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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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get out the vote in iowa. " " and with just a week to go before the iowa caucus...president ial hopefuls are putting in overtime on the campaign trail. deborah: good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm deborah souverain. a 71 year old woman was found dead in her home in des moines...and her suspicious death is now being called the first homicide of 2016 deborah the des moines police department has been on the scene of the crime since 4:30 this morning. jacob peklo from our des moines affiliate has more. " sgt. paul parizek, des moines police department: "right now, anything that's here that doesn't look like it belongs here is evidence. so, we've started a long process of identifying things that just seem out of place. we're just looking for anything that wasn't here before." police say they got a call from inside the home at 1413 pioneer road to check on 71-year-old norma jean mcneeley in the middle of the night. officers say a
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call after hearing a cry out from mcneeley's downstairs bedroom. sgt. paul parizek, des moines police department: "we can't discuss those details right now, but her death was violent." detectives found around 100 drops of blood in the area around the porch, and stretching down the street from mcneeley's home. police say mcneeley never left her house sunday morning and died inside of it as well. they spent the morning and afternoon interviewing potential witnesses, but say it'll take a little while to put everything together. sgt. paul parizek, des moines police department: "it's a large crime scene. evidence that we first saw at the home, we were able to follow quite a distce from the home. so, as they processed the scene, it took them to an area across the street." jacob peklo, reporting: "at this time police have not named any suspects in mcneeley's death, but they do say they have some solid leads. reporting in des moines, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa." deborah the polk county medical examiner is now assisting with the investigation. deborah gop front runner donald trump is
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ahead of the first in the nation vote. the business tycoon turned politician....was in muscatine today. there he met with supporters at muscatine high school... and as the caucuses inch closer...he had some strong words for his democratic rivals. (donald trump) "did trump win the debate by the way? we did. we did. ok. so i have to because i'm dealing with all these people then i'm going to have to deal against hillary if she doesn't go to jail or i'm going to have to deal against bernie or somebody or bloomberg comes in which would be great. i'd love to have him come in cause i love the competition frankly, i mean it would be great if bloomberg came in." in a recent cbs poll of potential iowa caucus- goers trump holds a dominating lead of 39 percent... widening the gap between him and his closest rival ted cruz. deborah meanwhile, democratic front runner hillary clinton is also planning a few last minute pushes of her own. clinton will be meeting with supporters at a "get out the caucus event" in adel on wednesday.
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what is at stake for iowans in the february first caucus. the caucus event is being held at the adel family fun center at 10:45 am. deborah the bernie sanders campaign is turning to technology in an effort to grab last minute supporters before the caucus... in a recent iowa poll...sanders is leading clinton by just one percent... abc 9's bria bell bring us more on the new app the sanders campaign is using in hopes of maintaing that lead. bria: volunteeers for bernie sanders campaign office here in sioux city are hard at work trying to connect with voters, but unlike other campaigns. sanders seems to have technology on his side with the help of a new app. "if you need to know where to go to find out the information, go to caucus. thank you very much," said bernie sanders campaign caller. iowa caucuses are a week away and bernie sanders' campaign volunteers are hard at work trying to reach potential supporters. volunteers have become saavy in their ways and created an app for canvassing called, "field the burn" in an attempt to reach nearby voters by address or phone. "it was brought to our attention by des moines and we just decided to go full force and use it," said traum. traditional
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in place as phone calls and door to door visits are being made, but with it being 2016, connie says it's an alternative way that helps in making great strides for the sanders campaign. "i think it's been very successful. you know, people text and they don't really like phone calls or they're at work and don't like to be interuppted so i think it's really important," said traum. recent reports speculate sanders' game plan heading into caucus is very similar to president barack obama's run in 2008 when he faced former secretary of state hilary clinton. "oh, i think that's true and i think that the grounds swell of millenials and people who are getting excited, who are realizing what bernie's message says and how it resonates with them...definitely i think that's true," said traum . bria: again, bernie sanders is up in the iowa polls with 47 percent
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clinton behind with 46 and martin o'malley with 5. in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. deborah gop contender marco rubio be in the hawkeye state this week...and he''ll be joined by senator joni ernst. the iowa senator is scheduled to make an appearance at a rubio rally on monday. the event is taking place in des moines. joni ernst's special appearance on the campaign trail... comes just days received an endorsement moines register. push is also gearing up for a major push ahead of the caucus. bush has several stops planned the weekend before the caucus. carroll.....sioux center...and right here in sioux city 29th. the following okoboji....clear falls...and dubuque. deborah big news for fans of ragbrai... the route for the annual event has
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the ride kicks off in glenwood then heads to shenendoah... from there riders are off to creston.....leon.... centerville...ottu ma......washington.. .and it all ends in muscatine. this year's route is 420 miles long...the 3rd shortest route in history. organizers believe this year's event featrues another great mix of places to visit. t.j. juskiewice, ragbrai director: "we go to some great, great traditional iowa towns with center squares, towns like centerville and leon have got a really neat downtown, so ragbrai is going to feel really welcome there. " more than 100- thousand people are expected to participate in the ride. ottumwa and each breaking 13 hosting. held july 24th through the 30-th. deborah famed sioux city photographer george lindblade held a book signing today for his latest work. the book entitled highlights the city's fire its fire fighters
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the event was hosted at fire station four. lindblade says he enjoys meeting with the people who admire his work. and he is excited about a new project he is working on. "well, this is going to be an interesting book and a lot of people wanted to write a story about my career and my life and how i accomplished the things i did." five dollars from each book sold will benefit the sioux city fire department. if you would like a copy of "fully involved" you can buy one at "sioux city gifts" located at 19-22 pierce street. deborah this weekend's blzard on the east coast was no match for some members of virginia's national guard. they sprung into action to help emergency workers get to their jobs, without the ri of driving in the snow. they are using two humvees, to transport nurses and doctors back and forth to work at hospitals, and even transported blood for the american red cross. so far they've done around eight missions in just
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guard) "as far as i'm concerned everybody in virginia is my neighbor and i'm out here helping my best of my ability and my fellow soldiers are doing the same thing," this virginia stay active and run transport state of emergency is lifted. system now has millions of people along the east coast scrambling to dig themselves out of the snow weekend of crippling winter the blizzard killed people... thousands of flights... and essentially shut down several of the nation's largest cities. cnn's chris s lch has the latest on the clean up effort. " all along the east coast the diligent hum of digging can be heard... nats and scraping.. nats and of course plowing... crews trying to clear roads. cities like washington, baltimore and philadelphia are working to get metro, train and bus services up and running ahead of the monday morning commute. (mayor jim kenney/ (d)
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will be a long-term plowing and cleaning operation. hundreds of people worked around the clock and they will continue to do so. in new york -- even though the travel ban has been lifted and buses and most trains are operational-- officials are still urging residents to stay off the roads. (mayor bill de blasio, new york) leave your car where it is. don't try to shovel it out today. unless you have an emergency or something truly urgent, leave your car where it is. washington d-c brought in 400 extra snow removers... and canceled schools monday. the coastal flood warnrng has been lifted in new jersey-- where several cities were inundated with high water that caused widespread power outages. officials say the worsappears to be over... (governor chris christie/(r) news jersey) and so we've really done very well in this storm, and we have no concerns about flooding or damage from flooding any time soon. drivers in at least three states stranded for hours during the peak of the blizzard. while the storm has moved on - officials warn we're not in the clear just yet. (governor larry hogan/(r) maryland ) "it's still very dangerous and there's some, some of our highways
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to pavement and you might be cruising along at 50 mph and then you're going to hit snow and we're going to have some accidents. we're lucky with no fatalities. we want to keep it that way." in washington, i'm chris welch reporting. " deborah: when we come back... while the east coast is working to dig themselves out of storm's aftermath, one animal is taking to the snow in a different way. also, a new fish was discovered...and you will not believe what it can do. elisa icy morning commute.. afternoon light snow.. then sunshine and 30s? details next.
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with an unusual discovery. a fisherman who travels to the bay of islands every summer for a snorkeling trip, found something new this year -- a fish with legs! the curious creature is called a frog-fish...which is a type of anglerfish, and is an unusual sight in new zealand. this fish can not only walk -- but also possesses a strong bite that's
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speed compared to that of a 22- caliber bullet....however, the fish itself is not a strong swimmer. the new creature likely arrived in new zealand waters as a result of being pushed down from the tropics during storms. deborah while many people on the east coast are struggling with weather, some animals are soaking it in. a panda named, tian tian, is caught on video rolling around and loving the snow this took place at the smithsonian's national zoo and conservative biology institute. tian tian woke up to the snow... and as you can see tian tain couldn't resist. deborah/elisa snow tomorrow?! elisa elisa raffa m dense fog advisory in effect tonight. visibilities already near/ below quarter of mile in some spots. wininr weather advisory in effect for southeastern siouxland counties
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the morning and afternoon... during commute times. very gloomy skies today, front starting to set up a bit. clouds will stay.. we can tonight with patchy fog.. more ice potential by morning with icy roads as you're headed to work and school. there's our front on tonight... mainly clouds but we could see a mix starting after midnight. stormcast isn't picking up on it, but we could see some freezing drizzle in sioux city for the morning commute, that lasts until the afternoon for areas se where the advisory is in effect.
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blustery.. blowing snow could be a hazard. this might be too fast, but we'll see snow ending later in the evening.. light accumulation all around. clclds linger tues, sunshine wed. ice potential... sioux city will see ice in the morning, but it will last longer for areas south and east, small accumulations but slippery noneththess. sioux city will see more snow.. 1-2"... 2-4" nw. again... freezing drizzle to impact mon am commute in sioux city.. through the afternoon se. slick roads and blowing snow.
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on sky cam. temps around normal today, but this morning was warm. temps steady in upper 20s and some 30s. winds shifting but not too breezy, blustery tomorrow. tonight late wintry mix possible, patchy fog.. dense in nw iowa, low 26. tomorrow.. icy
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gusts to 30mph. icy early.. clouds linger tuesday. then sunshine and 30s for the rest of the week! deborah/elisa be careful on those roads tomorrow.. thanks elisa! deborah:
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alex will give us a look at your local sports alex:
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always matter the sport..... the rivalry extended to the wrestling mats today as the sker hosted thunbeaten hawkeyes... a new home dual record three thousand five hundered and ninety two fans at today's big ten showdown in lincoln..... starting at 125... iowa's thomas gilman--ranked 2nd....takes care of tim lambert 10-4 hawks take the early 3-0 lead...
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eric montoya l to 3rd-ranked cory clark of iowa by decision... and got all up in his grill after the match.....dont think these teams like each other.. == 141 huskers pick up their only win in the 1st 5 matches....a series of takedownsns.... anthony abidin takes down pher carton 7- 6... iowa ahead 6-3 == gets chippy... tyler berger runs over edwin cooper after the whistle huskers lose a team point on unsportsmanlike conduct it wouldn't matter in the long run....iowa stays perfect with the 21-1win. alex dating back to last season, the hawkeye hoopsters have won twelve straight conference games..... that streak is iowa's longest since the 1969-70 season. 46 years, hawkeye fans.....this team is legit! carver-hawkeye arena sold out for today's matinee with 22nd-ranked purdue....iowa looking for the season sweep. coming off a career-high 29 points against rutgers....peter k hits the jumper......he finished with 13..... and how about this
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uthoff stuffed by caleb swanigan....the big man runs the floor and dishes to a.j. hammons for the lay- in.....purdue led by two at the break... second half now....mike gesell spots up and hits the triple....the senior makes it 38-35 hawkeyes....... uthoff on fire could make the case that he's an all-american......22 points to lead all scorers.... iowa ban the second half on a 23-6 run.....buckets from seven different's uthoff with the flush! the hawkeyes polish off purdue 83-71......iowa is 7-0 in big ten play for the first time since 1970; same matchup on the ladies side in west lafayette...the hawkeyes have won the last two meetings... pick it up 2nd quarter, boilermakers up 13! but the hawks heat up.... christina buttenham spots up drains the three. then from the me side, tania davis sinks the triple. ananone more from alexa kas- taw-ne hawks within 6! then it's kas-taw- nek down to chase coley. iowa within one. and they trailed by three at halftime 2nd half, iowa cuts it to 1 as whitney jennings drops in the floater. but that's as
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would come. dominique mcbryde with the deuce. hawks lose their 3rd in a row, 90-73. alex nebraska's four- game winning streak is over...... michigan visited lincoln on saturday and left the state capitol with a 13-point win. the huskers had d reeled off consecutive wins over rutgers, minnesota illinois and michigan state before saturday's loss.. nebraska trailed 33-30 at halftime and thats all the closer they got..... glynn watson junior and andrew white led the huskers with 15 points a piece, but it wasn't enough to get the job done. "we gave them so momentum in the first half. few of those mistakes were mine. when you have a team like that who is a rhythm offensive team, you can't let them get rolling. that was kind of our emphasis all not let them have a hot starar because that not the kind of team you want to play and try to dig yourself out of a hole." nebraska returns to the hardwood next saturday at purdue. the lady huskers on the road at michigan today.......and oh
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the freshman became the first player in nebraska history to record a 30 point, 20 rebound e had 35 points...93-81 the final. for the first time in nfl playoff history....two heisman trophy winning quarterbacksfacing newton and thehe panthers...carson palmer and the cardinals in the nfc championship. second down 17-0 before forrmer uni standout david johnson scores.....arizona cuts the lead to 17-7.... carolina back on newtown goes full superman and dives over the pile for the touchdown....pant hers rolling on their home field.....and those fans get a great souvenir then right before halftime.....palmer looking endzone....but is picked off....carolina advances to the big game....49-15 the final. so carolina will meet the winner of this one on february 7th." denver hosting new england in the a-f-c championship. broncos first drive....peyton manning.....with great touch to owen daniels for the 21-yard score.......7-0 denver.... second quarter.....7-6 broncos......mannin g capitalizes on a
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finds daniels again! 14-6 home team..... but here comes new england....down eight in the fourth...brady somehow finds rob gronkowski in the back of the endzone....touchd own....pats need ththtwo point conversion for the tie..... brady overerhe middle...but itstipped and picked by bradley roby.....broncos hold on 20- 18....denver vs. carolina in the big game on february 7th.
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>>the following is a production of learfield sports. music >> hi, everybody, and welcome to the steve prohm show. iowa state with two games this week, and we're recording the show after the big monday big win over oklahoma, and we'll touch on the tcu game momentarily, but, coach, what a big win for this program and for you.
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number one, that doesn't happen very often.
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