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tv   ABC9 News at 5pm  ABC  January 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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if the face off there might not be much room seeing as cruz and trump lead the polls for the republican party. "when they originally booked the room, it was simply for him to have a forum here for individuals to come here and hear him talk. and i uh heard about it last night after receiving a text from a fellow employee saying they heard on fox news about the challege," said jasman. trump has declined cruz's orginal offer and now supporters of the former texas senator say their willing to donate 1.5 million dollars to veterans in hopes that trump will show up and face off. bria: at 6, see which other candidate tried to join in on the proposed debate. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: meanwhile, trump will not to debate the rest of his republican rivals during a fox news debate tonight. some wonder if this will affect the front runner's status. abc's kenneth moton has the latest from washington. " "
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boycott... sot donald t tso i get on the stage a number of months r the first debate i got a very unfair question from somebody, but need to talk about that (boos.) instead, the gop frontrunner talked about it on the very network he's in a bitter, public feud with...taking on bill o'reilly on the o'reilly factor. sot trump i have zero respect for megyn kelly. trump wants debate moderator megyn kelly out. o'reilly suggested trump turn to his christian values. sot-trump it's called an eye for an eye i guess you can look at it that way? oh, no, no, no. if you are the christian the eye for the eye rule goes out. (show poll) trump's biggest rival in iowa, ted cruz, is demanding trump debate him one on sot cruz i don't think he is afraid of megan kelly. i don't think he's afraid of me. ithink he's afraid of the people of iowa, he doesn't want to answer their questions (show poll) for the democrats, hillary clinton and bernie sanders are in a statistical tie in a new nbc marist, wall street journal poll. iowa after his white president obama. " enthusiasm, the us." the signs of momentum for seen throughout the clinton campaign is sot matthew dowdabc news political analyst
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win...than they ever thought close) as for trump, our political analyst on this debate trump has a dueling fundraiser to help kenneth moton, abc news washington.. jenna: senator bernie sanders wants voters to know he's in good health. today, sanders' campaign released his medical records. the move is mostly custom -- but voters may find it especially important for sanders, who will be 75 years old on inauguration day. presidency, he oldest president ever elected. the current titleholder is former president ronald reagan, who took office before he turned 70. jenna: the president is signing a
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today to create a white house task force that will tackle curing cancer. vice president joe biden, who lost his son beau to cancer, will lead the panel. the president pledged in his final state of the union address to initiate a government-wide push to cure cancer, comparing it to the effort in the 19-60s to send a man to the moon. the vice president has said he plans to seek out both private and public resources. the panel is expected to meet for the first time on monday. jenna: iowa residents seem to be getting healthier. the iowa healthiest state initiative announced today that the state is now considered the 14th healiest in the nation... up from 16th a year ago. that's according to the new gallup- healthways well- being index. the index is based on people's overall well- being, not only fitness, but financial security and quality of life. jenna: a 73-year-old was killed in a hit and run accident in south sioux city this morning. that happened at the 15-hundred block of atokad
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73 year old pablito perea- ybarra (e-barra), of south sioux city was pronounced dead on the scene. the accidendt is still under investigation jenna: the texas boy-- known as the affluenza teen-- is back in the united states. ethan couch departed mexico city international airport today. he's headed to dallas... where he will face charges. couch is wanted for skipping out on his probation officers and going to mexico with his mom. he gained nationwide notoriety when he-- at the age of 16-- was giving ten years probation in a d-w-i crash that people. prosecutors are working to get couch's case moved from juvenile court... but the hearing was delayed because couch was not there. police make more arrests in the oregon standoff as the leader of government a new message.. calling on members occupying a refuge to go home. abc's elizabeth with the latest developments.
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protesters.. under facing one federal felony count of conspiracy.. and to those still occupying the oregon.. a message leader.. ammon bundy.. now speaking through his attorney. ((sot)) michael arnold, ammon bundy's attorney: "i love you. let us take this fight from here. please stand bundy and seven into custody yesterday.. another member, lavoy killed by law following a traffic ((sot)) sheriff dave ward,harney county: " it didn't have to happen. we all make choices in life. sometimes our choices go bad." authorities.. so far.. giving no details about the deadly shooting.. but this morning.. conflicting accounts are emerging about how he died. ((sot)) cliven bundy, rancher: "lavoy finicum, they have murdered him.. he had his hands in the air, and they shot him." ((sot)) mark mcconnell, eyewitness: "he charged at the law enforcement with remaining
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federal agents.. local residents echo bundy's pleas to his supporters.. it's time to go home. ((sot)) cheryl smith, burns resident: "i'm just kind of upset that bundy and his group didn't listen to the majority of the people said 'go home." liz tag: reportedly, there are as few as " " just four militants now out at the compound.. as for the deadly shooting.. police say.. a full investigation is now underway. eh, abc news, ny. jenna: the iranian president's visit to france is paying off. just hours after a 436 million dollar deal with french car maker peugeot (pih-shoh) was announced, iran finalized a $25 billion agreement to buy 118 airbus planes. the agreement also includes pilot and maintenance training and support services as iran air returns to international skies. jenna: 2015 was a good one for ford. the american automaker posted record profits last year. ford earned a net income of seven-
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dollars for the year. its fourth quarter earnings alone nearly doubled from a year ago. the company's bet on an aluminum f- 150 pickup paid off as the f-series was again the best selling vehicle in the u-s market. ford says it expects the good days to continue... and this year's sales, profit margins and earnings to all be equal to or better than 2015 results. jenna: wages are down in most major cities in the united wages are down in most major cities in the united states. a new study from the brookings institution shows wages fell in 80 of the 100 biggest metropolitan areas. the study looked at several economic measures between 2009 and 2014. almost all of those 100 metro areas saw improvement in at least one area -- such as employment, productivity, or average wealth per person. ...but most saw less pay for workers. the wage declines affected minorities more than whites. only eight cities out of the largest 100 metro areas saw median wages and employment rates rise while its poverty rate fell.
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those looking to buy a house-- mortgage rates are dropping. the 30-year mortgage rate has fallen to three-point-79 percent. and the rate on a 15-year fixed mortgage now stands at three- point-seven percent. freddie mac say it's the fourth straight week of declines. back in december... the federal reserve raised rates for the first time in nearly a decade. many would-be home buyers assumed it meant the beginning of the end for record-low mortgage rates. experts say the steady drop in rates show the federal reserve is not the sole determinant of mortgage rates. jenna: still to come... are doctors starting to persicribe exersise like they would medicine? we'll have more coming up fred: pleasant friday, 40s for the weekend and a snow storm possible on tuesday. details next. " " fred: jenna: tim:
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above normal. temperatures looking fantastic right now... upper 30s even some 40s west. winds aren't too breezy and they'll continue to calm which will help the development of some fog. not too cold tonight with partly cloudy skies and some fog rolling through. chilly 20s in the morning. clouds have been tricky today cloudier in nw iowa.. and we can see that tomorrow as well. low pressure to our northeast spilling in some clouds, we'll see that tonight as well. quiet tonight on
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fog. by morning a southerly flow kicks in, that will have us warmer, in the mid 40s. we'll also have a system passing us up north, that could hinder some sunshine, especially in nw iowa. also could drop a raindrop or two. but either way sun and clouds tomorrow. quiet again friday night. saturday we'll keep the southerly flow, so we'll keep the mid 40s again. by saturday night, sunday morning we could see a wintry mix come into play, very light accumulations. tonight, 24 patchy fog and a bitch chilly. tomorrow, pleasant for our friday.. sun and clouds, possibly more clouds and temperatures in the mid 40s. 7-day has that early mix on sunday, still in the 40s. then all eyes on tuesday. snow likely, winds blustery... how much snow.. too soon to tell, we are working on that in the weather center. what we can say is it's still in the chance range, the track is uncertain. timing would be tuesday, with threats of heavy snow and high winds. fred: tim: jenna: looking forward to the warmer weekend! thanks elisa!
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coming up... and r-x... for exercise? why some doctors are now writing a presciption for you to get healthy.
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help combat weight gain. flavo-noids are natural compounds that appear in many types of produce, strawberries, grapes, and onions. the study, published in the journal b-m-j, followed more than 124-thousand middle-aged and older people. it found that those with diets rich in flavo-noid maintained their weight better. some even lost a little weight. focused on flavonoid also and chocolate. jenna: time, but we can't hear it enough: regular exercise is key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and preventing some diseases. now, some physicians have taken it one step further. they're recommending that health care professionals actually prescribe exercise like they would medicine. jim morelli has today's health minute. " " (lipi roy, md. mph/massachusetts general hospital) "there's no single treatment or intervention that can have as diverse benefits as exercise" the journal of the american medical association recently published a "call to action" its authors recommend that health care
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for all patients... calling it "one of the most important prescriptions a patient could receive." (lipi roy, md. mph/massachusetts general hospital) studies have shown that when a health care professional a doctor or nurse advises a patient to adapt a healthy lifestyle behavior that patient is more likely to adapt that behavior. the 'call to action" recommends health care professionals -- treat physical activity as a vital sign -- write a prescription for exercise -- and encourage record-keeping of daily activity how much daily activity is needed? hint: you don't have to run a marathon. (lipi roy, md. mph/massachusetts general hospital) it can be as simple as walking for 30 miutes three times a week. consider all the diseases exercise can keep at bay. (lipi roy, md. mph/massachusetts general hospital) high blood pressure, type two diabetes, obesity, stroke, depression and the list goes on... are increasingly saying... exercise "is" medicine. jenna: of course, it's always a good idea to check in before starting of course, it's
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with your doctor before starting an exercise program. physical activity your day.... as easy as parking far away from the store or taking the stairs. jenna: if you have an idea next up-and- coming business... here's your chance to share it. more on innovation market,
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jenna:: pitch their ideas is almost here. chris jackson from the sioux city growth organization's joins me today. folks to submit their business ideas and the community has the them place on february 23rd but they still need folks to submit their ideas. the live at five interview will be for the sioux city organization's
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event. innovation market is where people can submit their business ideas and the community votes on them. the actual event is on february 23rd, but this interview will be more focused on getting people to submit their ideas for the event. 4th floor of the ho-chunk centre
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jenna: fred's back next with a final check of our forecast. stay with us.
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trump versus fox.
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evening. holding his own event up against
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