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tv   KCCI 8 News at Ten  Me-TV  October 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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announcer: you're watching kcci 8 news. believe she should have any >> i don't -- >> i don't believe she should have any influence over children. kevin: educator investigated. the racial harassment a parent claims happened at a grinnell elementary school. >> we're going to be able to save a lot more lives with this. steve: how a new tool is helping rural first-responders. kevin: stacey is off tonight. a grinnell family says a grade school educator made racist comments to their children. steve: kcci's mark tauscheck was in grinnell tonight. mark: the parents tell me that two of their children, who they describe as mixed race, were told by an adult at bailey elementary in grinnell that , black people were stupid and shouldn't go to school with white people. >> it's an unbelievebale situation. i worked very hard to protect her, i have worked her entire life to protect her.
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mark: geoff burd and his fiance are still stunned by the words burd's daughter nikki claims came from the mouth of a para-educator at their grinnell school. >> black people and white people can't be family, black people should not go to this school, black people should have their own school. >> this is 2015, that's crazy. mark: they say that same day, their son marquez also got an earful from the same para-educator on the playground. >> black people are stupid and don't know anything. mark: we went to the home of the accused educator but a man who answered told us she wasn't home. is she on administrative leave? before shutting the door the man said that wasn't accurate, but at the school board meeting grinnell's superintendent told kcci the educator in question is indeed on paid administrative leave. >> and we are conducting a level 1 investigation and that just started yesterday and today. mark: burd says he hopes the woman, who is in her late 60's, loses her job so she doesn't
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have any more influence over children. >> i worry about their emotional stability, you can never take those words back, and she can never retract those words, she can never get those words out of my children's head. mark: the superintendent told me that the investigation should be wrapped up by late this week or early next week and the future of this woman with the district will be determined by then. steve: new dash-cam video shows what happened when pete polson was arrested after pleasant hill police say he went on a shooting rampage last november. the arresting iowa state trooper told the jury today that polson was calm and didn't seem to be under the influence of drugs. that contradicts polson's little-used intoxication defense. the final shooting victim, matthew stephenson, also testified. he says polson shot at him several times, while he was getting in his truck, missing him by just an inch. >> i just could not believe
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and they weren't playing. i mean, this is -- someone just tried to kill me. i have no idea at that time what's going on. steve: polson is facing multiple charges including 3-counts of attempted murder. he'll be back in court tomorrow morning at 9:00. so will our kim st. onge. follow her live updates on twitter. kevin: to a federal courtroom in des moines today, as former presidential candidate ron paul testifying in the trial of two former campaign staffers. cameras are not allowed inside federal courts but we did catch , up with paul after his testimony. prosecutors say 2012 paul presidential campaign staffers jesse benton, and his granddaughter's husband and , dimitri kesari tried to cover up payments made to former iowa legislator kent sorenson to switch from michele bachmann's campaign. in court paul says he would , never pay for a political endorsement and does not believe anyone working for his campaign would do that either. testimony resumes tomorrow morning at 9:00. trust kcci for complete
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ron's son, current republican presidential candidate rand paul was also in des moines today. he spoke at drake university as part of his effort to get 10,000 iowa college students to commit to caucusing for in him in february. he also spoke at buena vista university and morningside college. also campaigning in iowa today, madeleine albright. stumping for fellow former secretary of state hillary clinton. albright says clinton is the most prepared candidate for president, highlighting her experience as first lady, senator and secretary of state. , steve: in other commitment 2016 news tonight a new national , fox news poll shows front-runner donald trump losing ground in the republican pack. the poll has trump with 24% support to ben carson's 23%. ted cruz is now in 3rd with 10%. the poll puts carson on top when it come to ethics. nearly 7 in 10 republican primary voters say carson is more ethical than other politicians. the poll also shows support for carly fiorina is only about half
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of what it was after september's republican debate. she joins mike huckabee with just 5% support. fiorina will be back campaigning in the des moines area tomorrow night. she'll speak at the polk county republican women's chili fundraiser, at the windsor heights community center, from 6:30 to 9:00. kevin: new at 10:00 wait until , you see the new piece of life saving equipment thats now in some rural fire departments in story county. kcci's laura terrell shows us the latest in high tech emergency medicine and tells us all about it. laura: mary greeley medical center here in ames is the first place in the state to get the rescue cpr device. and they wanted to pass it along to rural communities in hopes it will save lives. >> we were really really excited to be able to use this device. laura: kathy twedt heads the first responders unit in story city one of five rural , communities to get the resq crp device. -- the resq cpr device.
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>> the greatest thing about this is it enhances normal cpr. laura: just approved by the fda the new device has two parts. >> the first thing that we are going to do is place the pump over the chest. laura: first, it uses a suction device. >> and that's going where our hands normally would for normal cpr. laura: as well as a rescue pod that goes on the airway. >> this is going to slow down the air flow back into the lungs again and that's what creates that vacuum to help the blood circulation. laura: medical experts say the advantage is that it gives better blood flow to the heart and the brain. >> the initial studies that they've done with this have actually shown that they increase survival by almost two fold. laura: for first responders like twedt, this is huge. >> we can give that patient better care until the ambulance is able to arrive on scene. laura: especially in a rural community where transport time to the hospital is sometimes longer. >> we're going to be able to save a lot more lives with this. laura: the hospital is hoping to give out more devices in the future.
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reporting in ames, laura terrell, kcci 8 news. iowa's news leader. kevin: new details today in the death investigation of tyler sash. osklaoosa police say when officers found sash on september 8 he appeared to be dead for some time. he was lying on a couch. nothing unusual was found nearby. his family said they had last seen him alive two days earlier. sash's mother said her son had been a bit disoriented lately and unable to sleep. sash's girlfriend says he fell from a ladder four days earlier and hurt his shoulder. an autopsy showed sash died from an accidental overdose of methadone and hydrocodone. new details tonight about lamar odom. the former l.a. lakers star was found unresponsive with blood coming from his nose and mouth tuesday. witnesses tell police odom was consuming cocaine and herbal viagra before passing out at a brothel near las vegas. right now, he is on life support
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at a las vegas hospital. steve: a touching tribute in kansas city, as the royals honor 2 fallen firefighters, with a moment of silence before tonight's game. fire investigators say larry leggio and john mesh were killed when a building was engulfed by a massive fire on kansas city's northeast side. investigators say a wall collapsed and trapped 4 firefighters inside. the 2 other firefighters got out and are expected to survive. a celebration happening right now at kauffman stadium. the royals just beat the houston astros 7-2 in game 5 of the american league division series. andy garman has highlights coming up in sports. kevin: right now we're going to get some highlights of a beautiful day out there is a beautiful night to go with it. frank: we will start with the highlight of the temperatures today. 71 is what we made it up to here in des moines. low 70's out to the west.
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a nice, mild evening. just a few clouds out there, otherwise not too bad. winds out of the southwest at five. they will start to pick up as we head through the day tomorrow. sunrise tomorrow at about 7:30. not as cool as it has been the past few nights. 10:00 temperature, 57 degrees, and then the wind picks up by the afternoon. temperatures still feeling good at least tomorrow. kevin: they are called dietary supplements, they have to be good for you right? , what harm could a supplement be? thousands go to the er every year because of dietary supplements, more coming up. steve: plus, anyone can make a cup-cake. but have you had a cub cake? tonight, cubs fever continues. kevin: and you don't have to be baseball fan to want to see what
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our sports director calls one of the most bizarre situations he's ever seen anywhere in baseball. coming up in sports when kcci continues.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 10:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. steve: in west des moines, the city is moving forward with a plan to renovate the historic valley junction neighborhood. the city council is recommending that a contractor take on the year-long project. it will begin with a survey of locals on ways to make the neighborhood better. the city will then review the possibility of adding more restaurants, apartments, and outdoor patio seating. >> even though this is the older part of town, we are still very interested in keeping this area vital. steve: the city will approve the contractor at the next council meeting. the survey will take 3 months to complete and the master plan
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kevin: a health alert tonight concerning dietary supplements. a new cdc study estimates dietary supplements are responsible for 23,000 emergency room visits each year and 2,000 hospitalizations. young adults make up more than a quarter of those visits and a majority have adverse reactions to weight loss and energy supplements. >> increased heart rate or irregular heartbeats or chest pain were common among patients with problems from energy or weight loss supplements. kevin: unlike pharmaceuticals, companies do not have to prove dietary supplements work or are safe. americans spend nearly $15 billion on dietary supplements each year. steve: exciting travel news tonight. jet blue is planning to offer free wi-fi on all flights by next fall. the discount airline says it has completed the installation of what it calls fly-fi on its
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entire fleet of aircraft. jetblue's current free wi-fi for passengers is good enough for web browsing and checking email but the new service will be capable of downloading large files. delta airlines may soon be lowering its ticket prices. cheap fuel prices have led southwest jet blue, and spirit, , to push ticket prices lower across the board. delta's 3rd quarter earnings show a significant decline so experts say it's likely the carrier will soon join the price drop trend. but delta will likely raise fares once fuel prices stabilize. meanwhile, u.s. air traffic control towers are at their lowest staffing point in 27 years. and officials say that could lead to widespread flight delays. the national air traffic controllers association says the number of air traffic. -- number of air traffic controllers has dropped 10% since 2011. many controllers are now forced to work 6 day weeks. the faa says it had to close its training academy for 9-months
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because of federal budget cuts. kevin: new security measure from target tonight. two years after the company experience that massive data breach the retailer has started , converting all of it's red card credit and debit cards to chip and pin cards. the change adds an extra layer of security. customers will now have to enter a pin, not just a signature to complete a transaction. new numbers show more than 4,000 starbucks baristas are going to school for free. it's part of the company's program launched a year ago. starbucks partnered with arizona state university to cover the cost of their worker's tuition for 4 years. the company plans to spend at least to help 25,000 employees $250 million graduate in the next decade. steve: that is a pretty good deal. taking a live look outside at one of the dot traffic cameras.
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kevin: frank scaglione is in for john. frank: one more nice day and that things are going to start to change a little bit. this picture sent in from steve simpson in clive of the fall colors. a pile of leaves but all different shades going on there. 57 in des moines, a little cooler in ames. mid 40's out to the west along highway 71. beautiful downtown skycam looking at the city lights. dew point at 56. winds are currently light. those will be changing as we head through the day tomorrow. if you clouds up to the north of we widen things out. high pretty much dominating our weather pattern and it will for the next several days as it
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moves off to the south. then a cold front will move through and that will mean some really chilly temperatures. there is the thursday planner. waking up tomorrow morning feeling a bit cool. mid-50's by 10:00. low 70's by 4:00. all in all, a picture-perfect fall day. high-pressure remains in control, but notice this trough. it is going to turn into a cold front. behind that frontal system, a big-time changing temperatures. we are talking about winds out of the north and west. big-time cold blast on the way. if you clouds out there for the most part. i think we stay clear tonight.
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a beautiful fall day in store for thursday and then friday, it will be clear and sunny but very, very cool with high temperatures only making it to the mid-50's. forecast lows, not as cool to the north. they 40's and fort dodge, low 40's in mason city. not as cool as it has been the past few nights. winds of out of the southwest will be pretty light. it will be turning breezy especially in the afternoon. look at that three day forecast. we go from 70 tomorrow to 56 on friday. could be below freezing in northern iowa. d7 for a high temperature on saturday. we start to slowly work in a little bit more heat by the weekend and some rain chances by early next week. back in the low 70's by monday. steve: you know those charity donations you make every year? they do add up. but do yours equal half your household income?
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full 50% of what they make. kevin: a very charitable couple to tell you about. steve: jeff kaufman and his wife julia wise say they give away a
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>> we like to donate as much as we can. we are shooting for more than this year. 100,000steve: kaufman is a 29-year-old software engineer. wise is a 30-year-old mother who works 2 part-time jobs. last year combined, they earned about and gave away more than $250,000 $128,000 of it. the couple has one daughter and one on the way. >> we really try to prioritize the things that are very meaningful to us and let the rest of it go and live below our means. steve: most of the couples' giving goes to 3rd world countries focusing on world health. kevin: they talk about prioritizing. the donations come with a sacrifice. they say they don't go out to fancy restaurants, and have never owned a car. steve: they hope their story will inspire others to live more simply and generously. that is generous. kevin: on to the chicago cubs. they are inspiring thousands to
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preparing to play in the nlcs after last night's historic win at wrigley field. kevin: stores across the windy city are celebrating as well. how about these sweet treats from iconic chicago spot, dinkel's bakery and cafe. bakers use a special machine to print an edible version of the official team logo. maybe we will and maybe we won't. anyway, you have the cubs blew and the comes read there on the doughnuts and rest assured, there are plenty of cupcakes out there as well.
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andy: the kansas city royals for the sweetheart team of baseball year ago, really coming out of nowhere to go all the way to the world series. this year, not many people have been talking about the team is one of the favorites, but here they are tonight, one game away from making it back for a second straight year. johnny cueto was dominant. he got great help from his
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kc goes up 3-2. cueto finishes the game by retiring the last 19 hitters he faced. kcb the astros, 7-2 the final. we have a lot of baseball fans here at kcci. none of us had ever seen a sequence of events like this afternoon's game five between the rangers and blue jays. better third in a tie game. the pitches high and the throw ends up by third. how does that happen. the catcher tossed back to the picture and hits the back of shin-soo choo just standing in the box.
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about it and decide it is not a dead ball, the run counts. then they went to new york to check the rules. the run ended up counting. that got toronto all wound up. jose batista on to the game -- untied it. unbelievable strength on the three-run shot. toronto goes on to win a game that even got weirder after this with the bench clearing and guards on the field and everything else. >> in was a lot of emotion, a live changing the dynamics of the game and the momentum from team to team. in a do or die game, tensions are going to be running high. people's emotions get involved.
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andy: it will be the blue jays and the royals in one part. in the nlcs is the cubs versus one of these two. game five is tomorrow night at 7:00. the winner hosts the cubs beginning on saturday. what a night it was for the chicago cubs. a night for the ages in many ways. one way is that the cubs had never clinched a postseason series at home in the history of wrigley field. that is 101 years and counting. >> schwarber says one high and deep. this ball is long gone! andy: one of the longest home runs of the season. it hits the e in budweiser on top of the video board in
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take a look at this. i took a picture at wrigley on a rooftop yesterday afternoon from out in right field. there's the board way over on the right. it ended up on top of that board, 60 feet above the street. the cubs had a guy shimmy up the ladder today to see that the ball was in fact schwarber's. they verify it and today they put it under glass. the cubs are going to leave it
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that's outstanding, craig.
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frank: one more warm day and then fall starts.
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