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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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home of the nba finals.stubborn clouds on the sky cam. temps a bit cooler than expected and holding steady. in the twenties for most of siouxland. 30s west. tonight temperatures hold steady with clouds and dense fog. mid
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tomorrow, similar to today... and then snow arrives monday. details next, but first here's deborah with your local news. "i call it the braden effect " following the tragic death of a campaign staffer....ben carson returns to the campaign trail. gop frontrunner donald trump is stumping in siouxland " and it's the biggest summer event in iowa...and we now know where its heading. deborah good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm deborah souverain. gop presidential candidate, dr. ben carson is back on the campaign trail in iowa, following the tragic death of one of his campaign volunteers. he made a stop in
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the orpheum theater. abc9's jess plue met with him today to discuss, and she bring us more. jess: thanks deborah... dr. ben carson resumed campaigning after tragety struck with the loss of campaign volunteer,..braden joplin. carson said it was a unanimous decision between himself and his staff to temporarily postpone his mourn.. today in sioux city he honored up about his a fatal car crash volunteer, braden campaigning staff week's town hall meetings "trust in god" in joplin's honor. "braden was one of those people that just had to ke sure everyone was comfortable, make sure that everyone was ok" said dr. ben carson. saturday at a campaign stop in sioux city.....i spoke one-on-one with the gop presidential hopeful about the tragic loss....and why he suspended campaign. "when a child dies, i don't think anyone can actually understand that unless it's happened to you, it is the most devestating thing you can possibly imagine" said dr. carson. the retired neurosurgeon also spoke about his strategy for the caucuses saying that he's going to continue to talk about the nation's issues ..., regardless of his medical, and not political, background. "it really doesn't matter if it's coming
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politician or from a member of we the people: if it makes sense, then we should identify with it" said dr. carson. while some are identifying with his campaign carson has seen a major decline in support; but he says town hall meetings like this one is how he plans to regain momentum. "it doesn't matter where you start from, it matters where you end up" said dr.carson. jess: although carson has dropped to fourth place in the polls.... he says he is not deterred. carson said his main strategy for the caucuses is to keep telling the truth. reporting in the studio, jess plue for abc9 news. deborah a local newspaper is lending senator marco rubio their support. the sioux city journal announced they are endorsing rubio.... saying he represents one of the brightest lights within today's rebuplican party. the newspaper also said rubio is in the best position to expand the republican base and draw a diversity of voters the u-s senator was in ames today speaking to a crowd at the i-s-u alumni center. up next on the campaign trail, rubio visits cedar rapids and waterloo. deborah and that's not the only paper supporting rubio...both him and hillary clinton clinched endorsements from iowa's largest newspaper. the des moines register named
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as their candidates of choice today. the register says rubio has an uplifting message...and wants to hold a referendum on the nation's identity. for clinton, the paper says she's a thoughtful public servant who has respect from leaders around the world. and clinton is just as happy with the support. (reporter): "madam secretary, the des moines register just endorsed you, any reaction? (hillary clinton/(d) presidential candidate): "very pleased, obviously, it means a lot to me." the endorsements could help to influence undecided caucus-goers. however in the last two presidential cycles, the paper supported candidates who lost the caucuses. deborah hillary also gained another supporter on the campaign trail today. new jersey united states senator cory booker rallied for his favorite candidate. booker attended organizing events for hillary clinton. he made stops in council bluffs, fort dodge...and sioux city. "hi, this is cory booker. here for hillary clinton. i am in sioux city and i might have a few people that would like to say hello." crowd chanting: "hillary, hillary,
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there is speculation that booker could be considered as a v-p for clinton. this evening booker also hosted a campaign event in des moines. deborah republican presidential candidate ted cruz has gained the support of a popular t-v personality. the 'cruz for president campaign' announced the endorsement of glenn beck. the nationally syndicated t-v and radio host is a conservative political commentator.cruz describes beck as a good friend...and says he is excited to have him in his corner the announcement came at the faith baptist church in ankeny. here is what cruz had to say after glenn beck left the stage.
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lever back as i'm doing the little circles, and i can feel the cool mist on my skin. it feels really nice, actually. so, you can see the redness on my cheeks, so i'm gonna focus on that now. look at how that covers. i'veveot a spot on my chin i'm gonna focus on. now i'm over here working on that sun spot and the rosacea that's showing up there. it's not even going into my hair. it's not going into my eyes. i'm going right around my eye area. this tip is great for giving you wonderful precision, no mess around your hair line or onto your clothes or in your eyes. and you can feel exactly where it's going. it's so easy to control. nothing to be afraid of. okay. so that's it. i'm done. wow. i love it. it looks so wonderfully even, and it covered up the sun damage, the rosacea, the redness of my nose. and look how even i am.
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and it even lightens my crow's feet, which i appreciate. they've created this system that just sprays the product onto your face, micro -- micro-spraying. and i look younger. [ chuckling ] and i love that. >> announcer: lumine invaded a shopping mall and introduced the beauty of airbrush to women who wear ordinary makeup. for three days, hundreds of women got to try luminess air. they were photographed and videotaped and asked to o mpare luminess air to their r gular makeup. some of the women were a little intimidated. >> are you scared? >> yes. [ laughs ] >> i'm nervous about this. >> i'm a little concerned. >> it's intimidating. >> i'm nervous. >> announcer: and then they tried it for the first time. >> you ready? >> oh. i guess so. >> just push it? >> yeah. >> a couple drops? >> two, three. >> i was kind of scared i wasn't gonna be able to do it. >> it feels really good.
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thought. >> it's so easy. >> announcer: when they finished luminessing, they looked at the results. >> wow. it looks amazing. my skin looks flawless. there's a huge difference. it's so amazing. >> i don't like to spend a lot of time, and i like things very, very natural. i think it's great. this looks like i have flawless skin. >> i feel like i'm 10 years younger. i really do. i mean, this looks great. >> i have so much redness, and i don't see that anymore. it's very easy, and it's great. i like it a lot. >> i love it. >> i'm ready to take one home. >> i do look good. it looks incredible, yeah. thank you. >> announcer: the new and improved luminess airbrush with our new no mess tip makes covering difficult problems fast and simple. watch this video demonstration. take a look at the blemish on this woman's face. now watch the airbruru make it disappear.r. the blemish h gone without the need for heavy, streaky concealers. you just saw it happen.
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disappear instantly. the age spot's gone without the look of heavy, cakey foundation. can your current makeup do this? of course not. how about dark circles under the eyes? airbrush covers them like magic. here's redness and rosacea. now watch it vanish quicklkl easily, and flawlessly w whout any heavy buildup at all. this is luminess air. >> the coverage is amazing. the tiny, little, broken capillaries, the little red dots, the sun damage -- it covers all of that. >> announcer: if you have sensitive skin or struggle with breakouts, the way you're applying your makeup could be a big part of the problem. >> this brush is a potential cause of infection on the skin. >> announcer: dr. debra luftman is one of f e world's leading dermatologiststs she's the e thor of the book "the beauty prescription," and her beverly hills practice is filled with celebrities who need care for their skin. she has an important warning about using dirty fingers,
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>> a brush is a porous material that can get contaminated very easily by touching skin, then touching makeup. and if you use your dirty fingers to apply makeup, then that can even be worse. potentially, this could be the source of irritation and breakouts. touchless makeup with the luminess air means that there is nothing that is going to be contaminating e makeup and then contaminating your face and contaminating your skin and causing bacterial infections. luminess air is great because it's so gentle on your skin. it's made from natural [ elevator bell dings ] okay, that was interminable. how are 15 powerpoint presentations a "unique research opportunity"? you guys said crime-stat briefings were "fascinating."
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well, i'm -- i'm sure they're fascinating to someone.
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