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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  February 1, 2016 10:35pm-11:37pm CST

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already committed. "i think he's going to suprise some people, if i'm not mistaken he's in third place right now," said tim johnston, and rubio did ... winning 165 votes... beating out front runner donald trump...who came in second place here..with 101 votes. and texas senator ted cruz came in third place. now that iowan's have voiced their choice in the first in the nation caucus... everyone will be watching to see what happens in the next primary election process. deborah: marco rubio's win here tonight came as a surprise for some..however, non rubio supporters i spoke to say regardless of what happened here they remain confident. and following tonight's hopeful...mike huckabee has suspended his campaign.. here at east high..the 2008 caucus winner...received zero votes. reporting live from east high school in sioux city deborah souverain abc9 news jenna: thank you deborah when we come back,
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able to overtake her in iowa. if she is able to grind out a victory, she will take
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>> if we take iowa, we see mike huckabee dropping out, martin o'malley dropping out. it's tough. it's a huge field. >> well, we started out with 17 c cdidates, an unbelievable amount, probably unprecedented in modern history of the republican party, so even before the voting, remember scott walker who at one point was the frontrunner in the state of iowa, gradual casualties along the way before the first vote was even cast, mike huckabee dropping out tonight, you wonder with senator santorum, this would have been his state, he was the defending champion of the iowa caucuses. governor bushh has been polling slightly higher in new hampshire than here, but you have to expect the more establishment forces are going to coalesce around rubio, and that isn't going to leave much room for bush
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>> you both teach college students. this is kind of their time to shine in the iowa caucuses. were your students motivated to go caucus? were they excited about this political process? it's got to be young people tting out there, too. >> i think they're very interereed in politics, a a i think that you see politicians maybe seeking their vote more since barack obama showed in 2008 that if you get a lot of those younger voters out, you can change the electorate. >> same question for you, jeff. >> very excited. we have campus republican and campus democrat group, and a lot of excitement. it isn't that common that you have competitive races on both sides. it makes 2016 a very exciteing year. >> excitingime to be
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thank you, genemen. >> welcome back.k. it's been an excitingg night as we cer the iowa caucuses. record turnout statewide, but still too close to call on the democrat side. hillary clint just narrowly ahead of bernie sanders. look at the numbers there, 49.8 percent to 49.6 percent, still waiting for a few last precincts to come in. this has been a close race all night, hillary clinton taking the stage just a few minutes ago, reassuring her supporters of a good turnout tonight inin iowa. we're ststl waiting to hear from bernie sanders. our tim seaman is live at caucus headquarters in des moines. we'll go to him now for more. >> reporter: well, jenna, as both party chairs said going into the evening, it could be 48 hours before they'll anoun the winner of the iowa caucuses.
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with up to 8 percent still out there to be tallied, it could be late tomorrow before we get that announcement froro the democrats. even if hillary clinton does win tonight, tonight is a big loss for her. she came in with such a huge ground game, such a great organization here in iowa, already set up. bernie sanders had basically nothing. he started 50 points behind, had nothing going for him initially, until he took to the roads of iowa and made that connection with iowa voters. so i think in that aspect, a biggin for berere sanders, even if he is second at the end of the night, and he is going to have a huge night in the next few days in new hampshire with their primary. hk hillary clinton will have to look ahead to south carolina, her best chance to move ahead once she gets there. bernie sanders about to go
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told, so jenna, anxious to hear the comments from bernie sanders. tim seaman reporting. >> yes, we have got word bernie sanders there on age, ready to talk to his susuorters, live from des moines tonight. >> thank you! iowa, thank you! >> [cheering and applause] >> nine months ago we came to this beautiful city, we had no political organizazaon, w w had no money, we had no ne recognition, and we were taking on a powerful political organization in the united states of america.
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>> tonight our results look like we in a virtual tie. >> [cheering and applause] [ crowd chanting ] bernie, bernie, bernie! >> [ audio not understandable ] looks like we'll have about
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>> [cheering and applause] >> but i want to congratulate hillary clinton. >> [ applause ]. >> [ audio not understandable ] we are waging a very different campai, and i want to thank [ audio not understandable ] >> [cheering and applause] >> [ audio not understandable ] more than one campaign, but he contributed a lot, that he ran an issue-oriented campaiai, and he won the respect ofofhe american people. >> [cheering and applause] >> when i think about what
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the people of iowa have sent a very profound message to the political establishment, to the [ audio not understandable ] establishment, and, by the way, to the media establishmeme. >> [cheering and applause] >> that is -- that is [ audio not understandable ] [cheering and applause] >> what the american people have said [ audio not understandable ] and that is we can no longer
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campaign-finance system -- >> [cheering and applause] >> i am the former chairman of the senate commimiee, to try to protect the interests, men and women put their lives on the line and protect our way of life. what they were protecting is an american democracy of one person, one vote, not billionaires buying elections! >> [cheering and applause] >> bernie sanders with an enthusiastic crowd in des moines. that race on the democratic side has not been calald y y, it like lie won't tonight, but a huge win for bernie sanders, as he is giving
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the state, too close to call at this point, but we'll hope to see those results finalized in the next day or so. we'll take a short break, but stay with us. we want to check in with
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check of your >> welcome back on this caucus night and blizzard eve. a blizzzzd for everybody i i the purple an the yellow. the difference in the blizzard zones, that's where we will have very strong winds creating near whiteout conditions at times. we are starting to see siouxland. this is the calm before the snow. tonight into tomorrow morning. our stormcast hd has a handle on that. dark blue indicates heavy snow bands. we're talking about a huge expanse of heavy snow. winds will be strong by what would normally be the morning commute time. i hope it's not the morning commute for you.
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tomorrow with this very huge winter storm that will be pushing through. snow through the morning, in fact, the heaviest will fall between sunrise and noon. the problem will be even as the snow lightens up, these winds will be gusting up to 40 miles per hour. that means blowing snow, drifting snow,hiteout conditioio well into tuesday evening, and even possiblbl into wednesday morning when the snow will be done, but the wind could cause travel difficulties still on wednesday, because there's going to be a lot of snow to be blown around. maybe a few flurries here on wednesday evening, early thursday morning, but no additional accumulation at that time. we take you to the snowfall map. this is what i've been going with all day. i haven't seen any big reason to change it. a band of heavy snow, 9 to 1212 6 to 9 on eithehe side. some models coming in late this evening suggest that
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in the ballpark. if they did change, we may be bumping them up a bit. that's still to be determined, but i would say either this amount or slightly more based on new data i've seen within the last hour or so. 29 tonight. the snow and wind picked up after midnight, whiteout conditions with heavy snow, and winds gusting to 40 tomorrow. things w wl be a lot quieter afterward, with highs in the 20s and 30s. >> fred, thanks so much for your coverage of the storm. scott will pick uphere you left off in the morning, hopefully keep people safe tomorrow. >> closings and cancellations on siouxland matters, if you scroll down a little bit, they're on the right side of the page. >> on the democratic side, this race will not be calald tonight, most likely, hillary clinton and bernie
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with about 93 percent of the precincts reporting tonight. and on the republican side, ted cruzwinds wins, donald trump coming in second, marco rubio third. checking with tim one more time from des moines as we wrap up our caucus coverage, tim, it's been an exciting night. a lot of unknowns going into tomorrow, i guess. >> reporter: jenna, iowa was on the big stage here tonight, and at this point it looks like it was a successful performance. the record numbers of people that went out to participate in the caucus procedures, there was the thing about it wouldn't work if everybody went out at the same time. microsoft said it would work. it did work. the results in 90 minutes after the process started, the majority of the results were in, so thumbs uphere for the state of iowa, on a a grder scheme, what
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pool tonight, just great stories on the democratic side. you heard both hillary clinton and bernie sanders speak. they'll head to new hampshire where sanders has got some wind in his sails now, already far ahead in that state. on the republican side, it becomes a three-person, maybe four-person race, we'll see what happens with ben carson, but the rest of the folks there have to be wondering how much longer they'll stay in that race. here in des moines, it's like mice jumping off a ship. people are trying to get out of town before the storm hits, because there will be no flights in des moines. several flights have been canceled. folks who have a long way to go have a big headache they're facing tomorrow. that will wrap up our coverage at caucus central. i hope you've enjoyed the speciaia three-hour
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state as well as these reports from here in caucus central. for everyone here in des moines, chief photographer that's here with me, bryan, and the rest of our view, will say good night from des moines. tim seaman reporting. >> thank you for your coverage all evening long. final thoughts? >> i think on the democratic side, no matter how it turns out,oth secretary clinton and her supporterer and senator sanders and his supporters have something to feel good about. so each in their own way, a good night for both, i'd say. >> kyle? >> on the republican side, it will be very interesting to see who gets the big bump out of iowa. will cruz and rubio start to coalesce the establishment behind them, will trump step back, or will kasich start to surge. it will be interesting to see the impact of iowa. >> just the beginning. thank you so much. thank you for joining us on this caucus night. it's been a pleure.
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stay tuned tomorrow, and stay safe. good night. caption solutions, llc
10:54 pm dangling -- seemed like you were having fun at the s.a.g. awards. >> s.a.g., is it not alarming the use of that world? sag? sag awards? it's always struck me as being faintly amusing. i don't think we laugh about that enough. >> jimmy: it's funny because no on at all. >> you are right about that. and it's slightly unnerving. no, it was great fun, it was really a lot of fun. there's such a strange and wonderful time, you know. award season. i suddenly realized recently that we find ourselves in this incredible situation to have entered a competition that we
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and then you find yourself really wanting to win. it's like, what's happened to me? >> jimmy: do you really have that? >> i suddenly do a little bit, actually, if i'm honest. >> jimmy: wow. i like that. >> i think it's natural, isn't it, to want to win one of those great fabulous prizes. >> people lie and say it's speech. >> i'm done sayinin that. nominated. it is, it really is. it's really great to win! [ cheers and applause ] it's so great! i'm so shameless. it's so disgusting, isn't it. >> jimmy: this is a little victory at the s.a.g. awards over the weekend. >> yes. oh, that's nice. look at michael shannon, he's so delighted. >> jimmy: i don't think he knows fully what's happening before him. >> i can tell you i'm feeling susan sarandon's tits. >> jimmy: oh! >> she's shameless.
10:56 pm
>> of course not. it's like -- agh! i may have felt kirsten wig's butt as well. >> jimmy: people were excited you were sitting next to or near leonardo dicaprio at the show. even though in a way you let him freeze to death in the water. >> i agree. i think h h could have fitted on that. >> jimmy: there was plenty of room. >> i know. people always are so excited to see leo and myself in the same space. which you know, at the end of the day, that's so lovely, isn't it. it's been 20 years. people still get -- [ cheers and applause ] it's so -- it's really, you know -- really quite endearing. we do laugh about it, we were giggling about it last night. my god, can you actually belelve it, that people g g so- they just get so overwhelmed by the jack and rose thing? >> jimmy: well, yeah. first of all it's one of the biggest movies ever. really it's the first time we
10:57 pm
you, but the first time -- >> yeah. >> jimmy: was that the first time you were nominated? >> please, darling, that was my second. >> jimmy: that was your second time. >> no, actually -- that was disgusting. erase that bit. >> jimmy: it's hard to tracac >> no, i have been -- i'd done a film called "sense and sensibility" which was written by emma thompson who also was in the film. >> jimmy: right, yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> i was 19 years old. so was 19 years old and find myself at the academy awards with my parents. and all i remember is my dad got [ bleep ]. it's quincy jones! i mean, it really was a game of spot the famous person. it was completelyly you know, ovovwhelming and still is. still absolutely is. >> jimmy: were they both sitting with you at this show? >> yes, they were. >> jimmy: they were, oh, boy. >> by my side. good old mom and dad. >> jimmy: that's good and also can be bad, right?
10:58 pm
parents are going to say to others. >> that's true. and my dad can be quite sort of excitable and unpredictable. so actually you're right. >> jimmy: my dad will blurt things outometimes t t have no r rl b bring on anything. heornered one of the gs from one direction in the bathroom. >> really. what did he say? >> jimmy: "my niece is a big fan." >> that's brilliant. brilliant, i love that. >> jimmy: as if he didn't know that. >> that is absolutely fantastic. >> jimmy: when we come back, we have something -- this is going to be fun. it's an exercise. not necessarily a game. because you will not win -- it's just something forors to do. there will be no prize for you at the end, i don't want you to get your hopes up. >> why not? >> jimmy: all right, we'll give you something. >> i want prizes! >> jimmy: you can win my phone, i'll never be able to make a call again if you win this game. kitt winslet is here, the movie is "steve jobs."
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tt2w`t3n > those are the forecasts. >> this is my field. i'm begging you to manage expectations out there. >> i'm fanning expectations. >> we're not going to sell a million the first 90 days.
11:04 pm
everyone is waiting for the mac.c. >> maybe. but w wt happens whenhey find out that for $24.95 there's nothing you can do with it? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: kate winslet. "steve jobs" is available february 16th on blu-ray, dvd and digital. this is a great compliment. it took me nine minutes to realize it was you when i saw you. >> give me some! that was my hope. that was my plan. i wanted to -- i really wanted to completely disappear into her. i didn't want people to know that it was me. >> jimmy: the woman that you played, you met it? >> i spent time with joanna hoffman, such an extraordinary lady, a great friendship with steve jobs. the stories she shared were incredibly helpful. that dialect. she was born in poland but raised in armenia, went back to poland, half her family spoke russian -- i mean, it was pretty terrifying, taking that on.
11:05 pm
well is that with a europeann one you're only one step away from a "saturday night live" sketch. if you get it just a hair off, it can go the wrong way. >> jimmy: perfectly right, there are nine people a that know it's perfectly right, and she's one of them. >> it's true. >> jimmy: even to her she probably doesn't sound like she sounds because no one sounds like they sound. this was a complete waste of time. >> you're right. [ laughter ] i could have just done it in my standard rp. >immy: i enjoyed the movie. how many movies have you been in? >> i don't know. my 12-year-old often makes me count and we sit there going like this. 12, 13, 14. then we sort of lose count. i think it's probably somewhere around 30. >> jimmy: we're going to put you to the test. you've been in around 30 movies. >> i think so. >> jimmy: this game is "name that you." the object of the game -- i'll
11:06 pm
the characters from one of your movies. you have to tell us that character's name. >> good sglns we'll start with easy ones. we'll start -- you just said this one. >> joanna hoffman. >> jimmy: correct. surnames as well? >> jimmy: that would be nice. you'll get bonus points. >> some of them didn't have surnames. rose. >> jimmy: correct. "the reader." >> hannah schmitts. >> jimmy: correct. next, "sense and seseibility." >> marianne dashwowo. >> jimmy: all right, more recently -- >> janine matthews. >> what? >> janine matthews. >> correct. next up -- >> oh, wow -- >> jimmy: "contagion." >> what was her name? >> jimmy: she was a doctor. >> erin meres. >> jimmy: correct! i don't know why i'm impressed. >> rita. >> jimmy: that is rita.
11:07 pm
>> clementine kuchinsky. >> jimmy: finally one more to run the table -- >> that's -- my mother. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: kate winslet was the original chewbacca in the original "star wars" movies. >> that's right! >> jimmy: well, it's very good to have you here. good luck at the oscars. "steve jobs" is available february 16th on blu-ray, dvd and digital. we'll be right back with richard dreyfuss.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, welcome ck. still to come, music from old dominion. our next guest ialso an oscar winner and one of the greats of all-time you know him from "jaws," "close encounters, "mr. holland's opus," and many more. next up, he stars as a villain named bernie in the tv movie "madoff," it starts wednesday night at 8:00 here on abc. please say hello to richard dreyfuss.
11:11 pm
>> if it makes you feel any better we tell them not to stand because it blocks the cameras. i'm very happy to have you here. >> i am happy to be here. >> jimmy: talking to kate about the awards, were you really hoping to win? at one time you were the youngest ever to win the best actor. >> i knew i was going to win and i was thrilled to death. >> jimmy: you knew? >> i knew it. >> jimmy: how didou know? >> because i sussed it out. >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: calculations? >> my agent called me and said, you've been nominated. that was a shock. then i said, who else was nominated? when he told me who else i said, i'm going to win. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i like that. and you were right. >> i had already won a great deal of money betting against myself a numbebe of years before.
11:12 pm
on thesese things?s? >> oh, people in the biz. >> jimmy: i see. betting against yourself. >> i bet against myself when i kravitz." people said i was going to be nominated, i said no, they said yes, i said i bet you, and i was right and they were wrong. so then i figured out richard gerton, marcelo mastrani, woody allen, john travolta. i'm a lock. i'm a lock, i mean -- plauds applause [ applause ] >> jimmy: did you win anymoney? >> i won a lot of money. >> jimmy: you did. >> yes. then next year -- >> jimmy: what maniacs bet against you? >> the next year i won a lot of money betting -- quick, tell me who won the best actor last year. and the answer was me. and nobody got it. that's how fast people forget. >> j jmy: really.
11:13 pm
that's a true story. >> jimmy: did thathange your life? immediately? when you won that -- >> the bet? >> jimmy: no, not the bet. [ laughter ] the trophy itself. i mean, what was the immediate impact? >> honest to god? you can actually kind of see this on the tape. i went -- i took the award from sylvester stallone and i turned and i went -- and it took me about 15 years to figururout what that was. and it was that i didn't know or care about anyone in that audience. and i hadn't -- i felt like a complete outsider. and i felt that i had won it easily 25 years too soon. >> jimmy: really. >> and i felt this kind of stab of anxiety. at that moment. >> jimmy: why do you think you won it too soon? >> because i had nothing to
11:14 pm
i had nothing ahead of me. you know, when i say nothing, i don't literally mean nothing. but that was no longer ahead of me. >> jimmy: what about all the sex, though, you know? >> that made it better. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that takes a little of the sting out of it. >> anonymous sex, beautiful women throwing themselves at you on central park west -- it heals. >> jimmy: if you'd brought me to the awards i would have p p it in perspective for you immediately. who did you bring to that show? >> i brought my girlfriend at the time. and my mother was there. >> jimmy: all right. >> and she 11 statelevitated out of her chair when that happened. >> jimmy: so at least one person you cared about in that audience at that time. >> exactly, exactly two. >> jimmy: i have to say, when "close encounters" came out.
11:15 pm
that's a movie for me, i've seen it 40 times, i love that movie. do you get tired of hearing about? affidavit was talking about "titanic." people get a kick out of seeing her and leo. i imagine you can't eat mashed potatoes in public. you can't go to the beach because of "jaws." i mean -- >> yeah, that's why, after awhile, movie stars don't leave their house. because there are those iconic things they can no longer do. >> jimmy: i s s you once. it was 1987. i was on my first -- >> remember youn the airport. >> jimmy: in the airport, that's right. >> i remember. you were heavier. >> jimmy: you don't remember. i was actually much thinner. there was a group of baggage handlers screaming "tin man" at you, everyone screaming "tin man," you were cracking up laughing. at that point i'd not really met any celebrities. i'm like, wow, this is a crazy life this guy has.
11:16 pm
anan a triple dan martial arts expert. we used to walk around new york together. one day this kid on a bicycle screeched right in front of me. and robert all of a sudden was in front of me and in the posture and argh! and i -- whoa! all the kid was saying, "hey, jaws! and i thought robert was going to kill him. victim. this ber madoff story, i watched this, so interesting. there's so many things i didn't know about this guy. more. i didn't realize, i thought maybe he was a guy that got in over his head. but he really was a very bad -- is a veryy bad guy. >> bad.
11:17 pm
sick, psychotic man. >> jimmy: someone who knows that this is going to end badly. i mean, he must have known that it was going to end badly. >> no, he felt that he could probably outlast the world. as a matter of fact, we had a scene at one point where it was the towers. the day the towers fell. and you heaea berere saying,, "this is how it all ends. everybody dies. and i get away with it." >> jimmy: wow. >> and that's what he thought. and he didn't care whether he didn't or not. it's like in othello, thiago steps to the audience, looks up at the gods, and says, i love doing this! i love it! and i'm going to keep doing it because it's so much [ bleep ] fun! and i don't care what happens, i'm going to bring him down, her down, everybody! that's thiago, he does it for
11:18 pm
he does it for pure evil. and bernie did it for the same reason. >> jimmy: i wonder if he has television in that jail cell. i imagine he'll be able to watch you. >> if he doesn't, someone else does and he can get it from them. >> jimmy: yes, yeah. yeah. it's great to have you here. [ cheers and applause ] "madoff" premierer wednesday a miniseries, it starts wednesday night -- >> two-nighter. the 3rd and 4th of february. and it's so good, it really is so good. and it's not a joke story. it's not -- >> jimmy: not at all, yeah. >> it's desperately serious and people were desperately harmed by this man. including his own family. and when you watch it, remember that thehe head ofof abc tookk it from its original date in december and put it in the middle of sweeps week.
11:19 pm
pours money into getting you to watch their network. so it was the greatest get. >> jimmy: we're lucky to have you here. richard dreyfuss, everybody. "madoff" wednesday night, 8:00, here on abc. be right back with old dominion! >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live
11:20 pm
samsung. >> dicky: the jimmy kimmel live concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank kate winslet, richard dreyfuss and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. nightline is next but first, candy" here with the song "snapback," old dominion! strictly outta curiosity
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