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tv   ABC9 News at 10pm  ABC  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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to be a chilly night--13 at 2 am with partly cloudy skies, 16 at 6 am and mostly cloudy, then rising to 30 at 10 am under cloudy skies. i'll be back in a few minutes with a look at a big warmup next week. it's time for local news that matters! "i'm surprised about not being able to be open" why a siouxland business that's home to summer fun, could be washed up. "crowd cheering nats " the biggest day of the primary season pushes front-runners closer to the nomination. woodbury "it's really been surreal. gesell "i've gotten so much better. on senior night for the hawkeyes....we go one on one with the sioux crew tim: good evening and
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im tim seaman tonight a dozen states voiced their vote for president of the united states. jenna: and im jenna rehnstrom super tuesday offers the biggest single-day haul of delegates on the primary calender. front runners hillary clinton and donald trump aiming to cement their leads. people in 12 states are voting today, in fact in alaska lls won't close for another hour or so. 595 delegates are up for grabs for the 5 republican candidates with a 1,032 delegates to be split between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. tim: we're joined now by doctor jeff taylor, chair of the political science at dort college. and in 2012 was one of 28 voting delegates representing iowa at the 2012 republican national convention. jeff: lets start by looking at what we know .... here's a look at the states that have been declared so far...
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colo-minn--- trump took moderate republicans in new hampshire and massachusetts, conservative ones in georgia and alabama ... showing better than half of gop voters wanting an "outsider"... texas the expcetion where cruz won. rubio and kasich say they will remain in the race until thier home
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and ohio go to the polls... even if they cant win perhaps biggest goal is to keep collecting delegates to keep trump from the 12-37 needed,. gop attacks now personal... today trump and rubio making jabs and the others hand size.... at this point do you think there's a real chance the gop will find a way to offer a third party candidate if trump remains in front and the likely republican nominee. is cruz big loser by not doing better in the southern swing.. clearly his home base? hillary clinton
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several states. in fact winning all but one, of the democratic contests tonight how big of a night was this for hillary's hopes for the white house? bernie sanders won his homestate of vermont, which was expected, as well as the oklahoma primary but sort of got thumped everywhere else, with clinton extending her delegate lead. where does the sanders campaign go from here? tim: speaking of senators winning their home state, ted cruz garnered support from his lone star state constituents. is cruz the best hope against donald trump's freight train of a campaign? tim:
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in orange city, voters are supporting a plan to update the town's fire facilities. a bond issue to raise 2-point-7 million dollars for the city's fire department passed with more than the 60 percent of the votes. the money will be used to expand the fire stations as well as upgrade equipment. the department hopes that will be done by november of next year. jenna: governor dennis daugaard has vetoed a controversial bill that passed the south dakota legislature. daugaard refused to sign a bill that would've required transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching their sex at birth. the proposed law caused a lot of controversy, especially among the l-g-b-t-q community.
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been the first law of its kind in the u-s. jenna: the south dakota senate has passed a measure to raise teacher pay. the proposed half cent sales tax statewide, is aimed at aiding the governor's plan to improve south dakota's teacher salaries. they're currently the lowest in the nation. thatill passed in the house ast week and is expected to be signed by the governor. jenna: a popular tubing spot for siouxland familiess might close for good. tim: pipe dream did not receive a permit to continue business and now the owner is trying to weigh his options. jenna: abc 9's bria bell has more for us about the closing. " " bria: pipe dream which was set to open on may 22nd might be closed permaently. the plymouth board of adjustments doesn't think the business is up to par to receive a permit for conditional use " they shut me down for public nuisance, or they said that i wasn't patrolling the grounds good enough," says bradshaw. brandon bradshaw is the owner of pipe dream, a popular spot for kids and adults to go tubing, camping or enjoy live musicians. this coming may, pipe
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seen it's eighth year of business, but because the plymouth county board of adjustments did not see that the business was fit for reneweal of a conditional use permit, the future of pipe dream might fade forever. "in the last year, maybe year and a half, we've had complaints of noise and the sherrif has said there has been complaints of underage drinking and intoxication," says anderson. but brandon says those complaints have come from one nagging neighbor as the rest of the residents have shown support for his business by writing letters on his behalf. "no i've never had any complaints from my neighbors. there is one neighbor we continue to have complaints about and i go up there and try to make things right with him," says bradshaw. the board of
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makes an effort to combat the underage drinking, zoning issues, and loud music, they might reconsider their intial decision. "we left the door open and said if he comes up with a business plan that addresses our concerns, we'll have a hearing again," says anderson. and brandon doesn't think the process will be all that simple... "there's going to be so many hoops that they're going to have me jump through. they're going to say, 'hey you can go ahead and apply for this, but this is what we're going to do you and these are the hoops that you are going to have to jump through,'" says bradsaw. bria: the sherrif's department was able to verfiy with abc 9 that only one person called in to complain about the noise. an online petition has been created in order to try to save the company from permanetly closing. a link to that can be found on our website at siouxland matters dot com. reporting live in studio, bria bell abc 9 news. jenna: it's been 4 years since the iowa hawkeyes had arguably one of their worst years in history on the hardwood, but a couple of siouxland recruits have helped turn the team around.
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anchor chris palmquist has more on how the sioux crew has helped pave the way for better city chris woodbury are certainly no strangers to the wells fargo arena, having played here a number of times and possibly doing so tournament. but final game at carver hawkeye arena, closing the book on a journey that rned the iowa program around. fran mccaffery--"we had a mess. nat we had academic issues. we had transfer issues. nat the first workout that i went to, four guys showed up." chris palmquist--"when fran mccaffery took over the iowa hawkeyes, he interited a once- proud program that had just finished the worst three year run in school history. but he had a plan." fran mccaffery--"i wanted iowa kids moving the iowa
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chris palmquist--"two of his highest priorites became sioux city east's adam woodbury, and south sioux city's mike gesell, nat a pair of top-100 recruits." fran mccaffery--"i went to every game they played essentially for two years in the summer and i maxed out every recruiting opportunity that we had in the winter. nobody else did that." mike gesell--"he really made it known that he wanted me and adam to come here. he really made it known that we could have an impact in turning the program around." chris palmquist--"the sioux crew went to work right away. gesell and woodbury stepped into the starting lineup as freshmen and they've been there ever since. nat in that time, they've had growing pains, but their coach has never lost confidence." fran mccaffery--"he's had great games, he's had some off games. it's not a game of perfect. you're going to turn it over you're going to miss shots. but for the most part, mike gesell is going to make great plays. nat adam woodbury--"nobody will ever be harder on me than myself. so i always put a lot of pressure on myself to succeed. fran mccaffery--"people want to make assessments, you know with woody. he plays hard, he competes and he's going to battle you, but he's going to do it the right way. chris palmquist--"ultimatel y, gesell and woodbury have grown and are playing their best
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adam woodbury--"you try to improve just a little bit every year ani think i've done mike gesell--"each gotten so much better. i know what chris palmquist--"while their stats have improved every season, more importantly so have the hawkeyes. going from the nit to the ncaa tournament to a top-five ranking this year. mike gesell--"one of my favorite accomplishments is being able to look back and say we've made strides each and every year." adam woodbury--"we've got a chance to do something special this year. every year you look into it going, i want to win a big ten title and i want to get to the ncaa tournament and go as far as i can." chris palmquist--"whether the hawkeyes make it houston or not, gesell and woodbury have led a resurgence in iowa city, and that's what they want their legacy to be." adam woodbury--"it's really been surreal. i mean i really couldn't ask for a better experience that i've had. hopefully they just see me as a winner. a guy that laid it on the court every night out and tried to play as hard as possible." mike gesell--"what i really want to leave on this program is to be remembered as a guy that did the right things and left an impact on the program and made it a better place." fran mccaffery--"they've done everything that i've hoped they would do. they changed the future of this program. i mean we were at a cross roads. nobody really saw that coming until those guys got here." jenna:
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come...trips to state were on the line tonight in the tri-state state were on the line tonight in the tri-state area.....alex has the highlights next in sports. (fred) would you say today was more like a lion, or more like a lamb? the answer, and a look at a warmup next week, coming in just a few minutes.
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port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. the sun finally came out! 28 was the high today--12 below normal--and 18 the low. 18 is our temperature in sioux city. notice the dew point of 8--that means the air is dry and will allow for easy cooling tonight. local temperatures are in the single digits north, teens and 20s
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the freezer, but warmer temperatures aren't far away--we have 50s in western nebraska. we'll warm up a bit tomorrow as the milder air works our way. the satellite and radar shows the decreasing cloud trend today, but there are more clouds west of us. those will move in later tonight along with the warmer air. the stormcast hd shows another upper level system moving in tomorrow afternoon and evening with a slight chance of light rain and/or snow. little to no snow accumulation is expected for the majority of the abc9 viewing area. the forecast for
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of 13 with increasing clouds. tomorrow, expect a high of 49 and mostly cloudy skies. we have a chance of light rain and snow in the afternoon and evening. the 7-day forecast shows quiet weather through thursday through saturday, then a big warmup to the 60s sunday, monday, and tuesday. tonight's ask fred question is "would you say today was more like a lion, or more like a lamb?" the answer is that while it may not be as decisive as some other years, the fact that we had a high of 28 vs. a normal high of 40, our highest wind gust of 25 mph, and 0.1" of snowfall, i would say that's more lion than lamb. tongiht's winner is the kneifls. tonight's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to muskies vs. fargo! to enter, email or facebook your weather question. i spoke to
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3 and 4 year olds in sioux city today! we had a lot of fun. thanks for having me. (jenna) thanks, fred. (fred) you bet. alex thanks tim...sioux city east has lost just four games this season, but two of those losses came to council bluffs abe lincoln. in fact, the lynx have beaten the raiders four straight times... tonight, east would have to snap that streak in order to advance to state. in their two meetings this season, abe lincoln has beaten east by twelve plus points both times. opening quarter.....connor murrel misses the layup but van rees is there for the putback...east down 15-8... then its murrel again in transition....he doesnt miss it this raiders hanging around... and van rees must be best friends
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murr because he keeps cleaning up his mess....east down just five... but the lynx beat the buzzer ...adam barret with heads up play......east falls one game short of state...72-65 the final. alex the norfolk boys have played in the nebraska state basketball tournamentsix of the past seven seasons. the panthers are one win away from returning to lincoln, but they had the stiffest of challenges in their district final. norfolk traveling to fifth-ranked lincoln east this evening for the class a-5 final... 1st quarter east started the game on an 8-0 run jordan janssen in transition... spartans would lead 27-23 at half == 3rd quarter clay reimers for three he finished with 14 points east goes up 5 == but norfolk storms back logan strom 3 of his own panthers within 1 == 4th quarter norfolk's lane mccallum hits back to back threes! norfolk takes the lead again 48-45! norfolk wins 59- 53.. they're tripping to state... what a season for
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in a class d1 district final out in wayne.....walthill beats osmond 76-46 to advance to state for the first time since 1990.... congrats to the blujays. and in class d- 2....tenth-ranked wynot takes care of osmond 69-44 in district six to punch their ticket to lincoln for the fourth time in the past six seasons. alex the briar cliff men have set all kinds of school records this season. longest winning streak 18....wins in a season...29....but that could all be surpassed this evening. b-c hosting nebraska wesleyan with hopes of winning their first-ever gpac postseason championship. second half....erich erdman......sets up behind the arc and hits the big-time three....briar cliff down 75-67.... a few minutes later...austin pohlen goes coast to coast and finishes strong...chargers were down up one..... but trey bardsley is a silencer......he bangs home the three from the top...nwu back on top by one.... later in the half....austin lefler sets up in the corner and hits a crucial triple......charger s up 93-92.... under twenty seconds to go
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bryan forbes heads to the rack....bc holds on 103-97 to win the gpac tournament championship. " " congrats to briar cliff on a job well done. in the ladies in the ladies rningside battling dakota wesleyan in a top-ten showdown... midway through the second...madison braun spots up and buries the triple....25-22 mustangs.... then its lexi ackerman with the sweet footwork off glass...she had 15...morningside by nine.... erica herrold bounces back for d-w-u......she makes it work in the paint......tigers staying in this one... but ackerman was
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your are gonna have a bad day....morningside wins the title 80- 59. the n-a-i-a tournament begins next wednesday. alex at monitor still to come after the break - we recap the 3a quarterfinals from this afternoon's iowa girls state the hawkeyes and huskers host senior...we'll be right back.
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has emerged as one of the highest-flying teams in class 3a. the braves average 75 points per game, good for second in the class. abc9 sports director chris palmquist has more on cherokee as they begin state tournament play. chris palmquist--"alex, over the past three years, cherokee has seen its win total increase from seven to fourteen to twenty two this season. today, the braves made their first appearance at the state tournament since 2005. number four cheree, certainly looking pretty loose as they get ready to take on sixth ranked osage. off the rebound...payton slaughter with the long outlet ahead to paityn hagberg for the lay
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late in the half...kaely hummel, picks the pocket and takes it all the way for the layup...the braves forced 22 turnovers in the game and led it 39-35 at the half. ahead to the fourth, osage with a 2 point lead but check out the play from slaughter...first the steal and then some how gets the circus shot to fall...we're tied up late. under 20 seconds to play, osage got back within one, but slaughter and hummel team up to seal it...they combined for 48 points tonight and cherokee is into the semis, 72-67. payton slaughter--"the beginning of the season we struggled trying to finish and everything. but i feel like lately we've been really getting at it. we're in the huddle saying we've gotta go, we've
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here." kaely hummel--"it feels so good. i think we've worked so hard for this opportunity to get here and we're not satisfied. we're ready for the next game." chris palmquist--"defendin g state runners up pocahontas area trying to get back to saturday night. in the second meyer, one of a talented core of juniors connects on the 3, it's 30-15 then it's the state's leading scorer...elle ruffridge, actually below her average with 24 today, but the indians roll into the semis, 83-43." elle ruffridge--"we're hot, we feel really good. we've been working toward this a long time and it feels greato to be back here and playing with these girls." chris palmquist--"in des moines, chris palmquist, abc9 sports." thanks the bottom half of the 3a bracket...sioux center taking on the defending champs out of nevada. early on...shayla post comes off the bench and provides an instant spark...her three pointer makes it 10-2 and forces a nevada time out. in the second...lexi toering...sees a path and she doesn't hesitate...the basket and the bonus...but we'd be tied 22 each at the half. nevada would take the lead but toering out on the break, finds katie te grotenhuis for the lay in that cuts the deficit to five. but the warriors had no answer for lexy koudelka...she had 29 and nevada ends sioux center's season, 59-44. in the rushmore state......the elk point-jefferson ladies beat lennox 52-27 to win the region 4a rlie shatswell led the way with 19 points. with the win, the
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south dakota state tournament. alex as you saw in chris' story, this season is the last season for seniors mike gesell and adam woodbury. the sioux crew turned the iowa hoops program around....but they would need to step up in a big way on senior night. the 16th ranked hawkeyes at big ten force indiana.... that's nic zeislof for the hoosiers....huge triple and indiana ties things up... on the other end....jarrod uthoff answers for the hawkeyes...he had 18 points..........iowa within two.... then its peter jok....he has been quite the sparkplug this season for the black and gold........ but indiana was the better team tonight .....og anunoby up and under.....huge bucket! woodbury had 4gesell had 7 but iowa loses on senior day x0-----x. senior night for andrew white and shavon shields.......nebras ka hosting 15th- ranked purdue... first halflots of purdue dunks. isaac haas slams it home. the boiler are a strong bunch. === then vince edwards steal and the two handed flush. part of a 23-4 boiler run to put them up 21. === nebraska needed a spark. nick fuller gave them one. huge block here. === then shvaon shields nails the three. part of a 10-0 nebraska run. shavon shields was great again
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the home team only down 41-33 at the break... but they fall 81-62.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, will forte! from "the walking dead," ross marquand! and music from miike snow! with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on, here's jimmy kimmel!


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