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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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2 line cg: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) good evening! we have temperatures in the single digits above and below zero northeast and teens southwest. wind chills range from -16 in spencer to -3 in sioux city to 5 in o'neill. the planner shows cloudy skies at 2 am and 8 with a chance of snow, snow likely at 6 am and 12 degrees, and snow at 10 am with a temperature of 13. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at how much snow to expect. it's time for local news that matters! "those springs get red hot," if you're using a space heater to keep warm... red hot," if you're using a space heater to keep warm... don't miss what you need to know about the leading cause of fatal fires. "...justice will be achieved." ((applause)) iowa judicial leaders take a stand for a complex issue... beginning the
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" " mlk ceremony sioux city students and community leaders share their stories... in honor of a man who united people from all walks of life. jenna: good evening im jenna rehnstrom tim has the night off during the winter months... many turn to space heatats for extra warmth. but, if they're not used just right... those heaters can pose a serious threat. they're actually one of the leading causes of deadly fires. a tragic example... just this past weekend in boxholm, iowa... a mother and her three children were killed in an overnight fire that officials say was sparked by a space heater. the devastating loss has rocked that small community and... jenna: we want to give you some important information to keep your family safe. deborah souverain tips to keep in mind if you
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pkg during the brutal winter heaters are a common go to for extra warmth.. however, you may not be aware...they are also the leading cause of fatal fires "these are very safe because you do have the screen, but at the same time all bomgaars manager lisa nordstrom...says the key to safely using space heaters.. is knowing the proper protocals. "you have to use precaution, anytime you know , keep the heaters away from curtains or anything that is combustible, " said nordstrom. you should also avoid....using an extension chord or a power strip. plug your unit into a grounded outlet avoid over heating or blowing a fuse. and make sure your heater is being used for the right space... to warm an entire room...turn to ceramic heaters...they're energy efficient and safer. "ceramic heaters are designed with elements but there's also ceramic inside and ceramic is basically like touching hot cement in the summer "when you're shopping for a space heater there are a few things you should look out for, make sure there his a warranty on your device so that if something happens to it you can return it. also look out for safety features like overheat protection," said deborah souverain space heaters..placed too close to flammable items...are the leading factor in
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"3 or 4 feet is a good idea that way it gets a chance to breathe, in front of it and behind it, because as i mentioned before it needs to breathe fresh air to keep the unit cool and functioning properly," said drew baier sergeant bluff assistant fire chief. while correct placement ofour heater is crucial...taking a close at the heater itself is just as important... "a common hazard people dont think about is the age of the unit, the condition of it - if its been taken care of - not beat up," said drew baier sergeant bluff assistant fire chief deborah souverain abc 9 news . jenna: fiire officials also say your first line of defense should be a smoke detector. they encourage home owners to place one on each floor of their home. jenna: a devestatatg fire in fort dodge at a
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smoldering tonight. earlier this building owned by several businesses went up in flames. the building is being considered a total loss, and one firefighter suffered a minor injury while battling the blaze. as with most winter fires, the cold made the fire harder to deal with than usual. "be pretty cognizant of the conditions that our troops are in, making sure that we keep them warm and keep their blood flowing, keep them fed, we've got some food coming for them so we'll be able to bring them in and out and increase the frequencwith which they go to the rehabilitation." no leads as to what exactly started the fires. crews were on the scene three hours before they were able to get the flames under control. jenna: community members and past and present metro area students came together today to celebrate the spirt of doctor martin luth king junior. (singing) "deep in my heart, i do believe..."
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shall overcome" at the bishop heelan fine arts building dr. martin luther king junior would have turned 87 this year, but his ideas live on long after his death. presenters shared their thoughts and talents and students joined with city and school leaders. dispite the holiday, classes were in session today for all city schools. but next year, city offices will be closed for martin luther king, junior day. that's when the city will start recognizing the day by making it a paid holiday. no justice no peace in des moines, several protestors used the holiday to shine a light on civil rights issues in their area. fighting for the african american community atop the skywalk in downtown des moines. "what did martin luther king die for? we're still living in something that he died for. we're trying to get awareness to everybody because, obviously, no one's really aware of it. we shouldn't have to do this. we shouldn't have to protest for people's lives. everyone's lives should matter."
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advocacy group based in des moines. the frigid temperatures however forced protestors to move indoors. high school students participated in the protests holding signs ad reading poems during the march. jenna: and on a day where civil rights is on the forefront of everybody's mind, state leaders have spoke up today about inequality in iowa's justice system, looking to make a difference. amanda krenz has more from des ines. ""when you look at the number of african american prisoners in iowa... compared to the state's african american population,.. leaders say something's not right. 21:02 justice cady when racial disperity and all of it's causes are eliminated justice will be served. ((applause)) here's the disparity. three percent of the iowa population is african american... but minorities make up about 30 percent of the state's prison population. 20:40 cady - racial disperity is a community problem requiring a
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nats of ceremony at this ceremony celelbrating m-l-k junior, iowa governor terry branstad spoke passionately about 19:59 gov - we can make steps so that when our criminal justice system does impose judgement we are punishing the right person and play a role. at the event, judge racial disparity in iowa prison's needs attention, but won't odell 42:35 there are it, what we're trying to do is ascertain is it the system? law enforcement? who is the basis for us having so many young people locked up in our prison minority? drug offenders majority of iowa's prison population, but it's time to give people a chance at rehabilitation incarceration. of us can say where we think it lies, but i don't know if anyone really knows who's to blame for all of this." jenna:
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school students got the opportunity to talk with one of thier u-s senator's today. yankton high school was one of several stops for senator john thune. the senator also spent time at dakota dunes- based malloy (muh-loy) electric. the company caters to large coporations, some in the mining, oil, wind, and food industries. thune was espeally interested in new technolgy being used by the company. "it's always nice for me to get an opportunity to get across our state, see different types of businesses, find out what their needs are... if there are things that we can be doing differently." says senator john thune. jenna: senator thune says when companies like malloy do well and thrive it creates more job opportunities to keep young people in south dakota. thune will be up for re-election this november. jenna: two weeks out from iowa caucuses, and
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keep rolling in. on the republican side of the race, marco rubio made several stops in iowa today including , in coralville and ottumwa. during a town hall meeting today, rubio said there's one candidate on the democratic side who hope's he's not on the ticket come november. hillary clinton does not want to run against me. they attack me every day . hillary clinton happened to be in iowa today, as well. and she had a thing or two to say about her republican rivals. honestly i said the other day
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holdldive additional campaign events across iowa in the next three days, inlcuding stops in indianola and iowa city. jenna: vermont senator bernie sanders is holding a town hall meeting tomorrow here in sioux city that campaign stop is set for 7 o'clock tomorrow night at the orpheum theatre. r-s-v-p's are encouraged by the campaign. jenna: the republican national committee announced today, it hasasut ties with n-b-c news. instead leaders of the r-n-c are partnering with c-n-n for february's super tuesday debate. the decision comes two and a half months after the c-n-b-c debate in boulder, lorado. repbulicans criticizd the way moderators conducted the debate. the new debate will air on february 25th on cnn. jenna: still to come... poultry producers in indiana are taking precautions agter the latest outbreak of avian flu details after the break. red) snow will move in
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willlle slightly warmer. there could be more snowthursday too! find out how much to expect next!
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outbreak of a new strain of avian flu at 10 turkey farms in indiana, poultry producers are taking extra steps to ensure a repeat of last year's outbreak doesn't decimate flocks across the state. reporter brett allega has more on the measures they're taking. ""they've worked late into the night -- for days. cleaning and containing responding and researching. standing in front of the cameras -- they announced progress had been made. "(just know) just know that we have tested 100 additional sites that are negative. that's really important to know." state leaders say 10 dubous county turkey farms have tested positive for the bird flu -- and they hope to keep it at that number. although only one farm has tested positive for the paicularly worrisome highly pathogenic bird flu -- nearly 250-thousand turkeys will have to be euthanized. "(our effort) our effort at this point is to ensure that we minimize the impact
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of the recovery. those are our commitments. we're here for the duration." dubois county leadad the state in poultry production. and nancy eckerle will tell you "(this affects) this affects us very, very hard." for farmers and families -- the impact of the outbreak will be palpable. "(it's not) it's not onlyffecting their direct pocketbook, it affects the pocketbooks of anybody who does business with them. for that family to have less funds to do what they would normally do over the course of their day." although the farmers will likely be covered by insurance -- any potential income from the turkeys will be lost. "(it's a) it's a big deal. what if yowere told wouldn't get a paycheck for six months, let's just say?" the control measures appppr to be working, state officials say. but there will likely be a aew more late nights -- to come. " (jenna) fred, how much snow? (fred) 1-3" for most of us.
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1-3" for most of us. 2 line super: fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows snow moving in along highway 81 in nebraska. that will be moving east into other parts of siouxland after midnight. here's the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre in sioux city. 11 was the high today and -9 the low. 10 is the current temperature in sioux city. local temperatures are in the single digits above and below zero and teens. winds are east/southeast at around 5 miles per hour for most. wind chills are as cold as -16 in spencer. the satellite and radar shows our snow system moving in from the west. the stormcast hd shows
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and tomorrow morning. the snow will taper off during the afternoon. another round of light snow is possible thursday. most of siouxland will see 1-3" of snow tonight and tomorrow. 1" or less will be seen in the north. across the south, 3-4" of snow are expected. a winter weather advisory has been issued for the southern half of siouxland until 6 pm tomorrow. this is where travel will be most affected by the snow. tomorrow's snow will be be what is sometimes called a dry snow. what do weweean by that? we mean that it isn't holding as much moisture as a typical snow in siouxland. normally, we have about a 13:1 snow to liquid ratio. that means we would expect 1.3" of snow from 0.1" of moisture. tomorrow's ratio will be 15:1, so we would expect 1.5" of snow for every 0.1" of moisture. that means the snow will be fluffy, and it stacks up higher. your forecast for tonight is for an early low of 5, then rising temperatures and a good chance of snow after midnight. tomorrow,
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likely for most. the 7-day forecast shows highs warming g the 20s wednesday, and another snow chance thursday. we'll warm to the 30s over the weekend!
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thanks, fred. (fred)
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sports... each of the abc9 top plays of the week tonight had a chance at the top spot. see ich one was the best of the best up ahead. tim plus iowa state had a chance to avenge an earlier loss to oklahoma tonight. find out if the cyclones could topple the top team in the nation aftetethe break.
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pull off something that's only happened once before. if isu could beat top ranked oklahoma, it would be the second time ever that three schools from the same staeat three top ranked teams in the same year. let's head to hilton...number 19 clones, number one sooners.
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half......oklahoma with the 8-6 lead....pre-season all american buddy hield hits the triple....sooners now up five...... a few minutes later...matt thomas reclaims the lead for isu.....he connects from distance....17-16 iowa state.... four mines to go in the half...georges niang collects the blocked shot...bang! cyclones up by one.....he finished with 22 points. then he gets out in transition and hits the floater.......iowa state led by six at recess...... and they hold on for their first win over number one since 1957...82-77 chris: the south sioux girls are off to a 13-1 start this year and haven't lost to a team from the centraltime zone. tonight, the cards tried to extend their dominance in the rcc tourment. the lady cards are the defending champions of the event, taking on ralston tonight. early on...ssc...gets it to the corner then back otu to the wing for haley fritza...she connects, but they trail by two. minutes later though, they take the hirsch...connects
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make it 10-8. the a sims...back to back triples just seconds art...cardinals cruise...77-37. out t black raiders hosting crosstown rival wolverines early...amanda gors finds rachel kobold...hoop and the hack...they lead it 21-2. find some rhythm...they get run...brooklyn kennedy franko...they get within 15. it wouldn't get much closer than winding out in the half...brianna the buzzer from downtown and the wolverines win in a rout, 72-28. looking for their first win over tonight. quarter....lexi stolen draws contact and finishes strong! and one! heelan takes the 16-6 lead.... second quarter now....north bounces back....jayda graham-petersen hoop and the hack! stars draw within seven... but heelan...just a
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hanncollects the miss off the three...and puts it home....crusaders win a tight one, 55-52. chris: just like every week it's time to take a look at the abc9 top plays. and this week, most of these plays are wowohy of the top spot. these are made by local athletes for local viewers and we start with one submitted to us. this is nate feenstra of the junior musketeers pee wee team...they're in a shootout and this is your game winner. check out the saucy mitts...then he goes top shelf and drive home safely folks. we'll have more from the ice coming up in just a little bit. we trade the rink for the hardwowoat play number four...and walthill's kobe becong a countdown. defensive end...he into your living like the other kobe, he's more known for his offense. the blu jays have numbers and they take advantage as smith rises up for the two handed flush. more from this game coming up later in the countdown. we head to thee ranks for play number three. morningside in lincoln over theend...and ryan tegtmeier and bryce koch
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best lob city impersonation. koch, listed at 6' in the program but he's done his work on the vertimax. impressive alley oop for the stangs. we'll stay in lincoln for playnumber two, and a babaain...two plays for the price of one. the musketeers in town to take on the stars...and before the goalie can even get in his crouch, matt lights the lamp. take another look, immediately off the faceoff, steeves gets the bottle pop for e lead. but that wasn't the only highlight reel goal in the game...on the power play...teemu pulkkinen...the finnish phenom...with a wicked one- timer...that would be your game winner too. but for the second strweek, our top spot belongs to kobe smith of walthill. thisan straight up fly...we saw a big dunk of his earlier, but these are even more impressive. first he drives baseline and finishes the up and under slam for the jays. then out on the break...they're just having fun out there...the putback dunk off the backboard...kobe smith...the top
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e snow move in after midnight. your forecast for tonight is for an early low of 5, then rising temperatures and a good chance of snow after midnight. tomorrow, look for a high of 19 with 1-3" of snow likely for most. the 7-day forecast shows highs warming to the 20s wednesday, and another snow chchce thursday. we'll warm to the 30s over the weekend!
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