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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  January 30, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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elisa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m winter storm watch in effect for south siouxland tuesday. for now, light rain on radar north of rain and some flakes mixing in... mix turning to snow by the morning then lingering clouds.
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updates on tuesday's winter storm potential in just a few minutes but first here's jess with your local news. "it would be nicicto see donald trump arrive and have a real conversation about the issues. texas senator ted cruz stumps in iowa....and calls out donald trump for turning down his challenge to a one-on-one debate at a siouxland college. "i love fox " trump speaks out in davenport on fox news "nats of bottle and horn " the u-s-s sioux city got christened in wisconsin jess good evening and thanks for joining us... i'm jess plue. jess the caucuses are just 48 hours away and the campaign trail is heating up. today gop presidential
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made several stops in the hawkeye state.... including one right here in sioux city. where he called out his rival donald trump to a one-on-one debate.. deborah souverain attending the evevt. she brings us more " " that's right jess, i'm here at wit community college and as you can see i am surrounded by a number of cruz supporters, and the big questions on everybody's minds tonight; is donald trump going to show up. you may remember, that cruz challenged trump to a one-on-one debate here tonight, but as of now there's no sign of the billionaire business man and cruz is calling him out, " said deborah souverain "i hope perhaps donald will join us, and indeed i did invite phil robertson to join us to see if perhaps with duck call he can call donald to join us, and phil's talented so it might well work," said ted cruzted cruz suggestiti donald trump chickened out of his challenge...of a one-on-one debate saturday night in sioux city . "it would be nice to see donald arrive and actually have a discussion about the issues facing this country actually say something other than insults,"said cruz. donald didn't
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tech community college... but over 1,200 cruz supporters did... with just two days before iowans select their favorite nominee. cruz is on the the offensive and defensive... going aftetehis gop rivalsls..and laughing off criticism about a recent campaign mailer....that attempts to shame iowans into voting.... "(chuckle) these mailers are routine. the iowa republican party has done so in past elections and i will apologize to nobody for using every tool we can to encourage iowa voters to come out and vote," said cruz cruz who was leading trump in a des moines register poll last month.. now traiai the real estate mogul... in a a ll released today...with 23 percent support to trump's 28 percent. cruz is stumping with his wife, heidi, conservative leader bob vander plaats and congressman steve king.. monday...we'll know just how
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caucus will be. jess republican front-runner, donald trump, is setting up camp in iowa all weekend, in hopes of sealing a caucus victory on monday. this afternoon, trump spoke to a large crowd at a middle school in clinton. then hheaded over to davenport, where he shared his feelings about fox news. "i love fox. i think fox is perfect but fox was taunting me a little bit and i said, 'look, i'm not going to do the debate, i want to do the debate so badly, i'm not going to do the debate. i didn't do the debate. it didn't do well. i opened something up. we were at six million dollars in one hour for the vets (cheers) and i was so proud of it. " jess trump p just one of three candidides spending sundadain sioux city. . chris christie is holding a town hall at morngside college. the new jersey governor speaks at nine a-m in the olsen student center. hillary clinton continues her "get out the caucus" tour in sioux city. she is going to be at the convention center at 5-15. and lastly, donald
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rally at the orpheum theatre in downtown sioux city. that event kicks off at 6 o'clock. jess with caususes right around the corner, it would seem fitting to dedicate a section of the "hickman- johnson-furrow learning center" to the first in the nation caucus. this new section of the learning center in morningside had it's debute this afternoon around 1-30. visitors of the exhibit n read up on caucus history as well as peruse artificats from former caucus years. "the state historical museum of iowa" is the state's flagship museum located in des moine and we are excited to be growing our outreach and coming into iowa's communities rather than expecting everyone to come to the state historical museum," said jessica rundlett featured on the first floor...the h-j-j-learning centererill be hosting the "state historical museum of iowa's" traveling display called "first in the nation: shaping presidential politics since 19- 72" until february 13th. jess if you're sitting on the fence about who to caucus for, one group in des moines is here
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it's a sport with plenty of attacks and defense, just like the campaign trail. jacob peklo from our local five affiliate has more from the eh-pay tournament. " julia walter, urbandale resident 14-19 voice of lance carlson, west des moines resident 1:03-1:11 jacob pepeo, reporting: " " far, there have been a lot ofofays that people have been determining who's winng these caucuses. on saturday, a group of fencers decided they're going to take a stab at determining the winner." julia walter, urbandale resident: "usually we practice on saturday and we come in and we're all kind of tired, but this kind of upped the ante and was something really fun for our saturday practices on saturday, the fate of the political parties lay in the balance. lance carlson, west des moines resident: "picking corn is great, but this is way more fun, and i think politics needs more swords." natural sound: "marco rubio!" "cruz." each fencer donned some political gear to represent each presidential candidate, natural sound of patting the name tag in plala and whichever r fencer could survive the swipes and lunges, with the most attacks of their own would live in to the next round. natural sound: "ready? fence!" kevin powell, head coach at red door fencing: "maybe there's a candidate that they're not as big a fan of and they'll get to hit them a lot." julia walter, urbandale resident:
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had to halt a couple bouts just because there were stickers everywhere." lance carlson was a political science major during college, natural sound of swords clinging and he says this tournament was the perfect way to mix two of his favorite interests. lance carlson, west des moines resident: "it's very appropriateto have fencing represent the political trail, witit all the attackckg and the defefeing that happens, especially during this last ph ahead of the caucuses." the round robin format allowed everyone the time to size up their opponents to see who'd stand out. natural sound of swords separating while there was many a parry on the floor, it was not enough to foil some of the upset bids. lance carlson, west "i think having the names behind me actually helped me really take victory and have their campaign energy." jacob peklo, reporting: "the primary event was pretty successful and they're hoping that come the general election in november, they'll be able to do this all over again. (natural sound of sword swashes) in des moines, jacob peklo, local five news. we are iowa. " jess in case you're wondering, the top three finishers from the fencing tournament were donald trump, carly fiorina ana hillary clinton. jess and make sure to choose abc9 for your caucus night, as we deliver the most comphensive coverage in the market
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bringing you caucus coverage from 6:30-10:30. that is in addition to our news casts at 5,6 and 10. that will include live coverage from des moines with tim seaman, and team coverage here in sioux city led by jenna rehnstrom. jess e littoral combmb ship program launched the u-s-s sioux city, today in marienette, wisc. the uss sioux city is the first naval ship to be named after sioux city and the nation's 11th littoral combat ship. this ship allows the navy to sail in shallow waters and complete a wide range of missions. it was christened by, lockheed martin, for the u-s navy at marinette marine. commander lieberman will be the ships executive office and has a message for sioux city iowa. cmdr. kenneth lieberman u.s. navy "we are so hononed and privilegeg to be paired w wh the sioux land residents. it has been a great experience the support we are getting we look forward to representing the proud residents of sioux land." the uss sioux city is about 75 percent complete
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hopes to commission it in spring or summer jess a fire at local restaurant, sneaky's chicken, business for smoke is proud to announce they're resuming business monday at 11- a-m. acacrding to eaky's owner, ve ferris, the quick turnrnround is all t tnks to the many contractors and volunteers that aided in sneaky's remodeling. to show his apprerciation, family...along with staff..will serve the restaurant's first dinner to free tomorrow at 5 p-m. jess: when we come back... one little girl is shredding expectations for what a baby can do. find out what we mean after the break... elisa rain/snow tonight... a winter storm watch tuesday... heavy blowing snow likely.. details next.
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ne bright future! check out 14
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she's snowboarding! her parents say she learned to walk at 13 months old... and one month later... she was already on the slopes! this is the smallest board on the market... but still had to be modified to fit her. the hendersen family headed up to park city to teach sloan how to board yesterday and sent us this adorable video! ! look out boarders! yoyo might see sloan shredding the slopes in a few years! deborah/elisa updates on our storm potential? elisa elisa raffa m light rain coming up on satellite and radar now. a disturbance taking shape and headed east.. rain/snow tonight.. turning to all snow by the morning. temperatures staying above freezing so little
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rain on stormcast hd..ixing with snow after midnight, leftover flurries by morning. clouds stick around through the day, and into monday as well as we start to bring in our winter storm from theheour corners rereon. monday will be dry, ok for caucus events. shouldn't see snow move into siouxland until after midnight. blustery with snow picking up by tuesday morning. winter storm watch is in effect for tuesday as that storm comes through for south siouxland. high likelihood of 6 or
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southeasterly track..meaning heavy snow areas south and east of us, sioux city can get in on some of that, but will likely have totals on the lighter end of the heavier snow. risk of 6" or more is central ne, moderate for sioux city... meaning we will probably see around 6 inches. and a high risk of 6 inches or more areas south and east. timing early tuesday through tuesday night. heaviest southeast of sioux city...
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problem. blowing snow, low visibility, even blizzard conditions possible. dangerous travel on tuesday. clouds for now. temperatures in the upper 30s. winds not breezy and shifting, out of the nw tonight. tonight 32 with rain/ snow mix... light accumumutions. tomorrow, morning snow flurries possible, less than inch accumulation and clouds lingering in the afternoon. 7- day clouds again for caucus, blustery heavy snow tuesday, windy and colder wednesday. deborah/elisa
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update elisa!
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when we come back...we head out to winnavegas for tonight's king of the cage event...alex has
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siouxlanders fighting for world titles.... john devall in the world flyweight bout. kyle angerman with hopes of winning the amateur welterweight belt. we will get to that in a cond....lets ststt with the earlrlr cards.....sold out crowd at winnavegas...... at 160.......benen halder out of des moines beats jeremy gabel of le mars.....submission by rear naked choke in the first round...... up to the heavyeights....nick
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for the first time in five years....gets mike smith to tap out due to strokes 58 seconds into the fight.... at 165......jay ellis takes care of siouxland's danny black.....tapout to due guillotine in the first round..... time for the wodl amateur welterweight championship...kyl e angerman strong throughout......he gets the best of cole bates after five rounds of action...he wins the e lt by unanimous decision. john devall lost by tko in the other world title fight...tune in tomorrow at 5:30 for those highlights... alex remember when iowa state started big 12 play with a 1-3 record? it's crazy to think how far they have come since that point.... isu has won four straight conference games....including monday's win over fourth-ranked kansas. the cyclones back in action at fifth- ranked texas a&m....this non- conference clash part of the big 12----sec challenge. 30 all at the the second...deonte burton steal and the flush! he e fininied with 11 points...... then check out this look...over the
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just silly...isu up three... a few minutes later....georges niang slips by his defender and somehow gets that one to go...he had 15...but played hurt down the stretch.... in the latter minutes...allll a&m...danuel house to the rack! he finished with a game-high 20 points... house again.....right down broadway! texas a&m ends the game on a 16-4 run.....aggies win it 72-62. the iowa state ladies gunning for a win over a top-25 opponent as well....number 21 oklahoma inin town. hello jadda buckley.....three ball is good...cyclones within three.. then its emily durr....i dont think she called bank but it counts anyway......she had 10 points off the bench.... later in the second quarter.....the dish to merideth burkhall......for the easy two...isu opens up a four point lead... cyclones by seven at the break......but in the third...peyton little connects from long range...sooners by two... and its maddie manning keeping that three train rolling.....oklahom a never trailed from that point on....isu loses its fifth straight game....77=71 the final. to the b b tete...nebraska visiting 21st- ranked
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huskers s oking for their fourth straight big ten road win. opening minutes......benny parker slips the screen and buries the jumper...nebraska on the board and what a great argly sweater tim miles.... shavon shields heating up early.........the steal....coast to coast....and the bucket through contact....huskers up 5-4 after the free throw... then its andrew fear from deep! nebraska cuts the purdue lead to one! but the o strong on their home court....a.j. hammons! who says a big man cant shoot.......purdue led by nine at the break and they win it 89-74. . alal ththmorningside men have struggled all season long...but they are finally gaining traction..... the mustangs have won three straight games....and they aren't slowing down.... morningside back at home earlier today for a non- conference tilt with grace university out of omaha.. first trip down the floor...adebayo babalola.......attac ks the rack and finishes strong...mustangs strike first..... then off the inbounds play........we find a wide open bryce cook under the hoop....he finished with 14 points...4-0 'stangs..... the royals get one back by way of the jumper....d.j. hanes so smooth off the
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down a pair...... but morningsgse would not be denied a fourth straight win.....ryan tegtmeier......for three! 'stangs roll 77-66 the final. elsewhere the gpac....northwest ern on the road visiting nebraska wesleyan.. 1st half northwestern's riley francis for three... raiders down 20-19 == then the prairie wolves speed things up trey bardsley stops and pops.. for trey wesleyan up by 7 == still first nortwestern ties things up... nathan wedel with the and 1...he had a game high 29 points... notted at 30 == not for long trevor leiting three ball nebraskawesleyan g gs on to win this gpacbattle...90-84. elsewhere in the conference.....a shocker here.....midland beats third- ranked briar cliff 95-78......this is bc's first loss since november 18....they had won 18 straight games.... professional basketball in about that! the hornets hosting topeka in a-b-a action... early first quarter......sioux city in gunter....prepare
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time slam puts the hornets on the board..... then check out this teamwork.....prett y passing leads to the easy bucket from vante franklin......horne ts take the early 4-0 lead..... winnebago fans! boys head coach jeff berridge plays for sioux city and he can shoot the rock! three ball widens the gap for the home team.... and how about gunter....that dude is strong! the hoop and the hack! hornets win their home opener 104-102.. to the rink we go......the musketeers on the road at des moines..... 1st period. sioux city strikes. mitch fossier to alex steeves, who back hands it in and then gets rammed into the wall. he'd go down and the muskies didn't like that one bit steeves would skate off and be ok. sc again threatening, but nick macnab sticks his mitt out and snags the save. later in the period, bucs looking for the equalizer. nikita pavchev with the shot, but he can't chip it in. and things would get chippy between these two all night....des moines comes out on top 2-1. alex/allison
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. tonight 32 with rain/ snow mix... light
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tosnow flurries possible, less than inch accumulation and clouds lingering in the afternoon. 7- day clouds again for caucus, blustery heavy snow tuesday,
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allison/alex/elisa " " snow flurries possible, less than inch accumulation and clouds lingering in the afternoon. 7- day clouds again for caucus, blustery heavy snow tuesday, windy and colder wednesday.
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