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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  October 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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jurors ruled that badger guns was negligent. so, what effect could that verdict have on gun store here in central iowa? kevin: kcci's ryan smith is live outside jlm gun shop in urbandale with the story, new at 6:00. ryan: the owner at this gun shop located here in urbandale just off 70 it in douglas tells me he weighed carefully meets customer that walks in his front door. some say this verdict sends a message gun shop owners may not be off the hook if a crime is committed after the firearm is sold. >> we really are pretty well-rounded store here. a lot of self-defense guns, a lot of target guns. ryan: owner mike sporer sells some 60 firearms a week. -- sells some 80 firearms a week. a wisconsin jury's decision this week sending shock-waves to gun seller's across the country. badger guns, now considered negligent for the injuries two milwaukee officers suffered from a gun purchased at the store.
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the city's mayor announcing shop owners may be held financially responsible for what happens after a sale is made. there are certainly national >>there are certainly national ramifications to this verdict because as far as i know this is the first time has been held liable. ryan: the lawsuit alleges the store should have spotted warning signs. the customer illegally purchased the weapon for someone else. >> the wording in that says that they should have known it was a strong purchase. it must have been fairly obvious . ryan: presidential candidate hillary clinton now calling to repeal the gun law that some say protected badger guns. sporer says in most cases store owners should be shielded from legal attack. >> we're selling a legal commodity here, so how can we be held responsible for what someone goes and does with it. if i chopped you up with my chain saw you don't get to sue
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ryan: sporer says he's not -- he does not believe this verdict will have a negative impact on other gun store owners. the store in question, badger guns, missed a lot of red flags. ryan smith coming kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: a third victim in the pleasant hill shooting rampage told jurors in court today that pete polson shot at him several times, missing him by just an inch. kcci's kim st. onge is back from the polk county courthouse with what happened during day 2 of this trial. kim: that victim, matthew stephenson, says he saw a man sitting in an suv outside his father-in-law's home around 6:45 last november and said what's a.m. up, but got not response. he thought nothing of it and started to open the door to his truck when polson allegedly started shooting. stephensen was uninjured and able to take cover in front of the truck as polson continued to
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shoot. >> it happened so fast, it all did. i had been hunting for years; i knew it was a gun shot, glass is breaking. i don't know what is going on. i just instinctively was going for cover. kim: new dash cam video shown in court today is giving us a better idea of what happened when polson was taken into custody. the arresting iowa state trooper brian moses says the only thing that struck him as odd was how calm polson was considering the situation. >> did he appear in any way to be intoxicated? no. -- >> no. based on your training, did you see a need to do a further investigation into that issue? i did not. kim: that answer contradicts polson's intoxication defense. a dci special agent who also testified today says he found marijuana and dirty spoons with white powder, consistent with meth, on polson's nightstand.
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he's facing several charges, including three counts of attempted murder. we'll be at the courthouse tomorrow morning at 9:00 when the trial resumes. live in studio, kim st. onge, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. kevin: new information in the death investigation involving former hawkeye and nfl star tyler sash. oskaloosa police today releasing a report detailing what they found in their initial investigation. according to the report, when officers were called september 8 to check on sash's welfare he appeared to be dead for some time. sash was lying on a couch. nothing unusual was found nearby. his family said they had last seen him alive a couple of days earlier when he was over for dinner. sash's mother said her son had been a bit disoriented lately and unable to sleep. sash's girlfriend says he fell from a ladder four days earlier and hurt his shoulder. kevin: an autopsy showed sash died from an accidental overdose of methadone and hydrocordone stacey: des moines police are
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looking into a stolen atm found inside a vacant house. the atm was found yesterday afternoon by a woman interested in buying the house on guthrie. when looking the basement she discovered the vandalized atm. police think they've found the owner. so far, no arrests. kevin: another cool fall day in another cool fall evening ahead as well. frank: two thumbs up for the weather today and that is going to be continuing for the next day or so, then some changes are coming. there is the humidity at only 25%. high pressure in control. what a beautiful day. off to the west, low-to-mid 70's. already cooling down a little bit to the north. if you have those evening plans, it will be very nice for it. staying mild for much of the evening.
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we are talking about the changes in the forecast, even some rain. kevin: west des moines is moving forward with plans to improve the historic valley junction neighborhood. stacey: the city wants input from the community before completing a master plan of renovation. kcci's emmy victor has the story. emmy: the city council is moving forward with the historic west des moines master plan. by next fall, they want to put renovations here that can attract more businesses and residents. when you walk through this historic strip in west des moines, you'll find old fashioned brick buildings with lower level shops. >> i see it as a always evolving area, lots of independent businesses. emmy: fifth street was once the only commercial district in town. but now with the competition out west -- >> it's easy to be in jordan creek and know that you are in a secure environment with weather not being a factor.
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so community leaders are stepping in. starting with surveying business owners on their needs. ending with renovations that could cost nearly $200,000. >> we have selected a firm that we are proposing the council authorize us to enter into a contract with them. emmy: contractors will explore having more restaurants apartments in upper spaces, and , street changes. >> outdoor patio seating. that's something to look at as far as one-way traffic. emmy: all while still keeping valley junction historic. they also plan on making changes to the nearby residential areas. in west des moines, emmy victor, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: the old city hall will not be renovated because it is on the national register of historic places. the ride on call service uber says it will have more eyes and ears to help find missing children. uber is teaming up with the national center for missing &
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alerts to their drivers. drivers will receive the information by text message when they are logged into the uber app. uber currently operates in four iowa cities, the quad cities, cedar rapids, ames and des moines. >> there's a lot of uber drivers out there, the company's growing, and you know before long there's probably going to be more uber drivers than law enforcement out on the road so yeah, this is definitely going to help and it cannot hurt. stacey: the effort was launched in more than 180 us cities covered by uber. kevin: harrisvaccines from ames and ceva from france awarded contracts to start producing a bird flu vaccine. no word on how much the contracts are worth. the terms of the contract require both companies to produce and store the vaccine for up to five years. and to be able to deliver the vaccine as needed throughout the united states in 10 days. the birdsall outbreak earlier this year triggered more than $1 billion in losses to the iowa economy. stacey: if iowa state gets its way, international students will
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be charged an extra $1500 to attend college. that money would be paid over 3 years. iowa state officials say the money would pay for the extra costs associated with those students, including reviewing foreign transcripts and helping with communication skills. the board of regents will consider the proposal next week. kevin: a number of international experts are in des moines this week for the world food prize events. at a luncheon at the marriott downtown today saw chelsea clinton deliver the opening keynote address. she was a part of a panel focusing on empowering women and girls through stem education which is science, technology, engineering and math to eradicate hunger. >> i think it is unconscienable that in the wealthiest country on earth, 14% of americans are food insecure, one out of children is food insecure, and five one of three african american children is food insecure. that is unacceptable. kevin: the world food prize winner, sir fazle hasan abed, will deliver his laureate lecture on friday. stacey: presidential candidate mike huckabee in our studio this morning. what he had to say about the reaction to his tweet about
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north korea chefs and dogs. kevin: and ron paul at the federal courthouse downtown to testify in the trial against two of his former campaign aides. what he says about the
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. kevin: former presidential candidate ron paul back in des moines today to testify in the federal trial of two former campaign staffers. stacey: prosectors say jesse benton and dimitri kesari tried to cover up payments made to former iowa legislator kent sorenson to switch from michele bachmann's campaign. kcci's marcus mcintosh was there as paul took the stand. marcus: cameras are not allowed inside the federal court but we did catch up to paul after his testimony late this afternoon outside the courthouse. paul expressed his displeasure at having to testify for the prosecution. saying that it is a heavy burden to take the witness stand against jesse benton, who is
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also his grandaughters husband. paul says he would never pay for a political endorsement and does not believe anyone working for his campaign would do so either saying he trusted the people , working on his campaign to account for all the money coming in and out of the campaign. he says that trust has not changed, and he is still supportive of benton. ron paul wrapped us his testimony late this afternoon, prosecution testimony continues tomorrow morning at 9:00. live in the newsroom, marcus mcintosh, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: ron paul also told the jury he blames the government for announcing charges against his ex-aides shortly before his son, rand paul, was scheduled to appear in a national debate for the republican presidential nomination. he says the timing was no accident. for his part, rand paul was at drake university today. part of his efforts to get 10,000 iowa college students to commit to caucusing for him in february. kevin: republican presidential candidate mike huckabee was in our studio this morning for the kcci 8 news close up interview for this sunday morning. and he responded to a question
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democratic debate last night. huckabee took a shot at bernie sanders on twitter saying, "i trust bernie sanders with my tax dollars like i trust a north korean chef with my labrador." huckabee called the reaction from the media "predictable." mr. huckabee: the craziest thing with a seven it was a racist tweet. north korea is a totalitarian regime where people eat grass and things to stay alive. it was a point of humor. sometimes people on the left are devoid of a sense of humor. kevin: you can see the more of our interview with mike huckabee sunday morning at 10:30 a.m. right here on kcci. stacey: frank is back with your forecast. frank: we can soak it in today. the past few days have been beautiful.
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these are well about our high temperatures. ben humphrey just sent this to my facebook page. look at the fall colors. you can send your photos into downtown des moines right out of our skycam, look at that ball of fire in the sky. 68 degrees at the airport. pressure on the high side, above 30 inches of the barometer. just a few clouds filtering in. 7:00 temperature, mainly clear skies. a great night to get outside and do something. this is a viewer photo of the high trestle trail. 55 degrees at 11:00. not as cool as it has been the
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57 degrees by 10:00 a.m. changes on the way. we're going to see this cold front start to slide through as we get throughout the latter portion of the day tomorrow into friday. that is really going to make our temperatures take a nosedive. just a few passing clouds tonight. thursday will be picture-perfect. another nice fall day with temperatures around 70. friday will be nice. we will see sunshine but the big difference will be cool temperatures. lows tonight, 48 degrees here in des moines. you folks can finally start to enjoy a night it is not as chilly as it hasas been the past several nights. winds light of the south and west. tomorrow, we are going to increase the wind.
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temperatures near 70 degrees. then we are going to drop. friday, 56 degrees. saturday we will wake up around freezing. definitely going to be looking at some frost in some parts of
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announcer: from iowa's sports leader, this is kcci 8 sports. andy: 6-0. iowa is undefeated. climbing the national rankings a week at a time. though many pundits still question just how good this team really is. iowa has 6 wins but they will be without drew ott for the rest of the season. a torn acl. else. they give good about where they are. now it is about making it through six more games. >> when you are 6-0, other teams or may be gunning for you more and you just have to come out and be ready to play. >> we are worried about what we are doing because that is the control.
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we are going to play our game, run the defense that is called, offense that is called. andy: hawks play at northwestern on saturday. the cyclones are looking to get back in the win column and pull off a huge upset in the process. they are playing tcu, number three and undefeated. the horned frog's rack up 50 plus points a game but they aren't the perfect team. they've been in a few close games this year and isu is hoping to be in striking striking -- in striking distance in the fourth quarter. >> they have gone into the fourth quarter with a couple of teams right after the last second. i have found ways to win. they make a key plays in the end to pull something off. i don't think we will blow the mouth. andy: fair enough. saturday at 6:00 on espn2. a pair of game 5's in the american league playoffs where
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been a good thing. of the eight games so far road , teams have won six of them. it is hard to describe how crazy the fifth game between texts in toronto -- texans and toronto has become. at 7:00, royals and astros. the only team to clinch a spot in the championship series right now is the chicago cubs. it was a magical evening on the north side. >> schwarber sends one high and deep and this one is long gone. andy: schwarber's home run could have been tracked by the space station last night. the longest home run anyone has seen there this year. it was the clinching blow as the company go on to knock the cardinals out of the playoffs.
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you can see the scoreboard on the right. underneath the e in budweiser is where that ball lands. the cubs are going to put it in plexiglass and leave it up there for the rest of the playoff push. the party rolled on for more than an hour. >> i did didn't realize that we had never won a playoff series, i didn't know that. it is special. >> i feel like we're getting better at celebrating. andy: the fans certainly had a good time celebrating last night. thousands of fans unleash the fury. it was a really cool experience.
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watch the an lds tomorrow. stacey: it was fun. kevin: looking forward to seeing those highlights of the texas in toronto game. andy: the most bizarre thing
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