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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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overall helpfuture patients. " it gives patients in the sunset of their treatments another oppertunity. i mean is this a cure-all drug? no. is it an extension of life-type oppertunity? yes. another year, maybe another three to five yrs to extend your life. it gives people hope. " tim: the right to try bill along with a companion bill were passed by the senate in a unanimous 50-0 vote before being sent for final approval to the iowa house. jenna: iowa lawmakers are inching closer to big changes for families who have autism. a bill has been passed in the senate that would require insurance companies cover autism treatment. rick bertrand voted "yes" and has been supportive of the efforts. senator rick bertrand, sioux city, says, " " the bill now moves on to the
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jenna: josh cobbs of sioux city has been working on this legislation for the past decade. his son, noah, has autism. josh: tim: another bill
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tim: another bill that's moved through the state house is raising some controversy the bill being pushed by a father and his two daughters..... would allow kids younger than 14 to fire handguns. opponents of the bill say allowing children of any age to handle a lethal weapon is absurd. but the two children who've become the face of this bill say, no harm will come to children as long as proper safety measures are practiced, "i really like shooting the pistol because it's more easier for me and i can just spend time with my dad." "it's only dangerous
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wrong. you have to follow the three rules: you never point a gun at somebody..." jenna: the bill originally proposed by representative jack highfill, now moves onto the senate where different gun legislation has already been approved. a man accused of his third sexual abuse charge is behind bars tonight. tim: according to court documents 68 year old scott evert is charged with the second degree sexual abuse, after allegedly yyear old who vivited his home within the past scott's been charged twtwe previously f f wisconsin and convicted twice of failing to offender here in he's being held on 50 thousand dollar bond jenna: iowa's capital reached its rate in two year. rapper is using out against violence. rapper will keeps,
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composed a hip hop song called "wake up iowa, aiming to promote a better relationship with local police. and it even atures a couple of des moines cops in the video. spreading the message that police are friends to the community. "i'm done with people saying 'all cops are bad.' 'all blacks are bad.' 'all whites are bad.' i'm ready for you to start saying names. start giving names and stop saying everybody. 'cause all of us ain't bad." i jenna: it's a message so well received, the des moines police posted the music video for his song on their facebook page saying he promotes a positive message and appreciating the impact will's lyrics have , touching an audience police feel they normally wouldntbe a ae to reach. tim: for only the second time since the mid 80's... anglers on the missouri and big sioux will be able to try their hand at reeling in a paddlefish. jenna: because of dwindling fish numbers due to
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marks just the second paddlefish season since 19- 86... abc9's-- christina gri-hall-va went out on the missouri today and brings us more christina tim and jenna-- the iowa department of natual resources is making sure they're doing what they can to protect the paddlefish population-- after the season was closed for almost 30-years. all anglers fishing on thehe missouri and big sisix rivers this seasas for paddlefishsh have a few important guidelines to follow. it is required that all paddlefish-- 35-45 inches-- from the front of the eye to the fork of the tail-- must be immediately released alive. since most paddlefish will be below the slot limit-- the realease of these protects the primary breeding stock. also-- if you catch a paddlefish with a d-n-r tag-- you call the number on the tag-- report the date and location of capture-- as well as the length of the paddlefish. fisheries technichian-- jon christensen-- says--this is a way to better understand and manage populations for the future.
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address things and go over some might want to have for 2017." christina the licenses and personal tags were being sold online. christensen says they hope more online. christensen says they hope more people become interested in paddlefishing-- for future seasons. christina coming up at ten-- find out the difference between the d-n- r's tags and anglers personal tags. reporting live in studio-- christina grijalva-- abc 9 news coming up 5 grand every week for the rest of his life. one luckckguy's got that deal going for him. after the break... (fred) record warmth is
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and temperatures will move up and down quite a bit over the next week. are there any rain or snow chances? your forecast is next!
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for life sound? and on top of that. designating 5-k a week to someone away. well one osceola that wish. ryan hart was morning by publisher's cleaning house who showed up at hart's front door step. hart had been unemployed for about four working in a local turkey hatchery. tim/jennnnfred (jenna) fred, tell us about torrow. (fred) you can expect near-record highs tomorrow, jenna! fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre shows sunshine. 50 was the high today after a morning low of 22. here's the storm lake skycam hd. highs over western iowa were in the 40s mostly today. eastern nebraska and southeastern south dakota were in the
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degrees. local the 30s and 4040 mainlylyith 50s south per hour. these tomorrow, and then become much stronger sunday. zooming out, we can see the warm weather headed to siouxland tomorrow--we have 60s in western nebraska and south dakota. the satellite and radar shows just a few clouds, but otherwise, super-quiet weather over the midwest. the stormcast hd shows a big warmup tomorrow, then a cold front sunday that brings a chance of light rain sunday morning, along with strong winds, and of course, cooler temperatures.
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clear skies. tomorrow's record high is 66 in 1895. my prediction is that we will tie that record tomorrow! winds will be breezy, too. the 7-day forecast is for a chance of light rain sunday morning and strong winds. breezy winds will take us back to
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front will drop us 30 degrees tuesday and provide a slight chance of light snow. we'll warm back to 46 next friday. here's a picture of geese enjoying sunshine on the lake, sent in by joan nicolai! jenna/tim/fred (tim) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet!
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iowa senator rob hogg has announced he'll be officially filing nomination petitions for the
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the republican will face off with ininmbent senator chuck grasslsl in the primarar tim: fresh off last night's debate in houston texas, gop presidential frontrunner donald trump is picking up a bigendocement. onetime challenger and new jersey governor chris christie is making the pitch for trump. reporter steve nannes has more from the campaign trail. " (gov. chris christie, (r) new jersey): "there ino better fighter than donald trump." the billionaire frontrunner received a major boost on friday in the form of an endorsement from new jersey governor chris christie... in what could be a pivotal moment in this race. (donald trump, (r) pridential candidate): this was an endorsement that really meant a lot. in christie, a former gop contender in the race... trump gets a ready attack dog who says he's prepared to hit the road. (gov. . ris christie, ) new jersey): "turnrn away from the amateur acts from washington, dc, and turn to a professional strong leader. that's who this man is." christie's relentless attacks on marco rubio are largely credited as among the reasons for the florida senator's poor performance in
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(donald trump, (r) presidential candidate): "i thought he was going to die. good going, chris." christie's endorsement comes just one day after trump butted heads with rubio and senator ted cruz at the cnn debate in houston. (sen. ted cruz, (r) presidential candidate) "anyone who cared about illegal immigration wouldn't be hiring illegal immigrants" (sen. marco rubio, (r) presidential candidate) "now he's repeating himself" (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "no, i'm not repeating..." back on the campaign trail on friday... cruz tried once again to tie trump to democrats. (sen. ted. cruz, (r) presidential candidate) "donald trump, like hillary clinton, is a rich new york liberal" while rubio got personal... (sen. marco rubio, (r) presidential candidate) "he asks for a full length mirror - i don't know why, cause the podium goes up to here - but he wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet." trump fired back at the florida senator. (donald trump, (r) presidential candidate) "i watched a part of his little act. he's a desperate guy. and he's a desperate guy. i've been watching him over the past couple of weeks -- he is not presidential material" the republican candidates notmincing words... less than a week from from super tuesday. in washington, i'm steve nannes reporting. tim: sunday is hollywood's biggest night! but it wouldn't be the academy
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the famous trophies. jenna: the chicago company that has made the statuettes for more than three decades shows us what goes into every oscar. "regal music 'welcome to r.s. owens and company in chicago, illinois, where we manufacture the oscars statues my name is joseph petri and i wanna show you how we do what we do. let's go. more regal music these oscars you're seeing right here, right now will be on stage next month. this is our handcasting department. we start with a bare metal and melt it at 500 and 600 degrees and he ladles each one individually into a steel mold. the next process in manufacting the oscar is where we remove the gatatthat we use for casting. our company was started in 1938 and d we have been prucing our own molds for casting since then. the next step in refining our oscar statuette is removing all the parting lines this allows us to refine
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possible. this is our polishing department. this is where we take our statues that have been sanded and ground and polish them to a mirror finish. everything we do with oscar is done entirely by hand. fun music and facts here we are in the engraving department...this s where louise whihi whose been engraving our cars since the early 80's. she actually puts a serial number on every one of them. fun music and more facts we take oscar from his raw state where he's been polished to a mirror finish and we electroplate him through five different baths, bringing him to a 24- karat gold finish. more music here we are in final assembly and this is where oscar gets assembled before he is finally shipped out." jenna: sunday night the
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carpet for the 88thh annual oscar awards. and all eyes are on the 8 nominees for best film. including films brooklyn, the revenant, room, and mad max road fury. be sure to tune in to abc9 sunday for full coverage. jenna: i'll be joined by bruce miller from the sioux city journal as we preview the night of festivities. that'll be sunday at 5:30. with the oscars begining at 6. and be sure to catch the late edion of abc9 after the oscars to get a recap of the big winners. the sers and all of the fancy fashion from l-a. coming up in sports...the musketeers begin a tough weekend tonight and will do so without a full roster. details on the shorthanded squad up ahead. plus...ten ouxland teams play for trips to lincoln tonight. we'll break it all
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the nebraska girls state basketball tournament gets underway. south sioux city clinched their spot last night and tonight, 10 more area teams will try to join the lady cardinals in lincoln. in class c2, crofton has already clinched a spot at state by virtue power points, as the warriors are in search of a fifth straight state championship. down in d-2, wynot doesn't have that luxury. the blue devils are sixth in points, but the wildcards are already accounted for in that class, meaning they have to wininonight. here's a look at all the matchups for state berths tonight...wayne upset pierce in the subdistrict final...they'll take on #4 ord at cross
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takes on bishop neumann in a top ten battle...that game will be played at north bend central. in class c-2, guardian angels cc already has their 19th stight state berth locked up, they'll take on ponca in south sioux city. and we already mentioned crofton, they play elgin public pope john. one other c-2 match up tonight...tenth ranked stanton looks for its first state bid since 1990 when they play twin river. down to d1, omaha nation has never qualified for state but they're just one wininway when they play fifth-ranked fullerton. emerson-hubbard has a bid locked up, they're playing for seeding when they play north central. finally in d-2 lyonsdecatur northeast has never qualified for state, the play spalding academy...and we already mentioned wynot battling st. mary's. chris: the musketeers are set toegin a weekend stretch that includes three games in three days. tonight and tomorrow, sioux city travels to waterloo andsioux falls, before returing home to face madison on sunday. with just 16 games to play in the regular season, this weekend marks a pivotal trio of games..... the muskies are just six points out
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back in playoff position, they'll have to do it with a makeshift lineup. jay varady--"it's really the manipulation of the roster. right now ifyou lookededt our lineup sheet, we have nine forwards s d eight d, which is the most unique coaching experience i've ever been in. we have four fofoards out with long term injury and we havedefensemen that have become healthy over the course of time, so right now it's about getting motivated, being energized. we've been playing guys a lot of ice time in key minutes and making sure those guys have the energy and they're ready to play this weekend." tonight's puck drop in waterloo is set for 7:05. we'll have an update for you at
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clear skies. tomorrow's record high is 66 in 1895. my prediction is that we will tie that record tomorrow! winds will be breezy, too. the 7-dadaforecast is fofoa chance of light rain sunday morning and strong winds. breezy winds will take us back to 62 monday, befora very strong cold front will drop us 30 degrees tuesday and provide a slight chance of light snow. we'll warm back to 46 next
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military state of security at the oscars. >> mixed with the glom mse will be intense security, bomb-
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and then outright war. >> you know where donald trump would be right now? trump watches. >> this guy is a joke artist and liar. and who is the womaman who wouldn't s stoscrehing? [ screaming ] plus -- >> wou you like to be the president of the united states? >> the lost donald trump interview. and he's alive. >> oh, my god. >> ththwife who sees her husband for the first time since the workplace ootitis. and thth legendary pin-up cheryl tiegs, her scathing girl. >> i don't thinink it's health digits sue. >> i know what i'm doing. then, the woman who will do anythihing to lo like kim even surry. >> i want all this to go here. now "inside edition" with


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