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children about agriculture,ind, water, and physics. "we are bringing something that's very needed to this community and i think something thatat will be enjoyed by the community and well-r-rieved. we have a lot of people that are so excited for it to open, and we just...we can't wait!" says valerie petersen, outreach director, launch pad. the exhibits will teach children how their food goes from the farm to the table by lettting them do the growing, bung and selling... and even cooking of the crops themselves! elisa again that grand opening is thursday, feburary 11th. 8 dollars admission for anyone ages 1 to 65, 6 dollarsrs over 65 and actiti miliary. infants and teachers are ways free. you n also purchase family memberships for 85 dollars a year with perks of free admission and group discounts. the museum is also currently taking birthday party and field trip reservations. coming up tonight at six i'll take you on a tour of all the hands-on exhibits.
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raffa...abc9 news. jenna: and now to the race for the white house--the presidential candidates are battling it out in the hyper- important first states, with iowa leading off voting in less than two weeks. and new developments among republicans-- a fight for the heart of conservative voters. here's abc's lana zak in washington. conservatives are issuing a warning to g-o-p front- runner...donald trump...ange your tone. sot-rush there are a lot of conservatives who think that he's a wolf in sheep's clothing, that he's a traditional, lifetime new yorker -- and that means something. there are all kinds of conservatives with suspicions of donald trump. after attacking his nearest rival, ted cruz, on his citizenship, the authenticity of his evangelical roots, and then this latest attack on his personality-- sot-trump tw " he's a nasty guy. body likes him. " the trump campaign may be heeding the conservative's advice, refraining from attackingruz directly on the trail on monday, bringing out instead their "secret weapon," trump's daughter ivanka, who is 8- months pregnant. ivanka sot "i am so incredibly proud of my father / i know this man will make america great again. and on the democratic side, bernie sanders telling abc news he doesn't do personal attacks, but continues to pound hilary clinton for
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wall street banks. she has received $600,000 in one year as speaking fees from goldman sachs. if that's not true, i will apologize. it's tr." according to clinton campaign documents, sanders' is right, clinton recieved $675- thousand dollars in speakers' fefe from the bank in 2013. tag: according to the latest iowa polls, sanders is within striking distance of clinton and cruz and trump are neck-in- neck. though trump is promising a huge announcement tonight. lana zak abcn, w tim: and speaking of sanders, the vermont senator is making a swing through the hawkeye state, earlier today he was at a campaign event in fort dodge. while at his event he spoke about how he feels that if trump is selected as the republican to run the race to the white house, sanders would be the deatic candidate to defeate him. he also mentioned
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hillary clinton would not be able to do so. " " " well she is absolutely right in saying that it is for the future of our country, it is absolutely imperative that trump or any of these other guys not be elected president. but what is not true is the suggestion that she is the strongest candidate to defeat trump and others." sanders will be right here in sioux city tonight, we'll have more from his event at the orphium coming up tonight at 6. jenna: "her fight is our fight". that's what the nation's largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights advocacy organization wrote on its website tuesday. the human rights campaign has endorsed hillary clinton's presidential bid. the organization says its their turn to stand with clinton because she's supported them. but, some critics have said clinton's support for same-sex marriage took too long to arrive. clinton has made l-g-b-t equality a part of her stump speech and she's repeatedly championed the supreme court's same-sex marriage
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tim: ted cruz is neck and neck with donald trump for the nuber one spot in iowa, but today governor terry branstad, who is a supporter of renewable fuels and the impact they make on iowa's economy, said that ted cruz does not support renewable fuel standards and thats bad for iowa. " so we think once iowans realize that fact they might find attractive but i think it would be very damaging to our state and that's the reason why he hasn't been invited to this because he hasn't supported renewable fuels and i think it would be a big mistake for iowa to support him" tim on cam branstad's comments caught the attention of donald trump, who supported what branstad had to say. jenna: a display about the histroy behind the iowa caucuses is coming to morningside college the traveling display will be at the hickman- johnson-furrow learning center january 30th through february 13.
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explores the history of the caucuses from 1972 to 2012 through images and film clips. tim: the supreme court said tuesday that it would consider a legal challenge to president obama's overhaul of the nation's immigration rules. the actions are aimed at allowing millions of undocumented immigrants to apply for programs that could make them eligible for work authorization and associated benefits. the president unveiled the programs over a year ago, but federal courts blocked implementation in response to a challenge brought by texas and 25 other states. since then...the nearly 4-point-3 million immigrants who would have been eligible have been caught in legal limbo. jenna: a former u.s. marine freed by iran this weekend says he feels alive for the first time. 32 year old amir hekmati was one of four americans freed as part of a prisoner swap. hekmati spent more than 4-years in an iranian prison after he went to visit his andmother and
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"i feel extremely lucky, alive for the first time in a long time and i'm very humbled at everybody's support from the president to congress to my fellow marines and especially my family who have really gone through so much throughout this time." hekmati was born in arizona and was raised in michigan. he served in the marines from 2001 to 2005. he denies any marines from 2001 to 2005. he denies any wrongdoing and denies spying for the united states. jenna: if you thought you saw something out of the ordinary on lewis blvd this rning, you weren't alone. tim: u-p-s truck drivers celebrated the life of a coworker who recently lost a battle to cancer by driving dozens of trucks in one line until departing for today's deliveries pat conway of sioux city, made u-p-s deliveries for 25 years ... so this morning the "men in brown" delivered one final message of thier own to the conway family. u-p-s drivers
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line of trucks driving from lewis blvd all the way to outer drive. pat's co workers told us it was a unique was to pay tribute to a man they say could put a smile on anyone's face. "as an employee, pat was great.. he would do whatever it was take to help service the packages and take care of the a person, pat was better. pat's smile was contagious. you couldn't go a day without getting a little bit of a laugh hanging out with pat. it was a way last fairwell for pat, in memory of him and his legacy he left behind," said babor. services for pat were held this morning at blessed sacrament catholic church. tim: pat was 57 years old... and i'm proud to say a fellow classmate of mine from emmetsburg. tim: the salvation army of siouxland had a record-breaking year for its annual red kettle record-breaking year for its annual red kettle campaign. the campaign topped the $200,000 mark, with total
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received by the end of the campaign on january 15th. this year's campaign exceeded the goal of $180,000. more than 300 volunteers rang bells over the course of the kettle season bells over the course of the kettle season which ended on christmas eve. mail and internet donations were also received over the course christmas season, with donations received through monday counted toward the annual campaign total. jenna: the former home of colombian drug lord pablo escobar became rubble today. the new owners had the miami beach mansion demolished. federal authorities seized the home in 19-87... along with 20- million dollars that the colombian trafficker had in several properties around florida. the new owners are building a new house on the property. before demolition... three professional treasure hunters carefully searched the house using metal detectors. the mansion what bought for 9- point-6 million
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tim: the president of the academy of motion pictures is speaking out about criticisms of the lack of dirsity in oscar nominations. cheryl boone isaacs issued a statement monday evening. she said she was - quote - heartbroken and frustrated" about the situation. boone isaaces said the racialake-up of voters who decide awards -- needs to change. last week, oscar nominations were announced. for the second year in a row, not a single person of color was nominated in any acting category. jenna: you probably know about toll- free phone calls. now verizon is using the concept for data. verizon announced a new "freebie data" service tuesday. it will allow third-party companies to pick up the tab for your data usage when you download content from their apps, websites and services. verizon believes the service gives companies a powerful way to market to mobile devices... while saving customer's data charges. it will try out the service next week... using companies like hearst magazines, gameday and
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still to come... we'll take a look at a treat for sky watchers, stay with us fred: (fred) it won't be as cold over the week ahead, but there is another chance of snow thursday. we'll also see above-freezing temperatures sunday. see you after the break!
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treat -- they'll be able to see five planets together in the sky just before dawn. mercury, venus, saturn, mars and jupiter will all be visible for about 45 minutes before sunrise. experts say it's the first time in more than ten years that all five of them have appeared together in the pre-dawn sky. the show will last through february 20-th. fred: jenna: tim: (jenna) fred, is the snow done? (fred) yes, but we could see more thursday. fred: (fred) the hd radar sho that the snow has now moved away from us. snowvision shows that the
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south, as expected. council bluffs, ia had 4.1", omaha, ne had 4.0", norfolk, ne and vermillion, sd received 2.0", sioux city had 1.3", and sioux center, ia received 1.0". road conditions show partial snow and ice cover along and south of us highway 20. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows a snowy scene in downtown sioux city from the ho chunk centre. the almanac shows a high of 20 and a low of 11 today. l lal temperatures are in the teens and 20s. winds are southeast at 5 to 15 miles per hour. wind chills are in the single digits and above and below zero for most. the satellite and radar shows our snow system moving away. the stormcast hd shows quiet weather tonight and tomororw, and then our next chance for light snow thursday. the snow forecast shows that on thursday, we may pick up a half inch to an inch of snow. your forecast tonight is for mostly cloudy skies and a low of 9. tomorrrr, expect partly cloudy skies and a typical january day. the high will be 27. the 7-day forecast showsws 40% chance of snow
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friday. winds will be breezy saturday, and we'll warm to above freezing (finally) on sunday! fred: tim: jenna: (tim)
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you bet! jenna: the water crisis in flint michigan shows no sign of settling yet, we'll have more up next tim: outrage is growing over the dad: i know. spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. mom: hey. dad: the culligan man.
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culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. so keeping everything spotless is effortless. dad: spots. culligan man: the problem is your water! anncr: a culligan whole-house water conditioning system gets rid of sediment or impurities. the mayor isheaded to washington today
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help... michigan's governor is poised to give his state-of-the-state address tonight... ...but he's expected to be greeted by throngs of protesters, enraged by the crisis. reid binion reports. " " (nat sot) "arrest rick snyder, arrest rick snyder" angry protesters in flint, michigan... calling for the arrest of governor rick snyder... residents cope with lead- contaminated water flowing into their homes. it started in april 20-14, when the state temporarily switched the city's water source to the notoriously dirty flint river. it was a cost-saving measure... while officials built a new supply line to lake huron. the water, found by virginia tech researchers to be highly corrosive, flowed through service lines made of lead, carrying the noxious element into homes. the water source october, but the was done... with the national guard to hand out clean water. president obama declared a federal emergency saturday... ...but flint city councilman wantwaz
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more is needed and available. (wantwaz davis/city councilman) "the state of emergency only gives us a $5 million cap, which the president has already signed for. if they would have submitted for a disaster declaration, we could have got the $96 million dollars, or more." the crisis is sparking widespread outrage among celebrities... activists... and presidential candidates. (bernie sanders) "what i did, which i thininis also right, is demanded the signation of the governor. a man who acts that irresponsibly shshld not stay in power." snyder, responded tweeting quote: "finger pointing from political candidates only distracts from solving the flint water crisis." this, as state officials face lawsuits alleging they knew about the contamination risk... and broke federal laws by failing to avert it. i'm reid binion, reporting. jenna: after the break... get your spouse on your side... that's apparently the key to success in living healthy. the details ahead. jenna:
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real thing"-- in 19- 69. in 19-79-- it was "have a coke and a a smile."
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"open happiness." now coke has a new phrase it hopes sus ur fancy. today coca-cola rolled out its new ad campaign with a new slogan. "taste the feeling" is the soft drink's new catch phrase. it will be used to advertise coca- cola... and market its other coke- branded products such as diet coke and coke zero. the company is hoping the new slogan will help it overcome declining sales and profits.... and concerns about the health affects of its sugary drinks. tim: break out the kernels... because today is national popcorn day! according to the popcorn board... yes, there is an offical "board".... americans eat about 13 billion... let me say that one more time, 13 billion!!! quarts of popcorn each year. that is about 41 quarts per man, woman and child. and interesting enough... even though this holiday is in january... national popcorn month is in october. jenna: looking to keep your resolution to lose weight or quit smoking? the key to success may be living with you! a new study ggests a spouse or partner sharing
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chances of success. martha shade explains in today's health minute. " " want to double your chances of success in making a positive lifestyle change? just add a loved one! researchers at university college london found that couples who adopted a new and positive health behavior were more successful than those doing it on their own. for the study researchers followed nearly 4thousand married and cohabitating couples and studied their unhealthy habits in three areas: smoking obesity and physical activity. here's what they found... 48 percent of men were able to stop smoking if their partner also quit. compare that to just 8percent who had partners who did not quit. for women the success rate was half. when it came to physical activity both men and women had about a 66- percent success rate starting an exercise routine with their partner... versus about 24- percent if they started alone. 36- percent of women lost weight if their partners joined them in a weight loss plan... compared to 15percent without a supportive partner. the men had a 26- percent success rate with a partner... and 10-percent losing weight alone. it's unclear why the relationship matters...but having some support or a dose of plain ole healthy competition may just be enough to put you over the edge.... for today's health minute i'm martha shade. tag the study is published in the latest edition of the journal "jama internal medicine." tim: fred's back next with a f fal check of our forecast. stst with us. (fred) your forecast tonight is for mostly cloudy skies and a low of 9.
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partly cloudy skies and a typical january day. the high will be 27. the 7-day forecast shows a 40% chance of snow thursday, then a cooldown to 19 friday. winds will be breezy saturday, and we'll warm to above freezing (finally) on sunday! " " with a final check of our forecast. stay with us.
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tomorrow, expect partly cloudy skies anana typical january day. the high willlle 27. the 7-day forecast shows a 40% chance of snow thursday, then a cooldown to 19 friday. winds will be breezy saturday, and we'll warm to above freezing (finally) on sunday! " "
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