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nrd's, school districts, community colleges. so what we've done is taken those other limits before and put them back underneath that package," said ricketts. governor ricketts also talked about his recent meeting with president obama during his visit to omaha this week. "as president obama got off the plane, we talked a little bit about the trade, obviously that's important to our state to make sure we grow our key industrries of agriculture and manufacturing. we also talked about the importance offutt air force space to nebraska and what a great facility it is to serve the nation's needs. i thanked him for his support for charter schools and then there was a little bit of small talk about his daughters growing up. i've got a couple of daughters myself that are a little bit younger ", ricketts. governor rickets says he doesn't plan to support legislation bria plan to support legislation bria that involves
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unless it is first approved by the f-d-a. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: iowa governor terry branstad got the chance to stop by our abc9 studio's today to speak on his goals for the hawkeye state. caling it one of his bolderst proposals ever... the governor is asking the legislature to extend the states one cent sales tax earmarked for school improvements gthrough 2049. a 20 year extension. the plan calls for the fuirst 10 million dollars in new revenue to again go to schools with additional dollar targeted for water quality improvment in the state... almost 5 billiion dollars. the plan has receuived a luke warm recepton in des moines but he told me the dollars make sense. "sales tax unlike uncome tax doesnt vary as much. in a year like this where farm income is down, farmers arent paying as much in taxes, but people are still buying things and so the sales tax is a pretty stable reliable source of income and thats why we think these projections are attainable," said governor branstad. branstad says he is not infavor of
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imkprovemtns. jenna: locals in onawa are excited to find out that a winning lottery ticket was sold in their city 23 year old bryon stewart purchased his winning ticket at a casey's in onawa, iowa ]casey's general store sold the ticket that was worth 2 million dollars and at 6 we'll have more from residents who are excited to see their town receive new found recognition. tim: now while north west iowa had a two million dollar winner, the jackpot was won and the eye popping, one- point-six billion dollar powerball jackpot will be split three ways although the winners' identities remain a mystery.. we do know where they bought their tickets.. it was in: munford, tennessee, melbourne beach, florida and this 7-eleven in the los angeles suburbs of chino hills, where even lottery losers were celebrating... the store's employees became instant celebrities.. " " i'm very excited and
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big winning ticket jackpot. . the winners of the world-record jackpot overcame odds of 1 in 292.2 million to land on the numbers drawn last night.. tag: as for the rest of us.. who did not win.. we can look ahead to another powerball drawing saturday? officials estimate that jackpot will be back to a mere 40 million? jenna: a rock valley man will be spending more time in prison... after setting up a meth lab in his home. 29 year-old austin mulder was sentenced this week for possession of pseudoe- phedrine... a drug used to make methanphetamine. mulder was sentenced to an additional five years in prison. he is currently serving time for forgery, credit fraud, and theft. tim: luring an acquaintance to a robbery, wednesday night landed justin dahlheimer in the woodbury county jail. the 20 year old sioux city resident is facing felony robbery charges due to the incident. according to court documents he asked the victim to meet him on the 29- hundred block of vine street in sioux city to meet up with some girls. upon his arrival
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foot to another location where he was then assulted and robbed by dahlheimer and another individual. dahlheimer is being charged with 2nd degree robbery and is currently being held on a 10 thousand dollar bond. authorities are also looking for dahlheimer's accomplice in the robbery. all police know at this point is that he is believed to be a black male. anyone with information regarding the robbery is being asked to call the sioux city police department at 258-tips jenna: hillary clinton has a slight edge over bernie sanders in iowa according to a new bloomberg/des moines register poll released today clinton tops sanders 42- percent to 40- percent. ex-maryland governor martin o'malley was at 4- percent. the poll included 500 likely democratic caucus-goers. tim: a group of maine lawmakers are calling for governor paul lepage to be impeached. their proposal was debated on the floor of the state house thursday. the representatives behind the move claim that lepage has shown a pattern of abuse
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this comes after last week... critics blasted racially-charged explain his state's lepage said that guys named "d- smoothie... and shifty" are bringing heroin into the state and they quote-- "impregnate a young, white girl before they leave." " i am no longer willing to let the chief executive get away with actions that some legal experts have said are not legal. enough is enough. the impeachment measure does not have the backing of house democratic leaders. jenna: it looks like many people tuned off president obama's final state of the union. the speech had its lowest t-v rating in 15 years. 31-point-3 million viewers watched the president speak about the future of the country tuesday night according to nielsen data. that number does not include those who
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watched it online. the speech however did create plenty of buzz on social media. it generated 2- point-6 million tweets... spiking minutes after the president's final words. tim: now the president made is way to omaha yesterday and spoke at the university of neb-omaha but the first item on his agenda was to attend a private meeting with a school teacher in her living room first...take a look " "hey, good to see ya! never has a more high profile guest walked into lisa martin's home--her family had just five days to prepare for the president. "it didn't really feel real--until the secret service stopped by on tuesday, and i had to kind of prepare for his arrival." obama spent an hour with the papillion couple--all because of a sleepless night a year ago...and this email. saying that she provides for her son--but can't guarantee his future, ending with...realizing she is, quote..."just a high school english teacher emailing the president at four in the morning." by april she had a response...and wednesday she walked on an omaha stage and introduced obama. it was a public spectacle...but martin says in private the president is... "just a regular guy. they kept saying, just treat him like he's a regular guy, like he's your friend coming into your home. and that's truly what he is."> a regular guy who gave this english teacher and her family a day they will remember forever.... like any good teacher martin says she has lesson for
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have to speak up." because words are powerful---and sometimes the powerful listen. tim: just when you phone companies were becoming more customer- friendly, they keep finding ways to get you. a new survey found overage charges, already at record highs, are up yet again. according to a survey conducted by cowen & company, nearly one in five cell
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the past six months. but at&t continued to lead all of its rivals -- with 28 percent of customers saying they were charged for overages. for the others -- it was 20 percent of verizon customers, 12 percent of t- mobile customers and five percent of sprint customers. that's up across the board from cowen's survey in october -- which then showed overages were at record levels. jenna: a-t-m and overdraft fees are costing americans so much money that they've become a presidential campaign issue. j-p-morgan chase... bank of america... and wells fargo made more than six- billion dollars last year in a-t-m and overdraft fees. more than five billion came from overdraft fees alone. presidential candidates are even expressing frustration over the fees. hillary clinton and bernie sanders have both spoken out on the topic. sanders vowed that if he's elected, he will cap them at two- dollars. jenna: still to come...
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won't let his age stand in his way of going the extra mile for others fred: a cold front will bring major changes to our forecast, starting tonight. arctic air will move in over the weekend, and we have a few chances for light snow. details next! " " jenna: many siouxlanders
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helping out a neighbor... especially when it comes to something like shoveling their driveway. but, a man from the twin cities is getting a lot of attention for a video showing him helping out a neighbor. kate raddatz has more. " richard mann st. paul resident keven lifecoach o'bannon margo mann daughter st. paul resident richard mann "i've always been active, always doing something." the 101-year-old has learned a thing or two about work ethic over his long life.. i was the only boy, and it was an automatic thing for me to more or less do a man's job. after his father died when he was four, he took care of work around the house to help his single mom. snow shoveling was one of his duties. we always had two or three or five feet of snow for two weeks at a time." the job never got him much attention until now, nearly a century later. a video showing mann shoveling his neighbor's snow has gone viral. his neighbor is overheard in the video summing the situation up perfectly. (mann's neighbor) this is an inspiration to a lot of people to get up, get out and get something"
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shoveling snow has gone viral. richard's daughter showed him the video yesterday. 138,000 have seen it. that's a big number - that's getting up there. wish i could collect a dollar for each one. mann says he was just doing his neighbor a favor and not expecting anything in return, as he was taught growing up. i've always been active, doing something. mann is a father, grandfather and great-grandfather. he lost his first wife to cancer, and his second wife to alzheimer's disease. when asked the key to a long life, clean living, and wine, women and money [laughs]. it's that humor, work ethic and kindness. "that's why i think people appreciated seeing the video of him because there are so many things going on that are not, you know, people are not being kind to each other. and kindness is the key to having a successful and good life. 'i've had a quite a life" fred: jenna: tim: (tim) fred, it's going to get cold this
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(fred) that is for sure. fred: (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd time lapse shows partly cloudy conditions through much of the day today. the high has been 41 and the low 21. downtown, the high was 46! we still have 40 degrees in sioux city. temperatures are in the 30s and 40s for most, but orange city has only 28. winds are 5 to 15 miles per hour, producing wind chills ranging from 18 in estherville to 44 in omaha. zooming out, we can see the
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cold air across north dakota. minot has only 15 degrees. that cold air will be heading our way. the upper level wind, featuring the jet stream in the big arrows, separates warm and cold air. the southwest upper flow we had today helped push wam air into siouxland. as the jet stream dips south, we are going to see cold northwest winds push in frigid weather. an arctic high will be seen over southern canada by saturday evening, ushering in a reinforcing shot of arctic air saturday night. but our coldest weather will come sunday and sunday night, when the arctic high will spill south into the us, dragging in bitterly cold air. the satelite and radar shows a line of rain and snow along the cold front that is heading our way. the stormcast hd shows the cold front tonight bringing us a chance of light snow after midnight tonight. another chance of snow comes saturday evening and early sunday morning, as very cold air moves in. while we could see a light dusting of snow tonight, saturday night's snow could bring a
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forecast tonight is for a low of 24 and blustery conditions with a chance of snow after midnight. tomorrow, temperatures will be falling from a morning high of 24. blustery conditions will continue. the 7- day shows evening snow likely saturday. then, bitterly cold air comes for the weekend. sunday's high will only be 1 above zero, and we're headed for -13 monday morning. temperatures will very gradually warm next week. another chance of snow comes tuesday and thursday. fred: jenna: thanks, fred!
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tim: hookah smoking may seem safer than cigarettes,
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tim: hookah smoking than cigarettes, suggests otherwise. details ahead in today's health minute.
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alternative to cigarettes, but a new study suggests that might not be the case. andrew spencer explains in today's health minute. " "hookah smoking cigarettes, but a otherwise. details ahead in today's health mite. however, a new analysis puts the notion of hookah as safer than cigarettes in doubt. the university of pittsburgh school of medicine found that smoking hookah exposes the user to 125-times the smoke... 25-times the tar... two-and-a-half times the nicotine... and 10-times the carbon monoxide... compared to a cigarette. the researchers looked at the results from 17- previous studies to come to the conclusion. here's why this is important... the c-d-c says hookah smoking is slightly more common among high school students than cigarette smoking. the pittsburgh researchers admit its difficult to compare the two forms of smoking, since people
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multiple cigarettes in a day... and hookah smokers may only use it a few times per day. ultimately, they believe the practice needs to be examined more closely than it currently is. for today's health minute, i'm andrew spencer. tim: after the break... religous leaders from different faiths are working together to bring siouxlanders together. more, when we come back. jenna:
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aims to bring pastor jeff new life lutheran church in sergeant bluff joins me today. event name: week of prayer for event location: through the area below
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through 25 is the week of prayer for christian unity local events as follows: january 19 - 10:00 a.m. to noon at st. john lutheran church, 2801 jackson, a time of private prayer will be offered. prayer resources and a meditative space will be available in the chapel. january 20 - 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at new life lutheran church, first and baker streets, sergeant bluff, a time of private prayer will be offered. prayer resources and a meditative space will be available in the worship area. january 20 - 6:00 p.m. wednesday worship with the theme of prayer and christian unity january 21 - 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. at trinity lutheran church, 1122 jackson, a time of guided mediation, prayer, and reflection with spiritual director sue errickson and the rev. paul johnston. january 24 - 6:00
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morningside ave, features a contemporary worship of music, prayer, and communion to which all are invited cost: free beneficiary (if applicable): none website or contact phone number to air on tv: 712-943-3636 name of person to appear in live interview: pastor jeff swanson, new life lutheran church, sergeant bluff press release for use at the earlist oportunity - contact - rev. jeff swanson- 712-899- 5205 the week of prayer for christian unity stay with us. dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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culligan man: the problem is your water!
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so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water!
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breaking news tonight. the showdown. the battle even before they take the stage tonight.
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and ted cruz in iowa.
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