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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  January 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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trump is hosting... if the billionaire accepts his invitation to a one-on-one debate. "ted cruz has a problem, i mean he's got a problem," said trump. it's no secret that presidential candidates, ted cruz and donald trump, have been outspoken about their dislike for one another. after trump said that he would not be attending the next g-o-p debate hosted by fox news, cruz annouced he wants to tango with the front runner for a mano-a-mano, lincoln-douglas style debate, infront of voters on saturday. "i'm gonna propose a venue, western iowa tech, saturday night, sioux city, we already have it reserved," said cruz. but those in charge at western iowa tech had no idea about cruz's major plans. "when they originally booked the room, it was simply for him to have a forum here for individuals to come here and hear him talk. and i uh heard about it last night after receiving a text from a fellow employee saying they heard on fox news about the challege," said jasman. the college is not opposed to the dual, but would need to make appropriate
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crowds, considering both candidates are leading in polls. "we would need to make sure that our security department was informed as to what was going would be very unique for our campus to have that happen here, it would be very unique for sioux city as well, it's just that we are limited in our space here. i would think they would have an overwhelming response of people that would want to be here," said jasman. donald trump has declined cruz's proposal, stating he has an event already planned to raise money for veterans. cruz supporters then offered to donate 1.5 million dollars for those who have served to get trump to agree to the one-on-one debate. western iowa tech is awaiting to hear from both candidates in regards to what will really go down this weekend. bria: republican presidential candidate, carly fiorina, even candidate, carly fiorina, even chimmed in, upping the ante, to 2 million dollars to get trump to deabte against her at drake university tonight at 8 p.m.
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carly's challenge. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: trump is hosting his wounded warriors fundraiser tonight in des moines, while the fox news debate is going on in the same city. mike huckabee says he'll be joining trump after he takes part in the undercard meeting. (mike huckabee/ (r) presidential candidate)i'm free at 8 o'clock. i offered, by the way wolf, i would take his podium at the 8 o'clock debate and that was rejected so i said ok, i'll find something else to do at 8 o'clock and that's exactly what i've done." campaign says the looking forward earlier fox news debate... then trump, as well. bernie sanders took a shot at during a visit in he stopped by a high school there to talk to students and answer questions. sanders spoke up about trump's stance on illegal immigration when the topic came up. "what has upset me very much in the last what we're hearing from people like donald trump on not
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on immigration, but we're hearing racist and bigoted attacks against a whole group of people." the vermont senator made several other stops today, including a rally in fairfield with actress sarandon. jenna: hillary clinton is getting help hawkeye state. spent some time campaigning in iowa for his wife, caucuses. the former president spoke this afternoon to a crowd at wartburg college in waverly... telling voters hillary is the best candidate because she has the experience and temperament to be a "change maker ". jenna: a release from the secretary of state's office has revealed an uptick in iowa voters registation in the past month. between january first and today, more than 53- hundred people have registered to vote. more than 23- hundred of those are democrats. you can still register on caucus day if you get to your
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enough and have all the right information. jenna: protesters in des moines were speaking out about a hot button issue this campaign cycle, minimum wage increases. "nat pop- :03 outcue- "shut it down" " the group of fast food workers used tonight's debate in des moines as a platform to bring attention to their "fight for 15". the group says the republican's agendas doesn't support raising the minimum wage. "fight for 15" groups have organized rallies thorughout the country last year. " my only message is to get out to other workers and to the candidates that, if they want our vote, they need to support fifteen and a union. and, for the workers that feel that they don't get enough and they're scared, they have no reason to be scared. they should come out and protest with us." the protesters say they will be downtown for another demonstration during the debate. republican candidates' campaigns have not responded to
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coming up those who love bar be cue a new place in town that promises the maximum b-b-q experience. after the break... pleasant friday, 40s for the weekend and a snow storm possible on tuesday. details next. " "
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a fomer staple in town, green gables crazy bob's maxiumum up yesterday on the corner of pierce and 19th street, customers say that they are glad green gables building stay a restaruant, something owner agrees with. " i don't want it to just look like a restaruant andt's got character. the location, green restaruant for a it needed to stay restaruant and this part of the town could really use it." say owner bob larsen. larsen says that the exterior of the building is being worked on to get completed, but wants customers to come hungry because he want to have you leave full. open seven days a week. tim/jenna/fred gorgeous today! fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om melting snow on the
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company sky cam hd. 39 our high, and our morning low well above normal. temperatures looking fantastic right now... upper 30s even some 40s west. winds aren't too breezy and they'll continue to calm which will help the development of some fog. not too cold tonight with partly cloudy skies and some fog rolling through. chilly 20s in the morning. clouds have been tricky today cloudier in nw iowa.. and we can see that tomorrow as well. low pressure to our northeast spilling in some clouds, we'll see that tonight as well. quiet tonight on stormcast besides some clouds and fog. by morning a southerly flow kicks in, that will have us warmer, in the mid 40s. we'll also have a system passing us up north, that could hinder some sunshine, especially in nw iowa. also could drop a raindrop or two. but either way sun and clouds tomorrow. quiet again friday night.
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so we'll keep the mid 40s again. by saturday night, sunday morning we could see a wintry mix come into play, very light accumulations. tonight, 24 patchy fog and a bitch chilly. tomorrow, pleasant for our friday.. sun and clouds, possibly more clouds and temperatures in the mid 40s. 7-day has that early mix on sunday, still in the 40s. then all eyes on tuesday. snow likely, winds blustery... how much snow.. too soon to tell, we are working on that in the weather center. what we can say is it's still in the chance range, the track is uncertain. timing would be tuesday, with threats of heavy snow and high winds. jenna/tim/fred keeping an eye for updates in the
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still to come... iowa law enforcement are
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iowa law enforcement are combatting a rising problem in the state. human trafficking.
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eary this morning, the dakota county sheriff's office says the accident occured on the 1500 blocki of atokad drive.
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when police arrived to the scene they discovered 73 year old pablito perea-ybarra of south sioux city, dead authorities are still investigating the accident. jenna: a sioux city woman has been arrested for soliciting sex acts at a local motel. police say 30 year old consuela williams was arrested after using a website known for prostitution advertisements to offer sexual services in exchange money. williams was caught after sioux city police carried out a sting operation at her motel room at the palmer house. she's being held at the woodbury county jail. on a thousand dollar bond jenna: other parts of iowa are also seeing the effects of sex trafficking and according to a nonprofit based in the quad cities, hundreds fall victim to the crime in that area. reporter gretta patrick has more on organization is working to change that. "open-nats] cathy o'keeffe is the executive director of braking traffic... an organization that works to stop human trafficking through advocation for legislation...
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education... cathy o'keeffe/exectutive director, braking traffic: this is a very much a newly recognized crime, it's a hidden crime, so it's important for everyone to start talkinout this, to bring it to the forefront. braking traffik has already worked with local police officers and davenport rotary... telling them which behaviors are signs of sex trafficking.... and who to notify if they see it... the newest organization to partner with braking traffik... local hotels... denise browning manages the stoney creek hotel... denise browning/ gm of stoney creek hotel: we don't really know how to help, and it's like, as a hotelier, i think we all feel that way. general managers, owners, and line staff, i think we all want to know if we see this happen, what do we do?" o'keeffe told us nationwide... thousand victims of and when braking online ads for local statistics... o'keeffe says what they find is shocking... o'keeffe/exectutive director, braking hundreds of ads thousands across the state, adults and children for sex. browning says her staff at the stoney creek hotel is looking forward to bringing in braking denise browning/ gm of stoney creek hotel: it just felt
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things to do for our guests and for everybody who walks into the doors of the hotels. she says the training will help all of her staff from management to maintenance become another line of defense in the fight against human trafficking... gretta patrick " coming up in sports...the musketeers kick off a three game weekend tomorrow. hear from the team on bouncing back from last week's 7-0 loss. plus...iowa made its first trip to maryland tonight for a top ten clash. we'll have an update from the
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with then number 17 maryland at the friendly confines of carver hawkeye arena, the hosts jumped out to a 22-3 lead and never looked back in their 71-55 win. tonight, the third ranked hawkeyes made their first trip to the xfinity center to take on the eighth ranked terrapins, looking for a similar result. score update. the hawkeyes came into the game as five and a half point underdogs. we'll have all the action from this game for you tonight at ten. chris: after playing just once in the last thirteen days, the sioux city musketeers return to action this weekend with three games in three days, including two on the road. while that's certainly a tough stretch, the team is anxious to get back out on the ice after their showing last friday. in that lone game the last two weeks, the musketeers went to lincoln and
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loss and the team is ready to get back to work. eeli tolvanen--"of course, it's an opportunity to show how good we can be when we play the best we can." jackson keane--"i ththk everyone's itching to get back out there and kind of make up for last week with a couple wins this weekend so. i think we've just been working hard in practice and going out and gonna show what we can do." jay varady--"any time in athletics you lose on a lopsided game, you want to get back at it as quick as possible. for us, we had to sit on that for six days, that's an uncomfortable feeling for a coach, an athlete, for anybody. so for us, we were waiting to get back on the ice and get back to work." here's a look at the weekend for the musketeers. it kicks off tomorrow at dubuque...the team that coach varady skated for when he played juniors. then they'll swing through des moines saturday night to take on the buccaneers before returning home for the
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nearly a month sunday afternoon. puck drop is set for 3 o clock at the tyson. chris: king of the cage makes its return to siouxland this weekend and this time, there are championship belts on the line for a pair of siouxlanders. kyle angerman will go for the welterweight amateur world title saturday night at winnavegas casino resort. that would be his first championship. in the co-main event, john devall moved up a weight class in search of a second championship this time as a flyweight, and he hopes to add to his collection. john devall--"i view myself as a pirate and you know, i got my main goal in life. now i'm kind of on this treasure hunt. and for us it's, our prize is--or our booty would per se be belts. you know, i want all the gold i could possibly get til i finally reach that number one spot." kyle angerman--"i will have the belt.
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gonna have to really kill me to win that belt from me. it'd mean everything. doors open at 4:30 saturday down in sloan with fights starting at 6. the super bowl is ten days away and the money in las vegas is pouring in for the carolina panthers. according to a report from espn, 87 percent of the spread bs and 94 percent of the total money wagered at one book has been on the panthers, who are currently five and a half point favorites. how's this for a staggering stat's estimated americans will bet 4.2 billion dollars on the super bowl...and 97 percent of that will be wagered illegally. jenna/tim/chris/fred: tonight, 24 patchy fog and a bitch
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most major cities in the united states. a new study from the brookings institution shows wages fell in 80 of the 100 biggest metropolitan areas. the study looked at several economic measures between 2009 and 2014. almost all of those 100 metro areas saw improvement in at least one area -- such as employment, productivity, or average wealth per person. ...but most saw less pay for workers. the wage declines affected minorities more than whites. only eight cities out of the largest 100 metro areas saw median wages and employment rates rise while its poverty rate fell. jenna: good news for those looking to buy a house-- mortgage rates are dropping. the 30-year mortgage rate has fallen to three-point-79 percent. and the rate on a 15-year fixed mortgage now stands at three- point-seven percent. freddie mac say it's the fourth straight week of declines. back in december... the federal reserve raised rates for the
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nearly a decade. many would-be home buyers assumed it meant the beginning of the end for record-low mortgage rates. experts say the steady drop in rates show the federal reserve is not the sole determinant of mortgage rates. jenna/tim/chris/fred: tonight, 24 patchy fog and a bitch chilly. tomorrow, pleasant for our friday.. sun and clouds, possibly more clouds and temperatures in the mid 40s. 7-day has that early mix on sunday, still in the 40s. then all eyes on tuesday. snow likely, winds blustery... how much snow.. too soon to tell, we are working on that in the weather center. what we can say is it's still in the
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timing would be tuesday, with threats of heavy snow and high winds.
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