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sanders claremont nh man: [yells] we eve in you! sanders: more importantly i believe in you! tag- and today the republican field narrowed even more - rand paul suspding his campaign. mg abc news with the new corner candidates are flooding in, but some surprised that hillary clinton is with sanders having a drastic some supporters see the former secretary of sanders
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don't understand why she made the choice to go to the granite state, that sanders is their neighbor and that she's losing anyway. " " . and you know maybe you should've just moved on to some of these other states where everybody says you've got big leads and all of that. i have to tell you, i just could not ever skip new hampshire. i cannot even imagine not being here." jenna: clinton has plans to continue campagining in the state. tim: real estate mogul donald trump went on twitter this morning and carbon monoxide poisoning after an incident early this morning in newell. that happened at a home on south madison street. authorities say that a couple and their six children were asleep when the father woke up and recognized his symptoms. he called 911. the whole family was taken to buena vista regional medical center in storm lake, most had to be carried out of the house. police say that one of the causes of the carbon monoxide buildup was a furnace vent that was
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jenna: we are just days away from the big game and fans are getting excited the's now while get your tickets now to tell us more ticket prices for goto double boxes thank you im here,.... consider the face value for a ticket to $10. average far value for sundays game is $1800. take vo/nat stubhub has a global office here on san francisco. they told us they're selling average of $5000 as of now. never had a fake ticket. work with homeland security. they expect, by game time, it'll drop to about $3000. levi's stadium seats 75,000. there's a lot of money in the bay area people will pay top dollar to get in. on camera tag: a year ago, ticket brokers over promised and were in a panic on game day. they spent as high as $10,000 a ticket to fulfill orders. tim: now sanfransisco in general is a pricey place to be does it look like there's price hikes all around, not just for tickets? john response....... jenna: now here in sioux city were just coming off of a blizzard, it looks beautiful out there john, with weather like that are there events planned for fans? john response....... jenna:/ tim: thanks so much john, take care and we'll check in with you soon. jenna: he is notoriously
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the price of a cancer and hiv thousand percent. tomorrow, martin shkreli will face a committee. when shkreli was pharmaceuticals... he hiked the price of the drug daraprim... charging 750- dollars per pill instead of the usual 13-dollars d 50-cents. the astronomical hike caused outrage. shkreli has been subpoenaed... but his lawyer says do not expect him to answer any questions. " " " , and yet because of the pending criminal charges if he's required to appear before a congressional committee tomorrow on the advice of counsel mr. shkreli will be invoking his 5th amendment privileges against self-incrimination and not answering any questions." congressional investigators have obtained 25- thousand pages
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including emails from shkreli. last year, shkreli sent an email to the chairman of the board of directors writing : "one billion dollars, here we come." tim: the debate over how to solve flint michigans water issues continues. some have suggested that the city should get rid of all lead pipes. but before that can happen, someone has to figure out whe those pipes are. that's what a professor and his team at the university of michigan-flint have been doing for the past 10 days. they were hired by the mayor to map out lead pipes. natalie za-row-ny explains why, despite their hard work, there are still a lot of unknowns. " " " the information is gonna be spotty, but what we do, what we should be able to get a handle on is where there are concentrations of lead to at least start." professor marty kaufman of university of michigan-flint has been leading the team that's mapping out where flint's lead pipes are. they're working off maps from the 1980's, with data dating back to the 1950's. there are more than 50,000 redential plots in the city. each one is marked with what the service lines are made of. "you have c for copper, you have l and c for lead t copper, or copper to lead, you have
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kaufman and his team have put all that data - from more than 200 of these maps - onto a digital format. they now estimate there are about 4,500 plots that have lines with lead in them and more than 10,000 that aren't marked at all - so they could have lead, too. what would kaufman recommend doing first? "it might be better to go into the homes we think have lead and verify it." most houses in flint were built before lead pipes were banned. that's why kaufman says action needs to be taken soon - which is possible. "i mean, right now, the frost line is only about 5 inches because we've had a warm winter. we can dig now. when you've lost confidence in a public water supply, you have to take measures to redeem that confidence to the public." tim kaufman'team will be done mapping the lead lines that they know of in the next couple days. the data will then
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that pain at the pump we used to talk seems to be dissipating so far this year. according to triple-a-- the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gas is now a dollar and 78- cents. filling up costs even less than the national average in some states-- like missouri and oklahoma. gas prices there are under one dollar and 50- cents. who pays the most? that would be drivers in hawaii. they pay around two-63 for a gallon of regular unleaded. tim: just six years removed from a government bailout, general motors reports its best profit margin -- ever! the largest automaker in the u-s now sells more cars in china than it does at home. g-m's profit margin reached seven-point-one- percent...up from four-point-two- percent in 2014. it's also the highest it has ever been in g-m's 107-year history. shares of g-m opened higher in wednesday trading but lost ground as stocks continued their recent slide. still to come... we'll take a look at an unconventional treatment some are using to treat cancer symptoms
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the wind will lighten tonight, then a warming trend will be seen. it will be cooler next week, though. your forecast is next! " " jenna: now that the blizzard has
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subsided, the metro area is still pretty deserted. but there are folks out there trying to get around town. road crews have been continually plowing the street as fast as they can but it's taking longer to remove because of the amount and type of snow that fell. "the heavy snow has been hard on equipment, we've had some equipment breaking down and we're just gonna keep going and eventually we'll be to the wind rows." says street superintendent ed pickens pickens hopes to begin the removal of wind rows in downtown starting friday. he also recommends that drivers have a winter survival kit in their vehicle in case they become stuck. fred: jenna: tim:
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snow coming? fred: (fred) sioux city's official snow total was 12.5". we had more downtown and on the north side. 12.4" of that fell yesterday, which broke the record for groundhog day of 3.0" from 1976. it's also the 7th greatest single day snow ever in sioux city! all of this pushes our snow this winter to 41.7", about double the normal that we would have by now.unofortunately , while road conditions have improved slightly, they are still not great. the port neal welding company skycam hd shows sunshine on the port neal welding company skycam hd in sioux city. 27 was the high today and 19 the low. in storm lake, we have sunshine. 23 is our sioux city temperature. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. wind chills are in the single digits and teens. winds are northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. the satellite and radar shows yesterday's system moving away. the stormcast hd shows a chance of snow friday. the snow forecast shows less than an inch of snow for most of us friday. estherville could see 1.0". tonight's low will be 13 with increasing clouds. tomorrow, expect a high of 30 with partly cloudy skies. the 7-day forecast shows highs in the 30s through monday, then a sharp cooldown tuesday and wednesday. we have a chance of light snow friday
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thanks, fred! doctors are trying a very old method of pain relief to help cancer patients. you'll get the "point" coming up next. jenna:
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tooth, today is a day for celebration.. today is national carrort cake day! during the middle ages, carrots were often used to sweeten cakes and desserts because actual sweeteners were rare or too pricey. so if you feel like a slice of carrot cake today grab one from your local bakery or make your own ...
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the snowman's nose. jenna: research shows acupuncture can reduce nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy while also relieving pain. now doctors are looking to see if it can help certain breast cancer patients. carl azuz has today's health minute. " " when titi ariyo was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer, her doctors put her on a treatment that caused her to have some serious side effects. "i had joint pain, my knees and my ankles and my entire body just hurt." so her physicians recommended she take part in a trial study that looked at acupuncture as a way to relieve some of her pain. she says it worked. "i was sleeping better and also the pain reduced." experts say more than 60 percent of women with early stage breast cancer suffer from hot flashes, joint and muscle pain and depression caused by their treatment. they thought if acupuncture could help these patients with some of their discomfort, it could eventually be used as therapy along with the medication. what they found was both patients who were treated with acupuncture and sham acupuncture, which involves retractable needles, that are not placed in
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said they felt some relief. dr. ting bao said, "our trial definitely shows there are minimum side effects, and this can potentially help them have significant symptom improvement, both in musculoskeletal symptoms and also hot flashes." dr. bao theorizes that the pricks from both real and sham acupuncture needles may stimulate the body which can relieve pain and sham or not, acupuncture may be a reasonable alternative to help these wome for today's health minute, i'm carl azuz. tim: after the break... you'll be able to get your tickets soon for women's night out. up next... we'll tell you how this fun night benefits the community.
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favorite event for siouxland women we're talking
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out. today i'm here with.... lisa claeys with the women's night out committee and amy scarmon with mercy child advocacy. the fifteenth annual women's night out will be held on thursday, april 7th at the sioux city convention center. wno is the largest annual event for women in the siouxland region and has played to sold-out crowds since its inception. beginning at 4 pm, come enjoy shopping, health screenings, wine and hors d'ouevres. there will be nearly 50 centers of health and beauty to visit at this year's event. dinner will be followed with door prizes and entertainment from award
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karyn ruth white. tickets for women's night out are $40 for the full evening and will go on sale saturday, february 6th at 10:00 am at w.visitsiouxcit or at the tyson box office. proceeds from will benefit mercy's child advocacy center. the center has marked its 25th anniversary of serving the needs of abused children in siouxland. jenna: fred's back next with a final check of our forecast. stay with us.
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13 (fred)
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13 with increasing clouds. tomorrow, expect a high of 30 with partly cloudy skies. the 7-day forecast shows highs in the 30s through monday, then a sharp cooldown tuesday and wednesday. we have a chance of light snow friday and again sunday.
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