win over minnesota. the huskers were up 21 at halftime as 38 in the second senior shavon shields, started his one hundredth career game and did so in style. he scored 24 points, 19 in the first half, and pulled down 8 blowout. tim miles--"i thought terrific tonight. he
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and here's a guy that's stataing his 100th h nsecutive game, as far as i i know only one ototr player has done that, dave hoppen. and that's pretty elite company to be in. he was just like, really good." shavon shields--"really good for our team. you know just from a mindset stand point, morale stand point, i think it was good to get those two. we've got a tough one this weekend at illinois so we've got to be ready." as you just heard, the huskers head to champaign to take on illinois on saturday looking to even their conference record. just like last season, the gpac is making a strong case as the best conference in america when it comes to women's basketball. five of the twelve teams are ranked in the latest naia poll, and a sixth is receiving votes. defending national champion morningside leads the way...the mustangs moved back into the top spot this week. they head to the corn palace tonight to take on number six dakota wesleyan. concordia and hastingsgsre 9th and 14th respectively while briar cliff f
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northwestern, is just outside the top 25 and receiving votes this week. on the men's side, briar cliff is one of the hottest teams in the country, winning their thirteenth straight game this past weekend. the chargers have climbed up to fourth in the latest poll, and received a first place vote this week. davenport is at the top of the poll, up from fifth last week. within the gpac,c, dakota wesleyan is the only other conference school in the top 25, but dordt, who the chargers host tonight at the newman flanagan center, is receiving votes this week. finally, the university of south dakota announced today that they'll open their 2016 season at new mexico. the lobos, coached by former notre dame head man bob davie, went 7-6 last season in the mountain west conference. the game will be on september 3rd in albuquerque with kickoff to be set at a later
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jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) your forecast for tonight is for decreasing clouds and a low of 18.
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