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tv   ABC World News  ABC  January 31, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm CST

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moving across the country. here in iowa, they're preparinge ing for a hit. and the virginia tech student accused in the death of a 13-year-old girl. his friend also under arrest. and jet, making an emergency landing. good evening, as we come on the air tonight, the candidates are all over this state. 24 hours before the iowa caucuses. the race on both sides, too close to predict. hillary clinton with a slight lead over sanders. but his crowds large and fired up here. we start with a new poll on the republican side, showing trump taking the lead back from ted cruz.
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trump fighting to close the deal after skipping the final debate before iowa. ted cruz, making news because of a continueroversial voter mailing. here's jon karl. >> reporter: tonight in iowa, trump and his family trying to close their biggest deal of all. >> he will be unbelievable. the best deal maker, the best master negotiator. >> reporter: shaking hands, signingautographs, holding babies. an all-out push to turn poll numbers into real votes. >> i don't care if you have a 104 temperature, you can't leave. you will not be able to make it. get out of bed and caucus. >> reporter: the man that wants
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how do you close this deal? >> we'll see what happens. we've done well in iowa, the evangelicals, the tea party. i think we'll have a good result. iowa is a very special place. >> reporter: the whole trump family involved. ivanka, with this how to caucus video. >> just write down trump. that's it. very exciting. >> reporter: and trump's sons, dad. trump in church today, receiving a blessing from the pastor. ted cruz, also attending church. did you pray for victory? >> i prayed for god's will to be done. >> reporter: did you pray for trump and rubio?
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i asked that god's blessing, peace, and love be upon them. >> a lot of people say cruz can't runner for the election. >> reporter: and rubio, casting cruz as the favorite. >> ted cruz is clearly the front runner. 10,000 volunteers, spent millions of dollars. >> reporter: rubio, hoping for a cruz crash. and leaving iowa voters with this promise. >> i will never embarrass you. >> and tom llamas with us live in iowa. you were there with melania trump, did she seem eager for what will come? and also, sarah palin also there? >> yes, melania is very excited, and thinks tomorrow will be great. the entire family will stay in iowa.
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tomorrow. and staffers tell me they're confident but anxious. his quote to me, very few people have won the iowa caucuses. david? >> tom llamas tonight. tom, thank you. now to the democratic icic side, and hillary clinton bringing in bill clinton and chelsea, too. the newest poll has clinton at 45%, sanders at 42%. a statistical tie. warmer words toward sanders, and appearing confident. but the sanders team, raising more than $20 million in january alone. cecilia vega tonight on the battle between the two for the best ground game here in iowa. >> stick with me. stick with a plan.
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>> reporter: 4 hour24 hours to go, and hillary clinton is counting down. >> please join me and welcoming, i hope, our next president, my mom. >> reporter: the entire family center stage this weekend. >> thank you bill. thank you, chelsea. people need to feel the deck is not stacked against them. >> reporter: tonight, hillary feeling the love. and packing in the crowds. this is just the line to get inside toee hillary clinton. look how far back it stretches. today, traveling more tha 300 miles in iowa. sanders, clocking in nearly 200. but today, sanders is confident. >> love you, too. >> reporter: on the stump, a
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this land is your land this land is my land >> reporter: but in the final hours, the vermont senator on the attack. >> dismantle health care? i've spent my life fighting for universal health care for every man, woman and child. >> reporter: and clinton, still reeling from the revelation that 22 e-mails from her private server have been deemed top secret. saying it's a dirty trick. >> i haveo point out the timing and some of the leaks are concerning. i just want the matter resolved. >> hillary clinton knows what this is like. eight years ago here, on the night before her iowa loss. they're taking no chances, actually rehearsing turnout?
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volunteers areending hand-written notes. and sanders volunteers knocking on thousands of doors as well. >> a lot of work on both sides. thank you. so, how do you get first-time voters out to caucus? and how do you get undecided voters? here's jon carl. >> reporter: one off the many hillary clinton office in iowa. it's boots on the ground time in iowa. these hillary volunteers are armed with detailed information on every door they knock. >> sometimes they've switched to trump. how is that possible? >> reporter: we're at rubio supporters, calling them to make sure they know where to go to caucus. >> sergeant bluff community center.
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student at iowa state. you're calling over and over and over again. are they okay with that? >> sometimes they do say, this is the third time you've called. >> donald trump? new york values. clinton and bush. two names from the past. >> reporter: and then there's the junk mail. some reffed this, election alert. underneath, the person's voting score, whether they've voted in recent elections. caucus on monday to improve your score, it says. warning of a follow-up notice after the event. from the cruz campaign. over at this diner, these folks
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when are you going to make that decision? >> maybe 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. i don't know. >> we'll swing by that diner tomorrow. jon, as you know, the biggest prize tomorrow night could be the first-time voters that have never voted before. and we heard trump explain how to do it. >> that's right. both are counting on a big turnout on the never caucused before voters. if they turn out, they probably will win. "good morning america" will be live from iowa tomorrow. and i'll be here tomorrow night from iowa. and the next big debate, after iowa and just days before new hampshire. join martha raddatz and me, next saturday night, right here on abc.
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into the iowa caucus, the weather weather weather. trees down in southern california,,nd the pacific highway shut down because of flooding. six inches in reno and counting. and it will hit here right after the caucuses are wrapped up. let's hope. in the meantime, we turn to a disturbing case making national headlines this sunday. breaking developments in a murder invesesgation, a virginia tech student arrested, and his friend, too. here's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, two virginia tech students under arrest.
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investigation led us to david e. eisenhower, a virginia tech student. >> reporter: saying he knew the victim, and allegedly knew the girl. a second student, charged as an accessory, helping him to get rid of the body. more than 1,0000volunteers searched. she had a liver transplant and needed daily medication. >> i didn't think that would happen to her. >> reporter: saturday, her body was found. tonight, both suspects being held without bail. >> thank you.
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e dramatic takedown. the fugitives considered armed and dangerous. authorities saying they got help from a woman in the jail. but it would appear their help has run out. here's matt gutman. reporter: they werere hauled back in through the front door. >> we're actively investigating over suspects that may have helped. >> reporter: it was a citizen that helped with the capture of nayeri. nine days ago, they hacked a doggie door in this great.
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and a teacher supplied them with google images helping. and also sent mushy love notes to nayeri. the three are being held in a different section of the maximum security jail, but separatelel this titi. vid? >> tt, our thanks to you. around the world, new concerns over the spread of the zika virus. the world health organization holding a meeting tomorrow. it's spread by mosquitos. the number of infected people growing. here in the united states, 37 cases in 12 states. now too an emergency landing for a jet. a passenger shot this video of
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profits, cashing in on the low fuel costs and baggage rates. why are tickets still going up? rebecca jarvis with three ways to fly cheaper. >> reporter: tonight, airline profits are flying high. the cost of fuel down as much as 4040 from last year. buttf you expect to see similar savings in your ticket, that's a pie in the sky. the airlines say the record profits are going back into the business. but overall, ticket costs are up 1.5% since last year. so, how do you get the best deal?
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if there's one bargain seat, the search engine won't see it if you look for two. link them afterwards when you get your seat assignment. >> reporter: look for the hub rports, and you could save as much as 15%. david? >> thank you. when we come back, the mystery fireball burning across the sky, visible in six states? and this volcano, erupting every four hours. and howdy diverseityeity stole the show in the awards show before the oscars.dates the stock ratings of top analysts into a single score...
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the colima volecano in mexico. and turning to ttery flash of night that has so many in the northeast wondering, what was that? seen as far away as ohio, no official word if it was indeed a meteor. we turn to the s.a.g. awards. a big night for diversity. id id idris elba, a big winner. >> to my parents, thank you for listening to an overly ambitious, slightltl annoying
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with the eyes of the nation now focussed on the hawkeye state, it's showtime. buzz that doesn't mean there there's notome fun beforehandnd hehe's david wright. >> reporter: it's the greatest show on earth. hello sioux city >> reporter: taking potshots at ducks. >> ted cruz is my man. >> reporter: there's even a musical. they're alwayss on my channel >> reporter: starting with meat on a stick at the state fair, and coming down to the pizza ranch strategy.
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crop of candidates. tomorrow is harvest day. david wright, abc news, des moines. >> thank you for watching tonight.
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right back here tomorrow night. " forecast first elisa 2 line cg: elisa raffa m winter storm watch in effect for south siouxland tuesday. for now, light rain on radar north of sioux city. tonight rain and some flakes mixing in... mix turning to snow by the morning then lingering clouds. temperatures stay above freezing. updates on tuesday's winter storm


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