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tv   KCCI 8 News at Six  Me-TV  October 15, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm CDT

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kim: polson admitted to the shootings for the first time today but says he doesn't remember pulling the trigger. >> i'm sorry, i didn't mean to hurt you or your family. kim: a self-described drug addict repeatedly apologized for the shooting. he says the camera never because of a bad reaction to map. >> after that, stuff got weird. kim: polson and his friend admitted to injecting met some six hours for a shot at three people, injuring two of them. >> from the bottom of my heart i apologize. i would never hurt anyone like that. i wish i would have shot myself that day instead of hurting these people. kim: he told jurors he has been in rehab for his drug addiction
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to relapse and things get sour, including a breakup with his girlfriend just days before the shooting. his ex-girlfriend says she left him because he wouldn't stop doing drugs. narcotics agents also sees about 20 pounds of marijuana from pols on's home. trial resumes tomorrow morning and the jury will then have to decide whether polson was too intoxicated to form the intent to kill. kevin: meanwhile the iowa , supreme court says it will to hear an appeal in the richard daughenbaugh murder case. daughenbaugh died after being beaten by a group of people in august of 2013. a jury convicted kent tyler of second degree murder in the case, but this spring, the iowa appeals court threw out that conviction, saying the jury had no factual basis to find tyler guilty on any of the prosecution's theories. the iowa attorney general's office asked the supreme court to review the appeals court decision. stacey: narcotics task force officers on surveillance helped
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pella police arrest two men in the middle of a tire shop burglary. 40-year-old jason beaman and 32-year-old joel followill both face theft and burglary charges. followhill faces an additional charge of interference. pella police say beaman was arrested when he walked out the tire shop just after 11:00 last night. officers found followill hiding inside the building in a stack of tires. kevin: republican presidential candidate rand paul under attack for a comment he made against yesterday. stacey: paul stopped at a number of colleges in iowa this week, saying his candidacy appeals to millenials. but our chief political reporter cynthia fodor shows us how he lost some support here. cynthia. cynthia: kevin and stacey, rand paul spoke inside the olmstead offended the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender >> we ask every presidential candidate we can get to should
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-- fire someone simply because they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. cynthia: this man, keenan crow threw out that question but was shocked to hear this answer. sen. paul: i think the things you do in your house, you can leave those in your house and they would have to be part of the workplace. it sets up a class of people who can now sue. if you are gay there are plenty of places that will hire you. >> just to be so dismissive was heartbreaking to us. cynthia: the executive director of one iowa donna red wing says she is done. >> it horrifies me and tells me we still have a lot of work to do. cynthia: to hear rand paul say it's ok to discriminate and fire someone who's gay. >> i thought, what century does this guy live in? he exhibited such bias and some real homophobia and transphobia. cynthia: other candidates have
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way -- rick santorum, "i don't think they should be fired but i don't think we need a federal law." bobby jindal, "i don't think there should be discrimination but i don't think the government should be intruding." jeb bush, "no, i don't think so." in iowa, it is illegal for employers to discriminate against lgbt workers but 31 states do not have such laws. this is a protection we have >>this is a protection we have here in iowa, hold dear, would like to see it across the nation. cynthia: hillary clinton also knocked paul for his comments about gay rights in the workplace. i'm told some of the drake students took off their rand paul for president stickers after he made those comments. stacey. stacey: fellow republican presidential candidate carly fiorina is in windsor heights tonight for a chili fundraiser. this is the latest stop on fiorina's swing through iowa. earlier today, she help a town -- she held a town hall meeting in the western iowa town of spencer. there she commented on president obama's decision to hold 5500
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beyond the end of the year. ms. fiorina: he now is recognizing that afghanistan is becoming potentially a haven for isis and that the taliban is not on the wane as he has tried to convince the american people of for years. it's growing in strength. stacey: the latest fox news poll has fiorina in 6th place with 5%. donald trump leads with 24%, a slight edge over ben carson with 23%. kevin: hearings on a proposed oil pipeline through iowa don't start for another month. but protests got underway today outside the iowa utilities board offices here in des moines. about 100 protests some who were -- about 100 protesters, some of who were bussed in, marched outside the building where next months hearings take place. many of the protestors say they oppose the pipeline over fears for the environment. but one story county landowner says she's upset for another reason. >> large company can come in and
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take emment domain away from the landowner. this is not a utility company. this is a privately owned company. kevin: the hearings on the pipeline begin november 12. night eyes, the merry not scary halloween event kicks off tonight and frank scaglione joins us with what kind of weather the trick-or-treaters can expect. frank: it just got started here at 5:30. it goes until 8:00. plenty of folks already coming in. it is a perfect night to be out here. look outside at our temperature. it dropped a little bit. 65 degrees. still a beautiful evening to be outside. wind noticeable at about 15-20.
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the winds dialing back a little bit. they just downright cold tonight. we are really going to be turning the dial down on those temperatures. i will have those in your 8 day forecast life here on a perfect fall night. they are open until 8:00 tonight. stacey: 200 sex offenders will soon be transferred to the prison in newton. the department of corrections says that will provide better treatment. kcci's jason rantala is live with reaction from newton. jason r: hundreds of inmates from the prison in mount pleasant will be heading to the newton correctional facility. people we talked to in newton say they had no idea this was happening. neither did a few local politicians. the newton correctional facility will soon house 200 new inmates all sex offenders from the mount , pleasant correctional facility. state corrections director jerry
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were unable to get treatment in the mount pleasant facility. the newton prison will allow for individual, multiple-occupancy cells and dormitory areas, with a less open environment. and will be better equipped for treatment with more security. bartruff says the risk to the public is low. >> given that mount pleasant is a less secure facility and newton is a more secure facility, i would say the risk of something significant happening in the community is minimal at best. jason r: state senator chaz allen says despite not knowing until recently moving to the better security facility in newton makes sense. those living in town say aren't too concerned for the most part while for others, feelings are , mixed. >> if the facility for them is safe and secure, that's fine with me, they've got to go someplace. better here than alcatraz. jason r: bartruff acknowledges they could have done a better job getting the word out. representative dan kelley of newton has concerns with current
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prison understaffing and how the community was kept in the dark. the move will happen in phases and it could take up to a year. the mount pleasant prison will become a more minimum custody facility. live in the studio, jason rantala, kcci 8 news, iowa's news leader. stacey: broadlawns medical central breaks ground on a major re-vamp of its campus on hickman road. that expansion will take place on the eastern part of the broadlawns campus. the 72,000 square foot building will house several new facilities, including a family health center and residency apartments. the plan calls for remodeling the inpatient and outpatient behavioral health facility, expanding the number of beds to 44. it will also expand the medical center's dental clinic. the entire project is expected to be complete sometime in 2017. kevin: tomorrow will be an historic day for the des moines fire department. the department will promote three men to district fire chiefs. two of those men, steve brown and percy coleman, will become
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the first african-american chief officers in the department's 132 year history. their promotions will come 48 years since the first african american was hired in des moines. you might call him the bridge of spies-master. how this iowa man is connected to the latest steven spielberg-tom hanks film. stacey: but first, the man at the center of campaign payment scandal takes the stand. hear what former iowa lawmaker kent sorenson told a federal jury today. if you work hard, and you do your part, you should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. but the republicans... they want to go back to letting the super wealthy call the shots. they don't stand up for equal pay for women. they don't support paid family leave. they don't even really support refinancing student debt. we've got to get this economy working for the vast majority of
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that's what i intend to do as president.
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announcer: this is iowa's news leader. this is kcci 8 news at 6:00 with kevin cooney, stacey horst, chief meteorologist john mclaughlin, and iowa's sportscaster of the year andy garman. kevin: former senator kent sorenson took the stand today in the federal trial of two former ron paul 2012 presidential campaign aides. stacey: jesse benton and dmitri kesari are accused of making hidden payments to sorenson, who switched his endorsement to paul's campaign just before the 2012 iowa caucuses. kcci's rose heaphy was in court today and heard today's testimony. rose: after hours of fbi investigators reading through emails, sorenson and friend,
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aaron dorr, took the stand today. now, no cameras or recording devices are allowed in the federal courtroom. dorr explained an email that he sent to benton in oct 2011, proposing a deal worth $8,000 a month for sorenson to switch to the paul campaign in another e-mail benton , responded saying that deal was illegal and unethical but said the paul campaign would be happy to employ them. fast-forward to december of that year. sorenson and his wife had dinner with kesari. that evening, he says kesari gave his wife a check for $25,000. the check was from kesari's organization designer goldsmith inc. and made out to sorenson's corporation grassroots strategies. but sorenson says at the time he told kesari that he wasn't sure he wanted to switch to paul's campaign. he said he was conflicted and feeling stressed from the situation because he was facing and felt paul was a better financial issues political candidate. testimony and the trial will continue tomorrow. kevin: the steven spielberg cold
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war thriller "bridge of spies" opens tomorrow. the movie about the trading of a soviet spy for u-2 pilot francis gary powers has an iowa connection. francis lebeda is a 76-year-old cedar rapids man who, like of lot of retirees, has a workshop. but unlike most people who use their workshop to do odd jobs around the house, francis uses his to make movie props. for "bridge of spies", he created a special coin the soviet spy uses in the movie to hide his secrets. stacey: now let's check back in with frank live at the blank park zoo for the opening night of night eyes. frank: we're tonight at the blank park zoo. things just got started at 5:30. plenty of people filtering in. they must have got the handset tonight was going to be a perfect fall night.
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let's take a look at current temperatures. 65 in des moines. clarion i-59 degrees. the story today has been the wind. a little gusty at times of the north and northwest. as we head through the night tonight, they will start to call down a little bit. we see the sunshine today and the winds a littleezy out of the north. otherwise, a perfect fall evening. low 60's by 7:00. upper 40's by 11:00. it will be a chilly night tonight with those clear skies. look at your wake up temperature tomorrow. 39 degrees. if you are north of highway 20, numeral probably be waking up in the low to mid 30's. clouds kind of filtering through in southern iowa today but it has been a great day and is a
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notice that cold front. that is really going to be changing things as we head for the next 12 or so hours. ice tomorrow, much cooler than today in the mid-50's as high pressure starts to slide in behind the frontal system. we're going to let it roll all the way through friday. friday, a very nice day. it will be cooler than it has been the past few days. as we head into saturday, sunny skies and temperatures still saying on the cool side. northern iowa, low-to-mid 30's. . central iowa, upper 30's. a frost advisory in effect for portions of western iowa. it will be a chilly night. you definitely will need to bundle up if you are out. 55 degrees tomorrow. lots of sunshine. the winds not as gusty as they were today, out of the northwest
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at about 5-15. waking up to a cool start on saturday in the low 30's it -- low 30's. 57 by the afternoon. we are going to jump back into the low to mid 70's by monday and tuesday, and that is our next best chance of rain. back out here live at night eyes. a perfect night and people are really getting the hint that this is a perfect night. we are here until 8:00. acta you. kevin: that program reminder for thursday night. football game tonight. the atlanta falcons taking on the new orleans saints at 6:30. coverage begins that means our late news here on kcci will be delayed. if you're looking for a 10:00 news broadcast, you can switch over to metv des moines, channel we'll also have late news 8.2. coverage following the
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scott: the cyclones had plenty to celebrate last season, especially its second straight big 12 tournament championship. does more partying await, despite the separture of the mayor? and the new polls out thursday seem to think so. iowa state is ranked seventh in the nation in the newly released usa today coaches poll. it's a historically high number, and has them in pretty rare company. take a look at the top teams around. kentucky, unc, maryland. and there are the cyclones at 7 . the highest preseason ranking the isu program has ever had was 9th by the ap back in 1996. this year's ap poll isn't out yet in the big 12 coaches poll, they are behind oklahoma. the kansas jayhawks are picked to win their 12th straight big 12 title. new coach steve prohm isn't afraid of all the hype. grexit you have a lot of expectations out there but you want that. this program now is about championships, it is about winning, it is about doing things the right way.
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scott: friday, november 6 is the team's first exhibition. hawkeyes by the way were not , ranked in the usa today coaches poll. grab those goggles, it is another postseason party for kansas city. back in the alcs thinks last night's game five win over houston. all three of the royals victories in the series were come-from-behind win. up next, the mighty bluejays. >> the matchup i think everyone predicted. it is going to be a hard-fought battle just like this series but if there is a group that is up for the challenge, it is this one. scott: later in the evening, some of the players showed up to party with the fans. friday night, 7:30, game one. if the cubs make the series, it
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a hamstring injury he suffered monday in game 3. the winner of this game will host the cubs saturday night in game 1. finally, the drake will it continue to get better at better even if they need a little work. that -- this team is loaded. the bulldogs were excited about all the expectations. great players and player of the year candidate lizzy wendell l. >> that is the kind of standard we want to have.
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for yearsstacey: one more timeout to frank. frank: beautiful night tonight at night eyes. the winds have started to dial back a little bit. going to be a cool 1, 39 for a low. tomorrow, highs in the mid-50's. kevin: we will see you later tonight after football on channel 8.1.
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