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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 22, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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is a mumps outbreak in eastern i i i spreading to siouxland mother nature hits the jackpot as storm lake lands millions of dollars to improve water quality. "iowa happen to be first and weve been first ever since " but for how long will the first in the nation status continue. tim: good eveveng and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna is off for the evening. an outbreak of mumps starting last july appears to have spread to plymouth county. the virus was first detected in johnson county...where over 100 students at the university of iowa tested positive for the virus. deborah souverain spoke with a health official in le mars today.. she has more on the new plymouth county cases. deborah tim mumps is an airborne virus...that spreads through droplets....which can explain why
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popping up in plymouth county. health officials there...say they have 4 confirmed cases of the illness...and they expect that number to rise. johnson county is still recovering from the largest mumps outbreak since 2006. and now health officials in plymouth county are also battling the airborne virus "we have four confirmed cases and several probably cases in plymouth county," said tara geddes community health manager at floyd valley hospital mumps is caused by a virus...and spreads through saliva droplets... going from one person to the next...through sneezing, coughing or even talking. symptoms include...fever, headace, and the biggest indicator..swolle n salivary glands under the jaw. community health floyd valley hospital...tara geddes says getting vaccinated is your best line of defense. "this is our mmr vaccine. we reccommend giving it at 12 months of age and again when a child is 4-6 years old they get a booster dose before they go to school," said tara geddes community health manager at floyd valley hospital. the fast spreading infection...first appeared at the university of iowa last
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students.. and continued to spread across the students returned home over the winter break. if you happen to fall ill...tara says you should ride the illness out. if you do contract mumps the biggest thing you can do is just supportive care; making sure that you stay away from people, avoid contact with anybody, kind of isolate yourself during that period of time," said tara geddes, community health manager at floyd valley hospital. on average symptoms appear within 12 to 25 days.. and carriers are contagious 3 days prior to showing symptoms...and for four days after being ill. while this outbreak continues...being vigilant is key. "really good handwashing if you're out in the public, especially in close areas; do not share drinks or cigarettes, or eating utensils with other people," said geddes deborah most of you may have already received the reccommended two doses of mmr vaccines. if have 88 percent protection from the virus. one dose is about 78 percent effective. reporting live in studio, deborah souverain abc 9 news.
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getting a multi- million dollar shot in the arm when it come to improving water quality. along with dubuque and coralville the city will share $40 million dollars of a nearly $97 million dollar federal grant. governor branstad learned of the award just today. state officials say storm lake will receive $6.5 million for storm sewer improvements. the remainder of the grant will fund flood and water quality improvements in nine watersheds in iowa. tim: south sioux city police chief scot ford is taking off his badge after a 42 year career on the force . ford, , was greeted by over a hundred friends and coworkers at the law enforcement center in south sioux as he finished his last day on duty . ford says his only regret is leaving the family he's made at the department. "we always try to maintainin this department a feeling of family and i think that's probably what's going to be the hardest to walk away from. it's like i'm losing part of my family or walking away from a part of
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ford will appoint an interim chief, while the city's civil service looks for his replacement. tim: have you ever wondered why iowa gets the honor of being the first in the nation to pick a candidate? it actually happened, by accident and dates all the way back to 1972. that answer can be found by sorting through artifacts on display at the state historical museum. the "first in the nation" exhibit, takes vistors through the entire history of the political process. following the 1968 democratic convention in chicago, the party decided to moderanize it's primary system... with more attention going to local voting. the new 4-step process included state, district, county and precinct voting and iowa just happen to be in the right place at the right time. "in 1972 when these new rules went into effect all across the coutnry iowa happen to be first. and we've been frst ever since and the reason we're first is simple logistical calculations to make this new four step
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tim: the iowa caucuses bring millions of dollars to iowa. some states have talked about trying to steal the "first in the nation" status but professor caufield says it's not that easy.... "in both the republican and democatic parties the rules explicitly allow iowa and new hampshire to go first in the process. the exhibit remains on display tim: traveling edition of the exhibit will be on display at morningside college beginning next week. "first in the nation" - at the hickman-johnson- furrow learning center.from jan. 30 to feb. 13, tim: ben carson and donald trump will both be in siouxland tomorrow the trump campaign heads to sioux center to hold a rally at dordt college. the donald is set to speak tomorrow at 11 a-m doctor ben carson will be in
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he'll be accompanied by kirk cameron and the casting crowns. that rally will be held at noon tomorrow tim: students at iowa state univerty camping outside ran into a bit of trouble last night. student's have been lining up for tickets to the next i-s-u game against kansas, since nday, and last night fire officials say a propane heater inside one of the tents started a fire burning through three tents firefighters say students need to practice caution. paul sandoval, ames deputy fire chief: "in order to prevent it, we ask the students to be very careful whenever they're trying to heat an area there. it's a good idea to always have an extinguisher there and to have somebody be alert and watch for the heating unit itself tim: officials at the schooll say ths is the first time something like this has happened. and they'll looking for ways to prevent something like this from happening again tim: sioux city's
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is now a little easier to locate. the museum's sign was assembled and hoisted into place at the museum on pearl street. it's one of the finishing touches for the museum thats set to open next month. staffers tell us the museum is designed to be a place for youngsters to learn and have fun. . the grand opening of the launchpad children's museum is set for february 11th. tim: the route for the 44th annual ragbrai will be reveald tomorrow. that announcement set to be held at 8:15 at night. if you would like to watch it live to find out which cities the ride will tour this year, be sure to tune in to abc9 news at 10 tomorrow night. tim: this weekend briar cliff is celebrating fifty years of basketball and some of the legends from the panamanian pipeline are in sioux city to celebrate and remember coach ray nacke. mario butler--"it's just a great feeling to be back and having you guys bring me back, and bringing those great memories back and being able to thank briar cliff and coach nacke.
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day tomorrow, highlighted by the games against nebraska wesleyan at 2 and 4. still to come...chris and alex join us with highlights of 12 games from around siouxland tonight, including a battle of number one and number four in hull. cold tonight, above freezing this weekend... but more snow monday? details next.
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cloudier skies today. got to 27, just shy of normal... this weekend we'll be a little above normal! temperatures not too bad... upper teens. winds calm, starting to get that southerly flow in gear. wind chills are cold... in the single digits. tonight wind chills will dip towards 0. stubborn clouds tonight with patchy fog. temperatures in the teens again tonight. stubborn clouds with not many breaks in sight. high pressure in place, we'll see some fog tonight. as high pressure shifts south, we'll kick in a south wind that will have us warming this weekend. but it will be breezy tomorrow so even though we'll be in the low 30s, we'll still feel like we're in the teens. high pressure gets out of here once the blizzard thats
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that will allow a front to start to make it's move. southerly flow and warmer sunday. mid to upper 30s!! sunday night we'll start to see those winds shift, maybe a few flakes. snow really comes in for monday. but it's light... 1-3". tonight 15 and patchy fog. wind chills near 0. tomorrow 32 with clouds and leftover fog. gusty winds has it feeling like the teens. 7-day breezy and 30s this weekend. blutery with light snow likely on monday. a colder day tuesday before we get back up to the 30s. by the way... a blizzard taking aim at east coast right now.. all yellow in winter storm warning, but blizzard warning from dc to philly to nyc and even the outer islands off ma. there's the system.. beautiful on sat rad. will bring 2 to 3 feet to dc. around a foot to nyc. coastal flooding in jersey and blustery white out conditions.
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chris: happy friday everybody and welcome in to
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another edition sportszone, walker, i'm chris palmquist and what a bunch of lined up for you. alex that's right, we'll check out action from norfolk, mapleton, and onawa...we'll find out whether east could sweep heelan this season and we'll see if the muskies could win their third straight, but we start with the game of the night in all of iowa. chris: they don't get much better than fourth ranked spirit lake taking on number one western christian. back in december, the wolfpack dominated the indians, winning by 30 on the road. chris: would it be more of the same tonight or could spirit lake return the favor? early on...spirit lake's billy brown...he's heading to north dakota because he can do this...that ties it up early. but taylor miedema...he blows by his defender on the other end...wolfpack go up four. the indians respond with the iowa commit, ryan kriener...hoop and the hack...spirit lake within two. then jake in the corner, he
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take the lead. but here comes the wolfpack...tyson kooima answers with a three pointer of their own and wc storms back in front by 4. then miedema, shows off his range as well...western christian, shows why they're number one, 73-54 the final. chris: a huge matchup in the girls game as well...the wolfpack, newly minted at number 1. right out of the half, macy smith...gets the ball on the low block...the indians trail by a dozen though. and it got worse from there...nobody stops payton harmsen...she stops and pops...pack lead it 40-20. smith, trying to keep her team in it...gets the defender in the air and drives to the basket...but the deficit now 25. on the other end...karsyn winterfeld with the feed into ashtyn veerbeek...too easy...the
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chris: a lot of times when east and heelan meet on the hardwood its for the missouri crown. that's not the case tonight, but that doesn't mean there would be any let down in the rivalry. alex the black raiders won by 12 in the pit five weeks ago...the crusaders looking to return the favor. opening quarter.....east strikes first....connor murrel to the rack! he finished with a game-high the early lead..... next east possession....elija off the length of the course and lays it in....heelan ties it up.... but the raiders break it open......jaylen rees with some open space and he sticks the "j"! east goes on a 8-0 run... ..... then heelan settles down.....kyrese peck puts the spin cycle on east.....and sinks the jumper.......this one was back and forth and it went to overtime.....with the home team top! aidan one! east wins 78- alex up on the northside, the stars looking for of west. late first drills the deep
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into halftime.... to the third quarter we go....james king hits the easy jumper in the paint....wolverines starting to close that gapp.... then its marquise bolden for the wolverines......the triple is pure! west cuts the lead to six....... but north has tavian williams....and mr. williams can elevate! lets eat! stars hold on for the narrow 71-68 win. chris: we have to take a quick timeout but when we come back we'll head back to hull and see if the comets could win their 12th straight...stay
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owned the state when it came to class 1a basketball. chris: siouxland was home to six straight state
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teams from boyden hull and one from west lyon. chris: the wildcats and comets squaring off tonight in hull. we pick it up in the second quarter...dalton moser...fights through the contact and draws the foul...comets break a 17-all tie. west lyon eventually found a rhythm...collin snyder money on the corner triple...they trail 29-22. then its colton hage hitting from the top of the key...wildcats down six at this point. but boyden hull continued to attack the rack...jamison te slaa...hits the deck hard but he finishes to go up 8. then jacob schafer...another old fashioned 3 point play...comets win it, 80-56 chris: unity christian saw its 40-game winning streak come to an end last saturday...the knights hosting hinton tonight. and they had some pent up frustration...anna kiel with the long outlet ahead to alyssa fedders...she lays it home to go up 6-0. then check out this swat...kiel
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week. and this was the kind of night it was for hinton...kailey burke gets a block, but unity recovers it and gets it to chanda zomermaand...she knocks down the trifecta...they'd lead it 29-1 midway through the second. hinton's laura brighton finally stops the drought, but unity christian has no trouble...they win it 60-28. alex fifth-ranked kingsley pierson on the road tonight to take on west monona. first quarter.....k-p's marina keck drives baseline....pulls up in the paint and gets the shot to drop to put the lady panthers on the board.... couple of minutes up by four....cierra gossage gets the steal for the spartans.....and gets it ahead to bella schull for the contested lay-in..... but the lady panthers answer as abby sitzmann connects on the three pointer to widen k-p's lead to five.... later k-p with the
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bailey gets the hoop and the harm.....panthers win it x------x. chris westwood climbed up two spots to 11 in the latest poll...they were in mapleton for a rivalry game. fourth quarter....lady rebels up by 25....carah drees gets the ball inside....and she'll score two of her 19 points...with the lay-in. mvao doing what they can to chip into that deficit. emalee fundermann connects from way behind the arc...cuts it to 24... but westwood showing its power inside...kaylee smits gets the board and the putback... lady rams keep pressuring as fundermann on the fast break goes in for the lay up but it was too large of a gap to close....lady rebs win it 46-24 and claim the w-v-c championship. alex in the boys matchup, the rams, just outside the top ten this week.
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delagarza with the long two start the game out... then andrew o'neal with the sweet finger roll and the harm.....rams jump out to a 5-0 lead... but here come the running rebs....zach allen with nothing but net on the three ball to cut it to a two-point defict.... back and forth throughout the quarter and with three seconds left....its allen throwing it up....calling bank and making the deposit for three! rams only up by two after the first...but pull away to win it 60- 32. alex out to nebraska...wahoo and norfolk catholic...cody ronnfeldt and tanner schafer from our sportszone partners at necc shot this game for us. 1st quarter. wahoo's jake ruzicka passes to cameron quick for the layup. warriors get on the board.... later in the quarter....great 1-2 action between myles vrbka and matt miller under the basket for the layup. nc strikes backl.... then its billy hancock of wahoo inbounds the ball to jake ruzicka back to
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such a pure stroke... and they would keep it up...billy hancockwith the dime to will shanahan who takes the jumper. and drills it..they come out on top 72-39. alex and the same matchup on the girls side...cody ronnfeldt and tanner schafer also got this game for us. 4th quarter. lady knights are trying to throw the ball inbounds but it's picked off by wahoo's elly larson who passes it to mallory lindstrom she takes the shot and sinks it for the deuce.... few minutes later.... maddie love drives the ball down the court and takes the easy layup to extend the knights lead. then its baily ehlers for norfolk catholic... steals the ball and takes it up for an uncontested layup and gets the foul. great coast to coast... wahoo would third straight win
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large ammount of snow, and folks around siouxland might be sick of the snow, but for one man in fort campbell kentucky is making the most of his situation. he is out shoveling his driveway wearing a dinosaur costume,. well, at least he's making the best out of a snowy situation. tonight 15 and patchy fog. wind chills near 0. tomorrow 32 with clouds and leftover fog. gusty winds has it feeling like the teens. 7-day breezy and 30s this weekend. blutery with light snow likely on monday. a colder day
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and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"!
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