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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 15, 2015 6:00am-7:00am CDT

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eric: right now, what is the hold up? hundreds in long lines at airports across the country. we will tell you the glitch that caused it. >> black people are stupid and do not know anything. elizabeth: that is a comment and educator in grinnell is accused of saying. eric: what will happen today in the pete polson trial. >> you are watching kcci 8 news. elizabeth: also this morning, what is it worth to you? cubs fans are scrambling to get tickets and time off work so they can see the game. i much the tickets are going for, and the important deadline that you need to know. good morning, everyone. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: i am eric hanson.
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it sounds like we are in for an awesome day. jason: it is going to be 70, sunny, but hang on to today because we have a cold stretch ahead of us. mid-30's for overnight lows. 47 is how we will start our day, working in a few clouds, but we will stay dry. the wind will be kicking up as we head throughout the day. northwestern portions of the state heading for a red flag day. on track for a high of 70, and we will see some of those clouds late afternoon hours. 58 for your high on saturday. 65 on sunday with mostly sunny skies. elizabeth: you are waking up to a developing story, long lines at airlines around the country. eric: the system that checks
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shaina: all officials know is that it was a problem in the u.s. customs and border protection system, and they say a router went down but do not know why. the problem caused chaos at airports, like this one in boston. thousands of people were forced to wait in very long lines for customs, and others had problems checking in. >> the people up there were all cursing. it was crazy. people in wheelchairs that were crying, waiting there four hours. shaina: things are back up and running, and their is no evidence that disruption was malicious in nature. tensions are rising between israel and palestine. israeli officials are stepping up security after more than a dozen salving attacks. soldiers are setting up road
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blocks. secretary of state john kerry will travel to the region soon to meet with leaders on both sides of the conflict. eric: a grinnell family says a great school educator made racist comments to their children. the parents of the two children who they describe as next race say one of their children was told that black people and white people should not go to school together, and that same day, the other child told his parents the educator said black people are stupid. >> i worry aboutheir emotional stability because you can never take those words back. she can never retract those words. she could never get those words out of my children's head. eric: she was working at bailey park elementary school, and the woman is on paid administrative leave during an internal investigation.
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elizabeth: the pete polson trial continues. he is accused of going on a shooting rampage in pleasant hill last november. -- -- dash camera video shows that he appeared to be calm at the time of arrest, contradicting his defense that he was too intoxicated to know what he was doing. kcci will be there this morning at 9:00 when the child continues. former presidential candidate ron paul testified in the trial of two of his campaign staffers. we caught up with paul after his testimony. prosecutors say his 2012 staffers tried to cover up payments made to former iowa legislature kent sorenson for him to switch from michele bachmann's campaign.
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paul said he would never pay for a political endorsement and does not believe anyone working for his campaign would do that either. you can trust kcci on-air and online for coverage. eric: it sounds like today will be really nice, but a little bit windy. jason: the wind will be screaming out of the northwest, causing an increased fire warning. we will get to 70 today, and right now it is pretty comfortable with most of us sitting in the upper 40's to low 50's range. we have a few clouds lurking about, but no rain in the mix. you can see clouds from des moines spanning to the northeast , all the way to the wisconsin border. you can see that colder air off to the north. 59 in minneapolis, 70's four
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eric: a new piece of life-saving equipment is already in some earl fire department in story county. elizabeth: it is called the resq cpr device, and only a handful of states have it. it uses a suction cup and special pod to give better air flow to the heart and brain. merrily greeley medical center -- marry greeley medical center is the first place in iowa to get the machine. >> it enhances normal cpr. it creates a temporary backed him in the chest wall, helping the blood to return to the heart. elizabeth: maxwell, jewel, nevada, and gilman fire departments are all getting a device as well. eric: a new program helps senior citizens stay at home rather than living full-time in a
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emmy: a very familiar spot indeed. if you want to take a look time me -- behind me, on the 7700 loch of hickman avenue, this used to be the old ethan allen furniture store. it has only been open for about a week or so, and we have some video of what it looks like inside. this metro center is the first of its kind. seniors can spend all day, getting the care they need. >> they have a schedule made out when i get here, how my day is going to go. they have occupational therapist, physical therapist, as well as recreational therapist all here, and a doctor. there are pretty well rounded to take care of just about anything.
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emmy: when seniors are done for the day, they can go home and still have access to that care. the clinic can arrange any person who works there to make scheduled home visit as well. this is an alternative to those who may not need long-term nursing care, and a great way to get out of the house and meet other senior citizens in the area. the center holds fun activities during the week, and the even have transportation. they are planning to add a total of 5-10 seniors each week. more than five are signed up right now. live in windsor, emmy victor. eric: the royals win, and it was not even close last night as they took the ale division series. you are going to pay how much? find out what cubs playoff
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elizabeth: we all knew iphones were hot, but not this hot. shaina: traffic is just starting to heat up if you are just getting out there. i-235 and i-35, things are green all around the metro. if you need to be somewhere at 6:30 or 7:00, now might be a good time to go.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: happy thursday morning to you. 6:13, waking up to 50 degrees, a very light breeze out of the northwest five miles per hour. pretty comfortable air in the mix with us right now. low to mid 40's off to the northwest, otherwise 40's and 50's through the rest of the state.
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track for us, just an initial batch of clouds. i do not think we see any rain drought the rest of the state as these clouds continue to push their way through the east. 16 days with no rain for us. you have to go all the way back to the beginning of march to see a streak it starts that long or longer. we are up to 68 degrees by noon. we kick up the wind, and we will see a much cooler weekend forecast. eric: the kansas city royals are moving on in the postseason, meaning another much loved team still has a shot at the world series. almost a three run homer gave the royals a 7-2 win over the astros.
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the royals will play their toronto blue jays after they beat the texas rangers last night. this game had a crazy ending. in the bottom of the seventh, things blew up for the texas rangers. they were played by error after error after error from their infield. a monster three run homer put the jays up 6-3. advantage when the series yards on friday. the game will be at kansas city at 6:30 on fox. elizabeth: as the cubs get ready fans are trying to squeeze into the packed house at wrigley field. it will cost them. the average price for tickets for playoff games is more than $1300 per ticket. the cubs will play the winner of
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chicago fans may be better off flying to new york or l.a. and watching the game there, then why -- buying a ticket for a home game. it is only about $360 to fly to l.a. eric: if you are a cubs fan and hope to score world series tickets, you have to register online with the cubs by tomorrow, and there is a drawing to see who gets those face value tickets. elizabeth: a hefty price tag. sheena has a look at some other big thing. shaina: even with all the baseball excitement, we cannot forget about football. tonight, the atlanta falcons are at new orleans for the game tonight at 7:30. our regular 10:00 p.m. newscast
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you can switch over to metv, channel 8.2 to see the news at 10:00 p.m., and we will have late news coverage following the conclusion of the game. just in, tear gas disrupts a parliamentary session in kosovo for the second time in two weeks. opposition lawmakers used it to shut down discussions over and eu sponsored deal with serbia that would give served the jury -- serb majority areas more power. elizabeth: toyota is trying to promote clean energy in this morning's economic headlines, and wants to stop producing gasoline vehicles by 2050. a plan to cut their car road -- carbon emissions by 90%. good news for drivers with gas vehicles, gas prices fell
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in the metro, it is to dollars $.39 for a gallon of regular unleaded. the nasdaq was down more than 13 and the s&p 500 fell more than nine. target is implementing a security measure. they converted all their red card credit and debit cards to chip cards. red card customers will have to enter a pin to complete a transaction. flying in and out of chicago may become a lot easier soon. o'hare international airport is set to open a new runway and air traffic control tower in an effort to decrease delays. this is part of a $9 billion overhaul at o'hare to make runway safer and more efficient. eric: it is not unusual for a cell phone to get warm, but this
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morning there are a growing number of people complaining that their iphones are running too hot. >> i heard a pop, soul smoke, it was really hot. eric: this college student says he was sitting in his car last week and when he hit a home button, it literally went up in smoke. apple did not comment, but gave him a new phone. tech experts say the iphone 6 has seen a lot of overheating complaints. to help the problem, turn off apps that you are not using and turned down the brightness of the screen so the phone does not have to work quite as hard. i have experienced a little bit in my pocket, it is very warm. elizabeth: it could be bad news. eric: it is going to be worn out there today, not smoking hot or anything. jason: 70 degrees, we have a red
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flag warning for northern and northwestern portions of the state. there is an increased fire risk. 50 is where we're at, warming all the way to 70 by 4:00 p.m. see the clouds we are starting out with? those will kick your way out, meaning a sunny day for us. as we head into the rest of the day, you can see those do depart for us as we bring in the area of high pressure behind that, bringing in quite a bit of sunshine. as our jetstream shifts, we did have a pacific northwest flow but that will shift will to the north, bringing down some much cooler air. highs over the next few days will be in the mid to upper 50's. tomorrow, freeze warnings and frost advisories in effect.
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you can see that blue area is the frost advisory, and the rest of it is a freeze warning. we could see those clouds of the push off to the south, making way for plenty of sunshine as we head into the evening. starting off the day on friday with quite a bit or sunshine. we do not see any cloud cover until we get into friday evening, which could help us. that could help us keep the temperature up through the overnight, though i still think we will drop into the 30's. 70 today, dropping into the upper 30's tonight. our cold stretch starts this evening and will stick with us for a few days. the sunshine through the weekend is not going to keep us warm, temperatures in the 50's,
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elizabeth: we will head over to shaina and see what is happening out on the road. shaina: things are looking good and starting to pick up. we are seeing small sections of yellow, but yellow is not that bad. here are your mobile speed units for today, 2300 indianola avenue , 4500 50th street, 4900 northwest beaver drive, and 800 northeast 50th avenue. nikole: more on where the candidates are, and why some are switching gears. >> president obama rethinks pulling u.s. troops out of
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eric: welcome back to kcci at 6:25. with the democratic debate in the rearview mirror, it is full
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as hillary clinton basks in her appearance, so does her rival bernie sanders. elizabeth: nikole killion is live more on what is happening on the campaign trail. nikole: bernie sanders wraps up a west coast visit with an appearance on the ellen degeneres show. hillary clinton heads to san antonio for a rally with the latinos. the debate drew in more than 15 million viewers and got the attention of donald trump, who took swipes at both candidates last night in richmond. some analysts are saying their strong showing may make it harder for vice president joe biden to announce. >> hindsight is always 2020, but in retrospect it clearly hurts him, hurts his prospects. nikole: the vice president will not say when he will make a decision, but insiders claim the
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main factor is still his family. washington. elizabeth: we have more news ahead after 6:30. long lines at airports overnight, the life-saving efforts i was that's are taking
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emmy: the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose...
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...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it.
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elizabeth: right now at 6:30, long lines. the problem that prevented hundreds of flyers from reentering the country overnight. eric: singled out at school, the racist comments a grinnell couple says their children and toward. -- and jordan endured. elizabeth: the iowa police officer almost run over by a suspect. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." eric: you are going to meet king , who has had a run of bad luck
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being hit by a car, that his luck may be turning around thanks to a group in iowa. welcome back, i am eric hanson. elizabeth: i am elizabeth klinge, along with shaina and jason. it seems like the fall colors have really just in the last couple of days, it has become so great. eric: we just do not want them to fall, because it is very windy. jason: it is happening. the wind is going to be strong today, 15 to 20 miles per hour. starting out rather light. mid 40's is what our temperature will be starting out at as well, so a cooler start. the wind will kick in, leading to a high fire danger through 7:00 p.m. a red flag warning is out for the midwestern portion of the state -- northwestern portion of
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as we head through the noon hour, we start to break up a little bit of that cloud cover. if you look at your weekend, it is much cooler so if you are a fan of the 70's and sunshine, today is your day. shaina: we start off with some flight delays after a computer glitch cut down -- shut down the customs and border patrol computer system last night. you can see very long lines at jfk, one of many airlines -- airports impacted around the country. agents had to manually check names against the terror watchlist. they do not believe the glitch was malicious. president obama will keep 5500 troops in afghanistan through the end of his term. it is a reversal of his original plan. he is expected to make an
6:31 am
announcement this morning at the white house. baltimore police have made several arrests as 30 protesters refused to leave city hall while they voted on a new police commissioner. the protesters are calling for justice for freddie gray, who died while in police custody in april. elizabeth: an investigation under way in grinnell after a family claims a school staff amber made -- member made racist comments. >> black people and white people cannot be family. black people should have their own school. elizabeth: geoff burd says a parent educator -- an educator at bailey middle school -- elementary school made racist remarks to his children. eric: new dash cam video shows what happened when police arrested pete polson.
6:32 am
the arresting officer said he was calm and did not appear to be under the influence of drugs, contradicting his intoxication defense. back in federal court for the trial of two former staffers for ron paul. jesse benton and dimitri kesari are both accused of covering up payments to former state senator kent sorenson to switch from michele bachmann's campaign to paul's. paul said he would not pay for a political endorsement and does not believe anyone working for his campaign would either. elizabeth: helping seniors with their health needs, and keeping them at home as well. emmy: it is a new program here and it actually can save federal medicaid and medicare dollars.
6:33 am
this program is state-of-the-art and just started about a week ago. not all senior citizens may want to or need to live in a senior home full-time. the center can keep them for the day and bring them home by the end so they can still stay at home. it is a collaboration with mercy medical center. they have a primary care physician inside, who has planned out what each individual senior needs each day. the center has been open for just a week and they want to add a lot more seniors. it is the gym and daytime activity center that is selling most seniors. >> one of the individuals was a little more reticent about joining the program, a lot of unknowns. he shared with one of our team members it was the best day he had in a long time.
6:34 am
participating, there are a couple of requirements. you must be 55 or older, live in any of the nine central iowa counties, and an assessment that you have had to say that you need nursing care is essential. elizabeth: hopefully it will help a lot of people. a hit and run and handcuffs, how and i was suspect was able to get out of custody and into his own vehicle, and the dangerous running that followed. how she got away, what an iowa jogger did when she was attacked on a trail. eric: a skunk was brought on the set and these tv anchors had no idea what they were in for. jason: we may be in for sunshine and 70's today, but a cool down is in store. shaina: you are in for a smooth
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sail to work if you are leaving anytime soon. no accidents, and traffic is starting to pick up. enjoy the easy drive while it lasts. you are looking at i-235 and
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jason: happy thursday morning to you.
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temperatures pretty mild for this time of year. low to mid 50's four areas to the south. the wind will eventually be picking up. we are not seeing that right now, but we are on track for wind up to 20 miles per hour for the afternoon. we will warm all the way up to 70 degrees, even with that wind. i do not think we will see any rain with the cloud cover. we will see quite a bit of sunshine out there. 60's up to the north, and 60's into the 70's fourth southern portions of iowa. 58 degrees on saturday. a chance of patchy fog on saturday -- patchy frost on saturday morning. eric: news around iowa, a council bluffs police officer opens fire on a suspect after
6:39 am
shaina: it started with a fraud report any bomgaars store when police arrested adam thomas. he somehow got out of the patrol car while handcuffed and tried to leave the scene. he ran into the arresting officer, when the officer fired several shots. thomas is still on the run. >> it is usually always quiet. you do not hear sirens or things like that. shaina: this is the man police are looking for, take a look. the officer is ok but is being treated at a hospital. elizabeth: in cedar rapids, a woman fought for her life to avoid an attacker. she was running alone on a trail around 4:00 in the afternoon when a man touched her and said he would like to run with her. she said no, when he pushed her into a wooded area and try to
6:40 am
the man ran away when she called out. shaina: disconcerting. ap are we just dog name came -- a paraplegic dog named king is getting the care he needs. he was hit by a car and was going to be euthanized, but the group stepped in and are trying to get king back on his paws. elizabeth: it is amazing the length some people will go to to help out pet. a story from a woman in bone. eric: kelly said she was in a store with her children when they spotted a man in army fatigues. she suggested her kids thank him for his service, and he gave them some of his ill a terry
6:41 am
some of his -- some of his military badges from his uniform. shaina: how nice. that is a selfless thing to do. elizabeth: you also posted something online that is concealed under our coffee table. you are sporting some interesting footwear. shaina: i wrote a little bit on my facebook page. i was hiking in yosemite national park and i did some pretty impressive things, but then i flew back to des moines and walked into a kitchen chair and broke heart of my foot. elizabeth: those kitchen chairs can just jump out at you. shaina: you will never see them coming. eric: it is fashionable though. elizabeth: this next clip is from an omaha tv station. we want to share it with you because it is hilarious.
6:42 am
they spray. they get scared. if they feel threatened, they will shoot out a spray. [laughter] elizabeth: it looked like he was just spraying them with a scott. -- a skunk. it was actually a concealed water gun. eric: that is really funny. elizabeth: to say the least, it freak them out. eric: nope, they just got sprayed by water. shaina: i love how he just takes off. thankfully, nothing like that has happened here. we have no skunks so we're happy about that. we have a look outside at 35/80 at hickman.
6:43 am
where the mobile radar units are >> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on "kcci 8 news this morning."
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you, 6:48. we are waking up to a wonderful 50 degrees. the sun is starting to rise. a beautiful day in the 70's. if you are off to the north, a little bit cooler, but a beautiful day nonetheless. we start to break up some of the earlier cloud cover. as we push in further to the east, we will see a big shift in our temperatures with highs in the middle 50's tomorrow and saturday. one reason we are seeing this punch of cold air, a huge shift in our jetstream. it is going to be with us for a couple of days, so a fairly short-lived cold snap but enough to bring some of us our first frost of the season.
6:45 am
as we head into friday, we start off with clear skies. very cold temperatures for some of us off to the north, near freezing in spots, and brings in cloud cover as we head into saturday. 70 degrees is what we will be topping out at. low to mid 70's in areas to the south. tonight, 39 degrees. 56 on friday, only up to 58 on saturday. we have the sunshine to go along with that, but if you look at the morning lows and those are down there. a couple of days we will recover and more near summerlike conditions. elizabeth: thank you, jason. eric: you have some trouble out on the road? shaina: we have a couple of stalls on i-235, one near 63rd
6:46 am
street and the other near 22nd street. we also have an accident. if you work at mercy hospital, it could affect you if you are getting onto or off of i-235 downtown. fifth and laurel is where that is. mobile speed units, 2300 indianola avenue, 2500 50th street, 4900 northwest beaver drive, and 800 northeast 50th avenue. eric: news to go next, a tough
6:47 am
a tough road elizabeth: 6:53. kcci is ready with your news to go. eric: a big announcement from president obama. shaina: administration officials confirmed the u.s. will keep thousands of troops in afghanistan past the planned withdrawal date. the plan is to keep 5500 troops into 2017 when president obama leaves office. the reason is there has been a
6:48 am
we are expecting president obama to speak officially later on from the white house. u.s. customs and border protection computer systems are back up and running. a glitch shut it down last night, creating long lines for international travelers. this meant the agents had to manually check names against the terror watch list. elizabeth: they grinnell new bird school district investigating apparent racist comments a staff member made. a staff member is on administrative leave after a family said she told their children blacks and whites should attend different schools. eric: kcci will be back for more testimony in the p poulsen trial -- pete polson trial. we will also be in federal court as the trial of two former ron
6:49 am
paul staffers continues, accused of pain kent sorenson two switches allegiance. elizabeth: police searching for a man in council bluffs who attempted to run down a police officer. the officer fired several shots but thomas got away. eric: iowans against the bakken pipeline will gather outside the iowa utilities board starting at 10:00 a.m. for a rally. elizabeth: the prize laureate at -- the nobel peace prize laureate -- good luck to des moines native lolo jones. she is having hip surgery. she posted that it is a pretty daunting challenge, less than one year out from the rio olympic games. eric: cap fans trying to -- cub
6:50 am
fans trying to go to the wrigley field series will have a hard time paying for it. tickets average $1300. elizabeth: thursday night football is on kcci. the atlanta falcons take on the new orleans saints at 7:30. the national weather service is warning of an elevated fire danger today because of strong wind and low humidity. a fire could easily start during harvest, and tonight means frost is possible. jason: it is definitely possible, especially as we head toward saturday. a couple of days before this cold snap. we will make way for sunshine and temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's. off to the north, chances are
6:51 am
either way, we will have a gorgeous day ahead of us. 33 is what we will be waking up to saturday morning. low 70's monday and tuesday, tuesday being your next shot for rain. shaina: if you work at mercy hospital or have an appointment, this accident could affect you at fifth and laurel. keep that in mind. other than that, your drive times are pretty normal.
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