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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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nebraska school districts deal with how best to include students. "we gotta win!" donald trump political hot endorsement. isolated by it." and, and iowa veteran... down on his luck... gets a priceless gift... from a complete stranger. "yeah, this is real nice lookin' in here!" jenna: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im jenna rehnstrom. tim has the night off. the group the governs nebraska high school athletics is working on rules to guide sports
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transgender students. administrators in northeast nebraska schools are trying to balance fairness for... a system that would protect them legally... and that seems to be presenting a challenge. lukas voss has more on this story. natpop - basketball. vo: after years of consideration ... nebraska has outlined it's own guidelines on how to deal with transgender students involved in school athletics. a commitee, which will include doctors and psychiatrists will evaluate the petitioning student ... and then make a decision ... all in an effort to create equality. sot: norfolk public schools superintendent jami jo thompson says, "we are trying to balance the rights of the transgender students to participate in activities as well as what's best for the respect and dignity of students." however ... now that rule could be thrown out in favor of a regulation that could mean participation is based on the birth certficate. essentially leaving only a very slim chance for transgender students to participate in the opposite sex's sport. sot: "right at this point we have no way for them to be eligible. it's always been our policy or practice i should say that whatever is on your
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that's what you perform as." sot/standup: "four of the nsaa's six districts voted to base participation on the birth certificate. that means the proposal will go to the nsaa general assembly in april where it needs a two thirds vote to be in affect by fall." what superintendents are really worried with, is no matter what they decide ... there is a great posiblity for lawsuits. "if we were to get involved in a lawsuit or the office of civil rights would come in we could lose millions of dollars." "we are foolish if we are not taking that into consideration when we deal with this because there is going to be remification in any decision we make." students and administrators will have to wait until april to see what ruling will prevail ... if the birth certificate rule will apply, nebraska would be the only state with such a highly restrictive policy ... reporting from battle creek, nebraska ... lukas voss abc9 news. jenna: a familiar face in
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northeast iowa today. showing support for the person who he thinks best fits the white house. his wife. the former president made several stops in iowa including one in coralville this evening to promote hillary clinton's presidential campaign. she's on top of the democratic polls. earlier in the day, bill clinton held a campaign event in sioux city. he spoke to a packed room at morningside college's yockey family room. he shared some of his wife's plans to move the country forward. "i believe that we need to vote for someone who can keep the country safe with sacrificing our values and our character. i belive we need to vote for someone who can create more opportunity and higher income that we all particiate in," said clinton. bill clinton expressed his beliefs that his wife will carry on with the same success president barack obama has had in the past seven years he's
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jenna: on the campaign trail today, donald trump made a stop at a restaurant known for drawing g-o-p candidates. and during his visit to the pizza ranch in waukee, trump grabbed a new endorcement. donald trump says, "so, we have to get out - we're gonna win! we have to win, otherwise, you know what? we've all wasted our time." trump made the surprise visit while volunteers were in a caucus training session at the restaurant. and, while he was there, trump snagged the endorcement of pizza ranch co- founder adrie groeneweg, who said he's tired of politicans. trump told his caucus volunteers that "we have to win." but not everyone was happy about trump being in the hawkeye state today. this morning while in downtown des moines, trump had some unexpected guests who tried to crash his stop at java joe's coffee house protestors say it was more about spreading an anti-bigotry message rather than an anti-trump campaign. jenna: iowa's governor is weighing in on the status of the repbulican race, commenting on the turnout for trump
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" trump is getting huge crowds. and a lot of people are saying the question is can he turn those turnouts at his rallies into people that actually go to the caucuses? but i think a lot of these people are really committed." but when it comes to who he thinks has actual traction in the state, branstad says ted cruz has the best ground game in the race. (gov terry branstad every caucus we've gone through a lot of people make their decision up late, so it all depends upon who finishes strong. at this point in the campaign last time very few people were predicting santorum would win iowa. and he did. branstad also commented on the bernie sanders campaign saying the vermont senator has real momentum going into caucuses. jenna: after presdient obama's executive order to leash gun violence in the u-s, gun sales seem to be picking up.
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gained a lot of criticism from republican candidates. after the president's urge for stricter background checks at gun shops, shows and over the internet. this weekend in altoona, a large gun show is being held , where participants weighed in on the executive order. no matter what you do, you gotta do paperwork to buy a gun whether it's through gun shows, whether it's over the internet it gets shipped to a gun store near you, whether its at a store you have to do the paperwork to get a gun. that's the way it works. " the gun show runs until sunday afternoon. jenna: a new strain of the bird flu has hit a turkey farm in the midwest. the usda confimed that the new strain has infected turkeys in dubois (do-boys) county, indiana. federal officials say this strain is different from the one that ravaged iowa poultry farms last summer. the farm of nearly 60 thousand turkeys was euthanized to prevent the spread of the disease. last years outbreak killed nearly 50 million birds in the u-s.
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the kindness of a stranger is helping an iowa veteran who's fallen on hard times... get back on his feet. and this, will make you appreciate how important have a good set of wheels can be. " jeffrey salkil is a homeless veteran, who hasn't had a set of wheels in months. his last vehicle broke down and he didn't have the money to get it fixed. jeffrey salkil:"that's something i think a lot of us daily take for granted because we're so used to hopping behind the drivers wheel and going wherever we want to and when you're finally put that position where you can't do that, you feel pretty isolated by it." after hearing about his story from a volunteer at king's harvest homeless shelter, a local business owner took it upon himself to help jeff out... [nats van starting] by giving him a free minivan. [nats "oh wow this is real nice... and it's got a cd player!"] brad mccorkle says the best part about the donation... was seeing the smile on jeff's face. brad mccorkle, co- owner of 4th avenue auto: "that's the way i was raised, my parents and my grandma always taught me to help people and give back and i feel like i've been blessed, my brother and i have been blessed with our car business and this is one way to give back." giving back, to help jeff get back on his feet. jeff: "now that i have this vehicle again, i'll be able to return to making income and
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appreciate this." "we appreciate your service to our country."] [nats car engine growls] " still to come...chris and alex will be in with high school highlights from all over siouxland. stay tuned for the action from the hardwood. temps are tumbling starting tonight, dangerous cold and light snow for the weekend, details next.
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2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om wind chill advisory tonight for northern iowa, wind chills expected to plummet to 20 below there. stay indoors, bundle up, and don't forget the pets! there's our arctic blast, only -3 in fargo... that cold air pushes south tonight and
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digits in nw iowa. winds are breezy out of the north west up to 15 mph, so wind chills aren't too nice. already below 0 in nw ia, single digits around sioux city. our temperatures tonight are expected to get close to 0, below that nw. increasing clouds and tumbling temps tonight, down to single digits by morning. frozen snow on the sky cam, we're about to add a fresh layer to that too! temps have been tumbling, our high occuring early. imagine a day in the 60s? our record from 2006. clouds filling in on satellite
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be dry tonight but light snow comes tomorrow night. strong nw flow doesn't go anywhere. arctic tonight. tomorrow, clouds and cold temperatures in the teens. we'll be dry in the afternoon, but then a clipper swoops down bringing some light snow late in the evening and overnight. it has a southeasterly track so i'm expecting lighter accumulations north and west, and higher accumualtions south and east. it's gone by the morning and another arctic
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and further pushing arctic air. sat night, dangerously cold and sunday below 0. monday above 0, but better relief comes by tuesday. snow forecast: 2-3" southeast, below 1" northwest. tonight, cloudy and frigid 2 with wind chills below 0. tomorrow, clouds and bitter cold. snow coming in late. 7-day has temps plummet sat night, dangerous cold, wind chills near 40 below. below 0 sunday. tuesday has temps warmer w/ a chance of light snow. stay warm and safe
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chris: hello everybody and happy friday night. hello everybody and happy friday night. chris: hello everybody and happy friday night. welcome to the abc9 sportszone, along side alex walker, i'm chris palmquist. alex coming up we'll nebraska and check out ranked and laurel; we'll see if dakota undefeated and we'll have a top- between cherokee and western christian. but we'll start in sioux city. chris: over the past couple of years, east and north has been one of the marquee matchups in town. in fact, each of the past 3
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stars have beaten the raiders on their way to the state tournament. chris tonight, the first of two regular season matchups between the black raiders and the stars. in the second quarter...connor murrell, finds a seam he gets to the rack and finishes...east goes up 50-38. north answers back...jon denne, the lost art of the mid range jump shot...the long two cuts the lead to ten. but late in the half, the brothers rees strike...van to jaylen for the deuce...east led it 54-41 at the half. in the third now...trent frer- ricks...strong move to the basket...that gets the stars within 11. but east, just too much to handle inside...murrell with the nice feed to van rees for two of his 26 to stretch the lead to 15. then van returns the favor, ahead to murrell on the fast break...he had 28 and east wins it, 88-70. chris down in sergeant
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warriors looking to hand tee jay its tenth straight loss. the jackets playing tough early though...cole hornbarger finds daniel carey...he hits the midrange jumper to cut sb- ls lead to 11. but then it's all warriors...great ball movment frees up andrew christensen under the hoop for the layup. and even when they're off, they're still on...on the missed savary with the offensive board and the turn 15. coach happy...sbl inner spurs...the a wide open christensen again. the warriors, just firing on all cylinders...jacob shultz money on the three, they cruise...79-31. chris: the wayne girls were in action tonight, looking to continue their hot start to the season against norfolk catholic. alex the seventh ranked blue devils are 11-3 this year, and all 3 of those losses have come to ranked teams. alex tonight, norfolk catholic was in
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outside the latest polls. opening possession for the knights.....courtne y schindler......colle cts the long miss......finds position and puts norfolk catholic on the scoreboard... she would stay hot.......finds some open space and steps into the jumper....knights out to an early 4-0 lead... wayne would settle in....tarah stegemann from three point land! you bet! wayne cuts the deficit to one...... a few minutes later......hailey lammers with a defender in her face? no problem.....but its the blue devils coming out on top in this one 52-41. alex a good one in laurel...the 10-2 bears hosting 8-3 creighton tonight. nearing halftime.....jordan jansen with great body control...finishes through contact....44-34 bears.... then with one second to play before recess....austin diedrichsen goes off glass.....and one! 46-34 lcc at halftime.... third quarter now....brandon borgman goes coast to coast.....and the pretty finish......bulldogs cut the lead to nine..... but the bears were impressive on their home
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pump fake! hoop and the hack...lcc wins it 75-72. chris: we've hit our media time out, but don't go anywhere. when we come back we'll check out a top five battle between cherokee and
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the season, there are only three undefeated girls teams in class 3a, including cherokee. tonight though, the lady braves faced their biggest challenge yet. chris: they were in hull taking on perennial power western christian, a team they haven't beaten in at least the last decade and maybe longer, that's just how far our record go back. would that change tonight? in the second quarter...western up 18...but paityn hagberg drives and dishes to olivia dagel for the basket and the bonus as the lady braves try to chip away. but late in the half...erika from distance...the wolfpack lead it by 21 at the break. in the third...kaira
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veerbeek, working the high-low game beautifully...west ern christian trying to blow it wide open. cherokee, had a run in them...makenna carver knocks down the triple from the corner. but western christian shows that they shouldn't be counted out as a contender in class 2a...they win it 82-58. chris sioux center coming off their first two losses of the season trying to bounce back against central lyon. in the first...jordan van maanen with the no look dish to lindi fritz down low...she'll get ththtough shot as the warriors take the lead. but central lyon, out quickly in transition...hope rasmussen cashes in with the bucket of her own to tie things up. a few minutes later...fritz, with the steal, she'll pass it ahead to hanna dykshorn for the pair as the warriors go up 5. central lyon, trailed by just two after one...summer struckman, with three right here...but then
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poured it on...they win big, 78-30. chris: boyden-hull won back to back state basketball championships in 2012 and 13, and after a 2 year hiatus, they might threaten for another title this year. alex the comets dropped their first game of the season but have won 9 straight and are ranked fourth in class 1a. alex tonight they had a challenge in 3a's moc-floyd valley...the dutch coming off a tough loss tuesday. alex to the college ranks, wayne to the college
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to the college ranks, wayne state looking to extend a 4 game winning streak tonight. passionate speech out of halftime. third quarter......haley moore spots up from distance and she connects.....wildc ats take a 34-28 lead....... on the other end....allyson harris collects her own miss and finally cashes in for two....lead down to four.... but the wildcats would go on a run....saide murren hits the deep triple.....wayne state back up by seven..... then its anna martensen doing some damage on the drive....great transition play......39-30..... and the run continues....its martensen again down low.....wayne state extends its winning streak to five with the 68-52 win. chris and finally tonight, the musketeers earned their second win in as many days with a 3-2 overtime decision over omaha. trailing 1-0 after one, the muskies
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and jackson keane in the second period to take the lead. after the lancers got the equalizer in the third, ian scheid ripped a vicious wrister on the power play in overtime for the second point. the musketeers in action again next
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is finally putting a rest to the question stirring up@controversy across the internet in a sit down with youtube star adande thorne. during the sit tonight, cloudy and frigid 2 with wind chills below 0. tomorrow, clouds and bitter cold. snow coming in late. 7-day has temps plummet sat night, dangerous cold, wind chills near 40 below. below 0 sunday. tuesday has temps warmer w/ a
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"!
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oscar winning screenwriter aaron
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