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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 20, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live! >> announcer: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight - casey affleck, from "grease - live" vanessa hudgens, and music from savages with cleto and the cletones. and now, no kidding, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show.
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thanks to everybody for coming. a good-looking audience tonight. we're glad you're here. i have many important topics to cover tonight. not the least of which is something called the best countries report. this is a ranking of all the top countries in the world. it's determined by a group that includes the wharton school of business and "u.s. news and world report." they released their findings at the world economic forum in switzerland today. according to them the best country in the world is -- anyone? germany. although at first steve harvey said colombia and everyone got excited. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] it's germany, the best country in the world. germany came in first, can kaada was second, the united kingdom third, the united states fourth. when donald trump finds out
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he's going to sell a lot more hats, that's for sure. how did we get beat by germany? we have movie stars, we have disneyland, we have costco. they have this. i think this is their president. that's their leader. his name is hosen. anyway, congratulations to them, i guess. not that it's any consolation but north korea did not make the list of the world's best countries. they're working on it though. north korea claims, and i know that is a shaky way to start a sentence. north korea claims to have invented a type of alcohol that will not give you a hangover. instead of sugar they make it using rice. well, this is the drink. it's called coreo liquor, you won't get a hangover if you drink it. in north korea a hangover is when the rope breaks on the first attempt.
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the problems in north korea, how are hangovers even on the list? in north korea when you order a shot you better duck. hillary clinton could probably use one of those drinks today. the drama with her e-mails came to a crescendo this morning. according to a new report e mays on the private server hillary used when he was secretary of state did indeed have classified information on them. this was described as above top secret stuff. which i didn't know there was an above top secret. you think top would be top. but i guess it's like america's top model, they're not really top. you know? top models. but the lesson here i think is the secretary of state needed a better secretary. because you know, if you told me a dlnlt was going to have a scandal involving e-mail, hillary would not have been my first guest as to who it might have been. bernie sanders is having a very good week. he doesn't know how to use
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but he's now leading hillary clinton in new hampshire by 27 points. bernie is very well lined among democratic voters. among those likely to vote in the primary, his favorability rating is 91%. that is incredibly high. as are many of his supporters. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] that means there's a chance, a slim chance, but it could be bernie sanders versus donald trump in the general election. the old yellers, if you will. can you imagine that, sanders versus trump? look at these guys. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] every debate would look like a commercial for the flobie. this comes from wgn in chicago. and i don't know if they realize what they're getting into. but this is a story about a major league soccer player who's making the most of his name. >> major league soccer super
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think the pick of the draft really goes to fc dallas. which selected unc wilmington round. if you want to get familiar with colin bonnor, there's his left. >> say it! you have to. it's the news. name? >> guillermo: yeah. that? >> guillermo: yeah, i did. >> jimmy: you did, okay. in japan starting next week there will be a new item on the menu at mcdonald's. that is french fries covered in chocolate. they call it the mcchoco potato. how is japan better at being american than america? we should have had that. i guess mcdonald's got tired of seeing these japanese people
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with this. but the inception of the mcchoco potato is interesting. apparently someone who works at mcdonald's test kitchen in japan got high and -- well, that's the whole story. [ laughter ] meanwhile in colorado, as you may know, marijuana is legal for recreation at use and there are companies now in denver that are giving their employees marijuana breaks. breaks to eat edible marijuana. because smoking i still not allowed but you can sit there and eat a tray of pot brownies, i guess. flow hub is one of the companies that lets their employees take these breaks. they say they've been doing it awhile and they've not had a problem. even if they did have a problem they wouldn't care at all. the companies say they use marijuana brainstorming sessions, i guess to help them come up with ideas that seem fantastic at the time but turn out to be totally idiotic the next day when you're not high. isn't that interesting? if i had a daughter selling girl
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denver those are the offices i would hit. i'd set up a table in the lobby. i'd have a truck out in the parking lot full of thin mints. i would make a lot of money, suffice it to say. i assume you're familiar with uber, right? by the way, i had a terrible realization about uber. i thought they put the tip into the thing. i took an uber last night. i looked at it. it was $4.56. i don't walk anyway. anywhere. there was no -- i realized afterwards that there was no tip anyway. it's a whole different thing. needless to say i'm horrified. but union fer you don't know is the app where you can summon a stranger to pick you up and take whatever. whatever you want, they'll do it. but now uber is teaming up with airbus, the aircraft manufacturer, for a new service that would provide on demand helicopter rides. it's very exciting.
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drunkenly order a helicopter. why would anybody need to union area helicopter? people who fly in helicopters don't do it like that. they have assistants. i blame this on "the bachelor." on "the bachelor," they act like a helicopter is a normal part of a date. and now -- it's an interesting move. that is not all uber is working on. they're also launching this new service that we made up today. >> first there was uber black. then uber x. then euchre select. then uber suv, uber lux, uber chopper. now we're introducing a ride service for a new generation. uber hover. just tap the app and within minutes a [ bleep ] on a hoverboard will be at your door. >> are you ack? >> jack, but yeah. >> hop on. >> uber hover is cheap, easy -- >> where you headed to? >> right over there.
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>> right here's good. >> don't forget to rate me five stars. >> of course. you smell smoke? >> oh [ bleep ]! i forgot how to run! >> uber hover. never mind. this was a terrible idea. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we have to take a break. when we come back, the next "star wars" movie is not coming out when they say it would. i'll tell you why. and we have a special performance to cheer up jeb bush, so stick around, we'll be right back! [ cheers and applause ] i'll be right back. be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: all right, welcome back. still to come casey affleck, vanessa hudgens. "star wars," the release date for "star wars" episode 8, the next one, was pushed back by seven months. they pushed it back from may 26th, by 17, to december 15th of the same year. the press release said they made the move so the episode would come out the same time of the year as "the force awakens" because it did so well at that time of the year. some believe the delay is because the script isn't finished yet. that never stopped "transformers" movie. i have another theory, maybe bb-8 is in rehab. the way he moves around, he has to be on meth or something, right? we're exactly one year away now from inauguration day 2017.
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notable endorsement from former alaska governor sarah palin. it was a small crowd but palin got them very riled up. the endorsement, it was kind of a slap in the face to palin's friend ted cruz, a nice pat on the back for donald trump. not all republicans are excited about donald trump's ride to the top. on msnbc last night a prominent republican media consultant broke that down in very specific term terms. >> the screamers and the crazy people on the alt right as they call it who love donald trump, who have plenty of iconography in twitter icons -- >> they sure do, i back that up. >> that think trump is the greatest thing, most of them are childless single men who masturbate to anime, no the political players, not people who matter in the overall course of humanity. >> jimmy: wow. i didn't know that. >> jimmy: i'd love to see the research on that. i hope they address that in the next debate. did you happen to see the
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at the trump rally last week? it's quite a spectacle. seemed like it came out of the '50s. there's a music and dance group called the usa freedom kids. this is how they spread freedom, by singing and dancing in tribute to donald trump. apologies are you serious i can't handle this where freedom rings answer the call on your feet stand up tall freedom's on our shoulders usa enemies of freedom face the music come on boys take' them down president donald trump knows how to make america great deal from strength or get crushed every time [ laughter ] >> jimmy: deal from strength or get crushed every time. kids say the darnedest things, they really do.
10:50 pm
on youtube. a lot of people are talking about it. people are spreading it around. it's a shame. donald trump gets plenty of publicity without that. it would be nice if we could shine a light on a candidate who isn't donald trump for once. tonight while we're unable to get the usa freedom kid we were able to get the number one america liberty children, performing in support of a candidate who needs support right now, none other than jeb bush. ladies? he's pretty good he's okay he's just a normal guy like a librarian when you cast your vote consider jeb voted for his brother anyway
10:51 pm
this whole thing has been a huge embarrassment his dad was president and his brother was too now everybody hates him how does that feel to you consider jeb usa he's so fun usa and if you won't then can he go home yet don't be rude jeb's our dude vote jeb >> this message has been approved by jeb bush and vanessa hudgens. >> jimmy: how, how about that thank you, ladies. thank you very much. wow. that was beautiful. thanks to vanessa hudgens and the liberty girls. thank you. tonight on the show, music from
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right back with casey of a ledge affleck so stick around! [ cheers and applause ] the all-new tacoma.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome back. tonight from the forthcoming live tv musical extravaganza, "grease live," vanessa hudgens plays rizzo. i was hoping they'd ask me to play rizzo.
10:55 pm
>> guillermo: that's my favorite movie. favorite character? zukko. >> jimmy: what does it mean in >> guillermo: no. song? >> guillermo: "you better shape up." [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he lives his life by that. how about that. i love to watch "grease" with you sometime, wouldn't that be fun? >> guillermo: sure. >> jimmy: you and i could dress up, maybe. wear the jackets. your hair is already slicked back so i don't think that would be necessary. >> guillermo: maybe this weekend. >> jimmy: people don't realize the musical "grease" is based on guillermo's hair. >> guillermo: nah. >> jimmy: no? all right. then by the way, i'm still introducing. all the way from london, they had to take a plane to get here, their new album comes out friday. it's called "adore life." savages from the samsung stage.
10:56 pm
>> jimmy: tomorrow zac efron, music from ben harper and the innocent criminals. our first guest from "interstellar," "gone baby gone," "good will hunting," the "ocean" heists. he stars in "the finest hours" opening january 29th. please welcome casey affleck! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: what are your thoughts on "grease" the musical? on your radar as a kid? >> no, musicals, never. >> jimmy: never? >> i did see it, i've seen it yeah. >> jimmy: you love it? >> was that first number from "grease" those three little girls? >> jimmy: no, that was not in "grease." >> those girls -- i don't understand. are those the same girls that
10:57 pm
>> was that hard to book? >> jimmy: what we did is went and snatched kids off the street, took them from their parents, who seemed like they resembled those little girls. yeah, they're very expensive. >> they got a bump with vanessa hudgens. >> jimmy: this was big for them. you did an interesting thing today. >> what? >> jimmy: you were out in front of our theater with the audience as they lined up to see the show. >> yeah, i was driving over here. and i said, "jimmy kimmel live," i see the thing, i see all the people standing out there. it occurred to me -- i was stuck in traffic. it occurred to me maybe they were extras. to make it look like a really popular show. i was like, i'm here, i didn't kenova necessary sa was here. i was like, wait a minute. it's just me tonight, folks, why is there a long line in the middle of the afternoon? so i parked and i got out. i wanted to find out if they were like -- i wanted to talk to them. see if they were paying -- >> jimmy: i think i'm insulted
10:58 pm
>> it wasn't you, it was me. sure enough, they're here. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: let's look at the video. >> so wait a minute, what happened to the ticket situation again? >> i just had to wait till the last minute. >> they didn't tell you? >> they didn't tell me until 11:00 this morning. >> they assumed you wanted to drive in? from fresno? >> hopped in the car and left. >> because you think kimmel's good? >> he's bad ass. >> he's bad ass? why? what makes him good? >> he's funny. >> funny? >> he's got good guests. >> oh! what up? did you know who was going to be on today? >> no, i had no clue. >> jimmy: well, thank you, guys. from fresno. >> they're my boys! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm going to give both of you a kiss. you directed -- how many movies have you directed? >> 11. >> jimmy: 11. not that many. a few, right? >> one?
10:59 pm
that camera to the side? maybe instead of that straight up and down thing that everybody's aunt does. >> i was trying to catch a real moment. i wasn't worried about cinematography. you are bad ass. >> jimmy: thank you. we have sent a little bit of time together at different events. i don't feel like i really know you. >> there was a moment i thought we were going to be friends and it didn't happen. >> jimmy: yeah. >> we socialized. that was happening. then it didn't. >> jimmy: we were at a wedding together, we were at an event -- >> other things. we'd talk. >> jimmy: right. >> then it wasn't -- we didn't -- i didn't get your number or anything. >> jimmy: yeah, i know. it's weird. but that's why i wanted to ask you just kind of a few general things. >> now? >> jimmy: yeah. now, on tv. because let's be honest. probably again, i probably won't contact you after the show. >> okay. go ahead, shoot. >> jimmy: are you the kind of guy that has an earthquake readiness kit?
11:00 pm
>> this is how you make friends? >> jimmy: this is how i determine. >> if you want to be friends with someone? >> jimmy: exactly, yeah. >> so if i say the wrong thing -- >> jimmy: no, it gives us a little color, your life -- >> i do have one. >> jimmy: you do? >> i don't know where it is. i have one though. >> jimmy: all right. >> you're a parent, you think you have to have that stuff, you get it, turns out it's like toilet paper and water. >> jimmy: yeah. >> what else do you need? >> jimmy: you need hundreds of band aids, you need a lot of food, you have to have all that stuff. you watch fox news, you watch the commercials, seems like death is about to happen. >> yes, any minute, yeah. immy: have you ever shoplifted? >> mm -- have you? >> jimmy: you know, sometimes i will eat thing in the store -- >> whatever this is, it's going to be a lie. >> jimmy: it's technically shoplifting i guess you could say. but no, not really.
11:01 pm
>> jimmy: cleto once stole a big rubber penis from an adult video store. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he did it so we could tape it -- we worked at a clother store -- tape it to the back of our manager's bumper. as he drove off. >> i knew someone who bought a bunch of them, going on a trip with a middle-aged woman, filled her carry-on bag with them after she packed it. when she goes to the x-ray machine they're like, bag check! >> jimmy: see, who's that? that's the guy i'd like to be friends with. >> it's not good enough to tell the story? >> jimmy: it's close. what's the first concert you ever went to? >> i don't want to do this. i can't get the right answer. >> jimmy: no, no, no. what is the right answer, do you remember? what was the first concert you ever went to? >> you know what the first concert, i was 6 years old. i went to grand master flash and
11:02 pm
>> jimmy: that's solid. [ cheers and applause ] >> you do not take a 6-year-old. my best friend and his mom. his mom took us because she wanted to go. she was probably like 25 or something. >> jimmy: yeah, their biggest song is about cocaine. >> yeah, i hated cocaine at that time. >> jimmy: right? i'm sure. 6 years old. >> i still remember. it's like some images are seared into my little brain. >> jimmy: do people mix you up with other celebrities? never? never? no? >> no. morgan freeman? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you did work with morgan freeman. is that intimidating, working with a guy like morgan freeman? >> it's not -- it's not intimidating, he puts you at ease. he's the only actor who was working with who shouted at me. yelled. >> jimmy: really? >> i've never been yelled at -- i should have been yelled at by plenty.
11:03 pm
the first day of working. i had been on for a while, he was coming in for one week to work. everyone's a little bit on edge because it was morgan's first day. they did a very common thing, they brought him in a little bit early to work, maybe it's his first day, might need a haircut, whatever. he did not need a haircut, he was annoyed at having come early. he was telling the first guy managing everything, where's everyone, why am i sitting around waiting? the man was too scared to say, i brought you in early, i thought you might need a haircut, to morgan freeman. so he said, i'm sorry, we're waiting on casey. threw me under bus. when i showed up they said, morgan would like to see you. so i went to his room. and he yelled, shouted at me about being unprofessional. it was like being in any of his other movies, morgan's dressing me down with a stern voice. i didn't want to throw the other guy under the bus so i said, i'm very sorry, sir, i promise i'll be more professional. finally -- that was my only experience with him, more or less.
11:04 pm
given a lifetime achievement award. and they asked me to come and say some words about him. and the only story i had was how he yelled at me. so i told the story. i stood up and said, morgan, i like you a lot but this is our most memorable interaction, you yelled at me for no reason. he had a great sense of humor about that. probably didn't remember me. >> jimmy: a guy who takes the bullet for an a.d. who lied for no good reason, that's tops in my book. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> jimmy: casey affleck is here, be right back! [ cheers and applause ] er. aw. aw. thirsty? they said it would make me cool. they don't sound cool to me. guess no you got to stick up for yourself, like with the name your price tool. people tell us their budget, not the other way around.
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this ship will be sunk by nightfall. every fellow here wants to live in the only way that happens is if we run hard and run home. set up a launch, look out for a shoal. any foreman working on the emergency tiller, i need a foreman, man at the pumps, the rest of you on a bucket line topside down below, communicate with the engine room. whistle. >> you heard him, boys! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that is casey affleck in "theinest hour." opens january 29th.
11:10 pm
know, a true story, it happened kind of near where you grow up. >> yeah, yeah. i hadn't heard of it either. it's set in massachusetts off the coast of cape cod, 1952. it's a pretty great story, in fact. they had all these -- i'll give you the shortest version possible. they had all these huge oil tankers during the war that were being submarined by the germans so they were made cheaply. after the war they were still around, weren't made that well, and there was a huge storm off the coast of the cape and two of the ships broke in half in the same storm. and the coast guard had to try to go out there and find them. they had the same instruments wee have today. e backalf of one of these ships, there were a bunch of men who survived because it wasull of oil. carrying the oil. the oil being lighter than water, it was like a buoy. all those guys were there but they were freezing to death, no power. they were eventually going to sink, it was taking on water. and the coast guard had to go
11:11 pm
men on. kind of a miracle. it's great. >> jimmy: i was watching you in this movie. all i could think, because i only think of myself, is how terrible it must be to be constantly in the rain on a ship, ev seems awful to start was it fun? or a terrible experience? both. like tonight. >> jimmy: but not really. >> it's brutal. the first day you show and up they turn the rain machine on. then the wind machine . you don't really know what that's goioi to be like. it's freezing cold. and it's in winter. you're just there and you get wet all day. but then it's like so bad that you kind of get used to it, then you sort of get hood on it. i got hooked on it. >> jimmy: on the rain? >> on just like how barbara erika was, how horrible it was. then after the movie was over, you take -- i was taking cold showers in the morning.
11:12 pm
>> i needed it a little bit, yeah. is that weird? >> jimmy: yeah, that's very weird. >> i think that's common. >> jimmy: is it common? >> like a truly tick experienen -- >> jimmy: you think leonardo dicaprio is laying in the woods with bears tearing at him now? >> those weren't real bears. >> jimmy: they weren't real bears? spoiler alert! >> no, that was a real bear. >> jimmy: you promote moveies and ruin other people's movies? very sick person. >> that was a real bear, a real bear. god sakes. >> jimmy: it's good to see you. the movie is called "the finest hour." it's a true story. casey affleck. it opens juary 29th. we'll be right back with vanessa hudgens! [ cheers and applause ] i'm hannibal i'm gonna use samsung pay to get a katz's deli pastrami sandwich. (katz's employees) hey!!! hey what's up? hey can i pay with my phone? you mean like apple pay? we don't got that. no like samsung pay. kind of works everywhere.
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>> jimmy: we're back. music from savages still to come. ten years ago on this very date, maybe even this very time, i really have no way of knowing, our next guest danced and sang her way into our hearts in "high school musical." next, she returns to secondary
11:18 pm
broadcast of "grease." "grease live" airs january 31st on fox. please welcome vanessa hudgens. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how's it going? >> good. >> jimmy: happy "high school musical" anniversary. >> ten years. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, it happens. you know, that's how it goes. i feel like -- i feel the same way. my kids love that show so much. then the album and over and over and over again. >> you know all the lyrics. >> jimmy: you know, i mean, it's crazy. for me, really "grease" was kind of like that. we'd watch that vhs over and over and over again. >> yeah. >> jimmy: was the "grease" movie -- are you too young for that? no, i mean, i definitely watched it growing up. i feel like it was always a part of my life. >> jimmy: you loved it?
11:19 pm
i was always sandy. i was never rizzo. always. >> everyone was sandy. >> jimmy: of course, none of the little girls want to be rizzo, >> right. >> rizzo's a ball buster. >> yeah. >> jimmy: is that what you -- did you want to be sandy? or welcome rizzo? >> i welcomed rizzo. she's such an amazing part. now that i'm older i'm like, she's tough. >> jimmy: it is a better part, isn't it. >> i mean -- >> jimmy: no, yeah, it's a more -- it's got more spunk to it. >> she's got grit. >> jimmy: you didn't go to actual high school? >> no. >> jimmy: so this is really, for you, the musical and "grease," that's your high school. >> yeah. i never graduated. >> jimmy: can you read? do you know how to read and stuff? [ laughter ] >> i do. and spell. >> jimmy: and spell things? you can add, you can do fractions, that sort of thing? >> still working on that. >> jimmy: it is a little weird to be playing schchl. >> i know. >> jimmy: some people go to great lengths to research their
11:20 pm
>> i'm failing miserably. >> jimmy: are you nervous about the live element? the live television? >> i wasn't until today. i was rehearsing today. we were doing "sandra dee." i stepped on a bench in front of the bed and it flipped and i fell on my busttt so hard. i'm going to have bruises. >> jimmy: a lot of people watch this forhat moment. >> i know. >> jimmy: they're looking for it. >> it's horrible. jimmy: it is. >> people wa you to mess up. >> jimmy: i know. >> you think you're dying and someone wants you to mess up, ha ha, so funny! you're like, i hurt. >> jimmy: ultimately you don't win either way. isn't it still like if something happens, provided it's not too embarrassing -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: it's more interesting that way? >> it is. i did my first broadway run which was very exciting. >> jimmy: so that's good preparation. >> yeah. it really was. i mean, i know w wt it'ss like to do live theater now. but i had a night where an understudy was on. and she comes out carrying this tray full of champagne glasses,
11:21 pm
they invented champagne." this glass breaks. do i acknowledge this glass or continue? i'm going to continue. she knows, oh, no! it looks like i've broken a glass! that's all right, we'll share! and i'm like -- what is happening? and i look at my costar. and i see in his eyes he has noo ideahat we'rere supposed to say next. >> jimmy: right. >> eventually we picked it back up. for those few seconds are i felt like i was literally going to die. spontaneously combust. people are like, ha ha ha! horrible. >> jimmy: well, yes. you know ad libbing -- you should be the one that throws that curveball to the other actors. >> yeah. >> jimmy: try to ruin it for them. like casey. casey ruined "the revenant" a little while earlier. >> yeah, i mean, you've got too rollith the punches. >> jimmy: there are somom bad words in "grease." >> there is. we're honoring the movie for sure. it still has that same spirit. because it's a family show, we
11:22 pm
so there's no [ bleep ]. there's no [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: right, right. we'll probably -- those will probably have been bleeped on our show too. >> sorry. >> jimmy: even though i heard that first word every three seconds growing up. yes. so have you met the cast members from the original? >> we actually have deedee who played the original frenchie in our production. >> jimmy: right, yeah. >> she's amazing. >> who is she? >> she's playing vi. she's not playing frenchie. >> jimmy: who's vi? >> the waitress who works at the frosty palace who has a scene with frenchie before "beauty school dropout." so it's like the generations staring at each other. >> jimmy: does she have that high helium voice? the same voice. she comes to work the first day, she intrododes herself. i brought gum, does anybody want bubble gum? oh my gosh, i love you. another time i'm laughing and
11:23 pm
she goes, that little bit of frenchie i still have in my back pocket wants to say, you okay, riz? >> jimmy: that's a very good imitation. >> i can die now. >> jimmy: what about john travolta and olivia newton-john? are they involved? >> they are not involved. i oncnc danced adjacent to john travolta at an oscar party once, the extent of our interaction. >> jimmy: was he doing the travolta stuff? >> i was doing it behind him. hoping he'd pick it up and do it. >> jimmy: for him that's probably a lot of pressure. i think people want him to dance when he's at parties. >> yeah, you expect it. do the disco! >> jimmy: yeah everyone gather round, you dance. you're like, oh, god, get me the hell out of here. that's it, that's the closest. >> that's the closest. >> jimmy: travolta atkinson. like a real eate listing. good luck. i love this live thing. because you really don't know what will happen. >> no.
11:24 pm
>> jimmy: and you really should do something to ruin it. i really would if i was here. just some weird little -- >> look straight down the barrel. >> jimmy: go straight down the barrel. vanessa hudgens going straight down the barrel! "grease live" january 31st on fox. look at this over there. it's danny. be right back with music from savages! >> announcer: the jimmy kimmel
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by samsung. >> announcer: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank casey affleck, vanessa hudgens and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first, their album "adore life" comes out on friday, here with the
11:26 pm
if you don't love me you don't love anybody if you don't love me you don't love anybody ain't you gladd it's you ain't you gl it's you ain't you glad it's you there are things i know we should better not do but i know you could sleep with me and we'd still be friends or i know i'll go insane love is the answer i'll go insane love is the answer wish me luck this was a hard year and i can'see no brighter future wish me luck i saw the answer it was a girl will you go ask her i saw the answer will you go ask her
11:27 pm
i'll go insane i'll go insane i'll go insane i'll go insane ooh please stand up what is the point to cry for life to cry about love to wait for her to wait r dying i can't wait
11:28 pm
will you go ask her love is the answer will you go ask her if you don't love me you don't love anybody if you don't love me you don't love anybody ain't you glad it's you ain't you glad it's you ain't you glad it's you ain't you glad it's you ain't you glad it's you ain't youlad itit you ain't you glad it's you ain't you glad it's you ain't you glad it's you
11:29 pm
if you don't love me if you don't love me i iyou don't love me if you don't love me if only i didn't want the world i wouldn't make you feel so sad i'm sure my shame would be gone is it human to adore life
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11:30 pm
and starved a little bit more if only i didn't ask for more is it human to adore l le i adore life if only i'd lived beyond regret i wouldn't feel guilt for what i take is it human to ask for more e is it human to adore life i know evil when i see it i know good and i just do it if i hadn't been so starved is it human to adore life
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