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tv   KCCI 8 News This Morning  Me-TV  October 16, 2015 5:00am-6:00am CDT

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elizabeth: right now, they needed it but could not handle it. rain makes a muddy mess in california, trapping cars and closing roads. >> i would never hurt anyone like that. eric: he says he is sorry. for the first time we hear from dependent pete polson himself. elizabeth: is he in or out, new signs this morning that the vice
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president may be jumping into the presidential race. >> you are watching kcci 8 news. eric: good morning, everybody. i am eric hanson. elizabeth: i am elizabeth klinge. you will definitely need a jacket this morning. it is chilly out there. jason: it really cold in some spots, upper 20's for feels like. i feel like it kind of skips past fall and is a taste of winter. if we look at wind chills across the area, definitely adding a bite to the air. low 30's across a good portion of the eastern part of the state, so hang on to a little bit of warmth as you head out and about as you will absolutely be needing it. if ross advisory for a good portion of the western half of the state, and freeze warnings to the northwest. we get to play this down -- out
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again tomorrow. a couple of cool days with temperatures only topping out in the middle 50's. elizabeth: a developing story right now in california, mudslides lead thousands of drivers -- leave thousands of drivers stranded overnight. shaina: two highways, one of those is interstate five, the main road that connect northern and southern california. drought and wildfires have stripped the land of any vegetation so when rain finally fell, mud and water came rushing down over the roadways, even burying some vehicles. >> times of vehicles, three feet, covered in dirt, mud actually. >> i have been out here for 24 years and i have never seen this much water in 24 years.
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you cannot tell how fast it is moving or how safe it is. shaina: cleanup crews are already working on both of the affected highways, but they are still closed down. in texas, a wildfire east of austin is growing and has destroyed nearly three dozen homes. it has burned about six square miles and firefighters are calling in help from the west coast. they will drop nearly 12,000 gallons of fire retardant at a time on the blaze. israel is deploying more troops to its border with gaza as they brace for another day of possibly violent palestinian protest. dozens of palestinians and several israelis have been killed in recent shootings and stabbings. israeli authorities have a hand young muslim man -- band young muslim men from entering the mosque. elizabeth: reacting to president obama's decision to keep 5500
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troops in afghanistan. previously he had vowed to end the war in afghanistan before his term was over. this kernel worked directly with the afghan army. he knew then that keeping the middle east country secure would be a very long road. >> there just are a lot of challenges and it is going to take time for them to be able to build up their nation, their security forces, to be able to provide the kind of security required for that part of the world. elizabeth: he tells kcci he is not apprised by the announce meant. the iowa national guard does not have a unit deployed in afghanistan and the army national reserve has between 10 and 20 i wins serving. eric: a man accused of going on a shooting spree in pleasant hill takes the stand in his
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defense, apologizing, saying he remembers nothing about the shootings because he was high on methamphetamine at the time. >> i am sorry. from the bottom of my heart, i apologize. it just is not me. i would never hurt anyone like that. i wish i would have just shot myself that day instead of hurting these people. eric: pete polson faces drug charges along with those three counts of attempted murder. the jury will have to decide if he was too intoxicated to have the intent to kill. the federal trial of two ron paul aids continues today. sorenson took the stand yesterday in his own defense and
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kesari gave his wife a check for $25,000. sorenson told him he was not sure he wanted to switch campaigns but was conflicted because he was facing financial issues. testimony resumes this morning at 9:00. elizabeth: 200 sex offenders in iowa will soon be transferred to the newton correctional facility from the mount pleasant correctional facility. the new prison will be better equipped for treatment of the inmates with more security. the move will happen in phases and the process could take up to a year. a major expansion at broadlawns medical center. crews broke down -- ground for a 72,000 square foot building. the expansion is expected to be done by early 2017. eric: in commitment 2016 news, protesters gathered in windsor heights to confront carly
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fiorina over her stance on planned parenthood. she spoke at a fundraiser where she spoke about her problem-solving abilities as a former hewlett-packard ceo. >> anytime i ran into a problem i knew, i discovered that we actually knew how to solve the problem that we had to challenge the status quo. we have not had that in washington in a long time. eric: she continues campaigning today and iowa with stops in grinnell and pleasant hill. overnight, we learned that one of joe biden's closest aides sent an e-mail that they would need help from all of them if he decided to run, and laid out a possible platform from just for his campaign. elizabeth: at 5:07, we will check in with jason. jason: i think i came up with a
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new invention, a snooki suit. -- snuggie suit. we have upper 20's and mid-20's for feels like temperatures. 38 wind chill in des moines, 34 in a tama. the wind will be ramping up as we head throughout the day with single digits to low double digits. we have a freeze morning off to the north, frost advisories to the west, and we get a replay of this tomorrow as the cold strengthens over the central and eastern portions of the state as well. more frost advisories and more freeze warnings to start your saturday morning, but at least we get that sunshine. we warm it up to 55 degrees. besides the cool air, it is going to be an absolutely beautiful day. elizabeth: it is going to be a busy and exciting weekend in
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eric: runners are gearing up for a chilly to mine -- des moines marathon. emmy: it is definitely going to be a little bit cold but that has not stopped anything. everything is really getting started at the locust street bridge. this is going to fill up with over 10,000 different athletes. that was the number last year and they are looking to top that number this year. it will be three races, the principal financial group five k on saturday for the first time ever. on sunday you can still find your half marathon and marathon. more than half of the participants do the half marathon so if that is something you are interested in, there is still plenty of time to sign up. some runners, because of the two a separation got a discount if
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the 5k and the marathon or half marathon on sunday. it is put on by a full-year committee and over 2000 volunteers that meet all year long. they work hard to get this event going. this year there's going to be a reception area with lots of food and drink, and even free beer for anyone who signs up for the run is 21 or over. the city is really excited that this event is still going on and keeps growing. >> they love this course. it is beautiful in october but they also love the support they get from the city. what they tell us is that this is a big race with a small-town feel. emmy: of course with every race, there, road closures around the city. you can find some of those downtown and some in the drake area.
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you can go to desm or elizabeth: just ahead, one sign we could be hearing a big announcement soon from joe biden. eric: the nlcs is now set, which coast the cubs will be playing on tomorrow. sites shut down, online fantasy sports sites are in hot water. elizabeth: are you feeling lucky? some cereal see lovers say breakfast is the best part. shaina: no problems to report on the road, very early, hardly anyone out there. nothing will slow you down very much. after the break, i will show you where the mobile screen units are.
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look at the road at 35/80 and hickman.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries.
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it is a little chilly out there, but besides that, we have a great day ahead of us. tons of sunshine. the breeze is already making it feel quite a bit cooler. once the sun does rise, at least it will help us feel a little bit warmer. 34 storm lake, 40 24 des moines -- 42 in des moines. only warming into the middle 50's. back in the 40's by 7:00 p.m. so we won't end the day cool. -- we will end the day cool. 67 for your high on sunday and warmer temperatures to kick off your work week. shaina: sports news, this morning fans of the atlanta
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their heads around their loss to the new orleans saints last night. you might have seen the game. the saints went into the game 1-4 and the falcons had not lost all season. drew brees led the team to two early touchdowns and the falcons could not bounce back. the final score was 31-21. draft kings and fan duel are at the center of the federal investigation. they are trying to figure out if the games are being manipulated by company employees. the controversy is getting the attention of capitol hill, with some members of congress calling for more federal over height -- oversight. kansas city is gearing up to host the alcs tonight. the toronto blue jays will be in town for game one with the royals at 6:30. you can count on kcci to have any highlights at 10:00 and
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tomorrow morning. >> they will meet the chicago cubs in the national league championship series. the mets come to l.a. and be the dodgers to win the series. elizabeth: 3-2 in the game last night to win the series. that means the cubbies will be heading for the big apple. you can watch the game on tbs. eric: a lot of excitement in the midwest with the royals and cubs. shifting to basketball. they are the back-to-back big 12 tournament champions and coaches around the nation expect another banner season for iowa. they were ranked ninth in the 1986/87 season.
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the first pole of the season has the cyclones checking in at seven in the nation. kentucky in north carolina are tied at first. it should be a big season. iowa's first exhibition game is a few weeks away when they play grand valley state. elizabeth: kia is recalling more than 419,000 suvs for transmission problems. they say the transmission can be shifted out of park when the driver's foot is not on the break. the car could unexpectedly rollaway. on wall street, markets nosed on a positive -- closed on a positive note. the s&p 500 gained more than 29. some bad news for social security and medicare recipients, more than 60 million social security recipients will not see a cost-of-living increase due to flat inflation.
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their part b premiums. the almost 50% increase is the largest in medicare history. eric: lucky charms lovers, today might your lucky day. the cereal brand announced it is making boxes of all marshmallows, but there is a catch, there are only 10. you have to snap the selfie of yourself holding an imaginary marshmallow only box, and shared on twitter, instagram, or facebook. elizabeth: that could be very good. it will wake you up, all that sugar. we will head over to jason. it will wake you up when you step outside this morning. jason: it is going to shoot energy into you as you walk outside. that brisk, somewhat refreshing air, even though it is really chilly.
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some of us waking up to the upper 20's and lower 30's. quite a bit of sunshine throughout the day, but when you see those clear skies and you have dry air in the mix, that is when you get the cooler temperatures. 42 in the metro. trying to hang onto a little bit of warmer temperatures, but we will not be doing it for too much longer as we are dropping into the upper 30's for the remainder of the morning. the sunshine, we stay dry all day topping out at 56 degrees. we keep the sunshine thanks to this area of high pressure. this will continue to scoot on through and we will see cloud cover form on the backside of this. as we head into the morning hours tomorrow, chances are we could see some cloud cover, but we continue this cold punch. the warmer air is underneath
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that and this will eventually be shifting our direction, but it will take a couple of days to get that in place. in the meantime, we will be quite chilly. freeze warnings for the dakotas and central portions of minnesota. freeze warnings through northern and eastern portions of the state tomorrow, frost advisory is including the metro for tomorrow morning. 58 is our forecast high for tomorrow. you can see the cold air continuing to sag its way eastward, but at least we keep the sun in the mix. clouds worked their way through in the evening, and we will likely start with some cloud cover in the morning. mid-50's is what we are looking at for highs. we keep the sunshine. tonight, back down into the low to mid 30's. 67 on sunday, so a warmer look
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as we start out our work week, back in the mid-70's. eric: chilly high school football for tonight. elizabeth: we will see what is happening out on the roads. shaina: good news all around, nothing but green all over the map. we have a small stretch of orange but nothing that should slow you down. mobile speed units, 3000 six avenue, 3900 kingman boulevard, 10,000 northeast 70th avenue, and 5800 northeast 27th avenue. elizabeth: we are giving away one final pair of tickets to "bridges of madison county" at the des moines performing arts center. eric: the first person to call in with the answer wins the
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present -- tickets. what bridge is featured in "the bridges of madison county" film. elizabeth: we will reveal the answer and ticket winner in just a few minutes.
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i am in elizabeth: welcome back. vice president joe biden may be close to making a decision in the race for the white house. he has been deliberating for month, but new reports suggest he could reach a conclusion within days. eric: nikole killion as live in washington. how soon could we know something? nikole: what we do now is the vice president could make a
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days according to cnn. so far, biden has not given any clues as to which way he is leaning. >> have you made your decision yet? nikole: the vice president rushed off reporters thursday outside of his home. the cable network sent a democratic official who claims his family is totally on board. advisors reaching out to former staffers, saying the vp would run an unscripted and optimistic campaign from the heart. eric: does this mean that either may get in the race? what else could we expect? nikole: his office will not comment on his deliberations but apparently he did meet with some of his top advisers earlier this week to discuss the race. some of his advisers do have this campaign in waiting for
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probably face some hurdles if he does take the plunge, notably when it comes to fundraising and a lack of operations in a number of key states. elizabeth: we will wait to see what happens. we are giving away a pair of tickets to "the bridges of madison county" at the civic center. a few minutes ago we asked the question, what covered bridge was featured in the film? the answer is the roseman bridge. eric: congratulations to carla from johnston. for those of you who did not win tickets, you can buy them on des moines performing elizabeth: major problems in california this morning after rain causes several feet of mud to cover roadways. warm, dry weather in iowa has sparked several fires. we will also tell you why google hooked up an entire iowa
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eric: why one unusual iowa plant people make mistakes. [ man laughs ]
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>> tons of vehicles covered in dirt and mud. eric: incredible pictures from california.
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they sure needed the rain but not what came after it. elizabeth: pete polson tells jurors what he was doing the night before he went on a shooting spree in pleasant hill. emmy: the des moines marathon is happening this weekend. we have the road closures so you can still get around the city. >> the most-watched morning news in central iowa. this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." elizabeth: halloween is turning teal, the very good reason for these strange looking pumpkins and why you may be seeing a lot of them this year. good morning, welcome back. i'm elizabeth klinge. eric: i am eric hanson, along with jason and shaina. jason: it is the time of the year. eric: elizabeth: it is that time
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eric: it is that time of year when you start going back in your closet for things you have not worn for a while. jason: the transition of seasons. it is really chilly up there to the north. 27 webster city, 29 storm lake and grinnell. if you look at our morning, frost advisories through western portions of the state. that light blue is a freeze warning for extreme northwest counties. tomorrow, we get it even worse as the majority of the state is encompassed by that freeze warning. bring those plants in, as we have got a chilly start to our day. we crews up to 55 by 4:00 p.m. but at least we get a day filled with sunshine. shaina: we will get started with dramatic pictures at of
5:32 am
los angeles leaving cars stuck in several feet of mud. this is the aftereffect of three and a half inches of long-awaited rain. people were trapped in cars and campers, and many had to be rescued. all northbound lanes of the freeway were closed, forcing traffic to be diverted. two highways remain closed, including internet -- interstate five, the main connector between northern and southern california. security forces and israel are in place for what could be another day of violence. hamas is calling for a day raise, and israel has banned young muslim men from entering the mosque. the suspected hacker in malaysia has been arrested, accused of giving isis secret information on american service members.
5:33 am
information, and passed it on to a british man who is considered the social media mastermind of isis. the u.s. is trying to extradite him so he can be brought to face charges. kent sorenson will take the stand in just a few hours in the 2012 campaign aide. are accused of making hidden payments to kent sorenson to switch to the ron paul campaign. in december 2011, kesari gave a check for $25,000, and sorensen was conflicted. pete polson facing charges pleasant hill last november. he took the stand in his own defense. >> i wish i would have just shot
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elizabeth: he apologized and said he does not remember anything about the shootings because he was high on meth. he faces three counts of attempted murder as well as drug charges. the jury needs to decide if he was too intoxicated to have the intent to kill. eric: rand paul trying to clarify a comment he made against gay rights on thursday. >> i think really the things you do in your house, we can just leave those in your house and they do not have to be part of the workplace. it sets up a class of people who can now sue and if you are gay, there are plenty of places that will hire you. eric: he has come back saying he does not think anyone should be hired -- hired for being gay 200
5:35 am
200 sex offenders will be transferred to newton. it will be better equipped for treatment with more security. the move will happen in several phases and could take up to a year. elizabeth: crews planning for the imt des moines marathon. emmy victor is live downtown with more and it sounds like it will be a busy place downtown this weekend. emmy: we are expecting thousands of people to take up his locus street area -- locust street area. the des moines marathon is one of the biggest events not only put on in terms of the running world, but across the city as well. we know there is going to be a lot of people here, a big participation, and it is a full effort between volunteers and the city to get this done. runners are excited because there is a lot of different age groups you can participate in,
5:36 am
you do not have to be someone who is very interested in running or athletic to have a good time this weekend. there are a few challenges that people are taking a part of. that is the i-35 challenge for anyone running the kansas city marathon. the second challenge is a discount for any runner who wants to run the 5k here on sunday -- on saturday, and the half marathon or marathon on sunday. there is a neat award they can win this year. >> the metals have been unbelievable. this is the metal you get if you do the marathon, but if you also run on saturday, you get this metal. if you do them both, they clipped together. that has to be one of the most unique running metals in all of sports. emmy: there are a couple of road closures starting today at 6:00 p.m.
5:37 am
close from walnut to court avenue. a lot of other road closures across the city as well, including areas of grand avenue, fleur drive, and the drake neighborhood area. if you are interested in finding out what roads you need to avoid this weekend, check out our website. we will have a full list. elizabeth: thank you for the update. we can hear the wind lowing a little bit out there. making things a little bit cooler. jason: it is the mid-20's for wind chill for some of us. we get it again for tomorrow morning, but eventually there is some recovery. look at the sunshine we are going to have today, high pressure residing overhead. if you look across the entire midwest, we are staying sunny but the whole air mass continues
5:38 am
55 in des moines, 56 in lamoni, 58 in council bluffs. i said it was going to get warmer and it absolutely will, 67 on sunday, back into the mid-70's on monday. eric: it is going to be a chilly night for football friday night. tonight's games include des moines east at ames, council bluffs and thomas jefferson, southeast polk and sioux city north, and sioux city north and des moines north. dowling catholic against roosevelt, lincoln at hoover, ankeny central at west des moines valley, and marshalltown will play an urbandale. watch for highlights tonight. elizabeth: today will be a historic day for the des moines fire department, who will promote three-month to fire chief -- three men to fire chief.
5:39 am
two will become the first african-american chiefs and history. congratulations. eric: wired for wi-fi, how google stepped in to hook up an entire iowa town to the internet. elizabeth: out with the orange, in with the teal. how halloween is changing colors.
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>> this is iowa's news leader. this is "kcci 8 news this morning." with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: happy friday morning to you. 5:43, we have a brisk start to our day. right now sitting in the low 40's although a lot of us in the upper 20's for feels like temperatures. 29 storm lake, 27 for webster city. we will replay this again tomorrow as we have a very cold dip in temperatures. freeze warnings for the northwestern portions of the state and off to the west, frost advisories. although we start off chile we work in plenty of sunshine, on
5:42 am
eric: the joy, warm weather we were having sparked several fires on thursday. shaina: a couple of photos from summer near fort dodge, this is a large field fire. several firefighters were on scene. the wind on thursday did not help the situation, really just spread the flames faster. the state has burn bans in place in a dozen iowa counties. elizabeth: a fire in new hampton kept six fire fighting agencies busy. they had to cut into the structure to remove burning corn, and firefighters had to leave and fight another field fire. eric: iowa has cactus plants.
5:43 am
there is a big field of prickly pear cactus plants right in the middle of the way of a major road project. state officials have rerouted that construction to steer clear of those so those rare cacti can stay in iowa. shaina: in council bluffs, communitywide wi-fi is up and running. google teamed up with the city to launch wi-fi for the entire city, making it the largest public wi-fi in the u.s. they say it will be especially helpful to students who do not have wi-fi at home. elizabeth: i wonder if that will be the way in a few years. in the morning buzz, we are used to seeing orange pumpkins but a new color is popping up for a very good reason. eric: they are actually teal. the started last year but really took off this year.
5:44 am
paint a pumpkin, they sit on your step, and that is a sign that you have nonfood treats available, reassurance for parents with kids with allergies. you can get a toy or a pencil instead of some food. elizabeth: those kids can get in on the fun. shaina: this one always comes up this time of year, why does des moines have beggars night instead of trick-or-treating on the actual night? [losst audio]
5:45 am
my kids have been practicing for a while. they got their jokes. how do you treat a pumpkin with a cut on it? give it a pumpkin patch. shaina: hilarious. eric: kindergartners jokes. elizabeth: we love hearing all the jokes, and our producer found some on pinterest. what does a ghost do to stay safe in a car? puts on a sheet belt. eric: i put some on my facebook page. elizabeth: something cool to
5:46 am
claims is the fastest in the world to solve a rubik's cube. the robot uses six arms, two cameras, and math. it took 2.4 seconds for the robot. eric: that is crazy. elizabeth: the unofficial world record is 2.4 seconds. the fastest a human has solved it is 10 seconds and even five seconds. shaina: i cannot do it myself. what a smart guy. eric: 5:48 on this friday morning, taking a live look at the downtown skycam. it is a chilly downtown.
5:47 am
>> the weather is never more than five minutes away. only on with eric hanson, elizabeth klinge, meteorologist kurtis gertz, and right-now coverage with shaina humphries. jason: happy friday morning, 5:52. although it is a chilly morning it is still pretty nice. we should be seeing some beautiful sunrises all throughout iowa. if you take a look at our day, it does stay chilly all day long , only getting up to 55 degrees.
5:48 am
coldest day we have seen since the middle of may. as we head toward football time at the end of the day, temperatures backing down into the upper 40's. this area of high pressure will try to keep a sunny over the next couple of days, but we will work in some cloud cover on the backside of this. one of the reasons we are seeing this intense cold is because of the jet stream. we are seeing a rich built to the west -- a ridge build to the west. freeze warnings all throughout the morning for the dakotas, western portions of minnesota. this whole thing will transition eastward for tomorrow morning as the cold air mass continues its trek eastward along with that trough. at least settle in for the
5:49 am
tomorrow, more temperatures in the mid to upper 50's and you can see that cold air mass taking place over the rate lakes region. -- great lakes region. some clouds try to work their way in from the west, not going to stick around too long. we only warm up to 55 and with the breeze out of the northwest at 15 to 20, we will feel cooler. tonight, back down into the low to mid 30's is more chances for patchy frost. 67 on sunday. we do wake up to temperatures back in the mid-30's so a short cold stretch before we get a whole lot more warmth. elizabeth: thank you. eric: you will want to warm up as you head out to the car. shaina: i had my heater on for the first time in a while. no problems on the road, all
5:50 am
we do have mobile speed units, 3000 six ave, 39th and king men, 10,000 northeast 70th avenue,
5:51 am
elizabeth: melt the fat elizabeth: my postelection is the gold standard to get rid of fat, but there are lasers that can do it. it is a noninvasive approach to getting rid of extra fat around the stomach without burning skin. a single treatment can remove up to 30% of fat in a treated area. >> we need no anesthesia. there is no down time. people feel a little tender for a week or so, but it is like having a big workout. elizabeth: the whole process takes just 25 minutes, but the treatment is not cheap. it will cost 1200 to $1500 to treat a single area. eric: live with new overnight news. here's what we are working on. emmy: i am live downtown to tell you all the details about the
5:52 am
we have all the details and road closures you need to know. shaina: following some major mudslides in the west after finally some much-needed rain fell. which two major interstates are shut down. jason: waking up to the coldest air we have seen in months. what your weekend is looking like.
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