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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 15, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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>> black people are stupid and don't know anything. elizabeth: that's the comment and educator in grinnell is accused of saying to a young child. the steps the school is taking. eric: testimony resumes in the pete polson trial after new dash cam video is revealed. >> you're watching kcci eight news. elizabeth: what's it worth to you? cubs fans are scrambling to get time off so they can watch next week's game. how much tickets are going for. what you need to know if you want to go. good morning and welcome back. eric: it sounds like today will be one last really nice day before temperatures go down. jason: the cooldown will be for a couple days but it will be a sharp bunch. it will send some of us below freezing.
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a decent 50 degrees, you can see we have lined up tomorrow a tank area -- pink area. western portions of minnesota and western -- northwestern portions of iowa. that is for tomorrow morning, we are not dropping their today. beautiful weather on tap. we haven't seen a lick of rain and we don't have any in the forecast for the next couple of days. we will have a look at your weekend forecast coming up. elizabeth: you are waking up to a developing story, long lines at airports around the country overnight. eric: this is --the system went down. do we know what may have caused that to crash? shaina: the only thing officials know is that it was a problem in the u.s. customs and border
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a router went down but they don't know what happened. the problem caused chaos at airports like this one in boston. thousands were forced to wait in long lines for customs and others have trouble checking in. >> the people up there, people that couldn't walk. it was crazy. people in a wheelchair that were crying, waiting for hours. shaina: things are back up and running and officials say there's no evidence this disruption was malicious. tensions are rising between israel and palestine. israeli officials are stepping up security measures after more than a dozen stemming attacks in the last two weeks. they are setting up roadblocks around arab neighborhoods and the attacks spark talks of another palestinian uprisings. john kerry will travel to the
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in central texas, at least nine homes have been destroyed by wildfire that is still spreading. fire officials say containment dropped from the to 10% thanks to tough terrain and dry conditions. several neighborhoods in the town of smithville, east of austin, have been evacuated. eric: a grinnell family says a great school educator made racist comments to their children. the parents who they describe as mixed race was told by an adult school employee that black people -- the children were told the educator reportedly said black people are stupid. >> i worry about their emotional stability because you can never take his words back. she can never retract those words. she can never get those words
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eric: that staff member was working at bailey park elementary, the grinnell-new berg superintendent tells kcci she is on paid leave. elizabeth: the pete polson trial continues today. he is accused of going on a shooting rampage in pleasant hill last a member. dash cam video came out in the courtroom showing his arrest. an officer testified he seemed calm and did not appear to be under the influence of drugs. that contradicts polson's defense strategy claiming he was too intoxicated to know what he was doing. we will be there at nine and you can follow kim st. onge on twitter for live updates. former presidential candidate ron paul testified wednesday in the trial of two of his former campaign staffers. cameras are not allowed inside the boards but we caught up with paul after his testimony. prosecutors say his 2012 campaign staffers jesse benton
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cover up payments made to former iowa legislator kent sorenson for him to switch from michele bachmann's campaign. in court, paul said he would never pay for a political endorsement and doesn't believe anyone working for his campaign would either. testimony resumes at 9:00 and you can trust us on-air and online for coverage. eric: it sounds like today might be the day to get out and enjoy yourself. jason: some people like the cool air, it is refreshing, but if day. we have sunshine, a look at simpson college, this is what alyx is seeing. a beautiful sign of the season. we have been dry with wind moving in. a red flag warning for northwestern portions of the state are 7:00 p.m. as you look out through the rest of your day, absolutely gorgeous.
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burning off throughout the day, temperature drops to 59 by 7:00 p.m. we don't get that warm on saturday, 58 is your high with patchy frost in the morning. eric: a new piece of life-saving equipment is now in some rural fire departments. elizabeth: it's called the resq cpr device and only a handful of states have it. it uses a suction cup and pod to give air flow to the heart and brain. mary greeley medical center is the first place in iowa to get the device. >> the greatest thing about this is it enhances normal cpr. it creates a temporary vacuum in the chest wall and that vacuum helps the blood to return to the heart. elizabeth: maxwell, jewell, nevada, and gilbert fire departments are also getting
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eric: helping senior citizens live at home instead of having to stay all-time at a nursing home. emmy victor joins us from emmanuel pathways on 77th and hickman. emmy: it is familiar to people, on 77th and had an want you guys to look at the building behind me. this used to be the home of the old ethan allen furniture store. that moved to jordan creek giving way for this new center. it is called immanuel pathways. i want to show you a look at the doors, they just open for business a week or so ago. we want to take you to a video of how it looks inside. it is the first of its kind in the metro, seniors can spend the whole day here getting care.
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design plan for each patient. >> they have a schedule made out when they get here. how they will go, and they have occupational therapists, physical therapists, and do ctor. they are well-rounded to take care of anything. emmy: when seniors are done they can go home and have access to that care. they can arrange scheduled visits to their home. they say this is the alternative for those who may not need that long-term nursing home. also consider this is a great way to get out and meet other senior citizens. the center hosts a lot of great activities and has transportation. they did open last week and have five participants so far. they hope to expand, they have 25 interested already and they hope to add 5-10 people each
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reporting live, emmy victor, kcci 8 news. eric: the royals win, it wasn't even close in the alcs division series. what's next for kc. paying how much? find out what cubs playoff tickets are going for. elizabeth: we knew iphones were hot but not this hot. three things you can do to keep it from burning up. shaina: no issues on the roads, this time of morning we see overnight work finishing up on i-235. the map is all green so you will not encounter an issue anywhere. good news all around, we will take a look at the roads. more people than we typically see at i-235 and keo way. moving right along, westbound lanes totally empty.
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ng. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined. the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get 0% financing for 72 months on these remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. >> this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news this morning. with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. elizabeth: welcome back. we are a change of seasons across iowa, check out this shot
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from run anderson along the des moines river. the leaves are changing. eric: nice colors and a beautiful picture here from alex kirkpatrick. we love seeing these fall foliage photos. show us what changes are happening in your backyard because it is really you to flout their -- beautiful out there. jason: i love fall colors and bonfires but we don't have the air for it right now. still relatively mild. eventually he will work in cooler air with temperatures in the upper 30's tomorrow morning. enjoy the decently mild air. we have some clouds pushing through with sprinkles embedded. not seeing a lot of that hit the ground. we have some reports of a sprinkle or to making it to the ground for northeastern portions of the state. cooler air working to the north already.
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jacking us across the state. enjoy not your last day in the 70's but at least your last day for the next three. you can see low to mid 70's for southwestern portions of the state, mid-sixties off to the north. your paragraph 50's for highs tried a and -- friday and saturday. we have a warm up after our old town -- cool down. eric: the royals are moving on, meaning another popular team in iowa has a chance of the world series. here's the final out of the game last night against the houston astros. a three-run homers in the bottom of the eight. they are making a return trip to the american league championship series, a lot of celebrating in kansas city.
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which is -- blue jays. the game last night had a crazy inning especially the seventh. things really blew up for the rangers, they were up 3-2. but they had error after error. the entire inning was crazy. the three run homer from jose bautista put them up three and that will send them to the alcs. the first pitch will be at 6:30 on fox. elizabeth: as the cubs get ready for their national league championship series, the fans are trying to get into the packed house at wrigley field. but it will cost them a lot. some ticket websites show the average price at wrigley is more than $1300 per ticket. the cubs will play the winner of tonight's game between the new york mets and the los angeles dodgers.
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you would be better off flying to new york or l.a. and watching the game there and buying a ticket for the home game. eric: the average price in new york is $800. in los angeles it is $360. the tickets are just blowing up. we don't want to jinx anything but the cubs fans were hoping to score tickets online. i can't imagine, if they are 10 times the base value for the championship series, it would cost a lot to get a ticket there. elizabeth: shaina has a look at other big things going on in the sports world. shaina: don't want you to forget about football. kcci tonight. the atlanta falcons are in new york owens -- new orleans getting ready.
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you can switch over to me tv des moines to see the news at 10:00 p.m. and will have a late news coverage at the end of the game right here. in other sports news, former la lakers star omar oden -- lamar odom was found unresponsive in a brothel on tuesday. sheriff's deputies said person calling 911 told them he had been doing cocaine and herbal viagra. other news, the u.s. supreme court is considering a case that could affect your energy bill. they are looking into a program that would pay consumers who cut back on electricity during peak hours. opponents say that decision should be left up to the state. a final decision is expected next year. toyota is trying to promote clean energy in the economic headlines. the automaker says it wants to stop producing gasoline vehicles by 2050.
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they plan to cut their carbon emissions by 90% by selling only hybrid and fuel-cell vehicles. gas prices fell a few cents. the metro will pay $2.39 for a gallon of super unleaded gas. another down day on wall street, the dow went down 157, the nasdaq was down 13, the s&p went down nine. target isn't lamenting a security measure to convert red card credit and debit cards to chip and pin cards. this comes after the company suffered a massive data breach. red card customers will have to enter a pin not just a signature. flying in and out of chicago may become easier. chicago's o'hare international airport is set to open a new runway and air traffic controller tower in an effort to decrease delays.
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overhaul at o'hare to make runway safer and more efficient. eric: it is not unusual for a cell phone to get warm but there is a growing number of people complaining phones are running hot and sometimes too hot. >> i heard a little pop noise, saw smoke, so i dropped it here. eric: this student says he was sitting in his car last week and when he had fiel -- hit the home button on his iphone 6 plus, it went up in smoke. apple didn't comment that it replaced his phone. tech experts say the iphone 6 has seen a lot of overheating complaints. turn off unnecessary apps, automatic updates, and turned on the brightness. i got an iphone 6 and i've noticed it is a bit warm in my pocket sometimes.
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-- is not on fire. elizabeth: there is a red flag warning out there today. jason: off to the northwest but we have been dry for the last 16 days. if you have burned plans, be safe. not even close to record, the high of 89 degrees in 1938. the record low as 28 degrees, thankfully not close to that. a bit of a chill out there, but a beautiful day on track. clear skies, 49 at the moment. we keep our skies sunny into the afternoon and at 70 degrees. above average, but we will not be staying there for too long. these clouds will be departing and this front will continue to
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push to the southeast with high pressure in from the northwest will help to drag in the cooler air. what else we have is a shift in the jet stream that will shift to the north and our west pulling down cooler air. highs only in the mid-50's, lows when you wake up in the 30's. we will see our first frost of the season for northwestern portions of the state. bring your plants in. wherever you see pink there is a freeze warning. off to the southwest, that is frost advisory for southwestern portions of the state. we keep it fairly sunny, clouds depart. even through the afternoon, we keep skies relatively clear. that will be the case throughout the day on friday. it will be cooler but nice, 70 today. upper 60's to low 70's.
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over the next few days we have chilly days. up to 58 on saturday. if you are going to the marathon on sunday morning, it will be brisk. i don't know if you can run with a scarf that i recommend it. elizabeth: let's check in with shaina. shaina: things are looking great. normally we have overnight work on 235 finishing up but it must be done because there are no issues, no yellow or orange spots. you should only run into mobile speed units. there are a few in des moines on the south side at 2300 and he and all avenue -- indianola avenue. 550th street. south of 35 at 3900 northwest weaver drive. north of 35 at 800 northeast 50th avenue.
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eric: we are giving away more tickets to bridges of madison county. elizabeth: we will ask you a question about the musical and the first person to call in wins. today's question is, and what iowa town does the bridges of madison county take place? eric: call us at 515-247-8808. i wonder if the winner will be from madison county?
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eric: welcome back. commitment 2016 news, the democratic debate in the rearview mirror, hillary clinton basks in the glow of her performance and so does bernie sanders. elizabeth: donald trump is taking aim. nikole killion as live in
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nikole: good morning, today, bernie sanders wraps up a visit to the west coast with an appearance on the ellen degeneres show. while hillary clinton goes to san antonio, texas. both speaking to capitalize on the debate which true in more than 15 million viewers. i got the attention of donald trump who took aim at both last night in richmond. some analysts say it may be harder for vice president joe biden to announce. >> hindsight is 2020 but in retrospect it clearly hurts him and his prospects. nikole: the vice president won't say when he will make a decision but insiders say the main factor is his family. eric: switching sides, witty things stand in the republican side? nikole: a new poll says there is
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a race to the top between donald trump and ben thompson -- carson . some polls show the two point apart. if you look at staples, there is a widespread between trump and carson. -- state polls. eric: nikole killion live in washington for us. carly fiorina will stop by the republican women's chilly fundraiser. it runs from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. elizabeth: we are giving away tickets to the bridges of madison county and we have a winner. in what iowa town does the bridges of madison county take place? the answer is winterset, iowa. eric: congratulations to mala of ankeny. you one and you will get tickets. we will have one more chance for you tomorrow morning around the
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same time or you can go out and buy them from the des moines performing arts. elizabeth: new stories include long lines at airports, the lifesaving measures iowa veterans are taking to save a dog. eric: lots of help for an iowa farmer in need.
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he a car gives you freedom. room to grow. and in time, room to grow up. your dream car evolves, and protecting it takes committed support.
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elizabeth: right now at 5:30, long lines. the problem that prevented hundreds of flyers from reentering the country. eric: singled out in school, the racist comments a grinnell couple say they in dordt, and the investigation. elizabeth: an iowa police officer run over by a handcuffed suspect. >> the most-watched running news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." eric: you are going to meet king. he had a pretty bad run of luck being hit by a car, but his luck may be turning around thanks to a group in iowa. i am eric hanson.
5:30 am
along with shaina and jason. it is going to be a little chilly this weekend. jason: we are talking mid-50's for highs, potential for frost. today, not the case. we are going to be warm throughout the day as we climbed to 70 degrees in the metro. 49 right now in des moines, 52 in waterloo. a relatively mild start to our day and we will track all the way to 70 by 4:00 p.m. we have a few clouds but as we push through the day, we will will help us take the head into the evening tonight. a decent day as we are all sitting in the 60's to the
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shaina: we start out with some flight delays after a computer glitch shut down the customs and border protection system for about 90 minutes last night. you can see very long lines at jfk airport in new york city, one of many airports impacted. the glitch affected the system that checks names against the terror watch list, so agents had to manually check them. >> all the computers are down. >> i have no idea what is going on. shaina: alternative procedures were used until the systems came back online. customs says there is no indication that the service disruption was malicious in nature. president obama will keep 5500 troops in afghanistan through the end of his term. administration officials report it is a reversal of the initial plan.
5:32 am
the president is expected to make an official announcement this morning at the white house. baltimore police have made several arrests in the past couple of hours. some 30 protesters refused to leave city hall, upset after they voted on a new police commissioner. the protesters were calling for justice for freddie gray. elizabeth: an investigation underway in grinnell after a family claims a school staff mender -- member made racist comments. >> black people and white peoples cannot be family. black people should have their own school. elizabeth: geoff burd says a para-educator made comments to both of his mixed race children, and she is on paid leave during the investigation. eric: -- cameras reveal what
5:33 am
arrested last november. he was calm and did not seem to be under the influence of any drugs, contradicting his intoxication defense. testimony resumes this morning at 9:00. we will be back in federal court for the trial of two former staffers to ron paul -- rand paul. -- ron paul. both are accused of covering up payments to kent sorenson to switch from michele bachmann's campaign to paul's. he does not believe anyone would pay to work for his campaign. des moines police looking into a stolen atm found inside a vacant house. it was found tuesday afternoon by a woman interested in buying a house on guthrie. when looking at the basement,
5:34 am
police think they have found the owner but have not arrested anyone. elizabeth: helping seniors to meet their health needs and still live at home, emmy victor is live in windsor heights. emmy: it is a new program that can save money on federal medicaid and medicare dollars. not all seniors may want or need to live at a senior home full-time but at this new center, seniors can stay throughout the day and be back at their home by the end. it opened just last week and it is a new program. seniors can get the care they need inside the facility. there is a primary care physician who is in charge of planning out what each individual senior needs. they want to add a whole lot more people to the program. they offer nutrition and
5:35 am
exercise counseling. really it is the new jim --gym and daytime activities that are selling out most seniors. >> one was a little bit more reticent, a lot of unknown. he shared with his team members it was the best day he had had in a long time. emmy: there are a couple of requirements if you are interested in joining. you must be at least 55 years of age, live in central iowa in nine specific counties, and you have to have been assessed as someone who may need nursing care. if you need more information, you can check out our website. live in windsor heights, this is emmy victor. eric: it is 5:37 as we start our thursday. it may be one more day to bring out the shorts.
5:36 am
we have a cool down in store for the next couple of days so if you like it being warm and sunny, today will be the day for you. here's a look at last night's sunset. this is on u local. one can only assume it is a little bit after 6:30. a beautiful shot, thank you for sending that in. as we head throughout the morning, we start off in the mid-40's, topping out at 70 degrees. we do have that red flag warning for northwestern portions of the state and that goes to 7:00 p.m. of this evening. we have not seen any rain and we do not have any in the forecast, and we climb all the way to 68 by noon, on track for 70 degrees. eric: iowa cci is gathering in
5:37 am
front of the iowa utilities board headquarters to protest the bakken pipeline. the planning and zoning commission is looking to build a new convenience store on keo way. elizabeth: hidden ron in handcuffs, how a suspect was able to get out of custody and into his own vehicle. how she got away, what an iowa jogger did when she was attacked on a busy trail. eric: when a skunk was brought on the set, these tv news
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: happy thursday morning to you. 5:42, picking up to a great morning. temperatures fairly mild. mid 40's often the north, low 50's areas to the south.
5:41 am
we are seeing freeze warnings through a good portion of the dakotas through western portions of iowa and minnesota. as you head out tomorrow morning, the brisk air will definitely be in the mess -- in the mix. the last time we saw a streak that long or longer, it was in march. we do not have any rain in the forecast today. they're up to 74 a high today. i will have more on your 8 day forecast. eric: thank you, jason. a council bluffs police officer opens fire on a suspect after that suspect hits him with a truck. shaina: this started with a fried report at a bomgaars store. he got out of the patrol car, got into his truck, and try to
5:42 am
he tried to run over the arresting officer, and the officer fired several shots. he is still on the run this morning. >> is usually always quiet. it is surprising. shaina: here he is, take a look at the man police are looking for. the officer is ok but is being treated at a hospital. elizabeth: a woman fought for her life to get away from an attacker in cedar rapids on tuesday. she was running alone on a trail around 4:00 in the afternoon when a man touched her and said he would like to run with her. she said no, when he pushed her into a wooded area and try to get her phone. he ran away when she called out and volunteers are increasing the trolls in that area. eric: in walker, about 50 people turned out to help farmer bob
5:43 am
he had a stroke in july, so the 50 people put their machinery together and harvested bob's land. shaina: a paraplegic dog named king is getting the care he needs. the nonprofit group pilots and paws flew him to texas so he could get care. he was going to be euthanized but the group stepped in and they are trying to get him back on paws. elizabeth: it is so amazing the efforts people will go to to help these animals. shaina: they really are more than just a companion, they are family. elizabeth: you posted a picture from a mom and boone. eric: she was in the store when they spotted a man in army fatigues. she suggested they all thank him
5:44 am
in return, he gave the kids some of his military badges from his uniform. you can see them. they are in the picture. she says she would love to find this guy again and pay it forward. elizabeth: unbelievable. shaina: hopefully somebody who is watching knows who he is. elizabeth: shaina posted something. you are wearing some fancy footwear. shaina: unfortunately. it is pretty unattractive. i have one of these terrible orthopedic boots on. i walked into a chair. eric: you do not want it to happen, but at least you want a good story. shaina: i am thinking of maybe lying and saying something else happened. eric: an elephant sat on your foot.
5:45 am
we can show everyone, we have the video from edward r murrow awards where eric one for writing. you got to see a lot of famous faces. eric: i put on my tax ego and got his -- tuxedo and got to see david muir. it was really cool. shaina: a well-deserved award. congratulations. elizabeth: this next clip from an omaha tv station is not award-winning but is definitely funny. >> your self-defense mechanism, they spray. if they feel threatened, they will shoot out spray.
5:46 am
elizabeth: it is hilarious because it did not happen to us. they thought they got sprayed by the skunk but it turns out it was just a water gun. shaina: first i thought he was just being silly and lifted its tail up. eric: he just sprayed a water gun at them. i love their reaction. shaina: the time is now 5:48 this thursday morning. no skunks on our set. we will give you a live look at i-235 and mlk junior parkway, traffic just starting to inch up. we have one more 70 degrees day
5:47 am
>> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on "kcci 8 news this morning." jason: 5:51, waking up to 49 degrees. we have a gorgeous day ahead of us. we have some clouds working their way in but we will eventually kick those out, warming all the way to 70 degrees. a smaller batch in the northern portion of the state will slowly
5:48 am
that will be leaving us with a pretty decent amount of sunshine. on friday, we drag in an area of high pressure. much colder air making its way in. when you combine that with a rich building its way -- a ridge building its way in, we could even see some frost throughout the morning hours. freeze warnings from the dakotas through nebraska. you can see frost advisories in blue. no frost expected this morning, but we do have a couple mornings that we could potentially see that. we start to get these clouds out, and we have a great day once we start to do that. get out and enjoy the beautiful weather we have got today, up to 70 degrees.
5:49 am
we have a read flag warning in effect -- a red flag warning in effect. temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's, down to 39 tonight. look at that cool down, mid-50's for highs and lows 30's for saturday morning. mid-60's next week. elizabeth: nice to be able to ease into those cool temperatures. jason: and you do not see a huge string of them. eric: what is happening on the roads? shaina: nothing is happening, and it will be a while before we see the big slowdown on i-235. if you have to be anywhere by 6:30, now would be a good time to go.
5:50 am
street, 4900 northwest beaver drive, and 800 northeast 50th avenue are your mobile speed
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elizabeth: there are many sides to basketball star an fashion icon russell westbrook. and with coverage in the middle of anywhere from u.s. cellular, he can find some new ones. like, farmer. russell's brussels. russell speaking. paleontologist. hashtag t-rex. park ranger. where am i? and t.v. spokesperson. that's my line. i got it. with u.s. cellular, you can do all the things you like, from the middle of anywhere.
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eric: 5:56, we have been sharing all week about children and stress. today, we are helping your kids deal with it. keep connected with them. stay in touch and make sure you
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have time to talk with them. make sure they are talking to you every day. also, take it easy. make time every day for unstructured time to rest or play. normalized stress, explain that it is the body's response when you are expecting something scary to happen, and give yourself tips to do like deep breathing. today, democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders makes an appearance on the ellen show. >> most people look like politicians and have a certain kind of hair. >> i have a certain type of hair. >> for some reason, they are
5:54 am
porsha has hair like you sometimes and i actually think you all look similar. eric: hair all over the place. the seminar explains why he defended hillary clinton on the e-mail debate, and explains about the disappearing middle class. elizabeth: live with new overnight news. shaina: there were massive lines and chaos airports around the country last night. i will explain the glitch affecting international flight. emmy: i am live in windsor heights to tell you about a new service in the metro that is helping senior citizens stay at home instead of living in a nursing home full-time. jason: we have been enjoying sunshine and 70 degree air, but a cool down is set to take over iowa.
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