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tv   CBS Morning News  Me-TV  October 16, 2015 4:00am-4:30am CDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's friday, october 16th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." stuck in the mud. hundreds of california drivers are stranded when heavy rain sends water, rocks and mud washing across highways. is joe biden ready to run? one of his top political advisers signals the vice president may be getting ready to enter the race. and start spreading the news. the new york mets finish off the dodgers to advance to the national league championship series for the first time since 2006. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters in new york. thanks for joining us. i'm meg oliver in for anne-marie green.
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improve today in southern california, but it will be days before the area recovers from a powerful flood producing weather system that swept over the area yesterday. the storm brought nearly an inch and a half of heavy rain during a short period of time, causing intense flooding. >> oh, my gosh! run for your life! >> about 75 miles north of los angeles, the west coast main north/south interstate i-5 was run over by mudslides and floodwaters. another major highway was also closed. no one injured, but hundreds of cars and trucks were stranded trapping some drivers. this morning, parts of the freeway remain closed. peter dowd of our los angeles station kcbs has our report. >> reporter: debris flowing out of control over slopes that drought and wildfires have stripped of vegetation. the swift mud and water claiming property both small and large, including this boat.
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niland said she had only minutes to rescue 20 horses when her ranch began to flood. >> we went to pull them out immediately and within 45 seconds, the water became three feet higher, but you can imagine my horse was ready to jump into my arms. >> reporter: flash flooding in north l.a. county trapped cars and destroyed property and stranded drivers. danny cueto took these cell phone videos of some of the vehicles that he and his friends pulled to safety. >> three feet and covered in dirt and mud actually. i remember i grabbed a piece of wood from a picket fence and starting digging out from under the bumpers. >> reporter: firefighters rescued several people. the rain and hail eventually giving way to a massive rainbow, a sign of hope after an exhausting day. >> i've been out here 24 years now. and i've never seen this much water in 24 years. you can't tell how fast it's moving or how safe it is. >> reporter: the cleanup process is under way. firefighters plan to keep several roads closed. incredibly, there are no reports
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of any injuries. in leona valley, peter dowd, cbs news. forecasters say this winter california is in for more wet weather thanks to the weather pattern known as el nino. el nino happens every few years when the pacific heats up and it changes weather patterns worldwide. a wildfire has destroyed three dozen homes in central texas is about 25% contained this morning. the so-called hidden pine fire is burning about 40 miles southeast of austin. it's burned about six square miles and forced residents of about 400 homes to evacuate. no deaths or injuries are reported. this is the same area where a fire wiped out 1,600 homes four years ago. democrats have taken the lead in political fund-raising. according to reports filed with the federal election commission, hillary clinton raised $28 million between july 1st and september 30th. bernie sanders was close behind, raking in $26 million. retired neurosurgeon ben carson had the best haul among republican candidates with $20 million.
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and donald trump no longer the self-funded candidate raised nearly $4 million. the fcc reported trump spent more money on his merchandise like make america great again hats than anything else. the big question. will he or won't he? it appears a decision from vice president joe biden on whether he'll enter the 2016 race for the white house is eminent. several reports from a top biden adviser indicate that biden is on the brink of a decision. don champion is here in york. >> reporter: the vice president is mulling a run for months. some of his supporters believe he may have waited too long. now biden appears to be on the verge of answering a question that has been hanging over the democratic race. >> is there still an opening for you in the race, sir? >> i'm here [ inaudible ] to talk to you.
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talking yesterday as he waited to greet the president of south korea, or earlier when he addressed a forum on domestic violence. >> it's hard for a victim to come forward, because you all know every time a story is repeated, they relive this. it comes back. it comes back like it's happening at that very moment. >> reporter: no word from the vice president, but one of his top political advisors, former delaware senator ted kaufman, sent a letter to former biden staffers and in it, kaufman said biden is, quote, aware of the practically commands of making a final decision soon and if he runs, quote, we will need every one of you -- yesterday. potential financial backers want an answer and there is also the logistical issue. the longer he waits, the fewer primary ballots he can qualify
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cnn reports that biden's family is backing him. biden called democratic strategists in several states wednesday, asking about how, not whether, to launch a campaign. now at the end of this month, there is a high profile dinner in iowa attended by thousands of party activists. if biden wants to make a serious play in the iowa caucuses, this is an event, it would be hard to imagine, he would miss. >> more wait and see. don champion here in new york for us, thank you. up next on "cbs this morning," we will hear from someone already in the race for the white house. republican jeb bush joins us in studio 57. a man is arrested in malaysia charged in hacking into the personal information of information of more than a thousand u.s. security forces. he allegedly gave the data to islamic militants in syria so they could target the americans. the 20-year-old is a citizen of kosovo. he was arrested in quala lumpur
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information on u.s. service members. the recent increase between violence. in the past month, at least eight israeli and 31 palestinians have been killed. johnathan vigliotti reports from tel aviv. >> reporter: a steady stream of israeli security forces joined others already positioned in jerusalem's old city this morning. hamas is calling for a day of rage, following morning prayers. the same day israeli banned young muslim men from worshipping at this mosque in jerusalem. the site sacred to both muslims and jews has been at the center of recent attacks. in a speech thursday, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu singled he was ready to sit down with palestinian president mahmoud abbas to work on ending the conflict. >> it's potentially useful because it might stop the wave of incitement of the false allegations against israeli. >> reporter: false allegations like the help of this boy.
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executed by israeli soldiers using excessive force, but yesterday, prime minister benjamin netanyahu revealed the young boy who allegedly stabbed an israeli child, was being treated at an israeli hospital. in reaction to the stabbing, hundreds of israeli soldiers and police are standing guard around the country, particularly in palestinian neighborhoods. on thursday, secretary of state john kerry issued a strong message of support for israeli. >> we will continue to support israeli's right to defend its existence. >> reporter: the white house says both sides have a responsibility to exercise their strength. ahead of today's day of rage, israeli defense officials say dozens of palestinians overnight set fire to joseph's tomb, a sacred jewish site, and this latest incident is sparking more fear of possible violence. johnathan vigliotti, cbs news, tel aviv. in the meantime, american special forces reportedly knew that doctors without borders facility in kunduz, afghanistan,
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was a hospital before they called in air sport. the attack earlier this month killed at least 22 patients and hospital staff. the associated press reports the americans were gathering intelligence because they suspected the building was used to coordinate taliban activity. the parents charged with killing one son and severely injuring another in a church-related beating are due in court this afternoon in northern new york. prosecutors say bruce and deborah leonard and four others severely beat the boy sunday during a spiritual counseling. >> there was an issue about whether or not they wanted to stay. the oldest brother wanted to stay in the church and that there was a confrontation between the two boys and the parents about that. >> 19-year-old lucas died. his 17-year-old brother christopher is hospitalized with serious injuries. police say they aren't certain why the boys were beaten. still to come on the "cbs morning news," reality check for fantasy sports.
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that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. tesla owners woke up to find their cars could drive themselves. finally, a high-tech alternative to jack -- jamming a brick on the gas pedal and jumping in the back seat. on the cbs "moneywatch," driverless technology shifts into high gear in another carmaker. the first ranking of the youtube stars. and shipping your packages may be getting more expensive. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, jill. >> good morning. u.p.s. is raising its delivery rates by about 5%. the company says it needs to the rate hike to cover rising labor and equipment costs. u.p.s. will also raise surcharges for fuel and heavy packages. those rate hikes begin october 26th. boosted by financial stocks.
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gain in two weeks yesterday. the dow jump 217 points and the s&p rose 29, the nasdaq gained 87. general motors' ceo says her company is going to move aggressively in the development of self-driving cars. mary barra says they will have them next year. its super cruise feature will ease the effort for drivers on freeway and it's expected to appear on cadillac models next year. after tonight, there will be no more usairways. the last usairways flight takes off from san francisco. the red eye to philadelphia. usairways reservation system shuts down tomorrow and wraps up a series of airline mergers that has created four giant airlines. four out of every five u.s. passengers flies on one of the four. "forbes" magazine is out
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highest paid youtube stars. swish video game reviewer cutie pie tops the list, earning $12 million last year. he is followed by smosh, a comedy act, and the fine brothers who film people watching outrageous videos. most of the earnings come from advertising. meg? >> 12 million, not bad. thanks, jill, at the new york stock exchange for us today. coming up in sports, moving on. the mets catch the dodgers napping in a base stealing play that paves the way for new york's victory and earns them a chance at the world series. >> nobody over there to cover!we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders.
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4:16 am could stay... bed all day... need the power of... new theraflu expressmax. the power to feel better. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. meet the mets >> the empire state building bathed in blue and orange in honor of those new york mets. for the first time since 2006, the mets will play for a chance to go to the world series. new york taking game five against los angeles at dodgers stadium in dramatic fashion.
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murphy stealing the show by stealing third base and he does it when no dodgers were covering the bag after lucas duda draws a walk. murphy comes around later to tie the game to 2. then he comes to bat again two innings later. >> the 3-2 is driven to right. that ball is gone! daniel murphy! >> murphy's home run puts new york ahead for good. the mets eliminate the dodgers with a 3-2 win. they will battle the cubs for the national league pennant. on "thursday night football," new orleans ends a four-game losing streak. the saints turn a blocked punt into a touchdown in the first quarter against atlanta and never looked back. new orleans hands the falcons their first loss of the season 31-21. nevada is calling a time-out on the two largest daily fantasy sports services. the state gaming commission ordered draftkings and fanduel to cease operations in nevada
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gambling license. the sites maintain their games are not gambling and, therefore, not subject to regulation. fanduel and draftkings are under increased scrutiny after employees were found to be using inside information to make entries on other sites. up next on our morning newsstands, protests over a body slam. a cop is caught taking down a high school student. on the mend. a train hero is released from the hospital a week after being stabbed. mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site. most common side effects include skin peeling...
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. >> ken taylor, thank you for what you're doing. >> i was expecting more of a g-man look.
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the fbi, sir. >> oh. >> this way. >> he played a central role in the tale that inspired the oscar winning movie "argo." this morning, the real-life canadian diplomat is being remembered in his actions of in saving the lives of americans trapped in iran. and a train hero heads home from the hospital. those are just some of the headlines on this morning's newsstand. "the sacramento bee" reports the airman who stopped a terror attack on board a french train is out of the hospital this morning. spencer stone was released from uc-davis medical center. he was stabbed three times in a late night fight last week. police are still trying to identify his attackers. the providence journal reports that police will investigate the take-down of a 14-year-old student taken down by a pawtucket police officer. it circulated online on thursday. two brothers involved were arrested. police say it happened after one teen began yelling obscenities and threats while walking down a hallway. the incident sparked a student protest yesterday that ended
4:22 am
with the arrest of eight teenagers and two adults. the austin american statesmen reports that two high school football players who deliberately hit a referee are now banned for the reminder of the year. the attack came in september in the final moments of john jay high's game against marble falls when a player struck the football referee robert watts. also suspended for the rest of the school year, an assistant coach who denied telling the two players to attack the ref. "the toronto sun" reports former canadian ambassador to iran ken taylor died after battling colon cancer. taylor hit americans at his home and the home of a computer in tehran during the 1979 hostage crisis for three months. he secured plane tickets and convinced ottawa to issue the american's fake canadian passports. ken taylor was 81. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," gayle king talks with the creators of instagram. i'm meg oliver.
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i've never seen, in my life, a greater marketing campaign. you were on the back of every -- we couldn't get away from you. you're driving down the street. >> if you slammed into, like, an abutment with your car, your air bag would explode and my face would be right on the inside. >> but i was on billboards and buses since like 1976 when the campaign was "what is an oprah?" and you're on everything on the bus. and then when i came on the air, it was just me and people are like, that's oprah? >> she is hilarious. here is another look at this morning's top stories. torrential rain in southern california triggered flash floods and mudslides that stranded hundreds of cars and trucks. the flooding began just before the afternoon commute. nearly an inch and a half of rain fell in a short period. there are no reports of deaths
4:25 am
or injuries. a close adviser to joe biden says the vice president has neared a decision on entering the race for the white house. in a letter to former biden staffers, former senator ted kaufman said if biden runs, we will need every one of you and every one of you yesterday. a polar bear named nissan is the name of a member of a new zoo and picked up uninvited tests as it traveled to its new home. police cleared out migrants from this truck after a group of them walked up to the truck in slow moving traffic and opened the back doors. some even got in, despite the presence of the massive polar bear. a hero dog was honored in washington state. on thursday, governor jay inslee presented tilly, the dog, with washingtonian of the day. we told you about tilly last month.
4:26 am
she loyally stayed by her friend phoebe, the basset hound, for a week after phoebe fell into a water tank and couldn't get out. the dogs were eventually found by volunteers. this might be the play of the year in college football. stanford quarterback kevin hogan takes the ball on an end-around and fires it toward the end zone and that is where francis owusu makes the catch by pinning the ball to the defender's back. stanford beats ucla 56-35. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the campaign to legalize marijuana in ohio. we will show you the battle over who should grow it. plus, gayle sits down with the creators of the possible social media app instagram. >> when it started five years ago, neither one of you could have predicted or expected this, so what was your expectation? what was your hope for this company? >> we pressed the button a little bit after midnight to launch it to the apple app store and, immediately, people started flowing in and all of these e-mail addresses signing up. the first day, we had 25,000 people sign up and both of us looked at each other and said -- >> said whoa!
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morning." finally a musical milestone at the white house. the buena vista club presented music at the white house. it was the first cuba-based musical act performed at the white house in decades. i'm meg oliver. this is the "cbs morning news."
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>> this is not me. i would never hurt anyone like that. eric: the defendant apologizes. the accused shooter takes the stand. why he says he cannot remember what happened. elizabeth: president obama is keeping troops in afghanistan. >> do you think and employers should be able to fire and lgbt employee because that person is lgbt? >> i think really what you do in your house, you leave that in your house. eric: rand paul tries to win over drake students. how he outraged instead. thank you for starting your day with us. elizabeth: it is 4:30 on october 16. happy friday. a call friday.
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-- a fall friday.


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