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few minutes. it's time your news! " "it is a silent killer " peopleleie from carbon monoxide poisonininevery year.. find out how you can stay safe." "it's not a rare occurance; it's something that happens a lot." a sioux city couple works to help other parents who'll experience the loss of a child... by giving them the gift of time. " really frightening time for us and our hospital partners." why right now giving the gift of life is more important than
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tim: good evening and thank you for joining us tonight im tim seaman jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom. a newell family of eight is in the hospital from carbon monoxide posioning. tim: the family's condition is currently unknown... but the fatal gas can be linked to bad weather conditions, especially in times when we receive several inches of snow. abc 9's bria bell has more info on safety measures to help monitor your home's carbon monoxide levels bria: tim and jenna, every year hundreds of people die from carbon monoxide posioning, but there are tools to help detect how much of the gas is lingering in your home. "it is a silent killer and people are sickened and die from it every year," said kistner. [carbon monoxide detecter beeps] carbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless, colorless gas that kills about 170 people per year, according to the u.s. consumer product safety commission. the gas is emitted through your in home appliances like a furnace, hot water heaters, and fire places. and when we receive several inches of
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department says residents should check outside vents to ensure that they are not covered. because if not, the results can be fatal. "we want to make sure that those gasses are released into the air and not coming back into our home. so it's important that we look around our house to make sure that the vents are clear of any snow or ice build up in front of it. same thing with our gas meters, we want to make sure they're clear r d free of anything," said rodriguez. steve kistner the general manager at kalin's indoor comfort who offers residential services says that's not the only thing home owners should make a note of. "a lot of people will start their vehicles in their attached garage and warm them up in the winter and as a result, that carbon monoxide, even though it seems like the garage doors does ewnter the home and over time can become a risk," said kistner. carbon monoxide is measured in parts per million or p-p-m. and kistner recommends a low level carbon
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before reaching deadly exposure. "this would indicate at different levels s so one threshold is 15 ppm, which sounds very low, it seems low, but that's when the first risk comes in for those that might young or those that are older and have breathing difficulties," said kistner. bria: instillation for the low level carbon monoxide monitor will run for about 200 dollars and should be placed at eye level in either your bedroom or living area for accurate readings. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. tim: anywhere from ten to seventeen inches of snow was seen in the siouxland area here's a timelapse of the snowfall
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our viewers ryan de kruyf. over in sioux center. in sioux city. folks armed themsesees withhovels to deal with the white stuff. spending most of the day clearing sidewalks and roads with much work to be done. jenna: and that snowfall has one local blood centers at critically low levels. representatives from lifeserve blood center in sioux city say their banks are at critically low levels due to the recent weather conditions. making roads dangerous to travel, the snow caused the blood center to have to postpone donations. "this week's blizzard caused us to shut some of our donor centers down for a few days, we had to cancel dozens of mobile blood drives and over the past few days we have lost 900 units of blood. so that's a really frightening time for us and our hospital partners." jenna: the blood center will be open for extended hours thursday through saturday. those able to make it out and give blood will receive a free t- shirt
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nebraska state patrol has identified the man who died after a rollover accident yesterday near macy. authorities day 21-year old noah parker was thrown from his vehicle after it rashed yesterday morning on highway 75 just outside of macy. parker was alone in the vehicle. authorities are still investigating the cause. jenna: a new lawsuit was filed in polk county court today. after the conviction of eddie tipton- a former security director for the multi state lottery association. a jury found tipton guilty of rigging the hot lotto jackpot in 201-0. today, a des moines lawfirm says when the iowa lottery and multi state lottery association allowed tipton to rig the jackpot - they took away another man's giant jackpot. crawford and mauro say larry dawson- of the following 2011. should've won 16 million. demandig the iowa lottery to pay him 10 million plus
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practices at both lotto locations " "this was a theft. this was a rigged game. there was no prize as lottery rules. shouldnt have gone back and should go back now, should be reverted"" the lawsuitalso asks for a jury trial. tim: two days and one blizzard later the iowa g-o-p is releasing their official numbers for delegates earned at mondays iowa caucuses. as you can see, ted cruz netting the most delegates, with the official count coming in ovov 51 thosuand. trump coming in second. with 45 thousand and marco rubio in third with 43 thousand. carson rounds out the top four getting a third of cruz's total delegates. jenna: the candidate to pick up the next most delegates in the caucuses, rand paul, announced today he'll be suspending his campaign the fourth runner up from the caucus decided today to exclude himself from the presidential contest, thanking his supporters
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tim: but he wasnt the only one to call it quits today, former pennsylvania senator rick santorum threw in the towel on his his presidential bid. hand today he announced he's endorsing florida senator marco rubio. santorum won the 2012 iowa caucuses and ended that race with the second- most number of delegates to evenally g-o-p nominee mitt romney. jenna: a medical tool to help families on their darkest day is catching on in siouxland. loosing a baby is a hard thing to think about... and even harder to talk about... but several local families are starting the conversation in order to help others. last spring, i introduced you to local mom, michelle criss, who's son, amos, was stillborn. just months later, michelle had raised enough money to donate a cuddlecot to mercy medical center in his name. the cuddlecot gives families more time with
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then, in december, the first cuddlecot was donated to avera sacred heart hospital in yankton by the koupel (coe-pull) family, in memory of their son, joseph walter, who was delievered there in september. jenna: now, the siouxland hospital that delivers more babies than anyone else will be getting this same technology. a sioux city couple wants to make sure unitypoint health -st. luke's has a cuddlecot... and a lasting memory of their daughter's impact o othe community. here's more about their story in your health matters. jeremy and lisa beautiful family. two girls and a boy... evelynne, who's not quite a year old. but, there's another member of this family who's just as important, although you can't hear her tiny voice or see her toddling steps. "we were expecting twins last year, and we would to go all eager to see their appointment] they couldn't find elizabeth's evelynne and elelabeth cotter itypoint health - st. luke's last february 23rd at
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there are happy memories of celebrating evelynne's birth, but the cotters say it was also like a bad dream as they struggled to make sense of elizabeth's death. jeremy says, "i feel like we had to grieve on someone else's schedule, because we would have to ask our nurses to bring her body to the room so we could spend time with her andnde would have to wait and after awhile, send her back." that's because the natural process of death makes the body change quickly, especially with babies, so when a child is stillborn, their body is taken back and forth from the hospital's morgue for preservation. but, the cuddlecot, a medical tool gaining popularity in the u.s., would've lessened the trauma for the cotter family. labor and delivery nurse, suzie gosch, explains how it works. suzie gosch, r.n., unitypoint health - st. luke's birth center says, "what this does is preserve time. it's actually
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lowers the body temperature to a nice cool temperature and just sort of haults the changes that are taking place." lisa cotter says, "we were looking for ways to honor elizabeth and her birthday is coming up. we know it was something we would've benefitted from, so we wanted to help other famlies." the cotters have been raising money to donate a cuddlecot to st. luke's - and the community response has been overwhelming. jeremy knows that's because so many families experience this same heartbreak. maybe, in the future, that can be eased just a little bit. jeremy says, "it was the worst day of my life, but if this cuddlecot can help someone else on their worst day, make their day just that much less worse, then we achieved what we want to do." suzie says, "no parent should have to say 'hello' and 'goodbye' in the same moment, so this just gives them time, and that's priceless."
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i mentioned the community outpouring of support for the cotters, and get this: since i interviewed jeremy and lisa, they not only reached their goal of raising $4,000 for the cuddlecot, their gofundme page is now at over 56- hundred dollars. they're going to donate the extra money to the nicu at unitypoint health - st. luke's, because evelynne spent time there after she was born. they hope to make the cuddlecot donation officially on the girls' birthday. still to come... today marks the aniversary of a historic loss to rock and roll. details after the break. (fred) tonight will be chilly, then a warming trend will be seen. it will be cooler next week, though. your forecast is next!
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died." on this day in 19-59, rock and roll legend buddy holly was killed when his plane slammed into a clear lake iowa field during a blinding snow storm.
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jockey "the big bopper" died with him. the plane crashed takeoff. no one is exactly sure what went don mcclean immortalized the tragedy in his pie." holly was only 22 years old. (tim) fred, is any more ow coming? 2 line super: fred hexomfhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) sioux city's official snow total was 12.5". we had more downtown and on the e rth side. 12.4" of that fell yesterday, which oke the record for groundhog day of 3.0" from 1976. it's also the 7th greatest single day snow ever in sioux city! all of this pushes our snow this winter to 41.7", about double the
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unfortunately, while road conditions have improved slightly, they are ill not great. the port neal welding g company skycam hd shows sunshine on the port neal welding company skycam hd in sioux city. 27 was the high today and 12 the low. in storm lake, we have sunshine. 12 is our sioux city temperature. local temperatures are in the single digits and teens. wind chills are below zero in the east. winds are southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. the satellite and radar shows yesterday's system moving away, but a weak disturbance dropping in from the north. most of us will just see clouds with this system tonight, but northeastern parts of siouxland could get clipped with a few tenths of an inch of snow around morning commute time tomorrow. the
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snow friday, especially in the east. the snow forecast shows less than an inch of snow for the northeast tonight, then that next round of light snow could add a few tenths more on friday. tonight's low will be 11 with increasing clouds. tomorrow, expect a high of 30 with partly cloudy skies. the 7-day forecast shows highs in the 30s through monday, then a sharp cooldown tuesday and wednesday. we have a chance of light snow friday and again sunday. (jenna) thanks, fred! (fred) you are most welcome!
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national signing day across the country. we'll have the latest from iowa, iowa state, and nebraska as well as the local kids up ahead. tim plus mount marty has taken down three ranked ams in the past two weeks. could they make itfour against briar cliff? highlights up ahead.
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knocked off three different top fifteen teams. tonight, ninth ranked briar cliff tried to avoid
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the chargers, also trying to hold on to second in the gpac. in the third...taylor wagner, out on the break, working the give and go drawing the foul and the finish...chargers take the 55-54 lead. then late in the quarter...morgan hanson...always guard the inbounder...she pops out for the triple...chargers led it by 3 after three. in the fourth, mount marty takes the lead but kaylee blake trying to get back into it...the low post game gets them within two. but alex kneeland and the lancers, a little too strong...they snap the chargers 7 game win streak, 88-81. the charger men saw their winning streak end last weekend, trying to start another. lancers with the early lead but austin homan kicks it out to clay from deep, bcu takes the one point lead. then check out the move from shane graves, the fake...and the take...the lead up to five. then graves in trouble, he finds ricky williams...the big senior lays it up
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102-59 some other gpac scores tonight...lexi ackermrm went over one thousand points and morningside got revenge on northwestern, 80-65. the red raider men force a split though, they beat the stangs, 82-65. and in mitchell dordt falls to a pair of ranked teams. the defender women lose 80-57 and the men can't pull the upset either...they drop it 82-67. iowa hosting penn state, alex walker's alma mater. early on...adam woodbury gets the dish and the easy deuce...he had a career high 15 boards in just 22 minutes tonight. late in the half, dom uhl drives and misses but follows with the monster slam...hawkeyes led it 45-26 at the half and that's enough to celebrate with some ice cream. in the second half...jarrod uthoff continues the dominance for the hawkeyes...they rout penn state, 73-49
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looking for a huge upset at home against number 4 maryland. but four seniors from east braved the remaining snow to sign national letters of intent. among those four seniors was football standout ross godfrey who will head to fargo and play for the five time defending fcs national champion north dakota state. godfrey led d e black raiders with 3 interceptions this season and he's excited to head to a tradition-rich program. ross godfrey--"i watched them win a championship when i was in eighth grade and wanted to play for them ever since. once i got my opportunity, i took it." elyse huber who transferred to east from burlington this year will continue her soccer career at nebraska. in her three previous seasons at burlington, huber set school single season and career goal scoring records--98 in three years--and is excited about her future in lincoln. elyse huber--"the coaches were the best fit for my personality and could just take me to the next level with my soccer skil and soccer
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excited to spend the next four years of my life there." terrell hills who rushed for 407 yards and four touchdowns last fall for the black raiders will head across town and continue his career with briar cliff. and on the links, one of the cities best golfers will head to morningside. tyler danke won the mrac conference crown last year and both he and hills hope to make an impact right away. terrell hills--"i just like their school. they have a great campus and a great coaching staff. they wanted to get better and work. and they said they wanted me to be a part of that." tyler danke--"-"e coaching staff really sold me and i love the campus. i think it's a great opportunity and i really look forward to continuing to play there and looking forward to winning a conference championship there." congratulations to all four black raiders. raiders. chris: unofficially, ten more siouxland football players will continue their careers in the d-1 ranks. three of them pushed back their signings until tomorrow and we'll hear from them then. but here's a look at the other seven that signed today. we menoned norfolk catholic's david engelhaupt
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burroughs is heading to liberty university. sdsu picked up three players from northern iowa today including logan backhaus of the state champion spirit lake squad and pete menage and cj roths from central lyon. usd added mason scheidegger of newell fonda and conner thiele of oakland craig as well. congrara to all these student athletes. the hawkeyes are coming off their best season in and added 24 fold today. focus as they signed five d- linebackers, and backs. scholarship them are three star players as rated by rivals and four are from iowa. hinton's burke prins is heading to iowa city as a w wk onons & omaha central's noah fant signed as well. rivals ranks the hawkeye class 39th in the country. in just two cyclone coach able to assemble a class of 36 signees and one of the highest rated in iowa rivals has the and it includes one four star player that would be offensive lineman the cyclones also beat out nebraska
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from missouri. from calmar is the lone iowan to receive a scholarship. the highest rated class in the area belonged to mike riley and the huskers. his first full recruiting class ranked 22nd rivals...that's one oklahoma. the huskers signed four four highlighted by offensive lineman john raridon from des moines. they also inked a famous name...matt farniok on the offensive line out
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(fred)expect a high of 30 with partly cloudy skies. the 7-day forecast shows highs s the 30s through monday, then a sharp cooldown tuesday and wednesday. we have a chance of light snow friday and again sunday.
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