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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning at 430am  Me-TV  October 15, 2015 4:30am-5:00am CDT

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wind-up red flag warning in effect for northwestern portions of the state. reasonably warm, upper 40's to low 50's. a few clouds and green specks on the map. did have sprinkles in some spots. recurs to a nice day, temperatures up to 70 degrees by 4:00 p.m.. we have a nearly perfect day ahead of us. eric: a grinnell family says a great school educator made racist comments. elizabeth: mark tauscheck has more. mark: the parents coming to of their children who they describe as mixed race were told by an adult at bailey park elementary and grinnell that black people are stupid and should not go to school with white people. >> and unbelievable situation.
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i worked our entire life to protect her. mark: geoff burd and his fiancee are stunned by the words that his daughter claims came from the mouth of an educator. >> black people shouldn't go to the school, black people should have their own. >> it's 2015, it is crazy. mark: they say that their son marquez also got an earful from the same parent educator. >> by people are stupid and don't know anything. mark: we went to the home of the accused educator but the man that answer told us she wasn't home. >> is she on administrative leave? mark: before shutting the door, the man said it was an accurate but at the school board meeting, the superintendent told kcci the educator is on paid administrative leave. >> the are conducting an investigation that started yesterday and today.
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mark: byrd says he hopes the woman loses her job so she doesn't have influence over children. >> i worry about their emotional stability because you can never take those words back. she can never retract those words. she can never get those words out of my children's head. mark: the superintendent told me the investigation should be wrapped up late this week or next week and this woman's future will be determined by then. mark tauscheck, kcci 8 news. eric: new video shows what happened when pete polson was arrested after pleasant hill police say he went on a schubert -- shooting rampage. the iowa state trooper told the jury that the man was calm and didn't them to be under the influence of drugs. that contradicts the intoxication defense. matthew stephenson also testified, he said paulson shot at him several times when he was
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>> i could not believe someone just tried to kill me. they were not playing. someone tried to kill me, i have no idea what was going on. eric: polson is facing charges including three counts of attempted murder. kim st. onge will be there, follow her updates on twitter. elizabeth: ron paul testified in the trial of two of his former campaign staffers. cameras are not allowed inside federal court but we did catch up with ron paul after his testimony. prosecutors say his campaign staffers jesse benton and dimitri kesari tried to cover up payments made to kent sorenson for him to switch from michele bachmann's campaign. in court, paul said he would never pay for a political endorsement and does not believe anyone working for his campaign would do it either.
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eric: gun store owners in iowa are waiting to see the effect of a wisconsin lawsuit here. a jury there ordered agger guns to pay nearly $6 million to two milwaukee police officers. both were shot by a gun bought at that store. a gun purchased by a so-called straw buyer, someone that buys guns for people that cannot legally obtain them. jurors ruled the gun shop was negligent. ryan smith explains what effect that could have on gun stores here. >> we are a well rounded store. a lot of self-defense guns and target guns. ryan: the owner sells some 80 firearms a week. a wisconsin jury's decision sending shockwaves. badger guns now considered negligent for the injuries to
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the city's mayor and nothing shop owners may be held financially responsible for what happens after a sale is made. >> there are national ramifications to this verdict because as far as i know this is the first time a retailer has been held liable. ryan: the lawsuit alleges the store should have spotted warning signs. the customer ill e.g. -- a legally purchased this. >> they should have known it was a straw purchase in the wording. it must've been fairly obvious. ryan: hillary clinton calling to repeal the gun law that once a protected badger guns. attack. >> we are selling a legal commodity so how can we be held responsible for what someone does with it. if i chopped you up with my
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eric: the man says he is worried the verdict will open businesses to more lawsuit, holding them accountable for crimes committed after the sale. he believes the system in place works. elizabeth: we want to check in with jason for a look of our forecast. jason: another gorgeous day. when has changed, -- wind it has changed. mild out there, mid to upper 40's. a lot of us in the 50's. red flag warning for northwestern portions of the state, echoes through 7:00 p.m. we will be cranking up wind. if you are planning on starting a fire, be safe. throughout the day we have a gorgeous day. we will eventually see some cloud cover clear mid-60's to
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a quick look at the weekend, much cooler. mid to upper 50's on saturday. elizabeth: a new way to find missing children. vanessa peng explains outnumbers new effort assists. vanessa: uber drivers use smartphones defined passengers. now their phones can help find missing children. >> this will help and cannot hurt. vanessa: they are teaming up with the national center for missing and it's the children -- missing and exploited children. >> we know they are out on the road route iowa -- throughout iowa. >> there are a lot of drivers out there, the company is growing. before long there will be more uber drivers and my enforcement. vanessa: they operate in four cities in iowa.
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>> it gets the word out there quickly. >> i think it's a great idea, with people using it. elizabeth: this effort started out as a pilot program in colorado. eric: an iowan's 15 minutes of fame. >> we will be able to save more lives with this. elizabeth: lifesaving equipment,
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: good thursday morning, 4:40 1, 50 degrees. a light breeze out there. we will be seeing it not job throughout the day -- notch up. we look through tomorrow morning seeing freeze warnings. we usually see our first frost right now. there will be a dip of temperatures leading to that, we ride of this led it down to 56 on friday.
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definitely a cool start tomorrow. mild air. upper 40's to low 50's. through the rest of the day it will be beautiful. a few clouds out there, you could see sunshine but through midday we see wind picked up and clouds clear out. the great political, what is causing it, and when we could warm up. eric: hillary clinton and bernie sanders declaring the debate a success. sanders says he raised $1.3 million since the start. he is leaving google searches that night. one and 50 million people watched tuesday night, the biggest elizabeth: cynthia fodor asked the experts. cynthia: now that the first
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debate is over, they are planning the next which will be held at drake university inside this building one month from today. a drake law student had his 15 seconds of fame is still in the media spotlight. >> it was a surprise, i wasn't even watching the debate. a lot of people sent a video clips of me asking the question. >> to black lives matter or do all less matter? cynthia: he picked arthur wilkins question out of hundreds. clinton's response. communities of color. praising her response. >> i think hillary won the debate. she came across as strong and secure and not defensive.
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she up to laugh more, she looks more humanlike that. cy>> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your e-mails. cynthia: dennis goldberg doesn't think it is a game changer for sanders but it may have helped martin o'malley but believes the debate hurt jim webb and lincoln chaffee. >> chaffee was embarrassing, i am there'-- i cringed for him. cynthia: organizational meetings are being planned for the next debate on november 14th sponsored by kcci, abs, and the des moines register. elizabeth: mike huckabee was in our studios on wednesday morning to take a kcci eight his close-up interview and he responded to a question about a tweet he made.
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he took a shot at bernie sanders on twitter, saying i trust bernie sanders with my tax dollars like i trust a north korean chef with my labrador. huckabee called it predictable. >> the craziest and was they said it was racist. racist? there's nothing race related about north korea. it is a totalitarian regime in which people eat grass clippings. the point was it was humor. i find people on the left are devoid of a sense of humor. elizabeth: you can see more of our interview with huckabee sunday morning at 10:30 year on kcci. eric: here's a look at i-235 and 2nd avenue. waking up to a nice day. temperatures are expected to turn around. jason is in the with his
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>> weather is never more than five minutes away, only on kcci 8 news this morning. jason: we are waking up to a mild 50 degrees. we are not going to take the temperature down too much. down to 47 degrees. light cloud cover, eventually
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on track for a high of 70. clouds through northeastern portions of the state. a sprinkle in a couple of spots is shifting to the east. we should have a decently sunny day. eventually we should get smacked with cooler air. we bring in high pressure keeping things sunny for days. it will help us drive in cooler air, some of us through tomorrow morning will see lows in the upper 30's and further down on saturday morning. our jet stream is shifting, we have seen it off the pacific northwest shifting to the north. we have ridge building in the west helping touchdown cooler air even further to the north we will see highs only topping out in the mid-50's. freeze warnings active for
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portion of the dakotas as well as northwestern iowa. the bluish purple down there to the southwest is frost advisory. a cooler look for us in the next couple of days. we keep sunshine out there, clouds clear off throughout the day and into the evening. that is part of why we will see the temperature take a big dip helping lock in warmth through the day. could bring in cloud cover, if we bring in a deck of clouds, definite potential for low 30's saturday morning. 70 degrees today, partly cloudy. afternoon. mid 60's to the north. chilly for the evening, 39. the next few days have a cold
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back to 58 on saturday, we spend a few mornings in the 30's but back in the 70's week bringing rain chances. the wheels of fall are turning. eric: thank you. elizabeth: wait until you see the new piece of life-saving equipment and some rural fire departments in story county. eric: the latest in high-tech emergency medicine. laura: mary greeley medical center is the first place in the state to get the rescue cpr device. want to pass it to rural communities and hope it saves lives. >> we are excited to use this device. laura: kathy twedt heads the first responders unit, getting the seat cpr device. the new device has two parts.
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>> the first thing we do is place the pump over the chest. >> it uses a section device. >> that is going where our hands normally would go. laura: as well as a rescue pod on the airway. >> this will slow the airflow into the lungs and that's what creates the vacuum to help blood circulation. laura: it gives better blood flow to the heart and the brain. >> the initial studies they've done with this have actually shown we have been able to increase survival almost twofold. laura: for first respondets, this is huge. >> we can give that patient at her care until the ambulance can arrive. laura: especially in a rural community where transport time is longer. >> we will be able to save more lives with this. laura: the hospital helps to give more devices out in the future.
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elizabeth: valley junction was
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west des moines, jason: your time is now 4:55. absolutely gorgeous day, mild. what he seven degrees at 7:00 --
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we warm all the way to 70 by 4:00. above average for a lot of us. . to the north, will 60's. a bit of a patch or northeastern portions of the state. not much else going on. 56 degrees on friday, 58 on saturday. if you are waking up for a race on sunday, mid to upper 40's. sunshine in the beginning of next week, rain roles in on tuesday possibly. eric: west des moines is moving forward with plans to improve the historic valley junction neighborhood. elizabeth: the community wants input before completing the master plan. emmy: the city council is moving forward with the west des moines master plan. next fall they want renovations can attract businesses and
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residents. when you walk through this historic strip, you will find old-fashioned brick holdings with lower-level shops. >> i see it as an evolving area, lots of independent businesses. emmy: the street was once the only commercial district in town. the with the competition out west. >> it's easy to be here and know you are in a secure environment with whether or not being questionable. >> seeing those vacancies is a reminder there is something new and exciting coming in. emmy: community leaders are stepping and starting with surveying business owners on their needs. and in with renovations that cost nearly $200,000. >> we are using a firm that is proposing city council to enter into a contract. emmy: contractors will explore having more restaurants, apartments, and street changes. >> outdoor patio seating, something to look at as far as
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emmy: while keeping valley junction historic. they also plan on making changes to the nearby residential areas. emmy victor, kcci 8 news. elizabeth: the old city hall will not be rendered -- renovated because it is on the national register of historic laces. -- places. eric: a computer glitch backup thousands of u.s. travelers, what may have caused the problems. it could be a midwest world series, a look at the royals big win and looking forward to the mlb post season. could your iphone explode in your pocket? a scary incident that happened to one college student and how experts say it can prevent it
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eric: what's the holdup, hundreds in long lines at airports across the country.
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